how sweet and caring and good he actually is

Jacob Frye Head canons!

This is for @superwholockstringpuller ! Happiest Birthday dearie x3 <3 <3! Hope you have a wonderful one! Also, this is the first time I write head canons for anyone! Hahahaha, so yeah if they aren’t as good then…I do apologize in advance! >.< I tried my best to think of new stuff, mainly because there’s just a lot of Jacob head canons out there! However, if these are good then I might practice it more and actually make it a thing xD

Take care dear! <3

Ø Smooth guy, he would definitely know how to bounce back from almost any any situation. Would sweet-talk his way through anything, and his charms would help tons.

Ø Isn’t too proud, though he knows he’s hot af…tends to admire himself sometimes though would not show it ;)

Ø Always up for a challenge! Especially when he is around you, he could use an adventures lady who’s up for any trouble! Just like him.

Ø Though he might be secretive as hell about his own life, and would love to know more things about you first! Which makes him a very curious guy, yet mysterious as hell…indeed…sexy af.

Ø Doesn’t tend to show off too much emotion, and plays it cool when he gets let down.

Ø Even though he may seem like a man child, the gentleman inside of him becomes evident when he’s with you. Would be the type to kiss your hands, take his beloved top hate off when he greets you, and stuff like that!

Ø Doesn’t give a damn about what other’s think, he likes and does whatever he damn pleases…always up for either a good fight or debate ;D

Ø Bash and all, though he is a real softy when around pretty women—smooth af again… dis man kills me I swear…

Ø Does know how to joke around, and that’s one way in which he manages to catch other ladies’ attention

Ø Sex is like, a thing. No sex, no Jacob. Done.

Ø He likes it both ways, though despite being a tease—he does enjoy teasing you more than being teased… ;D

Ø Cuz gurl when we mad…know that shit is gonna be rough as hell…

Ø Dominant definitely, would like to be kinky and tied up sometimes, though he would prefer doing that stuff to you more

Ø Even though he may seem full of lust, he does love deeply, and when does. Oh boy, he won’t let you go. Unless he kills you—and dies with you.

Ø Highly protective, like mate don’t even bother to look at his girl…or you’ll find yourself separated from your head… ;)

Ø Play with his heart, and his blade will be on your throat…

Ø Once you cheat/play with his emotions/lie, all trust would vanish, so definitely do not take his love for granted.

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One of the most pleasant suprises in this film was how the stereotypical, good looking and 100% confident man the female main character has fallen in love with, is actually a really nice, sweet and caring guy instead of an asshole.

“Who knows in the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise”

Summary: When Lovecraft decides to take care of Chuuya once he is abandoned by Dazai after using Corruption, Chuuya is touched by Lovecraft’s kindness and starts feeling things he thought he had lost the ability to feel

Notes: rarepair week day four! ahhh i actually really love chuucraft u guys, dont ask how or why, and I’d love to someday see more content about them! in the meantime, here’s a really sweet fic about chuuya learning to love a good soft squid and i hope you enjoy it!


Chuuya woke up on a couch in an unfamiliar room covered in a soft, thick blanket the color of sea foam. When Chuuya tried to sit up, he was nearly blacked out and collapsed back onto the couch with a searing migraine, unable to hold back a cry of pain. For a while, the pain was so strong he could hardly see straight; everything seemed to bend, to blur, to fade away until nothing was left but the burning agony infesting each of his body’s cells. Even breathing was difficult, and it felt as if his throat and lungs were being scraped raw with every breath. A dull sound, somewhere between buzzing and ringing, infested his ears. At first, Chuuya wondered where the sound could be coming from, but he quickly realized it was in his head.


Even thinking the word made Chuuya sick, made the hot, acid taste of blood in his mouth feel stronger than it had before, made the gentle sunlight trickling in through an open window seem sharp as dagger blades piercing his eyes. Chuuya closed his eyes and rolled over, biting his lip to brace himself against the fresh wave of pain, and buried his face in the couch. It had been years since he had used Corruption; Chuuya couldn’t remember if the pain had always been so terrible or if he simply wasn’t used to it after all the time that had passed.

Or maybe the pain gets worse the more I use it, and I only have a certain number of uses before I fall apart…

Chuuya was distracted from his thoughts when a limp, fleshy appendage gently tapped his shoulder. “Awake yet?” asked someone with a low, monotonous voice. “Or screaming in your sleep again?” Chuuya heard them sigh. “You’re very loud. It makes it hard for me to sleep. If I had known you would be so troublesome, I would not have brought you here.”

