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There’s an idea that these are themes that should not be shared with kids, but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love. And it really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved, and if you don’t hear those stories it will change who you are. It’s very important to me that we speak to kids about consent; that we speak to kids about identity… I want to feel like I exist, and I want everyone else who wants to feel that way to feel that way too.
—  Rebecca Sugar
In response to “How did you make the decision to include the female empowerment and LGBT themes in Steven Universe?”

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I agree with you guys about Jroth not knowing Lexa so we shouldn't acknowledge the whole Clexa soulmates thing but the "she'd want Clarke moving on, I create so I know" makes me crazy. The nerves of this piece of shit. If yesterday wanst clear enough we should remind him how much Clexas still hate his guts and he better stop talking about her.

He’s so desperate to say that this is HIS story lmao this is the bullshit he fed to the other writers when they wrote s3.

And about what Lexa would want: SHE’D WANT TO BE ALIVE

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How would you recommend watching a film from a director or filmmakers stance? What things should we look for?

From a feminist stance, I look for whether or not the female character has agency in her story: is she making decisions or are decisions made or thrust upon her.

I also look for whether or not the female character is treated like a prize to be won for completing the story by the main male character.

After those two big things, I look to see if the female character is allowed to be not-sexy in any frame, I look to see if the female character is allowed complexity of character, I look to see if the female character is allowed both vulnerability and strength, I look to see if her vulnerability or strength is just used to motivate the main male character, I look to see if her story is for her motivation or for the main male characters motivation.

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A while ago, I kind of decided that I probably will market my manuscript as YA. But then I realised most book marketed as YA have younger MC than my own. As far as I remember, most are aged 16-18, while my character is 23/24 through the course of the story. I'm afraid it will turn people off because they can't 'relate' to him. I think I might market it as NA, but it doesn't contain anything that should make it 17+ aside from the characters age.

It sounds like you need to do a lot of research regarding genres and labeling. I don’t know anything about your book, so I can’t tell you how to label it. NA could potentially be an accurate classification, provided it has NA themes - college setting, independence, stuff like that. And as for YA, I’ve never heard of a YA book about characters who weren’t young adults. That doesn’t mean these books don’t exist, but the implication is that YA books feature YA Characters.

I think if I was in your position, I’d be asking myself this: what’s wrong with marketing this book to adults? The protagonist is an adult, after all, so adults should be able to relate to him. An adult audience doesn’t mean it’s filled with graphic violence and pornographic material. It means this is a book that an adult would be able to enjoy and connect with. YA books tend to involve teenage challenges or coming-of-age content - something that isn’t really relevant once you’re 24.

I finally sat down and read the book DM wanted me to look at to give me some ideas about how to build my lore for my novel. However, I don’t know if I should do it in French or in English. :/ I know the wisest course would be French as it is my first language and I know there are things in the English language I don’t grasp well yet. But I want it to be able to be read by a lot of people and English would be the best course of action with that goal.

BUT I fear I will lose the voice of my characters in English.

I don’t think I’ll make money out of my stories. -shugs- I’m good and I’m confident in my writing skills, but good enough to make people like it? I don’t know. But I just WANT to write my stories. That’s all that matters to me.

So what should I do?

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I agree that some discomfort should be present in their story. My beef with Joss is he makes it sound like it's the only reason he would put an adult woman in a relationship.

(about this)

Oh, I see. Yeah, it wasn’t the best way of phrasing it, the quote focused more on the joke (on the “contradiction” of wanting discomfort for his story) than an actual informational analysis. Stable, comfortable relationships aren’t inherent conflicts to personal growth, and that’s how probably Buffy and Spike will be in Season 11, we just don’t know yet the specific source of Buffy’s discomfort. Could be simply from fearing such new scenario, and not the relationship itself. I can’t say much about his personal beliefs, but the quote tells about Joss’ excitement under a writer perspective, his decision to maintain the couple due to his interest in developing drama, conflict, questions. It says about his ways of playing with characters, not the characters’ motivations.
From the SDCC panel: Rebecca Sugar answers a personal question • /r/stevenuniverse
In response to what inspired her to prominently feature LGBT representation in Steven Universe: "Much of it comes from my experience as a bisexual...

Question: Steven Universe has strong themes that center on women’s empowerment and LGBT themes. (Applause, cheers) Rebecca, what inspired you to include these themes in the show?

Rebecca Sugar: Well, in large part it’s based on my experience as a bisexual woman. (Applause, cheers) I think that there are a lot of ways that I - oh, I haven’t thought this… These themes have so much to do with who you are. There is an idea that these are themes that should not be shared with kids, but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love. And it really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved. And if you don’t hear those stories, it will change who you are. It’s very important to me that we speak to kids about consent, that we speak to kids about identity, that we speak to kids about… I want to feel like I exist, and I want everyone else who wants to feel that way to feel that way too. (Loud applause, cheers)

I’m not crying. You’re crying.


Question 20: It’s clear that Steven Universe has strong themes that center around women empowerment and LGBT themes, Rebecca what inspired you to include these themes in the show? (46:20)

Rebecca says “In large part, its based on my experience as a bisexual woman.” These themes have so much to do with who you are. There’s an idea that these themes should not be shared with kids, but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love, and it really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved. And if you don’t hear those stories, it will change who you are.

Rebecca says “It’s very important to me that we speak to kids about consent, that we speak to kids about identity, that we speak to kids about… There’s so much I have to say about this… I want to feel like I exist and I want everyone else who wants to feels that way to feel that way too.”


My ghoul Zircon, he’s an ukaku-type. i guess im rp-ing now

doing another private game with pnmai, and this time we decided to make OUR OWN ghouls XD, its hard giving names so we picked a theme, and this time its gemstones, since my ghoul’s eyes are yellow, i named him Zircon, YES THERE ARE YELLOW ZIRCONS SHUT UP, go ask mai she sent me the links XD. now lets wait for mai to post her ghoul yas!

full versions : [x] [x]

anyway, gona go back reading the manga, toodles!

Rebecca Sugar on LGBT themes in Steven Universe

Here’s a transcript of Rebecca answering a fan’s question on LGBT in Steven Universe. Audio can be found here at around 46:20

Fan: It’s clear that Steven Universe has strong themes that center on women empowerment and LGBT themes, I just wanted to ask Rebecca, what inspired you to include these themes in the show? 

Rebecca: Well, in the large part it’s based on my experience as a bisexual women, um, I think that, there are a lot of, ways that er, how do I put this..? These things have so much to do with who you are, there’s an idea that, um, you should, let’s see.. that these are themes that.. should not be shared with kids, but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love, and, it really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved, and if you don’t hear those stories it will change who you are, um, it’s very important to me, that we speak to kids about consent, that we speak to kids about identity, that we speak, uh, to kids about, hm.. there’s so much to speak about. I want to feel like I exist and I want everyone else who wants to feel that way to feel that way too. 

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Hey guys~ Sorry for the long wait!!! I made you wait for 2 weeks again and I’m so sorry! But I think you’ll thank me for that though, cause’ this chapter is more entertainement the past ones~Grab your holy water cause’ we’re going on a ride *smirks* Things will get a little heated *wink wink* Please tell me If I should make a wattapd or asianfanfics for this story~~~ THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!

Don’t forget to tell me how thirsty you are in the comments/Request box ;)

WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3



Without fuRTher do, Here is pt.9 of Jungkook’s war of hormones.

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length:  10652 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

It was night when Jungkook finally stumbled back into your dorm apartment room. He sighed before struggling to take off his jacket unlike the usual. For some reason the back of his neck hurts so bad and he just want to climb up his room and sleep for the next 24 hours. He is dead tired from all the training and studying he’s been doing for the past few days.

You could tell from the first glance that he was back from having a night out with his friends.

“Jungkook-ah~! You’re finally back!” You suddenly show up and startle him

“O-O-Oh…HEY”, he stutters awkwardly

“I’ve been waiting for a while now, where have you been?” you poke his shoulder while agyeo-ing the F out of him

“M-Me? I’ve been with my friends”

“You’re so unfair Jungkook-ah…” You suddenly pout

“Why would you say that?”, he raises a brow

“You always spend your entire time with your friends! Then what becomes of me?” you sneak your arm around his bicep “I’ve spent the entire night waiting for you to come back…Jeon-Jung-kook”, you pronounce each syllable of his name while whispering your hot breath onto his sensitive ears

“Y-Y/N…what are you doing?” he blinks at you

“I don’t know, what do I look like I’m doing?” You bat your lashes

“You’re trying to lure me into something, that’s the vibe you’re giving off”, he suddenly turns around to look at you

Jungkook grabs gently your shoulders before staring into your eyes. You give him that innocent face before mirroring his action and you tilt your head to the side. That tilt made you expose the side of your neck and made your wavy hair fall onto one side, which was quite inviting in any guy’s perspective. You were there staring at him with a gaze that was making him fall into lust.He knew something was not right about this. All of this was strange and unlike your usual behavior.

“Am I right?” he tilts his head “What are you planning, Y/N?” his low tone asks you

“I don’t know. What was I planning, again? “You take this opportunity to smirk before sliding your slim fingers on the side of his neck “How about I start by giving you a massage? Your neck looks so sore!”

