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ayyyyy, here are some recent overwatch draws I’ve done!! posting for my friend @thetiniestcicada !!! 💕🔥

Ugh, so apparently my most popular trending post at the moment is the one about racist homophobic “Karen” kicking her gay daughter out of the house. And the reason it’s trending is cause people are calling it fake, and citing the fact that I claimed “Karen” had been writing slash fic for over 30 years.

Newsflash children: You did not invent fandom, you are not even close to the ground level of fandom inception as you know it today. 

Yes, there was slash fic being written over 30 years ago, even longer so than that. They were called fanzines, and they were these things printed on paper, you had to sign up for them and theyd get sent in the mail to your houseAnd they were predominantly started by women over the age of 30 who wanted to talk to other people like them without the fear of ridicule for liking something for “silly” reasons like love and sex and all the other things we like about fandom.

People wrote about Star Trek, Star Wars (my god the Han/Luke slash wars involved people throwing gay fanfic onto Mark Hamill’s lawn)—pretty much any popular show at the time in the same way we do today, except now we have the convenience of a place called Ao3 and not being sued for writing fan content because yes, that was a thing that also happened.

As for the people just tagging on “this seems fake but okay” for the hell of it and talking about how no one would take in a queer kid the way Aunt Bee did? I’m sorry you are that jaded. 

I didn’t know when I was bitching about something personal going down in my fandom circles, that it’d get tumblr popular. I never know what the fuck I am going to post on this hellsite that will take off next, but it was real, and it happened. M is still living with Aunt Bee who has always been a dominant figure in the OT Star Wars fandom, looooong before Ao3 and even fanfic net was a thing. And she is known in certain circles for her overwhelming kindness and generosity. She was an internet fandom mom in the days of dial up and before, and it’s not my fault if you’re not aware of your own fandom history enough to not know who the fuck I’m really talking about. 

And no I will not post “proof” or give you real names so you can go find them, the fuck is wrong with you. These are real people with real lives and I am not about to go rooting around on people’s private facebook feeds just to score fake points on the internet. I literally do not give that much of a fuck about my blog to even try that. I shouldn’t have even been bitching about it publicly in the first place but I needed an outlet to vent that one of my oldest fandom circles was dying and was going nova in a spectacular fashion and tumblr picked it up and ran. 

And in the midst of all that, there was one small moment of genuine goodness in the world where another human being said all right no fuck your bigotry and hatred, your kid can come stay with me and did it. And while that might seem unbelievable to you and your own selfish values, people do these kind of things.

I can name five people off the top of my head here on tumblr who have helped rescue someone else from shitty abusive situations, and taken them into their homes and cared for them like their own family. 

The entire sum of the universe is not shit and desolation. 

And I’m sorry that you think it is.

Sharing is Caring.

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.

Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.

I don’t know where this idea came from but I’m damn glad that its here now : @alexispoo @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @sierrarukia @ambrosegirlforever

I smirked as my heels clicked on the concrete in the halls of the arena. Seeing that I wasn’t scheduled to fight tonight but instead I had a promo with Dean and Roman, my outfit had to be perfect. My heels made me feel a little bit more superior than my fellow wrestlers and the whistle that just left Finn’s mouth made me giggle in delight.

As I stood in the gorilla waiting for my cue, I checked my reflection once more and smiled as I saw how well my dress hugged every curve on my body. My music pulled my attention away from the mirror and I walked out the curtain to an audience chanting my name.

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Can i please have a warren worthington imagine where he acts very macho in front of his friends but when he is with the reader he is like putty in their hands. Just a lot of fluff and shy and in love warren 😭😭

Of course!!!!!!! I’m sorry it’s taken me fourteen years to get to this (sometimes I forget I have a side blog) but I hope this is okay!

I’m using s/o (and y/n instead of an actual name, but that’s a normal thing I think) instead of girlfriend/boyfriend because I try to keep things gender neutral! I hope that’s okay, because that’s how I like to write!

Warnings? Maybe some cursing but that’s about it (also mentions of dogs getting their lil baby paws stepped on and peter getting beat up?)

“Scott, don’t even try to act like you didn’t cry when you stepped on that dogs foot.” Peter said, crossing his arms.

Warren, Peter, Kurt, and Scott were sat in a circle. A bro circle, of course.

“Of course I cried, Peter. I have a soul. You nearly cried when Kurt bamfed in front of you and your pizza slice almost dropped onto the floor.” Scott snapped back, frowning.

“It was quite amusing, Peter.” Kurt smiled gently at him, causing Peter to smile to.

“Well, Warren cried last night when his-”

“I did what now, speedy?” Warren cut him off, his wings flicking out as a warning.

“You almost cried last night, when y/n started tearing up because Scott stepped on the dogs foot.” Peter said, raising his eyebrows at him.

“No,” Warren scoffed, his wings tightening up “I did not. I don’t have enough emotion for that, Petey.”

