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some demon artie I have been procrastinating on– so many mistakes but shh and ignore it
@gallifreyanlibertea thank u for the advice with convincing me to colour this ahhaha, I prefer this rather than a flat colour tbh hhhh

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This is silly and weird?? But you know how Bitty is a southern gentleman and was raised with MANNERS. Well the first time he accidentally burps around Jack he probably freaks out

“I can’t -” hic “believe -” hic “I did it again!” Bitty wailed, thumping his head down on Jack’s shoulder.

“Oh Bits,” he tried to sound sympathetic, but couldn’t quite keep the amusement out of his voice.

“Don’t laugh at me!  I really was gonna be responsible this year.”  Jack squeezed Bitty’s thigh where he was holding him up.

“It’s Spring C, nobody’s going to judge you for being schwasted.”

“This is the second time you have had to piggyback me home from this.”

“Yes, but this year you have both shoes, so you’ve made progress.  I bet next year you’ll walk back all on your own.”

“Chirp, chirp, Mr. Zimm-” Bitty was cut off by a loud, rumbling belch falling right out of his mouth.  Jack snorted, then coughed, and finally doubled over with laughter.  The sudden lurch had Bitty gripping him tighter, fingers bunching the sleeves of Jack’s shirt.  “Oh my lord,” He pressed his burning face into the back of Jack’s neck.  “Excuse me.  Oh honey, I’m so sorry, I’m just a mess.”  That only made Jack laugh harder.  Bitty huffed, “Well, I’m glad you think it’s funny,” and proceeded to let go and roll off of his boyfriend and onto the grass of the quad.

He pushed himself up to sitting and tried to start wobbling his way across the lawn.  It was pretty slow going since he felt like a baby deer.  Behind him, Jack’s laughter tapered off, and he heard footsteps as he closed the distance between them in a couple long strides.  As soon as Jack’s hand cupped his elbow, the world steadied.  And then Jack was in front of him, easily supporting him and reaching with his free hand to brush through Bitty’s sweaty hair, his expression concerned.

“Bits, what’s wrong?  Why are you so upset?”

“I just-” his voice went wobbly, vision blurring with frustrated tears.  “I’m tired, and sweaty, and drunk, and I really just want to be home.”  He sniffles.  “And I really, really, want a shower.”  

Jack moved to Bitty’s side, wrapping an arm around his waist to keep him steady.  He kissed the side of Bitty’s head.

“I think we can manage to make that happen.”  Bitty sighed happily and leaned harder against him.

“Thanks sweetpea.”  They shuffled their way back to the Haus together, walking along in contented silence.  Bitty was still pretty out of it, and Jack didn’t mind the quiet, so they shambled along, Bitty still heavily bolstered by Jack’s hold.  At the Haus, Jack nudged Bitty up the stairs, following carefully behind in case he stumbled, and sent him into the bathroom to pee while Jack fetched a pair of pajamas.  Then he joined Bitty and got them both undressed and into the shower, Bitty leaning against him again as he sudsed up his hair and gently washed the sweat and dirt smudges from his body.  He combed his fingers through Bitty’s hair to get the bubbles out, tipping his head back into the spray and shielding his eyes with his other hand.  When Jack washed himself, Bitty tried to clumsily reciprocate, humming and giggling and giving Jack a soapy mohawk that made him laugh outright.

Both boys toweled off and pulled on shorts and t-shirts and all but fell into Bitty’s bed, smiling and thoroughly exhausted.  Jack, curled on his side to face his boyfriend, reached out to run a hand under the back of Bitty’s shirt and touch cooling skin.  

“Feel better?” he checked.  Bitty nodded, scooting closer so he could tuck his face into Jack’s shoulder.

“Much.  You always take such good care of me, baby.”  Jack closed his heavy eyes and settled deeper into the pillow.

“I learned from you.”

“Oh stop,” Bitty murmured, sounding half asleep himself.


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[WARNING: LONG POST. I tried to format this to be easier to read but sorry if it’s still difficult]

Thank you to @useless-uterus for helping me come up with this

Have you ever wanted to play through the Bioshock series and get absolutely plastered? Here’s the game for you! (note: please drink responsibly and only if you’re of legal drinking age. Don’t try hardcore mode if you’re a lightweight. You don’t have anything to prove to your friends, you’ll just get alcohol poisoning.)