Jungkook freezes at the contact of your fingers on his skin. He can feel himself hitch on his own breathing. There it was again. You touched the nape of his neck again and he wanted to growl out in frustration so bad yet he couldn’t. His fist clenched around the fabric of his jacket. No Sound would come out of him for some foreign reason. He couldn’t even express his frustration.

F*ck is this for real?! ARE WE FOR REAL!??ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?!!      

“No.NO. HELL NO. DON’T TOUCH ME” Jungkook took a step back from you

“Why? I just wanted to make you feel good Jungkook-ah” you took a step forward

“M-MAKE ME FEEL GOOD?!!” his eyes threatened to get out of their sockets

“Yes, I’m sure you’ll feel good with my help” you take another step to close the space between you and him

This is DEFINITELY PART OF MY STUPID FANTASY LIFE. There’s no F*cking way she’d say something like this!

“Are you sure you want to decline?” You bring your face close to his neck before blowing air on his collar bone


He could feel himself whimper under your touch and he was slightly tempted to give in but he knew it wasn’t right to do such a thing. He was casually slowly losing it at how you were so daring. Were you always so seductive? From what he remembers you weren’t aware of how frustrated he would get over you.

“N-NO…NO ….THIS IS GOING NO WHERE!!!THIS IS SO WRONG Y/N!!! WE’RE ROOMMATES!” he gently unhooks your arms from his neck

“Come on, Jungkook-ah~ don’t be all conservative! I know you’ve been killing yourself for the past year and a half.” You pause before biting on your bottom lip which made jungkook feel all types of way “I’m willing to give you a reward”, you sneak your fingers up to his sharp masculine jawline


“Exactly I’ve been killing myself for the past year and half! There’s no way I’m giving in NOW” he grabs your wrist

“Are you sure about that? It’s a give or take. I don’t accept no as an answer” you slide your girly manicured hand on his chest till it hit the middle of his abs and jungkook gasps at how low your hand is getting on him.

“Stop. THIS IS NOT RIGHT” he grabs your hand and laces with his in a very romantic manner “Do you even know why I restrained myself so much?”


Tbh…. am I skipping on a full opportunity to get some just because I want to confess? Try telling me what’s more important, my sexual frustration or my love for her?! Don’t be a dick jungkook and TELL HER YOU LOVE HER!

“Does it matter? I already know Jungkook-ah. Everything…” you cornered him as you started playing with the loose strings on his jacket

“E-Everything?!” He gulped and pressed his back against the wall as if he wanted to disappear

“Yeah, everything “you wink at him and he feels like collapsing down the floor but your grasp on his shirt makes him stand still

Jungkook suddenly clenches his fist before that little smirk showed up. It didn’t take long before he switched your positions and you were now the one restless against the wall. He was in control, but for some weird reason, his mind wasn’t cooperating with his actions.


He could feel your smaller frame trembling under his touch. Jungkook was assertive this time and he felt like he had to do this. He liked how delicate your wrist felt on his grip and how your lips were parted desperately for him. He was satisfied as hell to think that you actually craved for him too. He felt like he could guide you through this even though he’s supposedly inexperienced. He was thrilled to see your responses to him.

“If you know everything. Then I guess I can go to the next step?” his black hair shaded his eyes as he gazed at you seductively


“Show me how bad you can get, Jeon Jungkook “, you breathed in his ear while running your fingers on the side of his nape.

Jungkook could feel his entire body tense up at the contact of your fingers on his sensitive neck. Even if you made him waver he was still confident about himself this time. The tension was real and he just wanted to close the space between both of you as desperately as he could. He wanted to feel you so bad.

“Then tell me how bad you want it”, he hovered his sinful manly touch on the side of your bare thigh and processed to pull your waist closer in a shift movement with his manly grasp.


Selena Gomez’s - Can’t keep my hands to myself *cue*

SHUT UP SELENA.STOP USING THAT BREATHY VOICE AND SEXUAL LYRICS TO F*CK ME UP EVEN MORE. No wait…what the hell is Selena Gomez doing here in the first place?!MY LIFE NEVER MAKE SENSE ANYWAYS. You know what? Let’s just ignore her. #thuglife

It wasn’t long before he snapped his attention back to you even if Selena Gomez was present in the room. His dedication to you was real. He didn’t care if Selena Gomez would be there watching you and him get it on, cause’ he only cared about you and nothing else.

“You’re sure you want this?” he tilts his head seductively


“Yes, I want you.” You grasp on the fabric of his jacket


“I’ve been waiting for this for so long, you don’t know how much I’ve been wanting this” he smirks at you


“Oh really? I didn’t knew that”, you giggled at him


“I’m a self-restrain kind of guy”, he smirks


“You don’t need to control yourself Jungkook-ah. You can go all out this time” you brush your slim fingers through his black hair before pulling him closer


He could feel your body pressed on his. There was no space to interfere this time. The perfect defined curve of your body could be felt at its finest. His masculine fingers laid comfortably on the curve of your waist as he firmly held onto you. His firm grip on you was meant to say that you belonged to him. You were his girl and no one else’s. He could feel himself tense up even more while feeling you up like this. The way you sensually ran your fingers on his nape made him growl sexily in your ears. He was expecting something and he wasn’t going to back off. He was on over drive. His hormones have had enough and he was finally going to let all this built tension go away. This frustration would be gone soon enough.


He took the opportunity to lower his head to the crook of your neck and you chuckled at how his silky hair tickled you. His manly hands were feeling you up as he grazed his teeth closer to the soft inviting skin of your neck. His pink lips were only centimeters away from your skin. You were like his prey and he cornered you to get a taste.


It wasn’t long before your palm made its way in between you and him. You pushed Jungkook off you and stared at him with resentment written all over your eyes. Tears forming in the crease of your eyes.

Jungkook was lying on the floor staring at you through his black strands of hair falling in front of his eyes. He was so confused at what was going on. His butt was still hurting and you were there with tears rolling down your cheeks. What could he even do? He felt so guilty and disgusting. Why did he do this? How dare he? He just hurt the girl he liked more than the sky and earth combined.

“I knew it. You were a pervert who just wanted my body all this time.” You stare at him with your tears hitting your cheeks

“Y-Y/N” he says in regret as he sees that resentment through your eyes “N-NO…IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!”

“I’m so disappointed Jeon Jungkook. After all the things I did for you” you sobbed quietly

“ no …noo…NOOOOOOOOO!!!”, Jungkook shot up from his bed in cold sweat

Oh for the Love of the Holy tree…it was just a nightmare, he held on his heart

It was a nightmare. He felt reassured to see it was just a dream. After all, there was no way he’d allow such a things to happen when he just got kissed on the cheek a few days ago. Not to talk about how hot actress Selena Gomez happened to be a witness of his failed make-out session with his crush in that nightmare. As if jungkook’s life wasn’t embarrassing enough, even his dreams were embarrassing as hell. It was impossible for him to get close to you anyways, since he’s been locking himself up in his room since the kiss incident.

It’s been 5 days since the incident between you and Jungkook happened. That one incident that was meant to make both of you shy and very embarrassed around each other. Okay, you kissed his cheek. What was the big deal about this? It’s not like you both French kissed or made out with each other. This was just an innocent kiss that happened in the moment, because you were so happy to have Jungkook by your side. You did it because you we’re internally dying of this huge amount of fluff. You could say it happened in the “Heat” if the moment and it was a spontaneous kiss.

Jungkook has been thinking about what happened in the gym with no break. His brain can’t seem to register what happened. This scene can’t seem to process through his head. He still can’t believe it happened in real life. He can still feel your luscious lips on his skin and he can’t forget about this. He cannot look at your lips the same way he used to .Somewhere deep in his mind he keeps on thinking about what could have happened if you and him were alone when it happened. What if his hyungs weren’t there? What if it wasn’t in a gym but at the dorm? What if both of you were alone? That thought itself was enough to make him wild and want to kick himself for thinking about so many indecent things.

This is the reason why Jeon Jungkook has been hiding in his room without talking to you. On your side, you still don’t know if it’s because he’s creeped out by the fact that you just kissed his cheek without his consent or if he’s doing this to rebel against university’s harsh reality of life. How could you tell he was rebelling? His acts showed everything. How he got used to grab ramen and ice cream before climbing up the stairs and hiding in his room for the rest of the day. He’s acting the same way as he used to when you first roomed with him. The fact that he’s been hiding in that room for so many days is what makes you think something is going on.You knew something was up with him but you decided it was best to let things as they were.You didn’t want to make yourself even more embarrassed than you were already.

You shrugged it off and decided to give him the space he wanted since you were well aware of the fact that Jungkook had an upcoming test in a week and a Soccer Tournament coming up. He may have been pretty stressed out and nervous about all of these events happening at the same time. Well at least that’s what you thought…

On the other side of his door, it was another story

Jungkook was laying on his tummy and stretching his arms from all the soreness they were in. Jeon Jungkook was the kind of guy that gets sore muscles when does not work out .Believe it or not, but work-out mania Jeon jungkook didn’t go the gym for five several days. What was wrong with him? Any sane person would feel concerned about his wellbeing. He was acting strangely as if he wanted to avoid or hide something.

