how shall i presume

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hey, I have a prompt for you if youre interested in writing it. the two of them should be 'helping' someone make make cookies, but then one or both of them gets stranded in the flour and has to be saved!

(Awe, I like it! Thanks for the prompt!)

Laughter bubbles up and escapes past Jedediah’s lips. Octavius smiles cheekily as a response to Jedediah’s laughter.

When Jedediah has relatively calmed himself down, he speaks. “Now why d’ya think we’d be able to help you with that?”

Ahkmenrah keeps himself from pouting. “Because no one else wishes to aid me in baking cookies!“

Jedediah gently sighs as Ahkmenrah stares down at the miniatures. He begins to protest, but Octavius speaks before he is able to get a word out. “We shall try.”

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