“Yes, you literally did. I saw the tears in your eyes. Warren’s a crier.” Peter grinned at him and dived when Warren launched his boot at his head.

“Shut it, speedo.” He snapped, glaring at him “I could, like, beat you up. So, fuck off with that shit.”

“Who’re we beating up?”

Warren sat up immediately, blushing “Hey baby”

He smiled, his arm wrapping around you gently, his wings fluffing up as you kissed his cheek in a greeting.

“We’re beating up Peter.” He said, softly.

“Awh, hell yeah. I’ve been waiting forever for a reason to beat up banana hammock.” You said, grinning at him.

“Banana hammock?”

Warren ignores Peter and smiled again, rubbing your cheek with his thumb, humming “We can tag team him.”

“I’m gonna go find Jean, I wanna show her the dog we found yesterday.” Scott left the room, dragging Peter behind him, who was pulling Kurt with him.

“Why do we wanna beat him up?” You asked, giggling as he said “He was telling everyone how I cried yesterday because you started crying and for some reason I couldn’t help it but start crying with you.”

“It was precious, really.” You said, smiling as he placed his forehead against yours. “You’re a very doting boyfriend. Very emotional… Very empathetic? That’s a better word. Empathetic.”

“It’s only because I love you.”

You could feel your heart stutter, thinking in the back of your mind that’s not healthy, grinning as you responded “I love you, Warren. My angel.”

“I love you, doll. Cupcake. Honey. My sweet baby love. Love of my life. Darling. Pumpkin.” He pressed little kisses to your cheeks as he went on, leaving you in fits of giggles.

“Are you done?” You asked, looking up at him.

“With loving you?” He asked, smiling “Never.”

“Get a room, you nasties!”

“Oh fuck off Peter!”

#flirting (an Olicity fic)

Here’s a ridiculous little celebrity/social media au one shot. I wrote it this summer and totally forgot about it but I found it today so… here it is! There may be a few more parts to this, idk. We’ll see!


She was standing in the kitchen, just finishing off her (disgusting) protein shake, when an alert lit the face of her phone.

@OliverQueen tweeted a photo.

She chugged the last sip—ugh!—and swiped the screen. A second later a photo of Oliver was staring back at her and she’d be lying if she said her breathe didn’t catch a little at the sight.

Tight t-shirt, crazy blue eyes, just the right amount of scruff… He was gorgeous, always, but especially standing on the deck of a yacht, leaning over the railing just enough to show off his muscular shoulders. The tweet said, “Fav pic from the @MensHealth shoot.” It already had over a thousand likes.

Felicity liked the tweet and threw her glass in the sink, maybe a little rougher than she’d meant to considering the way it rattled around.

It wasn’t that she was jealous. She was happy for Oliver; he worked hard to maintain his physique and anyone who worked that hard for anything deserved praise and a spread in Men’s Health was good for him, but ugh! Over a thousand likes in less than three minutes? Really? How was it possible?

Her phone vibrated and she looked down to see another alert.

@OliverQueen: @FelicitySmoak you should have come with. Missed you on the boat ;)

Felicity sighed and tapped out a return message.

@FelicitySmoak: @OliverQueen motion sickness, photogs and getting hit on 24/7? Yeah what was I thinking passing on that?

As was usual whenever she got into a conversation with Oliver on social media, her phone started blowing up. Likes and follows and retweets. Everyone wanted a piece of Oliver Queen, even if it was just in the form of stalking him on Twitter.

Even she had her claws in him in a way. It wasn’t like he talked to her on Twitter because he missed her sparkling personality. No, she was the Ronald Miller to his Cindy Mancini, using his popularity and social media prowess to Can’t Buy Me Love her way into the hearts of America. Or, at least, into the hearts of his millions of followers.

Her phone vibrated again, but this time it was a text.

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It has been a while since I felt inclined to post something about tales from the crypt, but found myself getting a little snarky over some posts and anon’s, so I decided to let it all hang out on this fine Monday. Fair warning….some things here will not be politically correct, so for those with sensitivities to certain topics, you might want to scroll on by right now.

First…the good stuff. I absolutely loved seeing the IG posts from our dreamy duo yesterday! They looked so relaxed and happy, that I wanted to put on some sunglasses and have some wine in the snow. (We actually had snow here in SC yesterday, so I officially had a snow day, even though nothing stuck where I live!). More importantly, I am simply giddy that they are ensconced in SA, and now hard at work bringing my favorite book in the OL series to life. And, according to our shipper brother MBR….this will be some difficult shooting coming up, so I am ok with a little silence from time to time right now because they are WORKING….so all is good on that front.

Now, on to the tabloid fodder. As everyone knows, I have absolutely zero interest in famewhores….yes, that’s right…fame whores. And, if you watch SM or reality TV, you know who they are. Not a slam, but simple facts. If anyone believes for one minute that these people will fade into the sunset, it just won’t happen. But, how we react to such nonsense dictates how we see and feel about such games, and I laugh and shake my head more than you know these days!