He was a golden guy and he was a keeper, but his life was quite harsh nowadays. All the fortune would come his way, but ever since he’s been hiding in his room, it’s another story.

“UGH….why is the wifi cutting off?!” jungkook would growl in annoyment

I can’t even get the f*ck out of this room, YET YOU’RE TRYING TO REBEL AGAINST ME?!!You better work, you stupid wifi!!! LET ME WATCH ATTACK ON TITANS!

“Come on!!!Don’t be like that!” Jungkook lifts up his phone in the air searching for the wifi

Why is it happening now?!F*ck, it’s morning and I’m already feeling weird again because of that weird nightmare I had last night!!! ANIME IS THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP MY MIND OFF HER! WHY IN THE F*CKING WORLD IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!

“Why in the F*cking world are they doing this AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT WHEN I NEED WIFI THE MOST?!”Jungkook kicks his blankets in annoyment “I’m filling in a complaint. This world is way too unfair” he pouts and ruffles his hair

I absolutely need to watch the end of that episode before getting in class later! It’s my only way to forget about her and they way her lips felt against my skin…How her moist lips felt against my cheek…

“God, it’s not like I’ve been streaming porn for the past 5 days! I was just watching animes for the love of The Holy Tree! WHY CUT OFF THE WIFI LIKE THIS?!” jungkook wants to throw a tantrum but he can’t even do it


He’s facing an internal conflict with his own self. Jungkook may have been silent on the outside for the past five days but it was going wild on the inside. His personnas started to argue once again. This is what has been going on in his brain for the past five days ;

Devil Jeon : “You probably killed yourself not to stream porn *smirks* Admit it”

Angel Kookie : “Leave Jungkook alone. I think he’s amazing for staying strong like this! He’s a gentlemen and everyone else should look up to him!Fighting Jungkook~”

The Kook Hormone : “and I think it’s best if we just keep on watching animes , cause’ I’m finally getting a break. THANK GOD.I hope we stay in here for the next 2 years and a half.”

Devil Jeon : “ Are you guys f*cking kidding me right now? We need to get the f*ck out of this room!!”

Angel Kookie : “Why are you so aggressive ? Calm down. We will eventually get out of here, once it’s the right time”

Devil Jeon : “ Jeon Jungkook, PLEASE TAKE SOME INITIATIVE CAUSE’ I CAN’T BARE TO SEE YOU HIDE LIKE THIS. It was a kiss on the cheek, GET OVER IT”

Angel Kookie : “You can’t understand, Devil Jeon! It was his first time to be kissed by a girl! Give him a chance”


The Kook Hormone : “ THANK GOD SHE DIDN’T GET DOWN ON US. I think I would’ve have had a slight heart attack from all the work I would have had to do in such a short span of time!”

Devil Jeon : “You can’t just sit here and let her make the first move. SHOW HER YOU’RE THE ALPHA MALE.SHOW HER YOU’RE A CONFIDENT GUY!”

Angel Kookie: “I hate to agree with you Devil Jeon, but…Jungkook-ah, you need to gain some confidence for real. I’m sure if you act more confidently, you can actually get her to like you back~”

Devbil Jeon : “Bruh…did you agree with me?Like for real?”

Angel Kookie : “ Why not.?What you said was actually right for once”

Devil Jeon : “ Come here ,bruh and give me a hug”

It was probably going wild on the inside, but on the outside he seemed more worried about his wifi than anything else. You could say it was his own personal way to forget about fighting against his hormones, cause’ he’d rather fight against the wifi than fight against his temptation to touch you.

“Even the wifi is hating on me” he pouts before kicking his blankets once again

Jungkook throws himself on the bed as he stares at the ceiling and starts having these deep thoughts he usually has when he’s alone laying on a bed.

Y/N probably thinks I’m insane by hiding in my room. I bet she thinks I’m planning to kill someone. He pouts

Jeon Jungkook may seem like the kind of guy who has no confidence, but if the truth was to be told, he had all the confidence it took to make a girl weak. He was hiding this confidence on the inside. His body was waiting for the right moment to show it off. What was funny about him is that his sudden mood swings could make him overly confident to the point where he’d start thinking stuff like;

Yeah I’m planning to kill all the girls with my seductive smirk. Just wait to get a taste of what a manly guy is Y/N.

And then…he’d suddenly feel unconfident when thinking of how you’d react towards this side of him.

Yeah, Say something like that in your F*cking dream, Jeon Jungkook. Keep on dreaming. You look more like a giant baby than a man. * le cries*

“The only person who’s dying here IS ME and no one else.” He fakes a sob on that pillow

You could say that Jeon Jungkook was on a self-Therapy by staying locked in his room for the past five days and only getting out to bring ramen,ice cream and chips in his room. Spending time with himself was the only way to regain the confidence he used to have in front of you. His confidence hasn’t shattered or anything like that. It’s just that he’s been feeling quite nervous and flustered about what happened in that gym. Jungkook’s soul needs a break from all of these events. That kiss on the cheek was what made him K.O

Either ways he looked pretty cute each time he got out of his room in his fluffy white hoodie with that spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. You would squeal internally each time you got a glimpse of his adorable sight. He looked like a lost boy who needed some help and guidance.

He was so confused and still under the shock of what happened in that gym. Each time you would show up in the same space as him, he’d get up and invent an excuse to leave the room. It may have broken your heart to see that he was getting distant from you once again. You felt apologetic towards him. You never meant to make your relationship so awkward by giving him that kiss on the cheek. Jungkook was still very flustered by what happened a few days ago and he will remember it for the rest of his life.

Well that was your perspective of the thing. How about we talk about how his friends saw him?

If we start talking about jungkook’s squad well…They are on the verge of giving up on him. They tried everything and by everything, EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED. They’re starting to think he’s rebelling against them.


They showed up to try bringing him out several times per day. He refused to open the door so they decided to get out of the building and plead him to get out through his two floors high up window. Now it looks like Romeo and Juliet.

“ I’m dabbing jungkook-ah! See the dab? Now please dab with me as you slowly get out of your room”

“How in the f*cking world is dabbing going to help us now?’ namjoon rolled his eyes “The guy is two floors up. Do you expect him to jump off the building while dabbing like an idiot? Please use your brains”

“Jungkook-ah, I know you’re very sensitive and everything, but I bought you a new pair of timberlands! You know…so that we can walk through this together! GOT IT?” Hoseok tries making stupid puns once again

“It’s okay jungkookie! You can keep on wearing your white shirts! Hyung won’t criticize your style anymore! Please just open the window and say something! I’m starting to miss how I used to teach you words in English and how you’d forget them right after.”,

“Kookie-ah! I still remember how you were when you first moved in here a year and half ago. I remember that baby fat on your cheeks and how much you sucked at algebra. Don’t treat this last experience as something threatening or scary! Look at it like a math problem! You never overthink and only pick randomly the answer don’t you?!” Jin shouts

“Jungkookie! I promise I’ll stay away from you. Hyung won’t pester you nor will he seek for your love!! I’ll try staying as the tinkerbell I’m supposed to be in this story.So please…just let me hear your voice.” jimin says pitifully

“Don’t get all melodramatic Park Jimin, I’m almost crying now” Taehyung comments

“I’m not melodramatic… I just can’t bear to see my jungkook like this” Jimin sheds a dramatic tear

“I knew it, you were so gay for jungkook” hoseok smirks “But then again… who wouldn’t go gay for his fine ass”

“As I said, we’re all jungkook’s side-hoes in the end” jin nods

“Main hoe RIGHT HERE~” Taehyung says proudly

“Jungkook-ah! PLEASE COME OUT! THESE GUYS ARE TURNING CRAZY.” Namjoon shouts “Do you really want to see our squad turn into some crazy ass circus?! You were the only hope left in this group!!! I don’t think I can do it if you’re not there to help these crazy bums keep it together”

“Bitch said what? I’m the hope in this squad” Hoseok flipped his bangs sassily

“Hoseok-ah…What kind of person that represents hope would use such vulgar words to talk to their own best friends? Tell me how you are supposed to be the hope in this squad. Why did we gave you such a title? ” namjoon face palms

“I’m the only hope left for you guys to get action going. I swear, if it wasn’t for me, you peasants would still be virgin with no dating record.” Hoseok crosses his arms on his chest


“More like you chose to not pull down your pants when you had the chance to” hoseok sighs

“STOP BEING SO SAVAGE” Taehyung pouts

“Let the kids live their life as they pursue to. Losing it doesn’t mean everything!”namjoon reassures his dongsaengs

“Purity may or may not be the right thing either. Too much innocence might turn your good intentions into a sin” Yoongi suddenly comments “Ain’t I right, Jeon Jungkook?”

“OH F*CKKK 1@$!@#$@#%$5 Yoongi HYUNG. YOU SCARED THE F*CK OUT OF ME!” Taehyung dropped on the ground

“He can’t even hear you hyung. Jungkook won’t open his window.” jimin pouts “He’s ignoring us!”

