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@kinfirms​ tagged me in a post talking about how internet “mom” culture is toxic, (I saw your tags, dont worry <3) and wanted to talk about it a little, but without the queer phobic language it was giving off.

For the most part, I fully and readily agreed with parts of the post detailing how adults can and do behave inappropriately in online spaces towards minors, and how the parental name thing can be a power move. 

I grew up with a lot of fandom “mom” types, who with hindsight, turned out to be rather toxic and predatory. One of them actually took great joy in being a “corrupting” force, and would make lewd jokes and inappropriate comments towards us. And us being vulnerable kids who wanted to fit in and belong went along with it, because it made us feel special to be talked to like we were fellow adults. 

Except we weren’t fellow adults and nor were we being treated as such. We were impressionable youths being treated like toys to stroke an older person’s ego, and that was 110% not okay, and those adults should have known better not to engage with us on those topics.  

I’m hyper aware of being an older person in certain groups now, and try to act accordingly. I try to distance myself while managing to remain encouraging and supportive and hopefully, a positive signifier that people like me can and do grow up into happy (semi-)functional adults. I know there were times growing up when I feared I would not.

I will also never insist that anyone call me “mom”. It’s not a name I picked for myself. It’s an honorific deserving of great respect and mindfulness towards those who gave it to me, not the other way around. People can use it if they want to, and I will respond to it if people use it, but it’s not a role or title or sign of authority, and it’s 100% up to others if they want to use it or not, I don’t mind either way. And just for the record, I also respond to Aunt, Sister, Cousin, Bib, or even my rarely used actual name, Joy :)

I work very hard to respect the boundaries of others, and adhere to my own rules of interaction. I don’t follow back anyone under the age of 18 (with very few exceptions), and I always try to ensure the age of someone when they start talking to me about certain things. 

Most of the people calling me “mom”? Seem to be in their early 20s, chronically ill or queer like me, and or at college age and going through that weird panicked stage of “help, I need an adultier adult how the heck do you make a food budget” so it’s not too much of a problem, but I still take those extra steps anyway. 

I tag my work, I put it under cuts and generally make it known that I don’t want anyone under the age of 18 to read my 18+ work, because it’s the responsible adult thing to do—and it’s my responsibility to lay down those terms. Not the minor. 

If a minor ignores my requests, my tags and the numerous other steps I put in the way to keep my NSFW work hidden? That’s on them, and I can only hope they find it positive and maybe possibly affirming as well—just don’t tell me about it. (I speak from experience, as a minor who went onto 18+ forums looking for something that would show I wasn’t alone with my thoughts and feelings. I found acceptance in queer fanfic that society and family otherwise denied. I wasn’t awful for liking both Superman and Louise Lane, I wasn’t awful and wrong or alone for not being sure if I wanted to be Princess Leia or be with her. And that was very important for 15 year old me, even if it would take another 15 years for me to feel safe enough to tell others.)

When people started calling me “mom” of their own volition, I had a real internal debate over how I felt over using that same moniker others had used before me, and done so in a harmful manner. I wasn’t too keen on it at first, it felt weird, but when people kept on using it without me prompting them to, I came to the decision that hey, it’s just a fun nickname poking fun at my personality, so I just kinda rolled with it. But I also made the conscious decision that if I was going to allow for that nickname, I would strive very hard to be worthy of it and be the adult I needed as a young person, and not like the people I had known.

But that all said? Not all adults take this mindset, and do not behave appropriately towards teenagers and young adults, and you should absolutely be wary of anyone who puts themselves in that position of authority.* It makes me extremely uncomfortable when I see other adults talk about younger people as their “minions” or pets. 

They are not. 

They are people who are deserving of your fundamental respect and often looking for some sort of help or guidance from a role model they lack in real life, or even just want friendly people to talk to about the things they love. They are not there to prop up your ego. Don’t do that shit. Reflect on your own behavior and say “if this was my child, would I be happy about the way I am interacting with them?” 

If the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure”, that’s also a no, and you need to back the fuck off and reevaluate how you interact with others as a whole.

If you are in a fandom or online forum space where the adults are not behaving mindfully of your age, undermine you, or insist on inserting themselves in your life as an authoritarian parental figure? Go with your gut instinct and get the fuck out of dodge. 

