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Kids can be cruel (Jeremy x Jake) part 1

Based on a prompt from @piebsa ( thank you so much! )

 I have no idea what the hell these two’s shipname should be so i’ve decided it’s dancing jerks. because i got an hilarious anon saying their shipname should be jerk and also they had a dance-off during the party and if you go into the jerk tag on tumblr, things not fit for children come up. so. i bring to you: dancing jerks.

Jake’s been acting weird all day. It’s only about 11.30 in the morning so that may not be saying much but Jeremy’s observation still stands. Jake’s been acting weird all day, and he continues to act weird.

It’s Monday, the first school day after the party at Jake’s house. It had been a pretty small thing compared to how his parties usually are. Despite Jake suddenly being forced to move into a small apartment after the house-fire his parties have generally not decreased in size. He seems to be the most comfortable when there are as many people surrounding him as possible. As someone who’s until very recently only had one actual friend for the past 12 years (with one hiccup that’s upsetting to talk about) Jeremy can not relate.

This weekend had been different. The only people who’d been there had been Jeremy, Michael, Christine, Rich, Jenna, Brooke and Chloe. It was more of a get-together more than anything; it had been cozy! At least from what Jeremy can remember and believe him, it’s not much. It seemed that even though the amount of people who were coming had been significantly smaller, the amount of alcohol had…. Not. Jeremy can remember laughing at something with Michael, dancing with Jake. Sitting down to play “Truth or Shot” and that’s pretty much it.

Back to the issue at hand, Jake is acting weird. He’s, Jeremy isn’t sure how to put it exactly, friendlier than usual.  

“Hey Jer! Sit over here!” Jeremy freezes about ten feet away from the lunch table he was just about to sit at as Jake moves his jacket from the seat he gestured to. Michael is sitting on the other side of said chair so it’s not like it’d be /weird/ for Jeremy to sit there, what’s weird is, well, Jake.

“Don’t tease the poor guy Jakey.” Rich says with a grin and elbows his best friend in the rib. Jake looks more offended than hurt, although it can’t have been comfortable.

“I’m not teasing! Jeremy c’mon,” he says and pats the chair next to him. Jeremy finds himself moving towards Jake as if on autopilot, his mind is far too busy spinning with scenarios in which this type of behavior makes sense. If he’s being honest none of them are good. As he sits down and greets Michael he feels calmer, especially when the table around him fall into conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with him, he can just sit there and focus on eating while absentmindedly listening to Brooke telling Christine about some new boutique while Chloe plays with Brooke’s hair. He’s just starting to relax when suddenly he feels Jake’s arm on his shoulder, usually his cardigan would be acting as a barrier between himself and the rest of the world, but as summer is rapidly arriving Jeremy has been forced to leave it in the closet to avoid sweating as much as possible. The thin t-shirt hardly makes any difference and besides, half of Jake’s palm is touching Jeremy’s bare skin anyway. It takes a few seconds for him to realize that he completely missed what Jake was saying.

“Huh?” Very eloquent Jeremy. Jake only lets out a soft chuckle.

“I said, you’re looking good today, the cardigans cute but without it you show off your muscles.” He finishes his sentence with a squeeze to Jeremy’s bicep before pulling away leaving Jeremy more shook than he’s ever felt in his life. He doesn’t think anyone else noticed the exchange so he has no idea how he’s meant to know if what he thinks just happened actually did happen. That is until he turns towards Michael and finds his best friend sending a smirk his way.

“What the hell,” Jeremy hisses under his breath and for his troubles he gets Michael completely losing it and having to cover his face with his hand to keep from gaining anyone else’s attention with his laughter. Jeremy can still see his shoulders shaking however and he sends a swift kick to his left side; Michael’s way. He lets out a yelp when he hits the leg of Michael’s chair and feels as though he just broke his own foot. This time Michael doesn’t even try to hide his laughter and soon everyone around the table is trying to figure out what’s got Jeremy’s face so red it looks like he’s two seconds away from a nosebleed.

“Jeremy!” Said, very flustered, boy wishes he could say he doesn’t cringe when Jake shouts his name at the end of the day. He’s getting his backpack from the locker and he’s just about to leave and just be done with this terribly confusing and nerve-wracking day. Usually he enjoys Jake seeking him out, likes the attention. It feels comfortable. Usually being the key word. Today Jake’s been weird. Weird enough that Jeremy doesn’t know where he stands or what the game-plan is. Jeremy’s never been good at receiving compliments and pretty much everything that Jake has said to him today has been a compliment. Maybe if Jeremy was someone completely different he would enjoy this kind of attention as well. However he’s not, he’s just same-old Jeremy Heere and he can’t help but get uncomfortable and frustratingly suspicious at the way Jake’s been acting around him.

“Hey, Jake.” Jeremy forces a smile along with the words and Jake grins back at him.

“Ah! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to catch you before you left,” Jake says and reaches out to move a stray strand of hair away from Jeremy’s forehead. Jeremy’s heart skips a beat and he has to turn away and focus on closing his locker to at least attempt at hiding the blush once again taking over. He fumbles with the lock as Jake keeps talking. “Hey so, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?” the words tumblr out of Jake’s mouth and cause Jeremy to look up at him with a frown on his face and raised eyebrow.

“Uh… sure? Should we ask the others? I can send something to the group chat-” Jeremy says and reaches into his jeans pocket for his phone, something about Jake’s demeanor is, in risk of sounding like a broken record, weird. He seems almost nervous. The smile on his face is still very present but he’s fidgeting a bit, swaying where he stands as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. At Jeremy’s words he shakes his head violently and takes a step forward.

