how that conversation should have gone

yknow i was talking to someone a week or so ago and he kept using the word “triggered” in reference to LoL/online gaming etc.

now, i’ve had this guy in class before and overall he seems like a pretty good kid so i was equal parts perplexed and irritated by his use of this. i told him he probably shouldn’t be using that word in that context, and he didn’t seem to be getting it and kept arguing back that he was using it correctly. eventually he got to the point where he pulled up the definition of it on urban dictionary and explained why he was using it

“yes,” i said, “that is the way it’s used in the gaming community, but the fact is that it’s a word used for a legitimate thing in psychology and people using it in that way has taken it away from those who need it to describe things that happen wrt, for example, PTSD. now people who are legitimately ‘triggered’ get treated like a joke.”

“oh,” he said. “I had no idea that’s where it came from.” and he more or less backed off after that

and ive been thinking a lot about that recently.

about how if i should just started out with, “hey i’d rather you not use this, and here’s why,” that conversation would have gone a lot smoother than just my flat out insistence and non-explanation of why he shouldn’t

because people grow up using words a certain way, or learn to use them from communities and may not even know how they affect other people around them.

like i definitely could have left the conversation and decided i didn’t want to deal with it, that would have been valid, but i really wanted to figure out why he was using it and see if i could get him to stop rather than immediately deciding he was just a shitty person and a lost cause

it’s usually best to start off a conversation by assuming the person is benevolently ignorant and go from there

DRINKING GAME: take a shot every time a  parked car conversation ends in tears and sounds like a wine glass hitting hardwood with too much force to be an accident.

DRINKING GAME: take a shot every time you wake up in a cold sweat because you had a dream where you loved someone that you shouldn’t have. or should have. or shouldn’t have. or-

DRINKING GAME: take a shot every time somebody asks me how you are and I lie about knowing the answer to that question because I never bothered to learn how to say your name followed by the word “gone.”

DRINKING GAME: take a shot every time you think about touching yourself. another shot if you don’t. another shot if you do but end up crying before you’ve finished. another shot if you can’t finish without thinking about their teeth on your earlobe like water on a grease fire, like red lights when you’re late.

DRINKING GAME: take a shot every time you lose your voice because this is the eleventh time you’ve listened to drops of jupiter within the last hour and the only volume that your vocal cords have when it comes to the words “did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?” is excruciatingly uncomfortable.

DRINKING GAME: take a shot every time you consider driving to the city, driving until the engine burns out, driving to a place that neither of you have ever been, driving until the part of you that still knows what they smell like in the late afternoon jumps out the passenger side door and doesn’t bother running after you.

DRINKING GAME: take a shot every time something seemingly insignificant brings you to your knees. the color red. batman cartoons. the soft drink aisle of the grocery store. warmth.

DRINKING GAME: take a shot every time you write another poem about them leaving and it doesn’t make you feel any better, it just reminds you of all the things that are still left to say.

—  alcohol poisoning and other things I shouldn’t be writing about, (27/30), Caitlin Conlon
Why DaveKat is Narratively Important

Let’s talk about DaveKat because I have nothing better to do!!
So, whether or not you personally ship or agree with davekat, this is just going to be about how, from a narrative standpoint, it is 100% vital to both Dave’s and Karkat’s storylines and personal character arcs, let’s start with:

Knight Class- So, bit of class/aspect analysis because the fact they both Dave and Karkat are both Knights is absolutely VITAL to their character development and their connection to each other. Something Kanaya said, that classpects are not necessarily chosen to suit the strengths of each player but rather to challenge them in a way that is most beneficial to their personal growth? That is completely correct, Dave and Karkat being some of the best examples in the comic. The aspects are the elements which the game, and therefore the universe(s) are made of - literally. Like, these are the constructs out of which the world exists, the building blocks so to speak. However, they also represent more metaphorical concepts, Life=Optimism, Hope=Belief, Heart=Soul, so on and so forth etc. So paired with the Knight class, the active pairing of Maid class, we have to examine how exactly the aspect *applies*. Obviously, being active, the Knight class is self serving (more on active vs passive or knight vs maid specifically if y'all hmu with some asks I’d be happy to explain more in depth), there’s also a metric shitload of symbolism involved in the name. I’ve been reading this comic for almost five years and the sheer amount of symbolism never ceases to amaze me, but the absolutely loaded amount of metaphorical value behind this class has to be in my top 5. The classic “knight” iteration, sword and shield type of deal, is instrumental in the interpretation of how Dave and Karkat wield their abilities and grow as characters. The weapon is obviously the way in which they wield their aspects, but the shield is so much more interesting: it’s their PERSONA. Part of the blatant parallels between Dave and Karkat’s story arcs is how they allow others to perceive them in regard to their own internal struggles, they both put up a persona to protect themselves. For Dave it’s his “coolkid” facade, he doesn’t let others see his emotions, feelings, or motivations because he’s so wrapped up in this delusion of irony and toxic masculinity that he feels it would be a weakness to show himself for what he is, one that could very possibly (at the hands of Bro) get him severely injured at best, dead at worst if he fears for his life which is a distinct possibility. Karkat suffers in a similar way, his persona is this image of the overly aggressive, “shouty/angry” guy, he’s loud and obnoxious because he’s trying to keep people at arms length, similar to how Dave doesn’t let anyone in. Karkat also has similar motivations behind this persona, because of his blood color he knows he will be in immediate danger if people get too close, look to closely, care too much, so if he can shout and seem just as bloodthirsty and aggressive as other trolls, he can both keep them away and keep himself free of suspicion. So, they have their shields, their personas, this is how they protect themselves from the world. Let’s talk about their weapons.

Aspects- As I mentioned above, aspects are the literal elements that make up the world, but also have a more metaphorical meaning. In the same way that Heart=Soul, Dave’s aspect Time is not only literally representative of time, but metaphorically representative of PROGRESSION. Karkat’s aspect of blood is therefore, while literally blood (possibly a reference to his mutation), also more symbolically representative of UNITY. Now, let’s see how those apply to each players personal struggle, because remember that’s the key here, how their classpects tie in to their character arcs. Dave is troubled by his aspect at multiple points throughout the storyline, severely disturbed by dead Dave’s and essentially haunted by the multiple loops he has running, in what is a single day to his fellow beta players likely feels like *weeks* for him, he’s not progressing in the game, he’s running all these loops and doing so much and yet he’s not really going anywhere. He’s like a broken record, if you will. Dave doesn’t see himself as a hero, broken sword symbolism aside because I cannot get into that rn lmao that’s way too loaded and this is long enough, Dave *can’t* see himself as a hero because in his mind, Bro was a hero, and he will never live up to it, so why bother. Easier to just run his loops and do whatever Terezi says because she’s probably right and anyways it’s just easier to do something menial and meaningless that doesn’t move anything forward because he would probably fuck it up anyways, right? Dave is so stuck in the past, haunted by his loops, haunted by the legacy of his Bro, haunted by dead Daves, he is terrified (whether consciously or subconsciously) of moving forward, of Progression. Alternatively, Karkat’s aspect of Blood, or UNITY trips him up in similar ways. Karkat’s relationships are…complicated. It’s been *headcanoned* that he comes across as pale towards most of his friends, because despite how hard he tries to act loud and aggressive, he’s a big softie who cares way too goddamn much about everything. Terezi also represents his biggest struggle with Unity and relationships, he “wanted her in every quadrant like a desperate fool”, and she played along for a while to see if he would settle in any one quadrant, but when he never did she moved on. This is a huge blow to Karkat’s self-esteem, he thought he was being so suave and smooth just like his romance novels and movies, but really he was pushing her away either knowingly or unknowingly. On the topic of his romance novels, his obsession with relationships also shows him trying to compensate (more on this in a sec) for his lack of capability in the area, as if he’s studying them to get a better understanding of how relationships should work because he really has no idea. In his very first conversation with Sollux that we see, he ends by affirming that he hasn’t gone too far right? They’re still friends? Because underneath his loud, obnoxious persona, he’s just acting the way he thinks he’s supposed to in this hyper-aggressive society. Sound familiar? It’s because Dave is doing the same thing. They’re both using their personas to survive, to appear the way they think they should to other people, because when it comes to their aspects, they’re fucking terrified and don’t have a clue as to what they’re really doing.

