how the hell did they survive that

so one of the things i loved about star wars was how much rey could do.  

fix busted spacecrafts?  well she’s been scrounging for parts literally to feed herself so that’s not hard for her to work out.  

fly? she’s clearly got some piloting in her, plus all the mechanical/electrical knowledge.  it’s not just coming out of nowhere?

use a lightsaber like a kickass mofo?  did you see her with that staff in the beginning?  that’s a hell of a lot more of a transferrable fighting style than a blaster.

even resist kylo ren’s force shit? well she’s been on her own for a long time, surviving in a desert while waiting for years for her family to come back to her to no avail.  that takes some hella strength of mind and will.  

they gave her all these skills and power, but they were things that she had cultivated, not things she was graced with.

Aries: You did what you had to. It may have changed you, may have broke you. But you survived and right now that means more then anything else, the rest can be dealt with later. You did what you had to, I’m proud of you.
Taurus: Some things will never quite be as easy as you want them. Brace for heartbreak, but know that you have been through hell,  and survived. That’s what matters now. The worst has come to pass.

Gemini: Let go. Just let go. This shit is eating you alive, and I swear to God it will be the very death of you if you can’t figure out how the fuck to let go of your past. So stop whiteknuckling everything and hanging on so fucking tight.

Cancer: You’ve made progress. The bad days are still bad, but you’ve made so much progress. Celebrate that progress and know it’s okay to have those bad days. Give yourself grace.

Leo: let yourself open up. People are here, waiting to be your friends. Welcome back into the world, we all really missed you.

Virgo: you did what you had to, and broke who you had to. That is just how it is. What matters is what you do with the rest of your life now.

Libra: Stop. You’re hurting, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to lash out. Your tempers white hot, but if you’re not careful you’ll end up leaving permanent scars.

Scorpio: Forgive them. I know it’s hard and I know it hurts, but forgive them. Because as painful as it is, some things are worth the pain.

Sagittarius: if it helps, you are missed deeply and dearly. People miss your presence, and ache to have you around. We are waiting for you to come back with arms wide open.

Capricorn: You’re going to run. And we’ll wait for you to stop running. Its okay. We’ve all accepted the inevitable. But if you’re going to run, at least remember us.
Aquarius: Some things aren’t worth fighting for, and pain isn’t poetry. Sometimes you just have to let shit go and walk away from it all. It’s not loosing, it’s healing.

Pisces: Are you ready to listen? Ready to hear what everyone in the situation has to say? Because we’re all tired of playing war games here. Can we make nice, just this fucking once?

—  This weeks horoscope
This Heart of Mine

Written for the prompt: Dean and Cas are both about to die so one makes a deathbed love confession. When they miraculously survive things are awkward between the two of them, the confessor not thinking the other feels the same way; angst with a happy ending. 

Zombie apocalypse. That’s actually how Dean’s going down. A fucking zombie apocalypse. 

The thing that pisses him off is: zombies are easy. Bullet to the brain and they’re down for the count. Again. But yet, here he is, trapped in a damn storage closet with a graceless Castiel at his side, and one bullet sitting in the magazine of his glock. Fan-fucking-tastic.

“How the hell did we get here?” Dean mutters mostly to himself. He lets his head fall back against the hard cement wall behind him and tries to block out the sounds of the incessantly moaning dead just outside the door.

“Through the mess hall,” Castiel states gravely. 

Dean heaves a sigh. “Rhetorical question, Cas.” He glances around the empty storage closet, rubbing at his eyes and trying to force himself to think. He doesn’t get into jams like this. He just doesn’t.

Yet here he is.

As they sit, waiting for their inevitable death - what else can they do, really - part of Dean hopes the zombies will get tired of waiting for them, wander off to harvest somebody else’s brain. And it sounds wild, but hope’s all he’s got left at this point; that’s how fucking bleak the situation is.

When the door handle starts to wiggle, moans seeping beneath the door and creeping into the storage room, Dean comes to the conclusion hope is for suckers.

The wiggling becomes more incessant and is quickly accompanied by heavy fists pounding on the door, and Dean and Castiel are on their feet, breathing shallow and shoulders taut. 

“They’re not strong enough to break in, right?” Dean asks and despite already knowing the answer he needs Castiel to say no. 

“Yes, with enough force they could break the lock.”

“Fuck.” Dean mutters. He looks at his gun again, that one bullet not even enough to buy them some extra time, and then at Cas who’s watching him with calculated eyes. 

“We can’t hold them off for long.” Castiel says.

Dean snickers, shakes his head. “Fuck, Cas, aren’t you quite the optimist.” 

The door clangs loudly and Dean’s head snaps up and towards the sound. The grotesque faces of the dead are peering through the small window on the door, their jaws working jerkily as they groan.

They’ve double, tripled almost, in numbers, and they’re crowding around the door, pounding decaying flesh covered hands against the metal. 

This is it. Last episode, folks, no To Be Continued.

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So damn tired of everyone bitching about this season. What the fuck did you think this show was going to be like? When Jasper was speared in the fucking chest in season one, did you expect rainbows and cupcakes from then on? And how the hell is it disgusting? The special effects are rad af, and the savage instincts that drive the characters are actually extremely cool to see. It adds a lot of dimension. It sets the tone of the show, which is extremely dark. It’s about their survival in a cruel world where people would rather kill than make peace, because thats all they know. Of course it’s going to be violent.

If you no longer enjoy the show and all you’re going to do is complain then get the hell out of here man. Nobody is here for your negativity.