“ How dare he ignore FATHER LOUIS WILLIAMS SUGA ADAMS THE THIRD!!! SEND HIM TO HELLLLLLL—“, Taehyung shouts before yoongi personally puts his holy hand on taehyung’s mouth to shut him up

“Too much noise is no swag. You shall become more silent.AMEN”, Yoongi gave him a  death glare

“Father Louis Williams Suga Adams The Third personally came down from the Holy Tree to visit you, jungkook-ah!!!” Namjoon shouts


“There’s no hope left for you Kim Taehyung. Swag just died.” Yoongi stares at taehyung

“ Jungkook-ah! You should open your hearteu. YOU NEED TO BE MORE CONFIDENT WITH YOUR FEELINGS” Hoseok shouts

“Bruh, I give up, He’s not getting the F*ck out! I tried everything! I even said I brought Adriana Lima and he stood still”, Taehyung facepalmed

“Jungkook is not into Victoria secret” Hoseok rolled his eyes


“She has kids bruh, calm the F*ck down”, Namjoon flicks taehyung’s forehead

“Owww….”, taehyung pouts before adding “Okay then, Miranda Kerr looks good to me!”

“She has a five year old son”, namjoon rolled his eyes

“Candice” taehyung shot back

“She has a boyfriend” namjoon said right away

“What about that girl from social sciences?” taehyung asks again

“She’s not even into guys” Hoseok roll his eyes

“Uhmm…JUNGKOOK?” Taehyung suddenly shots up

“HEY , I PUT DABS ON JUNGKOOK BEFORE YOU EVEN SHOWED UP KIM TAEHYUNG” Jimin said in a protective tone “ *cough cough*…I mean… Jungkook already has his roommate”

“Jimin-ah, forget about it hiding it, you’re obsessed with jungkook and it’s a fact.” hoseok shakes his head in disbelief

“Jungkook is in love with his roommate you idiot and the Victoria secret models won’t even look your way. These girls are on another level that you can’t even dream of. Forget about Adrianna Lima, you’re way out of her league. She’s every man’s fantasy for a reason. Remember that she’s a fantasy that you can’t even afford in your dreams.” namjoon finally tells taehyung

“Stop breaking my hopes to get with a hot girl HYUNG!”taehyung shouts

“Then maybe you should stop changing your crushes like you change your underwear”,namjoon sighs  

“There’s nothing wrong with discovering new styles and different girls! They’re all so appealing!” taehyung furrows his brows

“Stop being a hoe Taehyung” Jin commented while eating his granola bar

“I’m a proud hoe, unlike you”, Taehyung smirked

“There’s really nothing to be proud about being a hoe, Taehyung-ah” Namjoon facepalmed

“Brazilians girls are still hot, so I don’t care. Hook me up with them hot Brazilian girls hyung! Please!!!”

Jungkook’s window suddenly shot open and his hyungs could clearly see his dark circles along with that bed hair sticking out everywhere. It was suppesed to be afternoon, why did the guy look like this?


“OMFG HE RESPONDED!!!” jimin fanned himself

“What’s with the attitude Jeon Jungkook?” Hoseok raises a brow “and why don’t you get your ass out of that freaking tour? Are you acting up like a princess or something?!”

“THIS IS MY DORM ROOM AND I DO WHATEVER I WANT. Now please, leave me alone…”, He shouts back

In their opinion, Jungkook has been acting ‘like a girl who’s getting over a break up’. Ice cream, chips and ramen only meant break up in these guys’ dictionary. Jungkook wasn’t sobbing or anything of the sort and his friends were even more concerned.

The guy is refusing to get out or to go work out. He wants to stay locked up in his room all day like princess Rapunzel.

After many ups and down anyone could conclude that jungkook has reached the state of insanity. He looked a bit pitiful locking himself up like this. Even his hyungs had trouble talking with him. They literally tried EVERYTHING TO BRING HIM OUT.

“I brought Holy Lamb skewers from the Holy Tree”, Yoongi comments “They are good for purifiying the soul. You can come get them whenever you’re ready to ask for guidance”

“Leave me alone. I’m not feeling well” Jungkook sighed as he looked at his hyungs

They were out there, two floors down and staring up at him, trying to bring him down from his room, cause’ he wouldn’t allow them in. The guy didn’t go to work out with them, nor did he text any of them. He needed a break.

“You’re love sick bruh. It’s called the LOVEU DISEASE”,Hoseok commented

“He’s been hiding in that room for like 3 days. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT KIM NAMJOON”,Jin frowned “ My son…my poor son”, he fakes a sob

“What if I can’t see him for the rest of my life??!! I NEED JEON JUNGKOOK!!” Jimin shouted desperatetly “Jungkook-ah! Forget about that girl, you can always hook up with me!!!I’ll give you everything YOU WANT!!”

“ Wtf is wrong with you, Park Jimin ?Get over yourself” Hoseok shots him a  judgmental stare

“Stop shouting, you peasants. I left the Holy Tree to try bringing The kookie out of his tour. He shall eventually come out. AMEN” , Yoongi put his hands in a praying motion

“Is he trying to act out some Rapunzel shit now? Sorry Jeon, but we won’t climb the building, cause’ your hair ain’t long enough for this” Hoseok chuckled

“Yes I’m F*cking Rapunzel and I ain’t getting out of here. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!” Jungkook in a pissed tone before shutting his window

“He’s F*cking with Rapunzel up there?! O.O” taehyung misunderstood

“ Not That way—You know what…forget it. I give up on you”Namjoon put his palm on taehyung’s shoulder

“I gave up on me too a while ago to be honest” taehyung admits

“Stop acting like a spoiled princess Jeon Jungkook” Jin shouts

“Says the princess itself” hoseok chuckled

“The only princess in this squad is Kim Seokjin, stop trying to steal his spot.” Jimin commented

“Should we try the Romeo and Juliet way this time?” Jin said

“Throw pebbles on the windows?” taehyung nods “ Seems like a good idea”

“ Guys are you INSANE? What if you break the windows! I’m NOT PAYING FOR THIS.” Namjoon’s eyes widen “ F*ck it , I’M OUT. I’m done with y’all ”


He may look like he needed some guidance , but all he needed was you to reassure him that it wasn’t a dream and that you kissed his cheek because you meant it. You’re so innocent, how could he expect you to come up to him and talk about these kind of thing.If there was one thing he knew. He was missing you so much. Even if you were only a door apart from him, he still was missing you painfully.

I haven’t seen Y/N’s face for like 5 days since I’ve been avoiding her so much *pouts* To be honest I kind of miss her…She’s on the other side of this door and I can’t even bring myself to get out *cries*

“I don’t even have a single bag of chips left nor do I have any pride left in this body. I feel so unmanly for acting like this. Was I always such a weakling?” jungkook ruffles his hair

As if it was on cue he could hear your knocks on his door and panic starts arising through his body. Jungkook immediately shots up from his bed as if it was au automatism in his body.His biggest fear has happened.He never thought you’d actually come up to him if he hid like this.You were another kind of deal that was for sure.


You let him do whatever he wanted for the past five days but this morning was different. It was Friday and Jungkook had classes in the morning. His midterm was next week yet he wasn’t willing to open the door and get out to attend that class to review the lectures. Maybe he really was willing to attend it, but your presence just stopped him from doing so. He didn’t want to get out and cross paths with you. How embarrassing would that be?!

“Jungkook? Jungkook-ah!Jeon Jungkook”,you knock on his door for the tenth time “ Get out, your class starts in like 10 minutes doesn’t it? What if you’re late again?”


“Come on Jungkook-ah! I made breakfast for you…and I want to see you! It’s been a while since we last saw each other.” you kick the ground with your bunny slippers while looking at the door

I just to sling that door open and hug her so tightly, but but but….I can’t do such a thing! What kind of logic would that be after avoiding her for 5 days?!AND THAT NIGHTMARE…OMFG. I REALLY CAN’T DO THIS. I CAN’T OPEN THAT DOOR.

“You’ve been acting quite strange these past few days and I’m wondering if it has nothing to do with me…perhaps?” you suddenly add

Adjkafdkkdkdjknv F*CK DID SHE SAW RIGHT THROUGH ME?! *can’t keep my hands to myself cue* SHUT UP SELENA, I SAID SHUT UP, STOP PLAYING WITH MY MIND!!!        

“Are you really studying? I mean… I may not know much about you, but I know you hate studying. Jungkook-ah~ Come on, open the door!!! Let me see your squishy face~~”

Now she thinks I’m squishy? How much unmanly can you get Jeon Jungkook *facepalm* I really am a weakling *sobs* I’m so afraid to get out of here! What if she thinks I’m pitiful?

3 seconds later


With this sudden rush of courage Jungkook slung the door open to only blink at you and your figure. He was relieved to see you still looked the same as you did 5 days ago. You even looked prettier for some strange reason. Your outfit was adorable like the usual. An oversized sweater and some black leggings. At least you were covered up this time and he didn’t had to worry about his sanity.

He may or may not have wanted to shut the door close  and hide till the world ends but as the gentlemen he was he didn’t want to ruin his relationship with you even more than he  already did.

