how the hell do i draw kids


Successfully introduced capri to my sister. She loves it but thinks that Damen is stupid sometimes.
Me: DON’T INSULT MY BABY. *proceeds to draw Damen with glasses to prove her wrong*

During the process: shit. I never knew I needed a Damen with glasses until now.

Stickers and stuff on Redbubble _(ᐛ」∠)_

You Wouldn’t Listen

Request: Hey! I just found this blog. Can you write something that includes sister!winchester? If so, can you write a fic where the reader is in high school (14 or 15 years old) and she gets bullied a lot, but she always ignores them. One day, they took it too far so she got in a fight with them and the school called up Sam and dean. Sorry if it’s a bit too detailed! Thank you! requested by anon.

Summary: Reader gets into a fight with her bullies, and Sam and Dean get called into the office.

Pairing: Dean x Sister!reader, Sam x Sister!reader

Warnings: Swearing, bullying, violence, mention of blood

Word Count: 1,432

A/N: This is my first fic ever! I really hope you like it! Feel free to request anything! As always, my taglist is open!

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How to Deal with Demons-A Guide

As a witch who is bonded with a psychic, along my journey I have found out quite a lot about demons. Heres some information:

NEVER say a demons name out loud. it directly summons them to you, and it gives them power.

Demon oppression and possession are two completely different things, though they likely happen within the same sequence. Oppression is where they impact your mental and physical health. This happens at any given time, and will result in a completely different mood, headaches, sickness etc. Possession is where they have full control of your body, or someone else’s body. That person may “act right” and act like themselves, however that is the demon playing you as a fool. They stalk you before they possess you, learning every single tiny behavior and can mimic you perfectly. I learned that when a demon possessed my mom for two weeks. That was not particularly pleasant. Demons get a kick out of you knowing that they are there, the whole demonic behavior thing that you can see (speaking in tounges, violence, extreme hatred, etc.) is the times that they WANT you to know that you are there,

Don’t talk to the demon directly. Even if you fell it standing right behind you, don’t acknowledge it unless you are going to take defensive action.

Defensive Action-these are things that I use regularly in my practice. These can be adapted for most anyone who is struggling with demonic influence.

Holy water is life. Don’t make it yourself, unless you are a ordained Catholic priest. Get a lot, and put it everywhere. Whenever you feel them trying to invade or opress you, throw that shit all over you, drink it even! Here are some creative things that I have done:

     Holy water humidifiers

     Holy water squirt guns

     Holy water water balloons

     Holy water + purified salt shots for those who may be possessed (don’t do this too much kids, kidney failure does not sound fun

     Bake that shit into everything you eat. Smoothies, soups, stir fries, make rice and oatmeal, cookies, seriously whatever the hell you eat, put that shit in.

    Anoint candles with holy water and salt and burn them in your home.

    Draw protective sigils with holy water on your walls

Salt- pretty much life too. Demons hate this shit.  Here’s how you can use it

    Bake that shit into food.

    I have different banishing and burning powders that i have made that i store in jars with protective sigils on them.

               Burn in Hell powder- salt, black pepper, holy water (just a smidgen, and finally…. Cayenne pepper! You grind that shit up with your mortar and pestle, then you add a couple drops of holy water and have intent to burn the fuck out of demons. As you grind that, here is a quick chant to help keep your intent strong, “burns like fire, hurts like hell, demonic presence feel the power of my spell.

               Spirit Be Gone- salt, and pretty much every single protective herb that you have. First, grind that shit with your mortar and pestle, then draw protective sigils on bay leaves and burn them. Put the ash in, and grind it even more. “Negative energy, feel my bane, i banish you now, your power is in vain”. I use it for casting itty bitty circles whenever bed energy is around, and if you are a psychic, this really helps dispel negative spirits that love to talk/mess with you. It stops the headaches and such.

  Salt cont.

  do protective spells with that shit.

  Use salt baths and make your own bodyscrubs to rid you of negative energy.

 Salt the windows, doors, and floors of your home.

Make bracelets using a 9 knot chant, and annoint them with holy water, salt, and one drop of your blood. pass it through willow, sage, and pine smoke. It usually works to keep demonic entities out of your head, however if they are plaguing you physically, then untie a knot, starting with the last knot you did, and your energy will dispel and weaken them.

