how she leans when his hand is on her cheek


“That is true.” Jaina murmured as she stepped closer to Remi, her arms crossed. When she reached him, she leaned up to brush some of his golden hair back before wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

“And you shine brighter than them all. Light, how I missed you.” Her voice was soft and affectionate as she looked up at him, smiling.

Lips upturned into a gentle smile as he felt fingers brush his hair and he inclined towards the touch slightly, allowing her fingers to brush against his cheek and graze the bottom of his blindfold. His free hand came to rest upon her shoulder for a moment, giving it a soft, reassuring squeeze.

“Light can be found in even the darkest of places.” He murmured in response, cupping her chin in his thumb and index finger before he tilted her head down so he could kiss her forehead.

“And I have missed you.”

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I want the K

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8: Eyelid Kiss

 It had been a stressfull week, so when he walked through Konoha, he ignored most people, who wanted to talk to him. The first time he noticed a person, was Kadia, he almost ran over. He looked at the young Hatake emotionless, until he realized, how much she smiled at him, her green eyes almost sparkling. He sighed, hands placed on her cheeks. He leaned down, to press his lips softly on her eyelid.

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"You belong with me" ((Idk what kind of situation she'd say this but yea))

Tyson gently took her face to his hands and stroke her cheeks. “I know”, he said and leaned closer to her. He seemed shy but also more determined than ever when his brown eyes gazed deeply straight into her beautiful golden eyes. He gently nuzzled his nose against hers. His heart beat faster and faster. ‘Come on. I can do this. Don’t just stand around clueless, fucking move!’ He gulped before softly pressing his lips against her lips realizing how good they tasted, how pleasing and kissable Dama’s lips really were. He realized many things and felt many sensations he didn’t realize or feel when Dama kissed him out of nowhere. As cliché as it sounded, it felt like there was a firework show inside his head. He never wanted it to stop. It was clear to him now, he belonged with her and she belonged with him. Now and always.

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“You’re beautiful when you smile.” | “I’m a little drunk.” | “Come play video games with me.” | “If I never teach my kids how to shoot a marshmallow shooter, I have failed as a parent.”

“You’re beautiful when you smile.”

Her cheeks instantly flushed a rosy shade from his compliment and she immediately looked the other way, running a hand through her hair. “You’re too good to me, you know that?” she murmured, finally shifting her gaze back towards him. Quinn leaned up on her toes, placing a hand on his cheek, and pressed a gentle, passionate kiss to her boyfriend’s lips. 

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meme || ( status; not accepting ) || ironinmyspine

Her long, slender fingers, desperately roamed along her hot body, her red, sensually parted lips, perfectly copied a shape of letter O. The redhead clenched fingers into sheets, after her spine funneled cold chill when her right hand conjured in her lap, her thoughts were fixed for a single person.Her bed was empty without him. How much she hated his missions.

                                                           "T-Tony ..“

Pepper whispered just out of habit, when she opened her eyes and found that he really stands in the doorway, leaning against the frame and smiles amusedly.

                                                           "Tony ?!”

She repeated, this time more clearly and insistently, her cheeks were stained into red.

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(silently sneaks to her, cups her cheeks gently & kisses her forehead) 'Have I ever told you how beautifully your eyes shine when touched by sunlight? They take a color I can't describe, but it is my favorite of all colors' (a chuckle, another kiss)

Before anything, a wide smile stretched on her

How, even in their years of marriage, he could
make her cheeks flush like she was a teenager
again, she’d never know.

But they did, she could feel the heat across her
cheeks at his words. She leaned into him, almost
as if it was second nature to her. Her hands laid
flat against his chest, as she leaned up to press
her forehead to his.

               “Such sweet words you speak, my
              love. You’d have me as red as my
              cloak if you keep it up.”

How did she get so lucky? To have a husband who
loved her as much as she him?