how sugoi is that


SORRY THAT IT TOOK ME SO LONG! and thanks for asking for the otp <3

OiSuga + kiss on the chest/torso

also…Freckled!Suga is one of my fav things and i don’t draw it enough! so it was time ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ive had so many non-asian shopkeepers/servers/employees randomly start speaking to me in japanese here and like okay i get that there are a ton of japanese tourists but also please don’t just automatically assume that i’m japanese and tell me how sugoi my pancakes are


“…He realized, belatedly, that the third party had joined and that this third party was a man. A very attractive man. He had tan, creamy skin that was covered in patterned, eccentric clothing. His dark hair was styled up and his slanted eyes were a light green that had random speckles of gold scattered around. Eyes that Alec was unabashedly staring at. He flushed and shot out his hand, “uh, hi. I’m erm… Alec.”…”  

Inconcinnus by thiscantbelightgood

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how much of a horrible person is @so-sugoi?

I’d say 1.5/10. He’s not horrible he’s just the personification of everything wrong with tumblr.

Though I’d love to know how a 14 year old can afford to make a fursuit.

so my friend  give this rp scenario generator thing??? and i decided to play around… and I got this:

i take this as iwaoisuga mafia au xD (fight me)

so…I was like…let’s just keep playing

Do you want canon??? i’ll give you canon

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Everything is so nice! SLAY ME

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first of all HOW DARE YOU


You Are My Sunshine (Senpai Style)

You are my senpai
My only senpai
You give me dokis
And shades of gray
You’ll never notice me
But I still love you
You’re sugoi, kawaii desu ne

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Kags' tol!s/o showing up to practice bc it's chilly out to leand him their sweater, even brings snacks for everyone. Basically the whole team in shock at how much taller his s/o, maybe cute cheek kissies for him too. I'm weak for height diffs

Ah yes height differences always get me hhhhhh; they’re extremely cute and personally, it’s always one of my favourite things to write about~ // fellow fan who has a weakness for that yes

I made Kageyama’s s/o a male; I hope you don’t mind~ I was imagining him to be the kind of male that looks sleepy half the time- He has a really soft voice and is basically an ‘angel’ when he smiles! 

Hope you enjoy~

|| Admin Kazu

It was freezing cold that morning, the coldness having coated the city in a layer of mist and fog. Despite that, the volleyball team was still practicing with enthusiasm, Sawamura directing everyone through spiking, setting and receiving practices.

Today, Coach Ukai decided to split the team into two, giving them a chance to play against each other, explore their weaknesses and strengths as well as strengthening their team play. As always, Kageyama and Hinata were placed on the same team, which meant that Sugawara and Asahi were on the opposing team to balance out the setter and spiker duos. 

“Hinata!” Kageyama exclaimed as the orange head first year managed to serve right into the back of his head. He was heading over there, planning on smacking the fellow first year on his head for doing that.

“Hello, is Kageyama Tobio here?” Someone asked, head popping in from the entrance to take a look. The voice was light and floaty, hardly able to be heard over the shouts of the players and slams of the ball.

Takeda went over to talk to the boy, confused at why there would be someone here for Kageyama so early in the morning. “He’s here, but he’s currently in the middle of a practice. And you are…..?” 

“_____________, 3rd year. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He replies, dropping down into a bow. Takeda quickly tried to get him to rise, which took a while as the male wanted to make sure that his respect for the other was being received.

“Will he be finished soon….?” He asked, looking over at the first year setter as he set to Tanaka who slammed a spike in, only to get received by Sawamura who grinned.

“School starts in about half an hour, so we’ll be stopping them after the next point.” Takeda answered, seeing Hinata make a point with Kageyama’s quick set.

“Alright everyone, come in!” Ukai called out, prompting all the players to gather around. Kageyama spotted ___________ who came over, wrapping his arms around the setter and hugging him from behind. 

“Tobio….. Aren’t you cold?”

The setter leaned against his boyfriend and shook his head. There was a silence in the air as the rest of the team stared. Then, chaos broke out.

“Kageyama! Who is he?”

“Yeah, tell us! We can keep your secrets-”

“Everyone calm down and let him talk.” Sawamura said, trying to keep the noise level down. Everyone stopped and stared expectedly at the unknown male.

“My name is _____________. 3rd year at this school.” _________ nuzzled Kageyama. “He’s my boyfriend.” The setter stated, as if it was any old fact.

“You have a boyfriend?!?!?!” 

“To think someone would want to be with the King-” Tsukishima smirked slightly. Kageyama was held back by his lover, who kissed him on the cheek, calming him down.

“Tsukishima, be nice-”

“Kageyama, congratulations.” Sugawara grinned. “You better treat him well-” He added, looking at the taller male. ___________ looked at Sugawara. 

“I love him. I wouldn’t treat him badly.” ___________ released Kageyama, remembering something. “Tobio, here.” He pulled off his sweater, passing it over to Kageyama, who stared at it for a few seconds before giving in and putting it on. It was enormous on him, but it enveloped him, giving him a sense of warmth and comfort that spoke of his boyfriend.

“Thanks.” Kageyama blushed slightly as he looked away. 

The male smiled. “Stay warm. I brought along some things for you and your team to eat; you probably haven’t had breakfast-” He put a bag of snacks and drinks down on the floor. “Please feel free to help yourself.” Noya and Tanaka immediately dived in, followed by an enthusiastic Hinata. The others followed, except Sawamura, who was keeping a careful eye on the situation and Sugawara, who looked over at the couple.

“Sugoi Kageyama! How did you manage to catch someone like him?” Hinata exclaimed, grabbing a meat bun, which sat at the top of the pile.

“He looks like an angel in life, but a beast in the bed-” Noya grinned, sending a look towards the two, causing Kageyama to turn bright red as ___________ looked away, a slight tint of pink on his cheeks.

“W-We haven’t gone that far!” Kageyama snapped, unable to stop the creeping blush that coloured his face.

Sugawara patted him on the shoulder. “What we’re saying is that he seems like a good guy and we approve.”

The said male smiled softly.

“I promise to take care of him.”

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Draw a man that looks like a strawberry

i can’t believe you forgot about strawberry ichigo-kun who appears in the sqfk manga-specific arc “fruit salad blues” where he has difficulties confessing his love to a bowl of fruit salad 

it was such a dramatic and tear-jerking arc how the fuck did you forget it

A list of habits of a college weeb

So I’m in college. I’m also a member of our anime club. For the most part, our members are well behaved and everyone has a good time. We watch shows every week, and every month or so we have a fun event, ranging from picnics to movie viewings to anime conventions.

But there’s one member who joined as a freshman who was a bit of a weeb (I’m in the year above him). I’ve been hoping he would grow out of it (hey, he’s from a small town away at uni for the first time, I bet he’s just trying to fit in! he’ll learn soon enough)…but he hasn’t grown out of it. At all. In fact I think he’s gotten worse. Originally most club members would tolerate him, even humor him a bit, but I swear it seems like he’s made it his personal goal to tick off each and every person before he graduates.

Here’s a list of a few of the incidents that have happened…

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