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You actually called a fellow woman, a young woman at that, a "cunt with a superiority complex." It's embarrassing that she has you THIS heated lol. Especially considering she's coming from a place of feeling oppressed by both blatant and systematic racism. How terrifying that must be! You're so angry at HER but I bet you can't relate can you?? Anyway, based on that comment alone, you should retire from calling out others' behaviors you deem inappropriate. Egalitarian my ass, you sound lost

It’s what I call everyone who makes something out of nothing. I’m not ‘heated.’ Like I said I don’t give a shit about her or the post. I type a lot because I have a lot to say and I try to make what I say very clear so there’s less of a chance of misunderstandings, and I don’t limit my word choices because I shouldn’t have to.

And it’s very funny that you assume I can’t relate. I don’t have to explain my life to you, but let’s say I can’t relate. You said yourself it’s something they feel not something that necessarily exists. She’s a thin, pretty, literate woman with money enough to have regular access to the internet and something to access the internet on. I know plenty of people who deal with more oppression than she ever will. 

I’m not going to “retire” from calling out people’s shitty behavior. Everyone does things that are inappropriate in someone’s eyes. If we all stopped calling people out based on that, no one would ever be called out. Ever. I don’t have to be a saint in order to call someone out on their shitty behavior. So fuck off with that idea. 

I’m not egalitarian enough for you because I called out one black girl? At least I don’t pick and choose who to call out based on race and gender, like the woman you’re protecting. That makes me 100% more egalitarian/interested in equality than either of you are. 

So tell me, would you be in my ask box making shit up about me & trying to put me down by telling me I’m heated if I were a black woman? Would either of you even care that I had said anything? 

In the end, all of this is coming from someone who runs a porn blog. Maybe I’m being petty, but do you have anything to contribute here? Because a lot of people would find your blog reprehensible & I don’t think you should be in my ask box telling me I’m a bad person because you do bad shit too lol 

(that last bit was a joke, in case you didn’t notice. i guess i gotta point that shit out tonight.)

The truth is this – human hate can adapt to anything. You think you are safe. But if someone hates you, they will come up with the reason after the fact. (from Years of Future Past #2, written by Marguerite Bennett, 2015)

X-Men comics are fantastic. This is powerful. 

The documentary “13th” has enlightened me and further developed my own thoughts about mass incarceration. And how systematic it all is. How deep it’s roots run in this country. Please watch it if you have access to Netflix. It’s vital.

i think the worst part about the way people are demonizing allura’s reaction to keith being galra is that 1) the galra are quite literally not oppressed; the entire premise of this show is that zarkon and his army are taking over the universe, killing innocent bystanders, and destroying planets for resources. they are the oppressors and everything about allura’s anger and distrust about the stems from the fact that they killed her people and destroyed her entire planet (and had it not been for alfor’s foresight, they absolutely would’ve killed her and coran) and 2) keith’s hurt feelings… are not altruistic. he’s not hurt because he thinks the galra are being wrongfully stereotyped and allura’s anger is hurting them (it’s not btw because that’s not how systematic oppression works). his hurt is only because allura is directing some of that anger at him, which is fair and his feelings are valid. but he’s not doing anything noble by trying to differentiate himself by coming at her with a Not All Galra attitude. like, i’m actually very surprised that no one took the time to address why she was so angered by this new information or consoling her even a little bit??

17 October. It is astounding how I have systematically destroyed myself in the course of the years, it was like a slowly widening breach in a dam, a purposeful action. The spirit that brought it about must now be celebrating triumphs; why doesn’t it let me take part in them? But perhaps it hasn’t yet achieved its purpose and can therefore think of nothing else.
—  Franz Kafka, Diaries
Star Wars: Darth Vader [ISTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Darth Vader is meticulous; he searches through information and ideas one by one, in order to come up with the correct answer. His fighting technique, both in the air and on the ground, reveals careful study and practice; he does not take big risks, is systematical in how he takes out his adversaries, uses techniques that have worked more than once, and seems somewhat detached from his environment. (Unlike Luke, he doesn’t adapt to and use it in his defense.)

