how sherlock survived the fall

Alright well since we still don’t know how Sherlock survived the fall, let’s just jump to conclusions:

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Why S4 (including TFP) might be a continuation of TAB

  • TAB doesn’t end on the tarmac - it ends with Victorian Holmes looking through the window at modern Baker Street. It seems like a perfect bridge between TAB and S4. He says he’s a man out of this time, then the next thing we see is modern Sherlock tweeting and still being a bit out of character. 
  • All the ‘’fuckiness’’ started in TAB, not in T6T. Like this scene
  • Their sudden change in appearance. 
  • Sherlock didn’t really solve the case in TAB because that wasn’t the point. Same pattern in S4.
  • The abominable bride is an old case, so are the S4 ones. If you watch HLV and then TLD  you’ll notice they’re almost the same story. 
  • ‘’You’ve been reading John’s blog’’ that’s why he imagines T6T.
  • ‘’It helps me if I see myself through his eyes sometimes’’ explains why TFP is like a Bond/horror film.
  • He tells Ella he needs to know what to do about John, then we get a retelling of HLV with broken John and Sherlock trying to save him. I hate this show?
  • Being on a plane is literally being high (on drugs). If you watch S4 with this mindset EMP becomes even more obvious. T6T - planes, TLD - drugs, TFP - planes. Same thing. They told us
  • He’s literally shown sleeping on a plane in T6T.
  • Moriarty telling Sherlock it’s not the fall that kills him. It’s the landing. And it’s unresolved because Sherlock still hasn’t woken up/hasn’t landed. We don’t even know how Sherlock survived tha fall in TRF.
  • ‘’You’re in deep Sherlock, deeper than you ever intented to be’’ hence all the plot holes. Of course it doesn’t make sense, it’s not real.
  • The girl on a plane is Sherlock. She doesn’t know how to land, the plane is going to crash. Sherlock probably can’t wake up, again, ‘’he’s deeper than he ever intended to be’’. 
  • TAB flash back in TFP which ties everything up for me. Curious thing is that he’s alone there, as if he took a step back since TAB. It doesnt matter who you really are, Sherrinford, etc. Which leads us to

The virus in the data: TAB - Moriarty, S4 - Mary.

AGRA = Mary = memory stick. She’s literally stepping out of a hacker’s house. It can’t get any more obvious, can it? Well…

She infected the story, the redemption arc is just a facade and Sherlock has finally realised she’s the real virus. Miss me? That’s why the fourth season is so wrong.

It’s time to wake up, Sherlock.

Sparknotes on the Sherlock-is-garbage-here's why video

1. The things Sherlock deduced are never shown to the audience beforehand so audience can’t try to follow along like in original stories, instead, Sherlock just seems to have magic brain powers

2. Overuses special effects to make up for weak plot (on screen text, spinning cameras, sound effects, fucking window explosion…)

3. Overarching plot is poorly resolved (cliffhangers every time but when they finally have to deliver the answer is a secret sister)

4. Overuses Moriarty by trying to make him the ultimate all powerful villain, kills him too early for no apparent reason, then keep hinting he might be alive to keep viewers watching

5. Changes Adler from the innocent bystander who taught Holmes a lesson of humility to the dominatrix who fell in love with Sherlock despite being a lesbian and needed to be saved. 

6. Disrespects the fan base, especially the hardcore fans, by implying that they’re crazy conspiracy theorists (Anderson and co) for wanting to know how Sherlock survived the fall, then never gives an actual explanation for the fall. 

7. Queerbaits shamelessly. (Vid doesn’t go into detail but mentions it)

8. Doesn’t do justice to Dr Watson, a doctor and a soldier, who could be a BAMF but instead just follows Sherlock around amazed and gets kidnapped a lot. 

9. Spends unnecessary screen time setting up Sherlock being an asshole moments (e.g. The Sherlock correcting murderer’s grammar sequence) when that sort of thing could fit into the plot of actual cases. 

10. Screws around with the Mary character arc where she’s a good guy then a bad guy then actually a good guy after all, punching a hole through viewers’ suspension of disbelief.

How can Sherlock survive the true Final Problem if Moriarty and Mary have stolen the story?

Moriarty loves stories, fairytales. He planned everything like one. If we need to understand everything that happened since TRF, we just need to understand Appointment in Samarra. This is the key behind everything.

Sherlock is the merchant trying to outrun/outwit Death. If we consider Moriarty to represent Death (and Mary ultimately taking his title and his place in the narrative), Sherlock must find the one path to survive the Fall.

It begins with Sherlock/the merchant meeting Moriarty/Death and understanding, no, knowing that this person will take his life. So, he runs, he runs from his life in an attempt to escape his fate.

So, in the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock fakes his death, thinking he’s done it. There was just a little problem with that plan:

The tale of Sir Boast-a-Lot, TRF never was the Final Problem, the same way the first meeting between the merchant and Death wasn’t supposed to end with the merchant’s death. Yes, Sherlock managed to escape Moriary’s plan but that was pointless. His appointment wasn’t in St Barthelemy Hospital.