You are no one’s minion. You are you, with your own boundaries and levels of comfort. Don’t let anyone try to take them from you or make you feel bad for being uncomfortable with their behavior. That’s a common tactic used by abusers, and if you say to someone “what you are doing makes me uncomfortable” and their response isn’t “I’m sorry, how can I change that?”, but defensive anger or guilt tripping you? Fuck ‘em. There are other groups, other people to talk to. Make your own if you have to. Block anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to put up with that bullshit to prove your own maturity or worth.

*And just because I feel this is important to say: please question me. Challenge me, point out when I say or do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. I won’t be mad or offended. I welcome corrective feedback. Tell me if I use an out dated term or if I word something poorly so I can apologize, reevaluate my behavior and try to change for the better. I’m human and therefore always learning and making mistakes, but they come from a place of ignorance, never malice. Take care of yourselves out there <333

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how much do you actually acknowledge your followers? I mean, sometimes you barely post about anything they give you. Heck, people cant even submit anything to you!


i do appreciate what my followers do and freaking love them

if someone tagged me with a fanart or a gift i freaking love it it and reblog it as soon as i see it if it happens that i didn’t reblog a drawing or didn’t comment on it it’s highly that i didn’t see the tag

and also….

did i ever close my submission box?




I did this build and I’m quite happy with it, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! It’s quite grandparents-inspired!

  • 3 bedrooms - adult, teen, child
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Use bb.moveobjects on when placed
  • Has stuff from most packs
  • Costs way too much money. 148.623 simoleons.
  • Download it from the gallery. ID is AvelineSims!

Please don’t reupload! Other than you can do whatever the heck you want with it!

Should you be interested in watching the speed build, you can find it here [xx]

Welp, I did it. 

I’m not a big blogger. I don’t have a lot of followers. I draw and write in my spare time and I haven’t totally fallen in love of posting everything online. 

But I can see the effort and time creators (i.e. writers, artists, musicians, etc..) put in their works. I may not love everything they make but I know when its worthwhile. 

Life happens. Whether its from school or your mental/physical state, stuff happens. Not everyone vlogs so don’t assume because we post stuff online for people to see, we have all the time in the world. 

Anyways, I see a lot of creators being burdened with people demanding more stuff out of them, in unreasonable ways. Especially if creators already upload content on regular basis at a regular schedule (For example, twice a week for several months~). 

Stuff takes time to do. Which people may or may not have time for. But we still upload stuff cause we want to. 

Please be reasonable. Please be nice. 

If you’re unsatisfied with the content because there’s not enough of it or its not in your range of interest, then I suggest trying it out. Write your own works (whether its fanfiction or original), draw your own art. It may not be great but we all had to start from somewhere. I mean, that’s how I got started into writing and drawing fanart. 

Thank you for your time. 

Remember to support creators in any way you can. You don’t have to do anything huge, just a couple of words will do just as well. Heck, if they’re comfortable, try and to interact with them! We want to know more about our audience and stuff! Hell, that’s how I got to be friends with the people that I follow :)) 

Feel free to tag people! Whether to spread the word, look at my so-so planning, or in show of support!

#SU Constructive Start!

Well, after talking with a friend who’s been down about the way a lot of folks have turned against the series*, which is super important to him on a lot of levels, and another post on how the people aren’t doing anything actually constructive with their critique, I thought i might start the officialy-unofficial #SU Constructive tag.

Basically, an attempt to talk about less what’s miserable about the show than about manifesting stuff  you liked and hope to see back in the show once it gets out of it (hopefully temporary) “rough patch”, whether it be through fanwork or talking about how they hope the series goes.

And, to start, I might as well ask the folks in the SU Critical tag, the ones I know including @bogleech, @borderlineanders, given y’all feel the show “lost” you, what would Steven Universe have to do; taking produciton time into account; to win you back?

Who the heck knows, if the talk gets enough traction, it might even percolate up, production-lead-time willing. But, on the other side of the coin, that friend I mentiond, actually did make a good point.