I was not surprised that Sandstorm Skipper showed up yesterday. I don’t follow her, but her IG posts are all the same….and that is hysterical to me. Always Daisy dukes, that hideous hair, arms outstretched….hell,…even I can understand why this career is in the tank! I have more moves getting out of the shower than this poor chick! And, I loved the fact that the photographer outed the location and she went back and geo-tagged her own…..oops!….so much for that SA innuendo! Of course what is a girl to do when your alleged bf is hanging out and drinking wine with his hot costar in an exotic country! Nothing like quicksand to put some pep in your step….don’t you think?!?

At the end of the day, this farce will play out, and believe me…it WILL play out. In the meantime, no more eggshells….call this shit out based on what you see. And for the anon’s and antis who want to admonish the wonderful shipsters here for discussing anything….go f*ck yourselves. The days of hypocrisy are over. Fanning in any format is a two way street, so be careful what you wish for. Of course, they have to be careful as well. I occasionally lurk, and read one “other side” comment that said “they were glad Sam found a girl on his level because Cait was too sophisticated for him”…Wth??? I guess they were implying that Sam was smart to trade in “couture and class” for “kale and kohl”! (Crédit to one of my fellow shipsters for K&K,😚😚😂😂)! And, the implication was that Sam really should stay in the D-List level…..such wonderful support!

As for me, I am all about the luxury liner, and that is Sam and Cait. And, i am sure we will see more in the future, as @fromheretoeternity1121 outlined in her post yesterday. But, it will still be bs….after all, it is hard to get rid of poor on your shoe.

Happy Monday sweet shipsters! Long live all things Sam and Cait….no litter box needed!😙😍😊

Whenever SPN conventions happen I get amused about the actors not really being all that much in touch with what is actually happening on the show, at least not in the way fans are (which makes sense of course, they interact with the show on a completely different level).

So if Destiel ever became canon I could totally see Jensen going “where the hell did that come from?” And we’d all do another round of fond “pray for Jensen” teasing.

How is everyone?

I’ve been going on the Rumbelle tag trying to see how everyone is doing.
I know a few people have me blocked..

But I still wanted to give everyone a big hug.
We’ve been through hell the past few seasons and the moment we get hope the rug gets pulled out from under us.

Whether we see eye to eye or not I want to give e every Rumbelle fan a huge hug

We’ll be ok. The finale will be grand..and even after a show ends fandom can remain longer.
There’s talented people here, fics, art, metas, etc..

Let’s not give up.. we haven’t before.

Protect You

Request(s): Hey :) Could you do a Finn Collins imagine where the reader is his sister and the grounders kill her instead but before they do, they torture her in front of everyone and they keep Finn tied as he watches and before they kill her she tells Finn that he’s the best brother and when they kill her they release Finn and leave. as soon as Finn is released he goes to his sister and hugs her to his chest and hummes her favorite lullaby and brushes her hair as he cry?. Some happy flashbacks maybe? THANKS

a/n:this was fun to write, thank you. I haven’t seen Finn’s death scene yet so I improvised , I hope you still like it though :) I also REALLY loved writing this, and I’m super proud of it so…

pairing: Siblings!Finn/Y/n

word count: 1,600

tags: @theonehundredimagines @the100imaginesblog @whatever-the-hell-we-want-1-0-0 @the100imagines @the100imagine-s @the100fandomsss @the100oneshots @heda-murphy @imagines-all-day-everyday @imaginingthe100 @octavia-marie-blake @justauthoring @all-things-the-100 @beautiful-chaos-blake

sorry if you don’t like being tagged, I just am really proud of this imagine and thought I’d tag some people




Your brothers name hung in the air.

You were trapped, and tied to a metal pole. You had no idea how long you’d been here, but it felt like forever.

The camp didn’t know where you were. Your brother didn’t know where you were, but you thought if you kept hoping he’d show up then maybe he would.

The door from your cell room opened with a click, light streaming through for the first time. Your eyes shut closed, as your heart thudded in your chest.

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Vodka & Cotton Candy (PT4)

Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

Warnings: Language, Smut

☔️Tagged for Updates☔️

“We fucked a flame into being.” - D.H Lawrence

Before it rains you can almost sense it. The vital warning signs that alerts you before the storm comes. Maybe it is the changing of the colors in the sky. The clouds begin to show telltale signs, and if you take a deep breath you can even smell the sharp grassy aroma hinting at what’s to come. Or simply the down pour could happen when you least expect it.

“How the hell did you know we would be here?” Sebastian shouted. He diverted his attention towards to him, loosening his hold from around me.

“Why is it that every time we just so happen to come in contact you somehow make the situation about you?” Liam asked, sounding very defensive. His temperament changed because he grinned passed Sebastian towards me. I kept my distance, still standing closely behind Sebastian. I haven’t seen Liam or been in contact with him since the night of the bonfire and that was nearly two months ago. That night was bound to go awry, no matter how peaceful it appeared to be at first. Everything went up in flames then back down to hell leaving me with the ashes for remembrance.

