how she refuses to trust people

Coverup : Soulmate!AU C.H

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summary: Soulmates have the same matching mark/tattoo at birth. Calum has a mark and doesn’t believe in love, angst ensues 

word count: 3k

warnings: angsty slow burn stuff

special thank you to @notoriouslyhood for letting me bounce this idea off of her


when Calum was born, the doctors and nurses in the delivery room marvelled over the small, perfect black mark on his skin.

only half the population was lucky enough to be bestowed a mark that could identify them to their soulmate who would, in turn, have the exact same mark. 

growing up was difficult for Cal. other children always wanted to look at the beautiful design on his bicep. From an early age he always found himself looking for the same mark. it was exhausting. 

and he never found it.

he watched as the lucky few found their matching mark in another. watched the smiles and the laughter, the instant connection.

he began to hate his tattoo. opting to cover it but the hot summers in Australia made that near impossible.

Calum was 15 when he had his first love. 

his first i love you left his mouth like the most natural thing in the world and the girl reciprocated. but every time she looked at his arm her smile would falter. she broke his heart a year later, he wasn’t hers. no matter how much Cal had pleaded and told her that his mark didn’t matter, she refused to stay.

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I read Arthur’s journal after I had him finally end things with Mary and it’s just so sad because he makes it out as if the whole situation is his fault, that if it weren’t for his being part of a gang all would be right between them. He’s neglecting to acknowledge that Mary let him fall in love with her and led him on for god knows how long, knowing full well who and what he was, letting him believe he might have a chance of marrying her, only to break his heart in the end and leave him as she probably always planned to do. THEN, she has the gall to call him back and ask him to deal with her dusty ass trifling family that were nothing but cruel to him, and she even hangs out the possibility of them getting back together as a carrot for her workhorse when he refuses. I mean I’m not surprised, Arthur is very trusting and naive in his way and often doesn’t see how people he becomes close to (like Dutch) are toxic and manipulative. He’s so pure in his way and it just hurts me that even after he found the strength to get her out of his life, even though on some level he acknowledges that she’s taking advantage of his good nature and feelings towards her, he STILL blames himself. Holy hell yall. PRotect Arthur at all costs.  

Have you ever taken a moment to really think about the Dragonpit meeting and what Daenerys’ “I can’t forget what I saw north of the Wall. And I can’t pretend that Cersei won’t take back half the country the moment I march north.” actually means? Have you ever sat down to seriously consider the implications of that statement? 

This is after Jon has bent the knee, after he publicly declared her “his queen”. As far as Dany is concerned the people in the North are her subjects now. It is no longer a matter of “doing them a favor” when she has “no real obligation” to help them. She knows that people she is obligated to protect because of the simple fact she is now their queen are threatened by an immense danger that she saw with her own eyes and is still undecided on her priorities. Whatever threat Cersei may pose, it is nothing against the one marching on the Wall right now. 

She tells Jon that she hopes she “deserves” the North and his trust, but she obviously doesn’t. Her refusing to help the North unless they bend the knee may be a bit shitty, but her still worrying about Cersei when the people of the North are now her people is just amazingly negligent and, quite frankly, unworthy of a woman who would call herself “their Queen”. She would risk the North being overrun by the White Walkers if it meant securing her position in the South. 

Instead of people complaining about the Northeners not “appreciating” Dany helping them, can we talk about how seriously fucked up this is? That a person who is now for all intents and purposes the ruler of a country would not prioritize the survival of its people above all else? 

GOT S8E4 Sanrion Analysis: The Turning Point

The scene right before Tyrion leaves Winterfell is The Most Significant scene in Sansa and Tyrion’s relationship.

Here’s why:

The scene parallels two highly significant scenes in their marriage. They do this through character interaction and editing, as well as through soundtrack.

Visually and through character interaction, the scene parallels the one where Sansa has just learnt her mother and Robb have been killed by the Lannisters:


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Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams: Sansa and Arya Are 'Done Trusting People' in Final Season
As Game of Thrones returns for Season 8, woe be unto those who don’t have the Stark family’s well-being at the top of their lists. Because, as series stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Tu…

It seems some Da/ny stans are mad at this interview, saying Sansa and Arya are the new means girls of Westeros because they won’t be kind to precious Da/ny, and won’t trust anyone who isn’t a Stark.


So burning innocent people alive, forcing them to bend the knee, conquering a country without considering what the people want, burning the food the people need, abandonning your allies, bringing an army of murderer and rapist to destroy the land….it isn’t mean ? I guess being a war criminal (I didn’t said that, the Red Cross did) makes you a good and kind person everyone should trust ?

But if you dare protect your siblings, refuse to trust the people who mudered your family, you’re a mean girl. How dare you not kiss the feet of the woman who want to conquer your country ? Yes, your family was backstabed multiple times, that’s why you don’t want to trust anyone. But Da/ny is different. She has dragons! 

*double sigh*

Also, it seems not trusting the people who hurted your family is worst than blood purity, so the Stark girl are worst than the Targa/ryen, I guess ???

And the cherry on top goes to : “at least Da/ny would never refuse to help other people who need help during the end of the world because of a family name”.

Maybe rewatch season 7? Because it’s literraly what she did. 

Or it’s us delulu people who hallucinated the scene when she blamed Jon for the Stark’s actions and refused to help saving people because she wanted the Throne so much.

CamShows (1) {M}






Paring-> CamBoys!BTS x CamGirl!Reader

Genre-> Camboy/girl au, Non-idol au, College au

Warnings-> vulgar language, sex, sex-toys, double-penetration, overstimulation, bondage, voyeurism,edging, mild degradation, submission/dominant, oral(Giving/Reciving), threesome, foursome, marking, cum play, masturbation, angst

Summary-> What happens when you hear rumors of the hot seven new boys? What happens if you fall in love with not just one but the seven of them?

Taglist-> @lylanie12 @purplelady85 @annyeongerica @withbrownhair



“Have you heard about the hot new students yet?”

“Not you too” I groaned everyone was already talking about how we have seven new students and they do happen to be hot

“Oh come on… but you know there’s rumors saying their cam boys” Y/B/F said

“And why should I care?” I asked

“Cause you’re a cam girl” she said causing me to glare at her

Yes I’m a cam girl….

I don’t do shows with other people though

I do solos

And I refuse every request on appearing on shows and trust me I’ve ignored/rejected several request

“Even if they aren’t cam boys I wouldn’t associate myself with them” I said and she pouted

“Well my class is about to start, I’ll se enough later” she said while waving and walking her own separate way from me

I was walking trying to calm myself from school and work

I saw a perfect view of a tree and sunlight, I had to take a picture of it

I’m also a photography major in Seoul University

I jumped on a ledge and tried to find a good angle for the photo on my Polaroid camera

“You’re gonna fall” I heard a voice

“Mind your own business” I said coldly while taking a picture and grabbing the phot print to see how it turned out

“Wow” the boy said in awe

After seeing which angle was the best I tried taking it with my actual camera

“Why do you need to take another picture on a different camera?” He asked but I simply ignored him while I took my shots

“Hello?” He said

“I usually use the Polaroid as a test to see if I have a good angle but with the camera I get a final product that looks more professional” I explained and he nodded

“I actually wanted o do photography when I was younger” he confessed

“Why didn’t you?” I asked

Why was I talking to a stranger? I don’t know…

“I decided I wanted to design clothing more” he said

“I’m Kim Taehyung and I’m a art major” he said while bowing slightly

“I’m Choi Y/N and I’m a photography major” I said while bowing

“Your really nice” he blurted out

“What?” I asked

“It’s just everyone I’ve talked to has either flirted with me or told me off” he said sadly

“Why?” I asked

“I don’t know… but you’re the first person to actually have a civilized conversation with” he said happily

“Well your welcome then” I said

“I bet my friends are having the same issue though” he said

“And why is that?” I asked while actually taking a good look at his face…

He would be the perfect model…

“Well everyone is talking about us and even spreading rumors..” he said sadly

So he’s the 1/7 boys everyone is talking a about

“I’m sorry for that” I said and he smiled

“No it’s ok it’s not your fault but thank you for talking to me I should start going to my dorm” he said and I nodded while waving at him

I was walking at campus walking around to see if I found any inspiration..