[OPTIONAL: Make cocktails based on the vigors/plasmids and take a shot from whichever one you have equipped when you need to drink]



  • Take a drink
    • Every time the Luteces appear
    • Whenever someone hits on Booker
    • Every time you take a new vigor
    • Whenever you find a voxophone–the sample one from the vendor doesn’t count (ONLY APPLICABLE IN A NON-COMPLETIONIST RUN)
    • Whenever you find an infusion (if you have the DLC with all the infusions in the Blue Ribbon you can take a drink for every three)
    • Whenever you find gear (same rules as the last one apply)
    • Every time Comstock says something he knows about you
    • Every time your nose bleeds
    • Every time Elizabeth picks the lock on a safe
    • Whenever Elizabeth specifically says “Booker catch!” (don’t drink for any variation. Save it for hardcore mode)
    • Finish your drink for the ending


  • Take a drink
    • Every time Elizabeth throws you something
    • Every time Elizabeth opens a tear
    • Finish your drink when you find all the infusions in the blue ribbon (shotgun another drink for the gear while you’re at it)
    • Every time the Luteces say something cryptic
    • Every time Comstock says something racist
    • Every time Lady Comstock is mentioned
    • Every time Daisy Fitzroy is mentioned
    • Whenever you find a voxophone in a completionist run
    • Every time Elizabeth picks a lock in general
    • Every time Jeremiah Fink strokes his own ego



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Elizabeth snaps at you to hurry
    • Every time you have to go off course to get to your objective
    • Every time there’s a samurai for no real reason
    • Every time Elizabeth opens a tear
    • Every time you get a new plasmid
    • Every time Elizabeth hints that she’s not from Rapture
    • Every time somebody lowkey insults Booker


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you close a vent
    • Every time Elizabeth says something heartbreaking
    • Finish your drink for Sander Cohen
    • Finish your drink for the radar range
    • Finish your drink in baby Anna’s honor
    • Every time your nose bleeds


  • Take a drink:
    • When the mood shifts in the Paris scene (you’ll need it)
    • For dancing baguette boy
    • For any foreshadowing you spot while in Paris
    • Every time Booker talks to you
    • Every time Elizabeth says something she has no reason to know (for example make and model of bathyspheres)
    • Every time Andrew Ryan talks to you
    • Every time Elizabeth’s brain goes into puzzle mode
    • Every time Elizabeth’s strength stat doesn’t match up to what she’s doing (can’t kill someone with the skyhook my ass)
    • Every time she refers to Suchong as an ego-maniac
    • Every time she has a flashback whether or not it’s her own (or flash forward in some cases)

HARDCORE MODE: (please use a small cup for this)

  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Elizabeth says something heartbreaking

    • Finish your drink for the attempted lobotomy

    • Every time you knock someone out

    • Every time you die (only if you’re bad at stealth games but you’ll be drunk so it probably doesn’t matter)

    • Whenever you crawl in a vent

    • Finish your drink when you find your own dead body

    • Finish your drink every time you hear La Vie en Rose

    • Finish your drink if you die and you get a Lutece monologue

    • Finish your drink for the ending
  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a new plasmid
    • Every time Atlas says “Would you kindly?” (excluding his reveal at the end) 
    • Every time you get a gift from Tenenbaum 
    • Every time you find an audio diary
    • Finish your drink whenever a splicer yells “The bees! They’re in my eyes!” when you shoot bees at them
    • Finish your drink when Sander Cohen stops you in Fort Frolic
    • Every time you fight a Big Daddy (with a little sister. Doesn’t count if they don’t have one)
    • Every time Atlas calls you “Boyo”

  • Take a drink:
    • Finish your drink if you activate the plaster splicers
    • Finish your drink during Ryan’s monologue 
    • Every time Cohen complains about something
    • Every time Cohen mentions his muse
    • Every time Fontaine talks
    • Finish your drink when Atlas becomes Fontaine again



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a flash from Eleanor 
    • Every time you find an audio diary from Eleanor
    • Every time Sophia Lamb threatens you
    • Every time you save a little sister 
    • Every other time you fight a big sister
    • Finish your drink every time you see an homage to the first game
    • Finish your drink every time you encounter a moral path (Stanley Poole, Grace Holloway, Gil Alexander–little sisters not included because you would die)
    • Every time Sinclair says something suspicious 
    • Every time you get a new plasmid


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Sophia Lamb says something about communism 
    • Every time one of the Wales brothers says something overly religious 
    • Every time Sinclair says something that makes you remember exactly how Southern he is, sport
    • Every time you get jumped by a brute splicer
    • Every time you wish Eleanor was a better written character
    • Finish your drink if you get the bad ending
    • Finish your friend’s drink if you get the very bad ending



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a new plasmid 
    • Every time you fight a Lancer
    • Every time you find a vacuum 
    • Every time you fight a Big Sister
    • Every time Reed Wahl calls Porter a traitor


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time there are cryptic numbers everywhere

    • Finish your drink for the climax

    • Every time The Thinker is mentioned

The Golden Lioness

Here’s another crappy imagine, lol. 