Protective stones work really well. keep them near and around you.

Defensive Strategies (please be aware that this will either work, or you wont be strong enough to complete the spell. If you can’t this demon or multiple demon will come AFTER YOU. Know for real how strong the demon is, get a psychic to figure this out. Hierarchy will not be too pleased with you if you try to put them in a jar. Make sure you are a very experienced mage/witch, or have one with you. The first night that I bound a demon, my ritual was interrupted, and that bastard took a leap out of my jar and almost choked me to death in front of my parents. Be EXTREMELY careful, and do this in the presence of another. If you need to do this, please send me a ask, and I will try to help you as much as I can. This spell works to capture a demon who is possessing a human.

You will Need:


a jar/vessel that you have enchanted to protect and bind a spirit

both of the salt mixes


ashes (a lot). Add ashes from sigils of banishing if possible

enough candles to make a large circle for you to work in

enough candles for you to seal the vessel

hair from the victim

banishing herbs

stones of protection

stones for power of you


holy water

lavender, rosemary, basil, bay

1. Cast a really strong circle. use rocks and candles placed at equidistant intervals to make it strong. line that circle with salt, burning powder, and banishing powder.

2. Call upon guides, angels, friendly spirits, familiars, etc. Ask them to observe and lend you strength and support.

3. Start by anointing the candle with holy water, salt, and banishing herbs. Intensify your own intent to purify and banish.

4. Light the candle in your circle (all of the other ones should be lit by now, with the formation of your circle) and prepare the hair.

5, Call upon the demon in mention “Demon, thou who hast been plaguing ___, i call you and summon you to this circle. Once you know that it is there, burn the hair and chant, “Christo, this is Gods land” over and over. Pour intent and strength into the words. this is dissolving the bond between the victim and the demon, isolating the demon.

6. Throw the hair into the jar (still chanting) and pour in ashes, protective herbs, marigolds. and pour the rest of the holy water in there. Cap the jar and shake that bitch. Keep chanting.

7. Seal the jar, with wax, ribbons, etc. when the wax is cooling, throw more powder, salt, and herbs on the jar. once, it is sealed, do not touch the jar. Thank the spirits that you have summoned, and say something to the jar like, “In the name of the holy Christ, I therefore bind and banish you satanic spirit, may you never plague the living again.”

8. DO NOT KEEP THE JAR I REPEAT DO NOT KEEP THE JAR. Bury that mother fucker far away from civilization, just get a psychic or clairvoyant to check if you did it right. Do not open the jar for goodness sake, that bastard will be pissed. just get the jar the hell away from you.

I hoped this helped you guys! Feel free to pm or ask me if you have any questions or need help!

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How do you draw bodies like anatomy help? I'm in actual hell and everyone I ask tells me to use ref but I need a different option? Like how do you draw personally?

Although i do agree that refs are the bees knees, i 100% understand what you mean. They can still be huge pains in the ass and sometimes you just need to see the process in order to understand. So imma try my best to explain anon, cause sometimes I free draw with no base and others I do use one: 

When I DO make a base first tho, its made of very basic shapes and lines. When I was a kid, I use to draw characters in the style of this one book called “Dork Diarys” if anyone knows what that is. So that was kinda like a stepping stone

I kinda use them at pin points “okay, the head here”  “the elbows here” 

As for body types, if you want your character very thin you use more rectangles while if you want your character very heavy, you use more circles and ovals. 

Same goes for hands and feet, just use simple shapes as a sort of base. (I also made a bonus hair thing 4 you just in case)

Sorry if this was confusing, but I hope I kinda helped? Maybe I’ll make a speed-paint video at some point tho cause those also help me when I’m in a rut. 


Pumping out comics when I hate how I draw. I should do this more often.

THIS IS MY IN-UNIVERSE REASONING for drawing Stormcatcher as a humanoid all the time. (The other reason is that I think he’s really cute and I refuse to let this game make me self-identify as a dragonfucker.)

Hell yeah, I ship the smart kids. They live in neighboring lands, so I like to think it’s routine for one to invite the other over to chat about some new discovery.