“I finally get to see you!!!” you squeal in happiness and jump to ruffle his hair “What was this hibernation about?!~ You’ve only been getting out of this room to eat and shower”, you chuckled

“I wasn’t hibernating… what are you talking about?” Jungkook coughed “I-I was just…just—“

You were just trying to get you shit together? Yeah we all know that. Now STFU AND FIND A DECENT REASON.

“You don’t need to justify yourself, I already know you’re busy because of midterms and your soccer tournament! I just wanted to remind you that your class starts in—omg like 7 minutes!!!”

“My class starts at ten thirty. Thank you for the concern, but I’ll go back eating my ice cream while casually watching my anime…casually…as the wifi comes back” He replied soullessly

Of course, being the Jungkook he was, he couldn’t care less about that test happening in a week. The guy would rather watch his favorite anime while procrastinating with no tomorrow. He still had to keep a certain GPA to stay in the soccer team and even remain in the school. His current life choices were both bad for him and his future. He was on the verge of losing his scholarship while slacking off like this.

“You can’t do that! This lifestyle is so unhealthy! I swear, stop being so stubborn and get out of that room” you frown at him “I won’t repeat myself. You’re getting out of there or else I’ll make you get out by all means.” You said with a determined face

By all means, huh? Let’s see if you can make me get out. FIGHT ME. I’M NOT GETTING OUT.

“To be honest with you, I think it’d be best If I just stayed in bed”, he pouts while hugging that pillow tightly against his chest

You chuckled at how much fluff he was giving to you these past few days. He was acting like a child who needed some reassurance and motivation to keep on working hard. Jungkook was getting lazier as the day passed by and that was a fact. He was annoyed at his own self and he wanted to isolate himself from the entire world before facing you again.

“Jungkook-ah! Even though you’re tired, this is not right! You have to attend classes! What about your scholarship? I thought you got here through a scholarship. Stop slacking off and get up.” You pull on his sleeve and he stirs away from you

Girl. Please give me a break. Seeing you like this every day is probably unhealthier for my poor body than anything else. *cries a river

“Don’t nag at me… I-I need time to adjust to all of this” he ruffled his hair lazily

“Adjust to what?” you ask

“T-To all…of these changes…”

“Are you talking about the new colored walls? It does still smell like paint…” you sniff the wall beside you

The same day you kissed Jungkook on the cheek you happened to have your room changed up. The university paints the walls over the years because they get scratched. These past 5 days, someone came to paint the walls of your dorm and it smelled like paint all over the place. This is exactly the reason why you thought Jungkook didn’t want to get out of his room. You thought he couldn’t get used to the paint odor, so he’d lock himself up in his room to do everything.

“Still…I don’t feel like coming out. Can I close the door now…please?” he begs you

YES PLEASE. I’m scared of facing this cruel world.

“Jungkook-ah…you’ve been missing classes. You need to come out of this hole!” you try pulling on his arm

My bedroom is not a hole and I like staying there. It’s the most comforting place on campus! WOW THAT DIDN’T SOUND RIGHT AT ALL.

“I know campus life is stressful especially at this time of the year, but you shouldn’t shut off your friends like this! What am I supposed to do when you ignore me like this? I’m probably the only person on campus that can bring you out of that room anyways “, you slightly smirk “Am I not right?”

“N-No?! WHO SAID THAT?” he blinks and turns around

“That little smile says everything, Jungkook-ah”, you nudge him “I dug a little spot right there” you poke the heart emplacement on his chest

She dug a spot in my chest? He blinked at you in surprisement.

“Stop digging holes in my heart” he frowns

“I nailed myself a spot there as your favorite roommate”, you wink at him

“Who decided this? I never gave permission for this” he pouts

“How cute and shy you look~”, you pinch his cheek “I was just messing around”


“You’re the only roommate I ever got, It’s like I really have the choice but to let you have the roommate spot in my heart” he scoffed as he crossed his arms on his chest

“So insensitive” you scowl “I wanted to feel special. Cold hearted dude. Did that ice cream you kept eating for the past five days made you like this?” you pouted

“I’m not cold, I’m just being myself” he shrugs

“Yeah keep on being yourself, Jeon Jungkook~ the guy who’s afraid of bugs” you chuckle


“Not.” He replies confidently

“Yes you are “you smirk back

Is she trying to challenge my manly hood right now?! Let’s see if you can stand a chance in front of me.

“NOT” he furrows his brows

“You totally are” you smile at him


“Says the girl who got scared of a horror movie” he smirked “You even begged to spend the night in my room”

“You’re so savage.” You scoffed


“Not as savage as you” he smirked back at you

“You’re such a kid jungkook-ah! I was just playing~ Take a joke “, you nudge his arm

“I’m not a kid…” he kicks the ground while his black bangs shades his eyes and you can clearly see him pout

“You’re an adorable child at heart and that’s why you’re so loved” you pat his arm “Now you will get out of that room and eat something while I go out, okay?” you ruffle his hair

“W-Where are you going?” he blinks at you

“My friend is coming in town and we’re spending the day together”, you smile at him “Don’t stay alone and call up you friends, okay?”

“Why do I feel like you’re acting like my mother?” he tilts his head to the side “Am I that childish in your perspective?” he pouts

Yeah Jeon Jungkook, you’re childish and that’s why you only got a kiss on the cheek. If she took you seriously she probably would have kissed you on the lips, but you’re just a kid!FACE IT. EVERYONE STILL SEES YOU AS A FETUS. WHY IS MY LIFE LIKE THIS? *cries a river*

“Hey, don’t pout! I didn’t want to offend you. I just said that because you don’t take care of yourself” you nudge him “Okay then I’ll go. I can count on you to keep the room clean and tidy right? “You smile at him

“Y-Yeah…” he sighs

“Bye~~~” you leave before he has the entire place to himself.

You were nowhere in sight and Jungkook was alone in the dorm. He was there laying on the couch wearing his usual white t-shirt and black sweats. His hair was dripping wet from the shower he took an hour ago and he was hugging this pillow so tight against his chest in hope that it would stop his heart from beating so fast. He was watching Descendants of The sun while feeling shitty as hell about himself. How could his Friday get worse than it already was ? He was left alone surrounded by bags of ramen and chips with no girlfriend to cuddle with.

“The only thing I have is food and this pillow” Jungkook pouts “Meanwhile everyone is getting in relationships, I’m here by myself eating ice cream like a girl who’s going over a breakup”

Where are you Y/N? I miss you so much, I feel like dying…

Not only had that, but the drama he was watching made him feel like piece of shit when it came to girls.

Why can’t you get the girl like that guy does? You have no game Jeon Jungkook. That’s why you’ve been single for your entire life. Don’t even Dream about a girl like Y/N.

He was watching that re-run of episode 4 in which the spice was starting to show up.He couldn’t help but feel more pitiful as the seconds pass by. Jungkook could feel himself get smaller and unworthy as the male lead of that story seem to make that female lead flustered as hell. The way he stare at her with these seductive eyes yet innocent gaze. All of this was pure acting, but Jeon could bet on his underwear that this actress was falling under the spell of that man.

“How much I wish I could have the same effect on Y/N as this dude does.”, Jungkook pouts

Junfgkook’s eyes were fixated on the screen as the male lead made his way to corner the actress on that kitchen counter. Without knowing it , Jeon Jungkook was taking notes in his head. Who knows maybe it could be useful for the future? Jeon’s eyes were studying how that male lead stared at the girl while altering his eyes from her gaze to lips. Jungkook was feeling himself blush for some unknown reason. What if he’d ever had the chance to do something like that with you?The only thought of it got him all shy and flustered and giddy. He already was given a kiss on the cheek from you, which was already a good start.

It’s all in the face right? A kiss on the cheek didn’t kill me. Maybe a kiss on the lips wouldn’t hurt, right? But then again…SHE ONLY KISSED MY CHEEK BECAUSE SHE THINKS I’M CHILDISH! A KISS ON THE LIPS WOULD’VE BEEn FINE!! WHY CAN’T I GET A KISS ON THE LIPS * pouts*

3 seconds later


Jungkook was getting more and more confident as the time passes by. A kiss on the cheek was a start and he was motivated to think he was slowly getting used to you. If he had to go back to a year and half ago, he may have not survived that kiss on the cheek.

I would’ve had never thought about something like this a year and half ago when I first moved in. Forget about thinking, I didn’t even dream about something like this to happen!! I can still remember how I was shaking with nervousness when I first met Y/N.OH god these embarrassing memories.

He could still recall how innocent he was. He was probably the purest thing you could find on campus. He was so innocent that he trusted himself to room with you. He just saw you as another human and nothing else. He could still remember as if it was yesterday, how you both met.

Let’s go back to 1 year and half before anything even happened between the both of you.


Jungkook’s smile could reach his ears. He could not believe it. He made it into Sperminston University in Hormonston. His dream of studying at that prestigious University was finally going to become true. He was going to meet his old friends from high school. His hyungs who all left one by one till he was alone. He may have felt lonely for the past year ,but now he could finally forget about this and see his friends again. He could finally see Taehyung and Jimin who left a year ago after graduating high school, Hoseok who hasn’t come back to their hometown for over 2 years ago and Yoongi , his favorite neighborhood hyung who taught him to play soccer. His hometown buddies all left one by one to attend that University and this time he was able to join them through this journey.

