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best friends

a/n: i need someone in my life asap why do i do this to myself,,, i hope you like this anyway!!

word count: 1,8k

pairing: chris x reader

warnings: so so sO cheesy and [chandler bing voice] i loathe myself


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Ever since the day Chris met you he knew you were going to leave an impact in his life. To this day, he actually remembers the scenario you met in perfectly to every little detail. It was a cloudy day and little five year old Christoffer had chosen to go out and hang out in the park close to his home. He was used to play a fireman there alone, which was exactly what he had planned to do but then his eyes landed on you.

You didn’t remember anything from that day or that specific moment, but Chris did. You were playing in the sandbox, building what looked like a castle with the help of your red wooden shovel. Chris was intrigued by your presence, slowly walking closer and closer to you. He found it odd that someone was in his park and in his sandbox and on top of all that it was a girl. Weren’t girls supposed to stay inside and play princesses?

This was the part he always teased you about, no matter the situation you were in he talked to you about it. You were pretty sure at his death bed he’d still be talking about it. Chris was apparently about to reach out to you, when you suddenly had turned around to slap him with your shovel in the forearm. Little Chris hadn’t even been that upset about it, which you highly doubted, and had started to talk to you.

That basically was how you met, and shortly after that you became inseparable. Everyone knew that you were a package deal and would do anything for each other. Some found it annoying, some found it cute. Many had mistaken your friendship for an actual relationship, including your parents.

You felt somewhat anxious when the subject of you and Chris dating came up, since you knew Christoffer’s feelings towards you were strictly platonic. Or so you thought, Chris felt like laughing every time he realized how much he liked you. Hell, he was pretty sure he was way past the liking phase and was slowly but surely falling in love, a thing that he didn’t believe in.

By the time you got in high school, Chris was asked to join The Penetrators. Things had changed since, he became a complete fuckboy and you learnt to push your feelings towards Christoffer aside and even got a boyfriend. Chris on the other hand just basically went from one girl to another, never letting things get too serious since it wouldn’t be right when he had feelings for someone else.

Christoffer loathed your boyfriend and the fact that he had feelings for you wasn’t even the biggest reason for it. You deserved much better than that tool, who was probably just using you. Chris did everything humanly possible to not let his feelings about the relationship show, but you knew him and picked up on it pretty quickly. He was glad that you never got mad at him for it and were actually understanding. Another quality of yours he loved.

And one day, all those things he thought about your boyfriend were proven right. You had called him and asked if it was okay if you came over, Chris immediately responding ’yes of course’ and basically pushing his guests out of his place.

He could’ve sworn his heart broke the instant he opened the door, your normal state of cheerfulness and kindness gone and replaced with tear stained cheeks. Chris wasn’t dumb, he immediately knew what had happened and he was boiling with anger, he might’ve even been furious. At that moment he knew that getting angry was useless, when all you needed was someone to comfort you. Chris gave you an apologetic smile before pulling you in a hug, his arms carefully wrapped around your waist, drawing soothing circles to your back.

Chris held you for a good 15 minutes, not caring if people in the streets could see the scene. When you managed to calm down, you pulled away from Chris and saw that his once gray sweater was soaked through and had mascara stains on it. It was your turn to give him an apologetic smile, he just shook his head and told you ’it’s okay’.

He motioned for you to come in, closing the door behind when you did. You sat on his couch as he went in the kitchen to get you tissues so you’d look less like a panda. He came back quickly, holding the tissues towards you along with a cup of tea which you gladly took. Chris hesitated for a moment not sure if sitting next to you was the best option, before deciding against and just go for it.

Silence fell in the room, you were getting your thoughts together whilst carefully sipping on your tea and Chris was just waiting to see if you’d speak up, he didn’t except anything though. It actually surprised him when you started talking.

”I saw with another girl. You were right Chris and I was dumb enough to not believe you, I’m sorry.” You said, avoiding his gaze because truthfully you were ashamed. He didn’t like the guy and had had the guts to tell you why, you were stupid enough to not believe him.

Christoffer furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion. You were smart, or at least smart enough to not blame yourself for things that happened despite what you did. Chris realized that he had been quiet for a long time and you had started to stress.

”No, no, no, no, it’s not your fault,” he hurriedly told you as you turned to look at him. Your eyes were still red from the crying and there still was smudged mascara on your face, despite all that he found you beautiful. ”You’re smart, you know this is not your fault. He’s an ass and you’re better off without him. I could’ve been completely wrong about him, but you chose to trust him because that’s what you do in relationships. This particular guy wasn’t the right one for you, but someone else is and I sincerely hope you’ll find him soon.”

You smiled weakly at Chris, still feeling a little down. Chris was right, he almost always was. You were thankful for having him even as only a friend, even though you wanted so much more. Chris pulled you closer for another hug, you were glad he did. Even when things got complicated Chris was always there. You hadn’t realized how tired you were until you started to feel yourself fall asleep in his arms. It felt right, like this was the place you belonged in.

Chris looked at you peacefully sleep in his arms, his cheeks flushing a bit. He couldn’t believe how lucky he had gotten to get a best friend like you and get the chance to fall for you. Moments later, he could feel his eyelids get heavy, him now falling asleep too. His grip was tight enough to keep you in place, your head on his shoulders.


All of that had happened a week ago now, neither one of you really talking. You were the first one to wake up that day, your cheeks flushing red when you found yourself cuddling with him. You’ll admit you could’ve handled things differently, you simply untangled your self his tight grip careful enough to not wake him up and left. You felt horrible for it, but Chris never came forward to you concerning the matter.

Chris felt like he had done something wrong, but he was too nervous to talk to you about it. It did hurt him a bit when he saw that you were gone that morning, but he had done that too to many people and it didn’t feel nice. It probably was karma or something like that, he thought. Chris sighed loudly when he heard the doorbell ring. Maybe if he ignored it whoever is trying to get in would give up and go, but much to his discomfort that didn’t happen. He opened the door, only to see you once again behind it. He was surprised to say the least.

”I’m sorry I just practically barged in with no notice or anything, but I really need to talk to you.” Chris could tell you were nervous, so he just nodded and let you come in. He gave you an excepting look, waiting for you to explain your sudden visit when you hadn’t talked in a week.

”I’m really sorry for leaving you then, it was wrong. I guess I just got nervous, you make me nervous in general, but like in a good way and I had planned out a whole speech but now I’m completely ruining it by blabbering,” you told him quickly, the rush in your tone surprising yourself too. Over the span of the week in which you and Chris didn’t talk, you had realized how strong your feelings towards him were. You talked about it to Noora, who convinced you to just tell Chris even though it might not end up well. And that was what you were trying to do right now, come clean to him about your feelings except that it had gone much more smoothly whilst rehearsing in your room.

”I really like you Chris and I want to be with you and I totally understand if you don’t feel the same.” You said, only now daring to look up at Chris. Your eyes went wide when you saw his expression, his eyes were beaming with admiration and love, a dorky smile plastered on his perfectly carved face.

That was all the confirmation you needed to know he felt the same way. Your heart was racing when he placed his hand on the small of your back to pull you closer. His face was inches apart from yours, his breath fanning over your face. And then he leaned in, tenderly capturing your lips in his. You both poured all the feelings you had ever had in that kiss.

It didn’t feel weird like you had anticipated at first, it felt normal. It felt like after years of pushing back your feelings, pieces of the puzzle were finally getting in the right place, as it was meant to be. Chris was the one to pull away, the smile he previously had still on his face.

