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How was week one of Being Besties with Bill Gates? There's probably some kind of confidentiality agreement, but how's it in general? Cool job? Rad place? Chill dorks? (I didn't even know Microsoft was in Boston, I assumed you were going to Silicon Valley, so also welcome to my town, Beantown, best town~)

Ah, it’s been a good first week!

There are parts of the work that seem a bit overwhelming, mostly because there’s like 3934 new things I gotta familiarize myself with. Do you have any idea how massive the source code is for Microsoft Word? Whatever you’re thinking right now, it’s larger. And the code is in C# (technically Script# I’m still learning the differences–like it’s a marriage of javascript and C#?) and I haven’t worked in either of those before. On top of that, the new pieces of code we’re trying to write are going to be in React, which uses Typescript which is a version of javascript and basically like, every single sentence I hear is at least 35% acronyms or buzzwords so I’m trying to get familiar.

Fun stuff though! There’s no set work hours. People come in when they want and leave when they want. Of course they gotta do it responsibly. If someone leaves early they’re probably gonna do some work from home, and like if there’s a meeting they gotta be around for it. But like literally no one is on your ass about where you are. In general I aim to be around for like 10am-5pm but I’m free to mess with that. Tuesday I did 10am-7:15pm. Yesterday I did 9:15am-4pm. Wednesday I was putting on makeup in the morning and my aunt got me this lipstick I was trying out and I very stupidly forgot lipstick takes like a fucking makeup removal army to get off so I spent like 15 panicked minutes in the morning getting it off and so I got in at like 10:10am but I wasnt “late” because like I technically dont need to be in at 10. I like that.

Other fun stuff is they got free beverages in the fridge–sodas and water and stuff. I’ve got like four bottles of “Hint Of” water on my desk. And a snack cart came around on Thursday with like chips and nuts and sodas and beer. Straight up beer. I took a soda but like. I coulda grabbed a beer off the cart and they’d have been like “alright cool”. And yesterday they brought in like 3985 donuts because it was Donut Day?? Legit it was on my calendar as a meeting “Donut Day, floor 15 cafeteria”. Everyone just kept going back to the kitchen throughout the day to get more donuts.

Also we’re like 15 feet away from the MIT campus (I swear about 40% of my coworkers are MIT graduates) so there’s a ton of college campus-y shit around. Including this food place called Clover which is all vegetarian sandwiches and im????? ready to die????? and haunt that place as a ghost for the rest of eternity in case i never get to try everything on the menu.

So I work in Cambridge but my apartment is in Boston. Downside–it’s about like a 30 minute commute. Upside, I get to cross this dang bridge.

This is my view walking home. It’s good????

Also we had an “intern event” on Wednesday where they took us interns to dinner and then to an improv comedy show. And I love nerdy ass comp sci majors because everyone was awkward when we first met up, like in a relaxing way like “hey we’re standing in a circle and personally I don’t know what to say but hey neither does anyone else! cool! im not the socially inept one!!” And the improv show was hilarious and we got ice cream after at this place with wild-ass flavors like I got “goat cheese honey almond” as a flavor, what the hell.

Let’s see also my apartment is nice! It’s fully furnished with like a couch and dishes and cookware and I got TWO tvs I hardly need one tv??? I watched the SU special on A Real TV so that was something. And there’s this tiny ass gym with two treadmills on floor 2 but frankly thats entirely good enough for me i can watch all the damn anime i want there and nothing can stop me.

Okay this is lengthy, but also I’ve got two college friends who live near Boston who are visiting today in like half an hour. We’re gonna do nerd stuff then later tonight I’m gonna get caught up on BNHA and it’ll be A+++

TL:DR - the work looks p intimidating but also literally everything else is swanky as fuck


If you want quick, cheap, and radical commissions draw by an average student in America trying not to fail eleventh grade, then this is the place for you! 

Rules about commissions are listed below!

Things I won’t draw:

~ Buildings/Architecture and vehicles ( I haven’t practiced enough for like, hardcore metal stuff and perspective angles yet.)

~ NSFW (I’ll draw butts, yet I’m like, seventeen…so I don’t wanna mess with the law or whatever. Plus peeners and guts are hard to draw, guys. Suggestive stuff is fine, but keep it PG-13 for now)

~ Hate art (Dude why would you spend five dollars on something mean to make someone feel bad in the first place, don’t ask me to do that, man)

~ Backgrounds (Once again, still learning. I still need practice in that area too, and I don’t want to disappoint you.)

Things I will draw:

~ Pretty much anything as long as I get a proper reference and as long as it doesn’t make me uncomfortable (I am allowed to deny a request though.)


Paypal payment only! Send me an email with your request and whether or not you have other preferences or questions. I am still in school, so I’ll try and draw them as quickly as I can with the time I have available. 

One commission can have two characters total, any additional character is another $5! Once again, please provide references so it will make it easier for me to doodle them, then you’ll be all set!

Very random drabble out of nowhere

Last week’s comic con put me in such a spiral of Josh and Jennifer and everything in between. I saw someone tag a post with “What happened in Hawaii?” And then I gasped. Unbeta’d. Written quickly. Hope my head canon fits yours. And no, I have no idea what happened in Hawaii. ♥

What happened in Hawaii ?

What happened is that his hand is on my neck. Again.

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