how the hell do you look like that

“Sweetheart, you can’t think like that.”

You shook your head, wiping your tears with your long sweater sleeves.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” you sniffed, pulling on your loose sweatpants to cover your thighs.

“I know how you look into a mirror, and hate what you see.”

Your eyes snapped to Dean’s, expecting to find judgement but instead seeing only understanding.

“I’m gonna do everything I can to help you out of that mindset, okay?” he said, softly, pulling you into a hug. “It might take a while, but I’m not leaving your side. We’ve got this, yeah?”

You sniffed, not yet believing yourself as you replied.

“We’ve got this.”

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Yikes. Jay had only been to LA three times last year. And one of the times Tammi was in Hawaii. What a post to make for someone you've met only a handful of times. It hasn't been taken down, so I do wonder if it was planned. Looking at B's press surrounding Jay's passing, HQ seems to be using this to try and redeem the Js. Make them seem like caring, thoughtful people. It's all so disturbing. Especially since so many people buy into it and fail to see the disgusting opportunism.

how they’re using her makes me sick to my stomach it’s one of the worst things they’ve done so far they were already going to hell but they just bought themselves a first class ticket


He has been giving out fake passwords ever since he got Wi-Fi in this damn place! How stupid are you people anyway? He doesn’t want to give out his password because he doesn’t want you here checking your Facebook, or answering your e-mails, or YouTubing Zoella, or whatever the hell it is you’re doing. This isn’t your office. It’s a diner! Go home!


“In fact, what happened was Harrison and I both began to drink and at some point early on I said, “Do you want to see me do an imitation of you?” Harrison didn’t walk, he swaggered, like John Wayne in slow motion – taking his seemingly bad attitude for a walk. To depict this, I moved out of sight and after a moment reappeared, strolling as he strolled, sauntering my way into whatever fresh hell I found myself. I’d become him, disenchanted Lord Ford, master of all he surveyed. I hadn’t looked at Harrison yet to see how my portrayal of him was going over – too busy appearing indifferent and impatient with my surroundings. As I continued to portray his inner monologue, I finally let at least one of my eyes slide wearily to his face and saw that he was not only laughing, he was laughing that silent and hard laugh reserved for true enthusiasm. Almost 40 years later, I still think of it as one of the greater moments of my life.”


that dance girl’s comment: “two guys being together is so cute” and the fucking LOOK between jonas and mahdi and isak’s lil awkward “..awesome” because HELL NO IT’S NOT COOL TO SAY SHIT LIKE THAT



getting out of an abusive household - a household where you don’t feel safe - is difficult as all hell. you can’t do it at once, can’t pack a day’s bag in half an hour and leave. trust me, i’ve tried, you gotta plan in little steps

  • break belongings down into chunks. clothes, toiletries, valuables, essentials, others. whatever you absolutely need. figure out how to pack a bag to take
  • you need housing or other shelter. organise with friends and safe family, look up safe shelters, youth groups etc. too
  • look up transport fares. can you catch the bus? can you afford a travel card? if you’re like me and you have a school opal/other card (free travel on mondays to fridays), it’s your greatest asset. even $10 on an adult card gets you a ride or two somewhere
  • make a plan. accrue evidence, bide your time, whatever. keeping your head down is the best way to go about it; you want to be stealthy. be patient. hold onto your determination
  • have multiple options up your sleeve. if you only have one plan that hinges on a specific set of circumstances, you’re fucked. if something falls through, don’t get hung up on it. as long as there’s a sliver of hope, there’s a way. find another way. if there’s only one option, study it as much as possible, run it through your mind; if you can practice it, practice it (but remember to be stealthy). you want the final result to be as smooth as possible
  • in everything: organisation is key. make checklists. wherever you need to, break it into little chunks. smaller chunks are easier to run through your mind and link together later. that’s a tip from your friendly autistic pal
  • what kind of bag do you have? I’ve got the luxury of a once-used 70L hiking pack so I can pack heaps of stuff, but get the best bag you have. someone close to me has just a school backpack, and they can fit two changes of clothes and a few other necessities. I’d imagine it’s more likely you’ll have a backpack, so learn how to pack your bag best
  • income is super important; can you apply for welfare? are you on welfare? can you keep up a job, or get money from somewhere else?

hrgjgh I’m out of spoons, I can’t think of anything else. the main point I”m trying to get across is that time is most important; practice practice practice, get used to minor independence things, contact as many people as you trust to help, and keep your head down, and bide your time. you want to leave as smoothly as possible. don’t have a half-plan that hinges on maybes - of course sometimes it can’t be helped but as much as you can make sure you have a solid plan of action with safety nets

does anyone want to add anything???