”Can you believe how much of a cliché we are?” Chris said, earning a laugh from you. It was true, but neither one would want it to be any other way. You were both happy and eager to make this work. Maybe your destiny was to become best friends and fall in love. Maybe, just maybe you were soulmates.

My Philosophy teacher, came to class today with a mysterious look on his face… There was complete silence.. And he looked at me…

“Tell me Iro, what is suicide? Why people are killing themselves so to get rid off pain?”

“You know sir, i’m quite cynical at this topic… I think it’s better to ask another of my classmates”

“No, i want YOU to answer… You are a future psychologist i want your opinion”

“Ok, but i warned you! Well i firmly believe that suicide is something very awful… It’s the only thing that has no positive side… It causes even more pain, you don’t get rid off pain that easily, you know… It’s selfish, if you are gonna commit a suicide not only you’ll cause pain to other people, at the very moment of your suicide act, the pain you feel from your thoughts will shatter you into pieces, even before you blow your brains out… Why causing more pain to your precious ego and why causing pain to others? That’s why it’s egotistical… The great solution for people who like to get things always in the way of their own likings… To avoid any misunderstandings i’m not saying that everyone who commits suicide is selfish, but they are definately weak and they just don’t understand that happiness and achievements come through struggles… That’s the problem with today’s society… People are shallow, people are selfish, people act without thinking… And acting without a fight”

“Impressive dear! A 17 year old teen thinking like that, it’s not cynical… You are what people think when they say the word ” teenager"… As it seems you wanna change the world"

“I do, of course i want… But also i would like to point something out… Ok everyone deals different with pain… If something hurts you, it hurts you, no you are not overreacting to anything… But just think this: Life is full of struggles but full of happiness too… Why commiting suicide to put even more problems to others, and just let so many unlived experiences of yours go like that…Don’t you want less problems for you and for others? Suicide is a heresy to your own belief”

“That’s how you’ll reply to your patients who are suffering from suicidal tendencies?”

“Hell no sir! My opinions will have nothing to do with my job… I love people, and i would like to make them feel better and make them stronger not just filling their brain with my own nonsenses”

“ If one of your classmates here is suicidal and now he’s pissed off with your point of view, what would you answered?”

“ Life goes on, changes come … Be open to them and accept them, nothing lasts forever … It’s dull to be ok all the time, don’t fear the pain it’s not what is seems to be… Behind of it there is some kind of beauty, it’s your story make it worth like your other achievements… And remember the biggest achievement of your life… Is you! The beautiful and strong person you are… Carry on don’t you dare throw your Trophy like that”

Class *claps*

“A+ for this semester ms. Iro”

“Aw well thank you sir :Ρ”

You guys what do you think about that? It’s pretty interesting… Suicide is the hardest and the easiest solution at the same time

Stolen Moments

Hogwarts AU! Tell me what you think. HP pick-up lines from here

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Bellamy is made Head Boy and he noticed for the first time Clarke Griffin at the prefects’ meeting in the Hogwarts Express.
Yes, he is an idiot who spent four years not noticing the cute blonde talking with Wells.

Bellamy feels like being punched in the face. Nostalgia is overwhelming him. He’s on the Platform once again and for his last time as a student. He’s about to ride the train to Hogwarts for the last time.

Here he stands, oblivious to the buzzing of students and parents around him, the new badge on his already-put uniform. He still doesn’t really believe he got it. He didn’t believe it when Miller assured him he will get it at the end of last term. He didn’t believe it when his letter came and his old owl dropped it on the floor and he heard the loud ‘cling’. He didn’t believe it when Octavia literally hit him on the head when he told her it must be a mistake. You’re the best suited. Everyone knows it. It’s time you begin to believe it. She had pecked him on the cheek and said ‘I’m proud of you, big brother’. Bellamy had spent a good twenty minutes just staring at it after that. And over the summer, his astonishment didn’t diminish. Miller just wrote him a ‘I told you so’ when Bellamy had sent him a letter to break the news.

And now, here he is. In front of the train like he stood every year since he turned eleven. With the same feeling he’s sure students before him felt, the need of making this year matter.

He lets out a long sigh and smiles.

‘I knew you got it too’ and he can hear the smirk in her voice.

‘I should have thought you were going to be Head Girl’ he responds without turning. She makes her way to stand next to him and elbows him gently.

‘Congrats, Head Boy.’

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The Button Issue

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Just cute cute Bucky :*

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I stood in front of the mirror, touching up my make up. I loved the beautiful red gown Tony had gifted me, to wear to his christmas party.

Knowing Tony, it was going to be huge. He had been quite busy with the preparations for quite a while, and he wanted everything, and everyone to be just perfect.

I was almost done, when I heard a knock on my door.

“(Y/N)! Can I come in ?”

Bucky’s voice brought a smile to my face. This was his first big event since Tony had invited him over to stay with us at the Avengers tower. Tony had even gifted him with his party outfit - A brilliant tuxedo.

“Come in, Buck” I called out.

The door opened and a flustered Bucky stepped in. He came towards me , closing the door behind him.

“You alright ?” I turned to face him.
“Bucky ?”

He stood staring at me, mouth slightly open.

“Y-You look beautiful !” He said, coming forward to pull me into a hug, lifting me off my feet.

I giggled, kissing him gently.

“Thanks, handsome” I said, and winked, as he put me down.

“Ok, now, I need help” Bucky said, holding his hand up. A button sat on his palm.

“Again, Buck ?” I asked, laughing.  “How do you manage to do this all the time ?”

“Im sorry ! Just fix it for me, (Y/N). Tony’s gonna kill me if he finds out” Bucky whined.

“Alright alright !” I said, leading him to my bed.

I sat, and fished into one of the drawers of my bedside table to find a needle and thread, and began working on his button. Bucky stood in front of me, hands on his hips, and tapping his foot every now and then.

“Are you nervous, Buck ?” I asked, looking up.

“Im not sure about this, (Y/N)” He said, in a small voice. “Im not sure if people will ever accept me…its all so difficult…Im not sure if Im ready to face anybody yet”

“Bucky, you didnt do any of those things- no one can blame you for it ! And if they do, they’re gonna have to deal with me!” I said, and it brought a small smile on his face.

He knew it was true. I had broken a few noses for him before - at nightclubs, parks, malls - he knew I wouldnt mind doing it again.

“So how did you pop this one ?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

Bucky gave me a wide eyed look, and before he could reply, my door flew open, and Sam stepped in.

“What the hell-!” He screamed, narrowing his eyes at us.

Steve walked in casually, going straight towards my mirror, and adjusting his coat.

“How many times are you gonna pull out those buttons, Barnes ?” Sam asked, sitting beside me.

“Shut up” Bucky grumbled.

“Hes doing it on purpose, (Y/N)” Sam scoffed. “Just so that he can make you put it back-”

Bucky blushed, and glared at Sam. Steve laughed, squeezing Bucky’s shoulder lightly.

“Is that so?” I asked Bucky, mock- glaring at him.

“Of course not !” Bucky said, looking away, and folding his hands firmly against his shirt.

“If thats the case” I stood up, frowning.

The boys looked at me, as I reached out and plucked a button off Bucky’s shirt, a wide grin spreading on my face.

“Oh come on!” Sam groaned. “Such babies !”

Bucky laughed, as I put my arms around his neck, pulling him into a kiss. His arms went around my waist, holding me tightly against his chest.

“We have 10 minutes before the party! ” Steve said, glancing at his watch. “Fix that shirt, and do it fast !”

“Im telling Stark !” Sam said, shaking his head, and walking out of the room, followed by a laughing Steve.