I could help but think about poses or photos I could take of Taehyung…

I was pulled away from my thoughts

“Aww is the little boy gonna cry~” I heard and the university’s dickheads say

They were picking on a boy that was shorter and visibly smaller than them

They had his phone and he was on the floor shedding tears…

One of them was gonna kick him but I could just watch anymore

“Leave him alone!” I said and they looked at me while smirking

I crouch down to the his level and wiped his tears

“Come on Y/N we were just having a bit of fun” one of the guys whined

“Do you think this is fun for him!?!” I yelled and he rolled his eyes

“Do you know what would be fun?” One of them asked me and I rolled my eyes

“What?’ I asked while standing up again

“You” He said while grabbing my chin

“Get your hand off” I said while pushing is hand off

I tried grabbed the phone they took away and he grabbed my wrist

“Why are you helping him?” He asked

“Because he doesn’t deserve to be treated like this!” I said while snatching his phone and I saw that he picked himself up

“Whatever come on boys” they left finally leaving me with the boy they bullied

“Are you ok?” I asked and he nodded while sniffling from crying

“They’re just a bunch of idiots.. I don’t even know why their here to be honest” I said and he smiled

I handed him his phone back

“Thanks” He said

“No problem” I said

“I’m Park Jimin” He said

“Choi Y/N” I said and he smiled

“Thanks for helping me…” he said while looking at the floor

“It’s okay you don’t deserve to be treated that way” I said

“Thanks… today has just been a bad day” he said and he sat down at a near bench…

He was sitting down slightly slouching and the sun was hitting him perfectly and I had the urge to take a picture…

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked

“I don’t want to bother you” he said

“How about we make a deal?” I said and he looked unsure

“What type of deal?”He said shyly

“I wouldn’t mind hearing you go off on how bad your day was but in return I can take a picture of you” I said and he looked confused

“I’m a photography major” I explained and he nodded

“Okay” He said slightly smiling

“You can start talking” I said while standing up and I started to find good angles

“Well first everyone is making up rumors about me and my friends… then every girl is teasing me or flirting with me…. and then guys are making rude remarks and even shoving me around and pushing me around and then right now they stole some of my money..” he said and I felt mad

“Why didn’t you tell me?!? I could go get it back!” I said and he shook his head

“No it’s ok… I kinda want to have you around me…” he said while blushing and looking at the floor

I took a picture with my Polaroid then I brought out my camera

His blush wasn’t visible anymore… he looked nice all flustered

“Why would you want me around?” I asked hoping he’ll start blushing a again

“Well your very nice and calming…. also your really pretty”He said the last part quietly but I still heard and he was even more red then before

He was looking at the floor… I took a few pictures of him like that…

“Can you look at me?” I asked and he shyly looked at me with wide eyes and his lips parted

And you can’t forget the blush on his cheeks

“Perfect!” I said

“Can I see?” He asked and I nodded while handing him the Polaroids I took and checking the digital pictures

“Can I have one of these?” He asked while lifting up on of the Polaroids of him staring at the sky

“Yeah it a picture of you after all” I said while showing him the digital pictures of him

He didn’t say anything and I saw the shocked expression of his face

“Do you like them?” I asked and he looked in awe of his pictures

“I… love them actually” he said and I smiled

“I’ll give you the copies of the edited version if you want” I said and he nodded

“Well I should go back to my apartment” I said and he nodded

“Wait What Major are you” I asked

“Dance” He said and I smiled

“My friend is a dance major” I said

“I’m suppose to have class at this time tomorrow” he said

“Oh My friend has dance class right now I’ll keep an eye out for you and I’ll give you the copies” I said and he nodded

“Bye Jimin” I said and he waved back

“Bye Y/N” he said

I walked out of campus and to my apartment building

I got to my apartment and I grabbed my computer and edited the pictures I took…

I should’ve told Jimin he would make an appearance in my homework

I had to take a picture of a random person…

I’m glad he let me

Taehyung and Jimin….

Let’s hope they aren’t cam boys…

God is a woman

Alfred x Reader 

  • 1959 words

The bishop was escorting you, your hands were tied in a knot stopping the blood to go through.
“The more you move, the more it hurts”
You give him a dark look, if you didn’t want to live anymore you would have spit on his face. You were scared. Since Aethelwulf died you didn’t know how the new prince will be right to you.
Guards opened the big doors where the prince was seated in his throne, whispering words to his mother Judith. She was the most beautiful woman you ever saw.
“Sir” he bows and so does you, you noticed he looks even much younger closer.
“What is the mater?”
“I found this woman teaching..” Bishop said, pulling you in front of him.
“Teaching?” Prince Alfred repeats, glancing at you.
“To young children, to young GIRLS; teaching English.”
You manage to see a small smirk on Alfred’s face.
“And when did she learn English?”
“I learn..”
“She..” as soon as you opened your mouth, he pulled the cord on your wrist and make you drop on your knee.
Prince Alfred stood up immediately “Leave the girl alone”
“English is not something to teach, especially by a woman.”
With a precarious step, he got closer to the priest. “I was perfectly clear about my wish”
“You did Sir, It is not -”
“This girl is not your responsibility anymore. You may go.”
Hurt and insulted, the bishop leaves the room adjusting his hat with shame. Alfred kneeled facing you.
“Someone detached the girl”
Domestic realized your wrist, you sight out of the pain.
“Thank you, my lord”

“Do you have a name?”
You giggled “ Everybody has one, my lord”
He sighs, embarrassed. “Of course, I mean what is your name.”
“Y/N sir”
The sound of your name looks to please him. “You’re brave”
“I’m brave for my people. There are so much to know and so little who did. ”
“I must say, the domestic here may need your help.”
“My help sir?”
“Would you consider coming one time a week here? To teach?”
Twenty minutes ago you felt all the anger in the world, and in one discussion, Prince Alfred offered something you didn’t even though about. He didn’t know you, how could he put his trust in you?
“My Lord is too good, I cannot refuse his offer”
“Mother?” he turned to her, she was listening everything from behind, a smile on her face. She comes closer. “Let me escort you while we discuss Y/N”, she put a soft grip on her son’s shoulder, a sign of being pleased.

Days passed, and you put on your neatest dress for the occasion, she was still disappointed to go to a place like that, but that’s all you had.
When you arrived, Judith was waiting for you. She guides you to a room with a few books and tables made of woods.
“I’ll inform the few women interested that you’re ready” you nodded feeling anxious to have this kind of position towards them.
When they arrived, you quickly sympathize with them and assure that you’re no one better than them. The time went fast and they went back to work. As you cleaned a little bit the room, you felt a presence watching you.
“I just wanted to know how it went”
“Even greater than I expected to”
“I’m glad”
You stared at each other in silence, you wanted to talk to him but he was still so intimating.
“The manuscripts are so useful, thank you for the that”
“Do you want to bring one home?”
“I don’t know if my father will agree to that.”
“Why is that?”
“I rather should found a decent husband”
“Oh,” he said softly. “Well, you can stay and read all you want.”
“I can’t accept all this generosity my lord”
“Don’t make me ordered it to you” he chuckled and you could see he was definitely your age, even with this massive crown on his head.
“I’ll accept it then, thank you” you bowed.
“My lord, your mother asking for you”
“I must go, have a day Y/N”
“You too, your grace”

You didn’t think about anything else all week, you wish you had more occasion to go to Alfred’s, every time he was so sweet and soft. This day you bought a new dress with your petty saving, it was still not enough but you were proud of it.  When you arrived, as usual, a beautiful woman in a velvet red dress was escorting Judith.
“Oh Y/N, let me introduce to Princess Ealhswith”
“Nice to meet you” you bowed to her, and you felt the urge to run away. Was she Alfred wife?
“Y/N teach English to our domestic”
“That’s admirable” she smiles, you smile back and excuse yourself to go to your safe place, for whatever reason tears were flooding in your eyes.
“Are you alright?” Alfred was standing in the doorway as he used to every time.
“I’m fine” he didn’t seem convinced.
“You have to help me”
You wipe your tears away.
“I’m hiding from my mother and Princess Ealhswith,” he adds
“Oh, well, you should not hide from your wife.”
He scoffs, “She is not my wife”
You smile, it was stronger than you. She was not his wife.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Would you like to escape from this castle with me?”
He was serious, and it surprised you.
“Me? But I have to teach and..”
He grabs your hands, and pull you from the room “Come on”. Still holding your hand, he leads you out of the castle to the stable, only there he released his touch. “Do you ride?”
“I do”
You looked at your dress, you hated that, you really did. He gives you the most beautiful black horse you ever saw. Properly set you followed him out of the castle, his people surprised to see him ride away with a stranger.
After a while, you were in the countryside, after attached your horse to a tree, you seat beneath it. You look at your dress, she was ripped at the bottom, you sigh.
“It was a new one”
“I noticed,” he said turning to you “You look great in it.”
You didn’t know what to reply and start picking up the grass in a nervous gesture. “Why are you hiding?”
“If I’m not here enough, maybe I’ll not have to marry her”
“I see that even the Prince can make his own decision about that”
“I don’t know what I want, but I know what I don’t”
He looked like an ordinary boy, without his crown, in a black coat, his long hair messed up with the wind. “I should be the one staring at you,” he said and you immediately blushed.
“I apologize”
“I like having you around Y/N”
This was the only time you truly believe someone when they told you that.
“I like it too”
He smiled widely at you and like it was not an important matter, continue to talk about everything.
“I will escort you to your home it’s getting late”
In a silent ride, you arrived in your little house. You pray for your father to be still at work, what would he say if he saw you with the Prince of Wessex.
“I will see you soon.”
“Be kind to Princesses Ealhswith”
“I’m always kind” he leans to kiss you on your upper cheeks.