“You are very bashful tonight Peyton.” His voice rang through my ears like an annoyingly bad song, that you couldn’t help but know every last word.

“Don’t even fucking speak to her!” Sebastian’s tone was loud and commanding, but not too out hand to cause a scene. That was the last thing he needed again.

“Since when did you need a mouthpiece. Newsflash Stan this isn’t some drama you are acting in.” He walked around us to be standing with a better view. Now Liam stood at arms length from me.

“Here is a newsflash for you I will knock that smug look right off of your face if you come any damn closer.” Sebastian threatened.

The way Liam’s face changed oddly enough pulled at the last of my heartstrings. I felt a pang of guilt in the pit of my empty stomach. I suppose it was normal what I was feeling. Even after everything we have been through, I couldn’t shake the connection that we shared once upon a time. There were so many questions swirling in my head that I wanted to shout at him at once. Like I needed to know if was he the one who started the fire, or when and how did he find out about Sebastian an I? Lastly how long was he going to go on hating me?

“How are you Liam?” I asked finally taking center stage, standing between them both. My words choked out because that was all I could muster up and say.

“I’m fucking fantastic!” Just by the way he spoke I knew I had the answer to my last question. “I didn’t come here to stir up anything believe it or not if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Then what do you want? Something to torch up again?” Sebastian chimed in.

“Babe?Ready to go inside?” A woman came approaching behind him, with long strawberry blond locks and her dress could’ve passed as her skin because she wore it so tight. Liam draped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the mouth. “Yeah I’m all done here.” Liam looked at Sebastian then back at me giving us both a cold stare. The two of them turned around and descended down the pathway.

After they walked long enough leaving our view Sebastian and I were left standing unhinged and so far passed confused. “And you say I attract problems.” Sebastian said.

“Let’s just go.”

I stood on the sidewalk with the restaurant in my rear view. I kept my arms tightly wrapped around me because of the cool breeze engulfing around me. Sebastian went back inside to pay for the drinks that we barely touched and for the food I have yet to taste. Thinking about it only made me hungrier, but then the image of seeing Liam again made me lose my appetite. He was a gentle soul with with a big heart that only became blackened by my mistake. I should have just told him myself that I no longer wanted a relationship. Hell maybe things might’ve even ended amicably. But the rush I got from being with Sebastian,and the secrecy of sneaking off to be with him made my heart race.

“Well that’s all taken care of.” Sebastian told me as he came walking down. I gave him a smile but it was short and quick. We walked side by side to his car and he opened my door first. When Sebastian got in the car I rested my head back on the head rest. I sighed and closed eyes waiting for him to start the car.


I opened my eyes and looked over at Sebastian who was having difficulty starting the car. Each time he turned the key the car made a loud scraping noise. He cursed under his breath and tossed the keys on the dashboard. He opened his side of the car getting out examining it. I watched him tentatively as he surveyed the car. He checked under the hood of the car and even underneath it. At first Sebastian found nothing out of the ordinary. Till finally he noticed the gas cap was pried open.

“Son of a bitch!” Sebastian yelled.

I immediately got out of the car to see what was the matter. Sebastian stood next to the car flushed with anger. “What’s wrong?” I asked. My words came out almost jumble together. It was like whatever he was feeling I was feeling it too.

“He must’ve put something in the gas tank.” He kept his hands placed on the car. His mouth was pressed in a hard line.

“Who did?” I looked to see where he was talking about. There were scratches all around the car indicating that it was forcibly opened.

“Liam did!” He shouted. I have heard him yell before, but never so aggressively especially towards me. Even I flinched a little. “How do you know it was him?” My voice went small, suddenly feeling like if it was Liam then yet again it was all my fault.

“Who else would have done something so harebrained and juvenile?” His face twisted with utter revulsion. I didn’t know what to do or how to fix this. My word bank was growing empty for the perfect things to say. I had come to an end and I was beyond tired. The night still had hours left but mine was coming to an abrupt stop. It felt like I was on a never ending rollercoaster that only went backwards.

“I think it’s time to call it a night.” I breathed.

“Let me get us a car.” Sebastian reached down in his pockets to pull out his phone.

“No need! I wanna walk home…alone.” I told him. I leaned forward and gave him an awkward hug goodnight. Right as he put his arms around me to hug me back I leaned back to pull apart.

“None of this is your fault. I hope you know that.” He said in my ear as I was pulling away.

“Nothing has been going right.” My voiced cracked as if I were going to cry.

“What do you mean?” Sebastian asked grabbing ahold of my wrist. I looked down at him because I couldn’t bare to look at him in the eyes. “Look at me Peyton.” He urged.

