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This will sound so weird but there is this one kid in the year below me. He's from Mexico and came to my school two years ago and he lives with a host mother who lives ages away from the school. It just so happens that I live exactly between the school/were most of his friends live and his home, and I can't explain how this happened but since around 6 months he frequently comes to my house unannounced, at literally any time of the day (or night) and just sleeps here. It's usually that he

doesn’t want to take the far way home or get up early in the morning for school or needs some rest from his friends, and now around twice a week he just randomly pops up at my door and asks if he can chill. Well usually talk or study or sth for around 30 mins and then he’ll fall asleep in my bed, and we didn’t even really know each other when it first happened. He’s THE chick magnet but really doesn’t notice how everyone is into him, he’s super

sweet and literally everyone gets on with him, so when he first randomly asked if he could sleep at my place for a few hours I just couldn’t say no. He also occasionally brings food and teaches me to play the guitar as a thank you for letting him crash in my bed while I’m watching a series lol. This was kinda long, but now imagine Larry.


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I've been thinking, and you know how in fanfics they sometimes have Cat Grant as a high schooler? I just realized I kept trying to imagine her as a teenager and literally can't think of her being anyone BUT Calista. Do you have that problem? Like how do you imagine Cat Grant as a teenager - if at all? Sorry for the random question, I just love your opinions haha

Lmaoo omg i literally talked abt this w ana lenvluthor before & we kinda came to a conclusion that teenager cat grant is brooke maddox from scream mtv 😂😂😂

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“Kissing me breaks the promise… remember?”

( verseless!sterek x @raekenhales )

Yes Stiles, I remember.”

The words came out through gritted teeth as Derek backed away. He had fully intended on kissing Stiles too. Fucking Lydia and her stupid magazine talking about how unhealthy it was for relationships to be purely physical. He and Stiles weren’t purely physical, they just enjoyed the physical aspects of their relationship. Besides, Derek could hardly be blamed for the fact that he liked physical contact. He was a canine for crying out loud and Stiles had grown into a very handsome graduate student. At twenty-two years old, the boy’s awkward nature was long gone. Though Stiles still had that class Stiles nature of being a bit of an idiot, he was no longer the gawky confused high school boy he had once been.

Though he wasn’t as built as Derek – and probably never would be – Stiles had gotten himself a nice set of toned arms and filled out just enough. Derek thought it was perfect. They had only been dating a year after Stiles ran into Derek at the UCLA bookstore. Seemed Beacon Hills was a memory for all of them, or at least this was their vacation from the terror of that place. Stiles had just started his masters program and Derek was working as an adjunct professor on campus – Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to be exact.

Apparently it was easy to teach mythological history when your family had been studying it and living it for decades. Never had Stiles been as grateful that he never took one of Derek’s class as he was the night they finally kissed. He wasn’t Derek’s student and he was an adult; it was completely above the table and morally sound even for the world’s biggest killjoy. There was nothing for Derek to latch onto in order to turn Stiles down, and from there, they started.

Fucking Lydia convincing Stiles that it was weird that they always felt the need to be touching somehow. They weren’t dependent on each other or emotionally needy like that magazine said. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to let Lydia into the psychology department anyways. Touch was comforting to him and obviously it was comforting to Stiles. Derek had learned that rather quickly. So who was Lydia to warp their relationship into something foreign and uncomfortable to them both?

The promise had been a stupid one, one to keep Stiles from getting too upset and convincing himself that they were on the road to ruin. They weren’t supposed to touch each other for a week. No kissing, no sex, no cuddles, and no holding hands. It wasn’t as if they did any of that stuff – certainly not the sex – on campus as he was still a professor and Stiles was still a student, so that had been easy enough, but at home it was different. After five months, Stiles had agreed to move in, on the condition that he was still able to keep some of his stuff at his place with Scott, who was subleasing his room out to someone else, just in case things didn’t work out. Stiles wanted a backup and Derek could understand that. He wouldn’t have dove into anything either if he was in the other boy’s position – so he agreed. That weekend, Stiles was moving in.

At home they were very physical, kissing and touching to show each other comfort and now that wasn’t a thing. Now, thanks to fucking Lydia, they were on a ban and Derek couldn’t stand it. “Come on, you can’t honestly believe the crap that goes in that magazine do you? They publish just about anything and it isn’t real. Whatever that stupid article said about us isn’t real, Stiles. I’ve known you since you were sixteen years old, I think I know you by now. It’s difficult to say that our relationship is simply physical when I know literally everything about you and still have yet to run for the hills.” Stiles was about to open his mouth to make a comment about Derek ignoring him when they were in Beacon Hills, but that was a conversation best left for later. Besides, Derek would just tell him once again that he was jailbait then and that wasn’t an option.

“I just think it couldn’t hurt to go through it and see. It’s just a week.”

It was day two. Derek was going to die. Groaning loudly – a hint of dramatics was necessary here – Derek leaned back against the couch and nodded. “Fine. Fine, I will play along. If you want to believe Martin’s special brand of crazy and subscribe to the nutjobs she is subscribing to, I will play along. Friday evening though, this is done and we are to never listen to Lydia while she’s reading that magazine ever again. Ever.”

Where is he?

Derek Hale Imagine


My first ever Teen Wolf, imagine, yehey!
I literally came up with this imagine as I was chewing on a strip of bacon and idk how the fuck it turned to this.

Basically just a pretty random imagine

Hope you enjoy!

Imagine receiving a text from Peter with a pic of Derek kissing another girl attached.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Derek!” Stiles exclaimed when he saw the older man. (For some reason, Larry fics came into mind as I wrote this line omg)

He was standing in front of his jeep, waiting for Scott.

Derek stalked toward him and immediately silenced him by covering his mouth.

