how that conversation should have gone

How this conversation actually should have gone for my JK at the end of Shadow of Revan
  • Satele: you embody every ideal in the Jedi Code
  • Jedi Knight:
  • Satele:
  • Jedi Knight:
  • Satele:
  • Jedi Knight: you do realize that I spent the entire night banging your son righ--
  • Satele: we're naming you Battlemaster of the Order
  • Jedi Knight: are you even listening to me
  • Satele: the Council is unanimous
  • Jedi Knight: no stop

One of the reason I stay up late because I’m hoping that you would be online and I have the chance to talk to you. You know how much I miss you and I am willing to somehow stay up late just for our midnight conversation. I actually miss how we used to talk. It started out in the morning, greeting each other and tell to wake up and dont forget thy breakfast. Next, it goes throughout the day till evening talking what happened to the whole day. Since we enjoyed each other’s company, we stay up late, having midnight conversations about sweet nothings, and I really miss those. At this moment, I just want you to know that I miss you. I stay up late again because I’m already used to this set-up of ours. But you’re gone now, maybe I should stop and start sleeping early in the evening.

Scandalous Rumours of Dorian and the Inquisitor
(edited banter)
Scandalous Rumours of Dorian and the Inquisitor

Giselle: “Your Worship, you must know how this looks.  His presence at your side, the rumours alone.”

Inquisitor: “Everything you’ve heard? Completely true.”

How that conversation should have gone, in my opinion.

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I think our daughter would have a different opinion on that.  You know how much she hates it when we’re gone.  I’m expecting the cold shoulder for at least 24 hours after we get back, which is, of course, her right.  But you’re very welcome, and we should do it again.  I suppose the wedding is sneaking up, and we’ll have some time away again then.

But, speaking of Watson, I thought that when she gets a little older, we could bring her here over Christmas.  We could get an apartment, or a two bedroom suite.  It’s beautiful that time of year.  Perhaps we could take her to see ‘The Nutcracker’.  Do you think she’d like that?  I suppose it’s too soon to know if she’ll like ballet.

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The emotions of both characters were completely understandable and justified and important. And I literally had to unfollow a ton of Klance/Shallura shipper because THEY were calling either Allura or Keith racist or abusive to trash the ship. And honestly, even if I want Shallura to become, I don't think it's fair to be like ship x (except sha/adin) is bad because look at their first interactions when there're still 4 seasons to go and basically anything can happen...

I agree that some shippers can take things too far - but there is sort of an underlying racist tone within the ka///llura narrative arc, as of season two. Allura’s treatment within the narrative is explained more thoroughly in these posts, here, and here than I could hope to explain.

This post shows how the conversation should have gone to actually give equal respect to both characters and their narratives within this conflict, giving both of them fair treatment, rather than making Allura out to be the bad guy. 

I do agree that shippers can blow things way out of proportion, but it is important to determine what is just pointless hate, and what is actual reasonable criticism, of any relationship. 

some upsetting, scattered emmeryn meta, mostly regarding her spotpass self

that i wrote at like 3-4 in the morning on plurk a few days ago and am transcribing with minimal edits, with a healthy dose of not liking post-spotpass m!robin/emmeryn

When the NPC villager who’s taken her in after she gets the fuck out of dodge/the Grimleal sacrificial pyre introduces her to Chrom and crew, he says, “She doesn’t comprehend as you or I,” says she speaks with the words of a child when she does–


–anyway SO THE THING IS this dude totally devalues her capabilities right off the bat. Throughout the paralogue, she is very clearly having a lot of trouble with this whole speaking thing, but in literally every conversation she has after that—look at any of her supports, any of her other paralogue quotes—she’s so much more articulate, comparatively. And the difference is at that point, she is actively with people who are talking to her instead of about and around her all the time. She is having conversations on a regular basis and even though she struggles to speak still, she gets better, in small doses, just because she has people around. It’s especially apparent in her supports with m!Robin, she makes leaps and bounds in progress (but not with f!robin which UPSETS ME DEEPLY like god fuck this notion that romance has ~fixed~ her, anyway) just by having him constantly stopping by and talking with her.

So the thing is that two years at an absolute minimum have passed since Emmeryn’s misadventures in skydiving and this paralogue, probably a few years longer given that a war has passed an an apocalypse is in the middle of transpiring, and who knows what the fuck she was doing traipsing about Plegia all that time–but no one in all that time spent long enough just talking to her and treating her like a damn person for her to practice her speech enough to consistently use multisyllablic words. So she has spent 2+ years being infantilized and being treated like this broken thing instead of a person who has some issues! And it doesn’t even stop.

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Of course the lovely @granteares comes at me again with inspiring ExR  prompts <3

It was going surprising well. Better then either of them would have ever imagined. 

They’d both come adorably overdressed, nervous about impressing the other, had made it to a lovely restaurant with no awkward lulls in conversation or anything even close to an argument. 

As far as first dates go, Enjolras and Grantaire were doing pretty well.

That was until Enjolras reached his hand across the table and gently held Grantaires. The blush that grazed his cheeks was distracting, but not distracting enough. 