Angel and Demon Prompts


  • I’m a guardian angel but really shitty at my -oh my gosh don’t walk into the street!
  • I’m the angel in charge of giving you a tour of heaven. 
  • Please stop kicking at the gates of heaven you’re dead and that’s that.
  • I don’t care how fluffy my wings are you can’t use them as a pillow!
  • You’re a new angel and I’m the one training you 
  • I’m just wandering around doing random good deeds and you look like you need the lords help but I can try.


  • I’m trying to harass you but you’re immune to my antics because you have a demon friend.
  • You summoned me to make a deal but I’m not sure even hell’s power can help you.
  • I dragged you into hell by accident but you actually like it here so it’s cool.
  • Found a human who likes causing trouble as much as I do.
  • You summoned me by accident and now I’m staying with you till you make a deal with me cause it’s difficult traveling to hell and back and I’m not leaving till we make a deal


  • We are supposed to be enemies but you just saved my life???
  • I’m just a humble demon trying to cause havoc and you’re the pesky angel who won’t leave me alone. What do you want from me?
  • You’re trying to save this human, I want to corrupt them, and they think we are both hot. 
  • Harassing this angel on duty turned into flirting??
  • Date planing is hard when you’re an angel dating a demon






Few unnecessary side notes:

  • I see Lucy in a draco(?)/(dragon type) stardress?God bless that badass child!(’DRAGON’ REMINDS ME OF NATSU BUT OKAY I’LL JUST DROP THIS HERE)
  • Natsu is transforming into a dragon of sorts?and looking hot and cool and awesome af???????Y.E.S.



ON A REALLY SIDE SIDE NOTE:google translate made more sense than bing for once like-that’s a rarity.



reedemable things in tfp

• Mrs Hudson cleaning while listening to Iron Maiden;

• Mrs H “Would you like a cup of tea?” MH “Thank you.” Mrs H “The kettle’s over there”;

• Mycroft secretely watching romantic movies;

• Mycroft’s umbrella aka sword aka gun;

• Moriarty’s entrance;

• Moriarty being sexy as hell;

• Mycroft “You’re a Christmas present” Moriarty “How do you want me?”;

• Louise Brealey’s performance;

• Sherlock telling Lestrade to look after Mycroft;

•  “Thanks, Greg.”;

• (talking about Sherlock) “He’s a great man, sir.” Lestrade “No, he’s better than that. He’s a good one.”;


How to Use a Semicolon

Sit the fuck down, kids. It’s time to learn something.

Ever wondered how you could use this nice, spicy piece of punctuation mark without looking like a dumbass? Here’s an easy, fandom-esque version of doing just that!

First of all, what the fuck is a semicolon for? A semicolon is used to indicate a pause, much like a period or a comma. The difference is that the pause isn’t quite as long as an end mark, nor as brief as the pause of a comma. It’s nice and comfortable in the middle, like the smallest character in your OT3 after the big fuckapalooza chapter.

How the Hell do you use a semicolon? Simple! Here’s a few rules to live by:

*Use a semicolon to separate independent clauses not linked by a coordinating conjunction ( things like this: and, but, or…)

Example: Chirrut believes in the power of the Force; Baze believes in the power of really fucking OP blaster cannons.

*Use a semicolon to separate independent clauses connected by a conjunctive adverb such as however, therefore, nevertheless, furthermore, and consequently.

Example: Gimli and Legolas fucked constantly during their Quest with Aragorn; consequently, Aragorn never got any sleep.

*Use a semicolon in a series with internal punctuation. In a complex series, it may be hard for readers to know if commas are a part of items or separating the items. In such cases, semicolons can be used to separate the items.

Example: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have made out all across the galaxy, but especially all over Coruscant, from the Jedi Temple to Palpatine’s office; on Naboo, in the Lake Country; and on Tatooine, on top of the Skywalker Angst Hill.

*Use a semicolon between independent clauses if commas are in one or both of the clauses.

Example: Hera loves Ahsoka, that strong, mysterious former Jedi; and best of all, Ahsoka loves her, too.

I hope that was informative for you! Remember, punctuation can make or break your writing. Use it wisely.