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How the hell can you draw without sketching out the weird skeleton wire whatever its called wth

sometimes i do it sometimes i don’t. tbh it was a habit spawned from doodling in class bc all i had was paper, and very little time. and especially back when i started doing it i only have shitty pencils and erasers so i got really motivated to make it so i didn’t have to erase anything (instead of just learning to control my pencil pressure better. which i’m still awful at btw)

everything just goes back to “i was too lazy to do it right as a kid so i just decided to start skipping steps” and it all stuck :’) 

The Six Senses - Chapter 1: Shake the Blinds

Chapter 1   AO3

I actually posted a snippet of this first chapter on here, but didn’t really do much with it after.  Yesterday, I randomly got inspired to work on it again, and ended up finishing this chapter, coming up with a title, and even working on chapter names.  Don’t worry, I’m still working on “Stan-at-Home”, but I thought you guys deserved a fic chapter of some sort while I slowly chip away at it.

Summary: A shady company turns its eye towards the rare humans born with psychic abilities, and kidnaps them as infants on the day they are born. Only three people have ever escaped. On August 31, 1999, two newborns are taken from Piedmont, California. Two men, determined to bring the newborns home, find themselves back at the company that stole their childhood. Their names: Stanley and Stanford.

The evening wind will shake the blinds
You’re stirring from your slumber
We’ve got something hateful on our minds

- The Mountain Goats, “Alpha Rats Nest”


               The phone rang.  Stan let out a loud groan.  He blindly slammed his hand down in the general direction the noise was coming from. His fingers finally grabbed the phone, and he put the receiver near his ear.

               “Uh-huh?”  His voice was thick from sleep.  

               It’s a miracle I was even able to get out those two syllables.

               “Stanley, sorry to wake you.”  Stan frowned.  He recognized that voice.

               “Stanford?  Surprised you’re actually using a phone,” Stan said, sitting up and rubbing his eyes tiredly.  “Instead of getting ahold of me through the usual way.”

               “Yes well, the usual way has its downsides.  One of them being that I can’t let others talk to you.  And there is someone here that you need to speak to.”

               “Uh-huh?  And who’s that?”

               “Our older brother.”  Stan’s heart suddenly began to race.

               “Wait, older brother?  You- you actually managed to track down our family?” Stan asked, startled out of sleepiness.  Ford chuckled softly.

               “It certainly took me long enough.  By the way, found out our last name, too.”

               “What is it?”

               “Pines,” Ford said, in a tone that suggested he was still getting used to the concept of having a last name.  Stan mouthed the name himself, hoping for yet at the same time dreading a connection to this, one of the few remnants of the life he could have led. “Regardless, Mr. Pines-”  Stan snorted.

               “Can’t really take you seriously there Sixer.”

               “Mm, it doesn’t feel familiar, does it?”

               “Nope.  Not at all.”

               “Well, regardless, Stan, our older brother wanted to talk to you. Here he is.”  There was a shuffling over the line.  Stan swung his feet over the side of the bed, putting himself into a bit more formal position.  Something that suited meeting a long-lost brother better.

               Not wearing pants, though.  

               “Stanley?” a voice said.  Stan’s heart, which had slowed down somewhat, began to pick up in pace again.

               “Yeah, it’s- it’s me.”

               “Holy Moses, I- Mom and Pops, they told me that you and Stanford were lost. Stillbirths.  Never thought I’d hear your voice.”

               “I’m in a similar boat here.”

               “Yeah, I suppose you are.  Anyways, my, uh, my name is Sherman.  But please, call me Shermie.”

               “Shermie.  You got it.”

               I have an older brother named Sherman Pines.

               “And this- this is all going to sound awful but, uh, Stanford got a hold of me at a pretty pivotal moment.”  Shermie let out a dry laugh.  “I mean, the first time I meet you guys, and it’s to ask you a favor.”

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hell no | how about no | eh | kinda cute i guess | that’s adorable | omg omg yes | otp | you’re fucking kidding right i’m dying because of these two

and i’ll also tell you who:

  • proposes

I already sort of did this one in the Jaspidwen post, but … yeah, Jasper does it. He knows David’s a huge fucking romantic but also that he’s oddly shy and easily flustered when it comes to their relationship, so Jasp draws on all of his considerable knowledge of all the things that make Davey tear up at romantic movies and shoves it into a monster proposal, including a scavenger hunt, lots of roses (because of course that’s his favorite flower, he’s a fucking cliche), candles … he even spends his winter bonus on a horse-drawn carriage. Only about 10% of all this fucks up spectacularly, thanks to their BFF Julia (property of @hopefullypessimistic84 and all-around fantastic human being) being relatively competent.

