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Omg sin nights are my fav, can you do Rhys and amren because I'm curious😂😂

Alright wait a minute I know I said I was done with Sin Night requests but YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO SEND THIS IN SO HERE TF WE GO

Okay so you know how Rhys canonically invited Amren into his bed and she laughed? CHANGE OF PLANS. SHE SAYS, “…I suppose I have nothing better to do tonight.” And he just FLIPS, like loses his cool seductive composure for a full 3 seconds and she just grins at him wickedly and he is already regretting this decision because SHE MIGHT KILL HIM?

So AMREN leads the way to his chambers barely sparing him a backwards glance, flinging the door open with her magic as she strips casually. Rhys is PANTING, like Amren terrifies him but also arouses him to no end and his lovers are usually intimidated by him and his power (rightfully so) on some level, but Amren could not give less of a fuck.

She’s naked at this point and he’s just staring with his mouth open and she lays back at the edge of the bed, spreading her legs slightly. He’s frozen.

“Well?” She asks, and he meets her silver eyes. “It’s not going to lick itself.”

And then Rhys is jumping into action and he is UNDER PRESSURE OKAY Amren is way older and more experienced than him and he KNOWS this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he better not mess it up. So he jumps right into it, using his mouth and his fingers and he is controlled and intentional with his every movement and she tastes like fire on his tongue and she’s??? Actually into it???

He goes hard as a rock at the sound of her deep moans and he knows she means them because Amren would never give him or any other lover pity moans of any sort and that only spurs him on more. She grabs his hair HARD and he kind of yelps against her sex and she just chuckles wickedly, arching her back. He uses both hands and his tongue on her and when she comes his room SHAKES and her whole body arches.

She takes maybe two breaths to collect herself after she comes down from the high and then she’s sitting up. Rhys is staring at her wide eyed with his lips swollen and she chuckles. She pats him on the cheek, leans down to inspect his hard on, then just nods and stands up, stepping around him easily.

“Don’t even think about telling those other three idiots about this. They won’t believe you.”

She disappears and Rhys just stares open mouthed at where she had just been standing.

She was right. They didn’t believe him.

if you are still certain that mystal is real…

why did they only post HQ pics?
why were those HQ pics only taken four days prior?
why didn’t larzaylea get a photoshoot?
what was the purpose for that shoot - to show they are in love? who tf does that? even if you are famous.

if you still think @exposing-the-fakes is not legit…

how come she has predicted multiple things days or weeks in advance and they all came true?
how come when I SENT IN AN ANON SAYING “*waits for cashton to mock the pic*” and she replies “don’t make me call them” and then like less than a few hours later, oh sheit, CASHTON MOCK LARZAYLEA? (bc larzaylea is real and mystal is pr)

there is nothing wrong with mystal being strictly pr. so many celebrities do this. someone submitted to diana’s tumblr and they stated that the pr is like a brain wash. tabloids and gossip sites work on articles about the couples which causes you to think about that said celebrity without even realising that it’s promotion for their work. it is sad but thats how hollywood works, people. and no offence but crystal has made so many boo boos in this entire pr stunt. and shame on modest for hiring a girl who WORKS IN PR to be in the client couple. like at least with bryana it was more believable (though it was half real) and other PR couples (who i wont list because we dont need more drama) have been way more believable than this.

all i’m gonna say is check out @exposing-the-fakes and @xxheyitzcaitxx because they are legit. don’t go there sending hate but hold tf, lie low and watch their predictions come true, bitches.

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Im like real emo rn i just transferred colleges so i have no friends here, i feel like a failure bc its really hard for me to make friends like how tf?? Do?? People?? Make?? Friends???

you’re asking the absolute worst person to answer this question. this girl started texting me today wanting to hang out sometime and it’s been like 8 hours and i still don’t know how to reply lmao

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For karabita: Laundry? Did karamatsu ever learn to do any chores?

time to attempt to learn how tf to write karamatsu’s dialogue, haha. hope you like this short lil tidbit! 

When Karmatsu asks, “Ah, my friend, why has such a strange expression graced your lovely face?” it’s a little difficult for Chibita to bite his tongue instead of reply, “I just wasn’t expecting you to be competent enough to fold laundry.”

Instead, Chibita says, “You fold shirts different.” Which is at least partly true, because Chibita doesn’t fold his shirts at all. He finds it a waste of time - what’s the point in folding something you’re just going to hang up in a closet anyway? Same with his pants and shorts. Sometimes Chibita will fold them over just to make them smaller, a little more flat, but the small man can’t honestly remember the last time he sat down and folded clothes. 

Karamatsu, however, was now surrounded by neatly folded garments belonging to both of them. Rather than separate them into two piles (one for him, one for Chibita), he was sorting them by color. The fact that he was mixing them up should’ve annoyed Chibita, but mostly it just made his stupid heart beat a little too hard.

Putting a finger to his chin, Karamatsu nodded, and dished out a painful grin. “But of course! In order to do laundry quickly, one must learn to grab hold of their daring heart and take risks! Only the most efficient and effective method is worth the trouble at all…”

Chibita snorted. “You make it sound like you’re running a marathon.”

Karamatsu only smiled, and Chibita watched him pull another shirt - one of Chibita’s - from the basket. The smaller man then watched as Karamatsu skilfully snapped the shirt free of wrinkles, then did something with his hands, and suddenly it was a neat little rectangle. 

Chibita’s nostrils flared. “Ehh?? How the hell did you do that, idjit?”

With a deep chuckle (a real one, Chibita noted, and then frowned - how come he could tell the difference?) Karamatsu placed the shirt in the pile of yellows. “Quite often, I would take it upon myself to relieve my siblings of their laundry duty. In a house of eight, there’s often quite a lot to get done.”

“So folding a hundred shirts every week made you a master,” Chibita grumbles. His roommate said he ‘took it upon himself’ to do the laundry, but Chibita knows better. The other five shittymatsus probably either convinced, threatened, or simply dumped the chore on Karamatsu, knowing the second-eldest wouldn’t protest. He did that a lot around the house too - doing things either without prompting or as soon as Chibita suggested it. 

It was a surprise, honestly. Most of Chibita’s trepidation with accepting Karamatsu’s request to move in was thinking he would be a messy, useless roommate. It seemed the guy was pretty well-versed in keeping up with chores, though. It must’ve been a much lighter load in comparison too, given there was only one other person to worry about and not seven. 

Karamatsu doesn’t hear the bitterness in Chibita’s tone (the oden stand owner half-suspects Karamatsu learned how to completely tune out ‘bitterness’ and ‘sarcasm’). Instead he chuckles again and says while folding a disgustingly bedazzled pair of jeans, “Just call me sensei! I shall teach you the ways of laundering.”

Chibita cant help a snicker. He shifts so he’s sitting next to his roommate. “Alright then, Karamatsu-sensei, show me how to do that thing with the shirt.”