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I love how it's only now the accepted talking point that harry and his team have not been engaging the fandom. Has everyone had their heads up their asses for the entire hiatus, because this is not new. And fine if it's how harry and his team want to play it, I can even in theory understand why they might, but let's not act like this is new info. And let's not be shocked when his team reaps what they sow with an exhausted and unmotivated fandom.

‘Accepted talking point’ yeah seriously!

I’m just like where was this understanding *before*? Why is it only now that people are allowed to express concern and frustration about Harry’s team when before it resulted in an onslaught of ‘you hate Harry!’ messages and passive aggressive tags and posts.

Like I have an archive full of posts I made a month ago that resulted in so much negativity and harassment that are pretty much a word for word breakdown of the discussion this morning and I’m ???

Clint: Steve, get in the cab. Barnes, you too.
Bucky: Uh, I wish I could but I think me and Tony…
Clint: I understand.
[to Steve]
Clint: Come on!
Steve: Why can Bucky say no?
Clint: Uhh, because he’s getting laid.

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Do you maybe know how to explain why I don't like it when straight girls interact really weirdly sexual with each other in a way that a straight person would understand it? I find it hard to explain to my friends why I don't like it

it makes gay girls the butt of jokes bc it insinuates that a girl who sincerely likes other girls is something hilarious, outrageous, unimaginable

why lucius is the best human bean

okay but i want to talk about lucius and how calm he was at all times. he wants to help ed, genuinely help ed. and by staying calm even at gunpoint lucius shows he’s not scared of edward. and i think that means a lot because you cant actually help someone if you’re scared of them because then you’ll be helping them out of fear, and not because you actually want to help. and then with lucius bringing up Oswald in the car, he seems to understand where ed is coming from, he gets that ed just wants someone to understand him, although he clearly does not want to be that person. and then he shows us all the godsent human he really is by saying that ed needs help. lucius doesn’t spit it out nor does he yell it. he says it calmy because he wants ed to get the help he needs.

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Hi. I'm a recently diagnosed 26-year old autistic woman. There seems to be pretty widespread agreement in the autistic community that it's bad to want a cure, but I kinda don't get it? As far as I can tell, autism only contributes negatives to my life. I would love to get rid of the sensory issues, the executive function issues, and the trouble understanding people. I get that it may be impractical to find a cure, but if it weren't, why is it bad to want one?

trigger warning for ableism, eugenics, genocide

I understand.

Autism is a real disability. Some things truly are harder for us. Some things we can’t do. It’s okay to be frustrated by this. Many autistic people sometimes wish that they were not autistic.

Let’s talk about how autism works for a minute. Autism is caused by a “supercharged brain,” with more neural connections and activity (at least, if I am interpreting the research correctly). It is hardwired into the structure of your brain.

You couldn’t remove autism from your brain without ripping it apart. There’s no one “autism part” of your brain. It’s everywhere. It’s deeply ingrained.

There are 2 types of autism cures that people talk about:

  • Fake “cures” sold by scammers (e.g. Miracle Mineral Solution), which may be useless, harmful, or potentially deadly
  • Eugenic cure (creating a test for autism, testing fetuses for autism, and aborting the fetuses that test positive)

(The eugenics movement around WWII posed two more solutions: forced sterilization of disabled people, or killing disabled people, which Hitler did. Nowadays we don’t see many people advocating for these.)

A world without autism would be a world in which you and I are either dead or never given a chance to live.

Realistically speaking… you were born autistic, and you will die autistic. There is no magic pill to ravage your brain and destroy its structure, as that would tend to kill you.

Will humans someday learn how to change the intricate structure of the brain without destroying it? Maybe. I’m not a scientist. But I don’t think we should pin our hopes on a possibility that is unlikely to happen in our lifetimes, and could be very dangerous.

Now let’s talk about attitudes about autism.

Society tends to see autism in a deeply negative light. This isn’t an accident; society is inherently ableist and we have groups like Autism Speaks working to keep it that way.

Ever heard of the social model of disability? It’s the idea that disability is caused by society, not by inability. I always like to describe it using my glasses.

