how sweet is that baby


How can this baby be so sweet? Today and yesterday he took a nap like this. I’m amazed of how cuddly he is, since the 1st day, as if he had known me since he was born. The man at the pet shop told me he is about 3 months old.

I got some new toys for him, Keiji and Puchi, but I’ll give them… after the nap… zzz…



His soft moans cause a bulk of electricity to bolt through your body. You grip the phone a bit tighter, pressing it closer to your ear. “My poor Daddy…I can’t imagine how much you must miss your baby girl’s sweet, tight pussy, huh? You miss being buried inside of me, hmm?”

You hear a soft ”yes” from the other side.

“Tonight should be fun then,” you respond with a giggle.


Yes or No | Gregg and Angus

Finished watching Jack play Night in the Woooooods! And OH. MY. GOD! Its such a good story and art and Jack’s voices and aaagh! I love it so much! I promise I’ll make some proper fanart for the game soon, but for now enjoy this quick little comic of how I like to think Angus and Gregg got together. (These sweet babies deserve ALL the happiness!)


Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments

why do people still think the “i look cute and innocent.. but i have a twisted dirty mind xD o_0″ thing is like. edgy or surprising at all. 

like no offense but when you see some grown adult playing up how sweet and cute and innocent pastel baby uwu they are, you can pretty much instantly tell that theyre probably kind of a pervert in really unpleasant ways. and its not “shocking” or even slightly surprising its just kind of….. gross and insufferable

Nice Things People Forget About in The Outsiders

I see a lot of negative
posts about what people forget about in The Outsiders, so I decided to make a more positive one.

😄 Darry called Ponyboy “baby” when Ponyboy asked if he would be put into a boys home. Darry replied with “I don’t know, baby. I just don’t know.” How sweet! It makes me wanna cry!

😄 Ponyboy also had a lot of middle class friends at school.

😄 Ponyboy was upset because he thought he never called for Darry in the hospital, but Sodapop told him he actually did!

😄 Sodapop and Darry had never lost a fight before (I’m not sure if this is a “nice” thing, but hey, good for them!)

😄 After Dally died, Steve was about to fall to the ground while sobbing, but then Sodapop caught him and soothed him! 😭

😄 After Johmny died and Dallas ran off, Ponyboy was stumbling around town all by himself. Then a super nice stranger asked if he was ok, and gave him a ride.

😄 While in the stranger’s car Ponyboy got blood on the seat. The stranger just told Ponyboy not to worry about it, and that his car has been through much worse.

😄 Unlike the Shepard and Brumley gangs who will only get worse as they get older, Ponyboy knew that his friends and him will only get better as they grow up.

😄 Dallas had a cousin that lived in Windrixville. I feel like it’s nice to know that Dallas still had some family members still in contact with him.

😄 When Steve’s cousin came to visit, none of the boys were rude or talked dirty to her. The boys are respectful to girls at school and girls who are the family/cousin type.

😄 Jerry was a super duper awesome dude. While in the ambulance, Jerry let Ponyboy tell him everything that had happened, and Jerry did not judge him or Johnny and Dallas one bit. He also stayed with Ponyboy the entire time to make sure he was ok. Jerry is much more than just the fat guy that couldn’t fit through the window at the church!!!

😄 Dallas was afraid he had killed Ponyboy after hitting his back in order to stop the fire on his jacket. He was actually really upset about it, and was so happy when he saw Ponyboy was ok.

😄 Ponyboy hates it when women get sworn at or when they cry.

😄 Okay so in the beginning of the story Ponyboy says he doesn’t like people with green eyes. But after him and Cherry have a chat and he realizes that him and Cherry will always see the same sunset, he makes a comment that Cherry has green eyes. This shows how Ponyboy has learned that not all socs are bad, just like how not all people with green eyes are bad.

anonymous asked:

top 5 mini Lodge-Cooper headcanons? You've got me hooked on the idea of them as moms!

1. veronica fights to keep her lids from drooping when it’s all over; she’s sweaty, and exhausted, and the rhythmic beeping of the hospital does little to help ward off sleep. and betty, her sweet, glossy eyed, sniffling betty. she just keeps looking between their baby girl and her exhausted wife, keeps telling veronica how good she did, how much she loves her, and veronica feels safe when sleep finally takes her, betty will take care of the two of them

2. the first couple weeks redefine exhaustion. their daughter, while tiny and endearing, can put up one hell of a fuss when she wants to. she takes after veronica in that way. it doesn’t help veronica’s sleep (or lack there of) that her fussing is only quelled when she’s cradled against veronica’s chest. that one, ronnie’s convinced, she picked up from betty

3. veronica falls asleep with their daughter pressed carefully to her chest and betty looks on with affection blooming inside hers. matching dark hair, identical brown eyes that betty finds are suddenly blinking up at her in miniature. and just like that, tiny arms are reaching out toward betty, pushing away from veronica’s chest with sleep kissed red into her cheek. and - and she’s never done this before. since they’ve taken her home she’s preferred veronica and betty’s been okay with that. but it doesn’t stop the tears that well in her eyes as she scoops her babbling little girl into her arms

4. she’s talking now, walking now, and lord does she use it all to her advantage. she’d dipped out of the bathtub while veronica was turned around getting her towel and she runs around the house dripping water as she goes. “betty! help me catch her she’s going to slip,” veronica tries sounding stern but she lets out a laugh when their daughter ducks under a table. it’s a joint effort, one where veronica nearly slips in a puddle of what she hopes is water, tossing the towel to betty, missing, and having it land gracefully over their shrieking toddler. betty grabs her then, wraps the towel around her more soundly and peppering kisses all over her face. veronica easily slips into the mix, arms coming around both her wife and daughter. she presses a triumphant kiss to betty’s lips and then another to soothe defeat into the still wet hair of their squirming toddler

5. saturday mornings have always been betty’s favorite and now that the two of them are three, betty’s only more sure of this. she rises first and let’s veronica sleep in, not bothering to change their daughter out of her pajamas as she scoops her into her arms and carries her back to their room. “mama’s sleeping,” betty whispers to her, “can you be quite for me?” she nods in response, pressing her tiny finger to betty’s lips to shush her. she sits in betty’s lap and the two of them watch saturday morning cartoons, betty carding through her short dark hair with one hand, the other tracing over veronica’s back to ease her into consciousness. it’s the sleepy smile veronica finally flashes when she rolls over and yawns, the way the youngest lodge-cooper starts bouncing excitedly in betty’s lap, telling her that, “mama’s awake!” that solidifies her love for saturday’s all over again