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Why the shows treatment of Yin Fen bothers me

*spoilers for if you are not up to date with either the show or infernal devices*

In the show you are introduced to yin fen as if it were any other recreational drug. Izzy gets hooked on it and displays the typical drug addict symptoms: cravings, fever, jitteriness, ect.  She is shown to be addicted to it, she is willing to do anything to get more of it; she is shown to be a very typical, unflatteringly painted, drug addict.

This completely destroys and undermines Jem Carstairs’ entire character arc.

It is immediately established in Clockwork Angel that Jem is not a drug addict in the common sense. Yin fen is not a metaphor for meth or cocaine or any other recreational drug. It is a metaphor for the wasting, cureless diseases of the day, such as consumption or typhoid or something:

A hero […] who was condemned to die young of a fatal demonic illness, no matter how desperate the efforts were to save him, just as in reality victims of consumption sickened and died without penicillin(Forward of Clockwork Princess, pg. 4) 

Clare states it clearly herself, yin fen is not a recreational drug like the show made it to be.

By giving Izzy this plotline, they have ruined any chance of Jem’s arc making any sense at all. People would see that Jem is addicted to yin fen and not be able to understand why he can’t just kick the habit. It wouldn’t make any sense that the drug is killing him, turning his hair and eyes silver and paling his skin, because this very obviously not what happens to Izzy. Izzy isn’t dying, she just feels like she is. 

It is made very clear that Jem hates what yin fen has done to him. He hates that he must rely on it, he despises how it has stolen his life from him. And while he compares it to the Opium in China and himself to the addicts(thus offering a compelling metaphor about colonialism and racism):

The British bring opium into China by the ton. They have made a nation of addicts out of us. In Chinese we call it ‘foreign mud’ or ‘black smoke’. In some ways Shanghai, my city, is built on opium. It wouldn’t exist as it does without it. The city is full of dens where hollow-eyed men starve to death because all they want is the drug, more of the drug. They’ll give anything for it. I used to despise men like that. I couldn’t understand how they were so weak.


There was one thing they couldn’t fix, though. I had become addicted to the substance the demon had poisoned me with. My body was dependent on it the way an opium addict’s body is dependent on the drug.

(Clockwork Angel, ch. 15, pg. 339-340)

He also makes it very clear that the drug is more of an bastardized medicine:

After weeks of experimentation they decided that nothing could be done: I could not live without the drug. The drug itself meant a slow death, but to take me off it would mean a very quick one.

The yin fen is what keeps Jem alive, and he despises that. He wants to burn bright like Will does, he wants to live to grow old with Tessa(though not for her but that’s another rant). This why he throws it in the fire in Clockwork Princess, why he was taking less of it. He loathes relying on it. 

This is not the case with Izzy. Izzy, like most drug addicts, craves how good the yin fen makes her feel. She actively wants more of it. It is not a unavoidable and cruel medicine, it is a recreational drug. 

But the worst aspect of this is that it plays right into the negative and degrading view the other Shadowhunters have of Jem and further causes and creates Jem’s greatest fear. 

The books works extremely hard to make it very clear that Jem Carstairs is not a drug addict. It is consistently referred to as his illness, the other characters work hard to combat this kind of thinking in the novels themselves. This plays into the vilification of the Lightwoods especially, with Gabriel constantly saying awful and derogatory things about Jem:

“You’re a decent Shadowhunter, James,” [Gabriel] said, “and a gentleman. You have your–disability, but no one blames you for that.”

(Clockwork Angel, ch. 9, pg. 206)

“I think,” Gabriel said, “that perhaps you might consider whether jokes about opium are either amusing or tasteful, given the…situation of your friend Carstairs.”

Will froze. Still in the same tone of voice, he said, “You mean his disability?

Gabriel blinked. “What?”

“That’s what you called it. Back at the Institute. His ‘disability’.” Will tossed the bloody cloth aside. “And you wonder why we aren’t friends.”