“No!” His voice is insistent and as he speaks he grabs Jeremy’s hand. The one that was on its way to fish his phone out of the pocket. Jeremy freezes like a deer in headlights at the action but Jake doesn’t let go. Quite the opposite he pulls Jeremy’s hands towards him and holds it between them.

Jeremy isn’t sure how he’s meant to respond in this situation and what he means by that is that there seem to be a hurricane of screaming going on inside his mind resulting in him staring cluelessly into Jake’s eyes. “Uh… I’m…huh?” he finishes helplessly, his voice going up in octave as he fumbles with words. He curses himself at the lack of intelligent response, especially when his stuttering prompts a laugh out of Jake on his expense. Jeremy swallows and looks down at the hand that Jake is holding, which really isn’t much better, but at least he doesn’t have to look Jake in the eye as he’s humiliating himself.

“Uh, i meant like… just the two of us!” Jeremy’s frown grows deeper as Jake keeps speaking, “LIke- like a date!” Jeremy’s stomach drops as Jake forces the last words out and he doesn’t notice how breathless Jake sounds. He clenches his teeth and tears his hand away from Jake’s grip. “Jeremy?”

“Do all popular people think this sort of thing is funny?” Jeremy’s voice is shaky but his tone is viscous.

“Uh… what?” Jake sounds caught off guard and the fact that Jeremy seems to somehow have the upper hand. He swallows and looks back up at Jake who’s still smiling, but it’s unsure and doesn’t reach his eyes.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” He can feel his eyes welling up in frustration as he spits out the last word, he prays that he won’t cry, that no tears will escape.

“Jeremy,” Jake looks as though he’s about to reach out and put his hands on Jeremy’s shoulders so the latter takes a step back, not breaking eye-contact but well out of Jake’s reach. “You’re gonna have to catch me up on what’s going on in that mind of yours,” Jake says weakly, the smile gone from his face and voice uncertain, “I’m sorta lost..”

“What kind of dumb dare is this? Or was it your own idea?”

“What? Jeremy-” but Jeremy is already shaking his head and getting ready to turn away.

“Make fun of the loser for having a crush? How fucking original.” With that he’s gone and Jake is left behind wondering what the hell just happened.

Jake Paul



So we all know that jake has millions of dollars but like HOW DOES HE GET IT!!!! All he does is dab into a camera and act so stupid. He was good online when it was the start of his career and he was doing it for entertainment not money. He has no respect to anything. He doesn’t care about his house head you see his pool and he didn’t feel like cleaning it so he made his little side kicks do it. The only person I like in team 10 is kade because he’s so artsy and funny without being too fake. And talking about fakeness WTF IS JERIKA!!!!! Jerika is a fake ass thing FOR MORE MONEY all jake wants is money!! They flew to Hawaii to film the music video for the song jerika so people will buy it which clearly gives him more money. And the fact that he has so many cars and a Lamborghini coming in and just randomly bought a goddamn tesla out of instinct which is honestly promotion which gets him even more money, he got his mom vlogging so she can get money too because all of the Paul’s only want money. He’s a shitty actor and he doesn’t deserve what he’s gotten!!! And about the point where he has no self respect like seriously he dabs and thinks that he’s perfect!! He’s no where near perfect. All he does is do illegal things and then pays people to let him do those things, like a FUCKING TRAMPOLINE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DAMN ROAD!! And going to illegal places and clearly staging everything, and you can tell that someone always is pushing the oujia board and he always does stupid shit in his videos for content which is so dumb all he cares about is money and ugh like he burns things in his yard and just screams and acts like a 6 year old and I feel so damn bad for his neighbours because he’s so psychotic and ughhhhhhhh I just hate how he doesn’t care about anything he said on twitter that people should be lucky to live near him and that people need to stop worrying about him and start worrying about the wars going on BUT HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE WARS OR ANYTHING HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN MONEY BEIN SENT TO HIM AND UGH IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH HE DESERVES NONE OF WHAT HES GOTTEN.

Daddy 5SOS: Relationships (Jake/Nebraska)

“Could you maaayyybeeee do a daddy preference where like the kids like each other? For example Jake likes Nebraska, Kayla likes issac? And they end up with each other, and how the boys would react to it as well?”

AN: This Jake/Nebraska’s story, seeing as you guys were unanimous in telling me you shipped them. So here’s part two- enjoy!

You can read Isaac and Kayla’s here if you missed it yesterday!

Also, I’m trying something new for this one. I’m going to do it from the kid’s POV. So the story will be told from all four POVs by the time it’s done :) So let me know if you like that or prefer third person!


Jake’s POV

I’ve always loved Nebraska, but up until recently, I loved her as a baby sister, someone I had to look after. But after I went away to university and then came back, it was as if someone had taken little Nebraska and a beautiful woman had taken her place. Nebraska had always been drop dead gorgeous – with those curly locks of thick dark hair and her sparkling dark eyes, how could she not be? But it was as if before I went to school she was a doe-eyed little girl and when I came back she had grown a million years maturity wise and was now a young adult, not the baby I had known.

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anonymous asked:

Earlier this year jake in an interview was talking about how stupid he was not to cherish taylor and stuff because she is amazing and the only real love he has ever had

i don’t remember that interview but i do remember this one

howard stern: I feel—and this is me stepping in—you should have married Taylor Swift, and I’ll tell you why…What a power couple!

jake gyllenhaal: oh that’s the reason? 

howard stern: i’m super attracted to her

jake gyllenhaal: she’s a beautiful girl 

howard stern: i would have said to you, had we been friends at that point, i would have said to you-

jake gyllenhaal:
howard why didn’t you have me on the show sooner?

howard stern: I would have said, “Jake, this is The One.” Because to me, nothing is sexier than a woman who can play songs and write songs and all that and have a successful career.

jake gyllenhaal: absolutely