Extroverted Thinking (Te): He is comfortable making decisions and issuing orders. He does his job, and does it well. He always goes for the most logical solution to his problems, and uses objective logic and careful planning when preparing to deal with the Rebels. He has a high standard he expects from those under his command and is not afraid to enforce the rules. Vader also understands that the Empire is not “working” … and when Luke appears, he makes a bid with him to join him, so they can “rule the Empire together.” He taunts Luke with threats toward Leia to increase his rage, in an attempt to bring him to the Dark Side (a logical choice, for a planned purpose).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): His strong bond to his son cannot be denied and is in the end what saves Luke, and Vader from total darkness. He is detached and unemotional enough to have little concern for the fate of his underlings, but when it comes to someone he truly values… his son, Vader rediscovers his love and acts to defend his family.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Though he knows that Palpatine’s techniques are not working in his attempts to suppress the Resistance, Vader does not deliberately move against him in a power grab, possibly because he cannot foresee all conclusions and plan accordingly. But he does see the potential in what he might accomplish with Luke at his side, and tries to persuade him to come to the Dark Side. He is quick to sense connections, but uses the Force to do so more than instinctive knowing.

Note: Vader is another character, like Leia, who mostly shows Te. There’s a question here of introversion (he certainly spends a lot of time alone) and extroversion (his domineering manner), but ultimately I think an ESTJ would have made a power grab sooner. Vader follows orders, and plays it relatively safe, right up until the end… quite a difference from Anakin’s reckless ESFP. (Though both of them are Enneagram 6’s, fearful and looking for strong leadership and guidance from the Dark Side.)

why has tumblr ruined the word asexual its a good label that really stopped me from being broken and feeling alone, its a huge part of my identity that helps me feel okay with who i am and knowing its not abnormal

but i dont even want to use it anymore because of this community that does nothing but embarrass themselves with opinions on issues they dont fully understand

i get it! ive been there too! people are allowed to learn and grow but please try to listen and learn, you have to make an effort

we are not oppressed because of the amount of sexual content in media.

is oversexualization an actual problem? yes! are you allowed to be uncomfortable because of it? of course! but that doesnt make you oppressed. 

same with PDA, like, of course you can be uncomfortable because of PDA but how is that systematically oppressing us?? It’s not.

Yes, the world can be uncomfortable to live in with everyone assuming everything is about sex, but we are not killed and outcast or put in harm’s way because of it. We do not have to fear for our lives because of it.

We can make our own community and focus on our problems, like visibility and oversexualization. We are valid. But, if you are cishet, you are not inherently LGBT. It is not the same struggle. Of course the two communities can work together and be friendly with each other where struggles align, but being a part of a community means..actually fitting the requirements to be a part of it.

be proud of who you are! but please, listen to others. listen, and learn, and grow. I know that on this website it can seem like you aren’t allowed to ever make a mistake, but please, try and listen.

not being LGBT doesn’t mean you don’t exist.

The only thing wrong with Hidden Figures is not actually a thing wrong with the movie itself but with society, and it’s this: every person who watches it and thinks “thank god racism is over”. Just because it’s taking different paths does not mean it’s over. The movie takes care to show how systematic injustice and lack of access are the root of inequality. Pay attention.

All I can say is I sincerely hope that in fifty years they make movies portraying current events and people in the future are able to look back in horror and be glad of progression we’ve made.

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hello im having trouble colour coding and just writing notes in general can you share tips on how to organize notes, how you do it and the supplies you use? i'd be so helpful thank you

hi anon!

okay so I’ll run through my process of note taking and how I make it systematic + organised for revision. with note taking, it’s important to ensure that your information is presented in a way that is easy for you to understand so that when you refer back later for extra revision, you don’t end up being confused.

personally, I don’t use a colour coding system for note taking. I just choose a bunch of highlighters that form a colour palette I like and use those to mark out the key words and important points. if you take a look at my previous posts, my notes tend to follow one single colour scheme (for example, cool tones like blues and greens) or sometimes, I’ll write my notes out in black ink and use only one highlighter to annotate.