I turned my head away like a stubborn child, afraid I would get sucked back into it all with one loving stare. “Earlier today I said I loved you and I meant it. I don’t expect you to give me a response right away. In the span of time we have been together everyday has been something new and I’ll be damned if I go back to a lack luster life without you.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“Say you’ll stay.”

{Part 4 out of 6}

im so sick of people on this hell site making fun of others for just enjoying things and having fun. like piss off, loosen up and enjoy something for once.

i see so much talk about how shitty cringe comps are but the second something new comes out and is slightly popular hellions on this dumpster fire have to go out and cry about how  embarrassing the fans are and how awful it is something has gotten so popular.

If a new show or whatever isnt hurting anyone or prompting harmful ideals then maybe just dont worry about the fans

Richard Rodgers (Broadway part two)

Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 788

i really like it when y’all ask for part twos because i feel like the majority of the time i consider writing a part two but then i get the request and i’m like YAY I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS

it’s currently 9:25 pm and i have two reports due on monday, i have started one of them. rip me.

moving on… i hope you all enjoy this! Requests are open and i will link my masterlist and part one of this story below!

Broadway (part one)


“I am not throwing away my shot, I am not throwing away my shot. I’m just like my country: I’m young, scrappy and hungry and I am not throwing away my-“


You jumped, dropping the broom that you were using to sweep the floor and quickly pulling out your headphones. “How did you get in here?” You asked.

Anthony shrugged. “The door wasn’t locked, it was pretty easy,” He replied, smiling.

“Look, I’m sorry but if you want more coffee, I can’t sell you any. I turned off the machine a while ago,” You stated, picking up the broom that you had dropped and leaning it against the counter.

“Oh, that’s not why I’m here. I wanted to start a good relationship with my new barista, so I figured I would give you a gift,” Anthony stated, smirking slightly.

“Are you trying to bribe me into reopening the machine?” You asked, leaning against the counter and raising your eyebrow. You crossed your arms. “Come on Anthony, I’ve had a long day. Can you stop playing games?”

“No, this is important (Y/N)!” He replied.

Your eyes widened. “How the hell do you know my name?”

“It’s on your name tag,” Anthony replied, moving forward and poking the name tag that was situated on the left side of your chest.

“Oh, um, of course,” You replied, blushing slightly. You fiddled with the name tag absentmindedly, glancing up at him. “So, getting to the point?”

“Oh yeah! I want you to come see the show tonight. And we kinda have to leave now so that I can sneak you in backstage. No one will notice if they’re all getting ready for curtain call,” Anthony stated, grabbing your wrist and tugging you towards the door.

“Anthony! Stop! My boss will kill me if she comes in tomorrow and nothing is clean, I really need this job.”

“Was that A Chorus Line reference?” Anthony asked, checking the time on his phone. You groaned.

“I don’t have time for this, I’ve gotta clean,” You mumbled, grabbing the broom from where it was resting and starting to sweep again.

“Okay, what about I make a deal with you (Y/N)? You come see the show, provide free coffees for the cast daily, and after the show we’ll all come back and help you clean up?”

“Free coffees? Daily? You want seventy dollars’ worth of coffee daily? For free?” You asked in disbelief, continuing to sweep the floor. You opened the door, brushing the dirt out onto the street.

“Okay, so maybe we’ll lose the free coffees, but please? You’ll get everything done really quickly, your boss won’t even realise you took a break,” Anthony said, holding the door open.

“Do you promise we’ll be back to clean up?” You asked, biting your lip.

Anthony nodded. “I swear on my life.”

“Don’t you die twice in two hours?” You asked, grabbing your bag and jacket from behind the counter.

“Oh yeah, that I do. Anyway, you get the point,” Anthony said, smiling at you. You put your jacket on, locking the door after Anthony had walked out. You both started making your way towards the Richard Rodgers theatre.

“So do you invite all your baristas to come see the show you’re in?” You asked, yawning. Anthony chuckled, shaking his head.

“Only you. You’re the first. But I mean, after that incredible coffee, I had to get you to come see my work. You know what I’m saying?” He said, going to the backstage door of the theatre that you had walked past a hundred times before.

“This is where I leave you. But I’m gonna give you my number so we can discuss the plan for afterwards. Otherwise just head back to your work and we’ll be there. Sound like a deal?” He asked, handing you his phone and a ticket. You entered your number into his phone, nodding.

“By the way, I think that maybe the free coffees might be something that we can look into,” You stated, giving Anthony his phone back.

He smiled wide. “Sounds good to me. I’ll see you after the show,” He said, turning to leave.

“Anthony?” You said, grabbing his shoulder. He turned back around, raising his eyebrow. You hugged him tightly. “Thankyou.”

“Don’t mention it. I’ll see you later!” He replied, hugging you back and running up the stairs. You smiled, heading to the front of the theatre and beginning to line up. You were relieved that another day of work had ended well, and you were glad to have made a new friend. You were ecstatic for the night ahead, and you knew that a hard day at work was going to be worth it after tonight.

