how so cute you two


Alternative (and very probable) universe where Four kept his hair long and everyone retained their intricate hairdo except Two whose conception of it is “asymmetric with a pin”.

Lip Gallagher - High School Sweetheart Headcanons

A/N: this is so short and it took so long I’m so beyond sorry.

-Nobody could really grasp how cute you two were
-Two south side scums in love?? odd
-people tried to break you up
-Lip always assured you that you two
would be together no matter who tried
to stop it

-Lip attempts to tutor you because he
wants you to make it somewhere
-while you should be practicing fraction
you’re thinking about where in the
library you to can fuck
-Lip totally fucked you in the Hungarian
literature section in the school library…
more than once

-During summer you hung out with him
and Kev in the “ice cream truck” some of
your best memories are in the truck
-yeah we all know y'all fucked in there,
even Kev…
-scared the poor man for life

-After high school you stayed along for the
highs and lows of his college life
-it was hard during the lows, but you
were his girlfriend and you loved him


rory & logan | written in the stars

So when the direct was on a little while ago and we saw the fe14 trailer and the SE got released for preorder with a launch date (WE’RE SO CLOSE GUYS WE’RE SO. CLOSE.) I remembered my EXTREME HYPE for this game and wanted to draw something for it ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ  but at the same time I remembered that I’m still in denial over Silas not being the gay marriage candidate so I thought of something fun to do to squeeze in both and TADA. quietly lays on the otfamily

I’M REALLY SUPER HAPPY WITH HOW THIS CAME OUT and I absolutely had a blast doing it.  It’s a simpler thing but I think that’s what was so fun about it tbh.   I had some trouble with Silas’ face at first since downward angled faces are the bane of me sometimes and didn’t draw his full chest piece cuz SCREW ARMOR but the way the interactions and expressions and just the whole thing came out makes me so proud ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 


My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

it’s not weird if you’re his #1 priest

(sorry it’s kinda hard to read, tumblr uploaded it too small and linking from imgur didn’t help either, i don’t really know what to do about that)


I remember when you scolded me in Junior High. You said the same thing. It was right after we got crushed in a practice match before the tournament. I figured we were destined for failure in the real tournament. “Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if other tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that”. End quote. 


Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 

Newtmas AU

Thomas is the captain of the tracking team and the most popular guy at school. The shy and very introverted book worm Newt has a huge crush on him and always watches him from the distance. When their history teacher Mr. Janson announces a project work and pairs up Thomas and Newt together, both paths eventually cross. The two boys start to get to know each other and eventually find out that they actually have a lot in common. They end up becoming best friends and enjoy spending time with each other. But with every passing day Newt spends with Thomas, it’s becoming harder for him to hide his sincere feelings for the High School Adonis. However, things happen here and there like touches lasting longer than they should and lingering stares which makes Newt wonder if his best friend Tommy, as le likes to name him, could maybe reciprocate his feelings. But then Thomesa suddenly happens out of nowhere and Newt’s whole world is falling upside down. Thomas though doesn’t seem very happy in this realtionship which bewilders Newt since Teresa is the one Tommy’s heart beats for…right?