how pretty can a movie be

  • Emma:Calm down.
  • Emma:Suing who?
  • Regina:Disney! They've gone too far this time! They made a movie about the children of fairy tale villains.
  • Henry:Cool! Am I in it?
  • Regina:Luckily for them, no.
  • Henry:Aww.
  • Emma:Maleficent, you seem pretty calm about this.
  • Maleficent:Eh, I don't like how they imply I don't love my daughter, but I got played by Kristin Chenoweth. Can't really ask for more than that.

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is true d.o dont like his body?

Yup. If you look for it, it’s all over the net. For what I can remember, he doesn’t think he is handsome (C’mon.. the guy kills me just with his face). He also is pretty shy as you can see and feels uncomfortable with his height. Also there was a concert recently where I think it was Chan and Lay (I’m not sure tho) that were saying he got a tan (for his new movie) and has been working out. They tried to “take his jacket off” and he just zipped it again so no one would see his body :/

I wish I could send him all my love and tell him how perfect he is. Admin A~

Hi Taylor! My name is Bridgett. I know that there is a very little chance of you seeing this since you are taking a break from Tumblr. Anyway, I am just giving it a go since you give the best advice and you are one of the most understanding people I know. As a 13 year old, I am beginning to understand that being a teenager isn’t what it shows in the movies. It can be real fun but sometimes real difficult. It’s a life where you get that all the pretty girls are popular,have lots of friends and boyfriends and I’m not one of them. I always focus on my weight or how I look and that’s what’s taking me over. I hate to know that I am not pretty and I am not saying this for attention I am saying this because it hurts. I hate that I always like guys I have no chance with. I hate that all the things I don’t want happening are happening. Taylor, please, if you see this help me out. I need your advice on how to stay positive right now. I love you so much and you will always mean a lot to me. Love,Bridgett.

how to tell if a sign likes you

aries: always touching you, loves being close, constantly asks questions because they want to know everything about you, uses corny pick up lines

taurus: shy when around you, laughs a lot, tries to conceal how they feel, asks to hangout constantly because they want to be around you 24/7

gemini: isn’t not very hard to tell if they do, it’s pretty obvious. they are touchy and love to be touched. they want to snuggle and go on fun exciting adventures together

cancer: cancers are a little more tricky. they are very good at hiding their emotions but you can pick up subtle hints such as them showing you what music they like and asking to show you videos/movies.

leo: little cuties!! they are so shy and when it comes to feelings it just gets worse. they want to tell you how they feel but always chicken out. they will find excuses to talk to you and smiley like a goof.

virgo: two words for you pal, nervous wrecks. they have difficulty handling themselves around you when they like you. they will blurt out awkward phrases and are super clumsy, but extremely sweet and you can tell they care.

libra: ADORABLE they giggle like crazy !! they try and make jokes but they aren’t able to finish because they can’t stop laughing. they want you to spent time inside holding hands and talking nonsense with them.

scorpio: wants to test your brains. asks you all kinds of philosophical questions and want to see how your brains works. they tend to be straightforward and not afraid to express how they feel because they know life is short.

sagittarius: crave confirmation that you enjoy their presence. they want to make sure they don’t annoy you and are able to make you happy. you can tell because they ask you questions about how you are and what you want to do.

capricorn: they always want to please you. they want to make sure you are doing what you want- that you feel safe. they will bend over backwards for you whether it’s grabbing you your drink or spotting you some cash. you can tell by the look in their eyes

aquarius: they will compliment you like crazy. they constantly want you to know they like you and you matter to them. you’ll run into them “accidentally”. they’ll be a pretend they don’t care as much as they do. it is clear they need you by the way they will cling on to you.

pisces: cracking jokes as much as possible. they want to hear you laugh, they want to make you smile. they’ll stick up for you and keep you as close as possible. you can tell because they try and make you feel special.

Maybe I missed something here. I am Mexican. I am open-minded. I loved ‘Ant-Man.’

So how is ‘Ant-Man’ racist?

I didn’t find something wrong with Scott’s heist crew. They are all diverse but not 'just stereotypes’. They are not 'just thugs’. They are pretty skilled in what they do. Scott even seeks their help to steal the Yellowjacket suit.

Now looking back, I think the movie showed how people can change their ways.

Dave saves Hank and the plan from failing by stealing the cop car.

Kurt doesn’t just ditch Scott when the cops find him. He does his best to warn Scott about when security will go down. Also, since when are Russians common in poor neighborhoods?