The next week, you arrived almost too happy it was almost scary, your stomach spasms to the excitement and the wait between your last meeting.
After your teaching, you waited for him a couple of minutes but he didn’t show, all the joy disappear and you tried to clear your mind, he was probably busy. You grabbed a book and sit near the window to have the light. You only noticed you’ve been here for a long time when it was dark in the room and you’re eyes accommodated to your reading.
You were mad at Alfred not that he promised to come every time, maybe he was doing this just to be polite.
You blow a few candles and closed the books, ready to leave.
“Y/N!” Alfred was running towards you.
“I thought you left hours ago”
“I- was reading,” you said dubiously to say you were waiting for him.
“You can’t go home it is dark outside” you laughed to that.
“Alfred I’m not 5, I can go walk home by myself”
“North men arrived, I was in consultation all day”
He nodded “Are you afraid?”
“No. My grandfather told me everything I have to know. And you?”
“I’m not properly scared of them, we don’t have the same way of life, that’s why we are scared of them, they choose violence because they don’t know nothing else”
“I still can’t risk you to walk alone tonight” he looked around to see if someone was here. “Stay here tonight”
“Excuse me?”
“We have room for you to sleep in”
For a second you guessed he was going to propose to stay in his room, but of course not, what a stupid idea.
“I can’t, I don’t have any.. I need to..”
“You’re always so modest”
“You’re the only one in my life who’s intimating me”
“Am I?” Alfred was so close to you, your fingers were both hesitating to grab each other, but like a dance, they didn’t.
Judith arrived and he pulls away from you.
“Mother, Y/N is staying tonight, it’s too dangerous outside”
She looked at you and then Alfred, she was no stupid, she could feel the tension in the atmosphere.
“Of course she can stay”

After asking to eat with your friends in the kitchen, one of them show you a room and leave fresh white clothing on the bed.
“You know, we heard Alfred talk about you sometimes,” she said before closing the door.
“I don’t think he’ll ever get married to Princess Ealhswith as long as you are here” she leaves you alone and you changed, it was way sheerer than you thought. The clothes didn’t leave much to the imagination.
You burn a candle and continue to read your manuscript, it was difficult to even for you. You heard a knock on the door, you step close to it, at the second knock you opened it, only enough to pick outside.
“It’s me”
You opened it to Alfred with his hair attached, a new look. He quickly closes behind him. As he turned, you felt his eyes wondered on your body. You quickly close your arms to hide your breast.
“Don’t hide from me”
He gently pulls your arms away, looking in your eyes.
“I love you”
You waited so long for him to say that and you could have wait even more, but the reality of you in a small room away from him catch you.
“You can’t love me, I am no one”
“Not to me, please, believe me”
“You’re the only one I trust”
His hands grab your face, rubbing your skin with his thumbs. “You are beautiful” He kissed your lips and pulled your body closer to him, the touch of your barely naked skin against him was burning. It intensives as he detached your piece of clothes revealing you. He kissed your skin, your neck and you hold tight to him on your footstep completely dedicated to him.
How could he be rough and soft at the same time? and then he lay you on the bed, with a twist you put your body on top of him.
“I love you too”
Still, on his laps, he brings his body closer, making just one.
“Will you be my wife?”

“Have you noticed how comfortable they are with each other? The way they always seem to understand each other, without having to explain things? The way they always believe in each other, even if there is significant reason NOT to? I have.

The reason these two work is not only that they’d be incredibly cute together (admit it!), but that it’s a realistic possibility. They have all the factors that make a healthy, loving relationship. They care about each other. They trust each other. They’re loyal to each other. And most importantly, they’re comfortable with each other.


Luffy seems like the kind of person who views relationships in terms of being mutually helpful to each other. He hand-picked his crew based on how useful they could be to him. But he also keeps in mind the fact that he is useful to them, and he loves it that way. All of them were given the chance to pursue their dreams because of him, and they all lend their various skills to his ultimate dream of finding One Piece. Doesn’t a romance between himself and Nami fit into this category? Luffy can probably realize that Nami has a lot to offer him in a relationship. He knows that she’s smart and big-hearted, that she’s pretty and caring. She would be a perfect pirate queen for him. Don’t you think the thought may have crossed his mind? And Luffy also knows that he could offer a lot to Nami. He has already displayed an adorable protective tendency toward her that he hasn’t displayed so blatantly for anyone else. He can take care of her. He can make her smile. He can help her make her dreams come true. 


Over all, these two have a lot going for them that most canon anime relationships don’t have, the most blatant thing being the trust between them. How many anime couples fall apart because of lack of trust? Luffy has already proven that no one can turn him against Nami. Even after being told that she killed one of his best friends (Usopp), he refused to think badly of her (luckily, it turned out to be untrue anyway). But think of a similar situation involving Zoro. When Luffy believed Zoro had hurt/killed the people of Whisky Peak (and this information came from an unreliable source, unlike the case with Nami), Luffy outright attacked him. Why is it that Luffy can be turned against Zoro (the person he’s been around the longest) so much easier than he can be turned against Nami? I fully believe it is because the two of them have some sort of connection, and their unbreakable trust stems from that connection. And Nami, for her part, has displayed her trust in Luffy many times by placing her life and future directly in his hands.”

jk rowling has been my role model since i was 8 years old. i’ve always said i had her to thank for my love of reading because hp was the first book i’ve ever read (both in portuguese and english) and she had always seemed like such a strong woman who rose above everything and wrote a series that changed the lives of people everywhere, including mine. i took strength from that and the world she created.

it’s so fucking painful to see someone you’ve looked up to for such a huge portion of your life actively defending an abuser because… why? because he’s nice to the other cast members? which is literally nothing more than he has to do because that’s his damn workplace? because he’s a big name in the industry and will bring her more money? because all the ~controversy~ surrounding him is getting people talking about her movie? because she refuses to believe a victim even though she’s been one herself? because her feminism is garbage and only applies when it’s either beneficial to her or when saying some “you go girl” crap is enough? none of these options make me feel better about her. how am i supposed to trust and look up to someone who writes abused characters but is “happy and confident” with the decision of having a known abuser cast in one of her movies?

they say never meet your childhood heroes, but in this case, i didn’t even have to.

In need of any form of help.

First of all, I’m very sorry for another delay but I need to explain that my living situation is bad.

My friend helped me out a few days ago by making this post and I was able to get a little funding.

But after that my mother lost her wallet, losing everything she had so I had to support her to help her get past the next few days. But with each day, she got more and more upset with me because there was no easy solution. I was so afraid of my safety that I’ve locked myself in my room and called anyone who could help. She then calls me to say she had found her wallet and acted like everything was alright as she went to buy herself food without an apology and just gave me the tone of I was being ungrateful for refusing her offer for food. I just couldn’t believe how much she didn’t see how much I do for her and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Its been like this for a long time. It never changes, and she never learns. 

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Elite season 2 thoughts


I dont love him for Nadia but at the same time am obsessed with him and Nadia. Mostly because of how the actor looks at her and how fiercly fucking protective he is of his friends. watching him care about polo’s anxiety and grades ugh just loved that enough to forgive him for everything else. I know he was acting erattic but I honestly think that is a natural reaction. 


He definitely grew on me this season. I hated him last season and found him so so attractive. More boxing scenes please. Him and carla? im so so about

Omar & Ander

CAN DO NO WRONG. I loved them and will continue to love them. I thought all their fights were fucking realiztic. I loved their love scene. I loved omar standing up for himself and being who he wanted. i loved anders mom protecting our sweet omar. I loved how ander immediately told omar he cheated.i loved omars speech to anders dad. I just loved them and I resent anyone saying anders character was off. I want to cry that ander has probably lost guzman as a friend like I get it but omygod i loved that friendship. I cant believe ander kept that secret. watching him destroy himself like omg aron pipers acting all season was golden.


I loved her. I know people think her rebelling was out of character and I do wish she and guzmans relationship slowed down but i think shes gonna reclaim her culture next season with that last scene after the video came out. i also love her and rebeccas friendship. Idk how shes gonna deal with trusting people esp after valerio and marina both betraying her. 


can choke after what she did to nadia. i felt bad for how guzman treated her for like 2 seconds before I was like she sets herself up. her classism and racism and refusal to grow. like no. im so conflicted because i did love her scenes with omar


what an evil fuck but omg was it beautiful to watch and hate him. him claiming his rich boy privelege and walking back into that school like, who can check me now? loved it so much. i genuinely love him guzman and ander and a piece of me is sad that it will never be the same. that scene with him and aron hooking up next to guzman? iconic


just dont really care. i also think its so out of charcater for her to fall for samu or confess


lol how are they ever gonna be incoporated back into this story?