You stand to the side, watching Banshee as he looks over the side of the satellite. He gulps, and you giggle a little bit. Turning to you, he gives you a shaky smile. “Hey, (y/n), if I survive this, maybe we can–”

Banshee’s cut off mid-sentence when Alex rolls his eyes and pushes him off the ledge. He screams loudly, and his sonic energy propels him upward and away from the sloping satellite. It worked. But Alex risked his life.

“Alex, what the hell?” you yell at him.

He feigns innocence. “What? It worked, didn’t it” He asks, winking at you.

You narrow your eyes at him. “I can’t believe you did that! You could’ve killed him! How could you be so-”

Alex cuts you off by pulling you close by your waist and kissing you quickly, effectively shutting you up. Once he pulls away, you’re stunned into shocked silence, and he smiles down at you. “I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t know he’d be fine.” He pauses for a moment, looking at the sky and considering his other reasons. “And he was getting on my nerves.”

You smirk up at him. “Are you jealous?”


Smiling, you kiss his cheek once before selling more comfortably into his arms. “Don’t be.”

Diabolik Lovers Asks

☮- Which brother would you have the closest (non-sexual) friendship with?

☾- it’s the full moon, where do you hide to avoid being bitten?

✄- if you could have the hair of any of the brothers, who would it be?

✪- longest you’ve been in a hell?

☪- do you have any Dialovers merch?

✝- how often do you sin (read smut, listen to H-scenes, etc)?

♛- your thoughts on Karl Heins?

♬- what do you think is on Shu’s ipod?

☠- how long do you think you’d survive with the Dialovers?

☢- would you drink something Reiji gave you?

☁- which brother scares you the most?

✔- list of hell’s you’ve been in?

➹- thoughts on Kino?

❀- thoughts on Yui?

▲- Do you have a OC for dialovers?

☛- how did you feel about Teddy’s burning scene (in the anime)

✚- would you pull Shin’s tail given the chance?

so how about a Captain America canon-divergent AU where Bucky is rescued before the events of CA:TWS, so his having been The Winter Soldier never becomes public knowledge.

After the requisite rehabilitation and recovery period, he joins the Avengers as Bucky Barnes the Howling Commando-slash-Alternate Supersoldier. But, naturally, his history as Hydra’s captive/asset is Highly Classified, right? Like, Super Duper Top Secret classified.

So the press is going nuts to figure out his backstory. How did he survive the fall from the train, how is he still alive today, why hasn’t he aged, and most of all, what the hell is with The Arm?!? And he gets an average of 6 million questions per day from various members of the press who want an explanation about his prosthetic.

but every time they ask, he has a different Completely Ridiculous “explanation”–all of which are delivered in perfect deadpan, completely straight-faced.



Bucky: I lost it in a poker game


some Serious Interviewer: Sgt. Barnes, I’m sure this is hard for you to talk about but can you tell us how and when you were injured?

Bucky: I was never injured it was like this when I was born


journalist: so Sergeant, what organization could have provided you with such an advanced prosthetic?

Bucky: I was abducted by aliens

journalist: ………

Bucky: not like the Asgardians either, like the little gray dudes with the big eyes

yeah so anyway that’s your happy thought for the day

Trollmaster Barnes telling the media that he fell into a woodchipper or got in a knife fight with a crocodile every time they ask him about his arm

ulysses s grant: cinnamon roll
  1. the “S” in his name doesn’t stand for anything. it (and having ulysses as his first name) was a mistake on his records when he was nominated for west point, and he was pretty much too tired to correct it
  2. he hated fancy clothes (INCLUDING THE UNION UNIFORMS)
  3. literally SENT THE ARMY after the KKK and pretty much destroyed them until they reformed
  4. hated the sight of blood. how did this man survive the civil war
  5. during his presidency, he got a speeding ticked for riding a horse too fast
  6. his nickname as a kid was Lyss
  7. while we’re talking about nicknames, his wife had a bunch for him. my favorite is Dodo
  8. he and his wife were just super sappy and romantic
  9. he drew pictures of his horse
  10. he tried to get equal rights for native americans and end prejudice against them, african americans, and jews
  11. was just generally a good person
  12. slightly charred cinnamon roll, has been through hell and back

i chose to leave home. i’d already gotten everything i’d ever need: namely the frost will. will to power. will to thrive. unbeatable, unbreakable. perfect like a snowflake, strong like a diamond. the will to live. the will to teach. the will to teach children - to teach mutant children, like me - how to find… somewhere, within themselves… the will to do whatever it takes to survive. to save and protect those who can’t save and protect themselves… from whatever apocalypse in which they might find themselves… protection from whatever fires… from whatever flames… no matter how painful… and from whatever hells they find themselves burning in. no matter how they got there. that’s how i survived. time and time again, that’s my secret. i survived because i willed it to be. time and time again iv’e seen tyrants crush the powerless. i’ve been crushed by them myself. 

how did i survive apocalyptic fire? i simply refused to feel the flames.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: if they weren't sure about the status of a fourth golden sun game, why did dark dawn ask so many questions? how did alex survive the golden sun event and his encounter with the wise one? and what the hell has he been up to since? who are the tuaparang? who is the high empyror? what is the umbra clan? what are their motives? where did isaac and garet go? who let garet grow that bad dad mustache? was that big psynergy vortex at the end the mourning moon? where is felix? where's piers? did piers hook up with mia's daughter? WHY DID CAMELOT MAKE THE FIRST PART OF A STORY THAT THEY WEREN'T SURE THERE WOULD BE A SECOND PART TO?