(Clockwork Angel, Ch. 11, pg. 269)

Not only this, but the scenes during and after Jem retrieves Will from the Drug Den, are extremely telling.

When Jem drags Will out of the den, the reader sees him lose his temper for the first time:

“You did not have to come and fetch me like some child. I was having quite a pleasant time.” 

Jem looked back at him. “God damn you,” he said, and hit Will across the face, sending him spinning. Will didn’t lose his footing, but fetched up against the side of the carriage, his hand to his cheek. His mouth was bleeding. He looked at Jem with total astonishment.

(Clockwork Prince, ch. 9, pg. 195)

In this moment, Jem is so blindingly angry at Will, even Tessa observes herself how this was so utterly unlike him, because he feels as if Will is mocking Jem and his addiction by going and getting high on a drug when Jem is literally dependent and dying because of the yin fen.

“There’s no cure,” […] “I will die, and you know it, Tess. Probably within the next year. I am dying, and I have no family in the world, and the one person I trusted more than any other made sport of what is killing me.”


“He knows what it means to me,” he said. “To see him even toy with what has destroyed my life–”

(Clockwork Angel, ch. 9, pg. 200)

Because Jem has to battle against the label of a drug addict everyday, and his biggest fear is that he is just a addict, that that’s all anyone sees. He hates that label. Which, as seen, is openly talked about in the books. This is such a big deal that Will actually apologizes for it:

“I went to that den because I could not stop thinking about my family, and I wanted–I needed–to stop thinking,” said Will. “It did not cross my mind that it would look like I was making a mockery out of your sickness. I suppose I am asking your forgiveness for my lack of consideration.”

(Clockwork Prince, ch. 11, pg. 247)

Even though Will makes a point to never apologize about anything so that others will hate him. He apologizes to Jem for this thoughtlessness because he realizes how royally he messed up. 

All of this is totally disregarded in Izzy’s storyline. People entering into TID after watching the show will be confused and not understand how Jem is sick and dying and is not really a drug addict at all. In short, they will enter into the novels with a prejudice and misunderstanding of Jem, and see him just like the other Shadowhunter’s do: a weak drug addict.

tl;dr: the show totally ruins and misconstrues and mocks Jem’s character arc by giving Izzy such a typical(and utterly incorrect) recreational drug addict storyline and I am furious about it.


Pairing: Tom Holland X Pregnant! Reader

Word Count: 695 (not too long)

Basis: Compilations of dogs protecting pregnant readers from the father

Warnings: Swearing, aggressive Tessa

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It’s Too Cold (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: 1. “Your hair is so soft..”

3. “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.”

+ this imagine was inspired this photo (aka the reason why I’m dead):

Warnings: None

Word Count: 802

A/N: Idk how to write for Tom Holland so this is for Peter. 

Y/N was hobbling in the streets, trying to get to her boyfriend’s house, Peter. The reason she was waking heavily and tripping every five seconds was because how exhausted she was; also the weather was freezing too. She had been studying for her final exams for three weeks and the projects were killing her. She was stressed than ever, not just because of the weight of the exams, but she was truly concerned about her future too.

Peter was no different, that was the reason why they planned on taking a day off, relaxing and finally spending alone time after weeks without mentioning homework.

She squeezed her hands more tightly in her pockets; her knuckles were probably redder than ever. All she wanted was a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. She dreamt of spending the night at Peter’s cuddling and watching the movies they had watched more than twenty times already. Thinking of this heartwarming scene, she chuckled lightly and realized she had arrived at his apartment.

“Oh Y/N! I’m really glad that you arrived, Peter has been napping on his bed for hours now, I was pretty concerned!” Aunt May giggled, causing Y/N to smile widely. “The school had been killing us for weeks, I’m pretty sure that’s why he had been sleeping for so long,” she explained. Aunt May sighed, showing she was relieved. “I’m going to a friend’s house, will you be staying in tonight?” she asked while putting her coat on. “Probably, not decided yet,” Y/N replied while getting inside the house. “Okay, we have food in the fridge; you can have dinner too dear. See you later, bye!” Aunt May waved at her and left the house.