Nor here.

Or even that, whatever that was.

We need to focus on this.

Because, ultimately Sherlock has been warned times and times again. Moriarty said it many times “I owe you a fall.” Not this little magic trick, no, don’t be silly. I’ll burn you, I’ll burn, the heart out of you. Survive this little game and you’ll have the privilege of seeing my real work.

Now, that’s more like it. You’ve got to admit, that’s sexier.

We both know you don’t care about your reputation, about the press slandering you. We both know that’s not your pressure point. But look how you care about John Watson. Well, your little pet, I’m going to take it from you. Let’s see how far you’re willing to go for him. That wife. Such a poor soul, so tragic. I’m sure she didn’t actually want to kill you, you were clearly a threat to her, if only you’ve told her you wanted to help her. Oh you did? Oopsie.

Well, the woman you call Mary? She’s going to take you everything, she will even break your little toy and there is nothing you can do about it. Enjoy the show.

Because John has always been and will always be his heart. He is the reason he decides to restart his, he is the reason he hasn’t killed himself like Jim. Separate them and death will be a kinder fate.

Somewhere, John or Sherlock is in terrible danger, dying and unable to escape his end. The electrocardiogram is still beating in TAB, like a phantom pain the wound still hurts Sherlock, John may or may have not escaped the bullet (no, a fuming gun don’t throw sleeping darts, it just can’t) “Eurus” shot.

Who cares how Sherlock survive the Reichenbah Falls? This wasn’t the point, this never was the Final Problem. Season 3 and Season 4 are the real thing.

Like a throwback to Jim in TRF, ‘Mary’ has become the author, the one calling the shots and stripped John of any narrative power. That is absolutely devastating, how can they survive if the two vilains have taken over the story so completely?

“Sherlock Holmes will now wear the silly hat because Mary liked it. It just felt right.She changed and illuminated the path of the show.”

Now that she is the one calling the shots, both men’s hearts are effectively reduced to ashes. Their identities have been stripped and they have become actors in their own lives.

Who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend, the stories, the adventures.

This is Appointment in Samarra, you can’t avoid Death, not when the vilains are the one reading the story since TRF. This is predeterminism, all roads were leading to this ending. No matter how much Sherlock’s struggled, the author aka Jim/Mary has always planned this ending. Resistance has always been futile.

And yet… there is one fic that managed to save the merchant. Appointment in Sumatra may be a mere fanfic, Sherlock has succeeded in changing the ending. Mary, the new author, may have stripped John of everything that was him, he remains the first narrator.

The game isn’t over. This is a struggle between the two authors that have decided to destroy the story and the fans who need to find the one path that will save the merchant. Jim/Mary vs Sherlock and John, or if we are very daring between Mofftiss and the fans.

Samarra can be avoided but dear God, that’s going to a hell of a ride to save Sherlock Holmes. We just need to completely rewrite the ending, to let John take back his narrative power and let him lead Sherlock to Sumatra and avoid Samarra.

Only that.

Okay okay, So we all know how Anderson represents the Sherlock fandom in TEH with his crazy theories on how Sherlock is still alive and how he survived the Fall. We also know that for the most part, everyone thought he was crazy. Kind of like how everyone thinks the tjlc-ers are also crazy.

Well, here, think about this for a second. 

In the beginning of TEH, everyone thinks Sherlock really took the fall. In other words, Sherlock is dead. He killed himself. Everyone believes this. Everyone, that is, except Anderson. 

Anderson is dead set on the fact that Sherlock is still alive and out there. And like I said and like you know, everyone thinks he’s crazy. But in the end, Anderson turns out to be right. After around two years of being told he’s going insane, Sherlock is alive.

Now, think about S4. 

For the most part, I think we all can agree, S4 was a disaster. What with the plotholes, the plot itself, and various other aspects, you could pretty much say that Mofftiss effectively killed the show. 

Fans who thought that this “groundbreaking” season would bring them canon Johnlock were massively disappointed. People left the fandom, people lost faith.

And then there were the others who held their faith. The Andersons. Us. 
We still think it’s going to happen. That’s because we know it will happen. We are the Andersons. And in the end, we will be right. Johnlock is endgame, and I don’t care how long it will take for us to be proven right. 

But that’s just my opinion, and if you don’t agree with me, so be it. After all, I haven’t even come close to being in this fandom as long as some of you guys. And even if you do disagree, I still respect your opinion.

Memories Are Being Recycled Using The AGRA Acronym

There is nothing new under the sun.”

A.G.R.A is an Acronym for:

A: A Study in Pink / A Scandal in Belgravia

G: Great Game

R: Reichenback Fall

A: A Scandal in Belgravia / A Study in Pink

TST gave us a new acronym order on screen during Mary’s flashback in Georgia: GARA.

Oh good. I love acronyms. All the best secret societies have them.”

