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does finn find a baby space monster (the child of the ones trying to kill him and everyone else that han solo was smuggling) and befriend it? does Gabriel (its new name) like it when Finn sings?

First off, that rathtar wasn’t even supposed to get onto the Falcon, how did it get onto the Falcon? Answer: because very small, very powerful tentacle babies can go wherever they want, and this one was interested in the smells of the Falcon. And lightspeed may be unpleasant if you’re on the wrong side of it, but it turns out that if you just cling to the legs of the ship as they lift up, you’ll be alright. So the rathtar, who is at this point about two hours old, in the span of a minute ends up on the other side of the galaxy from its mother, which is quite lucky since rathtars are hardcore one of those species that eat their young. Even this baby rathtar knows that, by the survival instinct stored in one of its six rather small brains.

Whether its situation is at all improved is a little harder to figure out. So the rathtar deals with it the way that babies do: it settles down and goes to sleep.

Rathtars are very good at sleeping. It wakes up sluggishly when the bombing begins, and then curls up tighter into sleep. A little while later, the ship takes off, and the rathtar stirs again. There are footsteps and new smells—sweat, terror, fury, among others, not that the rathtar recognizes any of these—and the rathtar is just thinking that maybe it should hide when the door opens. And there’s a human looking down. A human who smells like the memory of the ship the rathtar was born on. It also smells like the rathtar’s mother, and like the rathtar’s mother’s blood, which endears the human to the little baby instant; rathtars become very quickly fond of whatever kills their parental units.

The human looks down. The rathtar arranges its tentacles expectantly.

“Nope,” says the human. “I’m not dealing with this now.” And he grabs the blaster on the wall and leaves, the door coming down secure behind him.

The rathtar shrugs, as best as sixteen tentacles can shrug, and goes back to sleep.

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- What is the title of your blog? oh yeah she’s so extra™
- What is your age? 21
- What is your gender? female
- How many followers does your blog have? i did my 1k follow forever about a month ago so somewhere around that number
- What Shadowhunters character(s), ship(s), or actor(s) does your blog focus on? i may have my favourites but my blog has no real focus
- What post(s) got your blog noticed?  "noticed” lmao… well i think some of my writing posts? and my hype posts in connection with the hell-poll a few weeks ago
- Have you read any of the books in the Shadowhunters universe? ha no
- If so, which one(s)? -
- Which book/series was your favourite? -
- Who are your favourite characters from Shadowhunters? magnus
- Who are your LEAST favourite characters? camille i think (so far on the show, sebastian will probably take her place soon enough)
- What is your favorite thing about the cast? they are so damn nice and their willingness “connect” with the fans is amazing?? like their takeovers and shadowhunterschats and general social media presence  
- Who are your BROtps in the cast? all of them??? the parabatri, domberto, kat & matt, eme & harry, idk man i just love them all so much???
- What are your top 3 favourite episodes so far from both seasons? okay so 1.11 and 1.12 are def my faves some s1 but then there’s 2.10 which is probably my s2 fave? but 2.01 and 2.02 were super kick ass as well so???
- What is your favourite fan event that the cast has attended so far? new york comic con. i wasn’t really a part of the fandom during s1 and s1-press so i only really have this fall/winter to puck from. and nycc was amazing. i know there was a few episodes that were less than ideal, but it’s the one big event that i remember them attending during the shooting of s2. and the all looked spectacular as a bonus.
- Do you write Shadowhunters fanfictions? yes i do, some of it goes on ao3, some of it goes in my writing tag
- If so, what is your name on ao3,, etc? my ao3 is ceciwrites

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