how sweet the moonlight

can’t believe people are like ‘Alec should’ve hugged Magnus’ like… no? Magnus’ body was just violated and he’s traumatized, so Alec is doing the right thing and respecting this and not touching him. instead he’s just being there for him, and asking him what he can do for him. especially considering the part Alec played in his trauma (unwittingly and regrettfully of course), it’s right for him to not initiate contact. when Magnus wants physical comfort he’ll initiate it.

How Sweet the Moonlight

Rating: T

Word Count: 2200

Summary: Belle wasn’t looking for him. He wasn’t exactly looking for her, either.

Note: This is not the story I wanted to write, but due to Things I had to edit heavily. Said Things are also why this is embarrassingly late. I’m sorry. I hope it’ll do.

Prompt used: Full moon, witchcraft, haunted woods, Eerie

Belle leaves town the day Ashley Boyd is killed by Sean Herman in a fit of passion.

Passion is their word. The townspeople with their wide eyes and hushed voices. Their way to describe the tumultuous obsession that marked the young lovers’ brief relationship, the jealous realization that Sean couldn’t live without Ashley in his life.

There is little point to ask what shy, mousy Ashley had done to attract the handsome man in the first place. Even more is what could have set Sean, always calm and so sweet, into such a rage that he unlocked his father’s handgun. It is sickly romantic, how he turned the gun on himself when he’d seen what he’d done.

It is months later when Ashley’s step-sister finds the bottle under the floorboard of Ashley’s old room. Opaque glass of red wine mixed with crushed primroses, a dash of cinnamon to taste. She finds it half empty, the wine stale and sour.

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Can you do 'I was singing in the shower and you harmonized with me' with wolfstar of jegulus? Thank you! And I'm absolutely in love with your blog!!!!

I love how @angry-space-ravenclaw basically made Jegulus a thing - It’s so freaking awesome! I’ve never actually written them before, but I have read her stuff, so I’ll try not to muck it up too badly. 


James finished his workout, the sweat basically pouring off of him. He felt disgusting but also extremely satisfied with himself. He whistled as he made his way into the showers. There was no way he was going to change into his work clothes in the state he was currently in. 

He stepped under the spray and let the warm water sluice over his aching muscles. He’d been hitting the gym a lot harder recently, ever since his divorce. It kept his mind off things that he’d rather not think about.

He and Lily had always had a rocky relationship. She hadn’t even wanted to be with him to begin with, always hated him, until one day she didn’t. They’d gotten married too young, before either of them could really think about what they were to each other. It was no wonder that it had all gone up in flames. 

But for one rare moment, James Potter was feeling good. He’d worked off his stress about his marriage and his job and every other damn thing. Not to mention, an unfairly gorgeous bloke had caught his eye while he had been using the free weights. His short black hair had been glistening with sweat as he ran on the treadmill. James hadn’t meant to stare, but it had been difficult to look away. Their eyes had met through the mirror and the other man had grinned at him.

James smiled to himself as he began to rub his bar of soap over his body. He wasn’t sure what came over him, but he found himself singing. “I know you belong to somebody new but tonight you belong to me. Although we’re apart, you’re a part of my heart, but tonight you belong to me. Down by the stream, how sweet it would seem, once more just to dream in the moonlight. My honey I know, by the dawn you’ll be gone, but tonight you belong to me, just to little old me.”

He began again, just because he could. He hadn’t heard someone else come in and so he wasn’t being self-conscious about his singing. 

“I know,” 

“I know,” someone else sang from the next shower over.

“You belong to somebody new but tonight you belong to me.” James sang and heard the other voice harmonize with him. 


“Although,” the stranger echoed.

“We’re apart, you’re a part of my heart, but tonight you belong to me.” 

It wasn’t a very long song and soon they had finished together. James poked his head out and found the man who had caught his eye earlier doing the same. They grinned at each other and then burst out laughing. 

“Fan of The Jerk huh?” the man asked.

“Yeah,” James said, wrapping his towel around his waist and quickly shutting off the shower. “You?”

