how she leans when his hand is on her cheek

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Yongguk, Daehyun, Youngjae's reaction when they see their child for the first time (the child is just born)

This is so sweet <3  OMG!


He would sigh in relief when he knew that you and the baby made it safely.

Nervously, he would sneak into your room, worried that you would be asleep or tired. When you noticed him, standing at the door, you smiled at him and gave him a warm smile, and he smiled back at you, taking careful steps

“She’s pretty.” You say, running a finger over your newly daughter’s lips and chin.

He approaches a warm gummy smile over his face, his eyes showed how touched he was when he held his daughter’s small hand in his.

Tears started to well up in his eyes as he looks at you and nodding. “Yeah, she’s pretty. Like her mother.”

You smile back at him and wipe away a tear that fell down his cheeks. He leans in and kissed his daughter’s cheeks before, wrapping her in his arms, caring.

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He would calmly enter the room where you were resting, in the hospital. Finding you sleeping, he would give your cheek a kiss before turning to his baby.

He smiled and lovingly touching his son’s arms and legs playfully. “You are handsome” Accidently, he woke him up.

“Oh my God.” He jumped in shock, trying to calm the baby up and giving glances at you, wondering if you woke up too.

“Here, calm down. Son.” He would say, carrying him in his arms and patting him carefully. “Your mother is sleeping. You made her tired, didn’t you?”

When the baby calmed down and moved slightly in his arms Youngjae’s heart would warn up, kissing his forehead. “You are a good boy, we will get along well, right?”


He would bang into the room once the doctor allowed him to. He would smile in relieving at you when he saw you carrying his daughter in your arms.

You put a finger over your lips, gesturing for him to keep it down before smiling at him. “She’s sleeping.”

“How are you?” he would ask, placing a kiss over your forehead.

“A little tired, but, good.” You smiled, kissing his cheek as you looked down at your daughter.

“She’s so small.” He exclaimed in a low voice, trying not to wake her up.

“Of course she is.” You chuckled, looking up at him. “So you want to carry her?”

Gulping, he nodded, taking her carefully and placed a soft kiss over her forehead. “My girl is beautiful.” He smiled before looking back at you. “Just like you.”  

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17. Shy kiss Hope/Light ;)

Even though they’d been out on two dates, Hope still hadn’t really made a move. Lightning appreciated this, but it was also putting her on edge, oddly enough. Now that she knew how she felt about him, she wanted to express it. It was a strange feeling.

So when Hope came to the passenger side of the car to help her out - old-fashioned, sure, but so what? - she squeezed his hand long enough to keep him still, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek.

Something so simple made her blush practically to the roots of her hair. When she started walking away after there was no response, Hope scrambled to catch up, slipping his hand back into hers.

“Is it okay if I give you a proper one…?” He blushed. “Um. A kiss, I mean.”

She smiled, the two of them still red in the face as she leaned back up, meeting his lips properly this time.

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fabian x imogen, #12

Fabian looked down at the girl lying next to him on the bed. She looked so peaceful the way her blonde hair fell over her shoulder, and her chest lightly moved up and down. Imogen looked beautiful. He resisted the urge to lean over and kiss her cheek. It was one of the first times he had felt at peace in a long time, but he couldn’t sleep. One thing was consuming his mind and that was the girl sleeping right next to him, he had never imagined that there would be a time in his life when he couldn’t get a girl out his mind especially as she slept next to him. He let a sigh and ran a hand through his hair. “I still can’t believe how lucky I am.” He murmured, lightly running his fingers along her back. He still remembered the twos first date, it had been a few months sense they had sat in the park together. He was so happy but at the same time he was terrified. He couldn’t lose her. “Please, don’t go anywhere.” He said just above a whisper. “Please.” He said even quieter. “I think I might be falling in love with you.” He said without thinking. He closed his eyes silently cursing himself for letting the words slip and hopping that she was really sleeping.