(Special thanks to Grammar Sucks - What to Do to Make Your Writing Much More Better by Joanne Kimes & Gary Robert Muschla for having such a fantastic section on punctuation.)


okay, once you got ur opentoonz downloaded, you’re looking at this screen.

and you’re thinking to yourself, what is this fresh hell, how do i draw, what’s going on 

ya gotta do one thing first my bro. go to ‘window’ and click on ‘toolbar’, then just drag that friendly little line of symbols to the side where it can latch on like a baby to its momma’s breast. that’s where u get ur brush tool. there is not a keyboard shortcut for this, which is odd, but OH WELL. 

EDIT: you can configure your own shortcuts by going to File! they don’t work fo me half the time, but it is possible.

also, stretch your window out so it has room to breathe. you may be noticing at this point that the windows in this program have a tendency to follow your cursor around like lost baby ducklings. haven’t figured out how to keep this from happening yet.

next, in order to enable onionskin, click on the paintbucket tool, go to the canvas, and right click. in the menu that opens, there will be an option to enable onionskin! this is absolutely ridiculous and i don’t know why they did it like this but at least it’s there.

take ur brush tool, and make a stroke. try it again. and again. click on the brush button again, and try. reselect the frame you’re on and try. change to a different tab and give that a whirl. it’s gonna take a few tries, and probably a few program crashes. 

EDIT: if your program is having trouble registering strokes like mine was, you need to slow down. let your cursor hang out for a moment where you’re gonna lay ur stroke, really let it relax and get to know the scenery, and then start your stroke nice and smooth.

and also you might accidentally delete some of your windows and can’t put them back the way they were supposed to work. if you delete your canvas area, you can get it back by opening the ‘viewer’ window and placing it where your old canvas went. 

yyyeah i fucked up a little bit. 

….. i fucked up a lot, but i think i’ve found my preferred workspace!! to the left, i have my toolbar, on the top, i have my tool settings, and on the bottom, i have my xsheet. now if i could just get those play buttons to stay on the screen…

let’s take a look at that xsheet!! from side to side, we have your layers, which i’m not bothering with right now, and up and down, we have your frames! wow, you might not ever think to yourself. this is an efficient and space-saving way to show frames. anyway.

get urself a shitty bouncing ball going, with a lot of pain and frustration. one drawing per frame. that one frame that is rlly bright yellow? i accidentally added a memo and can’t figure out how to remove it. not important. 

check out how your animation works in the comboviewer window after you’ve disabled onionskin using the paintbucket. (you can use the plain viewer window, but it usually fucks up how many frames get shown.) (also, there are some little triangle brackets to the left of the frames, and if they don’t encompass all the frames you wanna show, they might not show up.)

okay, looking pretty good! let’s render it! save your scene, go to the batches tab, and click the +add render button. navigate to sandbox > scenes, and click on ur saved project.

then, you gotta hit the little racecar start flag button up there. your computer will probably ask if toonz has permission to allow incoming connections - hit okay. 

if ur project’s icon turns green, it worked. if it turns red, it didn’t. i don’t know what happens after a project has been successfully rendered cause mine isn’t working. i will get back to yall when i figure out why.

ME, on seeing Depp-as-Grindelwald for the first time:

“Holy crap Gellert, you aged into one ugly motherfucker!”

“How the hell do you start out looking like Jamie Campbell Bowler and up and decide that ‘crossbreed between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump’ is the aesthetic that REALLY speaks to your heart?”

“I bet learning about this was what made Dumbledore finally stop moping and defeat you for good.  Like Newt comes back from America, hauls himself to his office and just straight up shoves a mugshot in his face.”


“NOTE THE HAIR. Actually note the everything, but ESPECIALLY the hair.”

“You don’t want to tap that ass, professor.”

“You want to KICK that ass.”

“Also he appears to have traded you for an American woobie half your age, just saying.”


In fact, what happened was Harrison and I both began to drink and at some point early on I said, “Do you want to see me do an imitation of you?”

Harrison didn’t walk, he swaggered, like John Wayne in slow motion – taking his seemingly bad attitude for a walk. To depict this, I moved out of sight and after a moment reappeared, strolling as he strolled, sauntering my way into whatever fresh hell I found myself. I’d become him, disenchanted Lord Ford, master of all he surveyed.

I hadn’t looked at Harrison yet to see how my portrayal of him was going over – too busy appearing indifferent and impatient with my surroundings. As I continued to portray his inner monologue, I finally let at least one of my eyes slide wearily to his face and saw that he was not only laughing, he was laughing that silent and hard laugh reserved for true enthusiasm. Almost 40 years later, I still think of it as one of the greater moments of my life.