That people tend to be much harder on shows that actually try to be diverse race/gender/sexuality wise than on those that don’t, and how they tend to be much harder on their mistakes, him citing Gravity Falls and how it pretty much became “the Dipper Show” and Finn’s protracted romance arc as two examples; along with the lack of racial diversity in both shows.

And, he feels like this harsh level of scrutiny does hurt the people who do still find the show very important to them (Dude’s a trans guy of color for the record, with chronic pain issues), and i quote him verbatim:

Im getting real tired of a lot of white ass straight and or cis ass people telling me how damaging the rare media made for me

is.its like everyone else in life has this banquet of food and throw the scraps asideand I finaly get handed a plate

only for the people at the table to smack it out of my hand going ‘ew no thats AWFUL food how could you eat THAT’

'Anyways back to talking about how amazing this food i have all the time forever is’

If you want to tell anyone anything from me, The whole point of a GENUINELY diverse cast is that the whole world doesnt rest on any one characters shoulders.when theres The One Girl or The One POC Person, they have to represented ALL OF THAT. and usualy, its shitty

Su has So much…..and you, people like you, dude, have… everything.Gravity Falls isnt for me. I can MAKE it for me by making headcannons and stuff.I can *force* a place for myself in anythingBut its not there for me.

SU has a place for me….But apparently stuff made about people like me is subject to 5000% more criticisim if it ever missteps even a little

So i guess being me means I better be perfect….it feels like people were just waiting exitedly to hate SU.

People found any little thing.and no one wants to examine how much harsher they are to it then other stuff and why….tell people to just let people like me have a thing.And if it not being perfect makes me a bad person… fine I guess.

It’s a good point, and one I can’t help but feel gets overlooked. Your thoughts?

Music Tag

thanks @temxyz for tagging me (and bringing pain to my life bc how the heck am i supposed to choose lol)

rules : choose 10 favourite songs and tag 10 people to do that as well. here’s the list of my 10 fav songs *at the moment*

1- Six Billion - Nothing But Thieves.

2- HIM - Sam Smith.

3- Holding Out For A Hero - Nothing But Thieves.

4- Die 4 You - Perfume Genius.

5- Theme From Schindler’s List.

6- Run - Bring Me The Horizon.

7- Welcome To Heartbreak - Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi.

8- Amazing - Kanye West.

9- Daydreaming - Radiohead.

10- Cello Concerto in E minor - Jacqueline du Pré, Elgar.

i tag @piercethecee @yodleyyoo @danielsoftsoul @insxfferable @phanfriend2022 @amazxngphil @hexxing-howell @curlydans @introvertdan @camoqueen @wondering-hqwell @v-caroline-v @guesswhatphandomimin @hannacactii @heavydirtyphanconspiracy @pmpkin-spiced (i love breaking the rules so i tagged more than 10 people whoops??)

So, this whole discussion about making art/fic/crafts for money and whether that sucks the joy out of it, etc. got me thinking. 

I don’t have any conclusions drawn, just lots of free-floating thoughts.

Like, I enjoy drawing things, and I enjoy when the thing I draw actually makes me a little bit of money, and I wouldn’t mind drawing more things that people like and making a little more money. But the drawing that has made me the most money (cute, colorful collage) is not the kind of drawing I find currently challenging (realistic pencil drawings that maybe don’t reproduce well on phone cases or make for fun or eye-catching t-shirts). And as far as writing, I feel way more possessive about it and really, really don’t want that to be commodified or joyless or even harshly judged in any way–although if money showed up magically, I wouldn’t say no, of course, and I am interested in scrubbing one or more of my fics to be sellable, so….

Who the heck knows. There’s a lot for me to untangle there.

But those of you who do art/craft/write for money, what are your thoughts? How does it work for you? Does being creative for pay take the shine off things?

[Tagging some folks under the cut.]

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parkourobot  asked:

Kirk, do you occasionally have to shoot people off your property? Or is it calm as heck? Peanut, what was the most badass thing you've ever done? (Also your super cute, still, after all those years) Pecan, has Peanut trained you or shown you anything to do with fights? Cashew, what is the most annoying thing Peanut has done, and how mad were you? Poppy, what's the most important thing you've broken? (Awnser just one or all of 'em ,I dont mind. Congratulations on the 200 followers dude!)