New characters

Loved loved rebeca, knew I was supposed to love valerio and didnt (esp after what he did to my baby Nadia) and Cateyana could just die (as a character, after we found out her secret I was immediately bored. she took up too much screen time that my faves could have had

Overall :

This shows plot is weak af but god I am obsessed

piper-mclean-though-deactivated  asked:

*slides you $10* how about some... um... autistic lacy headcanons? (your headcanons are greeaaat btw)

hello & thank u love

  • lacy is always very updated on celebrity gossip and pop culture trends. when she gets nervous or confused during a conversation topic she can always use this to bail her out
  • she speaks with a lilting, high-pitched voice
  • she walks on the balls of her feet
  • and stims by spinning in circles
  • she has a very particular system of organizing her clothes by color, fabric, etc. she can usually avoid a full blown meltdown if its violated somehow, but it’s definitely important that she fix it asap.
  • she was in agony for weeks after getting her braces because they felt all wrong in her mouth. now she can’t imagine not having them there and panics about getting them off.
  • she loves frilly things. the pinker and fluffier the better. cute animals, lace and ribbons and frills, boas and feathers, the whole nine yards. she loves it.
  • pretty much everything she owns is in a shade of pink (except clothing items).
  • she happy stims a lot when she gets excited, usually by bouncing up and down and sometimes with a little hand flapping.
  • pigtails are her favorite hairstyle and pretty much the only one her mother could wrestle her into when she was a kid, and she still wears them pretty often.
  • she loves her cats with her whole heart and has to call home from camp so her mother can put them on the phone for her at least once a week
  • she loves color coordination and spends a lot more time making study schedules using highlighters and post its than she actually does studying
  • she is very hyperempathetic with her personal items and most animals
  • some people think she’s naive because she’s quite trusting and has a tendency to take people literally and believe the best of people, but she’s also quite sharp at using her intuition to determine moral character.
  • she uses outdated slang and keeps up with old trends unironically, even though she knows when it’s outdated, bc although she likes to keep tabs on pop culture, she does get frustrated at how often it changes and refuses to abandon her favorite things.
lovely date

So I won’t be able to update till next week because I take one week of vacation in Prague but as soon as I get back I will write all of your requests 😊

if you have any ideas for a better title tell me

You hated first dates so much. you felt so stressed before and you didn’t know if it would end up in a good way. Usually it didn’t end up well. Your family used to say that you were bad, really bad at picking persons to date. One of your exes, dumped you through a friend. You were supposed to meet your soon to be ex to grab a coffee together and instead of showing you saw his best friend. You frowned a bit even more when he apologized. Let just say that when he dropped the news you were so surprised that you refused at first to believe it. after that you had real difficulties to trust people again and avoided commitment. Anyway all the dates you went after that were worse and worse. For example one of your date spent the all evening speaking about his ex and how amazing she was and how you would probably never be as wonderful as her. another who knew one of your friend ended the date asking you if you could set him up with your friend. The last date you went on arrived very late, clearly tipsy and made you tons of comments about how he would make you scream his name in pleasure, you left him in the middle of the restaurant you were eating and promised that you would certainly never go on a date again. With all these catastrophic dates it was pretty easy to not start a relationship, which scared you a bit.

But here you were now standing in front of your mirror looking at the outfit you had put on and wondering if cancelling the date was not a better idea than going. However it was too late to cancel and Theseus was a great guy. You had met him at the ministry during a meeting and he immediately engaged the conversation with you. Of course you knew his reputation and all the things he had done and it surprised you that he was so nice with someone like you. it wasn’t that you wasn’t proud of your career because you were. you had good grades at Hogwarts and you had traveled a lot so thanks to it you were accepted in the International Magical Office of Law, and that was a great position but contrary to Theseus you weren’t a war hero, the youngest head of your office… So naturally you thought that his go would be so big that he would just be as unbearable as the Malfoy heir but no he was just a kind, carrying guy. After that meeting, he had visited several times your office, something he never had done before, to ask you some precisions about some laws. It always surprised you a bit considering that he could have asked his secretary to come instead of doing it himself. You simply thought that he was the type of person who liked being in control and considered that doing the things himself were the best method to have the things properly done. Nevertheless one day he came to your office to have an information about underage magic in Peru and then he blurted out that he wanted to go on a date with you and you understood why he always came himself and never sent somebody else. That day he stared at you blankly waiting for an answer and you didn’t know what to say. On one hand you were tempted to say yes because he attracted you but on the other hand you weren’t ready to go on a date again. He was pacing around your office while you were thinking of your answer when he looked at you and said “Forget about it Y/N, it wasn’t a good idea, I should no have ask you like that. I am sorry forget about it and have a good day.” As soon as he had finished his sentence he left the room, he had tried to hide how hurt he was by your lack of answer but you saw clearly through him. you wanted to go after him and cheered him up but you didn’t, still confused. You felt bad the following days, even more since the Head Auror never visited you again.

You were filling a paper your head miles away from the new international law about doxy control when you heard someone knocked at the door. you magically opened it and a little smiled grew on your face when you noticed that it was Theseus. It looked very awkward but he eventually entered in your office and closed the door. he scratched his neck and began “About last time I am sorry I should not…” You didn’t let him time to continue his sentence, he had nothing to apologize for so you cut him off “You have nothing to be sorry for. You didn’t treat me badly or harass me or call me a whore because I didn’t say yes. Really I wish that more guys were like you.” you noticed the tip of his ears turned red but he kept his usual poker face. He finally replied “Yeah but the way I ask you out wasn’t really a gentleman way and I left without any further explanations, so I am sorry about it.” You laughed nicely at this, no one ever apologized to you for a such reason. “Really Theseus it is okay, your reaction was totally understandable and human.” He shyly smiled at you and you wondered if he would ask you a second time because that time you would make sure to say yes but he didn’t. he just thanked you for your understanding and told you that he should go he still had work. The days went on and you realized that you had lost all your chances with Theseus. However this latter was full of surprises and you could never expect him to act the way you thought he would. During the Christmas Ministry party, the type of party you hated and wished you could avoid but unfortunately couldn’t, as you sat awkwardly on a random chair, sipping your glass hoping that the boredom would soon be over, you felt someone sat next to you. you noticed that it was Theseus and you smiled at him. he was as bored as you and you felt relief to not be the only one to hate that party. You talked to each other during the all night and it was a not so bad party thank to that. when it was high time for you to leave he gathered his courage and asked you for the second time for a date, he didn’t have put a lot of hopes considering your previous refusal but were happily surprise when you replied “I would love to.”

And that is the reason why you were currently staring at your reflection in the mirror, not trying to show the nervous wreck that you were and praying Merlin that this time it would not be a nightmare. You heard the bell rang and you did your best to relax before opening the door with a huge smile. Theseus was standing there still surprised that you had accepted this date and he blushed a bit when you let him in. when he stepped in he gave you a beautiful bouquet composed of amaryllises, calla lilies, white and red carnations, gardenias, a sunflower and tulips and you wondered when he had managed to buy a such beautiful flower arrangement. You offered him something to drink before going out but he politely refused saying that you were awaited somewhere. He gave you his hand that you gladly took it. The feeling was so warm and comforting, you wished that you would never let it go. You apparated in a place you’ve never been before, you supposed that you were somewhere in the British countryside.  You frowned a bit when you noticed an enclosure and you looked at Theseus. He smiled at you to reassure you and led you to the enclosure. He noticed that you were a bit confused and assured you that you would certainly love the surprise and he didn’t want to ruin it by telling you what it was but actually he didn’t want to miss the glitter of joy in your eyes and your always charming stunned smile. You followed him quietly and remarked some moving creatures away. The closer you were the bigger your smile grew even if you felt also a bit nervous. The hippogriffs were such majestic beasts, you never had the occasion to saw one that close. As you approached one Theseus told you to look at it in the eyes. When you were only few meters away he bowed to it and you did the same. You knew that they were proud creatures and you needed to show them respect. You waited a bit and the hippogriff bowed back at you. Theseus grabbed your hand and he put you on the animal. You looked at him with panic written all over your face. He sat behind you on the hippogriff and put your hands on the animal for you to hold onto it without hurting it. you felt his breath on your neck and somehow it calmed you down. He would never risk your life or his, he perfectly knew what he was doing, you just had to relax and enjoy. But when the hippogriff spread out his wings and took some steps before taking off the ground you couldn’t help but tensed. the auror leaned a bit and whispered reassuring words in your ears. As you were flying you felt like you were dreaming. Nothing could compete with the sensation, you never felt so free in your life. You used to fly on your broom but you never felt like that. you took time to admire the landscapes and you wished that it would never end. After what seemed an eternity the creature landed on the ground again you pet it and bowed at it to show it how grateful you were to it. Theseus watched you closely finding absolutely adorable. when you apparated back in London you were still on cloud nine. As you entered in a small café the head auror was still astonished by your cuteness and still wondered how he get so lucky to have a date with you. as you were drinking your pumpkin juice a question was on the tip of your tongue. You eventually decided to ask the boy sipping his butterbeer. “How did you discover that place and know so much about hippogriffs? I mean you approached them so naturally!” he cracked a little smile like a little child excited to tell you a story “Actually they all belong to my mom, she breeds them so I always have been in contact with them and even if I don’t love fantastic beasts as much as my little brother, I still appreciate them and spending time with them help me to calm me down after stressful days.” Your mouth parted a bit in shock, that was clearly not the answer you imagined. He just loved that expression on your face and tried his best to be discreet as he admired you. when he walked you back home he hoped that you had enjoyed as much as him the time you spent together. All his doubts vanished away when you kissed his cheek in front of your door and told him “I tend to avoid dates because of past awful experiences but you showed how amazing it could be and I thank you for that, really I didn’t have so much fun for a while.” He refrained the smile that was threatening to cut his face in two and dared to ask “So you would be okay to go on a second date with me” You giggled at the uncertainness in his voice that made him so vulnerable and sweet at the same time “Any time Scamander”.