Luis maintains an optimistic outlook on life even though of his situation. He only tells Scott about breaking into Hank’s house because Hank pretty much planned it out. He also saves a cop, and is excited to be one of the good guys.

If these characters where white, nobody would be complaining that they are racist.

For goodness sake, they live in a poor area! I don’t mean to sound racist but have you been to those areas? Blacks and Hispanics are common there. That’s where the stereotypes where born from! I’m not saying all blacks and Hispanics live in those areas. But not everyone can afford to live in a really nice house and neighborhood.

Maybe the setting of the poor neighborhood and heist crew was to show how people of all backgrounds can do good.

Let’s be honest, if they were all white, no one would find anything wrong with that.

The Falcon fight

Maybe the point of this fight was to show that shrinking in size is what makes Ant-Man special?

In the beginning of the film, we are told that Ant-Man’s ability to shrink and retain his strength could be a game changer in war.

Hence, Sam Wilson, who’s had training in the military, is thrown off when Scott shrinks.

Now, Scott isn’t officially declared winner of the fight. His goal is just to steal the item not to beat Falcon in combat. Scott is just trying to break into the Avengers Facility. So, when Scott is able to get inside, he uses his burglar skills and shrunken size to steal the device.

Again, people wouldn’t be making a big deal of this if Scott fought a white person, like Iron Man, Captain America, or even Black Widow. The point is that even if you had years of training having your opponent shrink would considerably throw you off. The scene shows what was stated in the beginning of the film.

In 'Age of Ultron’, the Avengers (which includes highly trained ex-assassin, Natasha Romanof) were thrown off when Wanda and Pietro used their powers. How is that different from Scott shrinking? Sam was most likely expecting to fight someone of his size and with no powers, or shrinking ability. Same would have happened if it was Rhodey who showed up instead.

Also, “stereotyping?” These characters are not the same because of their race. Kurt and Natasha, both Russian, are very different. Kurt is good with hacking security systems. Natasha is good in hand to hand combat. Dave is street smart, but doesn’t know how to fight. Rhodey uses War Machine to fight. Sam is trained to fight and the wings just aid him in the skill he knows.

If this was stereotyping, wouldn’t they all have the same background story?

Maybe what we should be thinking is: Would I still be mad if this was a white person instead of a person of color? Well, then how do we get diversity? Not every character is a middle class or upper class person. And not every Hispanic or black person can afford to live in a nice neighborhood. (My mom even told me, if we lived somewhere else, we would be living in areas like that.)

Instead of getting angry at the media we should be making changes in real life. We should help the poverty stricken neighbors. Encourage those people that like Kurt, Dave, and Luis they can use their skills for good.

No one bats an eye when a white person is represented as a thug, but if a black or Hispanic person is represented as a thug then it’s stereotyping.

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you ever get this feeling where everything you see is otp (in this case, sterek)? No matter how many couples I ship, the magical thing about sterek is that I can see them in everything. Like, I binge-watched recent hallmark movies the other day (perfect match, a country wedding, etc) and literally every scenario was them. Is that the case for you?

This is my life in a nutshell, friend.

Honestly I’d be hard pressed to find a show, movie, or song that I don’t immediately start trying to Sterekify as I watch it.

It’s awesome, but it also means I’m constantly brimming over with AU ideas I’m never going to end up writing.


(via Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube presents Smosh with the Diamond Award…)

Can we talk about this? Can we talk about how it has been such a HUGE year for them? They became the first EVER internet personalities to get wax statues at Madame Tussauds, they got their own freaking movie which may I remind you is hilarious! This year in November, they will have been making videos for 10 YEARS (holy shit). They’ve come so far from being the silly awkward dorks making videos in Anthony’s bedroom on his father’s webcam. They’re the ones that don’t fail to make us laugh and look forward to something every week. We couldn’t be prouder of you :) They’re not “just some youtubers”. They’re Smosh.

So, West End Grantaire is amazing

EDIT: Realised I forgot to mention, the Grantaire I saw was Matthew Harvey

I saw it at Queen’s Theatre, on 25/07/15 (matinee performance) and oh my goodness the whole thing was amazing but Grantaire was especially amazing. Anyway, I’ve only watched bootlegs and the movie/anniversary concerts before so my point of view is probably biased by how amazing it is to see it live, but I still think he’s brilliant.