Imagine: Being a sister to Cersei and Jaime and putting Joffrey in his place when he becomes too wild for Cersei to handle.

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You loved your older brother and sister, truly. Despite their obvious affection towards each other, you knew it was better to accept it then go against it. You were the third born Lannister with your golden short hair and your emerald green eyes. You were caressed greatly by your older siblings and your younger brother, Tyrion. Despite the loss of your mother, you dotted over your younger brother much to the anger of your older sister.

When Joffrey was born, you remained silent about the Lannister golden hair and eyes. You ignored the rumors of incest and the rumors of Joffrey not being the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. You stood by your sister’s side even after Joffrey killed off Eddard Stark and did your best to stop the torment Joffrey inflicted on Sansa Stark.

A lioness you were and you should no fear; not even to King Joffrey.

He was out of control but you loved your nephew. You knew he was demented and twisted but you had loved him since he was a babe. Cersei knew she was losing control and often confided in you and only you to reel her kingly son in.

You were making way to the throne room. Your beautiful gown whishing at your ankles as you moved with grace and poise. Your handmaidens following behind with worried expressions. You were meant to spend the morning drinking tea with Sansa. You adored and admired that Stark girl. You wanted to protect her against your calculating sister and abusive nephew.

You often found yourself torn between what was right and what your family thought was right. You knew Joffrey must’ve had Sansa. He had no care of the poor girl’s feelings or emotions. He was a monster incapable of remorse.

When you entered the throne room, you found Sansa in tears on the ground with her pretty dress torn at the right shoulder. Joffrey was on his throne with an indifferent and angry expression on his face. That hound was only watching with concealed disgust towards his master. You marched up the room with an expression of anger towards your nephew.

“Ah, auntie dearest!” Joffrey perked up looking pleased to see you.

You were his favorite aunt—his only aunt.

“What is the meaning of this?” You demand cradling the crying girl in your arms.

“Merely showing this girl her place, she forgets who she speaks to.” Joffrey responded with a snort of indifference as he stands from his throne and makes way towards you, “Bloody savage she is. She needs to be taught how to be a proper Southern lady—like you, Auntie.” He says with a smile aimed towards you.

You help the wolf girl stand as she clings to you for dear life, “Nina, take her to my chambers. Lela, you fetch her some warm tea and fresh food.” You order quietly to your handmaidens who take the crying girl out of your arms and away from this tormentor.

Joffrey frowns at you, “That is my wife.” He hisses at you—an angered expression blooming on his young face.

“Is that how you treat your woman, nephew?” You demand standing up to the King without an ounce of fear—you’ve stood up against scarier men before—“You are becoming a monster. What has happened to my sweet Joffrey, ay? You think degrading life is fun, do you?” You do the unthinkable and shove the King on the ground and brandish your sword to his throat—his hound does not make a move. His knights only stand and watch.

No one would dare go against the Lioness of Casterly Rock. Joffrey is in complete and utter shock and merely stares at the tip of the blade pressed at his throat. “Do you see your guards and your hound? They are not loyal to you, you monster. They wouldn’t care if I were to silt your damn throat.” Your voice is full of malice and ice. The teenager merely stares in fear as you pressed the blade against his cheek causing him to flinch.

“I am here to put you in your damn place,” You snarled as Cersei walks in with a cold look as she watches her son be tormented by you, “You disrespect our name, you bring shame to the Baratheon name, and you bring shame to yourself.” You spat sheathing your weapon underneath your dress.

“I am your King!” Joffrey yells although his eyes are full of fury—they hold an ounce of fear.

You grinned weakly, “You are no king of mine, child. A man who calls himself a king is no king at all.” You sneered angrily.

“Mother!” Joffrey cries looking at her to save him.

Cersei remains stoic and simply gazes at her son without remorse. You smirk grabbing him and pulling him in close to your face, “Let this serve as a reminder of where your place truly is. Listen to your mother with respect. Listen to me with fear. Your guards are to protect you but not from your own mother and aunt. If I see that poor girl crying again or even has a bruise on her body, I will make sure you suffer a fate worse then the one Eddard Stark faced.” You threatened with a vicious growl that was so feral—Joffrey was too stunned to even speak.