“Yeah,” the man said, putting his own towel around. “My brother used to make us watch it all the time as kids. He loved that bit with the cans.”

James chuckled. “Your brother has excellent taste then.”

“I’m Regulus, by the way,” the man said, holding out his hand. “I figured we’ve already harmonized together, we should probably be better acquainted.”

“Only makes sense,” James said, shaking the man’s hand. “James Potter.”

“Oh shit,” Regulus said, quickly taking his hand away. “Sorry.”

“What’s wrong?” James asked, frowning. Everything had been going so well. 

“You’re married, I - How do I always end up flirting with the married ones?” Regulus asked, running his fingers through his damp hair. 

“Oh no, I’m not -” James said quickly. “Well, I was. Divorced. I should have taken it off ages ago. I guess I’m just used to it.”

Regulus eyed him for a moment. “You’re not lying to me, are you?” he asked, clearly skeptical.

“Not lying,” James said, giving him a small smile for reassurance. “Wife and I split up six months ago. The divorce was finalized two weeks ago.” 

“That sucks, I’m sorry,” Regulus said, looking like he wanted to pat James’ arm in sympathy but he refrained. 

James shrugged. “Better to know now that it doesn’t work than to keep trying, right?” 

“I suppose,” Regulus said, cocking his head to the side. “I’ve never been married so I can’t claim to be an expert on any of it.”

James shuffled his feet. He didn’t really like talking about the divorce. “I have a kid,” he blurted out, unsure why he felt this stranger should know. “Harry. He’s two and he’s great. He’s my favorite thing in the world and I get him half of every week, Wednesday through Saturday morning.”

Regulus smiled. “Does he look like you?”

“Yeah,” James said, usually proud of that fact. “He has his mum’s eyes.”

“Then I bet he’s a real cute kid,” Regulus responded, heading towards the locker room, probably to get changed. 

“Hey!” James called out. Regulus turned back and looked at him expectantly. “Just to be clear, you were in fact flirting with me?”

Regulus laughed. “I was,” he assured him. 

“Haven’t put you off it, have I?” James asked, biting his bottom lip.

“Nope,” Regulus said, popping the p of the word. He disappeared into the locker room and James wasn’t sure if he should follow of give Regulus some privacy. After all, he probably shouldn’t see him naked before their first date or he’d never get through it. Instead he stood with his back against the wall and waited. 

Regulus appeared a few minutes later holding his gym back and a business card. He walked up to James and handed him the card. “Regulus Black,” he said. “My brother and I own a tattoo parlor together. Call me sometime, yeah?” 

“I will,” James said, nodding. He regretted not going in now, he was undoubtably curious about whether or not Regulus had any tattoos and where. 

“Just don’t tell my brother we met singing together at the gym or I’ll never hear the end of it,” Regulus warned him. “Also, when you call, if he picks up the phone he might interrogate you a bit. He does that but don’t be alarmed, I don’t take his opinion into account when I date. At least not much.”

“I’ll be as charming as I can,” James said with a nod. 

“Shouldn’t be too difficult for you,” Regulus joked, walking backwards towards the exit. 

James grinned and headed into the locker room to change. He put Regulus’ card in a safe spot in his wallet so that he wouldn’t lose it. As he made his way to work, he whistled their song and couldn’t wait to give Regulus a call. 

Feeling a Bit Woozy Baby? (Pietro x Reader) Part 6/?

»Reader is very close with Pietro but when he is sedated and reduced to acting like a 3 year old she is forced to take care of him. This enssues food, entertainment,keeping him out of trouble, bathing and bed time. And to think the reader is being kept from a mission for this.« 

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 6

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Part 8

A/N: Alohaa ♥, how’s it going? OK I’m still sick and feverish, ignore the weird hello. Anyways here ya go, Part 6, sorry it took a while, been a bit busy with school stuffs and blah blah :p

Enjoy fluffy Pietro!!!! Hope it’s not too much lol Im still having a lot of fun with it so I hope you are too. Send me your thoughts on it, you know I like to hear those (specially when I’m sick, it cheers me up xD)

oh btw song here x

Until the next one!! :3


While waiting for Pietro to come out of the bath you started getting everything ready for bed. You turned up the air conditioning and when you did the sudden blast of cold air went up your shirt, you giggled at the cool feeling. You enjoyed the cold, unlike Bruce who you once had to share a room with during a mission, you practically melted that time.