Storyline Parallels- So, I’ve seen a lot of good analysis of this and I doubt any of what I’m saying will be news to any of you, but I’m gonna put it in my own words as best I can bc this shit is imperative to understanding why DaveKat works so perfectly in the narrative. Dave is obviously working an uphill battle the entire story to overcome the hyper-masculinity (see also: toxic) that his Bro has ingrained in his psyche for 13 years. Not the least of which is some deeply rooted homophobia. Dave fronts constantly, accusing others of being gay, accusing *Karkat* of being gay pretty amusingly. Obviously he pokes at this in other people because he’s so insecure about it in himself, he struggles heavily with his sexuality the way so many pre-teens do, only he’s fighting against a decades worth of anti-gay propaganda basically so there’s no room for him to search within himself too deeply without feeling deeply uncomfortable because obviously that’s Wrong and Bad and that’s not how society works in his world. Similarly, Karkat struggles with the quadrants which is practically unheard of on Alternia. It’s such a clear parallel to human homophobia that like. I’m left speechless when I think about it honestly. Their struggles are so overwhelmingly similar and parallel to each other sometimes I just have to stop and appreciate it. But back on topic, his whole life, Karkat has grown up with this over idealized concept of romance, the quadrants, and he obviously knows something is wrong with himself from an early age. Karkat’s obsession with romance novels is no coincidence, he’s clearly always felt off when it comes to that and so he most likely reached out to these novels and movies to get a better grasp of the quadrants, consuming what was essentially romantic propaganda to overcompensate. The problem is, in studying these works, he latched onto the wrong thing which is so funny to me. He’s reading these trying to understand, to make himself fit into this system because that’s what society is like *cough* heteronormativity *cough* and yet he latched onto quadrant vacillation like it’s the holy fucking grail of romance. Like oh, okay, this is normal? Obviously people do this, as long as they switch within the bounds of the system it’s Okay™ and even romantic in some occasions. Only, this is fiction he’s reading and if you try to apply the logic of romance novels to real life…well, we all know what happened with Terezi. He was constantly pushing the boundaries of vacillation, he was red for her, he wanted to act black on occasion, he cares so much about everyone it’s impossible for him not to be pale, and we see him (though I doubt he realizes he’s doing it) trying to auspistice for her and Gamzee in the pre-retcon timeline by staging a sort of intervention. He “wanted her in every quadrant like a desperate fool” and I don’t understand how people put Karkat into the quadrant system!!! That line is so IMPORTANT, not even taking into account that we know his dancestor, who shared his blood mutation which may have had something to do with his irregularities, loved the Disciple “beyond the quadrants”. It’s. So. Obvious. Karkat is overcoming the stigma of wanting to love beyond the quadrants in the same way that Dave is struggling to overcome the loaded idea behind being Not Straight. They’re both overcoming these extremely similar prospects and it’s an absolutely stunning feat of narrative that as an English major it makes me fucking weak in the goddamn knees like Hussie is a lot of things but this? This is fucking genius. I’ve never seen two characters written together in such an in depth and parallel way before.

Opposites Attract- So we’ve talked about their similarities, let’s talk about their differences and how those differences are also actually poorly disguised similarities. Karkat is obviously a Loud Boy, thats his coping mechanism. He keeps people out and away by being loud and aggressive. Dave needs to cope for similar reasons, to protect himself he needs to keep people out and away but he does it in just the opposite way, he gets quiet. He doesn’t talk about his shit. Sure, he’ll go on the rambling metaphor when the occasion calls, but although he’s always talking he’s never really saying anything. Karkat is an almost compulsive over sharer, like, the boy (bless his heart) has zero filter. Dave will talk your ear off just as well, but I’ll be fuckin damned if he says anything worthwhile outright (his many, many Freudian slips aside). It’s also interesting to note that while I’ve seen people talk about how part of the reason Karkat doesn’t fit into Alternian society is that he’s so human, as its stated in the narrative that after seeing this soft species, that shares his blood color and stupid, stupid compassion, even *Vriska* admits that Karkat seems to fit in better with them than he ever did with trolls, we don’t see the same for Dave? I’ve rarely, if ever, seen the situation flipped, in that Dave was more suited for Alternian society the same way Karkat was more human than troll or at least had severely human aspects. Obviously Dave’s romance is still very human in that he’s a big ol’ fan of monogamy (he and Karkat both faced problems in their relationships with Terezi romantically when she became involved in other quadrants, these boys love monogamy I’ll fight), but his upbringing? Yikes. Lusii are supposed to, while still protecting their trolls, prepare them for the harsh and violent world. Whether they had to kill other trolls and Lusii to feed them, or learn how to fight to fend off other trolls on their own, there was a shit ton of fighting in their pre-pubescent years. Trolls are a hyper aggressive, violent species that learn to fight basically as soon as they can walk, which is exactly what Bro did to Dave. Dave could fight practically from the second he crawled off the meteor, I doubt a day went by without a sword in his hand for some reason and god knows he suffered through enough strifes. Both boys were brought up just thoroughly *wrong* for their societies in a way that ensured they would never feel like they truly fit in.

