how precious is he here just look at his hair ahh

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Just joining the fandom, been listening to them from the beginning of the year. It's so hard to find their content >.< Could ya help me and post/tag a thread on their profiles? I mean the kinda profile fans have inside jokes with and everything, not their blood types (which is basically all I've been reading because IT'S SO HARD TO FIND THEIR CONTENT).

AHH welcome to the fandom bud!! Hmmm I think I know what you mean? I don’t think I remember seeing many of these so I’ll try and make a little one for you but I’m not sure how good it’ll be,, I don’t know how caught up I am with the fandom really and whatever inside jokes they have sdklnfsdlkfn BUT

Jae (Park Jaehyung):

- born 1992.09.15 !! (oldest member)

- lived first few years of his life in Argentina then in the United States then moved to Korea what a cool guy

- participated in the first season of Kpop Star along with Park Jimin, Lee Hi, Baek Ahyeon, Lee Michelle, Lee Seunghoon (Winner ;;), Yoon Hyunsang etc. and placed 6th!! leading him to join JYP Entertainment 

- had a youtube channel called yellowpostitman when he was a small baby and sang covers on there :’‘)

- hosts asc (after school club) with his pals Jimin and Kevin

- does vocals and guitar in Day6!!

- is called Chicken Little (cause he looks like him like really does it’s wow), Sweg Chicken (he doesn’t even know what this means why’s he called that)

- uses a lot of hashtags like.. calm down my guy

- wanted to have long hair the way JB from Got7 did at one time it was the cutest

- is the designated English speaker in the group and you can watch one of my favourite clips of him speaking English here!! (you feel me? you feel me Brian?) incredible

- can play badminton !!!! and was on Cool Kiz on the Block (?) for that

Sungjin (Park Sungjin):

- born 1993.01.16 (leader!!)

- does vocals and guitar and can also do percussion (I’m not sure the term for the instrument apologies) as you can see in a couple of their radio covers and in this predebut performance as 5live

- needs to let Wonpil live

- says that he’s the most emotional at dawn xdknvfkldnfs

- a legendary dancer

- people used to joke that it was his fault Day6 didn’t go on variety shows because he once went on Hidden Singer with Park Jinyoung (JYP) and was pretty nervous and couldn’t speak very well

- he’s like a dad but is actually a mystery to me???? because somehow he’s simultaneously a lame joke bad pun kind of dad and such a savage so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- has a gorgeous, super distinct voice it’s really amazing one of my favourite voices

- is called Bob because Jae thinks he looks like Bob the Builder which.. I have no words for..

- also has suCH a beautiful laugh,, they all have beautiful laughs though !!

Young K (Brian Kang or Kang Younghyun):

- born 1993.12.19

- stage name is Young K and he always tries to get people to call him that but everyone still calls him Brian

- lived in Canada !!!! my Canadian bro

- when he lived in Canada performed songs on a youtube channel with his pal Terry He !!! (Terry and pals made a cover of Congratulations when Brian debuted you can watch it here ;;)

- when in Canada was also in a band with Terry called KMESS + one called 3rd Degree

- does vocals, rap and bass

- originally played guitar before debuting with Day6 and didn’t get along with Jae (this isn’t the right wording but) when they first trained together because he took his guitar spot and he had to learn bass but they’re great buds now

- told YG to get an attitude (some peeps say that’s not what he actually said but I’m going to believe it forever) you can see here !! truly iconic, legends only

- is studying in University !!!! while still balancing being a part of Day6 what a guy :’‘) he works very hard

- Did a song with Baek Ahyeon called Shouldn’t Have and here you can watch the cutest performance of it in the whole world look at his dancing and them smiliNG at each other if you ever need to be cheered up watch this 

- also watch this with him and Jae !! the best thing? in the whole world? another iconic moment

Wonpil (Kim Wonpil):

- born 1994.04.28

- is the most emotional member according to Sungjin

- does vocals, keyboard and synthesizer !!

this is what he looked like predebut sdfsklnfsk

(a shark angel?)

- they always give him trash for his pink sweater (especially Jae)

(idk what they’re talking about he looks like an angel)

- the sweetest cutest person in the whole world his nickname is Pirimili is that doesn’t prove it to you I don’t know what to say

- likes to snuggle and sometimes goes to Brian’s room dlknfskldnfl really an angel

- he’s also really funny and is almost as legendary of a dancer as Sungjin as you can see here

- also has a super distinct voice !!

- when Day6 need aegyo he’s the one they turn to

Dowoon (Yoon Dowoon):

- born 1995.08.25

- plays the drums !! (also sometimes sings a little tiny bit I hope we can hear more in the future his voice is lovely)

- is very shy especially when they first debuted

- when they first debuted he always had to practice speaking neutrally because he naturally speaks in dialect

- Brian loves him so much he loves making him sit on his lap they’re so cute sldknfskl

- everyone loves him so much really

- I don’t know I don’t have that much info on him really but he’s the most precious in the whole world

Some general things about Day6:

- were originally a 5 member band called 5live and became Day6 when Dowoon joined

- had a past member named Junhyeok who did vocals and the keyboard who left on February 27th, 2016 (I cried)

- good pals with Got7

- do a LOT of covers both in English and Korean on the radio !!

- are very frequent radio guests especially on Kiss the Radio

- are really a true band they’re incredibly talented and hard working and deserve all of the love in the world

SO that’s all I have for now? Everyone please feel free to correct anything I might have gotten wrong and add things that I missed !!