‘Who doesn’t turn on the AC during summer? Bruce Banner that’s who.’ you joked, thinking back to that horrid mission while you pulled back the covers and piled all the pillows together to make yourself a comfy den on the bed.

After that you got one of the pillows and an extra blanket from your closet and set up a place for Pietro to sleep in the small couch you had in your room. You decided it was best he stayed with you just in case he needed something or got sick in the middle of the night.

But you’d had a long tiring day, there was no way you were giving up your fluffy bed to Pietro so he’d have to deal with sleeping on the couch for a night.

When you were done with that you walked over to your bed, closed your eyes and let yourself fall onto the your mountain of pillows with a satisfied smile. Then you sat up and got the book you had been reading from your bed side table, it was one of Agatha Christie’s novels, your favorite in fact and you remained like this until the bathroom door opened.

You didn’t even look up from your book since it was in a really intense and interesting part which you didn’t want to interrupt. When you finally did lift your eyes from the book it was only for a moment but then your eyes went wide and you ditched the book entirely.

You tried to suppress the laughter that was bubbling up your throat but nothing could stop the red rushing to your face.

Pietro not only had come out of the shower with a pink towel wrapped around his hair, which he was now hanging on the door handle, but he had also come out of the bathroom wearing only the green shirt and underwear you got him.

You closed your eyes and pinched the bridge of your nose.

“Why did I get you boxer-breifs?” You mumbled under your breath.

“Pietro I am approximately 65% sure i brought you pants to the bathroom now what happened to them?” You asked him trying your best not to let the nervous smile tugging at the corners of your mouth to show.

Pietro turned to face you and when he saw how obviously flustered you were a sly grin appeared on his face and he pulled down his shirt in a false attempt to cover his front.

“Listen, you little punk, just go get in bed already.” You said between giggles pointing at the couch

Pietro pouted and slowly trudged to the couch dragging his feet in reluctant steps. Once there he sat on the couch and looked at you with big blue begging puppy eyes that could put any husky puppy to shame. Your heart melted.

“Um g-good night Piet. Wake me up if you need anything, okay?” You said before asking FRIDAY to turn off the lights and pulling the covers up to your chin. You faced away from the couch to distract yourself from sad puppy eyed Pietro.

After a few minutes in your cloud of a bed you’d fallen asleep and in the couch so had Pietro, but in less than an hour you were woken up by the sounds coming from Pietro’s sleeping form.

You could hear mumbling, grunting and whimpering. You sat up on your bed to see Pietro tossing and turning. Through the faint moon light coming from your window you could see the glint of tears running down his face.

You got up from your bed to go wake him up, momentarily cursing yourself for not putting socks on when your bare feet were hit with the cold air. You sat down on the couch and gently shook his shoulder. “Piet.” You said quietly

His mumbles were a string of soft pleading ‘no’s. What ever his nightmare was it must be horrible because you could see his jaw, arms, back and fists were all tense with fear.

“Pietro…Pietro wake up.” You brought your hand up to his face and his eyes blinked open. His wide eyes were darting around the room assessing his surroundings as he sat up on the couch, he was panting heavily and tried to talk but only a bunch of nonsensical mumbles left his mouth.

  “Shh shh Pietro its fine, you’re fine now, you’re in my room, you were having a nightmare.“ You cooed as you ran your hand up and down his back to soothe him. It’s not the first time he’s woken you up with his nightmares, your rooms share a wall so a few other times you’ve had to go wake him up to stop his screams in the middle of the night, thankfully this time it didn’t go that far because you were close by.His teary eyes looked into yours, lost and sad. His hands are shaky and so are the breaths he takes.