Finally, Romance- In the final culmination of all this, let’s actually talk about how they work together as a couple. So, they have this overwhelmingly similar upbringing and life experience, what happens when they finally meet up? Dave thinks it’s hilarious that Karkat is always yelling, “get a load of this guy I was telling you about, Rose”, and while I have no doubt he thought Karkat’s shitfits were the funniest thing since Colonel Sassacre, there had to be a part of him that was just in awe of how someone could be so free with their emotions. Like, he’s angry? And you know it the second he walks into a room?? This is an entirely new concept to Dave, my son, who grew up with an insanely passive-aggressive psychopath who would sneak up on him and fight him with a crazy fucking puppet like what the fuck?? Dave has always had to be on edge at home, Bro was quiet so you never knew when he was upset and you never knew when he was coming for you. With Karkat, that’s such a non-issue it’s like the issue dined and dashed, no bill and no tip, vanished into the wind. You can hear Karkat stomping down the hall five minutes before he even gets into the room, and once he gets there oh boy he will Let You Know What The Problem Is. Why is Dave always provoking Karkat? Literally just to hear him yell because it’s so goddamn refreshing to know exactly with 100% certainty what someone is thinking, no irony, no bullshit, just genuine fucking refreshing annoyance. And for Karkat, well here’s the guy he’s always wanted to be, right? Cool and suave, the romcom hero who could smooth talk the paint off a wall. Only, Dave isn’t actually cool in the way he pretends to be, he’s not this smooth suave hero, he’s not even just a hero. He can’t be. He’s just…a kid. A kid like Karkat who has issues like Karkat and talks just as much when he’s nervous as Karkat and he’s relatable even though he’s trying not to be. He’s trying so hard to be what society wants from him he wants to be the tough guy with the sword but he’s just so not and that’s so refreshing! Karkat realizes he’s not the only one who’s trying to live up to some buttfuck impossiblestandards and he realizes…that’s okay. He doesn’t have to be anything he’s not. And they figure that out together.

So pardon me if I don’t understand how you can put Dave with John, or Jade, because they don’t fit. The narrative literally doesn’t benefit in any way for them to fit, and if it’s your personal preference then by all means go for it who am I to stop you, but there is no benefit to them being together. They will not grow from it, John is explicitly someone who doesn’t seem to focus or care much about romance even? And Jade has no concept of anything Dave has gone through, she couldn’t even begin to understand. Same with Terezi and Karkat, or Gamzee and Karkat or John and Karkat or whatever, Terezi likes quadrants. They make sense to her and she enjoys them, Karkat cannot bring himself to deal with with that and they’re so much happier as just friends. I’m not even getting into Gamzee, I’m not even gonna dip my toe into that discourse because everyone likes different characters for different reasons and I won’t begrudge you of that so I’m just gonna stay away. So again, if you ship those then that’s fine! Go for it! This is just an analysis of why the narrative, in my personal perspective, supports DaveKat and why I personally think they are good and healthy for each other and help each other grow as people.

There’s a Fine, Fine Line

Jughead x Reader

The Reader and Jughead have a complicated relationship. Based on the requested song: 7 Things by Miley Cyrus

Warning: some swearing

Word count: 2,562

A/N: I know the request wanted it focused on one line and I tried I really did but the other parts were too cute once I started writing I’m sorry I hope you like it still. Also PS  It would have helped if Miley would have numbered the seven things because like I swear i was counting like 9 things at one point in my childhood. Also speaking of childhood the flashback actually happened to me let’s all relive my worst middle school memory yay.

You make me laugh, you make me cry

I don’t know which side to buy

There’s a thin line between love and hate. Jughead Jones rides that line with you, and it frustrates you to no end.

You had been ‘friends’ with him since you can remember, now only hanging out when Archie and Betty are there. You didn’t hate him at first, in fact, when you were a kid you had a crush on him for what seemed like the longest time.

At the 8th grade dance, you even asked him to dance. You remember what happened vividly, almost like a movie.

A short blue dress, black flats, and a braid down your back. Your makeup is done to perfection, and you feel on top of the world. Betty meets up with you at your place before the dance, her dress is a short milky white with a black necklace and earrings. Her blonde hair  tied up in a bun, a few strands hanging down in a perfect messy kind of way.

“Wow.” you say.

“Do you think Archie will like it?” she asks, going to your mirror and fiddling with the hem of her dress.

“If he doesn’t I will punch him.” You say with a small giggle.

“Thanks.” She smiles in return.

A car horn beeps from outside and you both jump up. It was Archie and his dad. They were going to drive you there.

You both race down the stairs and out the door, tickets in hand.

Archie sits up front, and so you both open the door and get in the back.

“There are my girls.” He says with a smile. All of you, plus Jughead, have been an inseparable crew since the beginning of time, and it all seems to work. You like Jug, Betty likes Archie, Archie and Jug are best friends, and you and Betty are best friends. It all just works.

You arrive at the dance and meet up with Jug, going to the dance floor to sway and jump the night away at your last dance of middle school. Half way through the night a slow song begins to play.

Archie smiles as you see him searching for Betty, and Jughead goes to the side of the dance floor. It didn’t look like he was going to ask someone.

Betty seems to have disappeared, probably to the bathroom, and before you know it Archie has come up beside you and has asked you to dance.

You say yes, of course. Archie was your friend, and you know nothing could ever come out of it. He is just a friend, this is a friend dance. People do that right?

His hands are on your hips and your hands around his neck. You can’t seem to look him in the eyes. You didn’t want to see him looking at you, as this should be Betty’s dance.

Soon, one slow song ends, and yet another begins. You thank Archie, as you see Betty coming back from the bathroom, and almost immediately he makes his way to her. He is just being nice, wanting to dance with both of us on our last 8th grade dance.

You search out Jughead on the side of the dance floor, finding him walking out of the room. His body seems tense, like he wants to leave.

You approach him, trying to chase after him.

“Juggie!” you say, touching his shoulder.

He stops and turns around.

“I don’t like you, (Y/N).” he says plainly.

A pain shoots through your body. The boy you had liked since the 2nd grade was standing before you, one of your very good friends, saying that they didn’t like you.

He turns around again and storms off, before you can ask what exactly he means. Did he mean that he doesn’t like like you? Or does he mean that he just doesn’t like you in general? Does he not like you as a person?

Your head spins as you go out to the hallway, sitting against the wall in your dress and braid, putting your head into your knees as you take deep breaths, already trying to deny what just happened.

That was only two years ago. After thinking about it over and over again, you came to the conclusion that he meant that he didn’t like you in general. It was a painful discovery, but it was one you learned to deal with, and one you’re still dealing with to this day.

You seem to only tolerate each other now, never speaking outside of when you hang out with all four of you. Like today.

You aren’t entirely sure what the plans are, but you just know that he will be there. You take the whole day to mentally prepare yourself before texting Betty.

‘what’s the plan?’ you send.

‘Pop’s, then a movie at Archie’s place.’ she replies.

You respond with a smiley face emoji, and as the last bell rings you pull your hoodie up over your head and walk to the diner.

They’re at the normal booth when you get there, Jughead on his laptop, a space open across from him. You scoot in across Archie, taking your spot and ordering a milkshake.

“How was your day?” Archie asks.

“The usual.” you say, shrugging your shoulders, “I went to Geometry class, my calculator died, and continued to spiral into the torturous hell of triangles.”

Your friends chuckle, but Jughead only raises his eyebrows.

“Are you sure that’s not just high school in general?” Jughead smirks, causing even more laughs from Betty and Archie. Oddly enough, you can’t help but crack a smile yourself.

Your friends they’re jerks

And when you act like them, just know it hurts

Jughead doesn’t have many friends he hangs out with besides you and Betty and Archie, but the ones he did have weren’t the kind of people you would think.

