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i was rewatching perks of being a wallflower the other day and i kept thinking of patrick as a happier sassier version of credence so ,

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Querencia [SWH]

↠ wonho x f!reader; 16.8k; falling in love with someone who isn’t quite normal doesn’t always end badly; for both of you, anyway
↠ demon au, potential triggers (mentions of death), there’s some historical references which are probably inaccurate but pls enjoy 

Querencia - (n.) a place from one’s strength is drawn and where one feels at home; where the bull is naturally drawn to in the ring

“I thought you were annoying at first, and that you wanted revenge on an ex who also thought you were annoying. But now I see you are so much more than that, and you’ve taught me so much about everything. I look at you and my heart beats so quickly that I fear it may explode. I want to stay here with you forever. Does that sound like I’m in love with you?” 

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me getting coffee with my good friend andrew garfield: a fanfic

me: oh hey andrew i’m so sorry i’m late the TTC was running behind schedule and my train went out of service at st. clair west so we all had to haul off out of the train and wait on the platform for - 

andrew: oh!! don’t worry about it! i already picked up your order.

me: a raspberry white chocolate frappuccino with extra whip? andrew, you shouldn’t have!

andrew: oh… it’s nothing… 

me: no i mean you really shouldn’t have… i have the starbucks rewards app so i get points every time i buy starbucks and i was kinda counting on getting us both coffee and sandwiches and maybe pastries so i could rack up some starbucks points

andrew: oh! i’m so sorry. next time.

me: yes! next time.

andrew: terrific. how are you? how have you been? that’s a darling sweatshirt.

me: thanks! it’s valentino.

andrew: what? no! really?

me: it is! i found it in a thrift shop in kensington market! fifty bucks!

andrew: wow! great find!

me: thanks. it’s a favourite. anyway, i’m doing well these days. just finished my first manuscript. working on book two.

andrew: oh that’s wonderful news! congratulations!

me: uh, congratulations to YOU! for angels! i saw it at yonge-dundas and you just killed it. you made every other prior walter look like dog shit.

andrew: you’re too kind… you’re too kind… it’s a great honour to play the part but at the end of the day i’m just another -

me: no. andrew. listen to me. you? are valid.

andrew: no, YOU’RE valid.

me: no, YOU’RE valid.

andrew: no, YOU’RE valid.

me: no, YOU’RE valid. 

andrew: no, YOU’RE v -

starbucks employee: hi! can i interest you in an octopus cookie? they’re seasonal!

me: oh yes please

andrew: thank you so much these look lovely

me: look at the little icing on its tentacles that’s so cute

andrew: okay. okay. let’s do what we came here to do and get back to validating the living shit out of each other

me: absolutely yes

*i take out my guitar and strum D, B minor, G, E minor*

me and andrew: *harmonizing, tune of ‘palisades, palisades’* validate, validate

ARRIVAL   ★★★★✩

One of the best films of 2016! I don’t know where to start, there’s so much to say about Arrival! Lets start simply: we loved it. We loved it because it’s one of these movies that leaves you with lots of questions bouncing in your head and there’s hardly something we love more than questions.

At first, it may seem one of these old, boring, alien-invasion-scifi movies with huge floating UFOs and all, but it’s much deeper than that (reminded us of Interstellar, a bit).

Arrival is about communication. About language and its close bound with the way you think. Do they have names? If they don’t, do they understand what personal identity is? Do they know what a question is? What an intention is? How do they think? This linguistic approach is fascinating, and it really strikes a chord with us because back in college, we got a linguistic class where we studied the Sapir-Whorf theory (❤). For me I recall that lesson where we learned about how Germans form their words and how it influences the way they think. It completely changed the way I look at foreign people.

But Villeneuve here (Ted Chiang, actually, since Arrival is taken from his novel), is taking the whole Sapir-Whorf theory to a higher level, asking if a non-linear language could affect our understanding of time. What is time? Is it a universal force? Are we really forced to follow its invisible arrow or does it all happen in our brains? And if so, can we find a way to transcend its rules and move back and forth? Does “back and forth” mean anything without time? Going further: does this would prove the existence of Fate or God?

Our languages develop in time. You put words one after another, letters or sounds one after another. If time isn’t linear anymore, how does language work? Would speaking this - for us unconceivable - language completely change our understanding of the universe? Can a language really rewire our brain?

See? Questions! Questions everywhere! But beyond all these lovely question marks, Arrival is a perfect piece of art. Direction, editing, photography, soundtrack, the whole package is amazing. Amy Adams’s acting is terrific! How it is even possible she didn’t get her Oscar nomination?!

