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Princey,, in heels?? Yes??

This was mostly anatomy practice (yeah sure cosmic I totally believe you), but also because I really wanted to draw him in heels don’t ask me why cause I don’t know either,,, ((also hand practice 👌 cause what is even going on there))

Filters?? Yes there are filters shshshshhhhhhhhh


“Father and son” || Brian and Jun Hwan, Dynamic Duo


 피 땀 눈물  /  血、汗、涙

After Party

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Anon Request: “Could you write a Steve x reader where you’re Dustin’s older sister and you’re really close with Jonathan because you’re always with him due to the fact your brothers are friends and Idk like you and Steve have always been friends but you’ve always secretly had a crush on him and one day you’re talking to Jonathan and you’re just going on about how dreamy Steve is and Steve hears all of it??? And idk they er together in the end with lots of fluff???”

Summary: It’s just a teeny tiny crush that Delaney Henderson has on Steve Harrington. He’ll surely never notice her obsession with him will he?

A/N: I got two fluff requests for Steve so I’m making this a two part series. BTW I like my reader characters to have actual names. So if y’all request anything in the future and want a specific name tell me in the asks!

Songs: The Hush Sound’s album Goodbye Blues (it’s old but sooo good)

[Part 2]

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I'm just scared with "Shiro" back, it will put a divide between Keith and the others because they will treat him as the leader again, not listening to the decisions Keith wants to make ;; (like they already did in season 3)

Well, to be fair they only didn’t listen when Keith made… reckless decisions. Which is good - the team doesn’t feel afraid to speak up when their leader messes up. They have seen how Keith acted before he stepped up as a leader and they know that he will need extra support (at least until he gets used to his position). When he actually presents a good plan, they listen without complaints:

^here are two examples, one back in s3e3 even before Keith got his shit together and one in s3e4. It’s always been like this - Keith has the self-confidence and presence of a leader, he just… doesn’t really use it. He never had to lead anyone but himself and the team knows this. Keith internalizes his struggles but he doesn’t actively try to appear “perfect” as Shiro does so they know what he needs help with. In a way, they are more of a team now than they were before.

And even with ‘Shiro’ back the team is still extremely supportive of leader!Keith. Shiro was already back when Lance came to talk to him in his room because “he is the leader now”. When they called him out when he wanted to pursue Lotor with the comet-ship it wasn’t anything different from what they had done in episode 3. In that episode were also these scenes:

Here we have Keith supporting and presenting a plan to ‘Shiro’ and ‘Shiro’ supporting Keith. In the first one it looks like a leader talking to their teammate; in the second one it looks like a friend talking to a friend. Even ‘Shiro’ himself is supportive of leader!Keith. The only problem is that he is used to leading, likes it and is already seen as a leader by the team.

It’s definitely possible that the team will get torn while having 2 leaders that give conflicting orders. (I’m excluding Allura here because I’m talking about in-battle leaders; Allura is and has always been the only outside of battle leader :P) We have already seen Keith and ‘Shiro’ talking over one another and almost fighting in the middle of battle over how they should proceed. But I doubt that the other team members will revert to how they were before Shiro disappeared - they have learned to take on a more active role and speak up when they have complaints. It’s unlikely that they’ll go back to blindly following Shiro when they have worked together with Keith for months now. 

A negative thing that might happen though is that the team might get divided into different ‘fractions’. Some will prefer ‘Shiro’’s style of leading, some will prefer Keith’s. Keith and ‘Shiro’ need to work their differences out before the team gets thrown into disarray once more D:

(Notes: I received a request for another terrible Vaderwan text post, with Ahsoka getting drunk texted, and this happened. I apologize in advance. It just really seemed like if anyone was going to embarrass themselves drunk texting it was gonna be Kenobi.) 

(I’m pretty sure Vader’s texting Dad Jokes to Ahsoka on the regular though. I’ll have to think about that one a bit more.) 