“I love you, (Y/N)” Bucky whispered against my lips.
“I love you too, Bucky” I said, giving him one last kiss before returning to fix his shirt.

The Silent One - Part Seven

You can find the other parts if this story HERE

Synopsis: You wake up in a new place with some new people.

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,498
Warnings: Curses, sexual references, Dora The Explorer References (Oh the horror!)

When you awoke, you kept your eyes tightly closed, your breathing steady and you didn’t move from your current position. You knew you were no longer in the ‘dark room’, as Negan had so dubbed it, for from under your eyelids you could see a dull orange light.

You could hear the sound of male voices from outside of the room. The air wasn’t like the dark room’s air, which tasted stale, but it was fresh. You could still vaguely smell the stench of rotting corpses outside. When you were sure that there was no one in the room you opened one eye tentatively.

The room was well lit by bedside table lamp which cast a yellow glow on the room. You slowly sat up and rubbed your eyes like a tired toddler. You let your eyes adjust to the sudden brightness of the room.

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Truth or Lie (Part Sixteen)

Part One

Part Fifteen

A/N: Sorry for the late update! I had to plan five or so chapters into the future before posting this one. Things are about to get crazy, guys. So, enjoy this chapter full of fluff and flirting! 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, flirting, sexual references/sexual tension, flashbacks, explicit language, angst, slight violence

Word Count: 4068

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Soft clouds graced Chicago’s sky, wisps of white detailing its bright blue surface. Despite the fairly sunny conditions, there was still a bit of chill in the air, coaxing you to press into Rob’s side as the two of you sat on a metal bench in one of the parks within Chicago’s depths. The two of you had spent the entire day exploring the city, which had prompted you to take a break before you headed to the haunted corn maze you had been so curious about.

“Want to go inside?” Rob’s soft voice murmured near your ear.

You shook your head, enjoying the calm atmosphere and the emptiness of the surrounding area too much. Since you and Rob were in the city all day, you were always surrounded by people, which meant the two of you had to behave yourselves just in case any fans were around. Out here in the park, there was hardly anyone around, and the people that were there were busy jogging or were on their phone. You were nearly alone, and the temptation to be close to him had been nagging you since you left the hotel room. “Tell you what I do want, though …,” you trailed off, a suggestive tone lacing within your words as you turned to gaze at him.

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You’re an Idol and the Queen of Sass (GOT7)

JB: -you had the nickname of Sassmaster it was your natural defense. You guys met on some game show as opposing teams and you just sassed him out. You ended up after the show in a heated kiss- “it was a beautiful moment when she finally shut up and didn’t make any snide remarks about my kissing”

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Mark: -someone other accused you of wanting to steal her boyfriend but you and Mark were 100% she was trying to steal yours. ‘I would never want your boyfriend. That dick is probably contaminated but that sewer of a vagina you have. Stay away from us please we don’t need second hand slut’- “well damn baby. I think you over did the slay”

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Jackson: -your ex boyfriend was trying to get you back for as long as you were now with Jackson. ‘You’ll never find a guy like me again Y/N so take me back’ he begged and you laughed ‘that’s the point of never finding another guy like you anyways why would I leave a guy like Jackson for some downgrade loser like you’- “that’s right loser now leave me and Y/N have to leave and be perfect somewhere else”

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Jr: -you two had been together for a long time and while you guys were being questioned by the boys why you weren’t engaged or married. Jinyoung was worried ‘a ring on my finger doesn’t mean anything. It’s love and I’m pretty sure we express that every night in bed’ Jinyoung covered your mouth to calm you down- “thanks guys she’s gonna be like this the rest of the day”

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Youngjae: -when you got sassy with him it didn’t end well for him. He was just trying to calm you down ‘do you really want me to calm down, boy has this ever worked once for you before. No, so shut the hell up and just hug me like you normally do’ you snapped and he grabbed you- “alright but can you at least breath for me?”

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BamBam: -just some random fan began saying rude things to you about not deserving BamBam and he just turning around knowing you were going to snap. ‘Yeah well BamBam chose me over how many other fans out there and now I have to deal with the jealous people who can’t accept that. You know why the fact that I love him so go away’ you sassed waving her away BamBam turned to you- “You’ve never said you loved me before”

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Yugyeom: -you sassed an idol who continuously teased you and then you snapped at her ‘you’re extremely annoying like literally everytime you open your mouth all I want to do is stomp your face into a curb and walk away just like I am now buh-bye” Yugyeom was looking at you the whole time with mischief gleaming in his eyes- “that was incredibly hot” 

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Frat Boy Pt 5

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Thanks so much for your patience guys.  Enjoy some fratty bratty harry with fratty niall and art student zayn ;)

The kiss stayed with you through to the morning, instantly awakening you with the thought of how his lips had felt heatedly pressed against yours - hungry, savory, soft.  He’d been gentle with you, but dominating.  Dominating in the most comforting of ways.  And as cheesy as it seemed to be, you had been putty in his strong, capable hands.  With cheeks flushed from drifting thoughts, you ghosted your hand where his once cupped your cheek and you could almost imagine it was his instead, but when your fingertips traveled to touch your lips, the tingle he’d left and the burn in your stomach he’d ignited was just out of reach.  And when your hand fell to touch your throat where he had pressed a luscious kiss, you felt the crusty trickle of blood that had caused him to retreat.  A frown befell your face and an onslaught of sensations took over as the memories from the alley came back to you full-force, the grubby hands pressing you against one’s bony chest, the glint of the sharp blade, the sickly sweet cologne and the moisture from his breath that had hit your neck.  There was a cold chill and you shivered even though just two minutes ago you’d woken up sweating under the blankets.  When you rolled over to see Renny’s bed empty there was a sudden slam in the bedroom that made you jump and your adrenaline skyrocketed as you froze beneath the sheets.  It was the blinds, only the blinds, you told yourself.  They’d just slammed against the window from a draft.  The beating of your heart was still pounding and your eyebrows knitted together as it hit you that you were very much alone.

She’d left for class already.  An obnoxiously bright orange note card was taped to the side of your desk and you stretched your arm as far as it could while staying buried beneath the protection of the covers.


btw it’s back-to-school theme for the sorority party tonight so…prepare the slutty outfit and what you’re going to say to make me look good ;)

Your eyes shot to the clock and you froze.  It was 7:45.  When the shutters slammed against the window again and your heart dropped for the second time this morning, you knew you couldn’t stay here.  You may fail the stupid test and Harry may be annoyed that you didn’t stay, but you wouldn’t be able to sleep again.  As silly as it sounded you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep even if you checked under your bed and swept the closet five times over to make sure no one was there.  You felt so vulnerable alone, and your mind kept drifting to that night.

You wouldn’t be able to fight the memory.

You had fifteen minutes.

With no regard to yesterday’s makeup you threw on jeans and a sweatshirt, even though the clouds from yesterday were long gone.  You may be sweating on your way over to class, but you didn’t want the world to see you today.  You’d just thrown up your hood and the door was closing behind you when you froze- the blood.  It was still on your neck.  And with a sinking feeling in your gut, the thud of the closing door sealed your sentence.  You’d left your keys in the pocket of your sweats from last night and there was no way you could get back in to wash it off.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you cursed, wiggling the doorknob to no avail.  You weren’t one to cuss, hardly ever, and you weren’t sure what you were hoping for in jiggling the locked door, but- fuck.

