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Wonder Boy Part 3

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Okay friends, Part 3! There will probably only be one more part of this story, mostly because I feel like it’s beginning to sound forced. That being said, this is over 4,000 words. It’s fucking long, you guys, I’m so sorry. I’m not quite happy with it, as I’m really really sick today but I wanted to get this up ASAP. I really hope y’all enjoy it, because it took forever to write :)

Warnings: SMUT! If you’re under 18/don’t like sexy time, I have that bit marked off by a line of these fun little squiggles ~~~ Also, there is cursing and mentions of alcohol, so be warned

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“I think he’s up to something,” I said to my friend Cassie about Auston the next week. The free drinks hadn’t stopped, but the apologies had. I had a feeling that he was trying everything he could to keep me from forgetting him whilst also doing his best to be a complete dick. Obviously, he hadn’t gotten the memo that being a dick does not include providing me with expensive alcohol, but maybe he thought if he kept up that he would guilt me into apologizing first. Which I refused to do.

Yeah,” she answered absently, eyeing one of the guys at Auston’s table that I didn’t know. She was not being inconspicuous. “You’re right, something’s stinking in fucking Denmark,”  

“I think you mean ‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’,” I provided. Her stare at Auston’s big redheaded friend was broken when she turned to glare at me.

“I don’t think I do.”

“Yeah you do, it’s from Hamlet. We took Intro to Shakespeare together, you should know this,” I was teasing her, but she didn’t seem to think it was funny. Possibly because her target for the night was within earshot.

“Whatever. Go fight with Auston-sorry, I mean Assface- again, I’m sure that’ll occupy your need to be overly critical.”

I couldn’t keep my cheeks from heating up, and I hid my face. I had avoided speaking to Auston successfully all night. I was not about to break my streak. My friend was back to leering at the huge ginger guy at the next table. “Why don’t you go introduce yourself to tall, red, and handsome over there? I’m done with hockey players, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the experience at least once.” I made sure that my words weren’t condescending, I mean, who was I to keep my friend from getting some action from one of the broadest, most broodingly attractive men I had ever seen? “Especially since he looks like he’d be fun.”

“You think I should? I mean…”

“Go for it. I’m sure they’re not all as bad as Auston, as difficult as that is for me to admit,” I laughed a little.

The second she got up I regretted my encouraging her, because Willy and Mitch flashed over to my table like the booth was a magnet. And, judging by the way they were smiling, I knew that something was up.

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Andre Burakovsky - Party

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Can you do a Andre burakovsky imagine where your friends with one of his teammates and that friend has a party and you are entertaining their kids and Andre sees you and is smitten and you two are introduced and you hit it off.

Word Count : 1350

Warnings: None

Shoutout to the anon who helped me with Swedish!

“Trevligt att träffa dig också vacker” - Nice to meet you too, beautiful

It’s was the end of the season party for the Capitals before they all head back to their main countries for off season. Each year a team member volunteers their house to throw a party so everyone can get together one last time. This year was TJ’s year. You’d been friends with him ever since you were little through your older brother. He basically became another brother to you. With that, he invited you to the party this year. You knew some of the teammates through him but not all of them. You were nervous at first but your brother decided to come along as well.

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The Dance- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so here’s number two for the day! I might be able to get one more up tonight, we’ll see! Anyway! Enjoy guys!

Warning: mentions of alcohol and drinking

Anon Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do an Andre B imagine in which you guys break up for 2 months bc he thought it was the best for the relationship bc u 2 travel a lot and such, but you come back to DC and it was one of the teammates birthday and Brandi Holtby invited you to the party but you guys end up dancing bc everyones got a date and you don’t and end up having a great time and you can take it from here! Thanks you luv! x


              “Come to the party she said. It’ll be fun she said.” You took a sip of your beer and snorted. “Yeah, right.”

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Hi, after reading your reply about how Baltic German treated Estonians, I'm very curious and want to ask you how Danes, Swedes, Russians treated you guys when they ruled your country? And Soviet Union, too. Thanks in advance!

Baltic Germans were almost always link between current ruler of Estonia and Estonians.

Danes ruled us for not that long time, but since Estonians hadn’t done uprising yet, the ruling wasn’t that harsh. It changed after 1346, but Danes sold North Estonia to Livionian Order soon anyway.

Swedes, now there is reason Swedish rule is called “Good old Swedish rule” by Estonians, as Swedish kings started giving Estonians chances for higher education (no university level stuff), more rights, right to go to court against the Baltic Germans. However that period ended with only ~150 000 Estonians being alive as Estonia had won the lottery and received plague, war and famine all at once.

Russians un-did some things Swedes did, then abolished serfdom and tried Russification, but since Estonians also had national awakening, their treatment of Estonians is kinda debateable.

Soviet Union is whole other can of worms that is better left unopened.

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Hello. Do you possibly know how Swedes pronounce 'Forge'? Did you maybe hear someone say it or ask him about it during the meetings after concerts? Because I've heard several different versions from Swedish speakers, so don't know which one is correct.

I can’t confirm because I don’t actually know the correct Swedish pronunciation…but I’ve heard it’s Toe-be-ya Fore-yay

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As a swede, how do you feel about danes?

one time I met danes who laughed at me for not understanding what they said, but they understood what I said. I stood there, a swedish fool, confused, mocked, sweaty. I would have my revenge but sadly swedish isn’t as incomprehensible as danish. WOE IS ME

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how do you swedes feel about Volvo

I’ve seen a bunch of dudes from my hometown wearing tshirts and caps that says Volvo on them and talking about how volvo is cool or whatever but i don’t care!! the only car i’ve ever liked is a ford mustang and it was because it has a horse on it and i was really into horses when i was 10

A very rough translation of the behind the scenes questions asked to tarjei (Isak)  and Josefine (Noora) from SKAM (video below)

Question: Is Isak gay?

Tarjei: You will have to see

Q:What happens with William?

(*both shrug*)

Q:When will Sana their season (When will sana have her season? or when will sana be in this season?)

(*both shrug again*)

Tarjei: It does not know we have not started (I do not know we have not started)

Q: When is the 3rd season coming on tv in norway?

(*both shrug agian*)

Tarjei: it will be a surprise.

Josefine: I don’t know (*in english*)

Q: How do you think Swedes are going to take the series?

Josefine: I think they are going to hate it…..

Tarjei: They are going to be so jealous that we have something that they have not managed.

Both: (*laughing as they say it*) No, we hate swedes.

Tarjei: I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding making it clear!

Josefine: Nah it’s going to be fine!

All credit to Skavlan youtube channel!