This year is going to be amazing. I’ll do the try outs for the soccer team and I’ll be able to hang out with my hyungs ! My parents won’t be there to nag me.

Of course, he was still an innocent little bean who aspired to become a successful man after going to Sin Town. You could almost think it was a pun when you heard the name of that city. It had the name it deserved. He would miss his hometown for sure.

You could say he was quite excited about this new adventure. He was a young 18 year old boy full of spirit. No one would believe you if you told them that this boy is the same as the current Jeon Jungkook. They both were the same boy with the same spirit, but the innocence is what stops him from being the guy he used to be a year and a half ago.

Of course he was innocent and full of spirit. He kept a smile stamped on his face till he reached the dorm of the University. He opened the door with that key the information office gave him. There it was. The one thing he didn’t expect when he packed to move to a new city. A girl.

The smile faded immediately for some foreign reason. Why was he so reluctant about this? Did he hate girls or something?

Oh My…Oh my, oh my …F*cking GOD. IT’S A GIRL. * faints*. And she’s….she’s…she’s so so…soo… damn pretty * blushes*

He was indeed innocent for thinking like this. You can’t blame the guy. It was only natural to have this kind of response when he spent his entire teen years in a Boys high school. Girls were like unreachable beings for him, which is why he never was close to a girl before.

She’s a girl. F*ck, it’s A GIRL. What was a girl again? Jeon Jungkook please try functioning properly and say something! PLEASE.

It wasn’t long before you turned around and noticed the boy standing there with his suitcase in hand staring at you with a blank face. From the first sight, you knew he was a sweetheart. The way his black hair was slightly shading his doe eyes and how he seemed shy and uncomfortable. You knew he had to be new in this town. Judging from his awkward posture you knew right away he wasn’t a kid from here.You decided to approach him first.

OMG OMG OMG, SHE’S COMING HERE. SHE’S COMING. SHE’S COMING. BE COOL. STAY COOL.How in the world am I supposed to stay cool when she’s being so pretty. I can’t DO THIS.SHE’S GETTING CLOSER OH MY @!$#$@$%@$@#.

As you walk towards him Jungkook is starting to feel nervous for no reason. You were now a few centimeters away from him. You were in his comfort zone. You were a girl. A girl was in his comfort zone.

“ Oh…Uhm…Hi! I’m Y/N. I just moved in a week ago.” you smile at him

You made his eyes widen and blink. You were the first girl he saw so up close and he still couldn’t register through his brain that such a gorgeous girl was in his dorm room. It was the first girly voice he heard up close like this. The first female aroma he could smell. The first time he felt like his height was towering a girl.  You were a first experience for him. He was new to this and he was slowly freaking out because he didn’t knew what he should say nor what he should respond if you ever talked to him. Not only that, but he had no idea you were bond to be his roommate for the next 4 years.

“Oh…I-I’m Jeon Jungkook” he stuttered

“Nice to meet you, Jeon Jungkook”, you stretch your hand for a handshake


“Can I?” he stared at your hand as he smiled awkwardly

“You’re so cute, Jeon Jungkook.”, you chuckled before pulling his hand into yours

You didn’t let him the time to react and you shook his hand while smiling at him. Jungkook’s eyes were wavering towards your hands and he was so fascinated about how small and feminine your hands looked compared to his bigger manly hands. It was the first time he held on a girl’s hand.

It’s a girl’s hand. Whoah….it so small and girly. I never touched a girl’s hand before. It’s so soft and delicate.

Sin Town was where all the good people turned into sinners without noticing it, which is why Jungkook couldn’t relate to his hyungs anymore. They all became so pervereted after moving to sin town.

“ I think we’ll have lots of fun rooming together!”, you nudged his arm

Damn. She smells so good and she’s so beautiful…. But wait…did she just mentioned something about rooming with me?!WAIT WHAT. ROOMING TOGETHER?!

“Wait wait wait…”Jungkook stared at you “What did you just said. I think I misheard something.”

“I said I’m happy to room with you~” you repeat

I don’t remember signing up to room with a girl. WHAT IS GOING ON NOW?!

“Like…rooming together…as in like you and me? Together?” he gulped down his saliva

“Yes? Is there something wrong?” you tilted your head

“No no…nothing is wrong. I’m just very confused right now.” he scratches the back of his head

“You can be comfortable around me! Just like friends! I mean, I’m not planning to put any boundaries between us or anything. Let’s get along Jeon Jungkook~”, you smile at him

“I’m not used to be around girls. Sorry in advance for being awkward”

“You’re so cute.”


Jungkook was immersed in the scene that was happening in his drama. His eyes were glued on the screen as he was slowly feeling desperate while watching all of this action going while he was there all alone. How that main actor stared at that girl while alternating between her eyes and her lips to make his intention known. Jungkook was there bitting on his fingers nervously expecting the next scene.He was impressed by how the actor brought her waist closer  in a swift movement and pulled the side of her face before pressing his lips on—

“ OH MY @$e#@$@$@#%#%@@ IT’S A KISSING SCENNNNNEEE!!!” an annoying voice shouted


Jungkook snaps his head back before he sees Taehyung’s figure standing behind him. How in the world did he even got inside this room?

“HYUNG?!!!!!” Jungkook exclaimed wide eyed

“Don’t jeez in your pants bruh, it’s just a kissing scene” hoseok suddenly comments

Jungkook turns his head the other way to notice that Not only Taheyung is there but Hoseok and Namjoon are also there.

“WHERE DO YOU COME FROM??!” Jungkook stood up from his couch

“The floor gave birth to me~” Taehyung made peace sign

“No tae…don’t go there. Give credit to your mom. I can’t believe she had to bear with you for 9 months” namjoon sighs

“I believe your mother was disappointed after seeing you were the result of that 9 months of hard work” Hoseok shook his head in disbelief

“At least acknowledge your mother” jin commented

“Why everyone teaming up against me?! Jungkook-ah!! PROTECT ME” taehyung went to hide behind jungkook as if he was being bullied

“What are you even doing here , hyung?! Seriously. NO WHAT ARE ALL OF YOU DOING HERE? NO FORGET IT. HOW THE F*CK DID YOU GUYS GOT IN?!!”

“We just thought it’d be good to pay you a visit” Jin slowly grabs the banana yogurt in the fridge

“Stop eating the FOOD IN THE FRIDGE!! THIS IS NOT YOUR PLAYGROUND” Jungkook closes the refrigerator’s door

“ We just missed your voice so so so much” jimin’s voice suddenly whispered in his ears

Jungkook felt shivers all over his skin. This creepy voice was coming from his obsessive hyung ,Jimin.


Jungkook could swear his heart almost dropped. Where did his hyungs come from? He was alone a few seconds ago and now His entire squad Just popped from behind.

“We showed up because we didn’t had the choice. You have no game Jeon Jungkook” Hoseok suddenly says

Jungkook suddenly pouts. His hyung was right. Whether Hoseok was wrong or not for showing up like this, he was still right for thinking such a thing.

“Why would you hurt the child like this! Leave him alone. There’s still some purity left in his soul!” Jin pushes hoseok aside

“I’m not hurting him! I’m just letting him know that he needs to get his ass workin’ if he wants to get the girl! That Y/N is not some easy deal bruh. I wouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly brought a boyfriend back tomorrow”

Jungkook pouts even more. Of course he had no chance to impress you or anything like that. You just saw him as Jeon Jungkook the shy roommate who’s being nice with all the girls on campus.

“Yeah, you can’t f*ck around with her” Jimin shook his head

“I KNOW THAT MORE THAN YOU” Jungkook snaps back

“We mean f*ck as in like don’t mess with her. That girl is savage” Hoseok smirks

“No she’s not! You guys are the ones who are savage .She’s an angel …s-she’s the sweetest thing alive. She always takes care of me as if I was her boyfriend even though we’re not even together! She always thinks of others before she thinks about herself…She’s so kind even though she can be quite sassy sometimes. In any case she’s amazing and that’s why I fell for her” jungkook replies in a determined tone

Of course he had to come in your defense when his hyungs would attack you. He may have called you savage earlier but that was only okay because he said it. When his hyungs get involved, it’s another story.

“Did she brainwashed him or is he blinded by love?”  jimin facepalmed

“Awww, Jeon is blinded by love!!” Jin co-ed

“When you woke up with her in your bed that time. Did she say something to you? It may or may not change the future life you’re bound to have, Jeon Jungkook” Yoongi suddenly asks

“I don’t know… I can’t even recall” jungkook scratches the back of his head

“Bruh, we need that information. What did she say to you” hoseok shakes jungkook’s arm

“ I don’t know! I was so nervous and flustered that I couldn’t even process what she said to me!” jungkook pouts

“Oh my gawwd…what if she actually said she liked you or something like that” Taehyung’s eyes got bigger

“Nahhh…what girl in their right minds would speak out the truth like that?”jin rolled his eyes

“Wouldn’t that be funny though.” Taehyung chuckled

Little did Jungkook knew that you actually implied liking him that morning when you woke up and told him by accident; “I usually hug the things that I like”.