In a panicked fast-walk to class, you tried rubbing your neck to try and get the evidence to fade but all it left you with was irritated skin probably reddening from the burn you were creating.  People seemed to be staring at you more today as you picked up your fast walk to an awkward fast jog and as disgusting as it was, you licked your hand and started desperately rubbing again.  You winced a bit as you felt the sting from the cut, the slight injury reacting with the dampness in bristling rejection.

Your head was a dark cloud of anxiety, stress, and fear and when you burst through the doors of lecture hall with a minute to spare, your thoughts turned impossibly darker.

Harry was leant back looking effortlessly alluring in a snapback and partially unbuttoned flannel, with a girl stood between his legs.  His hands were casually gripping the edge of the extended table while her hip was popped out in the way that made her butt look bigger and her waist, smaller.  You knew that pose, you did it too.  She said something to him that caused him to smirk and he nodded his head with a shrug of his broad shoulders while she giggled in excitement.  The same shoulders that had been hovering over you, bare, just hours before…

The instant bitter spark of anger erupted and your natural reaction was outrage at this blatant betrayal, but then, you realized, what was he betraying?  The anger was no match for the larger flood of disappointment that followed not even two seconds after.  You thought he’d be worried about you, you realized.  After last night, you’d thought he’d stay the same warm, gentle person when the sun showed its face again.  You’d forgotten who he was.  What he was.   He wasn’t going to change, nor was he going to just flip a switch and become solely focused on you of all people because he’d stopped those men from taking advantage of you.  Any decent person would’ve done that.

Wasn’t that what your mother always told you when a check bounced?  Don’t fall in love with a man you think you can change, because no one will change fundamentally.  Unless, of course, he had money.  Then, she’d told you, it didn’t really matter if he changed or not because money could afford you all sorts of distractions.  Security first, love secondary.  You’d listened with open ears when your father wasn’t around, letting it come in one ear and out the other.  That was just your mother though.

She’d never read the love stories you had.

A part of you was reminded of Harry’s intensity, how each time his fist met the other man it had been so calculated and filled with unchecked rage.  Something was telling you that not any person would’ve done what Harry did.  That a person mentally couldn’t have done most of it.

For an irrational reason, anger struck up again.  Harry didn’t have to do any of it.

And he definitely didn’t need to spend the night.

But that’s why he’d honestly asked you to “tutor” him wasn’t it?  He’d gotten what he’d wanted, hadn’t he?  He’d gotten to kiss you and you’d given in.  His sweet words were just a cherry on top.  Blatantly meaningless as he continued to charm the girl who he clearly already had under his thumb.

You’d pushed the door harder than expected and it slammed shut, causing all heads to turn towards you.

Including his.

Including hers.

The make-out chick Harry had been with the night of the party was staring at you with crystal blue eyes, doing a once over at the weird hooded girl glaring at the entrance before turning back to look at Harry.  But he was still looking at you.

Harry’s brows immediately drew together and he gave an irritated shake of his head that screamed “what the fook are yeh doing here?”  It made your skin crawl how you could already picture his voice so perfectly in your head, and you hated knowing it wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  You only had the energy to fake a smile when the professor cheekily said “So nice of you to join us Y/N.”  The girl standing in front of Harry started walking away at his sudden disinterest and you almost wanted to comfort her, hell, you could make a lot of money off a Harry support group.  You’re sure many girls needed it after dealing with the ever-shifting enigma that is Harry Styles.

You heard Harry call your name as you passed him, but you ignored it, for once gracefully walking a little faster when you saw him unsuccessfully reach for you in the corner of your eye.  

Niall was the one who sat at the end of the aisle and reached a hand out to stop you before you could descend and get away.

“Hey, what’s wrong with your neck?”  His voice held traces of concern, but it was a question asked out of selfish curiosity.  

“Allergic reaction,” you lied.

“Yikes, you allergic t’a good make out then?” he teased before breaking out into a snicker at your furrowed brows.  He hadn’t.  He…he wouldn’t have -

You immediately looked to Harry and his eyes had darkened, all the proof you needed, and you hoped your death glare transferred through the sizzling line of energy that seemed to pop up whenever you looked at each other.  That cocky, bragging, arrogant son of a…

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So in celebration of Mother Nature giving periods let’s see how the Yorktown poly crew would react to a s/o and transboy s/o who deal with it (btw to all the guys, gals, and non binary pals who deals with periods I respect the hell out of you)

🔳-general s/o headcannons

▪️the guys are surprisingly prepared if you start PMSing but mostly john he is just so supportive and calms you if you get emotional over nothing and helps you

▪️if you somehow run out of supplies each have agreed to get you stuff if you run out but Alex, Laf, and George are the main ones and they won’t give a crap if people look at them weird hell alexander would fight them if they get called out for it and he’ll say something on the lines of

▪️ “THESE ARE FOR MY GIRLFRIEND/SPOUSE YOU ASS” and George and Laf would drag him out of there and just boatloads of cuddling from John to calm salty Alex

▪️now who’s the angels of chocolate? Why it’s HERCULES MULLIGAN OF COURSE him and Lafayette both equally have recipes from their childhood country and makes sure it’s healthy while also having the perfect amount of chocolate to satisfy you and they won’t hesitate to sandwich you with cuddles “guys we need to get up” both: “NO” (they won’t let go until around like lunch time)

▪️when it comes to cramps (they’re literally hell) George is the one who give the best massages and knows the best painkillers to give you he’s just so great at it?!?!?! it just makes your mind like 💥and he shares hercules tendency to cuddle you too when you’re in pain

🔲-transboy s/o headcannons

▪️all of them are super supportive of you and literally say how badass you are cause I mean you deal with the worst pain on the planet and survive it and they still do everything previously mentioned but fit to your needs

▪️hercules sews those helpful boxers that can hold a pad and he makes so many of them so that you’re satisfied

▪️john and George are cautious with you if you wear a binder especially considering the addition of chest pain so they monitor you on how long you wear it and so on

▪️they enjoy making jokes to make you feel better LIKE A MAN

▪️george/laf/hercules: Underlining the “men” in the word “menstruation.”

▪️John: Drawing pictures of men and turtles on the boxes of hygiene products.

▪️alexander/hercules: Referring the period with a masculine term, such as “Shark week” or “manstruation.”

▪️ALL OF THEM: Reminds you that periods are difficult, and you’re a tough guy for getting through it.

Walk Away- A Anthy Himemiya mix

“All those things that you taught me to fear, I’ve got them in my garden now and you’re not welcome here.”

Another chronological mix that follows Anthy’s development throughout the series, from a deeply cynical, trapped woman to one who bravely walks away. Album annotations give indication of what each song is addressed to.

1. Petals| Hole//2. Not Your Concern|  The Hush Sound//3. My Blood|  Ellie Goulding// 3. Gasoline| Halsey///4. Misery Loves Company (Rad Edit)| Emilie Autumn//5. E.V.O.L| Marina and the Diamonds//6. Studying Stones| Ani Difranco//7. God Help Me| Emilie Autumn//8. Walk| Kyla La Grange//9. Hold Me Down| Halsey//10. Glass Slipper (Snippet)| The Dresden Doll//11. Buy the Stars| Marina and the Diamonds//12. What Girls are Made of| Garbage//13. Curbstomp| Meg Myers//14. The Art of Suicide| Emilie Autumn//15. Get it| Kyla La Grange//16. Turn to Stone| Ingrid Michaelson//17. Control| Poe//18. Comeback Kid| Against the Current//19. Alive| Superchick//20. Brave| Idina Menzel

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in-love-with-fictional-people  asked:

Can I request what dating Namjoon would be like?