My eyesight is not great. With my eyes, I can’t read clocks, signs, even these words on the screen. My eyes are less capable. There are things my eyes can’t do.

And you know what? None of that matters! I have these magical things called glasses. They level the playing field. I have exactly the same opportunities as my friends with 20/20 vision.

Poor vision is a difference in ability that society accommodates.

Autism is not.

What if nobody paid attention to your stimming because they considered it normal? What if the world was designed to eliminate painful sensory stimuli, and to provide opportunities for sensory seekers to get their needs met? What if meltdowns and shutdowns were seen as normal, and there were quiet rooms in every building where you could go to calm down? What if honesty about one’s feelings were more common? Autism might not be such a big deal then, huh?

The problem isn’t that you were born different. The problem is that society does not adequately support your differences. This lack of support is what defines a disability.

Besides, not all your differences are deficits. Some of these strengths may sound like you:

  • Enhanced pattern recognition
  • Focused special interests
  • Loyalty
  • Better observation skills
  • Helpfulness towards other
  • Superior long-term memory

…and that’s just the beginning. Check out this article for even more.

I’d also like you to read the article “How to Accept Your Autism.” Heck, bookmark it. You shouldn’t have to go through life hating the way you are. Autistic people can be wonderful, capable, caring people. Redefine what success means for you, and work towards goals that will improve your happiness.

(”Being more neurotypical” is a garbage goal. Please take out the trash. You are only going to be sadder if you spend your time comparing yourself to others.)

Here are some example goals that are really good for you:

  • Spend time with my special interest(s) each day
  • Hang out with people who make me happy
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Get better at recognizing sensory overload, and taking breaks to keep it from getting worse
  • Buying and using some great stim toys
  • Writing down 3 good things that happened today before going to bed

You are good enough the way you are. You are not bad for being autistic. Please stop looking down on yourself. You are worth so much more.

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I literally Do Not Understand why people think that Keith didn’t understand Allura’s feelings or think they weren’t valid like? He never tried to argue with her or tell her she was wrong. What was he supposed to do, bow down at her feet, call himself horrible for his heritage and apologize for a crime he didn’t commit?? I fail to see why acknowledging her feelings and keeping his distance to let her sort things out counts as “not caring” or whatever.

Literally though?

Keith knew Allura hated him and he knew she had the right. He was painfully aware of that. Out of everyone, he was the one who knew her view on the matter.

Keith tried to show his point of view once. When she showed him why she wasn’t taking any of it, he stopped and fell silent. Keith never tried to make his opinion on the matter more important than hers. When she spoke about Ulaz being a ploy, he listened. When she spoke about how Shiro and him were too blinded by Ulaz’s sacrifice to think clearly, he listened. He knew why she was saying those things.

And more importantly:

Every single time Allura ignored him, he let it go. Is it true that the whole issue was one-sided in the sense that Allura was the only one that had to do all the emotional labour in the relationship? Yes, because there was literally nothing no one, himself included, could do or say. Allura had the right to act as she did. She was dealing with something only herself and Coran have dealt with.

No one could help her or tell her how to act. Unless Allura willingly asked someone else for help, or to talk about the issue, no one had the right to confront her about it because her feelings and emotions were valid.

Which is exactly what Keith did. He knew she needed the time to sort it out by herself. When it came down to it, it didn’t affect how they fought together, ass seen in 2x11, they could still battle a robeast without letting their feelings get in their way.

Allura had to come up with her own opinions about the issue by herself. Had Keith confronted her about how she treated him, that would have been a problem. But he let her take her time to reach her own conclusions and let her approach him at her own pace, whenever she felt ready, if she felt ready.  Lack of confrontation is not emotional invalidation.

She didn’t owe him any apologies or explanations. But she did anyway because when it comes down to it, they’re seven people stranded in space and no one’s decisions can be made in a vacuum, they don’t have that luxury. They’re people they have to live with if they’re to fight Zarkon and she was mature enough to know that the elephant in the room had to be addressed at some point. Which, mind you, wasn’t just an effort in reassuring him, but also to reassure herself.