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No offense (ok maybe a little) but how can you claim to be an Oliver fan??? I can understand shipping him with Sara because they had a fling, but you literally ship him with men like Barry, Tommy and Slade but refuse to ship him with the (canon) LOVE OF HIS LIFE! Did you even pay attention when you watched the show? Felicity Smoak is his endgame, not Barry, not Sara, not Tommy ffs


Don’t like it, don’t follow. Hell, block me if you want so I don’t show up in any tags. There are PLENTY of o/licity fans you can pay attention to instead.

We’ve all got our own preferences. Not shipping them together doesn’t make me less of a fan of either Oliver or Felicity as characters.

Move along, nothing to see here.

(ETA: Shipping isn’t only valid when it’s a canon ship. Fanmade content like fic exists for a reason. The sooner you learn that, the better.)

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i totally agree with your tags about girls! and i am so annoyed with boys sometimes yesterday i came across a boy who was photoshopping girls pictures to show them they would look better if they were skinnier im.... i spent like 2 hours talking about how much i hate most of the guys damn they act like we "dont take good care about ourselves" if we dont weight 50 kgs but they never use any cosmetics and eat pizza in the middle of the night like? who doesnt take care of themselves?? us? damnn

i am fuming what the hell :’) i hate men :’) why the fuck do they expect so much from girls?? why the fuck do they set the list so high when they shouldn’t be setting the list at all?? :’) and then they feel entitled to women they find hot although the woman is way out of their league sfsjhghjs men are fucking tragic tbh and i am rarely impressed w any of them lol  

anonymous asked:

Have you guys got any road trip AUs?

  • It’s the end of their senior year and Characters A, B, C, and D want to take a road trip before they go off to different colleges. Through Character B breaking a bone, and Character D getting left behind at a gas station at one point, Character A narrates their journey as the four of them make memories to last a lifetime.
  • “I heard that you wanted to go visit your family for the holidays and I’m not doing anything soooooo how about we have a road trip?” AU
  • Character A is a famous book author who is touring and advertising their newest book. Character B is Character A’s identical twin who’s tagging along partially to help out Character A, but also because it’s hilarious to troll Character A.
  • After applying for a new reality TV show, Character A finds themselves involved in a scavenger hunt that takes place across the USA. With a GoPro camera, their dog, and their best friend/sibling/significant other/ext. in the passenger seat, Character A has to take one hell of a road trip for a chance to win 1,000,000 dollars.
  • “I’ve never been to Disney Land and I thought that it would be a cool idea to drive there but on my gosh why did nobody tell me that driving would be so boring.” AU

Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah are two of the sweetest ladies you’d ever meet. All the boys respected the hell out of them and everybody rolled out the red carpet whenever they were on the show. By 2000, they’d already got over 100 years of in-ring experience between them, so that tells you how old they were. But they would still get in the ring now and then when they were given the chance. On one show, Crash and I were booked to do a tag team match against them, so we sat down in catering together to go over the match. Out of respect for them, I took myself out of the equation and told them we would do whatever they wanted to do. Mae planned a spot where she would be in the ring with Crash and I’d sneak in behind her. She would turn around and I’d clothesline her. I said to her, “Mae, I’ve got all the respect in the world for you but if you’re asking me to clothesline you, you need to know that I lay it in there.” She said, “Sure I know that, I want you to clothesline me.” I said, “No, you don’t understand – when I clothesline somebody, I try to rip their head off. It’s TV, I don’t want it to look bad but I don’t want to hurt you.” This nearly 80-year-old woman just looked at me and said, “Bring it, motherfucker.”

- Bob Holly

RIP Mae Young (1923 - 2014)

Enzo Amore x Reader - DRAFT

You happily sat perched in you boyfriends lap backstage of SmackDown. Enzo had just got down with standing ringside during John Cena’s match and was now mindlessly running his fingers through your hair as you watched the big screen with most of your close friends. The energy in the room was high as everyone excitedly waiting to see where they were gonna be drafted to. You were considered a top pick with you being a former champ and a headliner for the past few years. But your past could never compare to they dream you were living right now. You had an amazing boyfriend off screen to come home to and unwind. Enzo was everything you ever looked for in a man and more. He placed a sweet kiss on your shoulder as the next set of draft picks were about to be announced. You knew in your gut that you were going to be sent to smackdown. That was because Shane was one of your close friends in and out of the ring. “I’m kinda getting offended that I wasn’t one of the first five…” You grumbled leaning back against Enzo’s chest as he wrapped his arms around your middle. “Okay Kevin Owen’s don’t pitch a fit.” He teased as you stuck your tongue out at him. On the tv the attention was turned to Shane to announce who was going be added to smackdown next. “Well… Personally I want SmackDown to be the best… So why not choose the best woman we got… (Y/N) (S/N).” You bolt up from Enoz’s lap and do a little victory dance as your theme song played. 