Cersei watched pleased as you handled her beastly son. The Hound looked on with a smirk while the guards simply kept quiet and mentally cheered the Lioness. “Your mother has turned into a stag but I am a Lioness and there is no possible way that a child like you will instill fear in me.” You quietly said setting the King on the ground. “A King you might be but you are merely a puppet for your mother to use. You are only that, Little King, a mere puppet. Do as you’re told or you’ll face my wrath.” You gave a final threat before moving towards your sister.

Cersei looks at you content with your show, “You did me a great favor.”

You stare at your older sister and sigh, “He came out a twisted lion, dear sister. The other two came out gentle stags.” You mumbled quietly to her.

She looks pained to hear these words because she knows her son is a monster—nothing like her or Jaime but worse. The People wouldn’t stand to have another Mad King—they would rebel and the last thing Cersei needed was a rebellion during a war. “I’m not sure what to do with him.” Cersei whispers quietly.

The Hound is helping the angry King on his feet. Joffrey is spitting mad and demanding to his Hound, “Why didn’t you bloody save me, you mutt?!” He screeched.

The Hound remained indifferent and remarked, “No Hound could go up against a Lioness.” He says which leaves Joffrey pale and frightened as he looks at his Aunt Y/N.

You smirk at him with malice before excusing yourself, “I am returning to my chambers, Cersei. If you need anything, call for me.” You kiss your sister on her cheek as she nods at you. You make way out of the throne room with the Kings-guards bowing slightly at your depart.

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Boyfriend Shawn blurb with mild smut elements

Heaven Ashley. Yes, that was her real name.

It was the number one question she was asked multiple times a day. The follow up always, “Well how did you get that?”

Southern parents.

She managed to answer every time with a smile, letting her soft Tennessee accent through to charm them further. She’d tell them her mother named her Heaven because she swore Jesus Christ himself sent her down from heaven to bless her life. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen!

She’d save the eye rolls for her dressing room. Six years in the music industry and she’d heard it all. The first two years playing bars meant she had the luxury of hearing her favorite pick up line nightly. “Is your name Heaven cause you’re an angel?” At this point she felt like her eyes should be stuck in the back of her head from all the eye rolls. Thanks Mom and Dad.

The industry knew her as Heaven Ashley. Her friends knew her as Evan. He called her Ev.

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(Requested by Anon)

“Do you want to join in?” The blond who had introduced himself as Carlisle offered. 

The corners of your mouth lifted into a small smile. “I don’t know that I’d be any good. It’s been a while.” 

“How long’s a while?” Asked the honey blond with the southern accent… Jasper, you reminded yourself, his name is Jasper.

“Late 1800s…or thereabouts.” You replied with a smile. “I sorta lose track of the years. After the end of the War of Northern Aggression in any case.” You put a hand to your mouth, embarrassed by your slip of the tongue. “Sorry, the Civil War they call it now right?” 

“You’re from the south?” Jasper asked, eyes dancing with emotion. 

You pressed your lips together, suppressing a grin. “Huston Texas, born raised and bitten. Are we playing or what?” 

It was Jaspers turn to look embarrassed. “Sure thing darlin’ as long as we can talk more later.” 

The large one, Emmett, grinned so widely his dimples showed. “Well now Jazz, you didn’t show this much interest in me when you found out I was from Tennessee. I’m hurt.” He held one large hand to his unbeating heart. 

“Emmett. Shut up.” 

“And he calls himself a southern gentleman…” 


This game was looking like it might end up a lot of fun after all. 

Super Star (Part 2)

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Summary: Jensen brings the reader over for dinner at his place…

Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: A wee bit of angst but only a teensy bit…

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Eight Legs & Eight Arms (Poly!Southern DR’s x Reader)

Title: Eight Legs & Eight Arms

Pairing: Poly! Southern DR’s x Reader

Word Count: 2389

Request: “Could I possibly request poly!demo-reps x reader where y/n just moved in next door and they, like, smiled at her or something and she goes to them to ask them to kill the giant spider in her kitchen and makes them dinner as thanks, but then it sort of turns into a dinner date, and lots of fluff plz.”

A/N: It was a little more than a smile, but hey, why not? (Also, unrelated gif bc everyone deserves this in their lives.)

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Seeking Safety - Yondu Udonta x Reader - possibly NSFW

Pairing: Yondu Udonta x Reader

Word count: ~2,300

Summary: a lovely request I got from @rhyatt-deauxtreve  . They asked for a fic in which Reader is faced with having a stalker and turns to Yondu and his crew for help by asking him if she can pretend she’s with him for an evening. (I reworded your request for this summary as to not give too much away, ;)) Hopefully I got the request right - I wrote this fueled by my hated of fuckboys and men who don’t understand what no means.