Y/N plodded towards to Peter’s room, taking off her coat and her scarf that was wet because of the snowstorm in the morning. She knocked on the door a few times then remembered he was sleeping and slowly opened the door, trying not to disturb him.

She closed the door and turned around to see the most stunning scene she had ever seen. Peter was sleeping peacefully, cuddling with his dog Tess, both covered with a comfy blanket. She examined his messy and fluffy hair, his red and soft cheeks and the circles under his eyes out of exhaustion. Y/N couldn’t decide which one was more adorable, she watched them in awe for minutes until she remembered how exhausted she was and how much she wanted to be in Tess’s place in that moment. She giggled quietly and stride to the bed.

Peter whined when he heard her footsteps and opened his eyes slowly. When he saw Y/N standing in front of him, he smirked and whispered: “For a second I thought I was dead and I was in heaven. Do you have any idea how angelic you look right now?” causing Y/N to blush and giggle.

“Will you please move I’m still freezing and I’m pretty jealous of Tess right now,” She pointed at Tess, who was still sleeping. Peter smirked at her and moved to the other side. “Come in angel.”

When Y/N was finally in the bed, Peter hugged her from behind, placing kisses to her neck sleepily. “Peter…” Y/N gasped at the sudden action which sent shivers down her spine, making her get closer to him. “What? I missed you…” He mumbled nuzzling into her neck this time. Both of their eyes’ were shut, enjoying the quiet and warm bodies of each other.

As much as Y/N wanted to sleep in that moment, she also didn’t want to waste the limited time she had with Peter so she turned around to face him. Peter seemed like he was sleeping but when he felt Y/N’s movement, he lazily opened his eyes. The sweet sound of downfall outside filling their ears with joy, Peter held Y/N’s hand, brushing it with his thumb softly. Y/N placed her spare hand into Peter’s hair, roaming it gently. “Mmm… Please keep doing that,” Peter gasped.

“Your hair is so soft…” Y/N whispered, trying to keep the peaceful quietness steady.

“I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy this whole situation but are we going to stay in bed the whole evening?” Y/N asked and shifted a bit, trying to get up.

“No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.” Peter whined and pulled her back to closer to himself. Y/N’s back was pressed onto his chest, his legs covering up her body, trying to keep her in bed. Y/N was too tired to fight back so she just simply nodded and stared outside the window, New York City lights were looking delightful and it was still raining. Peter wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled into her neck once again. Both slowly falling asleep.

anonymous asked:

That post about Tess being for last year. I do think bg was going to end last year, so they would have brought Tess in for him to have someone for when bg ended? I think they were doing that with Kendall originally but it was too hot and dry and I think that just didn't work so they needed someone else. But this time she was brought in perfectly surrounding his album which yeah she didn't bring in sales but they brought her in, they mentioned Kendall, and they leaked more pics? I just why all ?

I think, if Emmie’s right (and I think she is), Tess was just supposed to be a buffer for Harry when they ended babygate, because they had no intention of dealing with the Louis/Harry relationship then. This year, I think it was fulfilling that obligation to Tess. This was meant to benefit her way more than him. I think they had a contract they had to fulfill, if only at the most basic level. It would have made so much more sense for her last year when her book was coming out, but I guess she thought she’d get something out of it this time, too. I assume she agreed to delay because she thought that she’d get even more payoff when Harry was in the midst of releasing an album. I think she probably miscalculated.

And I don’t think the Kendall stuff was really his team this time. Maybe last year, but I do think the leak redux was whoever is doing it looking for attention with old pics they’d held onto or ones they’d mined from their sources recently. People are so quick to blame Harry and his team for stuff that there’s no reason to think they’re responsible for. Apparently they should have stopped them, but why? It’s all the same info everyone already knows? Stopping it would have made a bigger deal of it and made it look like there was something to hide. They knew that whatever the leaker had had already been curated.