—  (x)

A little New Year drabble

“Stiles why are you outside, it’s freezing?” Derek asks, poking his head out of the front door of the McCall house. 

Stiles is standing on the front lawn, both middle fingers raised to the sky, “I’m giving 2016 the send off it deserves.”

“Come inside,” Derek says, stepping out of the house and walking toward him, “You don’t want to start 2017 off with a cold do you?”

“It’d be worth it, I needed to give 2016 the finger before it was over,” Stiles tells him turning around and lowing his hands.

“Couldn’t have done it from the inside?”

“It’s better out here.”

There was a sudden burst of yelling from inside that made both of them jump and Derek realized just how close they were standing. “Looks like the year from hell is over,” Stiles says, looking at Derek intently. 

“Want to start the next one off right?”

“Yeah,” Stiles says, his breath ghosting over Derek’s lips before they’re pressed together. 

Stiles’ mouth is cold and Derek kisses it long and hard to warm it up. He only stops when he starts to shiver, and if he’s cold as a werewolf Stiles’ must be freezing. 


“How about your place instead?” Stiles asks with a wicked smile. 

Derek doesn’t even bother responding, he just picks Stiles up, throws him over his shoulder, and carries him to the car before driving to the loft to bring in the new year with a bang, quiet literally. 

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AU Where pastel dan is a trans boy and nerd Phil walks up to him and says he's pretty and Dan says "I'm sorry but I'm a boy" and Phil goes I know. Based loosely (read: strictly) off your real life encounter :) Ɛ>

okay i literally just got this but cmon


side note i’ve been writing a lot of pastel stuff lately i hope you guys like it bc i do


Dan sighed, fixing how his pink sweater sat on his chest and frowning. It wasn’t right, it didn’t feel right. He felt like everyone could tell.

He was sitting at a fountain, waiting for his friend to get back from getting them milkshakes, and he felt awkward as hell. He puffed air into his cheeks, pulling out his phone to at least look like he was doing something.

He wasn’t having a good day, he felt so uncomfortable in his own body. Usually he could ignore it, but not today.

“Er, excuse me..?” Someone said, a deep voice, and he felt someone tap his shoulder. He looked up quickly, eyes wide that someone was actually talking to him, his cheeks already burning.

He froze when his eyes landed on the boy in front of him. He was cute as hell, his hair jet black and his skin pale. He was wearing a red button up, dotted with small white hearts. His jeans were black, and thick rimmed glasses sat of his nose.

“Um, hi,” Dan responded quietly. Shit. Did that sound rude?

Before Dan could overthink too much, the boy flashed him a crooked smile.

“I’m Phil, and um…” the boy, Phil, scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, his cheeks tinted pink. “Uh, I just wanted to say ithinkyourereallypretty?”

Dan’s heart suddenly dropped into his stomach. He felt like crying although he didn’t understand why, it wasn’t like he knew this boy. He just seemed cute, is all.

“Oh,” he choked out, looking away. “I’m sorry, I’m actually a b-boy?” His voice sounded questioning. Damn it.

He looked up, frowning when he saw Phil was smiling. What..?

“Oh, I know,” he said calmly. “Nice meeting you.” He grinned widely, his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth, and walked away, leaving Dan awestruck.

Relationship Problems {Sentence Starters}

  • “Who the hell was she/he?!”
  • “Maybe it’s time for me to leave.”
  • “I can’t trust anything you tell me.”
  • “I never meant to hurt you like this.”
  • “I know you were out with her/him!”
  • “How can I even trust you anymore?!”
  • “Look, I just don’t think this is working.”
  • “Don’t you dare tell me to ‘calm down’!”
  • “How could you do this to me? To US?!”
  • “Get out of my house and out of my life!”
  • “Get the hell away from me! I HATE you!”
  • “I have to go. I can’t be with you any longer.”
  • “Look, I’m sorry! Give me another chance?”
  • “Do you even understand what you’re doing?”
  • “Could you find it in your heart to forgive me?”
  • “What were you doing tonight? Tell me the truth.”
  • “How can I say I’m sorry and make it up to you?”
  • “You want my FORGIVENESS? Keep dreaming!”
  • “You promised! You PROMISED me you wouldn’t!”
  • “Go away. I can’t even stand to look at you right now.”
  • “How can I apologize if you won’t give me a chance?”
  • “Don’t bother coming back. You’re not welcome here.”
  • “Do you want your knife from my back before you go?" 
  • "I know you were cheating on me. I was just afraid to say it.”

pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

request: nobody asked for it, i finally had an idea

summary: reader is lin’s best friend on the cast and plays peggy/maria, but she has to hide her feelings for him to stay professional

warnings: swearing

words: 1270

a/n: this is my first fic, so please leave any advice. it’s very much appreciated! special thanks to @alexanderhamllton & @digging-daveed for their feedback, and @diggs4life for helping me figure out how to do this whole blog thing. you’re all fantastic! 