Warnings: Language. Sexually suggestive content. Mentions of stalking and verbal sexual harassment.

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Beaded Kisses
Beaded Kisses

Damn lady
I know I compliment you all the time
But I want to put these words into action
Let my passion for you ooze from my finger tips
Allow it to drip from lips unfiltered
Start with a massage
With warm coconut oil to be exact
The aroma alone sets the mood
Relax as one caresses your curves and grooves
Consent your angelic body to my will
I’ll begin with your delicate dainty hands
All manicured, what’s that ruby red
Move up ya arms, add slight pressure on your shoulder blades
Soft kisses to your neck simultaneously
Lay it down for me mama
Let me drip this oil down ya back slowly
Don’t hold your mons back
I need to know it feels good to you
It’s so hard
Can’t let you feel it though
Deliberately I skip them cakes
I’m digging into those thick thighs
I can feel you relaxing for me
Next them pretty toes and feet
Last pit stop before I get to your delicious cheeks
They been calling to me
My hands damn near melt into them
The subtle moan lets me know you been waiting
Firmly I grip my lil mama’s ass
Spreading the ever so slightly
That light smacking of ya pussy lips are testing all of my patience
She is leaking
I’m not blinking
You are art
I push up from the crease at your thighs
Just watch that thang ripple, jiggle, then settle
Get up on all fours baby
Show me that beautiful arch
I grab my lil garnish
Delicately I string you in pearls

I know you are confused
But as my good girl you abide by my rules
I step back dick in hand and admire you
Damn you the truth
Starting at the top of your back slow licks followed by kisses
I make my way to your southern regions
I can only imagine how my tongue got you on tingle
Bet you anticipating your lips and my tongue to mingle
I feel you sink the deeper I travel between left and right
I reach the spider web lips of ya pussy
My mouth is on waterfall as if you needed any more juice
Upon first stroke you quench my thirst
Satisfying me as though I spent a month in a desert
Got my taste buds jumping like you are dessert
I had to put in this work
Give you beaded kisses to convey your worth

How to tell if you're in a Modern Southern Gothic novel:
  • You used to be religious, but not any more. 
  • Despite this you make religious allusions constantly.
  • There’s a ruined plantation house.
  • There’s an abandoned church.
  • There’s more liquor stores than actual residents.
  • Your mother is blonde.
  • Your father is either somewhere else or emotionally absent.
  • Teenage girls are a menace. 
  • There’s a factory where most people in the town work.
  • The town has some sort of ironic name.
  • The police force is made up of men who just laugh at crimes.
  • There’s at least one dead child involved somewhere.
  • You were the real monster all along.


Natives of Sicily speak Sicilian, an ancient Romance language that is a separate language from Italian. About 30% of Sicilian vocabulary originates from Arabic. Even though Italian is the national language, Sicilian is still very alive in Sicily. People may say “Comu ti senti?” (How are you feeling?) - in Italian it’s “Come stai?” (How are you?). Sicilian is also spoken in southern and central Calabria (where it’s called Southern Calabro), in parts of Apulia, the Salento (known as Salentino), and Campania, on the Italian peninsula (where it’s called Cilentano). Ethnologue describes Sicilian as being “distinct enough from Standard Italian to be considered a separate language”. Some assert that Sicilian represents the oldest Romance language derived from Vulgar Latin, but this is not a widely held view amongst linguists, and is strongly criticized by some. Sicilian is currently spoken by the majority of the inhabitants of Sicily and by Sicilian emigrant populations around the world. The latter are found in the countries which attracted large numbers of Sicilian immigrants during the course of the past century, especially the USA, Canada, Australia, and Argentina. In the past 2 or 3 decades, large numbers of Sicilians were also attracted to the industrial zones of northern Italy and the rest of the European Union, especially Germany. 

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“Fifty one…pfft… fifty two…pffttt…fifty three…”

Little baby Jesse giggled every time his dad dropped with each push-up and gave his little baby belly a loud raspberry. Jack grinned each time little Jesse cooed with delight and then burst into pure unadulterated joyful laughter each time his dad made the funny noise with his belly. Sometimes his pudgy little hands tried to grab onto his dad’s face but was always a little too slow to catch his dad.

But when his dad finally relented and lowered himself, done with pushups for the moment, little Jesse grabbed the sides of his dad’s face and refused to let go, giggling as he hugged his dad’s face with all his little body and his dad just laughed and laughed.


