how ridic is this

How I imagine myself arriving in Italy tomorrow…

Versus the inevitable reality…

Making Out. (Gladiolus + Ardyn)

He doesn’t play nice. He loves driving them crazy. His hands are hyper almost, desperate; making sure he lingers everywhere, a little too long. Smirking into their lips as they moan. Grazing, grabbing, and caressing. He was out to undo them. Hungry for their taste. He’s tugging at their lips. Slipping his tongue into their mouth between moans. A Tug of war. But they don’t play nice either. It’s evenly matched, and he isn’t a quitter. He wants them to let up. But, they’re always playful. Teasing him. Giving it back to him. They know what they do to him. And they use it to play him like a fiddle. By the end both are breathless. Yet, there’s no clear winner. Both are so consumed by that point, it doesn’t even matter.

He’s somewhat hesitant. Slow. Stroking their face lovingly as he leans into them. A genuine softness cast over his face. Their lips meet, softly touching. Light pecks. His lips brushing against theirs. Careful not to overwhelm them. He begins pulling away, reluctantly. Not wanting to overstay his welcome. They’re none too pleased. They pull him close, and tangle their hands in his hair. Lovingly kissing him. Slowly deepening it. His breathing is unsteady, and he’s tugging at the hem of their shirt. They pull him on top of them, and he travels to their neck. Leaving a trail of kisses. Reveling in the sound of their moans, as he moves to their jaw. Before settling back at their lips. He can’t help but smile as he goes back to kissing them softly.

Fairies use flowers for their charactery

Whatsit and other imp info:
 A re-whipping of (certain parts of) the Bleach novel (you know which one!). Creative license taken. Uryuu POV. 522 words. Spoilers for the novel. See below for A/N. Translations courtesy of this blog bc I’m extra-salty even now and Imma throw your own ridic words at you :P Strap in, peeps. 


Uryuu is no fool.

He knows exactly what those strawberry flowers they’re all embroidering on Rukia’s veil mean.

“– in hanakotoba, means ‘happy family’, and I’ve loved–” Orihime chatters, rather innocently as she works on the veil, when he cuts in, “as well as 'respect and love’, Inoue-san.”

Everyone gasps collectively. Not the reaction he’d hoped for from such an innocuous statement. Of course, if he’d let on that he knows any more

“Well, it means other, more obvious things, too,” he says carefully, fixing his gaze on Ichigo. He doesn’t look up from his sewing.

Orihime does. “Whatever do you mean, Ishida-kun?” There’s a light in her eyes he can’t quite reconcile himself to, though her voice remains deceivingly soft.

He lets the question hang in the air.

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Apartment 2B - per request and loooong overdue, here’s my best attempt at Bonnie and Caroline’s digz. Floor plan here.


a series of unlikely crossovers:  Klaus gatecrashes a Caroline Forbes soirée

Oatmeal and sunshine is all I need 👶🏼
Pretty playsuit from @stellyclothing #stellyclothing
Sooo ummmm why has no one ever told me how GOOD mango goes with melted #vegan dark choc… It’s ridic 😻

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James Lapine: You know the other thing, that’s so crucial. You guys just have chemistry out the wazoo. The minute you guys came into a room together – didn’t know each other – it was palpable. I’ve seen this show done by other people, other productions; nothing will ever be like the two of you in the show. It’s just chemistry.


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let's be honest, if you're a democratic politician the GOP's gonna throw anything they got to attack you, no matter how ridic. Remember Obama's dijon thing, the arugula bullshit, or the Tan Suit Kerfuffle? Keep on tumblin'.

also i’m a democratic WOMAN so i’ll have it ten times as bad, oh well. when i’m president i will personally pay every one of my followers $100 to shut the fuck up about this blog


Suzie Mathers, Rachel Tucker & Oliver Savile, Wicked London’s 10th Anniversary cast.


are way less frequent since the move, and when they do happen they’re not terrible, but still do happen occasionally. If she yells I say “ok, let’s have a shouting contest, 1 2 3 who can shout a silly thing loudest?” and she ends up laughing, or if she’s still pissed I make a pile of pillows for her to jump in or toss around while she lets her feelings out. Some of the things she says to me in these moments are ridic (“you’re the meanest mommy how could you turn my show off you’re a poop head”) but others are pretty profound (“it’s not fair, just because I’m a kid everyone tells me what to do, it hurts my feelings that I can’t be in charge”) and 99.9% of the time the tantrum is worked through in under five minutes and ends with contentment.

Not sure that this is the best or right way to deal with a tantrum, but it sure feels better for both of us than me loosing my cool or her banging her fists on the floor in tears. I think I’ve said this about every age, but four and a half is my favorite so far. She’s got the words to express her feelings but is still my little snuggle bug stopping to smell every flower we pass.