how she leans when his hand is on her cheek

you know what I really want to see from season 6? I want to see Lydia realizing her feelings for Stiles and becoming over come with emotion at how much she loves him. I want to see her trying (and failing) to contain a smile whenever he walks into a room, and her eyes sparkling when she looks at him. I want to see her hold his hand just because she can and lean her head on his shoulder after a long day. 

I want to see Stiles smiling like a madman whenever she does something (anything) because he can’t believe that he finally gets to call her his girlfriend. I want to see Stiles getting protective and jealous whenever anyone looks at Lydia and her laughing but kissing him on the cheek anyway because he’s so cute. 

I want to see them both sitting on Stiles bed studying for Chemistry but they keep stealing glances at each other over the pages, smiling shyly the whole time. I want to see them fighting some super natural monster together and for Stiles to finally see Lydia use her powers and look at her the same way he looked at her in season 1 when she was figure skating (also getting a bit turned on). 

Most of all, I want to see them being happy and in love because after years of turmoil they deserve at least that. 

She giggled and leaned back on the couch. “You like me a lot,” she said, running a hand through her hair. He cocked his head a little to the side. “How can you tell?” He kissed her lightly on the cheek, his lips lingering there for a moment before moving to her jawline. “By the way you look at me,“ she whispered. “I feel beautiful when you look at me like that.
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some important oiyachi stuff

i felt like posting these (they’re aged up in these i guess)

  • yachi is really shy at the beginning as expected but oikawa makes sure she is comfortable
  • they take it really slow at the beginning, oikawa takes her on 4 dates before he even dares holding her hand as he doesn’t want to scare her away, after the 5th yachi tries to kiss oikawa but she can’t even reach him while standing on her tiptoes and oikawa finds it adorable (he leans down to her when he notices what she wants to do though)
  • when they finally agree on dating, iwaizumi is the first one to know. he actually is good friends with yachi (gimme platonic iwayachi ugh)
  • every single person around them approves their relationship as they see how gentle and mature oikawa is towards yachi (she brings out the best in him)
  • height difference
  • whenever they’re holding hands, yachi blushes like crazy but as soon as she looks up, oikawa meets her gaze with a reassuring smile (he obviously has red cheeks too he is blushing and his eyes are shining and !!!)
  • oikawa and yachi go to the same coffee shop every morning and oikawa always insists on paying for yachi’s stuff
  • which is why yachi got oikawa a giftcard for 300 donuts for his birthday (oikawa loves donuts nearly as much as he loves milk bread) to repay him
  • SELFIES. they take alot, like these cute mirror couple selfies and oikawa rests his chin on yachi’s head and wraps his arms around her waist
  • THEY USUALLY SET THEIR SELFIES AS LOCKSCREENS (but once a butterfly landed on yachi, oikawa took a pic and since then that is his whatsapp background)
  • yachi got her hair cut even shorter after the first year of college and she was super worried about it but oikawa was so excited that he accompanied her to the hairdressers
  • oikawa LOVES doing yachi’s hair. he loves to braid it and he loves curls on her so sometimes he curls it for her as she’s super lazy
  • they move in together because well yachi is always at oikawa’s appartment anyways, even her curling iron is at his home not her’s
  • ngl oikawa is taking really good care of her and yachi makes sure oikawa doesn’t overwork
  • yachi loves flowers so oikawa often tries to get her some (he usually picks them in a random garden aaaah)
  • they go on vacation together after dating for some time and they go to the beach
  • yachi has never been to the beach before because her mom didn’t have time and there was no other opportunity
  • she is amazed by how beautiful the sun looks shining down onto the sea
  • yet she is also scared by the water as she has never been in a situation like that before
  • somehow they work something out and oikawa carries yachi
  • she is really frightened though and clings to him
  • he caresses her back as he walks further into the water and whispers sweet nothings into her hair
  • he also kisses the top of her head and they’re just really happy together
  • did i mention the height difference?
  • Pls ship them w me
  • also, they probably laugh about dumb jokes together and it’s adorable
  • yachi’s mom loves oikawa because he seems like the ideal boyfriend but he is really just a dork
  • oikawa is really patient with yachi and tries to teach her alot of things although she might be clumsy at times. he only laughs it off then and gives her a long warm hug when she’s feeling frustrated