Little Jesse snuggled into his dad’s warm chest, swaddled comfortably in his hoodie as Gabe shouted to the recruits he was training. One reassuring hand held up Jesse’s little weight and occasionally gave him a little bounce to keep him from sliding out from his hoodie.

“Keep going, don’t stop now there’s a heck of a lot more laps after you struggle to finish this next one!” He yelled.

“What the fuck?” One recruit panted as they passed him.


His sudden outburst of noise woke Jesse, who worked his head out through the collar of the hoodie and blearly looked around. Seeing the people running by him, Jesse start blubbering baby noises that almost sounded like ‘language’.

“That’s right Jesse, you tell ‘em,” Gabe huffed as he glared at the recruit that he just yelled at coming back around, “Watch your language!”


“It’s cute!”

“It’s tacky!”

Gabe and Jack bickered goodnaturedly back and forth as they let wandered around the baby section of a costume store on some approved off time. Jesse had been really excited about the hats and had giggled up a storm when a little baby stenson had been placed on his head. Jesse had refused to take it off and they had been talking about buying it for him.

“Come on, he’s going to have a phase, cowboys are ffiiineeee,” Gabe argued.

“Please don’t Gabe because first thing he’s going to want to do is have that cowboy accent and you don’t realize how awful some Southern accents are,” Jack groaned through a grin.

“But look how cute he is,” Gabe countered, gesturing broadly to the baby in Jack’s arms that was giggling up a storm as he adjusted the little hat on his head. “Let’s get him a cute little cowboy outfit, pllleeeeaaasseeeee?”

“I swear Gabe, if Jesse has your puppy eyes, I’m totally screwed,” Jack laughed as he covered his face and Gabe just grinned in victory.

“Oh, very,” Gabe gloated as he went and started grabbing the outfit and Jesse cooed in delight.

You know what literally never happens in tropical places like Qarinus, where the sky is normal and dark at night? You know what’s strange and alarming if you’ve never seen it before and are trudging through the snow after an arch-demon’s crushed your village like an anthill? 

The Aurora Australis.

You know what’s kind of romantic once you get over the initial shock and listen to all these cold-immune southerners talk about how pretty it is? 

You know who’s even more of a closet romantic than Cassandra? You know who might have a lot of Feelings if someone held his hand and told him the sky couldn’t hold a candle to him? Not Dorian Pavus, that’s for sure.

You know who’s totally not imagining doing that? The Iron Bull.

No, none of that is happening. What’s happening is Dorian is staring at the sky and Bull’s staring at Dorian, and when Dorian looks back at Bull– well now they’re just sort of staring at each other.

“Strange place, the South,” Dorian says quietly. There’s another curtain of light, just over the Iron Bull’s shoulder, but Dorian’s more interested in his expression. “Mother Giselle says it’s a sign from the Maker.”

“You don’t think so?”

“I’ve read about the Aurora. It’s an interaction between the Veil and–”

“I’ve read books too, Vint.”

“Oh.” Dorian flushes. “Of course, my apologies.”

“Never thought I’d see it, though.” Bull turns back to the sky and the waterfall of light. “Sure is something, isn’t it.”

Dorian’s the one to watch him now– the flicker of firelight on his face, the expression of gentle awe– “Indeed. I’m not sure there’s anything else like it in the world.”

Dating Cheryl Blossom would include

⦁ You were in the same grade as Cheryl and had a bit of a crush on her since the beginning of ninth grade.
⦁ You decided after seeing her first performance as cheer captain that the only way to get close enough to her to talk to her regularly was to become a Vixen.
⦁ You worked your ass off for five months making sure you were fit enough to try out.
⦁ The first time you spoke to Cheryl was at try outs. You fell over a bag and she asked if you were okay. She smirked when you stood to try out about 30 minutes later.
⦁ She turned out to be harder on you than the rest of the Vixens, but she would talk to you in class and at lunch.
⦁ You confronted her about it one day after practice and she admitted it was because she wanted to see you shine.
⦁ One day before a big game she came to you with a proposition. “If RHS wins, I buy you dinner. If we lose, you buy me a cherry coke at pops.”
⦁ Of course you said yes. Of course they lost.
⦁ She was waiting for you at Pops, a cherry coke in her hands and a basket of fries on the other side of the table
⦁ Before the end of the night you were making out in her car
⦁ Late night car rides going nowhere
⦁ So much shameless PDA
⦁ Her always insisting you work with her in class
⦁ She loves the shade of pink you turn when she pushes your hair behind your ear
⦁ Matching manicures
⦁ She loves to have her hair played with
⦁ Getting dressed up to go no where in particular
⦁ Watching Rita Hayworth movies together, telling Cheryl how much she looks like the actress
⦁ Getting upset when she chose Archie over You to attend the Maple ceremony, but standing by her decision
⦁ Weekly shopping trips
⦁ So much Lana Del Rey
⦁ Bike rides on back roads
⦁ Your favorite movie to watch together is Legally Blonde
⦁ Cheryl loves reading southern gothic books
⦁ She taught you how to slow dance before homecoming