For the old couple behind them had let out a disgusted noise and made a snide comment about how the world had gone to the sinners.

Enjolras knew he probably should have ignored them, that he probably shouldn’t have turned around and dumped his glass of red wine onto the old Lady’s head, should not have stood up and started an angry tirade against the man that got them kicked out.

He’d never doubted himself, but now standing on the curb a few blocks away from the restaurant they were now surely banned from he was pacing, fuming and vaguely wondering why he couldn’t leave things be just once.

When he finally calmed down enough, he sat by the curb and ran his hands through his hair, an unsettling amount of guilt running through him. He doubted that after tonight he’d be lucky enough to see Grantaire again let alone begrudge a second date out of him.

“I’m so sorry Grantaire. I can’t believe I got us kicked out. But you heard them right? I mean how could I just let them say that stuff. It makes me so mad! Of course you know that. I shouldn’t have called her an overpompous bigot, perhaps that went too far… But I’ve completely ruined tonight and-” He paused in his monologue to look regretfully at Grantaire. “Why are you smiling at me?”

“Oh I’m just thinking…” Grantaire said still smiling and looking down at his feet as he kicked the pavement “When our future kids ask us to tell the story about our first date they’ll have no idea what they’re in for.”

Enjolras was taken back. “Wait… Future kids? You’ve thought about that?”

“Oh my God. That came out wrong.” He hid his face beneath his hands. “You’re going to think I’m like obsessed with you or something. I promise, I’m not! Well maybe a little bit but not in a creepy way! I was just thinking about how fun this was and what a great time we were having and my mind kind of wondered and don’t freak out or anything I’m not saying I want to just go and start having babies or- okay that came out wrong again-”

“So what your saying…” Enjolras said interrupting Grantaire’s babbling “Is that you’ve thought about a future with the two of us together?”

Grantaire cringed and ran a hand absently through his hair before giving Enjolras a curt nod.

“So…” Enjolras said slowly. “Does that mean you’ll let me take you on a second date?”

Grantaire looked confused for a second before his entire face lit up and a blush spread over his cheeks. Enjolras laughed and stood up from the pavement, giving him a soft peck on the cheek and lamenting the way his eyes sparkled under the streetlights.

“Only on one condition.” Grantaire said, his confidence returning and a sly smile spreading on his face. “You have to let me ruin the next one. I can’t let you have all the fun.”

See the full infographic here. 

Our Favorite Social Media Facts and Stats: Tumblr 

Social media changes quickly, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest usage information for the top channels. We thought we’d make it easier by rounding up our five favorite nuggets for our four favorite social networks: Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

First up? Tumblr. Just for you, Tumblr. 


  1. Tumblr is a night owl. 42% of all Tumblr activity takes place between 5pm and 1am ET (Source). Takeaway: Brands should try posting outside of traditional business hours to see how their content performs.
  2. Disney is by far the most popular brand on Tumblr, seeing more overall activity and stronger engagement than any other brand - nearly two times more (Source). Takeaway: Consider a Tumblr presence to join in on the fan conversation that inevitably already exists around your brand.
  3. 50% of Tumblr users have gone out and bought something they’ve seen on their dashboard (Source). Takeaway: Make it easy for your followers to buy the things you show them on their dash. With the ”Buy” button introduced last year, it’s easier than ever.
  4. Saturday and Sunday are the most active days on Tumblr (Source). Takeaway: Have a content plan for the weekends. Pay attention to when the most original content is published (bonus stat: that’s 4pm on Sunday) and see how your content performs posted at or around that time.
  5. Fandom thrives on Tumblr (Source). Takeaway: Movies and television shows should know that their fandoms are on Tumblr, and they are legion. Incorporate fan art (like Teen Wolf) or photos (like Doctor Who) into your content strategy where it makes sense. Make fans feel heard, and appreciated.

Many of these come from Union Metrics research, so feel free to check out our resources page or see how we can help you measure your efforts in each of these places, if you’re eager to see how your after-hours Tumblr queue is paying off.

okay but i just keep thinking about how natasha’s arc in AoU could have been SO MUCH BETTER! like even the sterilization thing could have been less gross under the right circumstances. because i’m sure it DOES affect natasha. and i’m not opposed to a nat who wants children and is deeply affected by how the ability to have them was forcefully stripped from her. but that conversation needed to happen with someone she actually has been shown to have enough of an emotional connection with to talk about something so deeply personal. nat doesn’t share even the most superficial parts of her history easily, let alone something like this.

in my head how this conversation could have/should have gone down:

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it’s just such a bummer. i always thought there would be more time and more to learn about lexa. sure we saw plenty of the commander, but lexa we barely knew. even clarke didn’t know enough about lexa. like her parents, or what she was like as a kid. is she a morning person? is she funny when she doesn’t have to be so serious? does she cry when she’s alone, or always hold it in? all the conversations she should still be having with clarke that will never happen. holding clarke’s hand. expressing her affection in words. telling clarke how much it means to her that they got a chance to be together romantically because we know lexa was so starved for closeness, for love. lexa hugging clarke and never wanting to let go. we’ll never see it. she’s just gone. she shouldn’t be gone