Well, Arrival completely blown our minds! If you haven’t seen it yet stop everything you’re doing and go watch it now. If you’ve seen it tell us what you think!



“I’m still rocking your hoodie and chewing on the strings. It makes me think about you so I wear it when I sleep. I kept the broken zipper and cigarette burns. Still rocking your hoodie baby, even though it hurts…” Hoodie by Hey Violet

Sorry for such the long wait!! Hope you like it!!! Tbh had this ready for 2 weeks just keep forgetting to post lol…

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“Heyyyy babe. Look at me”

“I swear Michael if you keep putting those stupid filters on me…”

“Oh come on! You look adorable!”

“Which one is this?”

“The one with the big mouth. Now smile!”

“Cheeesseeee” You said grinning as much as you could, showing as much teeth as possible.

You knew you looked absolutely ridiculous but thought it would be funny.

You got your revenge though, because right after that you pulled your phone out.

“Heeyyyy babe” You said, mimicking him

“Y/n! Not fair!”

“Hey this is payback. Now say ‘I love you Y/n’”

“I love you Y/n”

You had a cute little animal filter on him that made his voice go really high. It was equally the cutest and most hilarious video of Michael…making it one of your favorites.

You don’t know why you were sitting here, torturing yourself watching these silly videos you both made, and looking at all the pictures of you both. Every second you spent looking at his face on the small screen of your phone was a stab in the heart, but you couldn’t look away. You missed him…a lot… despite all the yelling and screaming on the day he left. You didn’t mean half of what you said, you were just drunk and pissed. He had his share of the blame of course.

You finally landed on your favorite picture of you both…. Him kissing you with the sun setting behind you. That’s what finally broke you.

You threw your phone across the room, and through the tears in your eyes you went to the fridge and pulled out some wine. You didn’t bother with a glass, deciding to just drink straight from the bottle.

Michael still had some stuff he had yet to retrieve, including a guitar which you were sure he’d come back for. But here you were 2 weeks after the break up and you hadn’t heard a word from him. That honestly hurt more than anything, not that you’d ever admit it. As far as everyone else was concerned, you were fine.

You dug through your closet until you found what you were looking for: one of his hoodies. You put it on, now draped in his scent. This was comforting somehow, although it did nothing to stop the tears. You grabbed the bottle, and laid on your bed, crying your heart out.

You were still like that when he found you. Your sobs must have drowned out the sound of the front door opening.

“Y/n? What? Are you ok?”

“Michael?” You asked, his form blurry through the tears in your eyes, but even blurry you’d recognize him anywhere.

You quickly wiped your face, and hid the bottle behind you.

“Michael what are you doing here?”

“I came by to pick up some stuff…and see how you were doing…” He said, looking down. You followed his gaze to your phone. Before you could react, he had already picked it up and seen the picture that still covered your screen.

“You always did love this photo…” He said quietly

“I packed up most of everything, it’s in the corner over there. I’m not sure what else there is” You said, avoiding his gaze.

Instead of going to grab his stuff, he came and sat down on the bed next to you.

“Y/n…how are you”

“Terrific” You said, sarcasm laced in your voice.

“I’m serious” He said, looking deep into your eyes.

“I’m fine” You said, turning away from his gaze.

“No you’re not.” He said, grabbing you chin to turn your face towards him again. “I know you Y/n, and you are not fine. And I didn’t need to see those tears or that wine bottle your trying to hide behind your back to see that you are far from okay”

“So what I’m not allowed to drink now?” You asked, pulling the bottle from behind you and taking another drink to make a point.

“Y/n…” Michael said, his voice catching as he said your name.

“What Michael?! What do you want me to tell you I’ve been miserable? Do you want me to tell you I’ve been putting on a façade these past 2 weeks, pretending I’m ok when I’m actually falling apart? Do you wanna know that I miss you, and that you took a piece of me when you left? Or that I wished you called me back and were still here with me? Is that what you want to know Michael? Well there I said it. Now take your stuff and leave!”

You laid back down, turning so your back was too him. He was quiet for a few moments, then you felt his hand rubbing your back.

“Y/n…why didn’t you tell me?” He said nuzzling your neck. “I’ve been missing you like crazy…I thought you hated me…everything you said that night, I really thought you were serious…that we were over…”

“I didn’t mean anything I said that night…” You said, turning to face him, tears in your eyes

“Good because neither did I”

“Really?” You asked, finally smiling for once in what felt like forever

“Yeah..” He said, leaning down to gently kiss your lips. “So…does this mean we’re back together?”

“Oh Mikey…” You laughed, and pulled him to you again.

Charles: Listen to what the Maximoff-Lehnsherrs put under ‘Any Special Requirements’ for dinner.