“Kirk, do you occasionally have to shoot people off your property? Or is it calm as heck?”

‘nah i dont really have any problems with trespassers.’

“Peanut, what was the most badass thing you’ve ever done?”

“Pecan, has Peanut trained you or shown you anything to do with fights?”

‘maybe when poppy and cashew go the ranch’ll finally have some peace n’ quiet.’

shira-dt  asked:

Is there any difference (personality wise) between DS! Dream and original Dream nowdays/not the younger ones (how do you few original Dream personality nowdays too)

There are major differences between classic Dream and DS!Dream regardless of age, and especially when they’re older. Frankly, the differences are intricate and specific enough that you’re better off just looking at everything I’ve posted tagged #swap dream rather than me trying to explain it all…

My perception of classic Dream does tend to differ with other people’s, since I quite dislike the way that most people interpret him… people typically say things like Dream is an innocent and adorable marshmallow, klutzy and pitiful, and needs to be protected, and blah blah blah, and I don’t see how that’s possible.

Dream is an adult, he’s been around for way longer than everyone else, and fricking heck, do you have any idea how much knowledge he could have if he’s been alive for that long, and been in the real world for that long? He’s suffered through numerous mistakes and has certainly learned from them. I can see him as being airheaded, but he’s not a naive little child. Dream should be interpreted as smart and able to solve problems, not the center of more problems. I can see him beating himself up for making the wrong choice, because he thinks he should know better by now.

Also, enough of the Dream doesn’t know swear words shindig, everyone. I think he chooses not to swear.

Additionally, people see Dream as too high-strung when he’s trying to be serious. Dream needs to have more relaxed behavior, but is hurting on the inside, and desperate to make sure people don’t know that he’s hurting, because he’s everyone’s hope, and he’s not supposed to show signs of weakness.

Anyway, rant about Dream’s character interpretation done XP

DS!Dream is quite different from this, yet there are still traces of it. DS!Dream refuses to show weakness. He’s ambitious and blinds himself with his own motives, trying to shut out his emotions to do what his logic tells him his right. He’s very mature, except only sort of, because deep inside, he hates losing.

I think the best way to understand his character the fastest is probably to read the dreamswap stories. It might not be enough for a complete understanding, but it’s a place to start at.

anonymous asked:

I'm not one to police coping mechanisms or how to express one's feelings, so feel free to absolutely ignore me on this - but I feel you do yourself a disservice by tagging your readmores and your personal life posts with "Shut Up Chrissy". Like, absolutely Do Not Shut Up, Chrissy. None of us thinks you should, and it's important to express yourself, and you obviously know this, but you bundle it all up in a self-depricating kinda way. Basically don't shut up and remember to be kind to yourself.

ah heck,,

i guess, a little context, ive had this tumblr since 2013. and back in 2013 it was at least fairly common for peoples personal tag to be “shut up [X]”. its definitely gotten a whole lot less common, but im a real creature of habit…

ive even considered changing my personal tag to something else, since “shut up chrissy” is perhaps a lil harsh-sounding. maybe i should change it to something else…?

either way, i appreciate the concern a whole lot <3 …

What if? Sims OC Tag

Chosen OC: Trent Mason

Story: 1 & 2

Tagged @lovelychooser, thank you!  I appreciate you thinking of me.


  1. What is your character’s favorite memory? The sound of Josephine Mason’s music
  2. Who and what would your character give their life for? Not sure this would ever happen or that he would have to actually do this, but he would do just about anything for Jules, his half-sister
  3. What is your character’s greatest fear? Roger Mason 
  4. What is your character’s proudest accomplishment? He does not yet have one
  5. What is your character’s #1 insecurity? He never actually knew he had any insecurities, until he met Xophie.  He realized he is very uncomfortable with building a connection with her and letting her in. Intimacy in general, he is insecure about
  6. What will/can break your character completely? Losing Josephine did actually break him, learning about Roger’s transgressions has not helped either
  7. What would your character make a scene in public about?  He would not.  But let’s say a person were to make a scene, directed at him, he is likely to not say one word and walk away.  He will never engage anyone in this type of public behavior, he does not do this type of conflict at all, and prefers to handle other people’s emotions privately.  I say other people’s outbursts, because he does not have them  
  8. What can drive your character to do criminal acts? It is not something he would do, unless it was in self-defense or protecting someone else
  9. What Pet (mythical or not) would your character want to have? Not  something he gives thought to
  10. What is the cutest thing your character has ever done? Aside from making this face…