“Dazai?” Chuuya whispered. The voice did not sound anything like his, nor did the thing that had touched his shoulder resemble Dazai’s hideous, bony, absurdly long fingers, but for all he knew, that bandaged bastard could be playing some sort of prank on him.


Lovecraft? The octopus? Isn’t he supposed to be dead?!

“What are you doing with me?” Chuuya croaked, trying his best to sound as threatening as he could while wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, unable to do so much as sit up without collapsing in pain. With great effort, Chuuya managed to roll over so he could glare at Lovecraft. “I beat you once, and I can do it again.”

Lovecraft blinked slowly. “Wouldn’t you need your partner for that?”

“Dazai is not my partner!” Chuuya snapped, angry enough to ignore the sharp stab of pain in his head. “And sure I as fuck don’t need his help to kick your ass!”

Lovecraft tilted his head so far to the side that it was resting on his shoulder, extending his bony neck. “Why do you want to fight? Aren’t you tired?”

Chuuya spit in Lovecraft’s direction, but, weak as he was, only managed to get drool on his chin. “Fuck you, bitch,” he hissed. “I’m never too tired to fight.” A wave of naseau struck, and Chuuya couldn’t suppress a groan. “I’ll make you into calamari,” he threatened in a breathless whisper. “I’ll chew you up and spit you out.”

“There’s no need to be rude.” Lovecraft sounded almost hurt. “I only brought you here so you could rest. You seemed so tired after blowing me up, and then your partner-” Lovecraft cut himself off. “Your… not your partner… left you behind.”

“So you captured me?” Chuuya forced himself to sit up, biting his lip to keep from crying out. “The mafia will come for me,” he said, trying to keep his voice from shaking. “I’m one of their executives- they wouldn’t just let you take me without a fight!”

But they probably wouldn’t suspect I’m in any danger since you were technically defeated. Maybe they’re expecting me to handle this on my own?

Chuuya closed his eyes. Despite all his posturing, if it really did come to a fight, there was next to no chance of victory. “I’ll never help you,” he murmured. “Or the Guild. I’d rather use Corruption and wind up dead than betray the mafia.”

“You’re very dramatic.”

“I am not dramatic!” Chuuya shrieked dramatically, launching himself off the couch so he could fight Lovecraft. Instead, he landed in a heap at Lovecraft’s feet, whimpering in pain.

Lovecraft patted Chuuya’s head. “It is okay, small human,” he said, lifting Chuuya off the ground and gently depositing him on the couch. “I have no intention of keeping you prisoner- that would be so tiresome. You can leave whenever you want.”

Chuuya grunted. In his condition, he doubted he could make it out of the living room without passing out, let alone make it back to headquarters. Especially, as it just occurred to Chuuya, since he had no idea where he was. Sighing, Chuuya decided that the best thing he could do was cooperate with the squid-man until he was strong enough to put up a fight and hope Lovecraft didn’t murder him in his sleep.

Of course, if he wanted to do that, it’s not like he hasn’t had enough chances already…

Chuuya narrowed his eyes and examined Lovecraft’s dour face. “Why did you bring me here anyway, if you’re not trying to use me for something?”

“When I re-materialized my physical form, I tripped over you, and you stayed sound asleep.” Lovecraft almost smiled. “Anyone with that much dedication to sleeping has my eternal respect.”

Chuuya laughed, then groaned as his internal organs contracted. “I’ve been told I’m a heavy sleeper before,” he said when the pain faded a little. “But it’s never been much of a compliment.”

Lovecraft reached out and straightened a stray lock of Chuuya’s hair. “Your hair… it is very soft,” said Lovecraft, blushing. “I hope you know that is a compliment.”

Chuuya was too stunned to say anything as Lovecraft left the room. After a moment, he decided the best thing to do was get some rest, then make a break for it. He fell asleep almost instantly.


When Chuuya woke up, the sky had already grown dark and the only light in the room came from distant stars. The pain had lessened, became bearable, so Chuuya managed to stand up, gripping the edge of the couch for balance. When his head stopped spinning, Chuuuya saw Lovecraft sitting alone at a table in the dark, eating what appeared to be an entire salmon with his bare hands. When Lovecraft spotted Chuuya, he beckoned him over.

“There is enough to share,” he said, holding up a chunk of fish. “I had thought you would be hungry after such a long nap.”