  • Sitting in his room, listening to music until you both fall asleep
  • Having random philosophical talks about life and why things are the way they are
  • “Why did they name the color ‘blue, blue? what makes it ‘blue?’”
  • “How…Why were you thinking of that
  • Planning all of the places you’ll travels to together because he wants to take you everywhere
  • Going to those rad music festivals, like Warped Tour or Coachella to listen to new and exciting bands
  • Him wanting you to learn a new language with him
  • “What about Italian?”
  • “Why Italian?”
  • “So we can go to Italian restaurants with the others and impress the hell out of them”
  • Having to deal with his cute dad-like jokes
  • having to deal with his cute grandpa-like outfits
  • Helping him write lyrics and making sure he stays hydrated when he’s mixing/composing new songs
  • he gives you so many kisses it isn’t even funny his lips are ALWAYS on you
  • Becoming the mom of BTS 
  • “Namjoon how do you deal with this?”
  • “i don’t know. I just… I don’t know anymore. Where can I sell the kids?”
  • Random movie nights and cute little dates
  • Him just being really clingy and cute because he’s so in love c:

xoxo Sara

What I Need (Michael Clifford smut)

“Tighten your hips more,” Dylan says as he kneels in front of you, his hands wrapped firmly around your ankles. “Give me six more, babe. Clench your abs.”

You’re sweating up a storm and your heart is pounding in your ears as you push through the burning in your mid-section, breathing a heavy sigh of relief after your final sit-up. You flop down onto your back with your arms extended to your sides, your personal trainer laughing at your exaggerated exhaustion.

“Get up you big baby,” he taunts. “You still have to do a cool down.” You stand and start to move toward the treadmill, Dylan tapping your bottom lightly in motivation. You swat his arm in return and hop on the machine, setting it to a pace that will allow you to walk briskly while your breathing returns to normal. You continue walking and playing with your iPod for about 10 minutes as you cool down.

When you’ve completed your task, you get down and high five Dylan on your way to the locker room, where you peel off your sports bra and shorts before hopping in the shower. The hot water soothes your aching body and you stand under it for a few minutes as you rock your neck from side to side.

After you’ve cleaned up, you towel dry your hair and put it up, putting on a fresh tank top and jeans. You run into Dylan again on your way out the door and he gives you a one-armed hug before confirming your session for two days later. You grab your phone out of your bag to call your boyfriend Michael to let him know you’re ready to be picked up from the gym.

Your head is tilted down as you squint at your phone through the bright LA sun, but before you can dial his number, you feel his arms wrap around your waist from behind. You smile and melt into his embrace, turning your head to peck his cheek lovingly. “Hey, Mikey,” you chirp as you spin around to hug him tightly. Instead of responding, Michael just kisses the top of your head quickly and laces his fingers with yours.

“Do you still want to go get lunch?” you ask as he leads you to his car.

“If you want,” he mumbles, opening your door and helping you into your seat before closing it and moving to the driver’s side. He gets in and starts the car, backing out of his space and pushing his sunglasses onto his face. He seems distracted as he drives, not even remembering to turn on the radio.

“Is everything okay, baby?” you ask, leaning over the center console to lay your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder. He just nods slightly, his wild hair tickling your forehead. You turn your face to place a gentle kiss on the expanse of his neck before running your nose up and down his soft skin. He turns toward you and kisses your head again, a smile overtaking your face as you feel the familiar fluttering in your chest that Michael’s affection never fails to induce.

Soon, Michael pulls his car into the parking lot of the small diner that the two of you frequent. You hop out of the car excitedly and meet him at the front of the car where he grabs your hand tightly in his own again. As you walk toward the restaurant, you swing your linked fingers between you. You smile happily as Michael opens the door for you and places his hand lightly on the small of your back to lead you inside. You make eye contact with your usual waitress and she nods for you to head to your booth toward the back. You slide into your seat as Michael sits across from you, his eyes fixated on the table top.

You frown then, noticing his seemingly sour mood. His hands are resting on the table, so you move one of yours across and run your fingertips over the back of his hand lightly. His eyes move to yours and you smile at him, but his answering smile seems forced and there is no light in his usually bright green eyes.

Before you can ask him about it again, Lorissa comes over to take your order. “Hey babes,” she chirps as she pulls a pen from her apron pocket. “Usual?”

“Yes, please,” you reply with a smile. She quirks an eyebrow at Michael as she finishes writing down your order, and Michael just nods before looking back at the table. Lorissa gives you a questioning glance as she walks away, but you just shrug in response – just as confused as she is.

You reach across and play with his fingers again, and the gesture seems to relax him slightly. Instead of pushing him to talk about whatever is bothering him in the middle of the crowded diner, you decide to wait. Instead, you move out of the booth before quickly turning and sliding in next to Michael. He glances down at you as you lay your head on his shoulder, kissing your forehead as you link your fingers with his.

You sit in silence for several long minutes until he finally begins to relax. When you feel his shoulders droop slightly and his thumb start rubbing across your knuckles, you reach your other hand around his shoulders and pull him into a hug. He grips around your waist tightly and breathes into the crook of your neck, sending shivers down your spine. You pull back slightly and look into his eyes, which are now slightly more complacent.

Gently, you press your lips to his and feel the remaining angst leave his body as he relaxes into the kiss. Your lips mold solidly to his, and he breathes a small sigh of what seems to be relief. When you pull back and look into his eyes, your brows furrowed slightly in concern, he just smiles slightly and pecks your lips again. When you move from his side of the booth back to your own, he this time takes your fingers in his.

Lorissa comes back a few minutes later with your cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes, and before she even has time to move from the table, you and Michael have each grabbed a fry from your plate, dunked it in your milkshake, and shoved it in your mouths. You grin at each other as Lorissa rolls her eyes before spinning around and walking away. “Couple of weirdos if you ask me,” she mumbles.

Michael finishes eating before you and goes up to the counter to pay the bill while you down the remainder of your shake. Walking back to the car, Michael seems more buoyant than before, which is a relief. The drive home is quiet again, though. Without the radio on, Michael seems to drift slightly back into his earlier sadness.

He unlocks and opens the door of your shared apartment and removes his shoes before walking into the living room and looking at the large rack of DVDs without even glancing back at you. You’re still standing just in front of the closed door watching his form carefully; slumped shoulders, head hung down slightly. Immediately you know he is upset about something, but you have no idea what it could possibly be. He seemed just fine when he dropped you off at the gym this afternoon.

You walk up behind him as he squats down to get a better view of the movie selection, getting down on your knees and running your hands up and down his back. He sighs slightly but makes no move to turn or stand. “Baby,” you whisper quietly to his back. “Are you mad at me?”

He shakes his head immediately, but still doesn’t move an inch. “What’s wrong, Michael?” you ask seriously, now desperately needing to know what’s causing his foul mood.

“I don’t really want to talk about it, Y/N,” he says, sounding much more upset than angry. “I’ll get over it; it’s fine.”

“If something is bothering you, baby, I’d really like to talk about it. You seem really upset and I don’t want you to be upset,” you explain, your hands sliding around his body to wrap around his chest. You lay your cheek on his back as the two of you stand together. He holds your hands in his for a moment before turning around and wrapping you tightly in his arms.

“Are you going to leave me for Dylan?” Michael blurts out suddenly, releasing the words all at once as if he’d been holding them in for hours.

“What?!” you screech, pulling back from his embrace slightly to look him in the eye.

He bites his bottom lip slightly and moves his eyes toward the floor, silently awaiting your response. When you realize that he is not in fact joking, you move back into his arms and nuzzle his chest.