I think the message from Harry’s team has actually been quite clear – ambiguous sexuality, don’t want to put labels on it. They had to fulfill their obligation to Tess, but, really, that doesn’t contradict the ambiguity, it’s just only one part of it. And frankly he had to do nothing. The Carolina thing was the fandom running with bad information. I think they can be blamed for not realizing that was going to happen and how sexualized everyone made it – they should have known based just on past history and heteronormativity that that would happen. But I really don’t think that any of his promotion was intended as pro-womanizer. I think the interpretation that they were playing two sides – one for the fandom and one for the GP – that presented different images of sexualities – is wrong. It was a coherent story of ambiguity/no labels, but because there’s no evidence of the non-female oriented part of that, the mainstream media and GP only paid attention to the women – including people like Cameron Crowe who can’t see the forest for the manic pixie dream girls.

Poor Little Rich Girl-Part 13

This is an A/B/O AU

*this chapter fills the “True Mates” square on my @spnabobingo card

Your father Lucifer is the Alpha of your pack and he rules your town with an iron fist.  He is forcing you to marry the son and heir of a rival pack.  It is 3 weeks before your wedding when you find out Sam Winchester is back.   Sam was your first love at 17, and when your father found out, he forced his family to leave town.  You haven’t spoken to him since.  What will happen when you see him again?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Winchester, Beta! Dean Winchester, Beta! Castiel Novak, Omega! Mary Winchester, Reader, Alpha! (Nick) Lucifer, Beta! Michael, Beta! Gabriel, Beta! Stephanie (OC), Alpha Eric (OC) Beta! Kerry (OC) Omega! Tess (OC) Alpha! Malcolm (OC)

Master List

Introduction (all parts are linked)

Text messages are listed in Bold

Dean’s POV

I really thought Sam had killed Eric.  He had gone totally Alpha on him and beat him to a bloody pulp.  After what he had done to Y/N, I was surprised Sam hadn’t ripped his fucking throat out.  If Y/N hadn’t begged him to stop, I don’t know what he would have done.  I’ve never seen him lose control like that.

But damn if Y/N wasn’t the bravest Omega I had ever seen.  There wasn’t a spot on her that wasn’t covered in bruises from that dick, but she didn’t let him break her.  As soon as she saw a chance to get away, she took it.  

Watching them together afterward, I knew Sam had definitely met his match where Y/N was concerned.  I could see now why he hadn’t been able to forget her.  She was his true mate, they were meant to be together.

Sam helped Y/N to her feet.  She was very shaky from her ordeal, and he hugged her for a long moment.   “You’re bleeding!” I heard her say in alarm. She looked over at her father.  “We need to call an ambulance for Tess and Sam, Dad.”

“It’s already done.  The helicopter is on the way.” Lucifer assured her, walking towards her and Sam.

A second too late, I saw Eric’s hand movements as he reached for his gun and I fired, hitting him in the neck, but not before he was able to fire off two rounds. Sam whirled at the sound of the shots just as Y/N screamed in pain and stumbled, falling to her knees. “Sam?” She whispered in confusion before her eyes closed and she began to fall.

“No! Y/N!” Sam yelled in fear as he caught her, and his shirt was soon drenched with her blood.  We all ran in to help, but the damage was done.

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Missing Pages (Part 17)

Summary: You had three rules 1. Don’t fall in love with your patient 2. Don’t fall in love with your patient and 3. Do not fall in love with your patient but you weren’t very good at following rules.

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: swearing, angst, kidnapping, 

A/N: so in a week I’m going to hawaii and i can’t promise that I’ll update during that time but I will probably work some fics that i have rolling around

Part 16

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TID Tumblr
  • Tessa: Book Blog
  • Will: Inappropriate humor, but every once in a while, he accidentally reblogs things that show his sweet side, and he immediately deletes it.
  • Jem: Music Blog
  • Gabriel: "How to Annoy Your Brother-in-Law"
  • Gideon: "Interesting Ways to get the Girl"
  • Magnus: "I'm dating a chick right now, but this guy with black hair and blue eyes intrigues me. What is it with that combination?" Would be his bio.
  • Henry: Fangirl blog