Once Chuuya got closer, he realized that the fish was raw. “Dude, that’s just not right!” Chuuya exclaimed, scandalized. “Salmon like this needs to be pan-seared with lemon and served with a fine wine- you can’t just shove it in your mouth raw! What are you a fucking animal?” Chuuya took the plate away from Lovecraft and marched toward the kitchen. In the heat of the moment, Chuuya totally forgot about escaping and returning to the mafia; all his focus was on the fish.

Lovecraft trailed behind Chuuya, staring dolefully at the half-eaten fish. “Where are you taking our dinner?” he asked. “It’s good and fresh. Do you not like fish?”

“I don’t like raw fish,” Chuuya corrected, setting the fish down on the counter and digging through cupboards in search of a suitable pan. “And neither should you.” Eventually, Chuuya found a pan and began rooting through the fridge and pantry for other necessary ingredients. Much to his surprise, he had little to no difficulty finding what he was looking for; he had not expected the maniac who ate raw fish to have fresh lemons and an assortment of various spices.  

As if reading Chuuya’s thoughts, Lovecraft replied, “Steinbeck does most of the grocery shopping. I just get the fish.”

Chuuya turned on the stove, then paused. “You live together?”

Lovecraft shrugged. “More or less.”

“Oh.” Chuuya wasn’t sure why he could feel his cheeks flushing; maybe he was feverish after using corruption. He took his anger out on the fish, hacking it to pieces with his dagger and tearing out the bones. “Will he be, ah, joining us for dinner?” Chuuya asked in a calm, even tone he thought Kouyou would be proud of.

“I don’t think so,” Lovecraft replied, staring at the fish. “He tends to leave me alone for a day or so after I go into my true form. He knows it makes me tired.”

“Huh.” Chuuya threw the fish into the pan with a vengeance. “Sounds like a really considerate partner.” The fish hissed in the pan; Chuuya hissed back. He didn’t know whether he was jealous of Lovecraft’s partnership with Steinbeck or if he was jealous because what he had with Steinbeck was more than a partnership.

Why do I give a shit about this walking calamari, anyway?

Chuuya glanced over his shoulder and studied Lovecraft’s face. He was not especially handsome, but there was something to be said about his sharp cheekbones and fathomless eyes. His dark hair looked thick and soft, and it was probably long enough for Chuuya to use as a blanket. Still, it wasn’t his appearance that had Chuuya’s interest: it was his kindness.

Kindness was not a quality you were encouraged to cultivate in the mafia; kindness was a liability more often than not, something to get beaten out of you in the earliest days of training. Chuuya’s ribs still ached when he remembered how Mori had kicked him there after a failed mission where a much younger, softer Chuuya had been unable to bring himself to kill his target. In the present, an older, tougher Chuuya peered up into an alien, expressionless yet somehow kind face and felt his heart stir, almost as if the softer Chuuya had not been beaten out of him after all.

As Chuuya cooked the fish, he allowed his mind to wander, daydreaming about what life would be like if he and Lovecraft put the war between their organizations aside and stayed together in this strange little house together. Theirs would be a quiet life. They would cuddle on the couch beneath the gentle light of the stars and moon, maybe whispering, maybe silent. Chuuya would brush Lovecraft’s hair with remarkable patience until it all hung in a single unbroken silken sheet without so much as a single knot or tangle, and Lovecraft would pat Chuuya’s head. Chuuya would not mind when Lovecraft called him small so long as he said it with a trace of affection. Their life would be a peaceful one, and perhaps it was merely the after-effect of Corruption, but Chuuya felt as if something deep in his bones was crying out for peace.

When the fish was done, Chuuya neatly sliced it in half, put each half on a clean plate, and brought the plates to the table. “You eat every last bite of this and try and tell me it tastes better raw, I fuckin’ dare you,” said Chuuya, pointing his knife at Lovecraft in a mock-threatening gesture. “You’ll never want raw fish again.”

Lovecraft lowered his face to the plate and sniffed the fish. “It does smell nice,” he admitted. He was about to tear into the fish with his hands, but Chuuya handed him a fork and knife, blushing when their hands brushed.

“This way,” Chuuya said, demonstrating how to use silverware on his piece of fish.

Lovecraft copied him, opening his mouth at exactly the same time Chuuya did and popping a bite of fish into his mouth. His eyes widened as he swallowed. “This is… not like anything I have ever experienced.” Before Chuuya could ask for clarification, Lovecraft brought out his tentacles and began launching hunks of fish into his mouth so fast that his tentacles melted into a single grayish-green blur. Within seconds, his plate was polished clean.

Chuuya laughed. “That good, huh?”

Lovecraft nodded solemnly. “Very good.”