He basically lives at the Drive-In, and you can’t help but notice that some of the Southside Serpents are starting to hang out around there.

Okay, so technically you can’t exactly call them Jug’s ‘friends.’ They more are just forced to hang out around each other because of a common interest, but he’s still starting to pick up on some things that weren’t exactly desirable.

He’s late all the time, cancelling plans all of a sudden, not telling even Archie where he is or how he’s been. He’s dropped off the face of the planet, you actually haven’t seen him in a few months, and neither has Archie, and you can tell it’s taken a toll on him. Even you were starting to worry about him.

On your walk home from school you decide to take a different route. You had to cut through a few yards and walk down a trail through the woods at the back of your house, but the day was beautiful and you couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the leaves change.

You see a figure sitting on a bench with a big backpack on the path, and only when you get closer do you notice the familiar beanie. It’s over his eyes, like he’s sleeping.


“(Y/N)?” he jumps, nearly falling over. He lands in the leaves on the ground, his beanie falling off on the path. He straightens himself up, quickly grabbing his signature hat and putting it back on his black locks.

“Where have you been?” you ask, putting your hands on your hips.

“Around.” He says, putting his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt.

Really?” you raise your eyebrows, challenging him to tell you more.

“Yeah.” he responds, not taking the bait.

“Well Archie is worried half to death, so is Betty. You should probably talk to them.” You say, deflecting the conversation away from how you might be affected. You cross your arms and shuffle your feet on the path, causing some gravel to kick up and roll towards his feet.

“I have been. It’s only been like a week since I saw you guys anyway.” he shrugs.

You look up. Did he not realize how long he’s been gone? “It’s been two months, Jughead.” you tell him.

“Oh…really?” he raises his eyebrows this time, genuinely confused as to how that amount of time has passed.

“Yes. Please explain.” You state simply, looking at him.

“Why would I tell you?” he smirks, scoffing at the implication of telling me.

“Okay, whatever.” you brush it off. You are used to this by now, “Just please tell Archie about whatever this is.” you say, giving him a look up and down.

“What does that mean?” he challenges.

“You don’t think I don’t notice? You hanging out with all the serpents at the drive-in?” now it was your turn to raise your eyebrows at him.

He looks shocked, and doesn’t say a word.
“They’re making you a different person.” you tell him, walking away.

“Wait,” he says before you get too far.

“What?” you say, spinning on your heels and turning to face him again.

“I’m not hanging out with them.” he tells you, his eyes to the ground.

“Really? That’s what it looks like. And it hurts Archie, and Betty and it hurts-” you stop yourself from saying it hurts you. You’re too busy trying to pry it out of him you don’t notice that he’s looking at you now.

“Hurts what?” he probes.

“It hurts the relationship you have with them.” you cover for yourself.

It’s silent for a minute, you now meeting his gaze.

“Come with me.” he sighs, picking up his backpack and walking in the direction opposite of where you were going initially.

You didn’t argue, though.

Maybe today will be different, maybe today he’s decided not to hate you.

And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do

You make me love you

He leads you to the Drive-in, going to the back room.

He opens the door, leading you into a room with a mattress on the floor, a mirror on the wall, and some clothes and posters tossed carelessly around the space.

You instantly realize, that’s why he’s been spending so much time here. He lives here. This is his home, and nobody noticed it. Not even Archie knew.

“Jughead, why didn’t you come to any of us?” you finally ask, looking around the room, walking to the center.

“I can take care of myself.” he says simply.

“The thing is, you don’t have to. You have Archie, and Betty,” you say, looking him dead in the eyes.

“Really? Cause last time I checked you seem to hate me.” he takes his hands out of his sweatshirt, taking a few steps toward you.

“I’ve never hated you, Juggie.” you say, not breaking eye contact.

“Don’t,” he takes a breath,  “call me that.” His voice is rough and deep, pointing at me with every word. His eyes are flaring, yet stone cold. He is angry at something or someone, you can’t tell.

“I don’t know what I ever did to make you hate me, but I know I sure as hell wasn’t the one who started this.” you say, throwing your hands up in defeat, waiting for a response.

All he does is scoff.

“Fine, have fun being alone, but don’t say I never tried.” you say, pushing past him and making your way towards the door to leave.

“Tried? You’ve barely given me the time of day.” You turn around at this, walking back over to him.
“The only reason I haven’t is because you said you didn’t like me.” You tell him.

“Why would I say something like that?” he gets defensive.

“Don’t act like you don’t remember.” you scoff now, folding your arms once more and rolling your eyes.

He just stares at you.

“You don’t like me, I get it. I’ve moved on with my life. I’ve accepted it. You’ve never liked me.” you say, wanting the conversation to be over.

“I don’t think you do get it.” he says, looking down at his feet.

“Then tell me what I’m missing.”

“The way he looks at you. The way he smiles when you walk in the room. His attention, devoted to you.” he looks at you again, trying to meet your eyes.

“What? What are you talking about?” you ask, confused as ever.

“Archie! It’s clear he likes you. He has since 8th grade. I wasn’t stupid, (Y/N), I saw you dancing with him.” he nearly screams.

“Wait.. what?”

“He only had eyes for you.” He says, hurt now behind his eyes.

“Oh my god.” You put your hand to your head, bringing it down over your eyes. You can’t help but crack a smile and let out a little laugh at how fucked up the situation is. It’s been so muddled and there’s been so much miscommunication.

“What?” he says, his face a mix of confusion and sadness and still some anger.

“Jug, I like you.” You say without thinking.

“What?” he asks.

“He asked me to dance because Betty was in the bathroom. I thought he wanted to dance with her.” you ramble, not realize what he’s asking.

“No, no. What did you just say?”

You pause a moment, just hitting you that you just admitted that you liked him, that you still like him. He obviously heard it, there was no turning back now.

“I- I like you, Jug. I always have.” you let out with a sigh, unable to look at him.

You’re afraid of what he’s going to say, bracing yourself for another rejection. Instead, you feel his hand going to the back of your neck as he pulls you close, placing a kiss on your lips. It was sweet, and simple, a thousand words said in just one touch.

“I’m so sorry.” he whispers against your lips as you break apart, keeping your foreheads together.

“For what?”

“For saying I didn’t like you. When I saw you guys I got so mad, and when you came up to me afterwards it was the only thing I could think of. I was… well, I was in middle school.” he lets out a small laugh, unable to find another explanation.

“It’s okay, we both were.” you come back, letting out a small laugh as well.

He takes a small step back from you, brushing the hair out of your face with his fingers, but you can still feel the heavy weight in the air, a mix of your heavy breathing and the anticipation of what could happen next.

“I hate this.” Jughead breaks the silence, and you’re unable to read his expression.

You pause. The memory flashing in your mind. This was going to be a repeat of middle school, you could feel it.

“Hate what?” you ask this time.

“I hate that you make my stomach tie in knots, I hate what your smile does to my heart. I hate that I’ve liked you for such a long time, and I’ve been too blind to see that you liked me back.”

