how she leans when his hand is on her cheek

I was thinking that Mike doesn’t really know how to show his affection for Eleven once she gets back. I mean, obviously, he has deep affection (and love) for this girl but he’s twelve to thirteen so he doesn’t really know how to express that at first. He wants to be close to her all the time but his dilemma is how he’s supposed to do that without grossing her out, or worse, scaring her? So he stays nearby but not too close and always gets a thrill when Eleven sits next to him and leans into him, resting her head on his shoulder. Only then does he quietly grab her hand and rest his head on top of hers.

And when they’re walking and he’ll hold her hand, she’ll intertwine her fingers with his and he’ll gently pull her arm close to his side, which leads to the added bonus of pulling her close too.

Sometimes, though, he’ll kiss her on the cheek. Kissing her on the lips always feels like such a big thing to do, although honestly (and the thought always makes him blush so much he’s sure his face is going to melt off one of these days) he’d like to kiss her like that all the time.


CHAPTER SIX: the light ≡

“Allura,” he tried.

“The Paladins would not leave you in this state, and they are your friends,” she pressed.

He wasn’t sure if it was the exhausted haze making him so bold, or so inhibited, but he raised his hand - his Galra hand, and gently touched her face, tracing the bags under one eye, seeing the flecks of gold and silver amid the ocean blue. “I wouldn’t let them stay up with me either.”

“But you will let me,” she insisted.

“Allura,” he tried again. 

She placed a hand over his, pressing his metal palm against her cheek. “Because I am your - what was the term? - your best friend.”

Shiro softened, stroking his thumb over her cheek. “I guess you are,” he admitted, leaning forwards and resting his forehead against hers.

Depending on how today went, who knew when they would have another moment of peace like this. 

Allura let out a soft sigh, before Shiro settled on the floor in a sitting position.

some important oiyachi stuff

i felt like posting these (they’re aged up in these i guess)

  • yachi is really shy at the beginning as expected but oikawa makes sure she is comfortable
  • they take it really slow at the beginning, oikawa takes her on 4 dates before he even dares holding her hand as he doesn’t want to scare her away, after the 5th yachi tries to kiss oikawa but she can’t even reach him while standing on her tiptoes and oikawa finds it adorable (he leans down to her when he notices what she wants to do though)
  • when they finally agree on dating, iwaizumi is the first one to know. he actually is good friends with yachi (gimme platonic iwayachi ugh)
  • every single person around them approves their relationship as they see how gentle and mature oikawa is towards yachi (she brings out the best in him)
  • height difference
  • whenever they’re holding hands, yachi blushes like crazy but as soon as she looks up, oikawa meets her gaze with a reassuring smile (he obviously has red cheeks too he is blushing and his eyes are shining and !!!)
  • oikawa and yachi go to the same coffee shop every morning and oikawa always insists on paying for yachi’s stuff
  • which is why yachi got oikawa a giftcard for 300 donuts for his birthday (oikawa loves donuts nearly as much as he loves milk bread) to repay him
  • SELFIES. they take alot, like these cute mirror couple selfies and oikawa rests his chin on yachi’s head and wraps his arms around her waist
  • THEY USUALLY SET THEIR SELFIES AS LOCKSCREENS (but once a butterfly landed on yachi, oikawa took a pic and since then that is his whatsapp background)
  • yachi got her hair cut even shorter after the first year of college and she was super worried about it but oikawa was so excited that he accompanied her to the hairdressers
  • oikawa LOVES doing yachi’s hair. he loves to braid it and he loves curls on her so sometimes he curls it for her as she’s super lazy
  • they move in together because well yachi is always at oikawa’s appartment anyways, even her curling iron is at his home not her’s
  • ngl oikawa is taking really good care of her and yachi makes sure oikawa doesn’t overwork
  • yachi loves flowers so oikawa often tries to get her some (he usually picks them in a random garden aaaah)
  • they go on vacation together after dating for some time and they go to the beach
  • yachi has never been to the beach before because her mom didn’t have time and there was no other opportunity
  • she is amazed by how beautiful the sun looks shining down onto the sea
  • yet she is also scared by the water as she has never been in a situation like that before
  • somehow they work something out and oikawa carries yachi
  • she is really frightened though and clings to him
  • he caresses her back as he walks further into the water and whispers sweet nothings into her hair
  • he also kisses the top of her head and they’re just really happy together
  • did i mention the height difference?
  • Pls ship them w me
  • also, they probably laugh about dumb jokes together and it’s adorable
  • yachi’s mom loves oikawa because he seems like the ideal boyfriend but he is really just a dork
  • oikawa is really patient with yachi and tries to teach her alot of things although she might be clumsy at times. he only laughs it off then and gives her a long warm hug when she’s feeling frustrated