“Come here.” You said holding your arm open

With his head ducked he shyly scooted closer to you and when he was close enough he let his head fall onto the crook of your neck. You hugged him and ran your hand through his hair. It was a bit humorous, how big he was in your arms but the thought vanished when you felt tears soaking through your shirt.

Pietro was crying again and it pained you to see him like this, his nightmares usually consisted of his torturous days of HYDRA experimentation, or of his sister getting hurt or kidnapped, but once in a while his nightmares were so vivid and horrible that even after he woke up he refused to say what they were and he’d have a hard time calming down afterwards, you guessed tonight was one of those nights.

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You racked your brain for something that could help calm him down and remembered you’d heard him whistling this song a few days before, so you figured you might as well try singing it. You made your voice as soft and soothing as possible.

“I know you belong
To somebody new
But tonight
You belong to me

Although we’re apart
You are a part of my heart
But tonight
You belong to me

Wait down by the stream 
How sweet it will seem
Once more just to dream in 
The moonlight
My honey I know
With the dawn 
That you will be gone
But tonight 
You belong to me

But tonight 
You belong
To me.”

By the time you stopped singing Pietro’s breathing hand gone back to normal meaning he wasn’t crying anymore. The position you were in was uncomfortable, your legs had fallen asleep and you really wanted to go back to your own bed. But Pietro was tightly hugging you back.

“Pietro.” You gently patted his head to get his attention. He lifted his head from the crook of your neck and looked up at you revealing his eyes that were hit by the moonlight making them shine the blue of an evening sky, those beautiful orbs looked up at yours with endearment which made your breath hitch.

You stood up from the couch to go to your bed but Pietro’s hand holding your sleeve stopped you.You looked back at him and he gave a slight shake of his head.

You sighed. ‘I knew this would happen.’ You thought to yourself.

“Come on.” You said pulling at your sleeve slightly signaling for him to get up.

He followed through the darkness holding your sleeve with you as a guide. Once you got to your bed you lied down and buried yourself in the sea of blankets, Pietro stood there for a second but then you felt your blanket lift up, letting in a waft of cool air that was quickly replaced with warmth as Pietro curled up next to you assuming the position of big spoon. His warmth felt nice, actually he seemed a bit too warm.

You put your hand on his forehead and felt a slight burning sensation. He had a fever. You remember the same happening to Tony when he was getting over that asguardian hang-over so you didn’t worry too much, it just meant his body was processing the drug he had been given, which was good.

So you hummed the same song as Pietro nuzzeled into your hair, and you both fell asleep.

Tonight?  You Belong To Me

could you do an imagine based on the song ‘tonight you belong to me’ with mgg ?

Yes, I most certainly can!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

I know (I know) you belong to somebody new,

Sitting on the bench, your eyes fixed on the mirrored reflection of the sky above, your heart begins to flutter as you hear the crackling of tires amongst the brush behind you.

But tonight you belong to me.

Hearing footsteps approach you from behind, the imminent sound of the station wagon shutting itself down as it clicks its demands of its owner, one by one, you feel someone approach from behind you as they maneuver themselves in front of the bench, sitting a little too close as their shoulder brushes up against yours.

“Hello, Y/N.”

Although (although) we’re apart, you are a part of my heart,

Matthew’s voice could always calm the storm that was your ebbing sea of doubt and confusion.

But even patience has a course to run.

But tonight, you belong to me.

“Hello, Matthew.”

Sitting on the bench, shoulder to shoulder, the stars blinking their morse code of warnings to the beautiful entity sitting beside you, you feel your hand creep over, resting lightly on his knee as he lets out a deep sigh.

“You know I shouldn’t be here,” he croaks.

Wait down by the stream and how sweet it will seem, once more just to dream in the moonlight.

“Just…a few minutes,” you utter, barely above a whisper, as you feel his hand slowly come down on top of yours, that comforting hand that had splayed across your back so many nights, brushing off your outer demons as you sobbed over the inner battles waging war upon the mind that Matthew had loved so much.

