how tall is he anyway


Nasir & Agron + Kiss

It’s almost midnight and I can’t stop thinking about Bitty, tipsy and frustrated with how tall Holster is

There’s a Haus party

Bitty is taking a break from the dance floor when he and Holster bump into each other in the crowded living room.

Holster puts his arm around Bitty’s shoulder and leads them to an open space against the wall. “Better?”

“Thanks,” Bitty laughs. They’re out of the way of most the party goers but it’s still crowded and Bitty has to lean back to look up at Holster and, lord, he just goes up and up.

“Good lord,” Bitty mutters.

“What?” Holster shouts over the music, leaning down.

“You’re so,” Bitty knows how tall Holster is, obviously he knows, but now they’re so close and Holster is leaning down to talk to him and honestly that’s ridiculous, and hot, and also a little infuriating.

Bitty leans up on his toes, just a little, it’s definitely not on purpose, and tries not to sound too accusatory when he says, “You’re so TALL.”

“Well, yeah,” Holster laughs. And loud, Bitty thinks.

“You’re almost, ALMOST, an entire foot taller than me. Nine AND A HALF inches! Holster, that’s unacceptable. Adam,” Bitty reaches up to grab Holsters face to look at him properly. “Adam Birkholtz. How dare you.”

“I - wha-”

“I need a drink.”

Imagine Person A sending Person B a picture of a couple from something they read/watch and captioning it “They look like us”.