G.A.R.A is an Acronym for:

G: Great Game

A: A Study in Pink

R: Reichenback Fall

A: A Scandal in Belgravia

How it Works: Callbacks/memories from these four episodes repeat continuously in a pattern starting with MHR and ending with TFP. It’s like a stream of consciousness on the screen.  

Is this merely a stream of consciousness abuse?”


A: Anderson wearing a similar sweater to John in ASIP

G: The pink phone from TGG

R: Sherlock faking his death

A: Sherlock winking

G: Sherlock’s return in Series 3 is a cliffhanger


R: Flashback to TRF, Richard Brook, Sherlock’s Grave

A: Mycroft saves Sherlock from being killed by a lead pipe vs Sherlock saving Irene from being killed with a sword

G: Trains Trains Trains. John on a train vs John on train tracks

A: Flashback to ASIP “You invaded Afghanistan!”

R: Reference to Moriarty and his network

A: “I am not gay” to Mrs. Hudson vs “I’m not actually gay” to Irene Adler

G: Sherlock disguised as a waiter vs. Sherlock disguised as a security guard

R: Moriarty’s fake kiss. Sherlock begins to explain the fall to John

A: 13 possibilities vs 13 rows in Bond Air plane. “I’m not lonely.” “How would you know…” vs (“Sex doesn’t alarm me.” “How would you know…”). Sherlock’s shadow on door when Mrs. Hudson sees him again for the first time also happens in ASIB

G: Bomb in train car vs bomb strapped to John in TGG

A: Anderson’s sweater similar to John’s in ASIP

R: Sherlock’s explanation of the fall to Anderson. We see Moriarty again.

A: 1:29 on the bomb

G: Bomb doesn’t go off just like the bomb in TGG doesn’t go off

R: John asks Sherlock if he will tell him how he survived the fall. “I asked you for one more miracle”

A: Sherlock putting on the deerstalker and walking out to meet the press

G: TEH has a cliffhanger (Cam watching the video at the end).


A: Mrs. Hudson’s husband. “I’m a high functioning sociopath.” Harry’s alcoholism. Mike Stanford. “So hard not smoking.” Eyeball in cup of tea vs eyeballs in the microwave

R: “Tragic Loss. Sorry about that one.” Reference to Sherlock faking his death.

A: “I know Ash.” vs “I know human ash.” And his partner, John Hamish Watson.” Sherlock using sliding magnifying glass when cluing for looks (this is a callback to TGG as well)

G: The stag night is similar to Joe Harrison and Westie’s stag night at a bar. Alka-Seltzer fuzz is similar to the fuzz when Sherlock is testing blood from Janus Cars in lab. Also used in the show’s opening titles.

R: Courtroom for MP scene vs courtroom for Moriarty’s trial

A: “John Hamish Watson” “The Woman she knew.” Irene Adler. Vatican Cameos

G: “I have to delete something,” on the steps to Sholtos’ room vs “I’ve must have deleted it” in the beginning of TGG where Sherlock explains he only remembers information he finds relevant


R: CAM’s pressure points vs Moriarty saying “Everyone has their pressure points.” Same red writing is used on the hotel video for the jurors as on screen during CAM’s pressure point scenes

A: John dreaming (flashbacks) of the first time he met Sherlock in ASIP while in bed with Mary

G: John has started riding his bike, and goes to a crack house. Joe Harrison rides his bike and sells drugs.

A: “The Game is on!” Anderson looking for drugs in Baker Street

R: Sherlock is a celebrity in the newspapers

A: Janine in Sherlock’s bedroom vs. Irene in Sherlock’s bedroom. Sherlock trying to obtain Lady’s Smallwood’s letters about an affair from CAM’s safe vs Sherlock trying to get pictures of an affair from Irene’s safe. Fireplace parallels as well.

G: Sherlock telling John he’s put on weight since getting married vs Sherlock telling Molly she put on weight since dating Jim from IT.

R: Sherlock explaining to John about the keycard to get in CAM’s Tower vs. Sherlock explaining to John about Moriarty’s keycode to break into the Tower of London.

A: Sherlock falling backwards after being shot by Mary is similar to him falling backwards after being drugged by Irene

G: Louis Moffat playing young Sherlock Holmes. He was the voice of the kidnapped kid in TGG

A: Stairs from ASIP and the hallway where John shot the cabby and saved Sherlock’s life

R: Moriarty. “Off you pop”

A: “The Woman will cry.”

G: John hugs Mary vs John “hugging” Moriarty at the end of TGG

R: Tabloids. Janine in tabloids wearing the hat vs tabloid newspapers in TRF “Why is it always the hat, John.” Beehives vs The Bee Gees (Stayin’ Alive)

A: Red rose from Irene Adler in Sherlock’s hospital room. Lestrade saying he will take video of Sherlock in the hospital.

