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TFW when the first Swedish word you learn is "fan" (fuck) because Robin says it so much in the bloopers

Let’s just clarify for everyone that it doesn’t mean ‘fuck’ as in ‘to have sex’, it’s more in a 'damn it!!’ way.
It literally means 'the devil’, and that’s how Swedes swear ;)

I’m watching “the swedes” and rosa keeps saying how she and jake aren’t really friends and all they do is solve crimes together and i keep thinking about how a year and a half later they’re gonna be found guilty of a crime they didn’t commit and go to jail together and they said they wouldn’t rather be there with anyone else

Andre Burakovsky - Party

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Can you do a Andre burakovsky imagine where your friends with one of his teammates and that friend has a party and you are entertaining their kids and Andre sees you and is smitten and you two are introduced and you hit it off.

Word Count : 1350

Warnings: None

Shoutout to the anon who helped me with Swedish!

“Trevligt att träffa dig också vacker” - Nice to meet you too, beautiful

It’s was the end of the season party for the Capitals before they all head back to their main countries for off season. Each year a team member volunteers their house to throw a party so everyone can get together one last time. This year was TJ’s year. You’d been friends with him ever since you were little through your older brother. He basically became another brother to you. With that, he invited you to the party this year. You knew some of the teammates through him but not all of them. You were nervous at first but your brother decided to come along as well.

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The Dance- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so here’s number two for the day! I might be able to get one more up tonight, we’ll see! Anyway! Enjoy guys!

Warning: mentions of alcohol and drinking

Anon Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do an Andre B imagine in which you guys break up for 2 months bc he thought it was the best for the relationship bc u 2 travel a lot and such, but you come back to DC and it was one of the teammates birthday and Brandi Holtby invited you to the party but you guys end up dancing bc everyones got a date and you don’t and end up having a great time and you can take it from here! Thanks you luv! x


              “Come to the party she said. It’ll be fun she said.” You took a sip of your beer and snorted. “Yeah, right.”

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beep beep coyotes beep beep

SuFin rant because Mun is a history nerd

As much as I love SuFin, I don’t understand why everyone portrays it as the fluffiest pairing in existence. Like?? Why?? If people actually did research, they would realize that SuFin isn’t your perfect ship that never fights.

Need historical proof? How about the Crusades? The Swedes ran in, destroyed Finland’s religion, and converted everyone to Christianity. Life for the Finns under Swedish was not fun. The Finns were forced to speak Swedish, forced to pay ridiculously high taxes, and were generally just treated like shit by the Swedes. And when they rebelled? It didn’t go well. Go google the club war or the Åbo bloodbath.

In fact, even the Russians used this to their advantage. The Russians promised the Finns autonomy amongst several other things. Life not have been great for Finns under Russian rule, but it was noticeably better than when they were under Swedish rule.

Again, I’m not bashing your ships here. I love SuFin. I just people would take into consideration that hetalia is supposed to be based on history. And like it or not, history isn’t always happy. History gets brutal and a lot of people died. Just take that into consideration, especially fanfic writers, because ugly history also means a lot of character development.