“There’s no way she likes me, hyung”, Jungkook plays with his fingers “ She probably thinks I’m so childish. I mean, look at me! I look like a giant baby”, Jungkook fakes a sob on jimin’s shoulder”


“I thought you actually liked Y/N when you met her 5 days ago?” Taehyung nudged Jimin

“I don’t care! She dared calling my baby a CHILDISH MAN!!!” Jimin shot dramatically

“She never said that… She doesn’t need to say that. I already know that I look like a kid. Look at my mushroom haircut hyung! Doesn’t it explain everything?!?! No girl on this earth would take me seriously.”Jungkook sighs

“Your mushroom haircut is ADORABLE OKAY.I DON’T KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH THAT!” jimin ruffles Jungkook’s hair and the latter pouts harder

“Jimin-ah… I think you just broke his pride even more” Namjoon bites his bottom lip

“Enough with the playing, lets tell him why we came here” Jin smiled

“Let’s be serious here. Get your ass going Jeon Jungkook” Hosoek pulls Jungkook up

“W-Why? Where are we going? Are we going somewhere?” Jungkook blinks

“We didn’t come here with no purpose. We have some business going down. This is why we came here” Hoseok blows air on his nails

“Business? What business?” Jungkook tilts his head to the side

“Serious business” taehyung smirk

“Our mission to turn you into a panty dropper is beginning RIGHT NOW”, Hoseok smirks

“PANTY DROPPER MISSION START.” Yoongi could be seen smirking ten times harder in background like a creepy old man



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Bee, what would you like to see in a character redemption arc? A lot of them end up flopping over for me because of how quickly they pushed away the character's past misdeeds and how shallow a lot of their "redemption' proof seemed. Im trying to write a genuine redemption arc and wanted to know if there's anything i should strive for and/or avoid.

Oh man, what a great question!!

Redemption in and of itself is a bit over-generalized as a writing tool, in my opinion. It suggests a polarization between good and evil, when people have and always will be more akin to gray morality. As Ty beautifully explained it to me once, “It’s about the writer’s intention.” A writer that desperately wants you to like this character will make everyone in their story forgive them to further their case- even when it’s extremely unrealistic or outright unfair to one or more of the characters they hurt. A “good redemption" is a mixed bag of reaction; an example of diverse human emotion- the ambiguous good and bad inside everyone. Forcing a redemption is what always makes it feel rushed and forced- because it is. It’s forcing sympathy for someone.

After the “redemption”, not everyone will or should forgive someone for what they did- and it won’t always be a sudden clear “yes” or “no”

Think about your real life experiences. I try to be a good person, but I’ve hurt plenty of people. There have been people that I’ve hurt more than they hurt me, but in my personal story they will always be “the antagonist” of that part of my life. Yet I could have very likely been an antagonist in their life too- for whatever duration or intensity. But the fact is we all still lead our own separate lives despite that, we’re all still growing- even if it’s away from each other.

It’s the way you still co-habitat with people that hurt you or you hurt; Lovers, parents, siblings, friends- because while you can’t talk to them about one thing, they’re still important to you in another way- that’s what creates complex dynamics between people. Some can be strained, or salvageable, or negligible with the agreement to disagree, some build up and explode again and again- but circumstances force you to stay in contact, until you come to an understanding (accidental or not) or find a way out.

So, to summarize; seeking redemption easily betrays the far more realistic concept of gray morality. Redemption focuses too much on the offender and not enough on those affected by their actions. People do wrong things and say harmful stuff in all sorts of complex instances, so the reaction needs to be equally complex and varied. Worry less about making that character likable again and instead focus on what they do next with the cards they’re given- but don’t totally 180 their personality to get them there- it can be partial, slow coming, or full of ups and downs. Then let the other characters decide if and how much their respect will be restored for them- that includes your reader.

A little thing that came to mind earlier: Neil probably has some experience with make up.

  • like when you’re on the run you want to make sure no one asks questions about your injuries
  • especially if Neil’s mother was abusive
    • someone would call child services if they noticed
  • so of course Neil must have learned how to put on make up
    • also hc his mother made him crossdress at least once to throw people off their track
    • (but that’s a story for another day)

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Why “working hours” don’t really matter for a designer

As a fashion designer and seamstress, a lot of people ask me about how long it takes to sew an item that I sell.  Generally they’re asking out of curiosity or as a not-so-subtle hint that they think it’s overpriced.  Either way, “How long does it take to make?” is a loaded question that doesn’t tell very much of the whole story, particularly for two reasons:

1.  I am very, very, very fast.  I cut and sew fabric quickly, I rarely make stitching errors, I’ve optimized the order-of-operations of each design for efficiency, and I often sew things production-style (multiples at once, rather than one at a time).  But because I can do the same work more quickly, should I earn less for each item?  If you can sew 3 items in an hour, and I can sew 5 items in the same hour, should I earn the same wage as you because I worked the same number of hours? Or should I earn the same amount of money per item?

2.  There is so much more to running an independent fashion line than sewing.  I probably only spend about ¼ of my time actually sewing, so this question doesn’t take into account all of the other work that has to happen in order to make the sewing time possible.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, but here are some of the other hours that go into creating each item I make:

-over 10 years of education, training, and experience, learning how to make beautiful things perfectly every time, and learning how to do that quickly

-developing branding, imagery, a niche market, logos and copy

-website development and e-commerce, writing product descriptions and uploading photos and information for each item

-design conception from idea to sketch to prototype to final

-patternmaking, testing fit, adjusting patterns, grading and scaling patterns for different sizes (including custom patternmaking)

-sourcing materials and shopping for fabric, trim, lace, elastic, hardware, labels, hangtags (and often re-sourcing them when the mills close or discontinue certain styles) - and then managing inventories of raw materials

-social media and marketing, creating advertising campaigns and lookbooks

-correspondence to and from customers, answering questions, making suggestions, scheduling meetings and fittings

-photoshoots: developing a concept, hiring a team and talent, scheduling, scouting the location, model castings and fittings, and day-of coordination

-packaging, storage, and inventory management

-coordinating purchases, printing packing slips and shipping sold items, tracking shipments and (all too often) locating lost and stolen packages

-sample making and coordinating sample loans to magazines for editorial photoshoots and press pulls - and then trying to get the samples returned!

-overhead management: finding office space, insurance, paying bills

-the really boring stuff like taxes, legal expenses, and paperwork: paying business taxes, filing payroll, corporate record-keeping, managing legalities

-maintaining equipment like sewing machine or iron repair, purchasing stock supplies, cleaning and organizing

-visiting trade shows to build relationships with retailers and wholesalers

-hours of work of other employees, whether interns or salaried

-traveling and hosting events like pop-up shops, trunk shows, and fashion shows. (There are a lot of hours that go into preparing for and working at these events.)

-and finally… cutting fabric, sewing, applying trim and elastics, sewing labels, pressing and steaming!

Does this list surprise you at all? What do you think - do working hours really matter for a designer?

lovelunarchron replied to your photoset: Crown princess Selene Blackburn (from my Dark…

I want to take AU History: A Seminar by Prof Moon-mirage next semester

Only, if I can attend LLC ‘s “Fanfic Writing and How to Be Just Amazing at it”

Preferably covering topics like:

- Characterisation or How the heck to I make my characters talk and act like they should and avoid ooc-ness?

- Plot, Plot, Plot  - Get all the glory with your story

- PLOT TWISTS 101 or How to turn my readers into incoherent messes

- OTPs and what to do with them

- Advanced Feels - ALL OF THEM!!!

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Hello! So I'm writing the story of how a villain becomes the way they are. It's told in first person, and I'm trying to make it seem like they are doing the right thing for the challenges they encounter. But at the end I want it to be very apparent that they're definitely the 'bad guy' of the story. Any tips on how to handle this?

Everyone is the hero of their own story…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the villain of someone else’s. A good villain always has reasons for why they do what they do so you need to find that reason for your character. Maybe it’s a revenge story, like many heroes who look to avenge someone or something. However as the story continues you should have the character make choices that are decidedly un-hero like. There’s often a fine line between hero and villain and that’s the line you have to cross. Sometimes a hero will have the opportunity to do something awful but that will bring them closer to their goal: hero will choose the harder route or, if they do the awful thing, they will show remorse and try to make up for it later on. Your character might start to make those kinds of choices and just chalk it up as a means to an end. 

Their motives might start to get murkier, more personal and selfish. The way they treat the people who work for them could show their true nature. It could be a slow descent from apparent hero to full on villain or maybe, like if you’re working with an unreliable narrator, it could be one event that marks the turning point. 

how to write a personal essay

welcome to my first masterpost! the personal essay is a fixture in college apps and english classes alike, so mastering it is in your best interest. while sometimes a nuisance, they can actually be a relaxing way to express your thoughts. i’ve taken to writing personal essays instead of journals these days! anyway, here are my tips on how to write them (and why you should)!

