how the hell do people color this show


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

BP Appreciation Week, Day Four: Favorite Outfit(s)

Penny Dreadful, Lily Frankenstein, Glorious Horrors and And Hell Itself My Only Foe

How do I love the Penny Dreadful costuming department? Let me count the ways.

I will never get over their use of light and dark colors to symbolize Lily in the “stages” of her life, so to speak. In the early episodes she wears light, happy colors (pointedly, colors picked out by Victor Frankenstein), and after she reveals her true colors (so to speak) in episode eight, we see her instantly switch to wearing dark colors. It is gorgeous. And the contrast is amazing. 10/10 to the people who dressed Billie in this show.

Ok. So I’ve seen this post around and It really doesn’t make sense.

People were complaining a while ago about the fact that some artists dont draw garnet with an afro because she is supposed to represent black people
or something like that (also afros are not exclusive for black people, what the heck) and do her with black peoeple facial features.

Now this girl decides to dress like Garnet and show a lot of representative
black persons facial details like the lips or the skin color and then people start sending her hate because of that?! Ok, what the hell do you want then?
They show Garnet as a not that black person, these people complain, they show person as a black person THEN THEY COMPLAIN TOO!

It’s not like this girl did it to make fun of black people or something like that or in any racist way! She just tried to make a quality cosplay that was accurate
of how people want to see garnet like, like a black person with black persons with black person with black person facial features!

But now those sjw are going on about trying to fight “hate” with even more hate, and that just doesn’t solve anything at all.

Please don’t send anymore unnecesary hate to this girl, she haven’t done nothing wrong at all, its just some weird bad people exagerating about nothing.

I am gonna say this as someone who watches and enjoys the show, and is recommending it to everyone I talk to:

Can we please not turn Supergirl into the epitome of feminism in television and superhero media? Because it’s not.

It IS cheesy how it markets itself as feminist while trying to justify the infantilization of female superheroes and basically ignoring that women of color exist. It is borderlining on performative feminism in that it is trying to market off how popular feminism is while doing little to be inclusive to women who are not skinny and white. In some ways, it has the potential to be the Taylor Swift of television.

I am all for people watching Supergirl and defending it as a progressive show. But that sure as hell doesn’t mean I am okay with people not being critical of something that claims to be feminist without considering what feminism really means.



Steven Universe is probably my favorite show. And there are 3 blogs on this site thAT KIND OF ALMOST RUIN LIFE FOR ME TO BE HONEST (steven-universe-edits , stevens-alternate-universe and steven-did-nothing-wrong) THEY SPEND ACTUAL TIME WHITE WASHING, SLIMMING DOWN, AND EVEN GENDER SWAP CHARACTERS FROM STEVEN UNIVERSE AND ARTIST’S GEMSONAS AND IT MAKES ME SICK. 

Do you know how important Steven Universe can be for people? For the people ashamed of their body shape, skin color, even sexuality, this show can honestly be a self confidence boost (even a life saver) for some people, Including myself. THESE PEOPLE KIND OF THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW INTO THE FIREY PITS OF HELL AND BEYOND THAT. They edit out pictures (SOME EVEN REQUESTED) and made all of the characters white, skinny, blue eyed and most of the time blonde hair. AND DON’T GET ME WRONG, ANYONE WITH THOSE FEATURES ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO. But its an act of homophobia, racism and body shaming on their parts. It drags down the people who feel ashamed of themselves, while the artists make the COPYWRITTEN CHARACTERS more “beautiful” when they already were in the first place. And what really pisses me off is not only are they doing TV show characters. They literally take another persons art, another persons original character, and do the same exact makeover given to the TV show. IT IS NOT YOURS, YOU  DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO TAKE SOMEONES ART, POSSIBLY SOMEONES MASTERPIECE AND EDIT IT. they dont even feel ashamed. they just think “this is the right thing, its perfect! beautiful! I just made the show 90 THOUSAND TIMES BETTER..”

please block these people, do not support what they are doing, do not make them think it is correct. it is wrong. very. very. wrong.