“Michael, I’m really not sure where your question is coming from,” you tell him softly. “Can you please talk to me about it?”

You hear him huff before moving back toward the couch and pulling you down next to him. He holds your hand in his as he speaks quickly, “I got to the gym early and I was going to surprise you, right? Well I’m walking up to the door and I was going to come in and watch you finish up, because you were telling me how many freaking pull-ups you could do and I kinda wanted to see it, you know? So then I’m, like, just stepping inside the door when I see you and Dylan and he’s hovering over you while you’re on the ground and he’s calling you babe! Like, what the hell is that? And I mean, like, it’s not a big deal or whatever, but then you guys are like teasing each other and he smacked your ass and you didn’t even yell at him or anything, and I’m just…” he rushes to say before trailing off. He lets out a defeated sigh before finishing his rant, “I didn’t like it.”

Flabbergasted, you just continue to stare at Michael for a few moments before responding. “I really don’t get it, Mikey. Are you jealous or something?”

He stands from the couch then, running his hands through his hair in a clearly frustrated manner. “Well, shit, Y/N, I don’t know! Should I be? I mean, come on! Think about it from my perspective! You’re so god damned beautiful, and then there’s me! This guy is like all in shape and tan and good looking, and I’m just… I’m me. I’m afraid that one day you’re going to realize that you could do so much better than me.”

Michael flops back down next to you, his elbows dropping to his knees as his face falls into his hands. You sit next to him, attempting to process his words. He can’t possibly think that there was anything going on with Dylan, could he?

“Michael, I’m never going to want anyone else. I really thought that you knew that,” you say, running your fingers up his back and neck, resting them in his hair where you rub soothing circles into his scalp. “I love you, and I’m committed to our relationship. I can understand how the small interaction that you saw between Dylan and I may have seemed inappropriate and I apologize for that, but Dylan and my relationship is strictly platonic. I don’t look at anyone else that way. You’re the only one for me, baby.”

“Promise?” he asks softly as he turns his head to look at you again. The look in his eyes breaks your heart, and you know that he’s honestly and genuinely afraid of losing you.

“I promise, Mikey bear,” you tell him earnestly, moving forward to rest your forehead against his while looking into his eyes. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Y/N,” he replies with a soft smile, your lips pressing gently to his.

He responds immediately by bringing his arms around your waist and pulling you onto his lap. You straddle his waist and press your chest against his as you continue to kiss him feverishly. Michael’s strong tattooed arms squeeze your body into his, almost as if he’s attempting to absorb you into himself. “I need you, baby,” he whimpers quietly as you move down to pepper kisses along his jaw and down his neck toward his collar bones. You nod without removing your lips from his skin, his hands grabbing at your hips to try and move you closer.

Your fingers fumble with the buttons of his shirt, but you manage to undo each of them. As the skin of his torso is slowly exposed, you can’t help but leave a trail of kisses on his pale chest. When you look up at his face again, you see that his head is tossed back in a look of sheer pleasure. You grab the hem of your tank top and rip it over your head, exposing your breasts to Michael, which he takes advantage of hastily.

He covers your left nipple with his warm, soft mouth while his hand and fingers knead and toy with your right. Your hair tumbles down your back as you lean your head back in an attempt to absorb all of the feelings that he is bringing you with his skilled tongue and lips. He spends several minutes moving back and forth between your breasts as you grind yourself down onto his rapidly growing erection.

Rocking your hips back and forth to increase the friction, you can feel yourself getting wetter and more needy for him. When he pulls his mouth from your skin with a slight pop, you stand from his lap and pull your jeans and panties down your legs as he watches from his position on the couch. You don’t miss the slight intake of breath at the sight of you bare before him, and it makes you feel like a goddess; invincible. Michael never fails to make you feel beautiful and worshipped, and suddenly you realize that he needs that just as much as you need it.

You kneel before Michael and unbutton his jeans, motioning for him to lift as you pull them down along with his tight boxers. His jaw slackens as you take his swollen member in your hand and pump it a few times before leaning forward and running your tongue along the slit. His hand reaches out to comb gently over your hair, and you maintain eye contact with him as you slide the tip of his hard cock into your mouth.

You can’t help but melt as you observe him watching you with a look of pure adoration. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as he pushes his hips toward you slightly while you continue to work your tongue and lips along his shaft, swirling your tongue around the tip with each pass. After a few minutes, he’s panting harshly and his flushed cheeks are accentuated by the sweat forming at his hairline. You feel him twitching in your mouth and he gently pulls you back and off of him.

Michael gestures for you to return to your place on his lap, and you oblige happily. You hover above him on your knees, bringing your lips down to kiss up his neck to his ear before whispering, “Does my baby want me to ride him?” He nods almost frantically and you smirk against his skin. “I love riding you, Mikey. I love the way your big cock stretches me - like you’re made just for me.”

“Please, Y/N,” he whimpers and whines as you move your hips down to run your dripping heat along his length without actually letting him enter you. When you pull back to look at him, his eyes are squeezed shut and his mouth is opened slightly. The contrast of his flushed cheeks and his milky white complexion is so beautiful and you keep your eyes on him as you line him up with your entrance and sink down slowly.

You release a loud moan and he lets out a relieved breath as you finally come together, and you start rocking back and forth, his hands moving to your hips to guide you. “I love you, Michael,” you sigh as you get lost in the feeling of him inside of you. “You’re so beautiful and you’re so perfect to me and I don’t ever want anyone else. You’re the only one I want, baby. You’re what I need.”

“I love you, Y/N,” he replies breathlessly. “I love you so much, baby.”

Michael holds your body tighter in his hands as he begins to thrust up into you while you swivel your hips on him. The movements allow you to feel every inch of him sliding against your tightening walls and soon you’re unable to hold it in, your orgasm pulsing through you. The fluttering of your walls triggers Michael’s release and he pulls you down onto him completely before you feel him spill into you. You bury your face in his neck and place breathy open-mouthed kisses there while he rides you both through your highs. You rest against him while you both catch your breath, and after your heart rates have returned to normal you pull back to kiss his soft lips sweetly.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he says, his hands cupping your jaw as his thumbs stroke your cheeks. “I just don’t want to lose you. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Mikey. You’re it for me,” you reply sincerely, his eyes closing briefly as a small smile forms on his face.

“I promise to try and not get jealous anymore, okay?” Michael tells you before his smirk turns slightly devious and he adds with a cocky wink, “But I also suddenly I feel like joining your gym. I hope that’s okay with you.”

“You’re going to work out with me?” you ask, quirking an amused eyebrow at him. His face falls slightly as he realizes the implications of his statement, earning a giggle from you in response.

“Yeah, maybe not,” he reasons, his head cocking slightly to the side. “Maybe I’ll just come and watch sometimes.”

“Sounds like a plan, Mikey bear,” you laugh while ghosting your lips up his neck. With your hand resting on his chest, you feel his heart beating harder as you move your lips to his jaw and bite down lightly. “I’ll just give you some good workouts at home instead.”

anonymous asked:

1-20 on the otp questions with frank ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1. Who is a fussy eater and who will eat food even if they’ve dropped it on the floor?
– It’s a toss up between the both of you, actually! There are some things that you will just /not/ eat (prune juice? Brussels sprouts? Why would you do that to yourself??) and then there are some things that Frank won’t eat ( “Punisher don’t eat pizza”). However, you both find a happy medium in eating the Chinese takeout from the little shop on the corner, so it works out in the end.