He is such a gentle creature.  He opens doors, for people, strangers, men, women and children.  In the company of a woman, he has this thing where he rests his hand on their lower back so as to escort them along, it is an adorable behavior


  1. How does your character feel about sexual intercourse? Xophie comes to mind…though they were never actually intimate in this way.  If he was not so preoccupied with the past and Xophie’s connection to his family, he would have allowed himself to feel more for her
  2. How close is your character with family and friends? About as close as having a pet…though he is learning to get close to Jules
  3. How does your character react to pressure? Self-imposed pressure he is used to it; pressure by others he does not do well, and typically does the opposite of what is demanded of him
  4. How religious is your character (if they believe)? He is not
  5. How does your character’s personality change when someone gets uncomfortably close (relationship wise)? He can become silent and unreachable
  6. How does your character’s living space correlate with their personality? He lives in a large house with several empty rooms. It is lonely, and needs to be filled with life experiences. But the rooms that are furnished are warm and have a calming effect
  7. How well does your character act around with unknown and different people? In public he does quite well, but if he is invited to a party (or gathering) he would try to get out of it and likely not show
  8. How much does your character value money? It is not top of the list of his priorities, but he does enjoy being free to do what he likes with it, for instance being able to look after the people he cares about
  9. How would this character cope with losing someone extremely close to them? Well, his entire story was built upon the death of Josephine, he has yet to cope well 
  10. How long does it take for your character to trust others? Sometimes one decade, sometimes more 


  1. If your character could change one thing about themselves, what would they want to change? Letting go of the past
  2. If your character could go back in time at any point in their life, what would they do to change the present? He would have the courage to confront Roger much, much sooner, before meeting Xophie
  3. If your character was given a chance at fulfilling their dream, can they drop everything they have now to go pursue it? He does not dream, he does not have something he would pursue in this way 
  4. If your character’s current spouse or partner cheated, would they try to make it work or leave forever? He would say something unintentionally hurtful, and cut the person out of his life 
  5. If a zombie apocalypse begun in the town your character     currently lives in, what would they act like? Protector of those closest to him, like Jules and he would take in any child in need
  6. What if your character suddenly woke up to an unfamiliar place, and realize the life they lived was all a dream. Their family,     friends, home.. all gone but still crazily vivid in their head. How would they react? Not sure, Trent does not do well when people are taken from him, especially if it all still seemed real to him
  7. If your character was thrown in jail, what would they be guilty of? He is far too controlled for this
  8. Rewind 10 years from now, what is your character currently doing? I would hope he has moved beyond Roger and Josephine.  I would like to see him build a strong bond with a partner, not necessarily married but just more trusting, less guarded 
  9. Your character is in the movie SAW, facing their worst fear. What is that fear, and how does he/she react? I don’t know but Roger would be there somehow
  10. We regret to inform you that your character is dead. Where do they end up? Heaven? Hell? And how the heck do they react? Neither. He would just stop existing, and hopefully he learned to build enough strong bonds for people to remember him!

I almost forgot to tag people, I am such a jerk sometimes.  @nocturnalazure, @maramaja06 and @simosyne then of course anyone else who wants to have a go at this.

Hello everybody! 

Since you asked for it, let’s all huddle together with a warm cup of hot coffee, a glass of cold cola and enjoy the glow of FrankyXRobin related fanworks! 

How do I participate?

Create something related to the month of Dezember and our OTP ! 
That is it. 

Will you reblog my work? 

Heck, yeah we will! please use the hashtag #FrobinWinter2017 as the first tag or tag us in your text @frobinfandays

But I can’t draw… 

Don’t worry! There is so much else you can do! Like maybe a graphic? A gif? A fanfiction? A headcanon? A small analysis? A music list? Everything is fine! 

If you can’t participate otherwise just like and reblog the other fans works
The creators will appreciate it! 