Allura needed closure to it just as much as he did, if not more.

“but how/why would you explain asexuality to children” ok so first off, it’s no different than any other orientation. you start off immediately assuming the SAM needs to be applied, but it doesn’t. I say this as a bisexual aro myself, introductions should start with describing asexuality as “liking nobody” just like being gay is “liking your gender.” It’s that fucking simple.

More detailed descriptions and the introduction of the SAM can come with proper sex ed, just like with anything else. any kid learning about sex ed is fully capable of learning and understanding about sexual attraction and the lack of it. “at a certain age you might want this, but you may not.” also that fucking simple.

but if you think for one second when we say “teach asexuality to kids” you think we mean to go to kindergartners and explicitly explain sexual attraction and the lack thereof, there’s something wrong with you.

what we want is to assure kids that feeling different - not feeling something that others around them seem to be, is ok; or to let them know it’s something that might eventually happen and prepare them for it. no one is pushing identities on kids, everyone just wants them to know what’s out there and no matter how they end up feeling it’s ok. 

if you think that’s not something everyone should learn about and know, we most definitely aren’t the ones with fucked up ideas of forcing identities on kids. presenting options won’t make kids choose them (lmao homophobic rhetoric much,) but keeping them from them will most definitely keep them from being able to use them.

which, yea, we all know that’s what you actually want, I’m just pointing out how much of an ass backwards conservative dick that makes you.

  • ban ryu: fine, han sung. the stray dog can stay so long as master hwi hwa doesn't catch it.
  • han sung: *hugs dog* yay!
  • soo ho: in the meantime, can someone help me with this math problem? i'm stuck.
  • stray dog: *barks*
  • han sung: ... oh... it says the answer's 4.
  • ban ryu: ... first of all... han sung, how do you understand the dog?
  • ban ryu: second... WHY DOES IT KNOW MORE THAN YOU DO, SOO HO?

it’s kind of really annoying how people don’t understand why others get mad about people trashing their fave like? tbh i don’t really care about what you think but if you’re saying incorrect and hurtful things for no reason then why are you surprised when people get mad?

tw: trauma // to all touch averse aces

I don’t know if I’m touch averse or if I genuinely am just insecure about my body and what other people will think of me. Every time I’ve tried hugging my friends or doing anything like that, I’ve felt extremely uncomfortable and genuinely didn’t understand how people were that intimate with each other. Like, how do they just do that? When I was younger I would kiss and hold hands with my friends all the time, now anything remotely like that is different and strange. In the past, a certain male figure in my life once asked me for a hug. I said no, and he reacted horribly intensely and yelled at me for around ten minutes. It was awful, it didn’t make me feel good, and is part of the reason why I’m usually not okay with hugs, unless it’s celebratory and for a pretty good reason. This same person also had screaming fights with other people around me constantly, slut shames and is why I don’t trust men or generally people- which may affect why I’m asexual/demisexual. I just hate the fact that people think it’s okay to affect who you are as a person, I hate people who reject asexuality, and I hate aphobes.

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how do you feel about fat shaming?

I don’t understand it from the perspective of, “You’re unhealthy and you’re going to die sooner.” Like, so what? That’s got nothing to do with me and if they’re confident and love themselves, then why would I go and be a fucking prick for no reason, you know what I mean? 

The people that go on about them being unhealthy are lying anyway. They don’t really care about their health, they just don’t like fat people. It’d be easier to just go and say you hate fat people, like, you’d still come off as a cunt but at least you’d be an honest one.  

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Hello mom! Well, I need to put out some thoughts about the last episode of SNK ... It's been some time since I read the manga, so I guess that's why the death of Nanaba shocked me again. It was so cruel and disgusting! She deserved much more ... And oh my, I was angry with Ymir, although she is one of my favorites and I understand her reasons, I could not stop thinking about how she could have helped them before. Anyway, thank you for listening.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I totally get your frustration that Ymir didn’t step in to help the Survey Corps, but I’m also hugely sympathetic. She had her reasons. I hope you don’t mind if I share them.