“Lin! What the hell are you doing?” You couldn’t suppress your loud laugh as Lin ran past your dressing room shirtless, with what looked like Anthony was on his back.

It was ten minutes before call time for the cast and you had been trying to hunt down Lin for the last fifteen, but to no avail. As soon as you caught sight of him, you chased after him in your yellow Peggy Schuyler costume.

Considering the length of the dress and the speed you were running, it was a miracle you weren’t falling on your face from the moment you began running, and Anthony seemed to agree.

“Oh shit, she’s catching up to us!” You heard Anthony whisper-shout to Lin right as you grabbed onto him by the waist to stop his running.

“What do you think you’re doing? Call time is in ten minutes for everybody, and you aren’t even in costume!”

Lin’s expression immediately changed to the puppy-dog face that always got him his way, but you shot him a look that made him scurry off to his dressing room. 

Since meeting Lin at auditions, your friendship had come a long way. For the first month or so of knowing him, you were in complete awe of his genius, but that became easier to ignore as you got to know him personally. It wasn’t long before he was your closest friend on the cast.

With that friendship came the ability to keep him and his antics in check, an ability that nobody else had. That made it your job to chase him around like a lunatic right before show time and force him into uniform.

It also mean that you had to push aside a crush that only grew by the day in order to keep things professional, but all things considered it seemed worth it. So long as nobody found out about it, it wouldn’t even matter.

“There.” He came out of his dressing room five minutes later with his arms crossed like a toddler. “Are you happy?”

“Very.” You grinned and enveloped him into a warm hug, pausing just a second to enjoy the moment. Oak dog whistled as he walked by.

“There’s a party tonight at Pippa’s. You’re coming, right?”

He walked with you towards the rest of the crew so you weren’t late for call time. You were just glad you weren’t the only ones making last minute dashes. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He sent a wink your way that made your stomach flop.

By the time Lin made his entrance, he was fully in character and you let out a breath you didn’t realize you’d been holding. It was a good thing he was such a great performer. Everything was smooth sailing from that point on.

The party had been going strong for a good hour by the time a game of truth or dare began, alcohol pumping through everyone’s veins. It was a game you knew wouldn’t end well, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You were having too much fun.

“Truth or dare?” Oak turned directly to you with a hint of a cheeky smile and you rolled your eyes. It was a look you recognized from any time he saw you and Lin together, almost like he knew something you didn’t. It always went ignored.

“Truth,” you decided on quickly, reasoning that a dare from him was a lot riskier than truth.

The wheels visibly turned in his head. “Do you prefer playing Peggy or Maria? Why?”

“Maria.” Your answer came so quick that your cheeks flushed a bit. “I.. I guess I feel like Maria is a sexy character, I get to bring out a part of me nobody else gets to see during it.”

There were a few cat calls made as a joke before you heard a voice. “Isn’t it because you get to kiss Lin?” Daveed had a teasing tone in his voice so you shot him a look.

“What? No!” The reply came out too defensively. You knew you were screwed.

“You don’t like kissing him then?” He quipped and it was clear what he was trying to get from the situation.

“That’s- I didn’t mean it like that! I thoroughly enjoy kissing him!” Fuck. You were just making it worse. “I-”

Diggs had a smirk on his face as you resigned to silence, your eyebrows furrowed in frustration. It only took a quick peek up at Lin to see him as flushed as you were, trying to shrink back into his chair.

The air was tense between the two of you for the next few days and it was becoming clear to the audience so you decided, for the sake of the show, that you had to speak to him about it. An hour before the matinee show that Saturday, you knocked at his dressing room door.

“Come in!” His familiar voice called.

You opened up the door to see a shirtless Lin typing frantically on his laptop. “Um, hey..?”

At the sound of your voice, Lin’s head spun around so fast you heard his neck pop, eyes wide. “Shit. I wasn’t expecting you, I expected Chris or something. I need to get dressed, I’m so sorry, just let me find a shirt to-” he quickly began rambling as if being shirtless around you was something new.