Chuuya glanced down at his plate, then up at Lovecraft’s hungry eyes, and pushed his plate of fish across the table. “You know what? You can have it,” he said, shrugging as if it was a totally casual gesture with no emotional meaning behind it whatsoever. “I’m not hungry.” Although it was true that his stomach was still upset after using Corruption and it would probably take another day before the sickness wore off entirely, Chuuya would have given Lovecraft his fish no matter what.

Something approximating joy came over Lovecraft’s expressionless face. “Thank you.” He tore into the fish with just as much voracity as before, and when he finished, Chuuya reached out and touched one of his tentacles. 

Deep his heart, Chuuya could feel the hard edges of his mafia shell beginning to crumble away, sinking down into depths unknown, while bits and pieces of the softer Chuuya he had once been began to to ascend, like a sunken ship rising from a watery grave to sail beneath the silver moonlight once more.

“Thank you, octopus.”

Headcanon time!

((Hey, I know I haven’t be active over here in a while, and I feel a tad guilty because grrr I want to provide more content for this ship so baD. 

Anyway, I put together a small list of headcanons for these two dorks, some of those have been addressed before, some were mentioned in my tags, some will probably never come up but I still felt like sharing! 
(Hc includes their sexualities)

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Jaehyo is such a good-hearted boy… He’s so caring, and patient, and funny, and honest. I mean, he teases the boys as much as he’s teased by them, and he’s always saying how handsome he is (which is true c’mon) but hey, he’s more than that… Jaehyo sings well. Very well, actually. He says touching and sweet words to bbcs when he’s on stage, or whenever he’s got the chance. He really knows how to interact with fans. He talks and retweets fans on Twitter, and post cute selcas for us. And he’s such a gentleman towards women… He really respects them. He’s family-oriented. Oh, he loves kids, he just loves them. He also deals with situations well. He doesn’t lose his mind easily. He’s silly, he makes silly jokes, funny faces and say stupid things on Twitter. It’s impossible not to laugh at his tweets, tbh. Oh, he has an obsession with rubber ducks. Just how cute is this. He loves that giant rubber duck and he took a “selca” with it back when it came to Seoul. lol He makes fun of himself (but not in a pejorative way). He posts pictures of his bare and handsome face for us, as well as he posts pictures wearing those facial masks and creams on his face lol he doesn’t care at all. He’s not a typical visual, I guess. What else. He’s good at sports, and he’s lucky when playing games – he always wins somehow lol. Everytime there’s a game involving sports or luck, they fight to pick Jaehyo first. That’s really unusual LOL. He loves photography, he always takes his camera everywhere. And.. well, yeah, he’s handsome, and tall, and hot, and he’s got large shoulders and huge hands omfg. And he has abs. And cute chubby cheeks at the same time. He’s just a cutie. Can you believe that he was happy when he gained a little bit of weight? (despite ppl mentioning his weight in a negative way, and now he lost a little weight again ):). He’s adorable. He sends positive messages and good vibes to other idols when they’re facing a hard time. Actually, he’s the type to try everything to cheer you up, and to make you feel good. I mean it. Umm, did you know that he let his friend practise tattooing on his arm? /sigh/ cute idiot, now he has his ex gf’s initials on his arm forever. lol He watches porn (but who doesn’t anyway). He’s friends with a few really popular idols/actors, but he doesn’t “use them” as stairs in order to be more famous. He’s a polite guy. He even complains in a polite way lol. Jaehyo is a nice actor too, did you know?~ There are just so many cute things about Jaehyo, idk what to say anymore. i just know that he must be protected at all costs.

Ya know, I think what I’m most looking forward to when it comes to Shane becoming a bachelor is seeing if his relationship with Jas goes more in depth.

I mean, he’s the girl’s godfather after all, but you only know this because of a line Jas says at max friendship. There’s no event that goes into depth about it, nothing that shows their relationship…

I’d just love if it shows that Shane and Jas actually has this really great relationship, but Shane has this crippling doubt that he’ll be good enough to raise her. That no matter how many tea parties he partakes in, no matter how many nightmares he helps calm down, he’ll never amount to the parents Jas once had. That he’s just some deadbeat working a dead-end job, drinking his sorrows away every night.

But I dearly, dearly want to see Shane being super sweet and caring to Jas. That he tries his best, even with his depression, to give her a life that was taken from her. And I’d love to see the farmer help with that.

… And I just had a cute mental image of Jas being the flower girl at their wedding and just…

Fuck, I’m officially sad gay trash now for sure.