Haha do you guys ever think about the fact that Atla had an episode in which Hama, a woman who after decades of imprisonment in terrible, inhuman conditions, comes out cruel and lashes out in any-which-way she can, and is treated and defeated as a villain (which, ok, she was, and that was fair) but then after gets sentenced to live out the rest of her life imprisoned by the same people as the first time?

Hahaha do you guys ever think about how fucking easy it would’ve been to add 10-15 seconds to the episode in which Katara goes: “When this is all over, I’m coming for you and taking you home“? Thereby displaying mercy? Which would later play into how she handles Yon Rha?

Hahahaha do you guys ever think about how much that would’ve meant for Katara’s character arc, but also how it would’ve enriched the overall story?

Hahahahaha do you guys ever think about how the comparison that should’ve been made in “The Southern Raiders” is, “Katara you sound like Hama,“ not “like Jet”?* How much more sense it would’ve made to brig up Hama at that point, you know, Katara’s mentor who taught her bloodbending? Instead of her one-time-now-dead crush?

*Not getting into how neither make sense in the given situation, that’s not what this post is about.

Ahahahahha do you guys ever think about how much more meaningful the Mercy vs. Justice stuff, which “The Southern Raiders” were supposed to be about, would’ve been if Katara had set a precedent with how she handled Hama?

Hahahahhahaha do you guys ever think about how if Hama had remained relevant, if she had actually gotten a chance to go back to the Southern Water Tribe, how that would’ve shaped the course of the story?

Like! Just imagine!! A Southern Master! All of a sudden, there’s a Southern Master at the South Pole! And she isn’t fifteen!

And imagine her and Pakku butting heads over how to teach students, imagine her and Pakku in a bending! Battle! We would’ve gotten an actual comparison between Northern and Southern waterbending!!!



Plus, like, loose ends: Who was Yon Rha’s source? How did the Southern Raiders find out about Katara? And why to i feel like they were supposed to somehow be a Northerner?

Ahahahhahahahahahahahahahaaha do you guys ever think about how utterly amazing it would’ve been if Hama wasn’t a one-off character with no actual impact on the overarching story??!?!?!!

an act of fearful symmetry // for @kateyes224, who wanted to know what Mulder did for Scully’s birthday to earn that smile in “The List.” // msr // fluff

“We’re going for a drive,” he said.
“To where?” she asked.
“To the end of the world.”

“I didn’t forget your birthday this year, did I Scully?”

Truth is she wanted him to. Truth is it was her first birthday since her father died and all she wanted was to forget, to spend a nice quiet evening at home and maybe talk to her mother and maybe call her sister so the Scullys can all pretend it’s not their first real family event without him.

She had planned it that way. When he asked if she had plans she vaguely mentioned getting dinner with Maggie. What she didn’t tell him was dinner was Chinese takeout on her couch while making a long-distance call to her mother and putting the phone on speaker.

And he nodded, and she thought that was the end of it.

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anonymous asked:

so you don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but i've seen ppl say the southern raiders is actually anti zutara bc they 'bring out the worst in eachother' and zuko would've let katara do something she regrets. i guess i was just wondering what your view on this is? cause i see where they're coming from but the fact that he let her make that choice on her own is...good, right? idk idk pls help lol

I would love to answer this!! 

The Southern Raiders is one of the most divisive episodes in the ATLA fandom, and the most divisive episode in the zutara fandom. You have some zutara shippers who would say that episode is the paragon of zutara and the reason they even ship it. Others would say it is the absolute worst example of zutara, and that they ship it despite that episode. 

I, personally, understand both sides of the argument and agree with both. 

But Susannah, you say. How can you possibly agree that The Southern Raiders is both the best and worst Zutara episode? 

Well, kids, there is this really cool thing called context, and it’s something I think is absolutely vital in understanding when it comes to this episode. 

