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Suzie Mathers, Rachel Tucker & Oliver Savile, Wicked London’s 10th Anniversary cast.

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"Chad had to point it out for ichigo to notice orihime's boobies" so??? The guy from squad zero had to make a pun for ichigo to blush he didn't blush when he saw rukia's ass he blushed at the pun?

Orihime is a slut/bimbo/whore’s daughter don’t you know? That’s why its different. If only she loved Uryuu/Ulqiorra then that moment would have been acceptable. But the truth is, Ichigo was embarrassed for her. That was the only reason he blushed. But he also hates her too. Checkmate. :’)

Solution to no manip inspiration: come up with the character bio first.

Oatmeal and sunshine is all I need 👶🏼
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Sooo ummmm why has no one ever told me how GOOD mango goes with melted #vegan dark choc… It’s ridic 😻

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a series of unlikely crossovers:  Klaus gatecrashes a Caroline Forbes soirée


James Lapine: You know the other thing, that’s so crucial. You guys just have chemistry out the wazoo. The minute you guys came into a room together – didn’t know each other – it was palpable. I’ve seen this show done by other people, other productions; nothing will ever be like the two of you in the show. It’s just chemistry.



Apartment 2B - per request and loooong overdue, here’s my best attempt at Bonnie and Caroline’s digz. Floor plan here.

You could literally play fruit ninja with his jaw