Obi-Wan: [text] Areyou theree anakin?
Vader: ohhhh boy, bad spelling
Vader: its cantina night again isnt it 
Obi-Wan: yes Im AT a cantina so What?? .
Vader: lol cheers🍸
Obi-Wan: Sometiems i just dont know whyeverythigg like this HOW COULD YOU DOTHIS TO ME ANAKINN
Obi-Wan: Things couldhave ben so difrent.
Vader: oh ffs im not having this discussion with you again
Vader: i hate angsty drunk obiwan 😒
Obi-Wan: FIne
Obi-Wan: [sends a picture] look at this old picture i ffuond on my phone 
Vader: 👀omfg 
Vader: uh i definitely remember this 😘 thank u for sending it
Obi-Wan: You aree welcome 😏 ihave more on here you know
Vader: is that so
Ahsoka: Oh my God, guys, this is a group text!!! PLEASE STOP.
Obi-Wan: oh shitt Sorry Ahsoka.
Vader: lol hey snips 
Ahsoka: Vader. 😡 I can’t believe I haven’t blocked you.
Vader: pfffft u sound just like kenobi and we all know none of u guys are ever gonna block me 
Obi-Wan: Realllly Ahsoka Im sorry you know i wouldnt have carried on likethat if id realised 
Ahsoka: Oh of course Master Kenobi, you guys are usually so subtle. 🙄

this morning a cat came into my flat through the kitchen window, someone must have abandoned him because he’s clean and domesticated..I called the entire building and neighbourhood and nobody seems to know this cat..I brought him to the veterinary to check if he’s okay. the problem is that the landlady doesn’t want animals in the house and I don’t know what to do i’ll probably hide him in the wardrobe, somewhere,…he doesn’t want to leave the house anymore, he’s already settled. Also he doesn’t like my roommate and only eats pasta, i mean we already have 2 things in common so we’re practically friends. there’s only thing left: the name, how should i call him?

“Hey - hey there! Oh no, not at all! I haven’t been waiting for long, I just didn’t want to make you wait! Oh - this? My puppy got so excited somehow that he wouldn’t get off the bench! But never mind that…shall we…?”

Sakuma said it’s just a play date for his puppy and yours - but is that all there is to it? He’s got a box of cake and a bouquet of lilies!

Happy belated birthday @trepidationchance! I wish you a wonderful year of happiness and JG craziness! Wooohoo~


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Derek stuck in a wolf puppy 1

Pairing: Derek Hale x Rosie

I come home from my walk with my daughter Talia when I find a puppy sitting on my doorstep. I quickly open the door and push Talias stroller inside. “Come here little one.” I pick up the puppy and close the door behind me. 

I sit it down and get Talia out of her stroller. “You look hungry. Let’s get both of you something to eat.” I take Talias hand and we go to the kitchen together, the puppy following us slowly. I put Talia in her high chair and start feeding her with her baby food. Then I start cooking some meat for me and the puppy. “Mommy? When will Daddy come home?” Talia looks at me with her green eyes that remind me of Derek. 

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He said he would only help some friends for a few days but he didn’t return yet. He didn’t even answer my calls. “I don’t know Talia. But he will be back soon. I promise.” I caress her cheek and she looks at me with a sad smile. “I miss daddy.” she mumbles and looks at the wolf plushy Derek got her. “I miss him too sweetheart.”

I put some meat in a bowl and water into another. Then I place it on the floor. “Here you go puppy.” I smile and start eating something myself. “You wanna help me wash the puppy Talia?” I place the plate in the sink and take her out of her high chair. “Yes!!” she cheers and I take her to the bathroom.

The puppy following us. I place it in the bathtub and Talia starts petting it. “Can we keep it?” she looks at me with her puppy eyes. She learned that from Derek. “Sure…you just need to convince daddy to keep it when he comes back.” I smile at her and let some water into the bathtub.

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The puppy barks a little but doesn’t try to get out. We start washing it and I wrap it into a towl to dry it. “Can I please hold it mommy?” I smile and place the puppy in her arms. It cuddles up to her and I smile. “How should we name him?” I let the water out of the bathtub and lead Talia to my bedroom. “Derry.”