2. Who constantly tries to get the other to shower with them?
– completed!

3. Who was popular in high school and who lies that they were just to impress the other?
– Actually, I feel in my deepest feelings in my heart that you were more popular than him. Frank wasn’t always the easiest guy to get to know, and he still isn’t. He’s always been kind of misunderstood in that respect, where most people think he’s a bit strange. You don’t mind either way.

4. Who is incredible in bed and completely knocks the other off their feet the first time they have sex?
– FRANK FRANK FRANK FRANK. You had no idea what the HELL YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE EXPECTING, BUT THAT WASNT IT. He was literally 👌👌 A+++++ spot on honestly you didn’t know HOW HE COULD BE THAT GOOD?? And you still have no clue, really.

5. Who plays video games and who snuggles up next to them as they play?
– neither of you! You don’t really have time to play any video games. You do think that he’d probably enjoy playing one of the many war games, but you doubt that he’d prefer a simulation over the actual thing.

6. Who is horny ALL OF THE TIME?
– I don’t…?? Sometimes it’s you, lbr. Usually Frank can control his libido, but you know, sometimes you’re just too tempting.

7. Who is sleepy and cuddly ALL OF THE TIME?
– You. Totally you. Frank doesn’t even know how you’re so tired all the time, but he is definitely not minding when you rest on his shoulder or hug him out of nowhere.

8. Who knocks on the other’s door crying at 4am?
– Actually, I feel like this could go either way. It could be you, knocking on his door for some absolutely random reason, like you ran out of milk and then you were late for work and then you felt bad because you did something wrong and all of that led up to you bursting out in tears. Or, it could even be Frank, when he thinks about all of the things and people he’s lost. He could be thinking about how easily he could lose you, and even though he’s not full on bawling like you would be, you can still see traces of sadness in his eyes.

9. Who would have 10 pets if they could and who is adorably shy around animals?
– Frank would have 10 pets around of he could oh my g od. He loves animals. He wants to adopt all animals, esp the abused ones. You, on the other hand, can handle maybe one or two at a time, and that’s on a good day. You always feel like they just won’t like you, which you know is stupid, but, still.

10. Who takes like 10 minutes of persuading to get out of bed each morning?
– completed!

11. Who collects rocks and shells when they go to the beach and who thinks it’s dumb?
– You are totally the one that collects rocks and shells when you go to the beach. It’s something you’ve picked up on doing since you were a kid, and Frank doesn’t exactly think it’s “dumb”, per se, he just thinks it’s silly. And cute.

12. Who picks fights for no reason just so they can have kinky sex?
– completed!

13. Who secretly admires the hell out of the other and thinks they’re the bravest person they’ve ever met?
– Frank admires you so much bc you’re literally dating him, this previously incarcerated serial killer who has tons of enemies and gets in a lot of fights. He doesn’t know how you deal with him, and how you risk being seen with him no matter how many times he tries to get you to not be.

14. Who has an adorable sneeze and who sneezes so aggressively they pull a muscle?
– lmao, you probably have the adorable sneeze, and Frank probably has that super loud ass sneeze that could wake the whole neighborhood. You tease him about it relentlessly.

15. Who wants to have sex at work/school and who is terrified of getting caught?
– HONESTLY I feel like neither of you do?? Bc where you work is not a place that he can just walk in to and steal your attention away that easily. BUT if this was a high school au or a college au, we all know it’s Frank who’s gonna be gettin’ frisky, and we all know it’s gonna be you who’s terrified.

16. Who smells the hell out of the other’s shirts when they’re away but pretends that they don’t?
– completed!

17. Who believes in astrology and who doesn’t care and just wants the other to make out with them?
– You believe in astrology, and always tell Frank yours and his horoscope. You sometimes even check the both of your star signs’ compatibility, while Frank tries to get you to stop, bc the stars aren’t gonna change how he feels about you.

18. Who would survive the apocalypse and who wouldn’t stand a chance?

19. Who is majorly ticklish and who is the tickle-attacker?
– I feel like Frank could be majorly ticklish, but that’s probably just my imagination?? Whatever, I’m going with this. SO, when Frank’s down in the dumps and frustrated or something or complaining or whatever, you sometimes take to tickling him. His mood immediately improves.

20. Who greatly exaggerates being sick every time they feel even a little poorly just so the other will take care of them?
– Frank is not a homebody. Hes not a nurse. But you can be damn sure that he will take care of you at even the slightest sign of sickness. “Frank, Frank, I’m fine,” you would say as he tucks you into bed and keeps you there. “It’s for your own good, sweetheart. Now what kinda soup you want?”

okay but Stiles’s jeep is definitely an allegory for himself right? he puts the jeep back together using duct tape and without the proper work it needs, like he does with himself. there’s so many things wrong with the jeep, it still works, but it breaks down a lot and now much more often than it did before. and the line “how come you let it get so bad?” “there’s been a few distractions if you haven’t noticed”. stiles has been so caught up in making sure everyone else is okay and trying to save the pack and figuring out what the hell to do about these dread doctors, the Donovan situation, trying to hide his secrets without actually dealing with them and he’s been dealing with everything from before this season as well that’s just all been piling up. he’s been letting himself get so bad mentally that he’s just about ready to break because he isn’t taking care of himself. the important thing to him is saving the town and his friends and figuring out what’s wrong and his own health comes last in that equation. so when something gets bad he just puts duct tape on himself and keeps going but as malia said “maybe you should try something other than duct tape”

anonymous asked:

there were nerfs? wasnt it just the pvp and pve tool seperation? so only skills in pvp was nerfed?



I cant bear to repeat myself again so here’s a conversation I had:

Friend: Anyway, wanna do something together?
Me: you might
Me: not feel like
Me: doing anything
Me: if I told you what happened last night
Friend: What happened?
Me: check the patch note.. that they didnt even bother to write out properly in fear of what players will say…………