also shoutout to @ushiwakatoshis for listening to me whine about oiyachi

She giggled and leaned back on the couch. “You like me a lot,” she said, running a hand through her hair. He cocked his head a little to the side. “How can you tell?” He kissed her lightly on the cheek, his lips lingering there for a moment before moving to her jawline. “By the way you look at me,“ she whispered. “I feel beautiful when you look at me like that.
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Apollo hums, lifting a hand in greeting before she hops down from her perch in one of the trees, stretching her arms above her head. “I was wondering when you’d come around. I’ve been so awfully busy know how it is, don’t you?” She giggles, leaning over to kiss his cheek before patting it playfully.

“Mortals can be so needy sometimes, you know? With their want for prophecies and that’s where I was. I have an awful headache from it all, but, eh, I’m used to it. How are you?”

you know what I really want to see from season 6? I want to see Lydia realizing her feelings for Stiles and becoming over come with emotion at how much she loves him. I want to see her trying (and failing) to contain a smile whenever he walks into a room, and her eyes sparkling when she looks at him. I want to see her hold his hand just because she can and lean her head on his shoulder after a long day. 

I want to see Stiles smiling like a madman whenever she does something (anything) because he can’t believe that he finally gets to call her his girlfriend. I want to see Stiles getting protective and jealous whenever anyone looks at Lydia and her laughing but kissing him on the cheek anyway because he’s so cute. 

I want to see them both sitting on Stiles bed studying for Chemistry but they keep stealing glances at each other over the pages, smiling shyly the whole time. I want to see them fighting some super natural monster together and for Stiles to finally see Lydia use her powers and look at her the same way he looked at her in season 1 when she was figure skating (also getting a bit turned on). 

Most of all, I want to see them being happy and in love because after years of turmoil they deserve at least that. 


Can we just talk about the amount of emotion in this scene. When she first leans in and kisses him you can literally see the relief in her and how her body adjusts. I felt she was going to cry right there since she finally got to touch him. I mean that sob that’s rising from her chest is so prominent. Her hand moves so swiftly to touch his cheek and he’s the one who continues it, never wanting it to end. I mean just the way he leans in at the end of it kills me. This isn’t like any of the other times they’ve kissed- this is desperate, passionate and in love. I’m so glad we got this moment.

She’s Missed

Robin stood when the familiar purple smoke began spiraling a few paces to his left.  She’s moving before the smoke has a chance to clear.  “Emma told me what happened.  Are you okay?”  He hears her before he clearly sees her and before he can answer Regina has one arm around his neck and the other around the child cradled in is arm.

“We’re both fine, love. David and Killian showed up just in time.”  He runs his free arm up and down her back, leans his head down until his cheek is pressed to hers.  “We’re fine,” he assures her again when he feels her hand clutching at the back of his jacket.

She finally nods against him and lessens her grip, simply leaning against him and stroking the head of the sleeping baby in his arms.  “I can’t believe how much she changes in just a few days,” she says gently swirling the curl poking out from her pink hat.  “I don’t think Henry was ever this small.”  The baby squirms under her fingers, small pink lips pursing and both parents know she was winding up for a proper wail.  

“Right on schedule,” Robin chuckles.  “You could set your watch by the times that this girl wants to eat.”