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Tsukki and his fem s/o making out and things are getting steamy, but then she stops because she doesn't want him to see her scars and stretch marks because she really insecure?? sorry if this is weirdly specific. good luck with your blog!!! ☺️

I didn’t know whether I should listen to something sexy or something emotional so it became a weird mix between Let’s Get It On and the ED of Bungou Stray Dogs   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I am also sorry cause this is kinda rushed and not as good as I wanted it to be)

Warning: Slight NSFW

It was always an adventure to kiss Tsukishima. Not only did he seem to know exactly which buttons he needed to push to get you going, he also was a damn good kisser if you had to be honest. You wouldn’t dare tell him in fear of never hearing the end of that but there was no harm in thinking about all the ways he could put those lips to good use.

Enjoying the feel of his hands running over the length of your body you didn’t protest when he lifted your shirt to slide a hand over your stomach and up to your chest. He was careful at first, palming your right breast just hard enough to make you sigh contentedly into the kiss.

Smirking when he pulled away he lowered his head to your neck, placing a kiss just below your jaw and scraping his teeth against the soft skin there. “You like this, don’t you?” His voice was not more than a murmur but you’d be lying if you said the low and raspy tone of it didn’t send tingles down your spine.

Which was coincidentally where Tsukishima was now going.

Littering kisses down your collarbones and on your exposed chest. Sucking slightly on the skin, your stomach was filled with a buzzing that made you wiggle under him. Tsukishima chuckled at that and pulled at the hem of your jeans.

Suddenly the warm buzzing was replaced by a cold sweat and you immediately grabbed his hands to stop him from going any further. Your body grew rigid and of course he noticed, looking up at you with a raised eyebrow.

You found it difficult to look at him but it was even more difficult to swallow. When he pushed himself off the bed a bit you immediately scooted backwards and pulled down your shirt. “I’m sorry. I just-” You couldn’t bring yourself to say it, shame and fear filling your body and making tears appear in the corners of your eyes.

It wasn’t his fault that you felt this way and he didn’t know. “I don’t want you to look there.”, you whispered, turning your face away.

Long fingers grabbed your chin drawing it back in his direction. “Why not?”, he sighed. “Are you wearing ugly panties?”

A blush rapidly grew on your cheeks and you swatted his hands away. “I don’t like my thighs, okay?!” You tried to hide the red by covering it with your hands. “They’re ugly. There are scars a-and stretch marks and… I just… I don’t want you to see- WAIT, TSUK-”

Ignoring your protest he had pushed you back against the cushions on your bed, holding your hands above your head and successfully trapping you. There was a slight sneer on his face but you could clearly see some anger and concern even if he tried to hide it.

“Do you think I’d be as shallow as that? That I’d care about a few marks?” Shifting so he could glide a single finger down the side of your body, he leaned down to whisper in your ear. “If that’s how it is then I guess I just have to show you twice as well how much I appreciate every single part of your body.”

Creepypasta #318: A Camping Story

While it slithered up her leg, a million regrets ran through Tess’ mind. She cursed herself for caving in when her boyfriend, Jared, begged her to go camping with him earlier that week. Tess despised the outdoors and knew she would have a terrible time. She hated herself for allowing him to convince her that they would be fine in a tiny little tent out in the middle of the woods. At the very least she wished she could go back and warn her past self to nap inside of her sleeping back and not on top of it (the night had been so hot though). Alas, a regret is just a regret and Tess knew there was no changing the past. Meanwhile, the rattle of the snake’s tail grew louder.

It’s funny what kinds of things flash through your mind when you feel like you’re about to die. Tess remembered back to some nature show she watched about Rattle Snakes years ago. She could hear the soothing British accent of the narrator, probably David Attenborough, as he explained how the sound of the snake’s tail indicated it was ready to strike. She glanced over to Jared on the other side of the tent – his face swollen to the size of a basketball. Blood trickled down his puffy cheeks where the venomous rattler had bit him. His chest hadn’t moved for minutes.

