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My TOP 15

Thank you @baektaekook for tagging me. After My bias list challenge another hard thing to do.
My actual TOP 15 songs are

1. House of Cards by BTS - I can listen to this song till my last days of my life. This song is synonym for perfection. Fight with me if not. 

2. Her by Block B - Sorry, I’m so impressed by the ostrich in the MV. My life’s task is to find answer of the meaning of its presence.

3. Lollipop by BigBang - It’s my guilty pleasure :)

4. Zutter by G-Dragon/T.O.P 

5. Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang

6. Fun Boys by BTS (or I really dont know how to write it in Korean) 

7. Doom Dada by T.O.P

8. Butterfly by BTS

9. Fools by RapMonster and Jungkook

10. Up and Down by Exid

11. Moonlight by EXO

12. Witch by Boyfriend

13. Miniskirt by AOA

14. Lets not fall in love by BigBang 

15. Baby Baby by Winner

Yep. I’m BigBang and BTS trash right now and these songs are the ones which I never skip on my playlist.

And who to tag. 
Soooo @paprika-infires  @yixingsavedmyass @exobabiesss @jiminsjamjar @minsugasweet

You can do it if you want.

Thank you :) 

for the nights when you lie awake and stare at the ceiling, and feel nostalgia, restless thoughts, and apathy (or empathy?) creeping up on you, almost empty, almost full, and uncertain of the future.

i. wish - masashi hamauzu    |    ii. until we bleed (mikael’s cello version) - kleerup feat. lykke li    |    iii. shiki no uta - minmi|    iv. o children - nick cave and the bad seeds    |    v. medicine - daughter|    vi. epilogue - the antlers     |     vii. dance ‘round the memory tree - oren lavie     |     viii. cosmic love (short club remix) - florence + the machine    |    ix. taking tea in dreamland - chris vrenna

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who shalt not be named is pissing me off greatly. Along with their followers. I have learned SO MUCH self restraint and control not responding to most of who shalt’s IDIOCY. I think they know that they fucked up their career (which is probably now over or will be soon).They have burned so many bridges with the show. And in the entertainment industry people know people. 

The show is proud of their canon ship and the character of Lexa, that is why they talk about them. If you were proud of something you created and that has affected so many people positively….why wouldn’t you want to talk about it? Also, that is the story they are telling, if you don’t like it then LEAVE. If the story is pissing you off that much…GOODBYE. Go watch something you enjoy and stop spilling hatred. ALSO, saying that guest stars don’t work as hard as main cast members is complete bullshit. I’m out. 

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does this… mean something…

cuz i can’t figure it out?

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Your gif of leo with the spoon (along with Leo's general mouth habits) is making me want to write leo with an oral fixation. You cursed me XD

i am almost sure leo has an oral fixation… like 99% sure 

Yes please I haven’t seen many fics of this kind of Leo and tbh i neeD THEM

here’s some more inspiration:

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