how swede it is

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Sire my offspring you mighty Swede. I want to give birth to giants.

how do i permanently block another person’s internet access?


beep beep coyotes beep beep


The Cruel Intentions - Borderline Crazy (Official Video)

Swedes/Norwegians knows how to metal too 🤘😁 This is The Cruel Intentions led by Lizzy Divine (Formerly with Vains Of Jenna) together with Mats Wernerson (Bass) and norwegians Eiliv Sagrusten (drums) and Kristian Nygaard Solhaug (lead guitar) 👍 As far as i know they have yet to release any album’s, Borderline Crazy is one of 5 singles they have released so far..keep them coming..album’s too 🎶🤘