colour coding can be a bit tricky, and the main reason why I don’t use it is simply because I don’t enjoy switching between a few different pens (it distracts me for some reason). However, if you do decide to try out colour coding, it’s a good idea to designate certain colours to headings, sub-headings, etc. by doing this you can review your notes at a glance, simply looking at the relevant colours that you need to revise. 

how I write notes is pretty simple! for science notes, I write them out on blank sheets of paper and start from the top left hand corner and slowly work my way to the right side of the page. I find it easier to use blank sheets because I can draw diagrams easier and it makes point-form notes easier to distinguish. 

for my literature notes, I like writing them out in a lined notebook (usually I’d use a muji notebook, a5) for each set text because it helps to collate all my notes together. that’s particularly important for literature where your analysis needs to have links to various parts of the set text. I generally use only one highlighter if I’m doing literature notes because I find that it’s more efficient in annotating and marking out important points. 

overall, your note taking style is something you have to figure out by trying different methods till you find something that suits you. if hand writing your notes isn’t working out, perhaps you can try typing them out and seeing if that works instead. once you figure it out, it’ll be much easier and definitely much more fun to write/draw out your notes :’) good luck anon!


How Voter ID Laws Explain Structural Racism | Decoded | MTV News 

Voter ID Laws may seem like a good idea, but they’re actually pretty terrible! On the surface, these laws appear to be  a reasonable way to stop people from pretending to be someone else when they vote. But the reality is that this kind of voter fraud almost never happens!!! Instead Voter ID Laws primarily prevent the poor, the elderly, and people of color from voting. They way they’ve disenfranchised people of color is part of a very long history of voter suppression and is a classic example of structural racism. On this episode of Decoded, we show just how this systematic oppression works!


I grew up in Puertorico and moved to the states when I was 13. I never understood why I felt the need to dress and act like the white people around me until I grew aware of how systematic oppression works. I even grew to desire white skin, clear eyes, and blonde hair just to feel beautiful. But you know what fuck that noise. I’m tired of having my heritage disrespected, I’m tired of hiding my culture, my brown skin is beautiful, my sister and I are perfect and we don’t need to hide who we are. Somos hispanos, #mirame.

People are backing up their claims that monosexual privilege exists by just listing sources for examples of biphobia

That literally says nothing about how LG people receive systematic power over bi people… It just says bi people are oppressed, which no one i know is denying. Yes, biphobia exists. LG people still don’t receive institutional power from it.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall..."

First, let me say, this is such a good post/submission.  I advocate much the same (death of the author, many valid readings…), even through my stubbornness re:my reading of SPN’s text often convolutes this position. I, more often than not, find it mindboggling when people don’t see or understand the show’s patterns and storytelling as I do.  But hey, I have autism, patterns is what I do.  The show’s writing, to me, is a multi-layered and mirrored science, moreso than any textual media I’ve really seen (not like the examples linked in the post). It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even see secondary characters anymore, just mirrors with faces to the “B” plot story lines. That’s how systematic SPN is with its structure in Carver’s era.  I look at the Matrix and all I see is code.

In 10x11 I see dark!Charlie and good!Charlie fractured and I understand completely that we are looking at Dean and his solution to reconcile his identity, his future.  In 9x15, I see Harry unable to come to terms with Ed’s lies and betrayal, and I understand this is a direct showcase of everything Sam and Dean are not saying to one another at the moment. In 8x11, I see Charlie break the mind control of the fairy she had romantic feelings for by destroying the hold her controller had over her and I understand that Dean is going to be paralleling that through Naomi’s control of Cas.  I’ve torn this show apart for so long that it is math to me.  All the “C” plot mirrors are equal.  There’s nothing to argue for me because it is clear structural intent that we see time and again, that the show’s creative team comments on time and again.  

That’s why it’s hard for me, personally, to take into account (and not argue) readings/conclusions that do not mesh with the show’s paralleled, mirrored narrative structure.  To me, that’s the “truth” of the show.  

Glass: The next episode, “Paper Moon,” brings back Kate the werewolf for a specific, thematic reason, says writer Adam Glass. “Her experience, as great Monster of the Week episodes always doreflects basically where the boys are at emotionally right now. So it will be them looking at themselves in the mirror through Kate and what’s happening in her experience.”