David cries. A lot. So much so that he never actually says “yes.” Just sorta … falls into Jasper’s lap and cries. (And yes, Jasper absolutely will tease him about this for the rest of their lives. They’ll be married for 6 years and he’ll be like, “So you ever gonna say yes, Davey? I’ve been kinda holding my breath here for a while.”)

  • shops for groceries

Jasper. This David is based heavily on HopefullyPessimistic’s, because really Jaspid is kinda her baby, and that David is hopeless when it comes to cooking. The fact that he stays so skinny on a diet of frozen chicken nuggets and fast food is the bane of Jasper’s existence.

  • kills the spiders

Neither of them. Jasper’s too busy hiding and David will gingerly rescue it and set it free.

  • comes home drunk at 3am

Probably Jasper? I mean, David’s coming home at 3 a.m. as well, but he’s probably the DD. (Not saying David never gets drunk, because that’s the cutest fucking mental image ever, but if they’re planning on staying out that late David’s Counselor Instincts kick in and he springs into protective mode to make sure everyone gets home okay.)

  • makes breakfast

Jasper! David … would probably make toast, and then like put some uncooked Poptarts on a plate and decide everything else is too much effort.

  • remembers to feed the fish

David. He loves those damn things. Jasper occasionally tries to trick David into admitting he can’t tell them apart, but apparently he really does know all the fish by name and can tell the difference between that one bright-orange one and the other bright-orange one, even though they look identical to Jasper.

  • decorates the apartment

Both of them. 90s trash and cutesy foresty hipster grandma are two aesthetics that really really don’t work together, and their apartment looks like a glitch in the Matrix. Just … you walk in and it feels like something went very badly wrong and the universe tried to load 2 different rooms at once or something.

  • initiates duets

Jasper — unless it’s camp songs, in which case David will absolutely start singing. Either way, it takes literally zero convincing to get the other to join in, and they sing loudly and mostly on-key and all the goddamn time.

  • falls asleep first

Neither of them? They don’t sleep much.

  • sends the most selfies

Jasper, hands down. David takes and sends lots of pictures, but he’s usually not in them. Jasper doesn’t understand the point of a picture if it doesn’t include his face. (Which makes him very fun at art museums, as you can imagine.)

  • makes the first move

Probably Jasper. David, as I mentioned, is easily flustered and shy. It took literal years for these dorks to get together, and just so much pestering on Julia’s part to just fucking say it I swear to god he likes you back I’ll do it if you don’t for god’s sake

  • plans spontaneous trips

David loves trips! And spontaneity! And planning!


This is the USS Horrible Unending Nightmare, colloquially known as the Wolf 359 Big Bang! I apologize for how long it’s taken me to get this set up, so let’s get down to business


The link is HERE, and if you responded to the interest poll from a week ago, you’ll find it’s pretty much the same deal. Please include your tumblr username so I can confirm with you that you’re all signed up, what sort of writing you’ll be doing (and I’ll get to that in a second), and what characters/ships you’ll be writing. When it comes time for artists to sign up (a couple weeks from now) it’ll be very, very helpful for them to pick their writer. 

In response to the poll and because I’ve heard this was the standard at another fandom writing event, I am putting a minimum of 500 words. Additionally, because this is all going down in the span of two months, I’m capping it at 15k for the written versions. If you really, really, really, really need to go over 15k, please consider making it a podfic instead (see below).


The plan was for everything to be ready for me to post on June 12th, to coincide with the start of the new season, and as far as responses on the interest poll go, that seemed to be fine. If the need arises, the deadline will be moved, but here’s how it’s going to look now:

4/7/17 - 4/12/17: Writer sign-ups! Please fill out the poll and I will get back to you to confirm, and please start thinking about what you want to write!