G: Sherlock vanishes through window vs Joe Harrison going through a window

A: The lie (Mary) hidden in plain sight

R: Mary faked her death vs Sherlock faking his death.

A: Christmas with the parents vs Christmas at Baker Street

G: “The Watsons are about to have a domestic” vs “Did you two have a little domestic?”

A: Irene’s theme is played so dramatically, it’s hard to ignore. Flashback to Christmas with the parents.

G: The AGRA memory stick vs the memory stick at the end of TGG. Mary’s past is similar to Westies (top secret spy)

A: Mary saying to John, “You don’t even know my name” vs John saying to Sherlock in ASIP “I don’t even know your name”

R: “Sodded lawn.” vs “Sod this”

A: “Low tar.” “Your loss would break my heart” vs “Caring is not an advantage. All hearts are broken in the end.”

G: “I’m not a hero.”

A: “Do your research, I’m a high-functioning sociopath.”

G: Red laser lights from snipers on Sherlock. Louis Moffat playing young Sherlock Holmes.

A: The plane on the tarmac vs Bond Air plane on the tarmac. “If you’re looking for baby names.”

R: Moriarty’s return. His face on TV screens vs his face on the TV in the cab


Opening Montage of TAB

A: Unzipping the body bag

G: Dressed up as a security guard

A: Riding crop, John meets Mycroft, “The Game is on!”

G: “Don’t make people into heroes, John.” Bomb strapped to John. “I’ll burn the heart out of you.”

A: Naked Irene Adler. “Are you wearing any pants?” “This is how I want you to remember me.”

R: Moriarty killing himself on the roof

A: Sherlock and John running through streets of London after the cab

R: John and Sherlock handcuffed. “We are going to need to coordinate.” Sherlock’s grave. “I asked you for one more miracle. Don’t be dead.” “I heard you.”

TAB Begins:

A: Recreation of John and Sherlock meeting for the first time in ASIP

G: Sherlock looking out the window, “The curtain rises…”

R: Emelia Ricoletti shooting herself in the mouth vs Moriarty shooting herself. Peter Ricoletti. “How could he survive…”

A: “Come when convenient…”

G: Sherlock doesn’t know how the solar system works

R: Diogenes Club

A: “I thought I looked rather enormous” vs “Putting on weight again?”

G: “You see but you don’t observe.” “Legwork”

R: Orange pips sent to Eustace in envelop vs Breadcrumbs sent to John in envelop. “Means death”

A: “A dead woman walking the earth” vs “you’re a dead man walking” (Jeff Hope)

G: “The Orange pips were a reminder.”

A:  Picture of Irene Adler. “You’re human.” vs “People want to know your human.”

R: Breaking glass vs. Moriarty breaking the glass at the Tower of London

A: Lestrade saying the body (Eustace) had a note vs. Jennifer Wilson having left behind a note. Sherlock rushing down a staircase.

G: “Putting on weight?” vs “How’s the diet going?”

R: Moriarty scene at Baker Street. Emelia Ricoletti vs Peter Ricoletti

A: “Dead is the new sexy” vs “Brainy is the new sexy”

G: “Putting on weight?

R: Ricoletti and Moriarty.

A: The deerstalker is introduced. “You’re Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn hat!”

G: Spies

R: Ricoletti shooing herself. A substitute corpse. “You can’t kill an idea once it’s exist” vs “you can’t kill an idea, can you?” “Molly Hooper found a body for me when I…” The waterfall with Moriarty.

A: Sherlock looks out the window, exterior shot vs the same exterior shot at the end of ASIB


G: Moriarty. Classified top secret with Mycroft.

A: “High functioning sociopath”

R: “I’m glad to be alive” vs “staying alive.” Moriarty’s revenge after dying on roof

A: Sherlock stabbing the mantel vs stabbing the mantel the first time him and John visit Baker Street

G: John blogging

R: “The spider makes his move” vs “Moriarty is a spider with a web, etc.”

A: “Come back, it’s the wrong thumb” vs Mrs. Hudson saying “Ugh, thumbs!”

G: “You see, Watson, but you don’t observe.” (Baby Rosie throwing the toy in Sherlock’s face)

A: The Six Thatchers case from John’s blog. Using magnifying glass. Dead body in car.

R: Moriarty flashes on screen. Black pearl vs Moriarty’s diamond in the Tower of London

A: “Then he becomes a pirate for some reason.” vs “But initially he wanted to be a pirate.”

G: Sherlock looking into his white microscope, testing blood vs testing blood in Carl Power’s case. Pets are so loyal. “A noose to hang my neck in” vs “Hanged, yes.” “Like hiding a tree in a forest.”

R: Mentions of Moriarty. Glass breaking.