“Zo… Take a pic of me with my SmackDown shirt for Instagram.” You hand him your phone and pull the tshrit over your head. You strike your signature pose as Enzo walked around you immitating a professional photographer. “Make love to the camera… You’re a tiger.” You bust out laughing as he squats down to take different angled pictures. “You’re crazy…” You laughing taking your phone back from. “Crazy in love with you.” You blush as he kisses your cheek. “Come on lets go back and see if they are announcing the next picks.” Enzo took your hand in his and lead you back to the lobby where everyone was hanging out. Once you two where in the room everyone fell silent. “Boy this party really died…” You whispered to Enzo as everyone’s eyes were on you two. “What we do??” Enzo asked aloud for everyone to hear. “Uh… Zo… We got drafted to Raw man…” Cass finally spoke up. You could feel the anger rising in your stomach. 

You storm out of the lobby after the show had ended as Enzo trailed after you. “Babe come on you gotta calm down before you say something you don’t mean.” Enzo grabs you by the waist and pulls you against him. “Look at me okay?? Breath in… Breath out…” You follow his lead and breath along with him. “Better??” He kisses your forehead. “Much.” You smile and give him a thank you kiss. Your temper returned however when you heard Shane’s voice from down the hall. “I’m gonna kill him.” You raced down the hall as Enzo just threw his hands up in the air in defeat knowing that there was nothing he could do now and to just let you get it out of your system. You grab Shane by the sleeve of his jacket and pull him away from the camera’s mid-interview and pull him into aside in an empty storage closet. “What the hell where you thinking??” You whisper scream clutching his collar. “I was gonna pick you first but Daniel thought that it would be safer to choose some other people that Steph might want… She can’t stand you so we knew she wouldn’t pick you.” He grabbed your wrist trying to undo your death grip on his shirt. “That’s not what I meant… Why didn’t you choose Enzo and Cass first… You knew Folley would want them since they know how to work a crowd.” You words barely make it past your gritted teeth. “Hell… I didn’t know they would choose them so quickly… Cass and Enzo give Steph a headache… And what does it matter your storylines don’t intertwine… You don’t even want the relationship to be on total divas…” Shane argued. “I would like to have my boyfriend around on the same show as me… And what the crap where you thinking with not getting the womens title on your own show… What are me and Naomi supposed to do now?? Fight each other over and over… We used to be tag partners…” You finally let go of his collar. “I had other plans okay?? It’s not been annouced yet but Eva Marie is gonna be on SmackDown… And I was gonna have it where you two were tag team partners… You know put the best with someone who needs some help in the ring…” Your mouth hangs open in shock. “I got my own career to think about… I don’t need deadweight to carry around… What if she botches and gets me hurt… then what are you going to do….Wait are you gonna put me against Naomi?? Oh my gosh you idiot…” “Look okay… If it makes you feel any better… We go Carmella…” He offers a smile as his close friend fumes in front of him. “You aint heard the end of this.” You give him a death stare as you jerk the storage door open.

“Its like they want me to quit Zo…” You run your fingers through your hair in frustration as you pace in the hotel room. “I can’t believe we are without both you and Mella…” Cass shook his head still in disbelief. “I’m happy she got called up though but dang… They spliting up the dream team.” Enzo tugged you to sit on his lap. “And now I gotta be with Eva… There goes everything I worked for…” You sigh and lean your head on Enzo’s shoulder. “Maybe you can make a champ out of her…” Cass tried. “This will all work out in the end… I know it will… We all got some smarts in our head and can turn anything around to be in our favor…” Enzo tried to pep talk his defeated friends. You nod sadly and try think positively as everything that could go wrong now laid in front of you. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and a big thank you to @designrwriterchic for helping me out with the brainstorming for this last night… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

Dear Sherlock fandom

No I don’t want any of your tjlc
No I dont ship Johnlock
I am quite happy with shipping Sheriarty
Does that mean I think its really freakin canon? No.
It’s ok if you ship Johnlock you go, it’s also ok if you ship Sherlolly, Adlock or whatever the fuck you want.
But for the love of god stop rubbing it into my face, stop hijacking tags that don’t even belong to THIS FANDOM
I want to enjoy my destiel without reading how Johnlock is going canon 2017 and Destiel isn’t. I don’t need that.
Have you heard about queerbaiting?
And how the hell are you all getting super excited about the idea that Jim Moriarty really wants to drug and rape Sherlock?
Why do you hate Mary so much?
What the hell is going on in this fandom?
Get some freakin chill.


I was tagged by @bloonsquad​ <3


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Here are Bloo’s questions: 

1. If you could be a character from one show transplanted into another show, who would you be and which shows would they be?

This is actually easy. I’d be Veronica Mars in Skam. I would use my detective skills to learn everyone’s secrets. JULIE WE NEED TO KNOW. And I would use my friendship skills to support the hell out of Sana. 

2. What song accurately describes how you’re feeling right now?

Hmm. I can’t think of a song about being really stressed out and missing all your friends, but I’ve been feeling Care by David Bazan and Old Friends by Pinegrove lately. 