Charles: “The second generation Maximoff twins will not sit together; the first generation Maximoff twins will not sit apart.

Charles: Luna will ignore you unless your aura is orange; there is nothing you can do to make your aura more orange.

Charles: Wanda must on no account be given alcohol; Lorna must at all times be given alcohol. She will also require the toilet to herself for an hour before the evening ends.

Charles: And, most importantly, Erik will be working under the presumption that you are trying to kill him unless proved otherwise, so avoid approaching him with blunt instruments, sharp knives or hot liquids.” Terrific! How are we supposed to serve him dinner?

Hank: Carefully.

SVT - Click a Prince: Wonwoo

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Series: Click A Prince (intro)

Member/s: Ot13 - Wonwoo x Reader 

Words: 1455

A/N: Oooo some kiss up ahead ;) And written/posted with batch 2 per request 

You threw your book at the wall in anger.

How dare he. How dare the author make you believe that the tall, dark, mysterious and handsome man was perfect for the protagonist. Her heart had already been owned by her best friend, who didn’t even see her as a woman. For her to be swept away by the other lad had been terrific. How dare that author make him the antagonist - and rip away the joy she had been feeling.

You huffed in annoyance. You could already feel the fanfictions forming your head, but you decided to ignore them.

Instead you decided that finding a new book would be best, something light, and possibly with no love interests; as your heart felt broken, even if yours wasn’t the one that had been toyed with by the man, the author had.

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  • Teddy: Listen to what the Seven put under ‘Any Special Requirements’ for dinner.
  • Teddy: “Faraday and Vasquez will not sit together; Goodnight and Billy will not sit apart.
  • Teddy: Red Harvest will ignore you unless your aura is orange; there is nothing you can do to make your aura more orange.
  • Teddy: Faraday must on no account be given alcohol; Sam must at all times be given alcohol. He will also require the toilet to himself for an hour before the evening ends.
  • Teddy: And, most importantly, Mr Horne will be working under the presumption that you are trying to kill him unless proved otherwise, so avoid approaching him with blunt instruments, sharp knives or hot liquids.” Terrific! How are we supposed to serve him dinner?
  • Emma: Carefully.

Ted Bundy recalls his encounter with two young runaways at the Glenwood Springs jail - “…they had these two juvenile runaways, females, who they put in the women’s cells. These girls were saying things like, ‘Hey guys, let’s get together.’ They were really precocious. One was semi-attractive, the other was somewhat obese. I imagine they were somewhere between fifteen and eighteen. 

“I took the initiative, I said, “Hey baby, what’s happenin’? We think you’re terrific. How about gettin’ together?’ This was through the wall…” 

Ted and two other prisoners took turns peeping through a window into the girls’ cell. The underage girls danced around and started slowly stripping off their clothes. Ted rationalized his participation in the statutory strip show, “I hadn’t seen a real woman in the altogether since, Februrary 28, 1976, when Liz and I last slept together. So I can’t be held accountable for my motivations being purely perverse and voyeristic at this point. I mean, I wanted to see a real live woman in the flesh!”

Just as the girls were about to remove their last articles of clothing, a prison official announced the arrival of the Pitkin County deputies who were there to pick up Bundy and transfer him to Aspen. 

“The sonuvabitches! The sonuvabitches!” Ted recalled, “I was so pissed off!”


Brian May talking about Adam Lambert.

When he auditioned (on AI) “I think they thought he was too theatrical.” One guess, which judge said THAT? Cough, Simon.

“He is the perfect combination of confident and humble.”

“He never tries to be someone he’s not.”

He talks about how terrific his voice is.

I am so proud of Adam! 💗

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Who do you personally think was Dylan's love letter too? I think Marla.

I had a long, kind of stupid post about who the girl could be in Dylan’s acrostic poem (JC-001-026426), trying to compare letters and the length of the names involved with the students in the 1999 Columbine yearbook.  (Of course, she might not even have been at Columbine anymore by 1999, we just don’t know…and of course Dylan might have been writing about two or more girls.)

I thought it might be Erin Boortz, a senior, actually (all conjectural, of course):

[E] is for the [ecstatic] joy she gives me

[R] is for how she [renders] me helpless with her beautiful gaze

[I] is for the [intense] moments she shares with me

[N] is for the [new]-found love that I’ve been looking for all my life

[B] is the [beauty] of us as a couple

[O] is for how [often] I hope to spend time with her

[O] is for how she is the [only] one I love, that I have ever loved

[R] is for the [roof] where we can look at the stars

[T] is for how [terrifically totally(?)] beautiful she is

[Z] is for her [zest] for everything she does.