A: “Tell her she’s a dead woman walking” vs “You’re a dead man walking” (Jeff Hope)

G: The memory stick

A: Ajay falls backwards as he is drinking and lands in his room, passed out vs Sherlock falling backwards and landing in his bed after being drugged

R: “Ammunition” vs John tells Mycroft he gave Moriarty ammunition

A: Mary drugs Sherlock vs Irene drugging Sherlock

G: Memory stick

R: A note to John

A: Plane vs Bond Air plane. “You’re at my mercy” vs “Beg for mercy”

G: The curtain rises (text to Mary)

R: Mary’s DVD’s vs “I’m a storyteller. It’s on DVD.” John’s note to Sherlock vs Sherlock’s note to John

A: 13 on the post-it note on the refrigerator vs. 13th row on Bond Air plane

G: Cliffhanger with John’s note and Mary saying “Go to hell, Sherlock.”


(The opening shot of a gun firing could fit in here as John’s gun from ASIP)

R: John’s therapy session with Eurus looks similar to his sessions with Ella in TRF

A: Faith with walking cane vs John with walking cane

G: Sherlock looking out of window onto the street vs Sherlock looking out the window watching John crossing the street

A: Flashback to John with his cane. The whole scene with Faith Smith. Walking around London, eating, Mycroft spying on them. “Amazing” Gun in handbag vs gun in drawer. Throwing the gun in the Thames. Serial killer. 

R: Talk of suicide. Sherlock on the ledge of a bridge vs Sherlock on the ledge of Bart’s Hospital

G: Sherlock shooting the wall

A: Sherlock in the boot of the car vs the dead guy in the boot of the car in ASIB

R: Mrs. Hudson’s having a slow-motion “earthquake” with the tea spilling vs the man at the Bank of London in TRF in slow-motion with his tea rumbling and spilling. Handcuffs vs Sherlock and John handcuffed. Therapy.

A: “I’m not your housekeeper!”

R: “You pretended to be dead for two years!”

A: “The game is on,” said Mrs. Hudson

R: “Thought this was some sort of trick…”

A: Hiding in plain sight. Texting Faith vs Texting Hope

R: Nurse Cornish is a big fan vs Kitty Riley being “a fan.” Both take place in and near the restroom

A: Wear the hat. The queen, her majesty.

R: Bliss vs Domestic bliss

A: The game is on.

R: Return to Bart’s Hospital

A: Morgue with dead woman vs Morgue with “Speckled Blonde” or Morgue scene with Irene’s fake dead body.

R: Culverton’s keys vs Moriarty’s keycode. They can both go anywhere they like.

A: Faith with walking cane. John leaves behind his walking cane as he did in ASIP. Mycroft sends car to pick up John. Mycroft looking for drugs vs Lestrade looking for drugs at Baker Street. John deduces there is a secret brother vs Sherlock deducing John’s sister

R: Mary’s DVD vs Moriarty’s DVD

A: John rushes to save Sherlock from killing himself

R: “Off you pop.” John uses a fire extinguisher to break down the door vs Moriarty using a fire extinguisher to break the glass at the Tower of London. “There must be something comforting about three” vs “Your three friends in the whole world will die.” Molly is the fourth.

A: Irene’s text message. Sherlock wearing the hat

R: The “Miss Me” in black light vs “Help Us” in black light. John in therapy. Eurus with gun on John =  Moriarty’s snipers on John


A: Eye opens vs. John’s eye opening in ASIP

G: TLD left us with a cliffhanger, and John in danger

A: Bond Air plane with sleeping/dead people and the same child actress.

R: Moriarty’s voice “Welcome to The Final Problem.”

A: “John might like to call his daughter vs Why would Jennifer Wilson still care about her daughter

G: The bomb at Baker Street

A: “The pirate.” vs “But initially he wanted to be a pirate.”

R: The guards and the security cameras. Sherrinford Prison = Pentonville Prison. Sherlock walks into Eurus’ cell while she plays the violin, her back is turned vs Moriarty walking into Baker Street as Sherlock plays the violin, his back is turned. Moriarty says Bach would be appalled vs Eurus saying “Not Bach, play you.”

A: Sherlock plays Irene’s theme. Vatican Cameos.

R: Moriarty with head phones and dancing vs the entire sequence of him at the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels. The guards escorting him. The security cameras are similar.

A: Christmas. Moriarty.

R: Five minutes between Sherlock and Moriarty. Moriarty in front of the glass cell vs Moriarty in front of the glass with the Crown Jewels. Sherlock and Moriarty shown next to each other in a cell in TRF.

A: Little girl on plane

R: Moriarty’s Final Problem

A: Little girl on the plane

G: Moriarty going “Choo Choo…” trains and more trains

A: The walls of the second room are red and gray, and similar to the walls where Jennifer Wilson was found dead.

R: Moriarty

A: Bond Air plane and little girl. John says Irene Adler loves Sherlock

G: Molly’s “I love you,” scene is set up like the scene in TGG with the painting and the Super Nova.

R: Moriarty. “Took her only five minutes to do this to us.”

A: Little Eurus in John’s sweater from ASIP

G: Little girl on the plane says, “You mean where the driver is?” vs John talking to the train guy in TGG: “What about the drivers?” “They’ve gotta live with it, haven’t they?”