4/26/17: Ideas are due! Writers, this means please send me (through message or inbox) a brief summary of what your fic is about (”Person X and Person Y are going to do Thing A in Place Z”). You can send me this any time between sign-ups and the deadline but they need to be in by the 26th because

4/27/17 - 5/3/17: Artist sign-ups! I’ll have a blind list of plot summaries for you to chose from, so please indicate your top three when you fill out the form! It’s first come, first served but I will try to match you to at least one of your picks!

5/11/17: Rough drafts are due from the writers! The artists need these so they can read through them, get a feel for the fic, and figure out what to draw! At this point writers and artists can be in contact and figure out what they want to do if they want, and if there are any major plot points that change between the rough draft and the final, please let me and your artist know!

6/11/17: Final drafts and artwork are due, posting will begin Monday, June 12th!


I don’t know! We’re figuring it out together!

No, I’m mostly kidding. In anticipation of questions, I’ve tried to answer as many as I can think of, and if you have any more, please send me a message!

What counts as writing? 

  • “Traditional” fanfiction (prose, poetry, etc)
  • Scripts
  • Podfics of your own fics!

Other such write-y things! We’re the fandom of a podcast and I’ve seen a lot of really cool script-style fics, and podfics seems to come with the territory. I am going to be a stickler for the writers to podfic their own works, because

What counts as art?

  • Digital/traditional artwork
  • Fanmixes
  • Videos
  • Edits!
  • Moodboards!
  • Podfics of other people’s fics!

Many things! Again, because we are the fandom of a podcast, there are a lot of options. The only thing I’m going to be a huge stickler about is you must have the author’s permission before you make a podfic of their work. If you submit something and you think I won’t contact the original author, you underestimate my wrath. It’s also, y’know, a common courtesy to check with people before you play with their things.

Zahra, how the flying fuck are we supposed to pull this off in two months?

I know! Two months is hellishly short, and this all came about from a chat on a Discord server about two weeks ago, so it’s really is a “took it and ran with it” sort of thing! However, hopefully here are a few things you can keep in mind that will hopefully make it easier. Do you have a fic that’s already in progress that you were planning on posting anyway? That could count! Now you’ll finish the fic and have cool fanart for it as well! The only caveat there is to be sure that that work hasn’t been posted anywhere else in its entirety (WIPs and snippets and whatever are totally fine). Want to collaborate with another artist or writer and put out a piece together? Have an eldritch god living in your laundry room who’ll do the writing for you, if only you’ll provide them with more pipe cleaners and fake flowers to make a mortal form with?

Also, in the event that there’s a heavy skew (more fanfic than fanart, or the reverse) I’ll be stepping in and other folk too if they want to to pinch-hit, mostly likely by podficcing their works or figuring out some more fics for the artists to work off of.

Finally, if for some reason you sign up and then realize you can’t do it anymore, please let me know! No judgement, shit happens, please just communicate so I can fill your slot. I’ll be checking in periodically and will announce those dates soon.


  • Min of 500 words, max of 15k
  • No theme! Write about whatever!
  • Please keep an eye on deadlines!
  • You must get permission before using someone’s work!
  • Have fun!
  • Don’t burn the house down!

I’ll answer more questions as they come up, and feel free to reach out on my personal @saekal

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Oooh you open for prompt! I don't know if you already got/make this prompt but can you make something about Kara and Cat discover what OTP means and discover people shipping Cat with Supergirl :3 thx :*

Her wife had been sitting at her computer, eyes staring blankly at the screen and finger endlessly turning the scroll wheel for what was probably close to a half hour. Every once in a while, she would click on something and her face would turn red, before clicking again and going back to her scrolling. Cat realized that something truly had Kara’s attention when she had mentioned ordering a pizza and there had not been a single indication that she had heard her. Cat put down the book she had been looking over and cleared her throat. Again, her calls to Kara had gone unnoticed. She rolled her eyes, amazed at how someone with super hearing couldn’t even hear through her own thoughts. Cat sighed and stood up, walking over to Kara. “Darling, what on earth have you been looking at?” Kara finally moved, her hand flying around with the mouse and her face a look of desperation. If she didn’t know any better, Cat would think Kara was looking at porn. “Really? You’re hiding something from me?”

Kara had just closed the browser and bit her lip. “It’s nothing, promise. Just some stupid stuff.” She smiled at Cat, trying her best to be convincing.