Chat for a Day:  Chapter 4

I’m Never Going to Leave You

After closing the door behind her, Marinette suddenly felt lightheaded.  The adrenaline rush that had accompanied her exchange with Adrien was starting to wear off.  That coupled with the exhaustion from her sleepless night were starting to take a physical toll on her body.

The nurse picked up on her distress, and she was immediately offered a place to lay down.  Grateful for the opportunity, Marinette climbed onto the bed in the nurse’s office and closed her eyes.

Once the nurse drew a curtain around the bed and returned to her desk on the far side of the office, Tikki emerged from her chosen’s purse.

“Are you okay, Marinette?” Tikki asked in a barely audible whisper.

“I’m feeling a little sleepy right now.  My head kind of hurts, too,” Marinette mumbled without opening her eyes.

“You did stay up pretty late last night.”

“Yeah, but it was worth it.  I was confident today, Tikki.”

“Yes, you were.  I’m very proud of you, but it probably helped that Adrien turned out to be Chat Noir though.”


“Did I really call Adrien Agreste ‘hot stuff’ and bop him on the nose?”

“Yes, you did.  You also told him that you loved him.”

“Hmmmm…yeah I did.  I’m definitely going to freak out about that later.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less, Marinette.”

“I think I’m going to rest my eyes for a little…” Marinette cut herself off as she fell fast asleep.


Plagg was a Kwami of simple pleasures.  He didn’t require much.  All he ever really wanted was some (well…lots of) camembert, a comfortable place to sleep, and something to keep him occupied when he was awake.  Usually, finding something to do while Adrien was in school was difficult, and he often found himself getting bored inside of his boy’s bag. However, today’s little show had been very interesting to watch.  It was definitely quality entertainment.  

After watching Tikki’s bug deliver what had to have been an Oscar-worthy performance, observing his own chosen’s internal meltdown was simply icing on the proverbial cake.  Before it started, he knew this day was going to be great, but he wasn’t expecting it to be this amazing.  He knew he would be laughing about this for years to come.

While he would never openly admit it, Plagg really did love and care for Adrien.  He didn’t want to see his boy feeling hurt; however, watching him have an existential crisis?  He was totally on board for that.  Not only was it HILARIOUS, but it fulfilled his secret desire to see his chosen happy.  Adrien was finally going to get the girl.  It was the sappy “happily ever after” moment the kid had always dreamed of.

Despite the incredible stunt that bakery girl had pulled, Plagg knew that Tikki’s chosen had a tendency to be a little hesitant around Adrien.  He knew his boy wasn’t perfect (he was probably the most oblivious human being on the planet), but he was afraid that the little bug might get spooked and start avoiding Adrien.  Plagg had seen first hand just how much of a hopeless romantic his holder was, and having Marinette run away would crush him.  

While Plagg typically didn’t get involved in his wielders’ love lives, he refused to see Adrien disappointed…again.  The boy had enough people in his life who consistently let him down, and he didn’t know Marinette well enough to trust that she wouldn’t become one of those people.  He didn’t blame her for turning down Chat’s advances over the past year, but he didn’t want that to bleed into the duo’s civilian relationship.  

In all his years as a Kwami to a miraculous holder, Plagg had never seen two people more perfectly matched.  Without each other, this Ladybug and Chat Noir would never grow into the heroes that they needed to be to defeat Hawkmoth.  This relationship needed to be protected at all costs.  Therefore, as soon as he was able, Plagg zipped out of Adrien’s bag, phased through the wall, and flew down to the nurse’s office.

Plagg hid in an air vent and surveyed the scene below him.  The nurse sat quietly at her desk doing paperwork.  She appeared to be blissfully unaware of the world around her.  He spotted the curtained off section of the room and prayed that Tikki was hiding there with her chosen.

Plagg zoomed into the secluded space and whispered loudly, “Sugarcube?  Are you here?”

Tikki zipped out of Marinette’s bag and shushed her counterpart.  “Quiet, you’ll wake her up.”

He looked at the unconscious girl with a confused expression.  “What happened to her?”

“She didn’t sleep much last night after accepting the challenge from your chosen.  Then, once she found out that Adrien was Chat Noir…actually, I’m not sure what happened.  I think it was the push she needed to get over her anxiety around Adrien.  However, she has a headache now, and she’s been sleeping since she got here.”

“So, she isn’t scared of him anymore?”

“I don’t think she was ever scared of him.  I think she was scared of being rejected by him, but as soon as she found out that Adrien was in love with her…well, that fear got smaller.  I don’t think it took away her all nervousness though.  It took a lot out of her to confess her feelings.”

“I can imagine.  Adrien did it several times.”

“Yeah, he did.  That will probably come up during her private freak out fest later.  At least they found each other.  Wait…your boy figured it out right?”

“Oh, yeah.  He’s already having his own freak out fest.  He’s been catatonic for the past two hours in class.  However, if I know him at all, once he snaps out of it, he will be in full-blown romance mode.  Your girl wasn’t lying when she said that she loves Adrien, right?  Because I don’t think he’ll be able to handle it if she didn’t actually love him.”

“She loves him alright.  You know, she never actually hated Chat Noir.  It’s just that she loved Adrien so much.  Now that she knows they’re the same person, she loves him even more.”

Plagg flew close to Tikki and took her paws in her own.  “We have to make sure this relationship happens.  We can’t let the momentum stop.  These two need each other.”

Tikki giggled.  “Awww, Plagg.  You’re such a big softie.”

“You know I care about all my kittens.  I mess with them because it makes them better heroes in the end.”

“That and you think it’s funny.”

“Yeah, I do,” Plagg said wistfully, “I really do…but that’s not the point!  You and I both know that they will become stronger once they’ve worked on their bond as partners.  They are two sides of the same coin.  Yin and yang.  They complete each other.”

“I know, I know,” Tikki responded, “I was even going to suggest to Marinette that she should reveal her identity soon.  Hawkmoth is getting stronger.  Now, that he has a partner, these two will need each other more than ever.”

“Exactly!  However, these two are in love, and that can be a tricky thing.  We need to ensure that this works out.  Adrien is the most lovesick kitten I’ve ever had, but I’m worried about your chosen.  I know you said she loves him, but can we be sure that she won’t turn him down again or let her nervousness get in the way?”

“I don’t think we have to worry about that.  She seemed pretty determined to get herself a boyfriend earlier today.  Marinette also told me that all she wants is for him to be happy.  She’s still anxious, but I’ve seen her push away fear many times.  Remember how she stood up to Chloe?”

“Okay, that’s good…but we should still help them right?”

“Oh, yeah.  Definitely.”

“Jeez, our kids are a mess this time.”

Tikki smiled and looked at her chosen.  “Yeah, but they’re our messes.”

Plagg sighed, “Alright, so your girl is passed out, and once my boy starts breathing again, he will be looking for an opportunity to get back to her.  We need to make sure that he has that chance.”

“Yes, and we also need to make sure that Alya stays away.  They need alone time.”

“Agreed…BUT your chosen had a full-blown personality change in front of the nosy girl  She was freaking out quite a bit this morning.  She’s probably calmer now, but still.”

“Hmmmm,” Tikki said pursing her lips, “That’s going to be a problem.  Alya is really protective.  If she thinks something is wrong, she’s going to check it out…unless Marinette herself tells her to stay away.  But she can’t exactly do that right now.”

Plagg thought for a moment. “Wait!  I know.  Do you know how to text using your chosen’s phone?”

“Yes, but using her phone without permission is an invasion of privacy!”

“Puh-lease.  You and I both know for a fact that your bug has no boundaries when it comes to cell phones.  May I remind you of that little stunt she pulled with Adrien’s phone?”

Tikki sighed. “No, you’re right.  And that wasn’t the only time she took someone’s phone.  She’ll forgive us.”

“Wait, are you telling me that she’s stolen more than one phone?”  Plagg did his best to hold back his laughter.  (He did not want the nurse to hear him.) “That’s hilarious!  She is a girl after my own heart. Can you imagine if she got the ring instead of the earrings?  She and I would have leveled Paris before Hawkmoth even started sending out Akumas!”