R: Moriarty’s revenge

A: The plane!

R: Time to solve the final problem

A: Young Eurus wearing John’s sweater from ASIP

G: Shot of pool from the TGG

A: Young Eurus in John’s sweater from ASIP

R: Gravestones. Cemetery vs the cemetery at the end of TRF. Arresting Eurus vs arresting Moriarty.

A: John in shock blanket. Lestrade saying his line “He’s a good one.” Shot of Sherlock opening the body bag and John in bed from ASIP. “You know where to find me…” text.

G: Sherlock shooting the wall

A: Sherlock stabbing the mantel

The Lost Special: The pattern ends with Sherlock shooting the wall and stabbing the mantel. Mrs. Hudson told us what these two actions mean. The case is still unsolved and there are still unanswered questions.

We Need to Stop Supporting Trash Shows Like Sherlock

Since it’s been months since The Final Problem, here is your Daily Reminder: 

The creators could actually care less about their fans, and profit solely from poorly blinded admirers awaiting a supposed conclusional ending. All the while providing these men a high revenue as a delusional fanbase purchases overpriced products and attends barbarically expensive events.

Feeding into the fire and insisting that with their blind support, there WILL be a good and reasonable answer to everything. There must be. Because Sherlock is just so so clever of a show. So so different. 

But reality needs to hit you soon. It hit me a while ago. And trust me, I was devoted like hell. And as devastated as the next guy after TFP. I just saw it differently than some- I now understand that insisting something will happen is not only foolish but unfair. I’m disrespecting myself by allowing myself to be played after so many years of it.

And you know what? Creating Tumblr posts dedicated to theories will only deepen the wounds. Insulting those who rightfully claim the show is trash makes you the actual fool. We all came out as losers in this. And believing in the show for what we WANT it to be will only motivate the very bullies you look up to, while they only laugh from above. They don’t care about us. And I think it’s time we get that through our heads. We’ve been played.

So that’s your daily reminder. Because if Gatiss and Moffat cared they would have made this show great. There would have not been sloppy mistakes. Plot holes. Queerbaiting. Unanswered questions. They would have done what was apparently intended. Not only did they waste your time, but they insulted us very fans directly on multiple occasions. It hurts that Sherlock and John’s romance didn’t happen as it should. It hurts so bad. But don’t think it ever will anytime soon. They made us wait long enough. (Remember when we all wanted to know after years of waiting how Sherlock survived the fall? And they never gave us the answer? It isn’t clever, it’s stupid and inconsiderate.) 

Don’t keep falling for this trap, guys. Please. You deserve so much better than this. 

I will always love Sherlock and John. I will never stop loving them. But I am forever done with being used as a fan. 

This isn’t the show we thought it was. And it never will be.

“Invisible Magic Friend”: How The Six Thatchers confirms what we we’ve been told since The Blind Banker

The answer to every question we’ve ever had solving Sherlock has been staring us in the face since The Blind Banker debuted in 2010. We heard them tell us but we ignored them. We saw but we did not observe. Until now.

One of Sherlock’s quirks is he talks to John even when John’s not there. This is first stated here in episode two:

We laughed at this, and continued to laugh when Sherlock did it again:

This is not played for laughs – this is happening because soon we’re going to get scenes from Sherlock’s point-of-view where the audience sees John and thinks John’s really there when he’s not. The writers have been setting this up for ages. They told us this happens. Now that we’ve taken a look at the mess that is The Six Thatchers, we know this is exactly what they’re doing. They even left us a bunch of clues in episode eleven to confirm it.

Take a look at the newspaper reading “be in two places at once?”:

This is the case of The Duplicate Man.

How about this moment, when John asks Sherlock to be the Godfather of his baby? Sherlock says God is an “invisible magic friend” that only stupid people look to for help. 

Well, we know Sherlock absolutely does this in his life and has been doing this for seven years. He conjures images of John not only because he misses him, but because John helps him be a better detective. John channels his thoughts and makes him kinder. Sherlock becomes a great man because of John. 

So you didn’t understand The Six Thatchers? I didn’t either until I realized this: We’ve been taking John Watson for granted. We see him on screen and assume he’s there. This is not true. We have slowly drifted further into Sherlock’s point-of-view ever since the The Blind Banker and we forgot that Sherlock conjures up false images of John. Frequently. 

The Six Thatchers provides yet another clue of this:

This is a reference to “The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane” – one of the very few Sherlock Holmes stories told from Sherlock’s point of view and which does not feature John Watson at all. This is directly telling us to question John’s involvement with the story. Also, note the “assassin lurking close by” is linked to John walking up the stairs, giving strength to the idea of John being out of this story except for when his sharp-shooter skills come in handy making for a big reveal coming up soon. (I’ll leave you to your deductions) 

“But we saw so much of John in The Six Thatchers! What do you mean he wasn’t in it??”John most definitely was in this episode, just not the way you think. John is the Duplicate Man. He’s in two places at once. That’s why we see some of his scenes play out twice. One version is real, one is him as an “invisible magic friend”. I explain it in great length here. 