“There’s a fine, fine line between love and hate, Jughead,” you say, “you just have to decide which side to be on.”

“Then I don’t just like you, (Y/N),” he says. You can feel yourself stop breathing.

“I love you.”

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Requsts: “Can you do one for Klaus where he’s obliviously in love with virgin reader and when he leaves town, she’s upset about why. Bestie Stefan comforts her and she ends up riding his face. Klaus finds out,gets upset, returns to show her what she’s missing?” (Not really smutty even though it should be, but there are places where you can gather enough info to literally imagine it. I just couldn’t picture this one as smutty, just more like a drama. It was still fun to write!)

The anxiety building up to the point where Klaus broke your heart made you realize how lucky you were to be oblivious. You just wished you could go back to the days where guys wouldn’t break your heart. Where they wouldn’t make you fall in love with them and then crush you. You were an oblivious nineteen year old girl who fell for Klaus Mikaelson, you let this happen. If you hadn’t then you wouldn’t have to deal with this heart ache. ‘My past promises to keep you with me no matter the destination has brought me to realize your safety is key and not just my needs for you to be by my side. I have to let you go, Y/N.’

Just thinking about the way he was talking to you. He was hurt which made his normally bubbly and happy toned accent sound dreary and cold. You hated goodbyes, and it didn’t matter what they were about. Especially when somebody said goodbye to you. Somebody you loved. Repeating his voice in your head made you feel like he was right next to you, you could feel him there. But when you opened your eyes, he wasn’t there. You opened your eyes to the front door of the boarding house where your best friend Stefan lived.

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Bakugou saying I love you to his gf. He has a difficult time on saying it.

This says gf so I’m using she/her pronouns if that’s alright. *sigh* I need to go to bed soon it’s 1:10AM.

Admin G

It’s not that Bakugou doesn’t love his girlfriend, he does. If he wasn’t head over heels for her then he wouldn’t have confessed to her or asked her out. He’s aware that he’s not showy with his feelings and she isn’t in any way resentful about it, one of the many reasons he loves her. But, he can’t help but take the words, the whispers he hears, seriously.

That [Y/N], they’d say. Why would she go out with someone like Bakugou?


Why would you?

Why, when he can’t even say those three words outright? It should be simple for him! He’s done lots of scarier things than this being a hero in training. But, the reality, the levity of those words always left him thinking… if you knew how much you affected him, would you take advantage of it?

He shook his head. Of course, you wouldn’t do that. He tells himself that you won’t you won’t you won’t as he steadies his breathing and turns to look at you eating lunch next to him.

You look up from your food, concerned by the frustrated look on your boyfriend’s face. “You okay?”

God, she’s even pretty when she’s worried.’ He thinks and Jesus Christ he’s so gone for you. What comes out of his mouth is “You’re not an idiot.”.

You blink at him and laugh. “Thanks. That’s high praise coming from you.”

“I don’t have to tell you because it’s fucking obvious and you’re not an idiot, you should know.” Bakugou said without once stopping for air.

“Katsuki, reading minds is not my Quirk.” You answer, struggling to get a hold of the core of this conversation. “Is there something-”

“I’m in love with you.”

You freeze, staring into serious blood red eyes. You can see how hard this is for him and you dare not move, dare not breathe and risk destroying his composure. Your eyelids tremble with the need to blink and you think idly that this is what Aisawa must feel like all the time, like a tightened cord ready to snap.

“I’ve been… this way, for a long time. I don’t need to tell you-”

You get up from your seat and wrap your arms around him, biting back tears. “Thank you.” You say, kissing the side of his head. “Thank you. I love you too, Katsuki. It’s ok. You don’t need to say it. I’m not an idiot. I know. You show me everyday.”

Bakugou sighed as if only putting up with you because he’s got the patience of a saint. “I wanted to.” He says as he wraps his arms around you. “I said it because I wanted to.”


An old one but hey i wanted to share it

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Theo and i had been dating for about 3 months now but it has been a secret because my older brother Stiles hates Theo and i just don’t wanna go through all that with them. I was walking home in the rain. I could find Theo and Stiles already left so i didn’t really have a choice. When i came i saw a note from Stiles saying “i’m out i’ll be back at like 5”.

I ran up the stairs and headed straight to the bathroom i always kept my pajamas in there so i changed into those after a nice hot shower. I put on my short black shorts and a grey tight shirt and headed for my room. I didn’t even notice Theo sitting on my bed until i heard him cough. I spun around thinking it was a stranger but to my liking i saw Theo standing up.

“Hey beautiful” he said and kissed my lip.

I kissed him back and mumbled a “hey” between kisses. His hand started going to my ass before he broke the kiss

“i like these” he said referring to my shorts and i smiled. I had totally forgotten the time when me and Theo started undressing. We had never done it but we both really wanted although something was always in the way either it was Stiles being home or my dad. Once we were just about to but neither of us had a condom. Theo and i were in just our underwear and i was straddling him on the bed when we heard a knock on the door.

Before i could open my mouth to tell them to wait the door open revealing Stiles and my dad who looked horrified

“THEO” Stiles yelled making his way to the bed and pulling Theo out of my bed.

“STILES STOP” i yelled at him trying to cover myself.

“Who the hell is this” my dad said stepping and taking Theo from Stiles. I looked at them with so much anger. I knew what this looked like but they still couldn’t act like this. “

It’s my boyfriend Theo” i said sternly

“YOU CAN NOT DATE HIM” Stiles yelled from the other side of me bed “why not i” i was gonna continue but Theo cut me off

“sheriff please let me go and let me explain” Theo said pulling his arm away from my dad and putting on his pants and throwing me his shirt that i gladly put on.

“How long have you guys… Have you had… Omg what if you got pregnant… I’m losing my mind” Stiles said in bits and i got out of my bed and grabbed Theo’s hand.

“We have been dating for 3 months now.” I said not wanting to look at my dad

“have you guys…” Stiles started but couldn’t finish

“why does it matter” i asked getting angrier

“because it would be him taking my baby sister’s  innocence” he said looking right at Theo with a deadly look.

“I’M STILL A FUCKING VIRGIN” i said not waiting to have this conversation

“How old are you” my dad finally spoke up “17 sir” Theo answer him and i could see the disappointment in my father’s eyes “YOU’RE 17… THAT MY DAUGHTER SHE’S 15 THEO WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING” now he was the one yelling.

“Maybe you should go” i said while putting on my pants and giving Theo his shirt back. As Theo left i could feel my heart breaking. “Why the hell do you have to that” i asked when i knew Theo was gone

“HE’S 17 AND SUPERNATURAL” Stiles screamed he was gonna continue but my dad put a hand up signaling for him to stop

“do you love him” he asked calmly and that was the question i dreaded answering

“i… Dad i think i do”

Flower boy - Florist!AU

A/N: I know I haven’t been active in like 200 years but I’m back with this for you guys, credits to @doreimefasolaxiumin for sending me this au idea! This is for youu.

Working at a flower shop allows you to see the crevices of the human condition. Lovers gifting bouquets as a token of love and affection, bouquets to mourn a person’s death or a bouquet to put someone in a special light - for example a son or daughter’s graduation.