The first is purely practical - revealing her titan self might have resulted in her immediate death. The whole reason the 104th was quarantined with Mike’s squad was because they were looking for titan shifter traitors. Nanaba and Gelgar may have tried to kill her in the spot.

The second reason is purely of the heart - Ymir was afraid and not just because of the horde of titans on the ground below. She was about to reveal her titan form to the person she loves most and she had no idea what the reaction would be. Whether your are 17 or 70, exposing your darkest and most terrible secrets to the person you love is terrifying.

Love won out over fear. Ymir revealed herself in a last ditch attempt to save Historia’s life, and rather than be rejected Historia embraced her.

Thank you anon!

Someone PLEASE talk to me about Hades in Astraeus' route 😩

Honestly. I feel like I’ve been hit by a train. My heart hurts so badly. Why??? WHYYYY?!


So I’m having a hard time understanding just what the hell happened to Hades. It’s like he did a complete 180! How does he go from being head-over-heels in love, wanting to marry MC, promising to cherish her and protect her, to throwing her to the wolves (or GODS in this case) without fighting for her rights?! Without even honestly trying to see her side in it all? How does he go from loving her to literally CURSING her very existence in this life and every life to follow? How does he turn that love off so quickly? He didn’t even fight for her! It’s like it’s not even the same God. Someone talk to me about this, please, because I hate him in this story. It’s not him. It’s not.

How did supporters of that guy went from “he is better than everyone else” to “he flopped bc fans didn’t support him? Isn’t his music out of this world and needs no one’s support? Also what fans? The same ones he didn’t give a shit about until he wanted to sell some music. It would actually be embarrassing if that fans went ham for him. Oh well no one can match the level of love louis and his fans have for each other. I can understand why people get mad. 😌

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Cmon u didnt need to call that anon ignorant now, she/he asked at least kindly. Its the problem with so many third world countries when people only visit the tourist part they dont see the real country. Its a shame but ppl just want their luxury oh so badly ((((:

so you read that entire heartbreaking story about how my grandparents struggled in poverty under a communist regime, and how they had to leave all their possessions behind because they were seized by the government, to live in a Cuban ghetto in New Jersey where educated people had to work in slave–like conditions for pennies, and when my grandmother visited Cuba again she saw first hand the desperate conditions the people were living in and how lucky she was to have escaped even if she was poor she was free.

So you read all that, and all you got from it was that I should have been nicer to the white person who told me they didn’t understand why I say that Cuba is a 3rd world country? Kindly fuck off

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why cant i kill myself?? i have no reason not to?? the cons outweigh the pros, absolutely nothing make anything worth it. i have no friends or family, i dont have any responsibilities to miss, i dont have any passions theres no reason to live and i live in agony everyday its so frustrating when you hate life and you cant even end it nobody will ever understand how FRUSTRATING it is.. i want to do it... i want to do it.. i need to.. but somethings holding me back and i hate it

Well, sweetheart, if something is holding you back then there is a reason not to. Even if you don’t know what it is. The fact that you came to this blog and asked for help is just another sign that you shouldn’t do it. Because you want to get help, even if you feel like you don’t.

Believe it or not, there are other people who can understand. Not 100%, of course, but hearing from others going through similar situations is comforting.

One thing I notice among people going through this is the idea that they have nothing. No family, no friends, no hobbies, no passions… but that’s not true. While no family is very much a possibility, the rest of them are things that your mind is telling you because, as I often say - the mind of a mentally ill person is a bully.

You do have friends. I think the idea of “friends” has changed over time. It used to be having friends meant hanging out with them all of the time, or messaging back and forth daily… if you didn’t do these things, it didn’t feel like you were friends. But now, as an adult, I realize that I’m still friends with people I care about, even if I don’t message them often. Because even though we don’t talk, I can always message them when I need somebody. And, at the very least, you have me. I’m your friend, nonny.

Hobbies/passions is one that a lot of people say they don’t have and it makes me sad. Because these things are things everyone has, even if they don’t think they do. A hobby or passion can be something as simple as browsing ebay, or collecting pens. It’s something that holds your interest when you do it. Your mind is trying to tell you that you don’t have these things because they are things that help turn your mind off. They are things that help shut that bully up. 