There is one rule though… 

Please refrain from using other peoples artwork! (Without permission) We won’t reblog your work if you use fanarts you didn’t drew yourself, to illustrate them. Only use official artwork from the Manga and Anime to do your edits. 

Now, let us all have fun in the snow! (or the sun if you ‘re from the southern part of earth :D) Spread the word!

skip-is-tired  asked:

So you know how people hate on Adam for playing kylo heck just finding the character relatable. But it's weird daisy liked many reylo artwork yet antis still think she hates reylo with a passion. John the biggest kylo fan out here yet antis don't yell at him " liking a space nazi". Thank god I haven't seen that but there's a double standard in here is the point I'm getting at.

antis actually think daisy ridley hates reylo with a passion? i’m hollering. do they need us to pull out the receipts of her liking reylo stuff even when she wasn’t tagged in it? and her bringing up reylo in interviews unprompted? 

and yea i get what you mean. 

Dear followers, strangers, friends!

Today I saw a whole bunch of stuff on my dashboard about simblrs and about what everyone is doing wrong or right and who to appreciate more and who to appreciate less. It was all a little confusing if you ask me. It makes me wonder if some people here that come upon my blog and see me tag and reply to the same small group of people most of the time think that they can’t approach me because they aren’t part of this group. It makes me wonder if some people out here don’t dare to speak to certain blogs because they don’t feel like they are part of that ‘inner circle’. I wanted to make sure that you guys realize that for me, there is no inner circle

This is my blog and everyone is welcome here. If you are a new simblr and you’re looking for some friends, you can send me a message, reply to my posts or simply like the stuff you like any time! I’m not looking for attention. I’m not looking for more likes. But I am always looking for more simblr friends. Wether you play sims 4 or sims 3 or sims 2 or even sims 1 I don’t care. I’ve played them all and I can talk about all of them. I can read your stories, I can reply to them, give you feedback or just lots of compliments, anything is possible really. I can answer any question you have about sims, writing, taking screenshots or whatever CC you find interesting in my game. 

Also, if you wish I’d reply more to your stuff or spend some more time on your blog to make sure I see everything you posted, you are free to tell me. I’m a dutchie, which means I value people who speak their minds, even if it’s something you might think is awkward, weird or rude to say or ask. I’m quite chaotic. I might forget to check out your blog after you’ve liked my stuff, even though I want to. So It’s more than fine to tell me: ‘Hey Simnovels, I’ve been faithfully reading all your stories how about you check mine out for once and tell me what you think?’ Heck, I even encourage you to do so. People who take initiative like that need to be rewarded more in life.

I tag and reply to the same people, because they are the ones that decided to approach me. Some of them, I approached first. But I approach a LOT of people and not even half of them really returns the favor. I don’t mind, because I don’t expect a reward for the attention I give to you. I give my attention to blogs and people who I think create valuable content and I really don’t care if they think the same about my blog or think my blog is boring because I write way too many words and thus don’t bother with it. But really, know that I AM approachable and I’m very newbie friendly. I’m still a semi newbie myself, really. Only been around for about two or three months now.

I’ll listen, I’ll laugh with you, I’ll cry with you and encourage you when you need it. I’ll read your stories. I’ll love your pictures. And if you don’t want to read mine, that’s fine. Like I said: I’m not looking for attention or likes. I’m looking for some friends :).

Xx Simnovels


GUESS who just finished all her school stuff!!!?!?!?

IT M E!!!!

Now I can FINALLY take the time to properly thank you guys for all the kind messages, tags, likes and comments!

Send me an ask, message or whatever with what you’d like me to draw! OR If your Idea is super cool, I might put my animation skills to work!!!

SO IF YOU HAVE Miraculous ladybug headcanons, favourite ships, characters etc. shoot me a message!! HEck I’ll even draw the memes if you ask nicely ;)

Much love,


areyouahauntedpotato  asked:

how do you have two different relationships with what is functionally the same person? is it like "sometimes we smush into one entity but we're also still kinda separate" or is it more like "when I'm wearing my blue hat you must call me Steve" kinda thing? are they ever in the same room together? do they automatically know everything the other one knows? and for you, do you feel like you're seeing two different people or more like one person? do you keep their stuff separated?

how do you have two different relationships with what is functionally the same person? is it like “sometimes we smush into one entity but we’re also still kinda separate” or is it more like “when I’m wearing my blue hat you must call me Steve” kinda thing? are they ever in the same room together? 

