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anonymous asked:

But the issue with 13 R Y is that it trivialized suicide. There was no reason she couldn't have just dealt with that like everyone else does.

This is what I mean about this site being full of people who are full of shit.

You all have so much to say about depression and how it’s a big deal. So much to say about how being called homophobic slurs, the wrong pronouns is a direct cause or suicide. So much to say about how those who do these things are directly responsible when someone commits suicide. How these words can kill. (And apparently blaming certain people for the suicides of others flies in the right situation in real life but not in fiction!). But a teenage girl is slut-shamed, alienated, and raped and suddenly it doesn’t matter. Sounds about right. Should I expect y’all to mock trans people who kill themselves over being misgendered or nah? It’s just words right? They can just deal correct?

I see you guys reblogging memes making fun of her suicide but yes of course you care about the subject. No one has ever killed themselves because they were raped I bet. 

remember that time the supergirl writers decided to change kara’s love interest from a really interesting sensitive black man (and even addressed the whole angry black man stereotype) to a white prince of a planet that owned slaves and thought that was a transition fans would support?