Tikki had already gotten Marinette’s phone out of her purse. “Hush, Plagg! I already agreed with you.  Let’s just get this done.  Who are we texting, and what do we want the messages to say?”

Plagg grinned.


Marinette still hadn’t come back from the nurse’s office.  Adrien could feel the emptiness of the seat behind him.  It was not helping him calm down.  

Physically, he was present in Miss Bustier’s classroom that day, but mentally he was gone.  Luckily, there was no lecture.

For the rest of the morning, his brain was flooded with panicked thoughts.  “Ladybug knows who I am.  She knows I’m Chat Noir, and I know that she’s Marinette…and Marinette is Ladybug…and I like Marinette and I like Ladybug.  So, I like both?  No, I only like one girl.  THANK GOD.  But…I left her in the nurse’s office all by herself.  She isn’t back yet…OHMYGOD.  What if something is ACTUALLY wrong?  I left her there, and now she’s dying…no, that’s stupid, Agreste.  She’s fine…but what if she’s not?  That means that I abandoned her in her time of need.  Now she’ll never love me, but wait…no, she already told me that she loved me…

“She already told me that she loved me,” he whispered to himself.

“And he’s back!  Bro, we thought we lost you!”  Nino exclaimed.

“What did you say, sunshine?”  Alya asked.

Adrien’s eyes locked with Alya’s.  “Marinette told me that she loved me.”

“Yes, she did,” Alya responded while nodding her head, “and that’s just hitting you now?”

“Does…does Marinette like me?”

“I thought that was already established.”

A lovesick smile spread across Adrien’s face. “She likes me.”

Ladybug likes me,” he thought.

“No, she loves you.  The girl is positively head over heels about you.”

OHMYGOD! LADYBUG LOVES ME!” his mind screamed.

His brain started to shut down again.  Yes, he had heard Marinette say it earlier, but it was finally hitting him that the girl of his dreams was actually in love with him.  He could feel hot tears prickling the corners of his eyes.  He sniffled, and the tears threatened to fall.  He was at a loss for words.

“Bro,” Nino said putting a hand on his shoulder, “Are you okay?”

Adrien choked back a sob, “I…I’m so happy.  I love her so much.  This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me!  I need a minute…I’ll be fine!”

He took a moment to compose himself.  Words couldn’t begin to describe how blissfully happy he was.  He didn’t know it was possible to fall even more in love with a person, but he was proven wrong.

The world instantly looked brighter.  Ladybug had always been a light in his life.  However, now that he knew that Marinette was also his lady, it was like having his own personal star, and she was at the center of his universe.  He was ready to be with her, but first, he needed to figure out a way to see her again…soon.

“Adrien,” Alya began, “This is a pretty long moment.  Are you okay?  We can’t have two friends wind up going to the nurse.”

His response came quickly.  “I’m fine, but I need to get into that nurse’s office after class.”

“Why?” Alya questioned.

He smirked, “I’m going to ask out Marinette.”

“That’s awesome, dude!” Nino laughed.

Adrien and Nino miraculously finished their assignment before the end of class.  Finally, it was lunchtime, and Adrien desperately needed to talk to Marinette.  

As both boys stood up to hand in their work, Adrien’s phone buzzed.  He opened his device and looked at the name on his screen.  His heart started beating faster.

Marinette- Hey, you! :)

Adrien typed four different responses before hitting send.

Adrien- Hi!  Are you feeling any better?

He anxiously waited for a response.

Marinette- I’m fine. My head was hurting, so the nurse let me lay down.

Adrien- I’m just happy you’re ok

“What’s up, buttercup?”  Alya asked, “Is it Marinette?”

“Yeah, she texted me.  She told me that she’s alright and that she fell asleep in the nurse’s office,” he explained while looking at the message on her phone.

Alya looked relieved. “So that’s why she didn’t come back?”

“I guess so,” he shrugged.

Adrien’s phone buzzed again.

Marinette- Could you do me a favor?

He smiled.

Adrien- Anything for you, Princess.  <3

Marinette- Could you bring my backpack down to the nurse’s office?  I left it by my seat.

Adrien spotted her belongings and slung her bag over his shoulder.  As he did so, another message was delivered to his phone.

Marinette- I only want you to come down with my stuff. ;)

He almost dropped the phone.  Adrien could feel the heat of a blush creeping up his neck and face.  Alya and Nino noticed Adrien’s reaction and exchanged worried glances.

“Adrien, dude, what did she say to you?”  Nino asked putting a hand on his shoulder.

Alya looked at the phone screen and laughed.  “Alone, huh?  I can respect that.  My girl is on fire today.  I still think she hit her head or something, but I guess I can trust you to check up on her for me.  Looks like you got your chance to ask her out, loverboy.

Adrien still didn’t respond.  He stood shellshocked.  Ladybug wanted to see him, and she probably wanted to talk to him.  He knew this was his chance to tell her how he felt, so he stood up straight and reminded himself that he was Chat Noir.  He could do this.  She was his partner…his beautiful, amazing partner.

“Is this going to be a regular occurrence from now on?  Like, are you going to melt on the spot every time she says something to you?  You guys are going to be one of those couples, aren’t you?”  Nino remarked rolling his eyes.

Alya elbowed him.  “Shhhhh!  It’s adorable.  Do you know how long I’ve waited for this moment?  Do not mess up my ship.”

Instead of responding to Nino’s questions, Adrien shrugged and said, “If you guys don’t mind, I’m just going to go see Marinette now.”

“Alright, sunshine.  We’ll see you after lunch.  Tell Marinette she needs to call me later.”  Alya finished her command with a wink.  She then proceeded to take Nino’s hand and drag him out of the classroom.

Moments later, Adrien left the room and started walking towards the nurse’s office.  On the way there, he had a strange mix of nervousness and excitement brewing inside of him.  It felt like an internal thunderstorm.  However, both of those feelings were quickly overpowered by the sheer adoration he felt as he thought about Marinette.  He quickened his pace.  He couldn’t wait to see her again.

Once he arrived, he slowly opened the door, and the nurse greeted him with a smile.  “Hello, young man!  What brings you here today?  Are you feeling well?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am.  I feel fine.  I’m actually here to bring Marinette her things,” Adrien explained politely.

The nurse nodded, “Wonderful.  What a gentleman!  The poor thing must have been feeling awful.  She fell asleep two hours ago, and she hasn’t woken up since.”

“Wait, she’s not awake?”

“No, she’s out like a light.  I was about to go wake her up.  I’ve already called her parents and told them to keep her home for the rest of the day.  They’re expecting her soon.  She’s right over there.”  The nurse pointed to the curtain and walked back to her desk.

Adrien pulled back the curtain and revealed a still very much asleep Marinette.  He looked at his phone to double check that the messages he received were actually from her.

Perhaps she woke up for a few minutes and then fell back asleep?” Adrien thought.

Plagg then zoomed into view causing Adrien to glare at the tiny being.  Tikki joined him shortly after.  Upon seeing the two of them together, everything became much clearer.

Or it was the Kwamis.”

Adrien looked at the magical duo.  “Now, before I begin, I’m guessing you’re Tikki?  Ladybug has told me quite a bit about you.”

The red Kwami giggled.  “Yes, I’m Tikki.  It’s nice to meet you, Adrien!”

Adrien smiled, but his expression quickly shifted to concern when he looked at Marinette on the bed.  “Okay, I just need to ask…is she okay?”

Tikki flew over to Adrien and hugged his cheek.  “You’re so sweet!  No wonder she fell in love with you.  She’s fine.  Marinette had a headache and she’s resting now.  You can wake her up.  I know she’ll be thrilled to see you.”

Adrien was flooded with relief.  “Thanks, Tikki.  However, before we let her join our conversation, I need to ask…who texted me?”

Tikki looked guilty and Plagg grinned.  “That’d be me, kid.  Tikki unlocked the phone, but those messages were all me.”

Adrien shot his Kwami an annoyed look.  “Okay, two things.  One…why are you not in my bag?  What if there was an emergency?”

“Kid, trust me.  Coming down here was an emergency.  You needed help that only we could provide.”

“Okay, we will have words about that later…and two…does this mean that I’ve been flirting with you for the past 15 minutes?  You don’t think the winking face was a little much?”

“It had to be believable.  Look, you should be grateful.  I got you some alone time to sort things out with your girlfriend.”

Plagg had called Marinette his girlfriend a few times in the past, so out of habit, Adrien responded by saying, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

Plagg’s grin widened, “Yet.”

Adrien’s expression softened into a lovesick smile.  “Yet,” he repeated in his mind, “She’s not my girlfriend…yet.”

“And there’s the face.  Don’t get all mushy yet,” Plagg said rolling his eyes, “You still need to get your ‘Princess’ home.”