It is really short but I hope you like the idea :) please tell me if you want part 2 :)

Dear Journal,

The beach was absolutely stunning! When we arrived at the beach house, Sirius droped his bags and ran to the turquoise water, making sure he removed his shirt. Teddy giggled and ran after him but I catched him before he got to far.

“Wait a minute you little monkey, you need your life vest and some sunscreen..” I said.

“But Padda is there!” Teddy said.

“Yes but Padda is an idiot and he’ll get sunburned. C'mon it’ll be quick, then you can go in the water.”

I put on Teddy’s lifevest and coated his skin with sunscreen. I removed my shirt and took Teddy’s hand as we walked to the water.


“Yes love?”

“Is that the sea?”

“It is Ted. Do you like it?”

“Yes. It’s pretty. But.. Where are the fishies?”

“They are somewhere. Maybe they’re a bit scared because we are here.” I said, his hand still holding two of my fingers.

“Okay. But I don’t want to hurt them, I just want to see them..” Teddy said, confused.

“Maybe if we don’t move for a minute or two they would come near our feet.” I said.

“Okay don’t move dadda, we’re gonna wait for the fishies.” He said, squeezing my hand tighter.

After a few seconds only, a small blue and green fish approached Teddy’s small feet.

“Look Ted! There’s a fishy!” I said, pointing it to him.

“Ohh! He’s cute! Hi fishy!” He said, waving to the fish.

“I think he likes you.” I smiled.

“How should we name him dadda?”

“Hum.. blue?”

“Yes! Hi Blue!”

I smiled at how cute this moment was.

“I like fishies dadda.”

“Maybe we could get you a fishy stuffed animal at the shop tommorow? Would you like that?” I asked, knowing how he liked them.

“Yes!! Just like Blue!” He said, claping his hands together.

Sirius swam to us and took Teddy in his arms.

“Padda! We made a new friend! He’s a fishy and his name his Blue!” Teddy said, looking at his father with big eyes.

“You did? That’s great! Want to see what I found under the water?” Sirius asked.

He took out a beautiful seashell from his bathing suit pocket. You know the ones where you can hear the sea if you put it close to your ear. He showed it to Teddy and he smiled.

“If you put it right there, close to your ear, you can listen to the sea. So when you are home and you miss being here, you take it and you can listen to the sea talking to you.” Sirius explained.

“Really?” Teddy asked.


We ate dinner on the beach, sitting on a blanket. The view was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t regret taking Teddy here. We were all together. Teddy fell asleep on the blanket so Sirius picked him up slowly and got inside the little cottage to go put him in his crib. The sun was set and the sky was getting darker and darker so I lit up the fire. Sirius came back with a bottle of wine and two wineglasses with a smirk on his face.

“Look at you being an amazing husband!” I giggled.

“What can I say..” he smirked.

We drank our wine and looked at the ocean waves slowly approaching us. Sirius had took with him Teddy’s monitor so if something was wrong we could go check on him. We were laying on the blanket just looking at the stars and i realized that Sirius still hadn’t put his shirt back on. I think he was trying to turn me on.. it kinda worked. As the time passed, we got closer and closer to eachother. My fingers were slowly drawing random shapes on his tanned muscles.

“It tickles..” Sirius said, breaking the silence.

“Oh sorry..” i said, stopping.

“No.. Don’t stop.. I like it..” Sirius said, his eyes closed.

I smiled to myself and continued brushing the tip of my fingers on his muscled torso. His bare skin was rising up and down following his breathing. We could only hear the fire cracking and the waves breaking a few feet away from us. It was perfect. I leaned on my elbow and slowly kissed Sirius’ soft muscled torso. I heared him gasped silently and his fingers found their way to my curls who were still salty. He pulled me softly so I could kiss his lips, tasting the salt. He was still laying down as I was holding myself with my two arms. His hands brushed against my sides to my waist where he tried to remove my dry swimming suit.

“You have sand on your butt cheeks..” he whispered in my ear making me giggle.