  • deciding on a topic: what makes you feel. if you have writer’s block, you’re in luck! this isn’t fiction; you don’t need to pull a complex fantasy story out of thin air. you have a huge library of memories and emotions to look back on when choosing your topic. whether your essay is lighthearted or heavy, write about what makes you feel. the night you still tear up when you think about, the vacation that evokes a sensation of happiness so strong you think you’re still there, the social issue that makes your blood boil…
  • write your truth. look, you’re taking the time to type out your thoughts on something. they might as well be true! a lot of great writers have actually explored their subconscious beliefs through essays, since you can look at a situation from a new perspective when you consider all the facts involved. this means being brave enough to bare your soul on paper, but don’t worry. you only have to be as personal as you want. if you write well enough, you can leave some things to the imagination, evoking them without stating them directly.
  • get in the zone. when you start writing, let everything flow out for your first draft. don’t worry about any of the following tips until you begin to revise. since this should be an emotional topic, this shouldn’t be too hard.
  • be evocative and vivid without oversharing. yes, you’re writing an exposé on a signifiant part of your life. but that doesn’t mean you have to overshare. your reader wants to be engaged, and that’s not something they’ll feel if you’re plainly stating each of your feelings. put some artistic effort into it and show rather than tell…keep fiction in mind!
  • keep the reader in mind. you’re writing to be read, so engage your reader! that doesn’t mean you have to use the dreaded, elementary second-person if you don’t want to. just think about writing in an engaging way. 
  • never lose sight of your purpose. you have a point to make–don’t forget that! it can be easy to slip into the details of your topic, to backtrack to give more context to your situation…don’t overdo it. your reader doesn’t need to know that your fear of thunder very indirectly almost correlates to you overcoming the obstacle that is the focal point of your narrative. (unless that obstacle is actually overcoming a fear of thunder, in which case, rock on.)
  • revise. like any other work of writing, your piece will not be perfect after your first draft. it may not even be done! as you remember details of your topic, you may want to go back and add things. (just keep in mind not)

there you have it! i hope you liked it! let me know if you have any questions. :))

-nicolette, @zealoustudies

There was a sandstorm running through my fingertips, and my ears raised with red when you kissed me
I could feel the heat of our bodies, together and I thought that there was no better way this could be
I stood on my tippy toes on the highest branch I could get to and I watched you climb up, even though you’re afraid of height
We laughed endlessly about nothing, and you told me stories about your childhood
About the ways you got bruises and black eyes from a father, who shouldn’t have been a father
But you justified it because he is bipolar and that makes some sense but I hated him for hurting you
I can remember you telling me how much you loved me, how I was your world and I couldn’t ask for more. And I loved you too, like I should have.
But I still think that perhaps I loved you a little too much, and it never occurred to me that I was only your saturday, and while saturday’s seem like so much fun
There’s always a sunday after.
—  r.r.

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so... since you stan got7 so much, what's your opinion on how bambam said the n-word T_T

Anonymous asked: When did bambam say the n-word?

//2-in-1// im surprised ppl were able to catch him saying that ahaha. ahh although he said the n-word, he ,in no means, meant it, the racist way. i think the main thing we should be focusing on is EDUCATING him, not THREATENING him about it. it was a mistake, everyone makes mistakes. i just hope fans wont turn this into a big issue and hurt their and bambam’s reputation even more;;

you can see see it here from wendylwang’s snap story: click me

Anonymous asked: Do you have an opinion with how there was a Snapchat of yugyeom drunk?

Anonymous said: Do you know where we can find the video of Yugyeom drunk? Thank you

//2-in-1// ah that?? i have mixed feelings about it.. I think what went down only happened because he was influence by the people around him and got a little too carried away in a foreign country. but the kid’s legal to drink in korea, correct?? i remember him talking about his capacity during a radio show before mmhm. honestly, i think he shouldnt drink, but at this point it a little too late ahaha. we’ll see what happens next and what JYP does but for now lets hope the situation dies down a bit

im not sure of he was drunk or tired but many are saying he was wasted: watch here 

Anonymous said: I just wanted to say thank you! I really appreciate you uploading the bts Bon voyage! It really means a lot because I know a lot of others couldn’t get it either, so thank you so much!! 😊

ahah its no problem; i bought the series and its the least i could do as an ARMY ahaha (watch imma get caught and youll find me updating tumblr from jail lol) feel free to spread the link so everyone can watch the series too~

BTS BON VOYAGE Masterlist: click me

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Barry Allen Imagine #9


“There are so many stories to record.”

“You know what we should do?” You asked around a mouthful of fried rice, putting your legs up on the desk. “We should write a book. Catalog all these little suckers that we have down at the dungeon and make money off of them. I mean, come on, we have to get our funding from somewhere, might as well be them.”

“That is a horrible thing to say.” Caitlin rebuked. “How could you think like that?”

“Hey, it’s not a bad idea!” You defended. “Look, we’ll be doing them a favor alright. The world out there has already defamed them as being criminals. Super-powered freaks is what they’re called by the locals down at the Avenue. We get their stories, tell the world how it is and set them straight. They can’t go around judging these fellas without getting to know them first.”

“So, what’s your plan?” Barry asked, crossing his arms, his smile indicating he was clearly amused by the idea. “We go down to them, ask them to tell us their life story and they will?”

“Well, yeah.” You say as a matter-of-fact. “Tell them we will be writing an autobiography on them.”

“Biography.” Barry corrected.


“Biography,” He repeated. “Autobiography is when you write about yourself. Biography is when you write about others.”

“So what did I say wrong?” You asked, confused. Putting your legs down, “Wait, did you think I’m going to devote my whole book on them? Oh, hell no!” You protested. “They’re only getting a little feature in my book. I think one chapter will be enough to cover them all.”

“What could you possibly have to say that will take up more than one hundred pages?” Caitlin asked.

“So much.” You said before taking another bite. “My entire life is a thrilling adventure. I mean, I can probably write about twenty pages just right now.” You commented. “Oh yeah. I definitely could. Just this conversation alone will cover about ten, and that’s not even covering the mental judgments that I was passing on all of you.” You said waving the spoon around the room.

“Wow.” Caitlin scoffed, raising her hands in defense. “I’m out.” Passing by Barry, she patted him on the shoulder in sympathy. “All the best.”

Barry took a deep breath and looked at you.

“Look’s like it’s just you and me, Red.” You said with a grand smile, leaning back in your chair. “Grab a seat, Barry boy. There are so many stories to record. It’s gonna take us all night long.” 

Barry did take a seat before you, but he wore a contemplative look compared to your smug one.

“Are you serious about this?” He asked.

“About what?”

“The autobiography.” He clarified. “You, really want to write about them?”

“Yeah.” You answered, after thinking for a few moments.

“What are you going to write?” He inquired, leaning back in his chair, with his arms still crossed.

“I don’t know…” You trailed off. You really hadn’t given much thought as to what exactly you would write on. After all you had only gotten the idea five minutes ago. “Stuff.”

“Like…” He encouraged.

“Their life.” You stated, chewing your food slowly. “How the world got them wrong.”

“You know they are criminals.” Barry tried to explain. “What they did, was wrong.”

“Because they didn’t know better.” You defended. “Some of those guys don’t even know what the heck happened to them. One night they wake up with these freaky ass powers and they go out and about using them to their selfish gains. It’s not like they were told that they have to use them for good or shit. They didn’t sign up for this stuff Barry. You can’t expect the whole world to be good little angels just because of one Scarlet Speedster.” You paused, as you took in deep breaths to compose yourself. Your heart was pounding loudly and you could feel the blood rushing in your ears. You hadn’t expected to get so worked up, but here you were, clearly disturbed by everything that has been going in the meta-human community lately.

“That doesn’t mean that they go around hurting other people. They have to follow a certain moral compass, a guideline,”

“Says who!” You interrupted him. “Barry, you all are meta-humans. Emphasis on the human. You all have been born with the same building blocks as all the rest of us. The only difference is that your DNA has been altered due to some freak accident. Some powers or abilities that were granted after the fact isn’t going to change their perspective on the world. You said it yourself. You’ve always wanted to help people and now you can. Before your powers, you had to clean up the mess. You had to help figure out who did the crime so that the wrongdoer could be caught and imprisoned. Now? Now, you can catch them before they commit the act and save people. That’s the difference that your abilities have made. They have empowered you to act in a manner that you found impossible before. What you found binding by the society before, your mask has given you the freedom to act out of it.”

“I don’t go around hurting people, (Y/N)!” Barry implored you to see his view.

“Oh, don’t give me that bull. Don’t you for once tell me that you didn’t want to use your powers to hurt someone before.”

“I didn’t!”

“Reverse Flash.” You clipped. Throwing a napkin over your food, you stood up. “You are a lot of things Mr. Allen, but I didn’t expect you to be a liar.” Picking up your phone, “I guess you’re getting one step closer to your buddies downstairs.”

You knew you were drawing a line here, but honestly, you couldn’t give a damn at the moment. You were too worked up to back down now.

Both your jaws clenching, and teeth grinding, you increased the tension in the room.

“You know, it was all fun and games before.” You said in reference to the story but it could easily be applied to the meta-human situation that was before you. “But now shit’s getting serious. And whether you like it or not, I’m going through with it.”

Standing up from his chair, he bit out, “You’re going to glorify criminals.”

Keeping your level with him, you calmly said, “Or dehumanize a hero.”

You could feel the sting that attacked his eyes.

You were feeling it yourself.