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2: Cheek Kiss


The older female had been complimenting him all day, something he was used to but still, when it came from a sunbae who was more experienced and someone he looked up to when it came to music and entertainment it felt nicer. It was strange how it felt like he was older than her although she was his noona, perhaps it was because of the was she acted around him that made him feel more mature, she on the other hand felt more playful. He kept strumming his guitar, his smile never leaving his face as he heard the encouraging chants, finally putting the guitar down, facing the excited girl. “Aigoo, this noona.” He leaned in to place one hand on her cheek to see her reaction. He had to admit that he liked the attention, being the centre had always been something he was comfortable with and being praised for his looks was only better. He leaned closer, grinning as he watched her cheeks flush before placing a small kiss on her cheek, ruffling her hair as he pulled away. “How cute.”

As he knocked on Mia’s door, the boy fixed his hair with one hand, the other holding tight his maths book; he was at her place to study, like every single time they had a maths test. He knew nothing about it, while the girl was pretty good at it - and luckily, always ready to help him out. The two were by that moment quite good friends, even though he ended up developing a crush on her - and how couldn’t he? She was so beautiful.

Alex was lost in his thoughts when she finally opened the door, so it took him a moment to smile at her and lean over to leave a quick kiss on her cheek, resting a hand on her lower back. A small, light touch that was though enough to fill his stomach with butterflies. “Are you ready to spend the whole afternoon trying to teach a dumbass how to do 2+2?” He chuckled.

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With redness clearly showing on her cheeks, Galena walked over and sat on his lap facing him. Moving her hands to cup the males cheeks and moving her face closer before pressing her lips to Zoro's, eyelids closing in the same instant. She was going to beat up whoever dare her to do this later.

             He was surprised that she sat down facing him instead of having her back turned. He supposed she had something to say, so he just waited patiently.

            Needless to say, he was confused when hands were put on his cheeks, but he didn’t question it and merely waited.

            When she leaned in, he froze. He knew what that meant, but he didn’t know how to react. Lips were planted on his and all he could do was sit there. A few moments went before he realized he had held his breath and so, he inhaled and exhaled just as quickly. What was he supposed to do? He has kissed her forehead and even her cheek, but this was different. Way different.

            Relaxing slightly, he carefully kissed her back. It was the only thing he could think of doing and upon doing it, he felt that it was the right thing to do. He closed his eye, putting a bit more pressure into the kiss although he was sill gentle.

            Logic overcame his senses and he pulled back. The swordsman didn’t say anything and he couldn’t bring himself to look her directly in the eye either. He could feel his cheeks heat up slightly, but he didn’t have the will to fight against it. A pout pulled at his lips seeing as he didn’t know what to do. He hated that, but he could never hate her for doing what she did.

            He cared too much about her to ever hate her.

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(Wiggles through their house, wears his shirt and nothing else, finds him chillin, jumps on his lap; pssst. Jiwon. (Pokes his nose; can we cuddle? I want bobbae cuddles and kisses and gropes. (Puffs cheeks in the cutest way; If your hands are cold, they can warm up under that shirt. (Points at it, Chuckles;

[/he caught a quick glimpse of what she was wearing before she jumped on his lap, his arms automatically found themselves wrapped around her waist] Mmm, yes Pancake? [/scrunches his nose playfully] How can I say no when you offer all that along with cuddles? [/he snickers and leans in and fake bites her cheek] Oh.. babe, my hands are freezing.. [/he grins and sneaks his hands under her shirt]

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(Shadowsheik) Sheik head lifted up to see her. "How can I do that without rousing suspicion for my closeness to her? I can only do so much for her in my position." He spoke softly. "Anything more and I'll be exiled from the castle."

❝ A man can be close to a child without being that child’s father, ❞ Annabella insisted, moving her hands from his hair to rest on his jaw, thumbs brushing his cheeks through his cowl.  ❝ Especially when the child’s father is rather absent from the picture. ❞ She felt herself lean forward to press a long kiss to his forehead, after all, such small, tender moments alone were rather rare nowadays. 

❝ You forget that I am a Gerudo, Sheik. My women are known for promiscuous acts here. If it means that you will be hurt or killed I can take the fall for it. I seduced you, I will get in trouble, not you. ❞ She smiled against his skin, letting out a long breath.  ❝ The choice is yours, if you’d like to feel her or not, I will not hold either choice against you. ❞