how proud am i of this

The first finished photo of my Zelda cosplay. 👑
I constructed this costume over the course of about six weeks, but I spent just as long planning and researching the techniques that would go into it. Despite my time crunch to finish it for Katsucon, I am proud of myself for not cutting any corners or sacrificing my commitment to quality to get it done. (I just worked crazy long hours every day for weeks instead, haha)

This is probably the most complex project I’ve tackled to date. Although there are some small improvements I would still like to make, I’m really pleased with how it came out overall. Get ready to see lots more photos of this one!

Photo by @josephchilin
Costume made and worn by me

Songs of Ssael Prayerbook

Wanted to talk about my newest prop for Duane real quick. Was waiting to get the new photos up first, but I do not have time to edit them at the moment and needed a quick break from sewing my next costume.

Wish I had a before shot to share because it used to be blue.  Materials I used: a book, scrapbooking paper in green, gold, black velvet, and a fun design (you’ll see that one later), green and black fabric paint, tan, white, black, and brown acrylic paint, twine, gold ballpoint pen, a hot glue gun, and a lot of Modge Podge.

I was really picky about the base book I chose. It had to be the right size in my hand…not too thick as to look bulky but not so thin as I couldn’t do a little something fun with it.  I also ended up choosing this one because it left the ends of the pages raw and I liked the rough look of it! I had to sand the top of the book though, since the pages were dyed orange.

Here you can see where I tore off half of the spine. That was my first step, before I even started painting. You can also see where I glued down the twine bindings on the spine and the pieces that hang from the top of the book. I also used hot glue to seal the raw end of the twine so it wouldn’t unravel.

The designs I traced a vector for from the art and used that to print a stencil of sorts I could use to cut the pieces out with an exacto knife. It’s all glued down with Modge Podge.

All of the weathering with black and white I tried to keep as close to the illustrations of the book as possible.

Here is the rarely seen back! This is where the tan paint really came in. I used it to color the blue so I could save that slightly leathery texture of the original cover.  The green paper I glued on to re-do the cover I purposely left loose on that corner and tore the edge around to make it uneven.  I also spritzed it with water to get it extra floppy.

One of my personal touches was the old bloody handprint on the back. The space was partially covered in the art, and on its own it felt empty. I figured, Duane must have picked up the book after accidentally eating somebody at least once right.  I just painted my fingers brown and slammed them down on the back of the book.

Here is a detail shot where you can really see the textures in the papers I chose. I like the randomness of the gold, and the elegance the velvet added.  The green had a linen look to it that I thought fit well wishing the comic’s aesthetic.

I also want to talk about the letters here. Finding simple gold letter stickers was, oddly enough, impossible. I ended up buying purple glitter ones instead. I had to scrape off all the glitter, resurface it with Modge Podge, and color it with my gold leafing pen.  The ‘f’ I had to extend as well…placing a piece of another sticker under it before applying the Modge Podge.

Here is another detail shot showing the fun rough edges of the book, as well as some of the weathering I did on the edge.  For the edge I tried to sand through the paper to the tan paint I had applied underneath…but I ended up sanding through the paint too fast to the original color of the book. So in the end I took a box cutter and carved away at all the edges, down to the cardboard cover itself.  I ran sandpaper over the carved edges to make it look more like it had worn down and had not been carved out.

This is probably the roughest part of the book, but still pretty  happy with it! In the art it’s so small it’s just scribbles so I had to improvise what to put up there.  Considering the book it had to be Tainish for sure. The phrase I had originally chosen was too long, so I ended up mashing two other ones together and hoping it makes sense.  Can’t say I’m too well versed in Tainish grammar after all. I had also wanted to draw it in the Tainish alphabet, but sadly that is not available, so I used cursive instead.

For those who may have trouble reading my sloppy penmanship it reads:
Ssael fhikemun rish ul a Llede Llaemasa

Which should, in theory, translate to:
Ssael reveals the way to his Lions of Mercy

The inner cover I also redid with a paper with a fun design.  The edges of the green showed and I wanted a nice clean look all around.  Also a little extra weathering just cuz.

And last but not least, the whole reason I decided to do this project in the first place! I needed a place to keep my ribbons at ALA.

I made this into a hollow book with a lot of Modge Podge and cutting of pages and more Modge Podge and some heavy things. This is why the book couldn’t be too thin.  I made sure to leave a number of pages at the front loose so I could also use it as a prop.