Tess clenched her eyes shut as tight as she could and prepared for the worst as she felt the snake’s cold, scaly skin slide further up her leg. Then in an instant the rattle had ceased and the terrible, slithering sensation on her thigh had disappeared. Tess had not been bitten. Feeling a moment of relief, she peeked out one eye to see if the snake had changed its mind and withdrawn from the tent. Unfortunately fate had not chosen to be so kind to her.

The sight inside her tent sent waves of shock through Tess’ body. She watched the serpent’s rattle, mere inches from her face, as it disappeared into the mouth of the most hideous creature she’d ever seen. The horrible thing stared at her with its big black eyes, while it swallowed the last of the snake down its massive gullet. Again, Tess became paralyzed with fear as the monstrosity shifted its revolting body on top of hers. A wide, shark-toothed grin crept across the creatures face. Tess could smell its vile breath, still fresh with the stench of the rattler’s innards, as it began to speak the last words she would ever hear.

“I’m still hungry.”

Credits to: Vincent_VenaCava

How Vikram Desai was fucking half of the green grove suburban housewife population but he wasn’t fucking tess? How Vikram Desai didn’t give a shit about letting his son go down for murder but he somehow cared so much about tess’s baby that wasn’t even his? why lacey never got to bitchslap Jo? Why Judy porter never got to go off on kyle Masterson for not doing shit when her baby’s privacy was violated? Why lacey never got to tell danny that he ain’t shit? why danny never got to call Jo out for being a thirsty ass ain’t shit friend? how didn’t danny not know whitney was shady when he grew up knowing her and according to her momma she came out the womb a shady bitch? Why Jo gets to suck face with half of green grove high and still not be called out for being a thirsty hoe? why did andie even exist? why didn’t lacey get to side-eye rico everytime his lame jo lovin ass breathed her air? why lacey never ate lunch in 1B? how danny learned how to drive?why didn’t danny drive his own damn car to find his special snowflake jo? how tara had time to babysit jo, danny, and lacey all the time when she had a child of her own to raise? how as tara in all them old family pics but her child was no where to be seen? How danny ain’t know he had a fake cousin? how come nobody got to call tess and her daughter out for hoping on random dick when they can’t get the Desai dick? how come we never got to know if danny got the nookie from lacey? how the soccer team make it to the regionals in 1A but in 1B they acting like season just starting? why judy never got to comfort/talk to  her children after finding out her marriage really ended and her family was torn apart because of his secret? how tess ain’t know if it was a boy or a girl that came outta her shady cooch? how nobody noticed charlie existed and disappeared after tara was murdered? WHY THE FUCK WAS TARA MURDERED? was vikram fucking the red head lady too? why that bitch killed regina? Did doug and louise ever get suspended for releasing danny and lacey’s private moment? why everybody always lying about how great Jo is? why we got to see masterson family movie night but never got to see the porter family discuss a very important family situation? WHY THE FUCK WAS MASTERSON SEX EVEN A THING? how we got masterson sex but no dacey sex? why did danny turn into suck a bitch made Jo chaser?how did rico even know it was a necklace karen threw into that lake when it was night time and he was 1000 feet away? how vikram had all these hoes crazy over him? why did vik even fake his death? where was his ass all this time? if he was fucking gloria crane why was tess the one to finally lure him back to town (but they wasn’t fucking tho o_O)? why did karen throw a casserole at tess shady ass only to later be bffs and bond over how vik was’t shit? how come karen didn’t call tess out on her 180 on vikram? why didn’t lacey get to repair her friendship with sarita? why did sarita disappear? why did half the green grove high population disappear? does archie still live in town or nah? I thought cole was danny homeboy where he went? if jo so great why so don’t have more friends? why lacy gotta be the one to solve everybody shit while nobody give a fuck about her? why lacey still claiming the trio when the trio ain’t claiming her? why the trio went from being a trio as kids to a duo plus 1 as kids? why Jo still salty? why karen stopped being a fly ass housewife to rocking a damn braid and messy tess masterson hair? how jack go from living at a random ass boat house to all of a sudden plotting with his daughter and charlie to infiltrate the desai family? how come vikram came back only to die in like 5 minutes? how lacey went from being super guarded to letting a shady bitch like whitney into her life all willy nilly? why lacey never got to bitch slap danny? shit why lacey never got to curse not a single person on the show out? why Jo went from being a miserable bitch to an insufferable bitch? what kinda voodoo Jo got on everybody to make them think she so special and great without receipts to back that up? why jo got to cry because she willingly tossed that v card at tyler but lacey never got to cry when the whole school saw her being intimate with her boyfriend?WHY NOBODY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT LACEY? and WHY LACEY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THESE PEOPLE WHO DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HER? how charlie managed to share a room with danny in juvie? how charlie knew danny was his cousin but danny ain’t know charlie was his cousin? how come nobody remembers that Jo is a flaky disloyal heaux? why kyle can’t tell that his wife and daughter ain’t shit? why did the lady cop disappear? where eddie ass came from? why eddie was a better cop than kyle? WTF was the purpose of MARNA inc? WTF did vik used to do in connecticut? why he had that apartment under his name? what kinda hardened criminal that can flawlessly fake his own death put a secret apartment in his own name? why was tess adopted baby more involved in the plot that lacey? why did andie’s parents make an random ass appearance for 2 minutes but clara wasn’t at her own party? Did clara’s gymnastic’s coach move to seattle to be with samuel or nah? did judy pull clara outta gymnastics after learning about how the coach was fucking with her husband? what kinda friendship did judy have with tess and karen? how did the trio even become friends? WHAT THE FUCK WAS TWISTED ABOUT THIS PREDICTABLE ASS SHOW? 