Also, I thought the design in this heart almost looks like a stylized “E” and “B”, made out of Dylan’s triple-barred cross (JC-001-026426):

But really, I have no idea…I’m probably entirely full of crap.

If we had Dylan’s complete transcript and maybe a list of the students that were in those classes, we could probably figure it out.

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uks +kagami and himuro reacting to their s/o making them a cute lunch

HANAMIYA: He stared at it with a look of disgust because everything looked so cutesy and adorable, nothing like him. However, as he was about to snap at you, he saw the hopeful look on your face and realized that even he wasn’t that evil. “This is… great.” The taste definitely made up for the appearance.

HAYAMA: When you gave it to him, he first stared at it with a blank face before finally breaking into a huge smile. With his bright eyes, he grinned and hugged you. “Thank you so much! This is so cute!” He started babbling on about how much effort you must’ve put into it and how everything tasted terrific. “

HIMURO: It really wasn’t his type of lunch but seeing the neat garnish and how adorable everything looked, he knew that you had put in a lot of time into this. “Thank you very much, ____-chan. I know this is going to taste very nice.” And when he tried it, he was right. Everything tasted amazing.

KAGAMI: Since he was the one who usually made lunch for you, when he saw the cute lunch in front of his face, he blushed. It wasn’t because of the cute decorations but because you were thoughtful enough to make it for him and he appreciated that. “This is very nice of you, thank you so much.” He smiled up awkwardly at you.

KIYOSHI: He didn’t even hesitate before he started complimenting you, “Wow, ___-chan this is so cute. Thank you for making this for me.” When he saw you blushing as he continued to compliment you, he couldn’t resist adding one last line. “You’re going to make a great wife someday.” You choked on your food.

MIBUCHI: When you opened up the lunch box to him, he thought that you were very artistic and thanked you for the food. “Itadakimasu.” He smiled as he spooned some of the food into his mouth. His eyes lit up instantly and he touched your shoulder. “This is very delicious. You’re very talented.”

NEBUYA: You didn’t even think he appreciated your decorations since he went straight for tasting. He shoveled everything into his mouth, saying through mouthfuls of food that everything tasted ‘freaking awesome’. “Oh man, this is great. Thank you. Damn, can you make some more for me? Like four more boxes.”

Underrated Phantom appreciation: David Arnsperger

Alright y’all, listen up.

It has come to my attention that there is a brilliant Phantom out there that nobody seems to want to talk or care about.

That man is named David Arnsperger. Or, better known as: The Savior of the Current German Productions

This badass mofo was cast as the alternate in the 2013-2015 production of “Das Phantom Der Oper”. He was, more or less, a complete unknown at the time but was cast as the “traditional Phantom” option opposite Mathias’ more “modern” take.

This was a true "Christine Daae” story where the ‘understudy’ was given huge amounts of praise over the principle performer. People would purposefully schedule their days to see the show based around catching David in the role.

David possesses a classical, borderline operatic vocal tonality with power and ease into his highest upper register and a richness that remains in all placements of his voice, his low register and upper register.

In addition, the man is the most solid actor you’ll ever find in the role, period.

David is among that class of classical, solid, strong, well thought out and amazingly well acted portrayals. You could literally stick him in any production of the show during it’s golden age in the 1990s and he’d fit in. Its amazing to watch.

No he doesn’t re-invent the role, but thats the glory of it, he doesn’t have to for his performance to work. He takes the role exactly as is and plays it exactly the way it should be, he doesn’t need any fancy tricks or additions to make it work. Its straight forward, well put together, and incredibly moving.

Obviously audio recordings do a great job doing justice to that amazing instrument of a voice he has, but I also offer this full video of his performance just to solidify just how truly terrific he is in the role from January 2014:

Its from a bit early on in his run, but whats amazing is he has his portrayal so solidified and in stone from so early on, it needs no work! His later performances are more or less the same and just as amazing and moving as this one.

One another special thing to mention: this man is literally the “Super Hero” Phantom. The man has handled countless mishaps and production emergencies without the blink of an eye. Boat gets misplaced onstage, he gets about it without making the blocking look any different. Mirror gets stuck, he shoves it open without missing a beat. And most important, the lead breaks his foot and David swoops into save the day covering as The Phantom, WHILE doing a tour of Sweeney Todd (as Sweeney no less) in a completely different part of the world, sometimes playing one role one day, and immediately doing the other role the next day. Without letting it effect his performance a bit. THAT, my friends, is professionalism.

So yeah. Learn to appreciate this man. He will be taking over as the principle Phantom in Oberhausen come March 2016, the slot he’s deserved for years now! ;)

Take a listen to his "Musik Der Nacht” from November 11, 2015 in Oberhausen!