Best e/R bits included:

  • R smiling and shushing Enjolras when he sings “don’t let the wine go to your brain”
  • R stealing Joly’s seat so he can sit closer to Enjolras
  • I’m pretty sure he calls Enjolras princess at some point??? Like around the part where he sings “do we fight for the right to a night at the opera now”.
  • R playing around a bit with Gavroche after Javert is caught out, pretending to be hurt when Gav fake punches him was adorable.
  • R trying to pat Enjolras on the back and getting pushed away :(
  • R stopping Enjolras from trying to comfort Marius after Little Fall of Rain, then doing it himself
  • Drink With Me was sung so perfectly, the after Enjolras sits R down and takes away the bottle he’s holding, and they talk, and then have a little forehead-press thing. And then after Enjolras leaves, R goes over to the table and picks the bottle back up :(
  • Pretty sure he yells something like “come back here and fight me” after Gav’s death.
  • e/R hug during the final battle
  • And then, when Enjolras gets shot and falls down off the barricade, R goes up to the top of the barricade without a gun and just stands there with his arms spread, which completely broke my heart.
  • In Empty Chairs, e/R are standing next to eachother (and so are Joly and Bossuet I think, so double the pain!)

General Stuff

  • Adam Bayjou and Adam Pearce were understudying for Valjean and Javert and they were absolutely amazing.
  • Carrie Hope Fletcher pretty much stole the show whenever she was in the scene, I’ve seen videos of her singing and seeing her live was a hundred time better.
  • Michael Riseley (Montparnasse) was really good too.
  • Gavroche was especially perfect, not sure which actor I had for him though.
  • Oh, and during Do You Hear the People Sing, Joly was pulling the cart that Enjolras stood on, which I found pretty funny.

And that’s all, I desperately need to see this again at some point. Also, shout out to the girl two rows in front of me wearing the Team Grantaire shirt!

Okay so the Bee Movie is really funny to me because it’s a fxxxing perfect example of how I feel about a lot of unnecessary romance shoehorned into movies. But the thing is everyone is pretty much on the same page about it. So when people ask “What do you mean you’re sick of unnecessary romance in movies??? That’s barely a problem??” I just point them to the Bee Movie and they can’t say anything at all. 

No one can argue with the terror that is the Bee Movie. 


Seriously though, this movie is really, really weird.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad, not by a long shot. The characters are all likeable, the story is engaging, and the animation is stellar. I can’t believe this movie was made when it says it was made, and that shows how well it’s aged. Not to mention that it does have some genuinely touching moments.

However, I don’t think it’s all that well focused. It has constant random musical interludes, which are well done and are pretty memorable, but have no build up no segue into them. The tone is quite erratic, going from not-so-dark and creepy to silly and lighthearted. And the comedy is very hit and miss. And also the concept of house appliances being alive. That’s kind of a nightmare in and on itself, isn’t it? I wouldn’t want my camera to become alive, or something.

Still, I can still recommend it, if only for its sheer weirdness. There is no other movie like it, which makes it definitely worth watching.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to go laugh my butt off. This poor guy, he’s just so cute.

Featuring the cutest little toaster, Mecha the Techa.

“I convinced myself that I would never find you, when suddenly I saw you.”

These Sleeping at Last lyrics, which have been a favorite of mine for a long time, could really not be more fitting. Life was so monotonous, so confusing, and at times extremely painful up until a few months ago, when halfway through our first date he told me how he really felt. The confusion and chaos lifted, and so many things lined up perfectly. I’m so amazed at it all. I don’t understand how this happens - it’s honestly pretty miraculous. One day the idea of a person you could spend your life with is just a far-off daydream, and then months (or weeks) later, and that person is there in the flesh, holding your hand, kissing your face, and watching funny movies at your parents’ house with you. I still can’t believe it sometimes. How does that even happen aside from the very hand of God drawing two people together?

I don’t want to be ultra-cheesy, because I have always tried not to be that way on Tumblr. I’ve always written in a brutally honest way here. But in that same very honest tone I want to say that I have never liked someone so much. I’ve never felt so adored, flaws and all. Anxiety and all. Worries and fears and slowness and all. Doubts and all. I have never felt so sure that I am well on the path to loving a person very deeply and honestly.

There you have it. I don’t really know the point of writing this, except that I really just needed to type out how in awe of the fact that someone really wonderful genuinely likes me and wants to be with me, and this is actually happening and not a dream. It’s not too good to be true. It’s real.

Things to do instead of Self Harm!