Sherlock explicitly says in Morocco he doesn’t have much experience with happy families. At the very end when Norbury says she’s always wanted a nice family, Mary looks over to Sherlock and then down to the ground, guiltily. Sherlock is the one who’s always wanted the family, the love, the happily ever after. Now that we can see John has been a figment of Sherlock’s desperate imagination this whole episode, we realize Sherlock has been inserting himself into Watson family moments he was never in because he wasn’t able to leave Baker Street. He’s the target. Targets wait.. That’s why he’s on his phone during all of them – he wasn’t ignoring his surroundings, he was trying to attend those moments through his phone. He was at Baker Street solving crimes – “the best antidote to sorrow” – while calling, texting, face-timing, trying everything he could to be included in the family. 

So it begs the question: Was John Watson present for Mary’s death? Or were John’s reactions, complete lack of medical knowledge, and unearthly sounds all part of how Sherlock thought John would’ve acted had he been there? Is John Watson still a figment of Sherlock’s imagination when he said “You made a vow!”, meaning Sherlock saw Mary die and immediately thought “oh my god John is never going to forgive me for this”? Playing off of speculation from many others, if John wasn’t at Mary’s death scene in the way we saw, does that mean he was the assassin lurking in the shadows behind them? Just like the killer Jellyfish in the aquarium? 

There are many questions this theory brings to the table for the next two episodes, but it closes many cases still left open. It solves how Sherlock survived the Reichenbach Fall. It helps us decode the discrepancies between His Last Vow and The Abominable Bride. It validates the concept behind Extended Mind Palace Theory, but instead of everything being in Sherlock’s head, Sherlock is projecting fake images into real places. 

This theory is gigantic and hard to understand on first read through, but if this story line is something the writers have had in mind since day one – and it’s looking like it is – then the big reveal in The Final Problem will be moments of the actual timeline we’ve seen but been ignoring this whole time. This rug pull would be the greatest plot twist ever seen on television – a television show shooting extra scenes years in advance to hold on to, lie about, and then reveal at the climax just what story they’ve been meticulously planning from the beginning. A complex set of clues, red herrings, and puzzles all laid out for us. 

You think it’s not possible? That this is just too hard to do? That the writers and producers don’t care to film scenes in advance to manipulate how the viewers understand time? 

Nothing is too complicated coming from two men who also write Doctor Who. 

delicatelystrangepolice  asked:

Hi! :) I have a strange question (once again!)... Do you maybe know what were fandom's predictions before season 3? I read somewhere it was mostly of how Sherlock survived, pre-tjlc metas, but I wonder what people thought about johnlock before Mary came into picture? Do you happen to know what the fandom's mood was like before that? I really wonder about it and I have no one to ask..

Hi Lovely! 

I actually joined the fandom JUST before season three aired, and didn’t really get involved until after TSo3 aired, so I can’t say with certainty what the S2 hiatus was like. I DO recall, though, when I was just getting into Tumblr, that Reichenbach theories were the big thing I was seeing a lot of. I think I’ve been asked something like this before and I was informed that it was mostly trying to solve how Sherlock survived the fall, and “Reichencrack” was a thing too. Other than that, I honestly don’t know, Lovely!! Anyone from that time able to let us know??


anonymous asked:

Hi. This is a bit late but it's been driving me insane; WHY WERE THERE NO ASSASSINS ON MYCROFT OR MOLLY? I can't find anything of Moffat or Gatiss talking about it. I mean sure, with Molly you can say that Moriarty didn't believe Sherlock cared about her, but honestly, Jim would kill Angelo just to be thorough. Mind directing me to an interview or something? Or just telling me what you know Also, I can't find many blogs dedicated to Sherlock that are still active. Any recommendations? Thank you

To my knowledge, I think Moftiss never addressed that matter. They didn’t even explain how Sherlock actually survived the fall, let alone that. Moriarty considered Molly unimportant and Mycroft was aware of Moriarty’s plans. He knew what was coming, he and Moriarty had a talk, Mycroft set him free so he was cautious. Perhaps Moriarty thought that Mycroft is not an easy target - after all he’s the Head of the Secret Service. His snipers could get caught and his plan would be ruined. But the most probable reason is that Moriarty didn’t consider Mycroft a good leverage in order to push Sherlock off the rooftop. He must have known Sherlock and Mycroft didn’t have a good relationship back then. So he focused on people Sherlock chose to have in his life and not a relative he tolerates because of the family bond. Of course Sherlock always loved Mycroft and I assume Moriarty knew that but he wanted to be entirely sure. 