“Shut up!” Derek whisper-shouted, slowly letting go of Stiles once he got the message.

Stiles then continued to talk, seeing as he was free to do so once again.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, looking around, seeing other students getting into their cars and driving off.

Derek leaned against the jeep and let out a sigh.

“I had some matters to take care of. Do me a favor and don’t tell Y/N that I was here.”

“Why? She’s your girlfriend.” Stiles bugged on.

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A couple of questions, how do you come up with stories? How did you come up with A Flower's Tale? Do you plan ahead for whatever stories you make? Do you make it up as you go?

I’ll let you in a secret: the flower’s tale project started completely by accident! One day I was minding my own business and drawing random characters to practice and then one of my irl friends came to me and said:

“OMG THESE DRAWINGS ARE SO CUTE…where are these characters from??” and then I said they weren’t from any place, I just drew them bc i was bored and then she was like “but they’re so cute….  WE (read, me) NEED TO MAKE A STORY FOR THEM!!” and I was like ok, why the hell not?? I was at high school at the time.

So I began writing abt the things i liked in RPGs (I love ye old RPG ok), like you know, knights, dragons, princesses, thieves, and then the thing got HUGE and it is what it is today haha! It was so different back then, day wasn’t even the protagonist…But since FT started by accident, sort of, when I started drawing it, I was still planing the story (thus the big hiatus it is on today). However, now I finally had time to 100% conclude the story, and I could go back to drawing it again.

(my first drawing ever of them…..cries)

I always liked character design, so planning most of the chracters was fun to me! This is what flower’s tale means to me, a big fun project!! I have A LOT of pages that are only about planing the plot and the other for character design!

I actually have 2 more stories planned ahead, the one with scarlet, which I call the sea’s melody (I’ll work on it when I finish/while I draw flower’s tale maybe) and a new one I still don’t have name for, but it’s abt the gods of sky, sun and moon (I already have the plot and the characters ready I just need to draw them lol).

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Hi there! Plz rant n rave about homin moments. Tq

only ravin no negetivity on this blog tonight

homin’s like the best ship u’ll ever ship in ur entire shipping career..js..

like..just pick a random interview they did for some random show thats probs 2 minutes long THEY WILL STLL MANAGE TO SLIP SOMETHING EXTREMELY GAY IN IT???? andh the fact that they’ve been living together for like..5 years and tbh  how many times has changmin complained about how yunho doesnt shut the door when he’s in the bathroom! or omg he doesnt squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom ugh! bye…

and like they transitioned from callin each other sexy (i rmb one of them said smth like “he’s the most sexy when he just came out of the shower to  “i love changmin” he fucking legit said that what the fuck im like 900% sure they got married in spain— to changmin’s my home..and then i want changmin to  be mine…changmin is my other half…if i didnt have yunho i wouldnt be here today… and literally today yunho said they’re like isshin dou tai which basically means they’re one, being one in body and soul two hearts beating as one, ?????

they’re basically mar ried 80 year old grandpas bickering all the time about domestic ass shit (((lol never forget that time where changmin compared  themselves to a married couple……..ok..i see..)))))))))) and they’re also extremly sappy to each other? and say super lovey dovey shit all the time? i’ll never understand people who compare them to a father/son r/s istg……..

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did you seriously ship solangelo before BoO? Omg wow how did you even like think of them together and what were your headcanons? Im fascinated by this because I never imagined Nico and Will (i sort of forgot about him) but I aint complaining cause its the greatest thing ever!


If you need proof, check out Olympian Cast’s podcast #4, where I talk about how cute it would be, or I wrote a fic a while back called ‘Lucky’.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I came up with it because it seems totally random.  But I was just wondering who could be Nico’s boyfriend, and I was thinking of all the male characters, and I remembered Will.  And I thought it’d be adorable, since he’s the son of Apollo.  Still, I never actually believed it would happen

i’m still freaking out

Why do people think its okay to comment things like “Don’t get your hopes up” or “I hope you enjoyed this book better than I did” when they see you’re reading a book they didn’t enjoy?

That is NOT okay…Its perfectly fine to dislike a book. But it is NOT okay to go on someone’s page and comment negative stuff like that about a book they’re reading when they aren’t even done reading it yet! Wait until they’re done reading and you gauge how they liked it before you make comments.

Its SO not cool to rain one someone’s reading parade before it even gets started. Why would you do that? If I’m reading a book, let me read it and form my own feelings and opinions on it. If I’m going to dislike a book or be disappointed by it, let me get to that point ON MY OWN. I don’t need your negativity floating in the mix while I’m trying to read and ENJOY a book.

When I started reading Splintered, someone commented “I hope you like this better than I did.” And then the WHOLE time I was reading it after that, I kept finding fault after fault and reason after reason to not like it when before that comment, I was enjoying the book. Then today I saw a comment on someone’s page, “Don’t get your hopes up” in regards to the person reading the book hoping they would like it better than one they’d just finished. Okay I understand you may not have enjoyed a particular book, but not everyone is YOU!

Negative energy no matter how small it is, can RUIN things. Imagine you decided to listen to a new artists album and someone came up to you and said “OMG THAT ALBUM SUCKED!” — Now you’re already going into it expecting it to be bad or not all that good. Now if that album is GREAT, its going to take extra energy on your part to look at it without the filter of negativity some random person just threw at you.

That annoys me SO MUCH! And I see it on goodreads all the time!! Stop DOING that. Wait until that person finishes the book before you make comments like that. If they liked it, then move on, if they didn’t like it, great now you have someone to talk to about it. But don’t tarnish someone’s experience just because you had a not so great one.

GOSH that annoys the ever living daylights out of me…

Okay, Rant Over….