Cat put her hands on her hips and cocked her head to the side, one eye brow going up as well. “You do not get sucked into stupid things. Even videos of puppies don’t hold your attention this long.”

Kara blushed and sighed, looking down. “Fine, fine. But you’re going to want to sit for this.” When Cat sat, Kara pulled up the browser. It was some sort of community site and there were pictures. Cat took a closer look and realized, with a bit of horror, that the subject of every picture was her and Kara…well…Supergirl. “These are the pg-13 pictures.”

Cat’s eyes went wide. “How do people know? Kara, what did you do?” Cat was now angry. They had had this discussion a million times, even with Alex there, about how she needed to be freakishly careful ever since they got married.

Kara rolled her eyes. “I didn’t do anything. It would seem that people are shipping you and Supergirl.”

Cat leaned back, one eye raised. “’Shipping’? What the hell does that mean?” After a long explanation of the concept of shipping, and shippers, and OTPs, Cat chuckled. “You have got to be kidding me. So, what, people are writing stories and drawing us as a couple?”

Both of them laughed at the irony of the situation. “I guess the world just knows what’s best for us.” Kara smirked and leaned forward, kissing Cat. “Though I will tell you, reading the smut is the best part.”

Cat’s eyes darkened a bit, a playful smirk on her lips. “Really, now?” She moved a hand to her wife’s thigh and squeezed. “Then how about we read one to get in the mood?”

A dark blush spilled over Kara’s face as she quickly dove through the archives of a fanfiction site, pulling up one she had not read yet. They read together, each reading their own parts and thoughts. It was a long slow-burn to the actual sex and the two of them were pretty much ready to rip each other’s clothes off. “Darling, I just had a wonderful idea.” Kara looked at her, eyes dark with lust. “Why don’t we take this into the bedroom, and do more than just read?”

Kara’s eyes went wide and she nodded, quickly unhooking the laptop. They both went to the bedroom, eager to enjoy something new.

Moans soon filled the air as they began, still reading out loud while performing. Cat stopped abruptly though, and Kara looked down at her worried. “What the hell?” She pulled the laptop close to her, pulling on her glasses. “I…I don’t think this is possible.”

Kara rolled off of Cat and looked at it as well. “Well, see, that’s me, and then that’s you…” She pointed to one of the lines and fell silent. “How many fucking arms does this writer think you have?”

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(Cool kids) hc that Jasper and Ered learned Spanish from their dads and sometimes they'll all just argue in Spanish and everyone else is like ???

anon before i even start,,,, thank u sm for still sticking with this even after the finale it,,,,, warms my heart

but yeah this is good Thank You anon

(Cool kids) what about,, Jaspers dads teasing him about his crush on David

uaoisbfoau yeah oh my gosh

“son it’s alright that you’re having feelings for this man, he seems like a lovely person”

“i’m a grown man dad”

Jasper: “Dad, dad, I’m… I’m gay” Dads: *soft gasp*

they’re,,,, so proud,,,,,,,,

Should I actually draw something canon to camp camp or draw the cool kids…

oh my gosh do both bc both is good but i’d cry if you drew jasper and ered akhfbajlf

The two fbi dads (who are literally fucking awesome like hell yeah bb I’m here for it) makes me so happy (for a number of reasons lmao) but also going with the cool kids hc it only further feeds my hc that Jasper knows how to shoot almost every gun because he would literally have fbi dads to teach him that like hell?? Yes??

YES i love a man who could shoot me square in the face from a distance, killing me instantly