That’s all I can think without starting theorising again. I don’t know whether there is a point in theorising after Series 4 but if it still matters despite the fact that we never got answers, well, I personally believe the most important reason Moriarty didn’t use Mycroft as a target is that Mycroft was well aware of his entire plan and they had agreed upon it. The result of this plan wasn’t Sherlock’s actual death of course, it was the faking of it. I’ve written a thing about it. I haven’t checked yet whether it fits with the fact that Moriarty met Eurus but I don’t think there are contradictions. Perhaps Mycroft even agreed on the plan, afraid Moriarty would reveal in the press that Sherlock Holmes has a crazy murderous sister locked in an island prison. 

Also, perhaps Eurus didn’t allow Moriarty to use Mycroft as a target although obviously Eurus doesn’t care much about Mycroft’s life and I doubt Moriarty cares THAT much about her opinion. But anyway there is nothing I can be sure about after S4. 

We are so few now, aren’t we? I struggle too, my dashboard is dead. Some few blogs which are active:

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 Anyone else who has an active Sherlock blog pls comment for the anon :)

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Hey, i wonder why some people say 'we don't know how sherlock survived the fall'.. wasn't the story sherlock told anderson true? did i miss something? xx

Do you believe the explanation we got was a logical one? Even Anderson didn’t lol. Some fan theories and fanfics gave a better explanation of the fall. Well tbh now the explanation the show gave us fits well. Because after s4, anything is possible in this show’s universe. I wouldn’t be surprised if they told me that Sherlock grew two wings and flew before falling to his death. The show entered into the X-Men genre after introducing sister Edgelord. Yeah some can say the way Sherlock deduces and solves is sometimes Superhuman as well. But we mostly take them as the show’s style. 

Connection Chap Eighteen

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word count: 4631

Special thanks to my first beta, @prettyxlittlexwriter , thank you so much for curing my ridiculous nerves!


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Sherlock pulled his coat on as he jogged down the stairs of the aircraft scanning the tarmac for the car she was in earlier. “Where is she?”

Mary stared at him as she got to the bottom of the stairs and Sherlock spun around, “is this another drug induced…”

Sherlock finished his sweep of the tarmac and scoffed as he looked up the stairs where John just stepped out of the plane, “where is she? Why isn’t she here?”

John answered as he walked down, “she left before you even took off. She needed to grab something from the flat before heading back to your parents.”

“And you didn’t stop her?” Sherlock spun on his heel and strode over to the car John and Mary arrived in as they hustled behind him.

“Sherlock, hang on, explain.” John called as Sherlock jumped into the back seat.

He looked out and snapped, “I’ll explain on the way. Just get in the car. Please.”

John shared a glance with Mary before he looked over his shoulder and saw Mycroft finally descending the stairs of the plane with his phone pressed to his ear. John turned and watched Mycroft as he strode to his car with his head down fully immersed his conversation without even a look their way.

“John?” Mary called from the front passenger seat. John turned and shook his head at her concern then slipped into the back beside Sherlock who had already started talking about what he had confirmed during his drug-fueled mind palace raid.

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I know I’m a day late but I just had the most surprising realization ever. I know how Sherlock survived the fall! (It’s not Lazarus.)

Okay, so what do we know about Sherlock?

  • Sherlock wears a big trench coat.
  • Sherlock loves his big trench coat.

Sherlock is written by Moffat, yes? What other show do we know that’s associated with Moffat and has a lot of trenchcoats?

Doctor Who

Let’s ignore Castiel for a second please that’s a different theory.

BUT the Doctor wears a trench coat and so does Jack. What do we know about the Doctor and Jack?

  • The Doctor regenerates
  • The TENTH Doctor (aka the one who wears the big trench) in particular creates a clone version of himself and still looks the same.
  • The Doctor can regrow body parts
  • The Doctor regrowing his hand
  • Jack can’t die
  • Jack can regrow body parts (see Children of Earth: Day 2)
  • So, obviously, if Jack was severed perfectly in half then there would be two identical Jack Harknesses correct


Now let’s talk about Lazarus.

Lazarus was the secret code used. The Lazarus Experiment was an episode in Doctor Who in Series 3.

Series 3 was when the Tenth Doctor and Jack reunited (first met?) CLEARLY THIS IS ALL A BIG HINT THATS BEEN POINTING TO THE OBVIOUS FOR SO LONG.

Sherlock is the Doctor and Jack’s lovechild!


Basically because both the Doctor and Jack can clone themselves after they “die” and Sherlock is their son (he’s adopted by the Holmes’ obviously I mean come on) he can do it too! So when he “dies” what he’s really doing is getting cloned!

That’s the Sherlock clone that died.

That’s the real Sherlock that didn’t die!

We get it now. The writers are really clever.


[Happy #Reichencrack Day! (kind of) This is a #reichencrack theory.]

John: So, how do you plan to wake up?

Sherlock: Ooh… I should think like this. *steps towards John, drapes arms over his shoulders*

John: You sure?

Sherlock: *leans in closer* Between you and me, John, I always survive the fall.

John: But how?

Sherlock: Elementary, my dear Watson. *kisses him*