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I've seen people calling a movie sexist because the main characters are all male and none of the female characters are leads. I can't understand how anyone can think this is sexist, first, of all only the trailer has been released so we don't know what characters get what screen time, second, one of the main characters is black so there's pretty good representation there, and finally not every fucking film can have a lead character of every gender, race, sexuality it's just not possible.

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Calum gets jealous over the little pug you two are raising dry humping you? x'D

alright so, your little pug has been in heat and taking care of it was something you didn’t exactly know how to deal with. You laid pretty low and gave him treats and pat him on the head when he needed it, but you still had to snatch those pillows he’s been humping away from him. When you’re watching a movie with Calum and feel paws wrapped around your leg and heavy breathing, you gasp and look down at your dog.

"Bad boy," you push him away and Calum scoffs, draping a protective arm over your shoulder.

"Calum what are you doing?" You giggle and look over at him.

"Showin y/dog/n who’s boss around here, he can’t be humping your leg. They’re mine."

"Calum you’re getting jealous over a dog!"

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Thoughts on the Spy Kids franchise? I like how it has a Spanish actor in it, and the kids can speak Spanish, and that Carmen (Alexa Vega) is half Colombian, and Juni (Daryl Sabara) isn't, with their mother being white too. Do you think this is good representation?

I saw the first movie and the third… I like the first Spy Kids pretty well as a kid. As far as representation goes… I really don’t know. My thought is that the Cortez family was meant to be Latinx, but I could be wrong (especially seeing as 3 of the actors playing the family aren’t Latinx).

Anyone with a more informed opinion want to take stab at this?


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all the evens NERD

2. Gender?

Female i guess

4. Appearance?

Think soft potato with face


words, i like words. and having my hair pet.

8. Fears?

trypophobia, pretty acutely.  

10. Single or not?

two gillyfronds currently

12. Your favorite eye colour?

eyes are optional, all colours are acceptable

14. Straight/ Homossexual/ Bissexual…?

pansexual with polyromantic tendencies

16. How was your childhood?

18. What kind of movies do you like?

horror, mostly. 

20. Something you wished you had never done?


22. A motto?

never be ashamed of what you feel

24. Fandoms?

I don’t really do fandoms rofl. I like what I like and I do stuff with people who also like those things, but that argumentative, bullying atmosphere in the ‘fandom proper’ I just can’t get into.

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Nicknames: Polo, Memeco 

Birthday: May 30th

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight 

Favorite Colors: cyan is the bomb

Time and Date: 6:56 p.m. on the March 30th

Sleep: 5 - 8 hours (thanks homework)

Lucky Number: 5, 7, 30
Last Thing I Googled: Parks and Rec season 7 (finally finished the series)
First word that comes to mind: tissue (I have a cold)

Happy Place: Room, walking on the trail behind my house, hanging with friends
How many blankets I use: 3 because I’m basically cold-blooded
Favorite Fictional Characters: April Ludgate  (Parks and Rec), Jim Halpert (Office), Pretty much the whole Harry Potter cast, probably a lot of others that I can’t think of rn

Favorite Book: I have to pick Harry Potter

Favorite Movie: Not sure, but I’m pretty sure Pulp Fiction changed me as a person
Favorite TV Show: The Office

Last Movie I Saw: Watching Divergent rn because I have to watch Insurgent tomorrow

Dream Holiday: travelling the world

Dream Wedding: No clue
Dream Job: Probably some business mogle

Clothes: currently: Blue jeans, grey long sleeve shirt (extra generic)
Last Book: currently How to Win Friends and Influence People (extremely useful book)

I tag: literalspongebob the-frightening-yet-wondrous futilitytea bananashot

i was talking to a girl in class today and i was commenting about how i watched kenneth branagh’s cinderella yesterday and that i liked the movie. and she was like ‘oh yeah the girl who plays cinderella is so pretty’ and i was like ‘yeah but i wish they had cast lupita nyong’o because she’s the most beautiful’ and she was like ummmmmmm no? cinderella is not black? and i was like well, not this particular one but why can’t a cinderella in a next movie be black? and she kept refusing the idea and i kept asking her why until there was only an answer. racism, plain and simple. just because a character isn’t “canonically” black or indian or latino, why do they have to be white always? i deserve to see myself as cinderella too. and so do other millions of people. beauty isn’t only being white. there’s thousands of other types. and all of them deserve to be portrayed and celebrated.

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


[get to know me meme] 15 Movies (3/15)The Parent Trap


Favorite Spoby moments » 1x19- "A Person of Interest"

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What are some of the best horror movies on Netflix?

well of course there’s the insanly popular ones like the saw movies, the scream movies, the friday the 13th movies, etc. but here are some lesser known ones that i’ve watched on netflix and enjoyed

  1. the town that dreaded sundown - slasher film which was produced by ryan murphy so you can definitely see some american horror story-eqsue stylistic elements which i liked. it’s a unique remake/sequel of 1976 film and it was pretty sick
  2. v/h/s and v/h/s 2 (there’s also a 3rd one on netflix but i haven’t seen it yet so idk how it is but it’s on my watchlist!)- very fun and creepy anthology films. they’re a collection of found footage shorts compiled together. they’re hit or miss but for the most part they’re awesome. i liked the second one better tho
  3. jeepers creepers 1 and 2 - they were literally my favorite movies growing up. flesh-eating creature attacking teens? what more could you ask for
  4. you’re next - such a cool, stylistic, slasher film. interesting twists, sick music, strong female protagonist. probably one of my favorite horror films!
  5. the taking of deborah logan - awesome independent horror film about a documentary crew making a film about Alzheimer’s patients who uncover this lady is like possessed with something evil. really creepy i really enjoyed it
  6. bates motel - not a movie but a damn good tv show. it’s a prequel to psycho and it’s amazing. the acting, the story, just everything. the first 2 seasons are on netflix and season 3 is currently airing! check it out

sorry this list is kind of short. i just realized the horror movie selection on netlfix is slim pickings


Favorite MSR moments from Fight the Future

I'm looking for Aromantic identified people

I’m planning to put together a document that will feature a thorough examination of aromantic identity and queerplatonic relationships. I need input of personal stories from real aromantic and aro-spectrum people to include so that the maximum people contribute to defining things without me monopolizing it.

Are you with an educational facility?

No, I’m not associated with a university or anything. This isn’t very formal - it’s not going to get published, per se. But it will be posted on qpadvice eventually to be used as an open public resource for others to read and share.

What can I contribute?

Coming out stories, stories of realization that you were aro, stories of relationships, stories of how you deal with media onslaught of romantically heavy movies and shows, etc. Pretty much anything that you feel is defining for you and that you want to share.

How long are we taking here?

I’m looking for your personal experience in three asks or less. I can’t include a novel of your life story - I want to keep this concentrated on the aromantic experience in a world that is heavily romantically inclined. You can send me an ask, or a fan mail.

Is this anonymous?

It’s completely your choice. If you say anonymous, it can be. If you want me to publish info, that’s cool too. The amount is up to you. You can hide your name but reveal your location, age, ethnicity, etc. Or you can include everything. Literally you are in full control of what you want shown and what you think should be displayed.

Can I contribute if I’m not aro?

If you are on the spectrum, feel free! (Gray aro, aro flux, akoiromantic, etc…) If you are romantic, please help out by reblogging.

Where do I send it?

Please send it to Chekhovandowl’s askbox or fan mail. You can also email me at (please keep it concise. If you cannot, please understand that I might trim it down a little to make it more digestible. 

The deadline is April 10th, 2015! Please try to get your submissions in by then.