Me: literally says “check the detail in game after maint
Friend: …..this is scaring me
Me: and so everyone had to search and dig through elwiki and namuwiki elsword to compare how much they nerfed everything both pve and pvp
Me: lol
Friend: ….well shit
Friend: okay, FUCK YOU KOG
Friend: FUCK YOU
Me: lol yeah thought you’d react that way
Friend: Low kick and back kick nerf
Friend: Airelinna nerfed again
Friend: let me guess, our passive gutted even further
Friend: and crescent kick probs nerfed too
Friend: dkb nerfed…
Friend: god they nerfed literally everythin
Friend: what the fuck
Friend: and let me guess monsters are just as strong as before
Friend: god dammit KOG
Friend: what are you smoking
Friend: are you TRYING to make people quit?
Me: pvp and pve skill separation they said
Me: when in fact it was basically
Friend: I don’t mind the pvp nerfs, it’s that they fking nerfed pve for NO DAMN REASON
Me: I know right, I mean the whole purpose of pvp and pve separation was so that pve will be left untouched lmao
Friend: exactly
Friend: and they fuck it up anyway
Me: dude they didnt even post the details of the nerf lol
Me: like how they always do for balance patch
Friend: how is it possible that you can’t even do a damn separation correctly without fucking that up
Friend: yeah cause they knew they were fucking the players
Me: lol
Friend: I’m so upset right now
Friend: You can probably tell
Friend: I wouldn’t curse like this otherwise
Me: ya know whats even scarier
Me: this is just for the 1st job
Friend: what 1st job
Me: I mean this isnt all
Me: theres more
Friend: I mean I’m completely not caring about Ain at all right now, I’m too pissed. And what do you mean this isn’t all? My WS unique skills got nerfed too
Friend: wait a second
Friend: holy shit you’re right they didn’t..oh dear god no
Me: 던전/대전 스킬 툴팁 분리 & 밸런스 개편 - 기본 전직에 이어 캐릭터별 1차 전직 스킬 툴팁 분리 및 밸런스 개편이 진행됩니다~!
Friend: -beats poster to death with exclamation point-
Friend: -logs off in frustration- you were right
Friend: they’re going to gut airelinna and nature force, I can feel it
Friend: the only two things that make us still viable
Me: a lot of people were saying
Me: they “balanced” with +11 users in mind???
Me: and I was like
Me: what is this, LoL, where they balance around pro players? lmao
Friend: That’s what itfeels like
Friend: how the hell is an aspiring WS supposed to deal with this
Me: yeah cuz people kill things too fast, oh no, better nerf everyone and screw over 99% of the population
Friend: you know, let the people who paid shit-tons of money to you to kill everything STAY AS THEY ARE SO YOU DON’T PISS OFF YOUR INCOME SOURCES
Me: do you know how many people dont even have a +7 weap .. I dont think KOG realizes it
Friend: And the people who don’t? pfft
Friend: going to be damn near useless
Me: everyone died lol
Me: quite literally everyone, I dont think Ive seen a class/char whose name wasnt shouted all night on the megaphone
Me: most notably uhh
Me: IP, DW
Me: who else
Me: WS?
Me: CA
Me: oh
Me: how could I forget
Me: MM
Friend: So, basically, half the classes I actually care about
Me: rip MM
Friend: and MM AGAIN
Me: and they buffed some of the USELESS skills lmao
Friend: DiE took the bullet first, guess it was his turn to die
Me: they increased the damage from Queens Throne and Force Field upon activation
Me: and this MM on megaphone wa slike “what the fuck?? do you expect me to kill things with a buff???
Friend: IKR
Friend: all our special actives are literally worthless shit now
Friend: like..they take more MP and longer to do less damage than active spam
Me: our WS guildie was like
Me:I guess I have to use phoenix to make a living as WS
Friend: I don’t think we have to stoop that low yet
Friend: at least not until they nerf WS actives too -_-
Me: I knew KOG dont have employees who actually play the damn game
Me: when we said “please separate pvp and pve skills” we meant, “give our old skill strength back for pve and leave the current ones for pvp
Me: but what they heard was
Me: -slips 20 bill- “hey. nerf everything.
Friend: yeah that’s what I was about to say
Friend: they CLEARLy don’t play the game themselves and actually farm their own gear
Me: the game-breakingly stronk people are prob like
Me: less than 2% of entire user population
Me: and quite frankly
Me: theyre the ones paying them their paycheck lol
Me: so uh why piss them off? why piss everyone off??? idk
Me: weird logic
Friend: exactly my point

Note: They did the separation and the balancing together at the same time

anonymous asked:

Hi I know requests are closed but how do you think the main 5 RFA would react to a plus size MC? Just answer whenever you have time!!^^ I'm so sorry for bothering you I'm plus size myself so I was merely curious!^_^ Have a lovely day sweeties!!^_^

UM I LOVE THIS?? As someone is cuddly and curvier, i would love to do this

•umm, he loves your size?!
• like?? he loves how soft you are
• (also he likes those curves😉)
• but he thinks you give the best hugs
• he loves to lay his head on you shoulder bc its very comfortable
• “you dont mind my…size?” “why would i? Is there something wrong with it? besides, im the buff-est man out there”

• wont admit it, but hes always had a thing for fuller figured girls
• thinks u r a goddess
• Zen, when you get the courage to wear something more tight than usual: good shit 👍🏻👍🏻💯👌🏻👌🏻👀👀uh huh thats some good shit 👀👀🙌🏻🙌🏻👌🏻💯💯❗️❤️
• once commented you looked like a pinup girl and you were like??? if you say so…
• “how do i look” “holy SHIT, babe” “is-is that a good sign” “HELL YEAH”

• she thinks you are super adorable
• she helps you find close that fit you correctly
• she says really sweet things that make you blush
• when she worries about her weight, you just look at her and say “babe”
• she understands
• “I might need to start working out; I think im putting on weight” “babe” “hm?” “BABE.”

• hes such a weird guy, guys
• you know how he deals with many people and cultures? he uses that knowledge to comfort you
• finds the fact you arent stick thin appealing since hes met with a lot of people like that and he likes something different
• really likes laying his head on you after a long day
• “did you know that im certain places in Africa they thing the bigger you are, the more attractive you are” “is that supposed to be reassuring? “Yes.”

• the most embarrassing in love with your size
• “you are soft…like mashed potatoes”
• he loves the song “baby got back”
• once sang it to you
• hes just a dork, tbh
• he has a weird way of expressing his like of you size
• he just a weird guy over all
• “yknow you kind of remind me of-” “Luciel, please do not continue” “But-” “if you value this relationship, dont.”

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help me be as confident as you when it comes to guys

step one: every time you see something you don’t like about yourself in the mirror, think of two things you do like. this will make you feel better about yourself in general (no matter how high your self-esteem is already) and will definitely make you more confident around guys

step two: get used to rejection. there are so many guys i wish i’d gone after that i didn’t because i was worried i would get rejected. it’s really not that big of a deal, though. like it feels bad for about 2 seconds and then you move on with your life. it’s always better to try.

step three: remind yourself everyday that you’re a badass bitch from hell and people are lucky to be graced with your presence 

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How would blockb react when your on your period? Would they get "things" for you? Would they cuddle? How would they handle the moody you? Thanks so much love ❤️

No problem ~~ ❤️

Taeil:  He would be super confused with your mood swings and would try to help you through it but doesn’t know what to how. So all he would do is cuddle with you in bed and maybe cook you something if you’re hungry.


“I-I’m coming T__T”

Jaehyo: Ends up buying tampons for you, after you start complaining on how your tummy hurts and you can’t get out and you’re out of them.

‘’Large? EXtra large? Medium? The blue one? Pink?  Night time? Bu.. there so many.. And there is alot of people here.. How am i going to buy them’’

BBomb: “Just keep smiling Minhyuk-ah! A few more days and it’s over , just nods in anything she say and you’ll survive”

“And omg did you see that , how can she do something like that i can’t be..”

“I know right babe..”

UKwon: You think having a girlfriend for so long means he’s used to dealing with that? HELL NO !! 


“It’s next to you honey”


Zico: *Calls his manager, Block B’s members and their managers, Winner’s members and their managers*  “ Yo Everyone urgent meeting ! I need, chocolate, chips , pads the blue one only remember that and every sad movie you see ! NOW MOVE MOVE MOVE”

P.O: “Does it really hurt that bad?” *literally a huge idiot* 

as always, gifs are not mine. Cr. to owners

Jan 5

and I can’t stand that. they don’t know how to love you. is it hard to be more than just there? talk to her like she’s a normal person. she has a big heart, she does… but if you keep ripping her open to see the emotions kept hidden from planet earth– she will bite back. a soul like hers… there are only so many second chances… do not give her an excuse to tune you out, there’s enough bullshit and clutter to deal with.

you wanna know how to keep her smiling?

oh god.


the light kind.

she needs you to be there, not quite like coffee… more like– the moment right before she kicks the blanket off or those 10 extra minutes of sleep while simultaneously shutting off those alarms with groggy fingers. she doesn’t need much from you. not the poetry. not the coffee. not the words. hell, maybe some days not even the consistency… she needs you to hear the words she never says. there’s over a hundred different ways that she can say I love you through silence, but you still don’t hear it.

– get your shit together, man.