Carver: The very best of [the stand-alone episodes] is reflecting what’s going on internally with our boys. It’s always that you’re using a different story to tell a bigger truth for our boys.


“Always” they both say.  It’s always THIS.  A structural analysis (as the “C” plot MOTW format is) is not alike a symbolism analysis, where there are many answers and facets (what does this lighting mean? or that boat in the painting represent?), structural analysis in an interwoven system has just the one answer, a “bigger truth” that’s usually repeated… you know, over several episodes through several scenarios and characters…  

That’s why when I see scenarios such as unrequited Destiel on one side I literally can’t conceive them and feel the need to immediately argue them (though mostly these days I just shake my head and move on), since the show has already put feelings on both their sides through narrative mirrors (season 8 for Dean and season 9 for Cas). And they’ve done this in a repeated, “definite” way IMO, but only really through structure and subtext (which is easily ignored).  So here’s where I talk about “definite” through the lens of the Legend of Korra, a show that doesn’t even utilize mirrors like SPN does.  

Okay, the canonization of Korrasami…  There’s so much in common with Destiel in terms of canon here that it’s honestly not funny.  The key to understanding that Korrasami went canon lay within a little intimate touching, but more importantly… it being mirrored to a previous romantic union scene, a wedding.  If you don’t understand/see this, then you don’t see it “going canon”.  Plain and simple.  You have a valid interpretation (only friends!) of the text, of course, simply and ultimately because the other queer reading lacks plain textual validity. This makes the (correct in this case) argument for a queer reading subject to relentless ridicule/debate.  The showrunner, after it “went canon” and hit the academic debate fires and magazine acknowledgments, did the reading the courtesy of explaining it to said naysayers that it did, indeed, go canon as people were arguing and he explained how, calling it unambiguous and pointing to narrative mirrors.  Yet, without this clarification, we are left arguing it in much the same way we argue feelings re:Dean and Cas as the narrative currently stands.  Because there is no plain text, only implicit canon from mirrored structure, Korrasami doesn’t get to count towards representation (and is validly argued outside “Word of God/Gay”) because it was trapped in narrative mirrors.  And only time will tell if the same happens with Destiel.

So this is the stubborn opinion (on the tapestry of subtext informing structure specifically in regards to SPN, apart from other narratives) you’ll find here.  A nice discussion on what Dean and Sam wearing sunglasses in 10x04 means is not the same to me as a discussion about whether Dean choosing to leave behind Cas to do his job (taking care of Sam) in 9x03 means the same thing as when he did the same to romantic interest Robin in 9x07.  One has various answers and the other clearly does not to me (but actually DOES since it exists solely within mirrored concepts, like Korrasami, and thus, “open to interpretation” regardless of intent simply because there is no plain text).  There’s only the one answer, the reflected “bigger truth”.  So forgive me that I can not budge in this respect.  I’m tired and I’ve been staring at the puzzle and the missing pieces waiting to be put in for far too long.  

gay people: experience real actual homophobia
the good folks of tumblr: Ahah A that’s so funny u Know IM Demi s e x u a l so I experience that too in fact I’m going to make a. Giant joke about how u are systematically oppressed a n d in fact that is O K because when u experience homophobia because u are sga I’m actually EXPERIENCING THAT homophobia t o o oh boy

Non-Confession, I guess

Kendrick Lamar recently or not-so-recently released a comment about Iggy Azalea and the black tumblr went nuts. They got really upset and then vowed to not buy his soon-coming album and not support him… I don’t understand, if someone disagrees with the black tumblr narrative, then they should be shunned. We all know King Kendrick is a phenomenal artist and a great writer. We should support our black artists; the musicians, the actors, the painters, the writers… everything. No, I do not agree with what he said. But he is a master at his craft I think we should still support him. As an artist first and a black man second. Black tumblr always talks about how systematic racism prevents us from being successful in any field. But yet, when a writer we all truly love says ONE problematic thing, we reject them and stop supporting them.  To many I may sound ignorant. But I would rather support Kendrick, who worked hard to get where he is, then reject him as an artist and wish him ill.