I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am of Stefán. The obstacles he’s had to face after being diagnosed with cancer and being able to continue on conquering his battle with cancer is absolutely inspiring. I admire Stefán for being able to get past all of the things that he’s been through and most importantly being the humble human being that he is. Not only is he incredibly talented, loving and charming he has a literal heart of gold. The fact that he’s devoted his life standing up against bullying, filling hearts up with joy and putting the biggest smile on people’s faces of all ages including myself is absolutely something I couldn’t thank him enough for. He definitely deserves all of the love and support he’s received and continues to receive. If Stefán were able to see this I would want to thank him so much for his existence. The wonderful impact he’s made in my life is tremendous. I love you Plant Dad 🌱💚


So ready for another of my occasional favourite costume posts?

Well, seeing all the brilliant stills of Episode 1.14 by @lulu-tan79 in her amazing Artlander series, simply made me realise *just* how much I love Claire in this costume.

And I hope I did it justice when I reproduced it in miniature for Sindy Claire.

I am quite proud of the needlework as it was my first foray into embroidery for many many years, but it is surprising what your brain remembers from primary school sewing lessons when it needs to!

And the first attempt at a tricorne too! 😬

EXO’s Reaction to your sick dance moves



*Pleasantly surprised. He knew you dance but this is the first time he’s seen it live. Needless to say, he loved it and sometimes gets distracted during a performance thinking about it.*

“Damn…she’s really, really good. I wonder if she’d give me a personal show, if you know what I mean..”

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*Loves your dancing, whether it was to be ridiculous of professional. He shows his love from the side lines or sometimes even on stage.*

“No matter how professional she looks, I am always going to show her love with this dance.”

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*Both proud and impressed. He’s seen you dance a few times before but this was something different. He loved it when you danced and love it even more when you invite him to join.*

“We’re so in sync. Everyone, this is my girl. Isn’t she wonderful? I can go on talking but I don’t want to distract you all from her amazing dance moves.”

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*He challenged you to a dance battle, not knowing that you were one hell of a dancer. Just when he thought he was going to get the last laugh, he was wrong. You were going easy on him all this time.*

“How dare she lead me on? How dare she make me think that she can’t dance? She made me look like a fool! Well jokes on her, I sing better…”

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*Has no idea what happened. All he knew, you didn’t know how to dance and now, it looked like you found some new powers. He doesn’t show it but he wants you to teach him.*

“What…wha…how did you-? What happened?”

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*You never really told him you were a professional dancer, so, when Baekhyun challenged you to dance and you kicked his butt, he’ll be surprised for a while.*

“Wow babe. That was..quite a show…Where um..where did you learn to dance like that?”

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*He knew you danced very well. So, when Chanyeol pointed at you and declared a dance battle, he was sitting in the back, phone in hand and video taping while holding in his laughter for Chanyeol’s inevitable defeat.*

“He has absolutely no idea what is about to hit him. I love (Y/n) so much.”

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*Shocked and slightly mad that you never even thought to tell him you had godlike dancing powers. In his mind, two dancers make the ultimate couple. So, every time you danced in front of him, he’d give you a look (like the gif).*

“Look at her. Look at her dancing. She never even told me that was that good. If I had known, we would be unstoppable.”

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*100% smug. A bit ticked off that you never told him but to cover it up, he pretended that he was still better. In his mind, you were at his level already.*

“Pshhh….You still have a long way to go if you wanted to be better than me.”

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i'm just so emotional right now. Min Yoongi is a hero in my eyes. his words and music help me when i feel like i'm all alone in this world i love him so much :( i wish i can hug him and tell him how much him and his songs mean to me :(

every time i think of min yoongi i get emotional… i am so proud of him… like he has been through so much and has come so far! and my love i hope you never feel alone :( it makes me sad to hear that! but i am here if you ever just want to talk to someone :) <3

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20-2-2017: 32/100 days of productivity

You guys I am almost finished with my paper for GPR! I am actually proud of myself because this is the first academic paper I am writing!

This evening I am accompanied by my many thoughts, that I am right now putting into poems. I am also reading milk and honey, which is a huuuge inspiration to me, and I love how mature these simplistic poems are and what effect they have on me.

Lots of love xx

Message me whenever, about whatever; if you need someone to talk to! I am right here <3

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Why be upset with the Anon? She's trying to protect you. It's not about writing Lucifer, people can do that. It's about trying to be all about Pellegrino. That's your blog. People sending her Asks saying when they see Pellegrino they think of her.... I bet anon thinks they should be thinking of you. Toni needs to move on and things will be fine.

I don’t need protecting. 