“Lin.” You cut him off sharply. “Would you cut that out? We need to talk. Before the show.”

His eyes nearly popped out of his head they were so wide, letting his mouth hang open like he was about to say something before deciding not to.

You took this chance to sit on his couch opposite him and braced yourself with a deep breath. “You’ve been acting weird since the party and it’s impacting our stage chemistry.”

He immediately became defensive. “I have not!”

“Really? Go check the twitter of anybody who’s seen the show since Pippa’s party and they’ll agree. You aren’t acting like yourself around me anymore.”

“Wha-I’m acting just fine! Maybe you’re the one making things weird on stage.”

You sighed out. “Look, I’m sorry if what I said about kissing you made you uncomfortable. Diggs caught me off guard and I didn’t know how to reply. I wasn’t gonna lie and say I don’t enjoy kissing you, but it’s all acting, right?”

Lin pinched the bridge of his nose in thought. “That isn’t it. I’m not uncomfortable with it.” Any hint of defensiveness was gone from his voice. “You see, that’s the thing. You say ‘it’s all acting’, but what if it doesn’t feel like that? I know it, I know I can’t be the only one who feels that spark. Please tell me you feel it too..”

Your stomach dropped and any hope of staying professional immediately went down the drain.

“Lin…” Your voice was but a whisper.

He took a few steps towards the couch and sat beside you. “Would you forget if there was a spark?”

His face was dangerously close to your own as you tried to think of something to say.

“Can you remind me?” was all you managed out, so quiet you weren’t even sure Lin heard you.

As soon as his lips met your own, however, you knew he did hear you, and you moved your arms to rest on hips. His warm hands held your face and butterflies fluttered in your stomach, fireworks shot off in your mind, and you realized you were kissing Lin-Manuel Miranda in his dressing room.

“I feel it,” you breathed out. “God, I feel it.”

Ok I maybe should express my point a bit better:

The thing that bothers me so much, is that when the teasers came out literally everyone was drooling over Ravi, who was, as we all know half naked. 
And let me tell you I read the worst things, to just quote one: ‘’If there was one person I desperatly wanna fuck it’s Kim Wonsik (…).’’ and that’s how a lot of comments looked liked. 
And people, do you know what that is? It is, indeed sexualization (a male gets sexualized, yes, that does exists!). Ravi basically gets reduced on his body, his abs, looks and turns into an object. 
Now, thing is, when that happened to Ravi, no one was complaining how he was viewed, hell even in his MV when he only wore underwear (just like the girls btw, just sayin) no one even bothers to complain. Sexualization is problem regardless of gender, no one should get turned into an object purely because of nudity.
Don’t get me wrong: I like looking at hot men and women as well, but I don’t reduce them on their bodies.
Now, this might be because I come from a country were nudity isn’t really viewed as sexual (we got nude sections on every beach yay!) but I do not think that the problem here are the girls in a bikini. 
The problem is that they are in a bikini around Ravi and people are so obsessed with him that they feel jealous. So jealous that they find any reason to hate on the women, and in the end on Ravi, because how could oOOppPPAArr hurt us like that right???????? Dancing in underwear around naked women so hurtful towards my feelings I hate him!!!

And that gives me a wonderful bridge to the next thing I want to address: Did you see what I just did there? I took the role of an obsessed fan and exaggerated it to show how ridiculous and problematic it is.
And this, my people, is considered as Satire, mockingly exaggerate things to show something is problematic. And I do think this is what Ravi did. 
If you look closely, and put your attitude aside for a second, there is a lot of imagery and actions showing that this is, indeed, a form of satire. 

To sum it up: 
- The hypocrisy is real
- Sexualization can happen to anybody
- Nudity =/= Sexualization
- Learn the meaning of satire 

They ask how you are… But what the hell are you supposed to tell them?

That you’re exhausted. Worn down and numb by this foggy grey cloud in your head that just won’t go away.

That you’ve lost yourself. You’re looking in the mirror and touching the glass, touching your face, trying to work out if that really is you, staring back.

That if people can be broken, you have shattered every bone by now and dropped every organ so that it smashed like glass.

That you can force your mouth into a smile, but your eyes are blind. They are dull, empty.

Or do you tell them that sadness is all you have right now. And perhaps it will be okay tomorrow, but perhaps it won’t. You’ve been here before, you’ll be here again. This cycle is the life you have become used to. You’re sure you’ll be fine.
You’re just a sad and broken person.

That’s how you are. But you can’t exactly tell people that, can you?

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write //
Broken poetry