how proud am i of this

apparently its nicky’s birthday today and i just wanna say how proud i am of him for remaining faithful to himself and his religion while coming to terms with his sexuality and for trying so hard to become a guardian for his cousins at 23 even though he had a life planned for himself. he’s so strong for remaining positive despite everything he’s been through and i love him so much

linc: you’re telling me mikey left something encoded in that? 

michael: yeah, it’s encoded in him. he’s got my dna.


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I love it. Really I do. Sometimes more, sometimes less but in general I love learning. But I don't have the best grades. I have to work hard to be average and that's ok. Because that's the best thing I can do and I know it. But a lot of people think with hard work you are always able to get A's. Too few recognise the little progress or the holding in a note. So I have to be proud of myself. It is ok to be average if that's the best you can do! Just work the hardest you can.

I am so proud of you anon. 

Words cannot describe how much I smiled when I read this message a month ago. 

People forget that hard work does not necessarily translate to success. You can work hard and still fail. People seem to fixate on binaries and absolutes; “best/worst”, “anything but an A is a fail”. 

That’s an unrealistic view of the world. 

Your honesty speaks to your maturity, your strong moral compass and your sense of self awareness. 

You are wise beyond your years. 

And I promise that those values and that work ethic you’ve shown up there will get you far. 

+ kids, if you’re looking for your morning inspiration, read this.

And then read it again.  

And again. 

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Dear imyourplusone can I tell you how happy I am to read that you are going to continue to write about about Red and Lizzie. Can I also dare say how proud I am of all of you who refuse to be crushed by all of this "daddy" BS. I've followed this show from the beginning and I never sensed any father/daughter relationship. Too much sexual chemistry IMO. This is like rewriting Jane Eyre and making Mr. Rochester her father at he end lol. Not buying it, nope, no way. Stay calm and ship on.

Thanks Anon I really appreciate it. No one is happier than me tbh because I only started writing a year ago and I’m not ready to say goodbye to Red and Liz and definitely don’t feel inspired to write for another show right now. So at least tptb haven’t ruined that. For now I’m on hold about s5 but I’ll be happily writing away in AU land until the fall.

Hopefully Red and Lizzy will get their happy ending. Just look at Jane and Edward. They were able to make it through lies, secrets, dangerous spouses and a fire to find theirs. Hmmmm that sounds awfully familiar somehow. Plus the age gap thing And the sexual tension. This is all too familiar but it gives me hope;)

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The fact that Mon el wanted to make sure the very last things he said to Kata were reassuring her that she made an impact on his life, that because of her good heart he was better for it. He had every right to be sad and terrified in that moment, and the fact that this is how he chose to spend it shows how amazing he is.

I am so proud of my son. Willing to sacrifice his life without hesitation. Willing to die without a second thought. Because they didn’t have that plan with the pod until the lead was released. Mon-El had been prepared to die for Earth. He kept saying it’s okay because he is that pure of heart. It was okay he was going to die because everyone else would live. It was okay he was going to die because that meant this planet would be saved. Mon-El was ready to die without a thought for himself. Without a care for what that meant for him. Because Mon-El is a hero.

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i’m officially halfway done with undergrad!

I just finished my hardest semester yet (18 credits what was I thinking) and I ended with 5 As and one A-, with a GPA of 3.950

honestly I’m exhausted and it still hasn’t quite hit me that I’m done with the year, but I am so so so happy with how my grades came out and I’m extremely proud of myself

now my summer can officially start!

can i just express how incredibly happy i am for tarjei? he won two gullruten awards at the age of SEVENTEEN and now hes 18 and is so ready to start his acting career, he has so much potential and skam has really set the stage for him and his future. he has so so so much potential and i am ready to see him go far and achieve all of his goals, and hes only 18 - he can accomplish so much. i know i’ll never meet him, but i just want to say this. tarjei. im so proud of you. you’ve set up so much for yourself, and you can really go far. please, enjoy yourself, take everything easy, and you’ll get far. im so glad you exist and that you can pursue your aspirations to become an actor. i love and appreciate you so much and everything you do. happy birthday, i hope you get all the love and hugs you deserve. thank you for being to great. love, an adoring fan who appreciates you for not just what you do, but for who you are.

Today was so surreal.

I live 20 minutes from the MEN in Manchester, I’ve been there countless times in the last 18 years. To wake up to this news this morning, was utterly unbeliveable.

At school today, 15 minutes from last nights terror attack, the atmosphere was sombre.

In my year there’s a young woman whose mum and aunty are still missing.

In my year there is a couple that work as first aiders at the MEN who were involved in helping the injured last night.

People have been in tears.

Staff were counting students, mentally checking who is absent, constantly asking after where they were.

It’s been a peculiar atmosphere. There are no words for it.

I am so proud of how my community has responded to this atrocity. The acts of kindness from hotel chains, strangers offering their homes, food being brought out, and of course the typical Manc response to a bad situation: a cuppa.

I love my city. I’m proud to be a Manc. I’m stood at the vigil in Albert Square right now and the atmosphere is overwhelming. There is so much sorrow, and so much love here.

Thoughts and prayers with all those affected by this tragedy.

I am trying to enjoy the finale and the post finale fics and Katie interviews and stuff but I honestly just can’t right now. What that person has done to Rudhraigh McGrath sickens me. Both he and Katie have been so sweet and kind to us and I really thought that people were better than this you know… I cannot even IMAGINE how Katie McGrath herself feels right now. I have tried to be a peaceful Katie fan as much as possible, I’m not even on twitter, and even I feel responsible. 

I sincerely hope that this is a lesson and a wake up call to everyone not only about catfishing, boundaries, and respect; but also about just how lucky we were and really how lucky we still are (Melissa’s sister as well guys. Please be respectful, also, Katie will probably be at cons so the same applies there too). 

Please don’t jeopardise what we still have and remember to take a look at your own behaviour (eg. Would Katie be proud that I am doing this?). I certainly will be.

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I've been proud of what I've been writing lately. And I want to show them to people more than just my best writing friend. But when I do, I feel like they would judge me. I have themes that are more "mature." I don't know why I always write meaningful stuff, but it's all I can come up with. I know my parents wouldn't approve of it and want me to write happy stuff, but I want them to see what kind of writer I am. How? I'm scared. I can't change how I write just for them.

I had this exact same fear as a young teenager. I thought my family wouldn’t approve of my writing if it was darker and would judge me for it. 

You’re a complex individual and that will reflect in your writing. You’re right, you shouldn’t change your writing just for your family, but I think there’s a pretty high possibility that you’re assuming your family wants you to only write happy fluff when that’s not the case. I had that assumption of my parents when I was young. And, I was wrong. I think this is a common fear. 

Of course I don’t know your parents or family situation, but kids often think that their parents view them as happy and pure to the core, when parents know their children are complicated people. It can be uncomfortable to share darker writing with your parents, sharing work with your parents is hard, but I think your parents can accept that you are a mature person and that will reflect in your writing. 

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Ya know what's fun dad, being bullied because you aren't a racist homophobic sexist obnoxious human that even if I don't agree with someone's views on life I still understand that it's not my place to choose how someone lives their life

…some people are fucking nuts. i am so proud of you for standing up for what is right even though you stand alone! stay strong, you’re doing the right thing

please take a second to appreciate namjoon yall. he’s spoken clearly and confidently in each interview, he’s translated for the boys and has made sure to include everyone and keep their image fun and playful while still being very professional… he represents bts so beautifully and i am so immensely proud of this man for how hard he’s worked and how far hes come. he truly is an amazing leader