These are only the common reasons why people enter this small flower shop, however from time to time a strange costumer decides to pay a visit.

It was a quiet Tuesday when you were watering the white lilies who just got in a few hours ago. They were beautiful, and with the water sprayed on them even more beautiful as they caught the light. It will probably take a few more days for them to fully bloom but that doesn’t matter - you can admire them from behind the counter.

Suddenly, there was a familiar ring indicating a costumer entering the shop. “Welcome!” You greeted the costumer dressed in casual clothes and a low snapback, but didn’t get much of a reply. Instead he charged forward towards you and slammed twenty bucks on the counter with a loud bang.

The next thing he said had you in shock.

“How do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ in flower?” He stared at you with serious eyes.

You have heard it all before. Costumers asking for a certain meaning they want their flowers to express like ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’. Honestly, flowers having a language is the biggest bogus ever, but hey whatever sells, right?

Instead of giving a serious answer, which you opted but decided not to, you grabbed for a little note pad and started scribbling. “I don’t know what you are going through.” You replied, “But I know a guy who can help.”

You slide the paper across the counter and the stranger stares at you with incredulous eyes. “Look, you must think I’m joking, but I’m serious.”

“Okay..” You slide the paper back. He seems serious. You finally take a moment to get a good look at the stranger and conclude he’s quite the looker. His lips are pouty, his hair messy and his skin is milky. There’s a strong men-scent coming from him which is probably some perfume or deodorant but it’s not all chemical - actually it smells minty.

He is still staring at you, but now that you know he’s hot you start to grow a little nervous.

“So.. is it.. fuck you in a salty kind of way.. or the sexual kind?” You ask, and the strangers lips begin to pull. His serious face is gone and replaced by a smile he’s holding back.

“I wish it was the latter - but oh god no. It’s in the 'fuck you - how dare you, I hate you’ kind of way.” He places a hand on his hip and leans forward. “Why..?” There’s a cheeky smile on his face.

“I mean.. how should I know.” You walk away from the counter and start to collect three kind of flowers. Geraniums for stupidity, orange lilies for hatred and yellow carnations for disappointment.

He doesn’t say much after so instead you try to converse with the strangest costumer you have ever met. “I have never been asked such a special question.. 'fuck you’ in flower.. how did you even come up with that?”

“I’m a creative guy.” He shrugs and you roll your eyes.

“Seriously, why would you even want to spend money on someone you despise?” You hand him the bouquet after he has paid.

“My best friend Park Chanjerkface decided to tp my room and today is his anniversary with his girlfriend, but he totally forgot. So he asked me to get a bouquet. So, this is my sweet revenge.” You don’t quite understand him - or his friend but you are smart enough  not to ask any questions. Especially because this revenger is incredibly lame - yet sorta creative. “I want him to burn in his girlfriend’s anger.” He flashes a bright smile.

You try to turn the bouquet into something beautiful but the costumer stops you and says that goes against the whole message.

So you try to mess the whole thing up and you discover that your handsome costumer is quite the chatterbox. He introduces himself as Byun Baekhyun and begins to talk about his life as an university student. While you are working on the flowers he tells you he’s actually really into singing, he has a dog and he actually likes his friend despite wanting to strangle him.

You can see he is passionate and a energetic person, and you find yourself laughing to his lame jokes - which he blames the leader of his student house for.

About five minutes later you’re finally done and you hand him the bouquet. “Will that be all?”

“Yes,” he beams and takes the bouquet from your hands. You feel a little disappointed when you see him open the door of the stop.

But you don’t hear the ringing of the bell.

“Actually no.” He stops and turns back. What is he doing? “Can I get another bouquet with another message?”

“Sure.” You smile. “What message?”

He grins and you get curious. “How do you say 'Will you go out with me?’ in flower?”

A/N: If ur curious for the post I got this idea from: link 

Sharing a Bed

Pairing: Sam x Reader 
Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader 
Warnings: light swearing
Word count: 1212
Summary: The motel room only has two beds and no couches, so the Reader and Sam have to share. 
Tag list: @spnfanficpond @bambinovak @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @spectaculicious @writingthingsisdifficult @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @spnfanficpond@amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@lovekittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137

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Either Ask Her Out Or I Will Do It For You! (Lafayette x Reader)

You slowly disinfected and patched up the wound. Marquis de Lafayette, a french military officer had been brought into your portion of the hospital tent about ten minutes ago. A bullet had grazed his side in battle, and although it was nothing serious, it still needed to be cleaned and patched up in order to avoid infection. He was sitting upright on the hospital cot, as you fiddled with your roll of gauze. You pressed the material over the wound as he winced in pain.

“You really have to be careful out there, you know.” You said, finally securing the gauze on his ribcage.

“Ah, if this is all I suffer for independence and keeping you safe, it will be worth it.” he responded, in his thick french accent.

You reached into your bag and pulled out a bandage.

“Sir, this is not the first time you have been in to see me. Please be more careful. One of these days, the wound may be more serious.”

Mi amor, I will keep getting injured if that is what it takes to see you again.”

You scoff as you finish placing the bandage on him. You and Lafayette had a long history together. Ever since you first treated his dislocated knee, it seemed every time he got injured, he came running to you as quickly as possible. Since then, you’ve treated everything, from viruses to gunshot wounds. You didn’t mind at all, he was a very charming and handsome man. But there was no way he could have had interest in you. He was a busy, dedicated worker, with no time for a relationship. His flirting with you must have been a result of the pain killers.

“You need rest, sir.”

He sighed as he slowly lowered himself into a flat position, laying on the cot with his head propped up by a very thin pillow. 

“Thank you Miss (Y/N). You are truly un ange.”

You smiled.

“Please stay safe, sir.”

“Call me Marquis,” He responded.

You smiled, stepped away from the bed and pulled the curtain that surrounded the cot over. He needed to sleep and heal. 


Hours later, and it was time to check up on Lafayette, and clean his wounds again. As you approached the area, you could see that the curtain was still drawn over, but you could see a figure standing upright behind it. You began to rush.

“MARQUIS!” you yelled, and the figure turned its head around.

“You are not supposed to be standing up yet! That could reopen the w-” 

As you snatched the curtain back, you realized it was not Lafayette standing up, but instead Alexander Hamilton, visiting your patient. Lafayette was still lying in bed, a grin spreading across his face as you realized you had just screeched at the right hand man of your boss.

“Oh sir, please forgive me, I thought I saw Lafayette standing up, and that could have reopened the wound, and then we would have to start tr-” 

“Not to worry,” Alex replied, “I can tell you didn’t mean harm.”

“No sir, I am truly sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“Nonsense. In fact, Lafayette was just telling me about how smart, skilled, and cute his nurse is. And by what I’ve seen, he must be talking about you.” He smiled, grabbing your hand and kissing it. You blushed.

“Thank you, sir. I’ll…um… let you two finish your conversation.” You stammered, stepping our of the space and pulling the curtain over again. 