3. If you were trapped on an Island, what wild animal would you hope to befriend? 

I’m friending Komodo dragons in Indonesia. 

4. What are your three best traits?

Genuine. Selfless. Loving. 

5. What are your three worst traits?

Controlling. Intense. Overly Pragmatic. 

6. What are three traits you wish you had? Why?

Ooooh. 1) I wish I was self-disciplined, because I would be a much better adult in so many aspects. I would have a routine and healthy habits. 2) I wish I was more artistic. I am like artsy-adjacent. I am so envious of people who actively pursue careers and hobbies in the arts. I long for creative outlet but I’m just not quite committed enough to make it my life. 3) I wish I were more selfish, honestly. Then I wouldn’t be so hard on myself or feel so much guilt and pressure. 

7. If they created an Olympic sport just for you, what would it be and why?

Hmm. I am not competitive or athletic… so… carelessly walking into door frames, stubbing my toes, falling up the stairs, dropping shit, spilling shit, etc. 

Or, wedding-guest-dancing!!

8. Do you believe in ghosts? Why?

I’ve never had any ghostly experiences, personally, but…

9. What is the last thing you ate?

BelVita. The new coconut flavor?

10. What are three films you always recommend to people?

Ex Machina. Her. Sing Street.

11. If you could have have any job, live anywhere and own any pet in the world, what would you do, where would you live and what would you own? Why?

It’s so hard for me to answer this type of question since I can’t possibly know all of the options. AHHHH!! Gives me anxiety. Anyway. Ummm okay I’d love to have the money to just find things that I think are important and will help people and improve lives. I’d live somewhere that isn’t humid and is never above 73F (23C). And I’d own a wolf (assuming a dragon is not an option). 

My Questions:

  1. What are your nervous habits?
  2. What is your ideal weather?
  3. Have you had a First Love? Are you still friends?
  4. What song(s) always ruin(s) you?
  5. Who do you admire? Why?
  6. What are your opinions on Halloween?
  7. If you had to choose, do you think it’s fate/meant to be or random chance that brings people into our lives?
  8. What do you love about yourself?
  9. Who is your favorite character and what do you love about them?
  10. Cuddling preferences? Big spoon, little spoon, both, etc?
  11. What do you always notice that you feel like other people don’t?

I tag: @skamb3r @rogueleader1987 @rumpelsnorcack @dogearedcarrie @xionin @isakyakiniku @theboysquad @bookwhipped @nothing-but-a-fangirl and anyone else who likes to do this sort of thing. I see that that’s not 11. I guess I’m a rule breaker. 

anonymous asked:

Your "darling prince of hell" tag and all your headcanons and fucking everything to do with Magnus Bane gives me life. I didn't even know how much I wanted until I saw your ask about what the tag meant and it just really hit me how we only see hints (in the books, whereas the show does the best it can with budget and its 13 episodes and it's more than what cc gave us). I'm now wanting all of this as much as you do, but I'm just curious how you think they can play it in the show. pt1 cont'd

I want it to really hit us and be emotional and expressive and I just kind of have no idea how they can bring it in without it having to do with relationship drama. Would you mind discussing how you would do it, or how you think it would go in the show?? I would so love to hear your thoughts.

Why would you unleash the Monster™ in me?? Though I should clarify that while I don’t want it to solely revolve around relationship drama, I think it would cause some, just because Alec is an important person in Magnus’s life and when trouble comes up, your relationship with your significant other is often the first affected. I’d like to see it strengthen their bond, though, instead of shattering it. (I mean ultimately in the books it strengthened it, too, but I wasn’t satisfied with the minimal amount of care and thought put into the story line, especially during the hot mess that was Book 5).

As for how it can come up in the show, I’ve always been attached to the idea of Magnus performing really dark powerful magic in a time of extreme crisis where the whole gang is in danger. This may be the only time he really unleashes it, since Magnus is unlikely to throw his magic around; he understands better than anyone how dangerous it is and he isn’t the sort of person who has anything to prove. That and I’m not interested in any Dark Willow-esque scenario, which has been overdone over the past couple of decades. I want to see something new and fitting for his character, which is a moment where it’s clear how incredibly dangerous he can be but that he just prefers to do things like take tol nerd Shadowhunters on dates and color his hair and overcharge the Clave by a ton for his spells and take care of his warlocks. Because that’s just who he is.

And of course I want a moment where not only Alec, but all of Clary’s friends accept him despite it. Because I think, even though Magnus has spent centuries making peace with what he is and even though he will never admit it, there will still come moments where he needs reassurance and I hope he gets it from the people closest to him.

On a side note, I’m sad that due to restrictions on TBC Magnus could not historically have faced off with Valentine during the Uprising but I would absolutely sell all my organs for him to encounter Valentine on the show. LIKE PLEASE?? GIVE ME THIS?? i’m so thirsty man.