And do you know how many Pellegrino blogs there are out there? I don’t WANT to be the only one. I spend so much time scrolling through other Pellegrino blogs because they are all individually awesome!

I am thrilled that Toni is so amazing that when people see Pellegrino they think of her. I think that’s fucking great and a huge accomplishment for her as a blogger and a writer! It’s amazing to see how much she’s grown since she started here and I am so freaking proud of her!

Toni does not need to move on. You anons need to grow up. She is doing nothing wrong, that blame falls on you guys for starting this shit in the first place.

Seriously, please. I am literally begging you, stop. Stop this nonsense now. It’s gone on way too long and you are literally ruining Tumblr for so many people, me included.

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Naomi conf: I’m thrilled that the moms took my advice and put the past behind them. Now we can all move forward.

Naomi: Aiko you’re in the middle. You were, meh. You’re not standing out, I want you to wow me.

Mikelle conf: Aiko told me she was feeling a little down because she’s not getting a ton of attention or special roles and Naomi’s right, it shows in her dancing.

Naomi: At the top is obviously are winners. Abby your joker was great, you nailed every aspect of his personality.

Naomi: And Skylar your facial expressions blew me away, you did really well for a kid who hasn’t done acro in a while.

Ella conf: Words can’t describe how proud I am of that little girl. She brings tears to my eyes.

Naomi: Ok that being said, the routines this week are a but different. Two trios no solo no group. The first trio is a decade throwback it’s a fun musical theatre piece called Candyman. The second trio is a cabaret number called Mein Herr. And here’s the catch. They both have chair props!

Aali conf: Ok two things, one chairs are dangerous, and two chairs are dangerous.

Naomi: On team Candy is Skylar, Abby and Sun.

Naomi: On team Cabaret is Savanna, July and Aiko.

Ada conf: Oh cooome ooon! Who didn’t see that one coming? What happened to work together not against?  


“Sorry honey I was just packing. What’s up I didn’t think I would see you today.” 

“Yeah, listen okay so I applied for this scholarship for San My Tech, I never thought I would…” 

“Wait I thought we agreed that you were to young to move out on your own, isn’t San My Tech in the city.” 

“Yes, but dad. Look they wrote me personality about how they would love for me to come study with them and that I could already start working on research with some of the professors.” 

“I don’t know sweetheart. What does your mom say?”

“I haven’t told her yet. I wanted to see, well I wanted you to back me up dad. You know this is my dream, I am wasting away here.” 

“I will say, I am so very proud of you. I will call your mom tonight, so make sure you talk about it with her but I am defiantly in your corner.” 

“So here a message but not like any you got from me before. As I lay in bed crying not like this is anything new for me. I’ve probably done this 50 plus times since you destroy me. Thinking about how you ask tevin to check up on me. I wonder to myself “does she honestly think she cares?” Because I think you feel guilty. I think that it hard for you to think about how I’ve left the house twice since I got back to Ga. Both times just wishing I stayed in my room. How long did you wait until replacing me? I find it funny you replaced me with the guy I always thought you would. I’ve never been so broken as I am now. Honestly I never thought you break me like this. I hope you are proud “ this was the last message I ever sent her. I loved / love her so much. I’m not sure which. It been 11 months and I still cry over it. We dated 3 years and I moved to Iowa to be with her. I wish I was stronger. I wish things were different.

So this is my desk I spent way too long planning and organizing. It has all my favorite things like plants and Jungkook’s meme face(hi yes bts trash here). I am really excited to work here even though I still have a couple of things to add like a desk lamp and some accessories, but I’m proud of it cause my dearest mother made it for me all by herself! I used black tape cause I thought it’d be a look but idk how I feel about it…I also have on the wall next to my desk, of which there is a peek, I have the poster of every play or production i have ever been in so that’s pretty cool too!

anyway, desk complete !!

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so i recently read your fic about how Dan has a boyfriend called Jake who he's afraid of but he meets Phil on campus and they fall in love and IT'S AMAZING (also it's my first ever AU and now i realise i've been missing out)

Thank you!!! That fic is the fic that i am literally the most proud of so im very happy you like it too :’)

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1: There's confetti everywhere. 2: Do you think Holly Blue is a demoted agate? Like she spent too much time blabbing about how great Blue Diamond is to get the information? (Note: I am not the Anon who asked about Agates being interigators. This just came to mind when I read that ask.)

It’s possible, but she seems a little too proud to have ever been demoted. And she did seem to be quite in her element bullying the famethyst. It’s more likely that, if Agates are interrogators, they simply have more than one possible role. Both are roles which benefit from an intimidating personality, after all.