(He thinks I’m cute?)

You stepped over to a nearby cabinet to check the hospital inventory while you waited. Those pain killers you gave Marquis should have worn off by now, but apparently he was still saying delusional things.

“So that’s her?”

You paused. Obviously thinking that you were gone, Alexander and Marquis continued their conversation.

“Yes, she always takes care of me when I’m injured. Of course I don’t let any other nurse take care of me, but what’s the difference.”

“I don’t blame you, Laf. She’s gorgeous.”

(He always requests for me?)

“She’s incredibly intelligent as well. She speaks fluent french and is the most knowledgable nurse here.” Lafayette stated, completely unaware of your presence.

“Ask her out, Laf!”

“Ah, non. She is a busy woman, I am not good enough for her.”

“What are you talking about, Laf? You’re a great guy!”


“Either ask her out or I will do it for you!”

“Alex that’s a horrible ide-”

Hamilton burst through the curtian.


You spun around, pretending not to have heard the entire conversation.

“Is something wrong?”

“You see, my buddy, the idiot who got himself shot, has been telling me how ravishingly beautiful and intelligent you are,” he beamed. 

You glanced over to Laf. He had buried his face into his pillow. 

“He also would like to know if he, an idiot who got shot, might be able to take you out some night, ya know, after you heal his wound.”

You grinned and looked at Lafayette, still hiding his face in his pillow from embarrassment. 

“Does the idiot who got shot know how to dance?” you grinned.

You saw Laf peek out from the pillow.

“You bet he does!” replied Alexander, “He’s the full package! Able to dance and not entirely bulletproof!”

You laughed out loud.

“Well tell him that once I heal him up, I’d love to go dancing with him some night, and that he shouldn’t be so shy around a nurse.” You chuckled, giving Alexander a wink.

You turned on your heels, and walked out of the tent.

Once you exited, you heard two victory cries and the sound of a high-five.

You blush and smile to yourself. There revolutionaries have no clue how sound travels through cloth. 

Undeniable Heat Chapter 16 Devastated

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1250 Words

Chapter Summary: After Jensen sees you with Brad, the two of you have a confrontation in your make up trailer.

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Jensen! I’m so glad you’re here. When you didn’t show up I was worried!” You exclaimed, rushing inside to hug him, but he sat down quickly in your make up chair, startling you. Standing there awkwardly for a moment, you went to work, getting his make up ready. “Hopefully your morning hasn’t been too hectic so far.” You babbled, needing to feel the empty void, to keep yourself occupied from thoughts of the weird cold shoulder and Brad’s arrival.

“It’s been weird.” He answered, as if he was choosing his words carefully. You turned to face him, fully noticing his clenched jaw, and narrowed eyes. Grabbing a chair, you pulled it over to him in the tight space, sitting down in front of him.To keep you occupied, you began applying his makeup, as you spoke.

“It has been weird. If I could start this day all over I would. But enough about my problems, let’s talk about yours. Spill. We have half an hour until we need to get you ready to head to set, and your make up is light today.” You told him, reaching out to grasp his hand, but he pulled it back, then made it seem as if it wasn’t on purpose. But it still hurt, especially after seeing Brad for the first time in a while.

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EXO’s Reaction to you walking in on them while they’re changing.(OT9)

You are their crush and walks in on them changing. 


The moment you saw his abs, you couldn’t move. No matter what you did, it just didn’t work. He didn’t notice you at first, but when he did, his eyes widened. You quickly muttered an apology and rushed out of the room with a raging heartbeat, and he was left silently judging you. Or he tried to. He couldn’t deny the faint blush creeping upon his cheeks, and he ended up silently judging himself for falling more and more for you after every day that passed. 

Originally posted by cosmicanomie


Suho was so flustered after spotting you suddenly standing right in front of him. Or at least so you thought. The thoughts running through Junmyeon’s head in that moment were less pure, but he kept his composure in front of you and feigned innocence. 

Originally posted by asstheticsuho


You had no idea he would be inside that exact room, but here he was; half naked and genuinely shocked. He misheard your apologies and thought you blamed him for literally everything. The next time he saw you, he was trying to stay at a respectable distance and became even more confused, when you moved closer to him and started a conversation. In the end he was just happy you were happy and didn’t hate him, so he had already forgot everything about it the next day. 

Originally posted by pinkjonginie


When his eyes caught yours, he suddenly lost his shell. You could see right through him, and he just stood awkwardly in front of you. He had no idea what to do. You had been his crush ever since you first met, and he had never had any clue to how he should act around you and neither had you. Your eyes quickly glanced down at his abs, but Baekhyun easily caught you. He glanced down at himself as if to assure himself that the six-pack, he had worked so hard for, still was there. When he looked up again, you were gone, and he was disappointed in both himself and you for being so awkward and incapable of having a normal conversation. 

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Of course the first thing Chen did was scream. You were not surprised. The rest of EXO were not surprised. SM was not surprised. Even God had seen it coming.  

Originally posted by princewangeun


He saw his whole year pass before his eyes, and made a big deal out of it even though all you really had seen was a foot, because he had been putting on some black socks, when you walked in.

Originally posted by r-velvets


This boy was mortified. Never will he ever be able to forget such a traumatic experience like you, his all-time crush, walking in on him half naked. 

Originally posted by exoplathot


Here you were the one suffering. Kai blushed cutely and did his signature half smile, before he threw on a shirt and hurried up on stage. You had a hard time getting through the concert, since you couldn’t think straight, and you had finally just persuaded yourself to relax and enjoy the concert, when Kai did a hip thrust so strong, you had to go lay down. 

Originally posted by johnlock-saranghae


This bastard was so smug and kept coming with comments about how you couldn’t stay away from him even weeks after the incident. You found it so annoying, and it was a joke, that got old really fast, but Sehun lived for the blush, that would appear on your cheeks, whenever he mentioned it. He denied it to himself, though. He kept trying to convince himself, that he did it, because it was funny to see you annoyed, but whenever you would hide your reddening face in your hands, his heart would miss a beat. 

Originally posted by the-fault-in-our-sebooty

Hope you liked it<3 Remember everything is just for fun, and I did not intend to trigger anything or sound rude. 

Knullrufs (A Michael Fanfic Pt 5)

College!Michael AU

Knullrufs-(n.) the messy, tangled, and disheveled post-coital bed hair

Summary: Michael is the resident hook-up savant at Y/N college. Notorious for great one night stands and never being with the same girl twice, Y/n starts to wonder what all the talk is about.

A/N: I haven’t updated in like 4 months. So here you go!

Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four

I text my mom early the next morning letting her know about the change of plans with my new, sex-crazed, plus one. (I left out the sex-crazed part)

“So who’s this guest your bringing?” She asked skeptically. “And why is he just now coming?”

“He’s my…friend,” I struggled with what to call him for the longest time, deciding friend might do. “And he wasn’t able to spend the Holidays with his family so invited him to come.”

“Mhmm.” My mom replied not really believing me. “Well that’s alright sweetie, we’ll set out an extra plate. Are you on your way?”