I’ve said before that season three is like night and day in terms of quality. The season has some of the highest highs in the show, but also the lowest of lows. The clearest example would be The Awakening (episode 1) vs. The Headband (episode 2). The characters pull a huge 180 in just one episode, and it feels like you aren’t even watching the same show.  

The whole season is this constant tug of war, back and forth, between the show characters, and Bryke’s interpretation of them (or, if you will, the comic version of the characters). This is because, during the production of season three, Ehasz and Bryke suffered from huge creative differences. While the first two seasons pretty much let Ehasz do what he wanted with the narrative outline Bryke had created, season 3 saw a much harsher push for Bryke’s vision. 

The Southern Raiders is the episode where that is most clearly seen from scene to scene. Elizabeth Ehasz, writer of the episodes Zuko Alone and The Avatar and the Fire Lord, was the head writer for this episode, and in the process of writing said episode, was told to rewrite it by Bryke as it was considered ‘too shippy’. Because of this, the episode is basically fighting itself the entire time, caught in the cognitive dissonance of Elizabeth’s character interpretations and story writing and Bryke’s need for Zuko and Katara to be portrayed in the least romantic way possible in an episode where they spend the entire time together. 

For simplicity’s sake, let’s call this Elizabeth vs. Bryke, or, Zutara vs. Narrative.

Now with all of that said, I think the argument of anti-and-pro The Southern Raiders becomes a lot easier to break down.

Did the episode successfully portray Zutara in a way that would turn people against shipping it, or did the natural chemistry between the two characters still shine enough against the odds anyway? 

Well, like I said before, it did both. And I think in most cases, no matter which argument you look at, you’re going to find that to some degree, the person’s interpretation is accurate. Because one of them is going to be looking at what Bryke contributed and one is going to be looking at what Elizabeth contributed. 

That’s not to say I agree with everyone’s arguments against Zutara in this episode. I don’t agree that they bring out the worst in each other in this episode, I don’t believe Aang was right, and I definitely don’t agree that it portrays a toxic or unhealthy relationship. 

However, it definitely does some things… not right. My biggest issue personally is that Zuko takes on the role of ‘The Devil on Katara’s Shoulder’ during the whole fight between her and Aang. 

Aang was definitely in the wrong on this one. I’m not about to defend anything he said or tried to do to stop her. But, Zuko takes on this really one-dimensional bad boy personality of ‘Oh you’re just an immature kid who’s stupid and you don’t know what you’re talking about’ which is so unbelievably out of character for Zuko, especially in an episode written by the same woman who wrote an episode (Zuko Alone) that’s sole purpose was to humanize him. Elizabeth Ehasz’s biggest strength is character exposition and development, and I find it really hard to believe that she’d give Zuko a line such as ‘Alright Guru Goody-Goody, we’ll be sure to do that’. I mean, really? 

Nice try, Bryke, but I can see your influence there clear as day. 

I’m assuming you mentioned the whole ‘he let her make the choice’ thing so I could validate that you’re right. You want to know whether I’m going to say ‘Hey! He didn’t say anything which means the choice was hers! He let her do what she needed in terms of facing him! Couple goals!!!” or “He was an enabler and should have done something to stop her, or else the whole scene could’ve ended horribly.” 

I’m going to say neither. Personally, I don’t see it as either. I see the episode as two teenagers, both deeply hurt and unable to move past the loss of their mothers, going on a necessary journey to heal and move past what happened. There was no right choice, no ultimate outcome, no right or wrong way for the events to happen. They just were. They were two teenagers affected by war having to do things no teenager should ever have to be in the position of doing. 

This wasn’t a show of who they would be as a couple. Nothing about this episode, except for her forgiving him at the end, was a real indicator of who they would be together outside of those events. 

If you think that the final outcome was bad and toxic, that’s fine. I understand why. You think that Katara needed someone to pull her in and stop her from potentially doing something she would always regret. 

If you think that they showed a real and genuine understanding of each other and portrayed a balanced and healthy relationship, that’s fine too. By Zuko not saying anything and letting her go through the motions on her own, he gave her a way to heal and do what she needed to do, outside of what anyone else told her she needed to do. 

Just like there was no right way for the episode’s events to play out, there is no right or ultimate way to interpret Zutara in this episode. 

I wish we had Elizabeth’s original script and idea for the episode. I think then if there were no forces trying to stop zutara from ‘being a thing’ in this episode, it’d be a lot easier to say whether or not they were good for each other in the episode.

But, the episode we have is all we’ve got. All I can say is, find the interpretation of the events that resonates with you most, and that you think is the best example of who the characters were in that episode, whether or not it’s positive or negative.