It’s mostly the first. I’ve had them smush into one syncretic entity of Gullveig-Angrboda before. Most of the time I deal with them separately though. Separate ‘bodies’ separate faces separate energies. But… those separate energies sure are similar. I still struggle to tease apart the energy differences. I’m generally sitting there going “it’s one of you but which one?” until they make a move. (They have somewhat differing approaches although with generally the same ends in mind.) 

I have had them in the same room before. That gets interesting because it’s just an overwhelming harmony of the virtually same energy. Not bigger yet somehow More.

do they automatically know everything the other one knows?

I have never tested this to be quite honest. I just assume they don’t for safety’s sake.

and for you, do you feel like you’re seeing two different people or more like one person? 

Definitely two people, albeit two people who ping all the same buttons. However, the ways in which they approach things tend to differ which makes for slightly different feelings but the main qualities are the same. Blue is still blue even if one blue is a bit more in your face breaking down the door and the other prefers to subtly manipulate everything with magic. However, in most ways, the differences between them really are so subtle it’s difficult to tease apart where one ends and the other begins. I associate most of the same animals with of them, for instance. 

When Gullveig first appeared it was honestly ridiculous because she first pulled the exact same approach Angrboda did as far as getting my affection: “It’s hopeless to resist me so why bother~~~~? Just be mine~ <3″ I was losing my shit because it was a case of “same shit same but different jotun” Her ways in which she was trying to prove it was helpless to resist were a bit different (more subtly tempting come to me on your own terms~ vs Angrboda’s ‘bow to you mistress already’) than Angrboda’s strategy but in the end, the approach was a minor difference compared to an identical mindset.

They mirror each other with minute distortions. What I see in one I see reflected in the other, sometimes less prominently sometimes moreso, but still very noticeably there. 

do you keep their stuff separated?

Mostly. I try to respect them as different entities because even though they’re functionally the same they’re still separate bodies for the most part. I ask them on what things they’re okay sharing (including uh, me if you get my drift). Most of the time they’re perfectly fine with sharing things if it’s a case of a necessity but they want to be treated as mostly separate unless they decide it’s time to squish into one entity which is rare with me. So I largely keep them as separate offerings and spaces and even time spent with them to keep it special for each.

Honestly… When it comes to these two a very apt for many reasons comparison is like listening to a two-part harmony sung by very similar voices. You can pick out that one voice has a slightly higher pitch or one has a waver to it the other lacks, but in the end they’re so fucking similar it doesn’t matter. What matters is they’re beautiful voices apart and together they form a perfect harmony in unison.


Why can’t y'all just ship your damn ships? Who gives a flying fuck about who OTHER people ship. Is it you?! Nah. Are you dead?! No. So stop giving a fuckkk. I’m honestly tired, irritated, and annoyed when i see fellow shippers bashing other ships. Like, you spend so much time talking about the other ship. Are you sure you don’t ship them?! Considering how much you talk about them, one would think that that was actually your otp. Stop tagging unrelevant ships into your ships. Stop bashing other ships. You absolutely hate it when others bash yours right?! So, why the heck are you doing the exact same thing? Quit your yip-yap and ship peacefully. DAMN.

Here i am ranting about ships, again😒. But i wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel the really strong need to do this.

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you have a masterlist? I discovered the Sifki side of life today and I'm hooked

Hi Anon!

Welcome to the Siki fandom - it’s a lovely place, so many nice people, great writers and artists and one heck of a couple to ship! Loki/Sif are truly my OTP of OTPs - even after 6 years!

I’m curious how you came to discover Sifki - but not at all surprised you’re hooked.

I assume you mean a masterlist of fanfics? Sadly not, but there’s the Sif/Loki tag on Ao3 -*s*Sif/works with lots of brilliant Sifki stories.

And psychoticgirl is brilliant and has put together lots of fic rec posts -

The ship has loads of names, but the main ones are Sifki and Frostmaiden

If there’s something you’re after Sifki wise, just ask and I shall try and find :-)