also shoutout to @ushiwakatoshis for listening to me whine about oiyachi

Things I loved about the latest Captain Swan kiss
  1. the way emma looked at killian when he said “aye”
  2. how she leaned in slowly 
  3. how he took her lips to his delicately the first time
  4. how their lips seemed to fit perfectly
  5. how they moved their heads in sync with each other
  6. how her fingers ran through his hair
  7. how his hand went from her cheek to her shoulder to her chin to her hair
  8. how he carressed her cheek
  9. how he was playing with her hair
  10. how his thumb ran over her chin
  11. how the true love couples theme was playing in the background
  12. rumple’s vows about breaking down walls in the background
  13. when emma stopped for a second and then so did killian 
  14. when she looked into his eyes and smiled because she couldn’t believe that she had found happiness
  15. when he couldn’t keep his eyes off her soft tender lips and also smiled
  16. when their foreheads touched
  17. when their noses nuzzled against each other
  18. when instead of pulling back like the last couple times emma went back in for a second kiss

Can we just talk about the amount of emotion in this scene. When she first leans in and kisses him you can literally see the relief in her and how her body adjusts. I felt she was going to cry right there since she finally got to touch him. I mean that sob that’s rising from her chest is so prominent. Her hand moves so swiftly to touch his cheek and he’s the one who continues it, never wanting it to end. I mean just the way he leans in at the end of it kills me. This isn’t like any of the other times they’ve kissed- this is desperate, passionate and in love. I’m so glad we got this moment.

I have noticed something! About the new clip....

When Valka puts her hand on Hiccup’s cheek, Hiccup leans into it. It probally mean he is just feeling her touch because he finally has a mother. But, I came up with another an idea.

Valka has been living with dragons for 20 years! She probably forgot all of her Human mannerisms and has more of dragon mannerisms now. 

So, when Hiccup leant into Valks touch:

It kinda reminded me of this:

 Hiccup put his hand out to Toothless to get accpetance from Toothless. 

Maybe Valka did the same with Hiccup? or it might just be her happy that Hiccup is just like her. 

I dunno? Just a theory……


This is where I’m stuck D:

(322 words)

Cullen reached out and caught her without thinking, hands cupping her face and drawing her closer to him. “Finley.” She’d still been murmuring about the different things she could make that might help. “I told you before, didn’t I?” When her brow pinched together, he gave her a gentle smile, thumb brushing her cheek. “If I need help, I’ll ask.”


“As always,” he offered with another smile.

As she leaned her head against one of his hands, eyes closed, he abruptly realized just how close they were. It was like the dreams he kept having. He would just need to lean forward a little bit to close the distance between them and…

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to you,” She whispered, settling back a little. Hesitantly, he let his hands fall away from her face, though a part of him was thrilled when she caught them, holding them against her knees. “Between you and Alistair both being…sick. Is it even a sickness?”

However, rather than answer her question, Cullen’s brow pinched together. Now that he thought of it, she’d mentioned Alistair by name before, hadn’t she? Cullen hesitated, trying not to narrow his eyes as he watched her. “Alistair. Alistair…Theirin?”

“The grey warden who killed the archdemon,” Finley clarified, her cheeks abruptly taking on a rosy hue. Cullen felt like his world had just ground to a halt. She looked positively…flustered.

At the mere thought of the man.

“He’s not well, either,” Finley whispered. “It’s not right that someone who saved us all from the Blight would be sick like that. I…I don’t know how to fix his pain, either.”

So her fear hadn’t been just for him, but in being overwhelmed that there were more than one person who she couldn’t help.

Cullen tried to push aside the oddly crushed sensation in his chest, like someone had punched a hole through his chest, making it hard to breathe.