You may feel now like you want to do it, but you don’t, sweetie. Or you wouldn’t be here, messaging this blog. And no, you don’t need to do it!

There’s something bothering me.

I understand why people are disappointed by the fact Bellamy’s journey is yet again psychological. What I can’t see is how that’s any less important than Clarke’s.

I’ve been reading a considerable amount of “Clarke’s again saving the world and Bellamy’s again on backstage” and other variations. Idk I feel like there’s a point missing because imo this show is no longer a THG arena where you must kill everyone till you’re the survivor. In fact, that’s exact the opposite story they’re trying to tell. They have been constantly addressing that every life matters on survival mode and more recently how you live is important too. Not just important, essential. Several characters besides B and C called and were called on this, including, but not restraining to, Abby, Lexa, Octavia, Luna and Jasper. 

Point made, this is why Bellamy’s arc is again needed. “First we survive, then we find our humanity again”? Bellamy’s taking none of this shit again. He’s already been there, reached the rock bottom, done horrible things under the excuse “who we are and who we need to be to survive are very two different things” or any other and nope. Not anymore. “We save who we can save today” is: “I will save every reachable human being because all lives are valuable”. Nice, right? Except for the little fact that despite how hard we wants or needs, he can’t force salvation on one. It’s up to them to choose.

That’s quite a road for Bellamy himself as a character for many reasons (a lot of people probably already talked about this but whatever). He never actually chose to protect Octavia with his own life. She happened in his life and I’m not for one second doubting he also did it for love. However, when you have a younger sibling you feel they’re your responsibility and they have to be under your wing forever - it’s hard to separate things. Also, he didn’t choose to protect The 100. He wanted to lead them for his own good but things were kinda happening and he was too involved to get out - and he tried.

I’d like to highlight too how important his journey is to all of the Delinquents. It’s no news The 100 look up to, admire and listen to Bellamy. If he, of all people, can understand the combo surviving + living, their life quality would improve idk 100%, folks. There must be a balance between the things they’re doing for survival and having fun and enjoying the moments. This is a trait that’s been defining for him as a leader: the connection he has on the personal levels. These young people likely can’t relate with Jaha’s, Kane’s or even Clarke’s leadership because they’re way too far from them. This is a horizontal lesson to be learnt by each one of them. Let’s live, deserve to survive and survive. All of it.

Also, I can’t possibly see what Bellamy could add on the science lab. I don’t know if I have a limited vision or sth, feel free to message me if you’re up with any contributions he’d make. Yes, I want him to be with Clarke 24/7 and all the ship goggles but. That’s not the story. It makes sense, it’s fitting that he stays with the Delinquents and with Octavia (the latter only in thoughts) because that’s intrinsically who he is, as a person and as a leader.

Basically what I’m trying to say is: Clarke makes sure they survive, Bellamy makes sure they live. Again they’re balancing each other, two sides of the same coin. She helps to build the physical walls, he helps to ensure the mental ones.

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Not sure if you responded on rpf/rps fics. If you are looking at healthy sex practices, there is a dollylux fic that includes a gangbang where test results are asked for in advance. sort of a rare case of extreme but safe sex? (

Thank you for the rec!  Tbh rpf (except for gen) kinda squicks me out. Which I mean, if I think about it with my brain, I’m not completely sure why. It’s not like anybody thinks rpf is about the real people who the characters are based on, and if I apply the rather-juvenile-but-works-for-me first pass test of “how would I feel if it was me”, I would be totally fine with it.

Honestly, I’d like to hear more conversation about what kind of roles rpf fulfills for people and why they like it and stuff, because I’d like to understand my own reaction more, and obviously no one can tell me where my own shit is coming from, lol, so pretty much the best second is where other people’s is for them.

I mean, the obvious stuff like here’s some more characters to work with, whose traits are kinda like the characters they play but kinda not, and the doublemint part (like they’re kinda twins to their characters?)- those I can see for myself. Hmmm.

Anyway, to make a short story long, I think for now, I’m not gonna include rpf? But I’m interested in learning more about the topic.