My honey, I know with the dawn that you will be gone.

Feeling his fingers interlock with yours brought back memories of solitude.  Memories of years long past where the wrinkles stayed at bay and the perks of your breasts made him salivate.  Days where his hands never left your thighs and his tongue never released from your caverns.

Days where you writhed in bed together until 2 am, and cooked breakfast at noon.

But tonight, you belong to me.

Taking in a deep breath, the deep-seeded wrinkles in your hands folding on top of one another as Matthew squeezes your hand tight, you blow it out into the nighttime air, the condensation leaving your lips making you smile as you slowly turn your head, your aged and weary eyes taking in the beautiful form of the man you had pledged your life to so long ago.

A man that your mind had forgotten about.

But tonight, you belong to me.

“How is she?” you ask, your eyes dancing along his wrinkled face as he picks up his arm, wrapping it around your shoulder.

“My wife is fine,” Matthew sniffles.

Raising your hand up and wiping his tears away, you bring his hand to your lips and kiss it lightly.

“After all these years, you still feel guilty for marrying,” you state, shaking your head against his skin.

“I could’ve stayed by your side, you know,” he hums.

“And led your life with a woman who’s mind is being eaten away at?  Matthew, you deserve better than that,” you coo, your eyes full of hurt as the tears begin to stream down your caverned face.

Watching him lean in, he presses a trembling kiss to your forehead, his arm wrapping back around you and pulling you close as you nuzzle into the crook of his arm, like you had so many nights ago on your wedding night.

“For better or for worse…” Matthew murmurs, kissing the top of your head.

And as the sun begins to rise, casting its orange and purple hues across the sky, a nurse walks up behind you two as she lays a light hand on Matthew’s shoulder, his eyes fluttering awake as he smiles up at her, looking down upon your sleeping form as a tear escapes the corner of his eye.

Placing one last kiss on your cheek, he hands you over to the nurse, supporting you with her body as he takes a note from the inside of his jacket, handing it to the woman as he had done so many nights for the past 24 years.

And as he walks away, his jaw trembling in his agony as he hears you begin to stir, he stops and looks back upon his one true love, the woman that would always come first in his life, the woman he had given his soul to.

The woman that early onset dementia had ripped from him.

“Where am I?” you groan, leaning against the nurse as she helps you up, “H-…How did I get out here?”

But tonight?  You belong to me.

[pterodactyl screeches] it’s done. 

A giveaway song for picchar‘s gorgeous Rythlen Theirin née Cousland (album work by the artist herself!) . I had so much fun getting to know your queen of Fereldan, and the weird wacky things I did for this song worked!!! so!! that’s very exciting for me aha. :) 


Now the time for sleep is here

Now the stars will glow

My little pup, my darling one

Sleep through the falling snow

To shake the earth, to rock the seas

Men, we’ll need a thousand

But you, my girl, my daughter dear

Your hands will move a mountain  

To reach the skies, to cross the seas

To run a thousand miles

You must sleep now, little one

And rest a little while

I’ll hold you close, my daughter dear

Sweet dreams the moonlight will bring          


How swift the winter winds chase us

How soon the summer flees

My love, the moonlight will bathe us

So won’t you dance with me?

Your rose is sweet upon my lips

Your touch is warm and steady

The longest roads won’t stop us

So won’t you dance with me?

I know the dawn might bring sorrows

I’ve seen it all before

Our questions will keep ‘til tomorrow

So won’t you dance with me?

some notes below the cut: 

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Voltage guy: *takes her on a date**holds her hand**looks meaningfully at her**stares at her without saying anything sometimes**looks at her like she’s a bright light or sth**gets jealous/possessive at times**carries her when she gets hurt**nurses her when she gets sick/injured**carries her to bed, tucks her in and puts blanket on her**flirts with her**kisses her**cooks for her**behaves differently around her**gets mad if someone tries to harm her**almost sacrifices his own life to save her**they have sex*

MC: he probably doesn’t have feelings for me……. He probably does this with everyone………..