I paused hanging my last bag to Michael as he threw it in the back of his car. “Yeah we’re leaving now.” I walked up to the front passenger seat and hopped in. “Okay, love you, bye.”

The car ride there was surprisingly tame. Especially since we were driving for over 3 hours. It was filled with the occasional thigh grab, but then he’d just take his hand away like nothing happened, like something else crossed his mind. It wasn’t until we finally parked outside of my house that I actually said something. 

 "Are you okay?“ I asked as he handed me one of my bags from the trunk. 

"Yeah, I’m fine, why?” He answered a little too fast. 

 I scoffed, realizing what his problem is. 

“Are you nervous?" 

 "What! No!” He faked a laugh, “well, maybe a little." 

 I smiled, the fact that he was nervous caused my heart to flutter. "It’s gonna be fine! My parents are really nice. Killing you’s not gonna be the first thing they do.” I laughed walking up to the door. 

 "You’re just a source of comfort you know that.“ He grumbled pulling at his shirt. 

"Stop that!” I swatted at his hand, “you look…” I paused taking in his maroon shirt, black jeans, and leather jacket he was sporting. I bit my lip while meeting his eyes, my hands inching their was up his chest. “You look good.” Mikey smirked, his hands going to my waist. There was a second of calm before he pushed me against my parents house. My on of my legs wrapping around him, his hands reaching up my side and taking a hold of my ass.

 "What if I just fuck you right here?“ He breathed against my neck. I had no intention of actually having sex on my parents door step but if it got his mind off what was stressing him out I was going to happily be a distraction for him. I grabbed his hair, bringing his face up so I could place a kiss on his lips, him quickly returning the favor. Everything was perfectly fine until we heard the front door start to open. I quickly pushed him off me, fixing my sweater, and hair. To my surprise, when the door fully opened I found two little kids smiling up at me. 

 "Aunt Y/N!” They screamed running at me. “Babies!” I yelled bending down so I could wrap them in a giant hug. 

“I didn’t know y'all were coming.” I pulled away looking at my 4 and 6 year old niece and nephew. 

 "Well we weren’t going to miss it, now were we.“ I heard my oldest sister laugh opening the door. An excited yelp came out of my mouth and through my arms around her. We both laughed and greeted each other. "And who is this?” She asked as we pulled away looking towards Michael still standing awkwardly in the door way. I wish I would’ve taken a picture because nobody back at school had probably seen Michael in such a state. 

I walked back to him and quickly yanked him inside the house. It wasn’t long before we were completely surrounded by my family and some friends. Michael’s communication skills consisted of polite smiles, nods, and vague answers. It wasn’t for a few hours when the crowd finally left and it was just my mom, dad, sister, Michael and I. My parents were insisting Michael stay in the guest room while my sister and I stay in our own.

“No dad, he’s staying with me” I insisted.

“I thought he was just a friend?” 

“He is, but he’s also a cute friend.” I challenged crossing my arms over my chest.

My dad sighed, cursing the stubbornness that he gave me. “Fine, but he stays on the couch.” 

“Of course!” (He wasn’t staying on the couch) 


My parents gave Michael and I some time to settle in. Take our stuff upstairs, shower, (together my I add. They should really thank us for conserving water) and then back downstairs in time for dinner. 

The dinner was about as awkward as someone would expect. The kids had gone to bed so my parents brought out the holiday wine that they passed to Michael, my sister, and I. After a few minutes I realized how bored I was, and how great Michael looked in a black button down and jeans. I decided to have a little fun of my own. 

As I carried a conversation I placed a hand on to Michael’s knee, every now and then inching it up a little further. At first he didn’t seem to notice, but soon there was no way he could ignore it. I let my fingers absently glide of his outline, applying pressure liberally, just trying to get arouse out of him.

I had him biting his lip and gripping the table cloth when my mom asked him, “So Michael, what are you majoring in?” 

He seemed to be shocked back into reality. Clearing his throat before responding. “Neuroscience.”

As soon as he answered I realized I hadn’t even known his major, or anything about him really. Though this interested me slightly, not nearly as much as the thought of him cumming right in front of my parents. So I kept at my work, now going achingly slow against him. 

“I’m impressed.” My mom nodded, “What do you plan to do with your degree?”

Michael never ceases to amaze me. He had such a ready answer for all of her and my dad’s questions. I guess I never took Michael for the ‘plan ahead’ kind of guy. So far I had learned that he’s studying Neuroscience so he can study the theory of a Connectome. (basically having a computer mimic the neuron movement of an actual brain. Artificial intelligence kind of thing.) And the answer kept coming with every question, despite his preoccupation down stairs.

“What do your parents think of your studies?”

He was too focused on countering my actions to think about the question. To think about how he would usually answer that, because everyone went silent when he half-spkoe-half-moaned.  “They’re dead.”


Hey so do y’all remember this series! Cause I obviously didn’t for 4 months! I’m sorry! But it’s back and here it is and I love you and let me know if you want a PT.6 or if your just done with me…cause honestly same. 

anonymous asked:

i just started following your account & i like it a lot, everything is just amazing ! im new to tumblr & fan accounts so i dont know how they work and stuff but if you do writing prompts can you do one with betty being new in town & meets the gang at pops. like they see her by herself & then like have bughead in there too.. but if you dont its ok, please never stop posting though ❤

Hey! Thank you so much, that’s so sweet. Here it is, I hope it’s okay! It’s long lol.

New To Town

Alice placed the last box of kitchen utensils on the counter. “Done, finally.” She huffed.

“I’m going to unpack my room,” Polly said as she checked her phone - again - for messages from her friends in their old town.

“Elizabeth, make yourself useful and walk over to Pop’s, would you? Grab us all dinner? I’m too tired to cook.”

Betty nodded, knowing better than to protest.

Alice gave Betty quick instructions on how to get to Pop’s. She accepted the money her mom handed her.

Betty found some earbuds in her backpack and plugged them into her phone, slipped on her shoes, and walked out the door.

Betty admired the streets of her new town, walking quickly to her destination.

She spotted Pop’s and headed inside, the doors chiming above her.

“Hi, we called in an order for Cooper? Four burgers and two large fries.” Betty said to the man behind the counter, popping out an earbud.

Pop nodded his head. “Still on the grill. It’ll be a couple minutes. Have a seat and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” He waved a hand toward the booths on his left, across from four teenagers, laughing loudly.

Betty sighed and looked at her phone, then strolled over to the empty booth.

“Did I hear you say Cooper? As in Elizabeth?” A pretty brunette called to her before Betty had the chance to sit down.

Betty nodded slowly. “Betty, actually, but yeah. That’s me.”

“I’m Veronica.” She extended a hand towards Betty.  "Veronica Lodge.“ She pointed  to the boy sitting next to her. “This is Kevin, he’s fabulous. And this is -”

“Archie Andrews,” The redheaded boy across from Veronica said smiling. “And this is Jughead Jones.”

“Jughead?” Betty smiled,furrowing her brows.

“It’s a family name.” Jughead laughed. “And actually, it’s Jughead Jones the third.”

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