“Well we’re on a beach what did you expect..” I smirked, kissing him once more.

He laughed and his hands explored my body a bit more. I was glad that no one was sharing this beach because we were kinda having a moment. I tangled my fingers in Sirius’ hair and he let a soft noise leave his mouth. I loved when he did that because it showed me that he was enjoying what we were doing. His eyes were tight shut and he breathed fastly through the kiss. I took that as a sign to kiss down his jaw and neck, leaving a few red marks on his tanned skin. It was one of the best moments of my life. We were alone, skin to skin, lips to lips… After a few minutes, Sirius and I were cuddled against eachother, a thin layer of blanket covering our bare skins. We weren’t talking. We were just enjoying eachothers presence, enjoying the pleasurable feeling that was still sparkling in our lower tummies.

“Babe?” Sirius said, his voice raspy.

“Yes?” I said, lifting my head so I could meet his eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

May 21st 1998

Puppy (A.C)

| based on the request: Hi! Can you do an imagine where Aaron and y/n are having a random cute fight about something dumb (like cats or food idc) and Taylor records it and puts it on his snapchat. Btw your a great writer!

|SHORT AF AT 510+ WORDS WHAT, 3 imagines in 2/3 days- how good am I??????|

“What should we name him?” Aaron asks me as he takes our puppy out of its little cage.

“Name him after me!” Taylor grins, looking up from his phone.

I raise my eyebrows, “You want us to name our dog after you?”

Taylor nods and Aaron rolls his eyes playfully. “He’s cute as heck, and so am I, it’s a given.”

“I want him to have a really cutesy name, like Blu or Justin.”

Aaron drops all emotion from his face and stares at me. “We’re not naming our dog after Justin Bieber, Y/N.” I just smile.

“What about Drew?”

“That’s Justin’s middle name.”

Wow, he really does listen to me when I blab on about all of my celebrity crushes.

“Okay then, what about Bieber?” I ask. Thinking about it, it’s actually suits our little Beagle pup. “That’s pretty cute.”

“I’m not naming my dog after Justin Bieber.”

Yes we are.

“Bieber is actually a pretty cute name for a puppy.”

I grin, “Thank you, Taylor!” I wave a hand in Taylor’s direction and look at Aaron, “It’s 2 to 1 right now.”

“Why can’t we name him something like Barclay, or Scout.” I furrow my eyebrows and shake my head.

“Those are shit names, babe.”

“Oh, and Bieber is so much better!”

“A, it’s an adorable name!” I take the puppy away from Aaron and hold him in my arms. I look down at our pup and say, “Do you like the name Bieber?” His ears pop up and he shouts a happy bark. “See!”

“Really, babe?” He says glumly and sighs into his hand. “His name is going to be Bieber?”

Bieber jumps onto my lap and I scratch behind his ear. “We can spell it B-E-E-B-E-R, if the Justin Bieber way makes you uncomfortable.”

“Bieber.” Our puppy turns his head and stares up at Aaron. I knew I would get my own way, he’s already learnt his name! “Okay fine.”

“Thank you, babe! I really appreciate it!” I grin, leaning over on the floor and pressing a kiss to my boyfriends cheeks.

“Yeah yeah.” Aaron moans and swings his arm around my waist.

“Our little Bieber.”

Taylor laughs to himself and we both look over at him, “I can only imagine you two picking out a name for a kid, if you ever have any together.” He locks his phone and drops it onto his lap.

I raise an eyebrow at him, “Did you just record that?”

He nods smugly, “It’s on my Snapchat.”

“Aw great,” Aaron whines and drops his head onto my shoulder. “Now people are gunna think that I’m a wimp for letting Y/N get her own way… Once again.”

I run my hand through his long hair and rest his chin on the top of his head. “No they won’t, they’ll think you’re a sweetheart who will do anything to make his girlfriend happy.” Aaron just grunts and lightly pecks my shoulder.

“You guys are so adorable,” Taylor smiles, “It makes me want to puke.”