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I feel like the tree boys ship is made up of two entirely different characters than the ones in the show. Like, don't get me wrong, I think *some* of it is cute, but I agree that people have taken it too far. There's WAY too much of it out there when there are SO MANY other characters to appreciate!! Connor in the ship is practically based off of the lie that Evan created about him, and Evan seems super shy and blushy, rather than anxious, how he SHOULD be. I dunno, it just feels... wrong??

I have to say I agree, anon. In much of the content I see related to this ship, Connor is portrayed as just a gay emo kid who wears makeup and stuff, while Evan is portrayed as a shy and blushy gay baby (or whatever you wanna call it, I’ve literally seen people refer to them as gay babies). I feel like if people did try to pair them as they truly are as characters in the show, it wouldn’t work out very well, as the two both have stuff that they need to work on before they would be able to really sustain a healthy relationship. It’s like the Evan and Connor in the ship aren’t /really/ Evan and Connor, y'know? Also, Connor is not alive in canon, so that would also make a relationship challenging pfft (yes people can make AUs where Connor is alive but you understand what I mean) Oh and also, I just think we should focus a little less on ships in the fandom and start focusing more on what goes on in the show itself. Ships can be an escape from sad stuff in the show and whatnot, but there’s a point where it begins to drown out what was once there, you know?

  • therapist: it's possible to feel emotions without being consumed by them
  • me: sounds fake but okay

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I think I'm bi. Problem is, i cant tell how genuine my identity is. I though I was straight until i was 18, then i thought i was ace bc i wasn't attracted to anyone, and then I discovered a band and got a crush on the main singer, a girl. Since then, i have been attracted to various people of all genders, but again, idk how serious my feelings are or how I should interpret them.

Take it easy and take your time. And take all your feelings seriously! Being dismissive or not trusting yourself will only make it harder to understand. You got this!! 💙

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Would you ever read some of your poetry outloud and audio/video record it? Idk this may seem weird but I really love hearing how a specific poet feels their own poems should sound and I'm sure ur beautiful poetry would really lend itself to something so expressive in addition to the already expressive words

thank you so much for the compliments! if you have any pieces of mine that you want to hear me read or see me recite, let me know so i can work on fixing something up for you :)

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My girlfriend of 2 years doesn't want to have sex with me anymore. I understand and respect that the choice is entirely hers, but I can't help but feel rejected and physically unwanted. I have tried discussing both her disinterest and my personal feelings on the matter, and she simply says she doesn't know why she doesn't want to. We live together, and I am as confident as someone with chronic anxiety can be that she isn't cheating. My question is: does this situation make me an asshole?

hey there. this doesn’t make you an asshole, like you said, it’s not like you’re mad at her for it and you’re totally respecting her decision which is how it should be :) i get why you’d feel unwanted in this situation, though try not to base all of your self worth/confidence on whether your gf wants to have sex with you or not (though i can totally see how that would play into it). honestly if you’ve tried discussing it with her, then you’ve literally done all you can. there’s obviously an underlying issue, and i suppose if you keep gently bringing it up whenever you feel the time is right, you might eventually get some answers. she might not even realize why she doesn’t want to yet, there could be a multitude of reasons, and in time they might become more apparent. i know this is kind of a shitty answer bc all i’m saying is “just wait, be patient” and that feels like a cop out, cause i wish i could give you a more solid solution or reasoning, but the truth is that it’s quite a delicate matter and it’s very personal so i can’t offer too much insight. don’t let it get in the way of the relationship, sex is of course a big part of being with somebody, but if you love her and you live with her and you guys have this whole life together, then i can definitely see you figuring it out. when she herself realizes why she doesn’t want to, or when she feels she is able to tell you, then you can go from there. i think it’ll just take time, you know? i hope things work out :) have a nice day!

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I feel a bit sick, my arm hurts and still I need to go to school... I won't do anything with how I feel. What should I do?

Well, while school is important, your health is even more so. If you think the right decision is to stay home from school today/tonight, then you should do so. Take care of yourself sweetie💖

The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness

yeah so i got my hair done today

edit: here’s an explanation about how i did it!


HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U


how dare the les miserables finale make me feel sad and both so uplifted at the same time. no fair. musical finales are supposed to make feel either super sad or happy it’s not fair you can’t make me super sad and uplifted at the sometime what witchcraft is this

Kara mentions how Alex is protective of her. So now, everytime Rookie Officer Kara has a rough day at work, Maggie calls Alex and they take her to get burgers. 

It’s a really great system: Kara feels better around food and her sister, and Alex is always amused by Kara’s appetite and Maggie’s presence calms her down. 

As for Maggie, she just really enjoys seeing both girls a little bit more relaxed. :)

Based on @queergirlwriting ‘s fic (x) where Kara is a rookie that Maggie takes under her wing.

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