1. Exercise 
2. Put on some fake tattoos
3. Draw on your skin (With washable markers)
4. Write down all your bad feelings, delete them, write down how you want to feel and stick those happy feelings by your bed and read them every morning and night.
5. Scribble on paper with crayons
6. Talk to someone
7. Watch your favourite tv show/movie
8. Read a book
9. Paint your nails
10. Listen to music
11. Hang out with some friends
12. Play a game that you can’t pause (by the time the game has finished, you won’t want to self harm anymore)
13. Cook a meal
14. Look up pretty pictures on the internet (good for calming)
15. Suck an ice cube 
16. Draw lines where you want to cut
17. Buy a stuffed animal

Feel free to add more :)




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I was surprised by how much I was touched by Evie & The Evil Queen, EQ freaking out and being proud that Evie made Mal's dress was pretty sweet and with Evie saying 'mommy?' when she saw her mom's statue in the museum, it was quite different than Carlos being scared, Jay being impressed, and Mal being stunned.

Honestly, based on both the book and the movie, out of the four villain kids, Evie has the closest thing to a healthy relationship with her mom.

Her mom definitely cares about her, but I think it’s more because Evie’s pretty and can win a prince and redeem the family than because Evie’s smart and capable and amazing. (Though, I think Evil Queen could grow to understand that Evie’s more than a pretty face.)

And yeah, Carlos is terrified of his mom, Jay resents his dad, and Mal doesn’t really know how to feel about her mom. But Evie? I think Evie really does love her mom. (Sort of in the way that Elizabeth loves her mom in Pride and Prejudice.)

Evil Queen just wants what’s best for Evie, but she’s never stopped to ask Evie what she thinks is best for herself.

literally every other character in the paper towns movie was miles more interesting than margo

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just saw the timeline thing you made for wonwoo, woahh can u make one for mingyu pretty please ? ~

  • How he asks you out: Mingyu’s kind of a confident guy, like he’d probably figure out his feelings for you and be like “oh” and then when he sees you he’s like “oh” and from then on he’s pretty straightforward in coming up to you and being like “wow! you look nice today! are you free saturday, because we could go see a movie?” and you’d be like sounds fun! but he’d turn around then turn back and be like “…..this is a date by the way because I like you.” 
  • First date: The movies it is because it’s dark and you can’t see his face get flushed red when you accidentally touch fingers with him in your shared popcorn. He’d be sort of anxious the first half and then be like ‘suck it up Mingyu’ and casually pull the move where he puts an arm around you by pretending to stretch. 
  • First kiss: Mingyu would actually be such a dork about this like a couple of times he’d lean in and be like “Im gonna kiss them…!” but then you’d probably turn your head or ask a question and it would ruin it and he’d be like gdi but then one day while you’re talking to him about something he’d just be like now or never and he’d kiss you and you’d be like “what……was that for?” and he’d be like “because i uh…..lik……like you……so….you know…..” 
  • Skinship!: At first Mingyu would be a bit awkward, but soon enough you’d have a 185cm teddy bear that would literally keep hanging on you and any chance he gets he wants to settle his head on your lap or hug you from behind and rest his chin in your hair. 
  • Making out: He’s kind of eager with his kisses. Trying to assert dominance and be the one in charge and it means that sometimes his kisses are a little sloppy and his grip on your waist is a little tight. After calming down, he sort of goes into a really good flow of mid-length kisses with a lot of breathing time and his kisses trail up your cheek bone then down behind your war while his hands stay on your hips. 
  • First fight: He’d maybe say something insensitive and you’d be a little hurt but after a while, he’d come running to you with a cute present and an apology and a long story about how Wonwoo told him he had been a jerk to you. 
  • Telling the other members: The minute after your date is over, he’s opening group chat and being like ‘GUEss wHAT IM n OT SINGLE’ 
  • Going public!: After a while, it would be surprising, but Mingyu would want to go public. He just wouldn’t see the point in lying so he’d make a statement about it. 
  • Propose: You’d probably be tricked, with the help of 17, of coming over to the practice room at night and you’d look around for Mingyu but all you’d see is this projector on the mirror and then suddenly a video would be playing and it would be each member telling you how they think you’re great for Mingyu and you’ve been together for so long and yadda yadda and then it would get to Mingyu who’d just be like ‘turn around’ and when you do he’s there on his one knee with the ring and you’re like you nERD THAt maDE ME CRY 

find the other timelines here!: s.coups (x) woozi (x) wonwoo (x) jeonghan (x)     dino (x)  joshua (x

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after this I'm pretty convinced that maybe Cassie will fall for Mackenzie. I mean they know how fandom works, and with that kind of trailer they either want to bait the fuck out of us (which wouldn't be that great), or it will be another kind of BFFs falling for each other

I can’t wait till after the movie comes out and everyone writes fics about bi Cassie falling for the tiny gay Mack. Can’t wait. :~)