Adrien’s eyes fell on Marinette.  Her arms were cradling her head and tendrils of hair had fallen into her face.  She breathed softly and steadily.  Seeing her under the fluorescent glow of the lights made his heart swell with affection.  At that moment, he knew that he would love her no matter the circumstances.  She was his everything, and he was never going to take her for granted.  If she agreed to be with him, he would do his best to always make her feel loved.

“She still needs to say yes to being with me,” Adrien whispered.

“Well, you’re never going to find out by standing there!” Plagg exclaimed, “Go wake her up.  Talk to her.  Be everything she needs you to be.”

Adrien knelt next to the bed and gently moved the hair out of Marinette’s face.  He rubbed her arm until her eyes fluttered open and locked with his.  She awoke with a smile.

“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty.  Did you have a good nap?” Adrien cooed in her ear.

Marinette blinked the sleep away from her eyes.  “My Prince Charming came back.”

“My lady, I will always come back for you.”

“So you figured it out?”

“You didn’t exactly make it hard,” Adrien laughed, “That was some show you put on.”

Marinette sat up and stretched, “Yeah, I was dying on the inside the entire time, but it’s okay.  Talking to you is much easier now.”

Adrien gave her a sympathetic look and reached for her hand.  “If it’s not too much to ask, what made it hard before?”

Marinette swallowed and maintained eye contact.  “I think…I was afraid that if I ever told you how I felt, you would disappear from my life.  I don’t know if I could have handled that.”

He squeezed her hand reassuringly, leaned over, and lovingly kissed her on the forehead.  This caused Marinette to giggle and blush.  He placed one of his hands on her cheek and she leaned into his touch.

“Marinette, I would have never cut you out of my life.  I’ve always admired you both in and out of the mask.  And to top it all off, you told me that you love me.  I would be crazy to throw something like that away.  I’m never going to leave you.  I’m here to stay.  I love you so much.”

“You do?”  Marinette had tears in her eyes.

“Yes, I do,” he stood up and pulled her to her feet, “Marinette Dupain-Cheng, I am deeply and madly in love with you, and it would make me the happiest cat on the planet if you would do me the honor of being my girlfriend.”

Marinette laughed, “Always so gallant, Chaton.  Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend.”

Adrien beamed and pulled her into a tight hug.  She pressed her cheek into his chest, and he nuzzled the top of her head.  

He eventually pulled away and took her hands in his own.  “Now, we are still at school, I’m sure that lovely nurse would like us to leave, and your parents are expecting you to be back any minute now.  Would it be okay if I walked you home, Princess?”

Marinette scrunched her nose and giggled again.  “Lead the way, kitty.”

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okay i know it’s probably been talked about 1000 times but i’m rewatching season 1 of stranger things and i still cannot believe how Soft™ mike wheeler is

like…right from the start, he doesn’t focus on this girl’s ‘weirdness’ or shaved head, just that she’s cold and scared and needs a place to stay for at least the night.   he’s patient when explaining things to her and listens to whatever she’s trying to convey.   and of course, he always talks to her so, so softly.

BUT ALSO SPECIFICALLY I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT!!!   in ep 2 when Karen comes home unexpectedly and they’re upstairs, Mike drags El back to his room to hide, panicked (rightfully so)  but… he doesn’t pull or shove her into the closet to hide??  even with his mom calling for him/fast approaching, he stands there and ASKS her.  he’s pleading, sure, but he doesn’t even once try to move or guide her into the closet, he simply… asks her to get in.  ultimately, leaving it up to her to decide, even when he could be in major trouble if she refused.   

and i’m almost positive that’s exactly why El went in the closet, despite being terrified.  because for once in her life, she was given that choice, she was being asked instead of dragged– and by someone who was compassionate to her, no less.

he is so, so vital in El’s process of learning how to trust people, bc he is nothing but kind and gentle and gives her every reason to trust him.  

anonymous asked:

So you’re just going to ignore one of the main themes of breaking toxic cycles? Even with those internal monologues and theories, Dany going insane (even if it is approached gradually) completely undermines her actions and character and has no grand pay off whatsoever.

i see what you mean but as I watched GoT, i never thought of Dany being that character who will “break the wheel” or being “the GOOD person” or not end up mad. In fact, I always saw Dany as a harbinger of justice and justice is not always fair. SO, i already hypothesized that Dany will not have the ending where she becomes the heroine, instead, she will end up slaughtering enemies and innocents because that is what she deems as just and will benefit everyone else

I believe that is the direction GRRM intended for her. And I think that’d have been great. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe GRRM intended for Dany to have a happy ending which I doubt since GRRM said himself no one will get a happy ending and it will be a bittersweet realistic conclusion, so yeah, i am convinced Dany will end up mad at the conclusion but this descent would have been well-paced. Also because of inbreeding… her father and mother are siblings after all.

Great characters do not have to be morally good. In Game of Thrones, morality is blurred. Imo, there are no protagonists and antagonists because everyone has killed and manipulated people out of survival and self-interest. Cersei is a villain but she is a great character because her role is the mother who has unconditional love for her children and she was ready to kill anyone to protect her family and children. That is a realistic trope for a villain. The motives are pure and that makes her complex.

Daenerys could have also gone in a similar direction but with a different motivation. She loses her advisors gradually, sees civilians doing evil deeds, and she goes through this monologue where she questions “what is just” in the world. An arc where she debates with herself and her advisors, then eventually resort to drastic means to achieve a different sense of justice. This would have made Dany a great complex character. It’d still make her mad but she’s mad because her motivations are more meaningful.

Instead, we got someone who has killed morally unrighteous people from the early seasons (slave masters, a person she trusted who killed her friend and betrayed her, etc), then killed a father and son who refused to bow down in season 7, then suddenly unleashing a genocide the next season because her advisors and one of her dragons died in two consecutive episodes at the final season. The shift is abrupt and not gradual. The motive is too personal and shallow. and I can see why many were expecting Dany to be “the good guy” due to how we came to this conclusion and why people “do not find it realistic” that Daenerys would go mad because of how we arrived to this. If it was gradual where people could understand her motives and her philosophy, then it would have been an earned and reasonable twist. More reminders about the prophecy would have also built this up well. She deserved an arc. Daenerys could have been the well-presented dynamic character who turns out being “an antagonist” (but some people could still see her as a protagonist cause they agree with her thinking), but it was not well-presented imo

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My headcanon for Chloe is that her mom was a cutthroat witch and forced her originally kind daughter to do the same. Chloe didn't do it at first. But that's when the bullying started. It was really bad and Chloe still can't trust people. Her mother refused to do anything. Saying she could work it out for herself. So Chloe did. She finally started using what her mother taught about manipulation and deceit spells. Chloe still has some remorse for her actions and she wants to be a good person again

Okey I don’t know how to properly answer this but holy shot this is so good I just couldn’t leave it be in the inbox forever. This is too amazing. Too great to be left alone in the inboxTM.

Chloe is not what she seems to be for sure and her mother doesn’t make her life easier. and this is just holy shit so so so great -Mod Val

Paladins with a s/o who has trust issues

(request: If your still taking requests. Paladin’s + Lotor and Allura with a person who has serious walls up and has trust issues or refusing to rely on the team. Thanks! :)


(Sorry for the wait!! My limit is 5 characters so I just did the paladins! Just resend in a request for Lotor and Allura if you need me to do them! 🖤)


- I wouldn’t say Shiro has trust issues really, but he can definitely relate to being a bit weary of people

- That being said, Shiro DEFINITELY has walls up and it’s something you’ll both have to work through with each other

- Having a s/o with both can be a hassle sometimes, especially when you refuse to count on the team for help or work with them

- He does his best to try and work through your issues with you, letting you know that the Paladins are trustworthy and that he loves you very much

- Breaks down your walls one by one

- his walls never quite come down though and you just have to learn to deal with that and accept it

- Shiro would never in a million years do something shady to break your trust and he proves it to you by being there for you

- we love a pure angel sent straight from heaven to love and care for you okay


- Keith has all of those things, and more, so he understands why you have walls and trust issues and a difficulty working with the team

- Shiro and the other paladins find it incredibly frustrating now that not only do they have Keith, who doesn’t work well with others, but now they have you to deal with too

- Not that it makes you a bad asset to the team, it’s just annoying sometimes

- You and Keith slowly break each others walls

- It starts with minor details about each other’s pasts

- also maybe some silly secrets that aren’t that big of a deal

- (one time in 6th grade you put glue in your worst enemies’ chair and got ISS for 3 days)

- just things like that

- eventually it gets deeper and deeper and you two soon know each other pretty well

- you all drop your walls for each other without even realizing it


- Lance has a few walls up but he doesn’t have trust issues, especially not with his team (he can be a little too trusting in fact)

- he wouldn’t push you to tell him things

- He’s definitely try and work on your team reliance with him though

- It would just break this poor boy’s heart if he thought you didn’t trust him or the other paladins

- Instead of talking to you about it, he attempts to get you to trust him more through his actions

- He never lies to you and ALWAYS tries to protect you (regardless of if you’re physically stronger than him)

- Comforting hugs are a must and he never tries to make you do something you don’t want to do

- Just wants you to feel safe around him and the other paladins


- Hunk doesn’t really have walls up and I wouldn’t say he’s distrustful, but he’d for sure understand why you yourself would be

- Like Lance, he just wants you to be as comfortable as possible around him and the other paladins

- Isn’t really sure how to do that, but he’s doing his best !!!

