how stupid am i really

lightning magic without magic

my brain being what it is, thinking about stuff and being inspired by science for stuff like DRAGON AGE MAGIC AND HOW MAGIC FUNCTIONS, has now decided that it is possible to do lightning magic without actually using the fade to make the lightning itself happen.  instead one manipulates the probabilities.

that would solve a lot of the issues with lightning going wherever, and you would be able to direct a chain lightning where you actually need it to go instead of having it pull mobs that you had zero intention of fighting but now look here they are after your ass and your warrior has decided taunts aren’t a thing and you’re now crying and kiting mobs halfway across the hissing wastes

Am I the only person who doesn’t see Aida’s supposed crush on Fitz that keeps being brought up in speculation? Now, I’m not saying that she ISN’T the woman in the car. She might be, with some goal of controlling/protecting the framework or something, though I highly doubt it (I doubt there will be a framework version of Aida at all).

What I’m saying is…Are we watching the same show?

I’ve been very concerned about them going a sketchy way with that whole thing and had fears about Fitz’s obsession and where that was going that were eventually assuaged. And I definitely think Aida cares about/is protective of Fitz - or at least was programmed to be - but I’ve never seen anything from her suggesting more than that. If anything, she has a weird robot crush on Radcliffe.

Ultimately, I think there’s a tendency in fandom to assume every woman’s going to be a love interest for Fitz (Yo-Yo, anyone?) which I think says more about the fandom than the show, to be honest…

Anyway. I think whatever’s happening in the framework, especially in regards to FS, is not what they want us to think from the last episode, so I’d take all of it with a huge grain of salt. Of course, as I always feel a need to remind everyone, I thought Space Boyfriend was a ridiculous theory too.


“Raylan said in his quiet voice ‘Boyd and I dug coal together.’ ” - Elmore Leonard’s Fire in the Hole

“We dug coal together.” - Boyd, Justified Finale 2015

Since I’m still crying like a baby (I’m very sad because it’s over but these are tears of joy, believe me) I’m just going to say THANK YOU. I owe this show/this story so much, 5 years of pure quality and laughs, emotions, tears. I will never feel like this for any story or tv show, ever. I’m sure of that. Elmore would be proud - of that HAT mostly - but seriously, this was the finale we all deserved. Now let me go cry some more, I will miss the shit out of this show.


i just cannot … i dont know what to say… there are so many of you

i want to say thank you to all my old followers that have been here for so long

thank you to all my new followers that somehow saw all the bullshit that has been happening recently and decided to follow

//totally turned this into an oscar speech ;dd

i met so many amazing people, even became friends with some. //and idk how that happened since i’m really unsocial, i dont know how to talk with people without stupid coming out of my mouth

SO MANY AMAZING ASKS like god dammit people you were making me cry here.


I want to do something to celebrate me hitting 3k and because the only thing i am “talented” at is making shitty edits, guess what i will be doing??

From now until February 26th, 6pm GMT +2 i will be taking suggestions. Anything and Everything!!! Send in the ask box, submit or message me any crazy, bizarre or absolutely terrible idea you have. I will do it!

I will be mainly making and posting them on friday, saturday and sunday, after the deadline. I will be making some during the time i am taking suggestions but i get incredibly tired after school and i am not often in the mood to do anything.


Love, Eury ;3

//dont click//


I can’t help but notice how hurt John looks when Sherlock calls him an idiot. John, the broken, sad soldier has just found someone who he admires and thinks that maybe, maybe he can be useful this time, maybe he can help this brilliant man with a brilliant mind.

And then Sherlock tells him he’s an idiot and John goes ‘Oh well, he’s right, of course he is, I really am useless and stupid, how careless of me to get my hopes up ‘

Sherlock, you need to hug that man immediately.


soooo I was feeling a bit bad about myself lately. when I try to lose a few pounds, I get so so hard on myself. but it’s nice to look and see how much progress I’ve made in a span of five years. I need to stop being stupid and realizing how awesome I am!!!!!

 not really a progress photo but I literally found these two pictures next to each other. this made me feel better. I want to take a progress picture of my body tomorrow…… won’t be the best picture I’ve ever taken but it’ll be farther then I was in the green shirt!!!

just the face is different. obviously you don’t see my body in this picture but you can get the idea. i’m about 40 lbs lighter here :)

My tweet that was posted of me cursing and calling people stupid was not because they didn’t know the teleprompter was there. People on that thread was saying that Bangtan was being insincere because apparently they were just reading their messages off a prompter which…!??!? is always there. And is not a measure of sincerity at all. A lot of the tweets are in Filipino and just the gist of it was that they went to the concert here in the Philippines, realized that there were teleprompters for Bangtan to read off of, and concluded that Bangtan was being fake with everything they said in the concert.

That was it, I was wrong for calling people stupid of course and like how I am, I was really peeved. Bangtan didn’t go fly to the Philippines and work their ass off performing and learning these things to say just to be called fake. So yeah, I’m an awful human being, I know.

This is the last I’m going to talk about this. I’m really sorry for the drama on here.

‘i married that monster, how stupid am i?’ i really feel for ali, she trusted and loved elliott, you can tell that by her scene with charlotte in the belltower and elliott just used and abused her. no wonder ali is the person she is, she feels like she can’t get close to people because she’ll get hurt and usually she’s right, look at charlotte and her mom and her brother and dad are gone.

i also completely understand why her and aria have the bond they’ve had of late, b/c aria married her to rollins to begin with and i think she feels absolutely guilty for it, like she would not abandon her in Welby, like she abandoned her to be married to elliott the monster