how she looked at derek

Grey’s Anatomy.

To me personally, what made Derek’s death sadder than any previous deaths on Grey’s was Meredith. I love how she looked when the nurse pulled the plug off Derek. She just sat there whispering his name. Then the flashbacks came in. Their one night stand, their famous ‘just a girl in a bar’ and ‘just a boy in a bar’ were exchanged. She was remembering literally everything they had been through.

Meredith looked very strong about it. She can contain her sadness and in a way, she was being very strong about it. Her father left her when she was little, her mother died, she got miscarriage, she lost her sister, her best friend got hit by a bus, her person moved away, she had survived so many things. And now we got the privilege to see her watched the love of her life drew his last breath. Meredith Grey is one of the strongest female character i know on TV.

The story line is not everyone’s favorite, i’m sure. But Meredith Grey is one hell of a character. And just because Derek died doesn’t mean that the show will lose its spark or whatever. I will still watch the show. Because I understand now why the show is called Grey’s Anatomy. 

And yes, Mer. You and the kids will be fine.