Twisted Season 2 Opening Scene

This is my prediction of how I think the opening scene of Twisted Season 2 will play out…Enjoy

Night: Abandoned apartment in Willoughby

Camera pans back on Charlie unconscious body, lying in a pool of blood as everyone stares on in shock.

Tess:  Omg you shot him. You shot my son.

Kyle: I had no choice, Tess, he was going to kill Jo.

Danny rushes to Jo’s side with his luscious hair flying around his shoulders…

Danny: Jo are you okay? Did he hurt you?

Kyle: Yes, are you alright, Jo?

Jo nods clutching her chest.

Jo: Yes, I think so, but there’s blood on my new jacket. Thank God I wasn’t wearing my favorite sweater.

Danny frantically examines her jacket while Lacey stands in the background rolling her eyes.

Danny:  Oh no, not your blue jean jacket. I don’t know why I never noticed how perfect you looked in it until now.

Kyle:  Dammit! If only I would’ve aimed a little higher I could have spared your jacket.

Tess: *wipes tears from her eyes* Is the jacket ruined?

Charlie raises his head with his last breathe…

Charlie:  I’m so-s-sorry Jo…I never…meant to bleed on you… *dramatically coughs then dies*

#JosRuinedJacket - appears on screen

Lacey: WTF?!

Rico rushes into the apartment

Rico:  Where’s Jo?

Rico looks relieved when he sees she’s safe

Jo:  What are you doing here, Rico?

Rico: I came as soon as I was done dumping Andie. I still love you Jo. You will always be the one.

Danny: No, Jo, I love you more. I killed my faaather for you, though you should’ve never been there in the first place, and we shared this dark secret together.

Tess&Kyle: We both love you too,Jo.

Group hug commences

#JoIsTheOne - appears on screen

Lacey: Yo! Dis is some BS. The writers screwed over my character most of last season, reduced me to a sidelined guest star with no storyline on a show where I’m supposed to be a lead, and now you think I’m gonna stand here while you all drool over this basic bitch?? Fuck season 2, I’m out!

Lacey marches out of the room leaving everyone staring after her.

Jo begins to cry.

Danny: What’s wrong, Jo?

Jo: She made me forget my next line


The End…