i’d like to thank you all for this healing content oh my go sh

  • My Chemical Romance Songs Questions :
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  • Disenchanted : What's your favorite song from The Black Parade album?
  • Cancer : What's your favorite song from I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love album ?
  • Sing : What's your favorite song from Danger Days album?
  • Mama : the MCR song that describes you
  • The Sharpest Lives : What's your favorite Era?
  • Na Na Na : What's your favorite lyric by them?
  • Teenagers : Titles from five songs mcr that describes you better.
  • DEAD! : 10 favorites MCR lyric quotes.
  • The Ghost Of You : a MCR song that reminds you of someone
  • I'm Not Okay (i Promise) : What's your mcr favorite member?
  • Desolation Row : MCR song you listen when you're sad
  • The Only Hope For Me is You : MCR song you listen when you're happy
  • The End : MCR song you listen when you're angry
  • House Of Wolves : some MCR member quote
  • Demolition Lovers : Put a photo of what's the best Gerard Way look,hair or smile to you.
  • Kill All Your Friends : Put a photo of what's the best Frank Iero look,hair or smile to you.
  • My Way Home Is Through You : Put a photo of what's the best Mikey Way look,hair or smile to you.
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  • Blood : Do you miss Bob Bryar in the band?
  • Heaven Help Us : if you find them, personally ,right now, what would you do?
  • You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison : "Fuck-Marry-Kiss-Hug" with MCR members
  • Party Poison : if you could choose a song (from any album of them) to have a music video, what would be?
  • Cemetery Drive : Make a little story with 9 MCR song titles.
  • Bulletproof Heart : What band would you like to go (together) with MCR on tour?
  • Thank You For The Venom : Who do you ship? (Frerard,Waycest,Frikey,Gert,Baycest,Pikey,...)
  • Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back : MCR song for today
  • Give 'em Hell Kid : what's the worst MCR song for you?
  • I Never Told You What I Do For A Living : Make a drawing with MCR.
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You : What part of your life My Chemical Romance has helped you most?
  • Sleep : the music that you usually listen before sleep. (or already made you sleep when you were sad)
  • This Is How I Disappear : What's (if you have one) your theory behind the MCR songs?
  • It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish : what was the first song you heard?
  • Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us : A song that makes you happy
  • Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You : A song that makes you sad
  • Hang 'em High : The best MCR music video for you.
  • Early Sunsets Over Monroeville : A song that makes you cry
  • The Kids From Yesterday : A song that reminds you of somewhere
  • Bury Me In Black : A song that reminds you of a certain event
  • Our Lady Of Sorrows : A song that you know all the words to
  • Summertime : A sonh you wish you heard on the radio
  • Headfirst for Halos : A song from your favorite album
  • Stay Awake: A song makes you laugh
  • I Don't Love You : A song you like to sing
  • Destroya : A song you want to play at your wedding
  • Skylines And Turnstiles : Make a drawing about some MCR song
  • Drowning Lessons : A song you want to play at your funeral
  • Planetary : A song you can play in an instrument
  • Scarecrow : A song you wish you could play
  • Famous Last Words : Describe what MCR means to you
  • Desert Song : A song makes you fell guilty
  • Vampire Money : A song you enjoy hearing while traveling
  • Interlude : A song makes you want to punch someone in the face
  • Cubicles : A studio song that's better than the live version
  • This Is The Best Day Ever : A live song that's better than the studio version
  • Mastas Of Ravenkroft : : What's the best Frank's tattoo for you?
  • F.T.W.W.W. : What's the best live performance? (link of the video)
  • To The End : what would be the "lullaby" for your children?

anonymous asked:

Young twins verse! What If the twins start feeling safe and start acting a little more vulnerable with the crew? Like they see sunny drawing or painting? Cuddle piles out in the open or on their fav bots.

They start acting like their actual age! They mess around, have fun. Might talk really fast like kid/teenager would when they’re really excited about it and retelling it to a friend or an adult. And I think the crew would sort of watch them a bit closer and realise some of things they did before they knew how young they were, was a sign that like ‘hey these two are fucking young as hell’

Suddenly Sideswipe doing certain things isn’t immature for an adult, it’s just him acting his age.

Sunstreaker feels safe enough to sketch in the rec room, and both the twins might even feel comfortable to talk to Ratchet about certain stuff.

And so many cuddles. They must protect these tiny young beans.

‘It’s the end times, Jack,’ she whispers breathlessly through the raging hail of gunfire and explosions around them. Just below in the valley lies their death, or their freedom. ‘You ready?’

whiskey and november, a fantastic fic about jack and miranda fighting together on the london front lines. you can’t be picky about allies when the reapers have you cornered - and wouldn’t they make a beautifully vitriolic badass biotic team?

this has been sitting in my WIP folder for hell knows how long because I couldn’t decide what to do with the background and I was too embarrassed by my abysmal gun drawing skills. the BS on jack’s shoulder is from someone making the mistake of describing her team as the Biotic Squadron, which naturally the kids picked up on and naturally she 100% encouraged. Team BS reporting for duty!

anonymous asked:

someone asked you for twin demons au mabill so i feel the need to request billdip cause i admit i'm curious too as to how that would turn out

Dipper would tear the kid apart to see what makes him tick if Mabel wouldn’t kill him for doing it. Lucky for Billi she finds him entertaining, so Dipper’s stuck being scary as hell and picking on him.