“May I?” she reaches for the baby and Robin places her in her arms without hesitation before going to fetch the bottle.

“You never have to ask, you know,” he tells her as he settles in to her side, passing over the bottle just before the fit erupts from the infant she’d be pacifying with her fingertip.  Regina lifts an eyebrow to him as she slips the nipple between eager lips.  “To hold her,” he clarifies, “to do anything with her. You don’t have to ask.”

“Thank you,” she cranes her neck to peck at his lips.  Regina knew he trusted her, he’d told and showed her time and time again and she thinks that she just might be ready to believe him.  They sit in comfortable silence; the only sounds the crackle of the fire and the grunting and suckling of the baby in her arms.  He has an arm draped over her shoulders, tracing lazy patters along her bicep.  He watches her as she watches his daughter; falling more in love with each every moment that passes.  “You seem to be fairing quite well out here on your own,” she smiles at him, but there’s a sadness in her eyes that breaks his heart.

“I am,” he admits, if reluctantly.  “I’ve lived in the forests the majority of my life; it’s always been home to me.”  He squeezes her arm when he feels her tense subtly against him, drops a kiss to the top of her head as she removes the now empty bottle from the sleeping baby.  “But I miss you,” he tucks her hair behind her ear, kissing her cheek.  “I miss you terribly,” his lips pepper her jaw, nose, chin, until she can’t stifle the laughter and pushes him away before she wakes the baby in her arms.

The night grows impossibly darker under the starless sky.  With the baby fed, changed, and tucked in for the next few hours they settle in next to the fire.  It’s only in the glowing light that he notices the tear tracks on her cheeks.  “You’ve been crying,” he states without question, pulling her closer.  She shifts so that she’s practically laying over him, torso flush to his side and legs tangled.  “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not tonight,” she insists, trailing her hand until it rests over his heart.  “Let’s just say that my sister and I learned a lesson from our past.”

“Alright…” he’s measuring her response and seems satisfied with the fact that she’s practically boneless against him… “if a bit cryptic.  You’re sure you’re alright?”

“I am,” she nods against him.  “And I promise to give you all the details once I process them.”

“Very well then,” his hands rake through her hair.  It’s a hypnotic magic he possesses over her; simple stroking through her locks that has her eyes heavily closing and she’s all but purring against him.  “Stay tonight,” he whispers, lips moving against the top of her head.  

And she hadn’t intended to, even knowing that Zelena was with Hades and this was probably the safest night they would ever spend in this hellish place, and Henry had plenty of supervision (especially since Snow had left and David hardly left his side), and Emma had given her that look when she announced where she was going and told her she’d see her in the morning.  She hadn’t intended to stay in his makeshift camp in the middle of the woods, but she can’t for the life of her remember why that was.  So she murmurs “of course” and nestles in further, snakes her arms under his jacket.  She’s not cold, not really, but being wrapped up in him is much better than not.

They stay just like that until the fire dies down and the shiver that runs through her is more from the cold than his touch.  He sits them up and shudders when the majority of his body that she covered is exposed to the night air.  “Welcome to my humble home, mi’lady” he smiles as he pulls back the flap of the tent. It’s small: cozy but efficient and she feels a bit intrusive as she crawls toward the pile of blankets that have been his nest.  He’s positioned for a quick escape; baby and weapons both within easy grasp.  She takes a moment to appreciate the efficiency of his living arrangements before he’s unfastening her coat, unzipping her boots, and urging her toward the pile of blankets.  She sinks down willingly and he’s pressed against her back in seconds, an arm bent under her head.  He’s warm and safe and pulling the blankets around them both as he nuzzles against her neck, kissing “missed you” into her hair.

“You mentioned that,” she laughs softly, sleep already pulling her under.

“It warrants repeating,” his arm grows heavier slung over her waist, fingers that still managed to find the ends of her hair go lax.  His breath of “Love you” is the last thing Regina hears before she lost in the first real sleep she’s had since they arrived.