- Tells you about his past as a way to try and get you to open up to him

- I feel like Hunk would be a really hard person to NOT open up to tbh

- Makes you feel accepted and once he finally earns you trust, he feels warm and fuzzy and it just makes him love you even more

- He doesn’t really care how long it takes him to earn your trust, he’ll wait

- Wouldn’t ever screw you over

- Feels the need to protect you from getting hurt now that your walls have been torn down (he loves you so much okay)


- Pidge has some serious walls built up

- I wouldn’t say she has trust issues, but she is suspicious of people she doesn’t know like any normal person would be

- If you’re refusing to rely on the team, she wouldn’t be mad, but if you’re refusing to rely on her, oh boy

- She’s be so offended at first but someone like Shiro or Hunk would talk some sense into her and make her realize that you’re doing that because you’re afraid of being hurt

- Pidge can very much relate to that

- Doesn’t outwardly show that she’s trying to earn your trust but definitely does show that she loves and cares about

- Gets frustrated when you won’t trust/rely on her but is always reminded that it’s hard for some people to trust others

- Isn’t always the best at being sensitive but really does try for you !!!

- Once she’s earned your trust she swears up and down she’ll never ever do anything to lose it

requests are open !!! (No spoilers for the new season!!)

anonymous asked:

If the leaks are true. About Jon and Dany having sex. How would Sansa react?

Confused… because she’d have to wonder why he would do this, especially at a time like this. He shouldn’t be there having sexual trysts. There are more important things to do. He’s a king and he needs to act like one. It doesn’t sound like Jon. And maybe confusion over why she feels so especially hurt by this news that perhaps goes beyond simply wondering over his decisions.

Angry… because there are more important things to do and Targaryens cannot be trusted. He’s setting himself up for disaster and putting his life in danger. Sansa would think Dani’s only using him and sleeping with her makes his position as king really precarious. It makes the other Northern houses question his loyalty and leadership as well and Sansa warned him to be careful, so she’d feel angry he continues to refuse to listen to her. 

Betrayed… because aligning himself with a Targ queen is the ultimate betrayal to the North, who have suffered so much already over this war, and another kind of betrayal that she doesn’t quite know how to put into words yet. I don’t think Sansa has any idea that her feelings are not as platonic as she’d like (although I know some people will disagree with me entirely but whatever) and the betrayal would be so achingly deep if there are truly unresolved feelings there. 

Concerned… because she doesn’t trust Dani and will never trust her. She has too many bad experiences in the south with power-hungry queens to ever trust a woman who has conquered legions with blood and fire. She’ll be so concerned for Jon’s safety; she’ll be convinced he’s putting his life in danger by trusting Dani. And concerned for Jon’s rule as the king, especially if she knows that he’s not a ‘real’ Stark because this is the kind of fodder that breeds revolt and uprisings. 

Sad… because Sansa is a pragmatist and no matter how she’d like to stay optimistic, she knows that once news of this gets around, the North will begin to revolt and distrust Jon. And she will fight for him but she might not be able to convince them to believe in him as much as she does. She’ll be sad that Jon’s mistake will cost him his home and the love and loyalty of his people. Sansa might also feel sad because sleeping with Dani feels like she’s slowly losing him or that she’s already lost him. I think there is apart of Sansa whether romantic or platonic feels that Jon is hers; he’s her saviour not Dani’s and losing him in this way will be a huge blow. It’ll break her heart. 

I’m sure there are also a plethora of other emotions I’m missing but these are the big ones that I believe Sansa will feel if the not-so-sexy-time tryst happens. 

I’m not an angry person. I’m the type of person who you would assume has a bad temper because I’m naturally argumentative but anger is too physically exhausting for me. AB people rely on anger all the time, easily because of their entitlement of course, but also because they can peace out of any situation.

They can walk away. They can leave the room. They can leave the building. They can hit people back. They get the benefit of doubt. I can’t leave; not on any level. I literally can’t leave the house on my own and going into another room only makes it worse when you are disabled. Everyone is entitled to speak for you and make decisions for you even if they aren’t legally supposed to. When I go to the ER I tell the staff I have MD and then I have to find at least two AB people to ask the nursing staff to change what they had written down, MS, to my actual diagnosis of MD. Which is what I said in the first place but no one believes me because I sit in a wheelchair so no matter how emphatically I say “not MS, I have MD” I still can’t be trusted to decipher between the two of them.

Auntie has been “done with” my mom and I for a while now and yet she is the only person people seem willing to talk to. Despite going into Social Security and getting my competency the first thing people want to know is why are they talking to me and not an AB who’s advocating for me?

Assholes aside, like my social worker who has refused to speak to me at all, everyone just assumes disabled people are the least capable of all people. Even about disability. Especially about our own disabilities.

AB people are angry on my behalf when I tell them things that I’m going through which is validating I guess but they then insist I should do something, that I should fight for being treated humanely. They don’t want to help or anything but I should totally do that.

They don’t understand when I tell them this is my life and this is the way things work, this is the way things work for all disabled people and it’s much better than it ever has been for us which doesn’t say a lot. I refuse to be a vigilante and then ABs get mad at me. I need to deal with the 24 hour job the state gives me for being disabled as well as having health problems and manage being a member of the most oppressed group in the history of humanity. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands.

This is too much a part of my everyday life that it could never really make me angry but I’m becoming more and more impatient, especially now that I have to take care of my mother who has become disabled. I suppose it’s because I have had to speak on her behalf lately and I can sympathize with her situation so when people act the way they have my entire life is not really about me anymore so I feel guilty for letting it slide.

And then I talked to other young disabled people who are going through all of the same things I went through and nothing is getting better, some things are even getting worse. I suppose the real source of my anger is my own fault because I’m having a hard time getting past the guilt of sheltering NTABs my whole life. If I had demanded respect or insisted people listen to what I had to say maybe things wouldn’t have to be this way anymore. I feel complicit in stripping my peers of their humanity. I can’t imagine there is a worse type of guilt but as someone who doesn’t feel guilty often even a little bit of this shit is too much.

I did it all to survive but I never much cared about surviving so it’s not a good excuse. I wasn’t supposed to live until 30 so whenever things would get bad I could tell myself “it’s not going to last much longer” but now I hit 30 and I don’t have an exact year to shoot for anymore, it just depends on how healthy I can remain and my health depends on being stress-free so even though I still tell myself it’s all going to be over soon I also did that terrible thing where I became an adult and realized even passive behaviors have grave consequences and it’s usually the burden of the following generation.

I’m melancholy because this week I have to interview a caretaker, I have to take a daylong appointment at the bank, another daylong appointment Social Security, I need to find a way to make money to pay off last month bills since my SSI got dropped to $3 after I went in to get my competency. I have to find a way to barter things in such a way that my mom and I can survive this month.

Now aunt Lori texted my CT telling her she was going to pick up my mother sometime this week to take her to lunch. She didn’t know exactly when or what day because she’s very busy and won’t know until the mornings what her schedule will be.

Well guess the fuck what?

I never know if on a given day if I’ll be able to get out of bed or eat. I never know who exactly is going to be here and when because even people coming here for a paycheck come on their own time. I never complain but it’s been explained to me many times that the pay isn’t great and despite this being a job I need to be thankful for everything anyone does for me because what would I do without them?

They’re right, I can’t do anything without them. They make sure of that.

I never know on any given day if I’ll be okay or if I’ll be in so much pain I start to disassociate and what causes me pain and illness does not factor into any decision because it’s not important to anyone but myself.

Lori made it clear she does not care about my well-being. She thought it was absurd when I asked her not to let herself into my house and wake me up to scold me about how unlovable I am. I was so incredibly ill after that whole thing I was starting to hope I was actually just dying and now I’m starting to feel that way again.

I’m supposed to overcome my disability to make my disability easier to manage for people who I don’t even want in my life. I have to overcome any physical sensation, any emotional burden, any independent thought.

I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t.

I promised not to kill myself if I found a way to manage things and this is no longer a way to manage things. It may work for everyone but me but at this point I realize that not being selfish is the most selfish thing I can do.

I’m not all suffering and I’m not selfless.

I will not live like this any longer.

I’m already in pain, I’m already hungry, I’ve never had any agency, what do I have to be scared of?

PS. Please no concerned messages about the suicide mentioned, if I was planning on killing myself I wouldn’t be making these appointments. Not talking about being suicidal to spare other people’s feelings is not a good thing so let me talk about it