Sorry Billi.

fanfix-are-books-too  asked:

Ah, well, I was kinda curious how the 2p!s would react if they found out "you" had quite the skill for art (any kind. Really)

((I forgot to mention this, but you guys can just call this person ‘Reader’ instead of saying ‘you’ all the time, heh-))

you: *shows 2P one of your art pieces*

2p!america: *jaw drops* bruh. bruh. no. effing. way. you made that?! *grabs you and shakes your shoulders* whY DIDN’T YOU SHOW ME THIS BEFORE JFC IT’S ALL AMAZING AND SHIT HOLY FUC K

2p!china: *pouts* i wish i could (draw/ write etc) like that… you’re so lucky and talented…

2p!england: *inhales sharply and covers mouth* dear… that is quite the work of art! you have a gift! please, allow me to share it with the world!~ *hangs it up in one of his museums*

2p!russia: you’ve got talent, kid. don’t hide it. next time, show people–

2p!france: …you are splendid. can i sleep with you?

2p!italy: *examines your drawing/ writing/ sculpture etc* i see… *gives you an honest critique mostly full of good points* now, may i ask you of one request? don’t ever feel insecure about this again, bella. you are wonderful at what you do and you must keep at it. *smiles*

2p!japan: that is brilliant. will you show me how you do it?


2p!canada: *speechless* ……. can i have it

2p!romano: OMFG, BABE. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. i can truly see your hard work and dedication shine through this stunning and spectacular piece of loveliness!~ *shares it on his blog*

2p!prussia: whoa… you’re so great at that… i really like it. i can see how much effort you put into getting where you are now. *grins happily*


So, why does this exist, you may ask. The answer is simple. I’m trash.

I’ve been addicted to the Heathers Musical lately, which is basically a musical version of my favourite movie ever. And one thing that not a lot of people know about me is I am theatre trash. A total dork for musicals and plays and whatnot. But, Heathers the Musical is set in a high school. And when I think of high school, I think of bullying. And when I think of anything at all, I find a way to put Rarijack into it. So that’s your explanation. I like drawing rarijack and I like drawing jocks picking on nerds/dorks/geeks/losers and I especially like it when said jock is only picking on said nerd/dork/geek/loser because they have a crush on them because I find that cute for some reason???

I guess this is an AU, where Rarity likes softball, and football (soccer, for those in the US and whatnot). And is a massive jerk.

And where AJ is short and likes astronomy and maths??? And she is definitely in Band. Oh my god, she’s in band. She plays the tuba or something.

They are both seniors, so I’m going to tag this as senior au, in case I accidentally draw the other characters in similar predicaments.

Rarity is your typical American High school bully (insinuating I know what a typical American bully is like, I don’t live in America and never have/will, but I’ve seen lots and lots of high school movies so that’s enough right???) She shoves Applejack and her tiny bod into lockers, bins, the instrument lockers, etc. She forcefully sits beside her at lunch, trips her, shoves sappy Valentine’s Day cards in her locker, forces her to be her date to every social event, yep. Sometimes she grabs AJ by the scruff (an Irish slang that means by the collar of her shirt) very viciously and makes out with her behind the bleachers. Normal bully stuff.

Applejack just really likes astronomy. And probably wants to be an astronaut. You don’t need to be good at running to be an astronaut right? You probably do who am I kidding. Otherwise she’s pretty much the same, except she is smol now. And is less proud. Her granny is absolutely like, ‘applejack u loser get your head out of the clouds u will nevr be an astronaut we r not rich how in hell would we afford to get you trained?????’

See? This is what happens when I attempt to draw something without any thought or backstory behind it. My horrible brain makes up an entire universe around it. Why am I like this?
Sorry for filling your feed with trash it’s not my fault this is who I am