Here is a list of many of their radio covers made by @softwoc !!

And some good Day6 blogs off of the top of my head are @fyeahdaysix (+ all of the fyeah blogs) @theday6 @brianskangs @bryankang @youngk @jaechicken @wonpilimiri @its-youngk their content should be able to help you get into Day6 !!

I’ll try to add on anything I missed and I hope that you continue to enjoy and support Day6′s music :’‘)

BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

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[GOT7 Reacts] to their s/o doing aegyo to another member

still taking requests or feel free to ask me a bunch of random questions~ JJ

Mark: He sits across the room from you and catches you talking to Jinyoung who seems to be teasing you about your hair or something. When suddenly you’re doing aegyo for him. Mark can’t believe his eyes, since you usually only save aegyo for special occasions. He goes over there and asks “can I help you Jinyoung, need something?” you just say you’re joking around. He sits in between you two “Jinyoungie can have aegyo from me. Your aegyo is mine.” He does a half-hearted ~buing buing~ for Jinyoung and remains settled between you. 

Jinyoung: You two were about to go for dinner but he just needed to grab some stuff from the dorm. As you wait Yugyeom comes out of his room “Anyeong Noona~~” “Anyeong~ Gyeomie~” you say back doing the kwiyomi song hand gestures. Jinyoung see’s you doing this and to Yugyeom of all people “Ya! Kim Yugyeom are you hitting on my girlfriend?! You are so dead when I come home.” he pauses “And [Y/N] you did aegyo for him! You owe me.” He waits for you to do aegyo tapping his foot against the floor and you do an even cuter action. He glares over to Yugyeom with a smirk as you leave.  

Yugyeom: You, Bambam and him decide to go to the amusement park.  And as you are at the top of the coaster you and Bambam cling to each other for a second “Ahh I’m so scared!~” “[Y/N]~~” as the coaster drops so does Yugyeom’s heart. When you get off the ride he pouts for the rest of the day, Bambam decides to go back early, leaving you both alone. “[Y/N] why did you cling to Bambam not me?” You tell him it wasn’t on purpose. He leans down and holds your face in his hands “I’ll work harder to be more manly so you can show me your scared side.” You say “what does that even mean. I just held Bambam because he was more scared than me” and you both laugh at his seriousness then you get on your tippy toes for a kiss.

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Before the Sun Is In the Sky - Lin Manuel Miranda X Reader

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: You’re a sleep deprived third-year resident at the hospital and you’ve been assigned to the ER where a disheveled Lin comes in after a kitchen mishap.

Warnings: Blood, needles, cursing. I think that’s it?

Word Count: 3,132 (Yiiiikes.)

A/N: So I haven’t written in a long while, so it’s hella rusty and I’m sorry for this trash. This is my first fic in a long ass time. It was initially gonna be a one shot, but then I started rambling and well, it’s dumb. ANYWAY. Have fun with this garbage. Let me know what y'all think and maybe I’ll write more. Who knows.

SIDE NOTE: Thanks to @ourforgottenboleros for editing and being the sweetest pal ever. GO READ HER STUFF ‘CAUSE BECCA INSPIRED ME TO WRITE AGAIN AND HONESTLY I’M FLUSTERED BC OF HER WORK, SO YEAH.

You were four hours past the end of your shift at Columbia University Hospital and you’d been sleep deprived for a little over two days. It wasn’t like you had a right to kick yourself in the ass for being so exhausted because you intentionally signed up for this. Four years at Tufts, another four at Cornell, you weren’t about to throw it all away just because you were tired. It was part of the job. As a third-year resident, you should be used to it by now – and sure, you were, but you were human and sleep was still precious.

It was almost 4 in the morning and you were making your last round in the pit before calling it a night. The ER was oddly silent in a city that never sleeps, but still, you were beyond grateful for the silent reprieve, no matter how momentary.

“Doctor Y/N, there’s a minor laceration that just got assigned to Room 17,” a nurse called out from behind the station. “He was the last patient out there.”

You groaned to yourself, almost wanting to admit defeat. You didn’t want to go check up on someone that was most likely inebriated to the point where impulse and clumsiness overpowered all logic and balance. The guy probably had some superficial injury that could be patched up with some antibacterial cream and a Spider-Man band aid.

“Thanks, Erica,” you replied as you stifled a yawn that’s been trying to escape for the past six hours. “Stats and everything uploaded to the database?”

Erica nodded and smiled at you sympathetically, knowing full well how much you just wanted to go home, take off everything, and climb into bed for just five hours before it was time to start again.

Room 17, you thought to yourself as your feet subconsciously brought you to the back hallway of the emergency room, tablet in tow. After a brief overview of his stats, medical history, and a description of the wound, you quickly gave the door two knocks before entering the room. Pulling back the privacy curtain, you looked up from your tablet and smiled at a disheveled man with his hand wrapped in a bloody hand towel.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Y/N, Mister… Lin-Manuel.” You smiled as you set down the tablet and approached him.

“You can just call me Lin,” he replied as he tried to wave at you with his cut hand, pain suddenly reminding him of his early morning mistake. “Oh duh, so stupid.”

You bit your cheek to keep the snicker that was quickly rising up and grabbed a pair of latex gloves and put them on.

“Alright, so what happened?” Reaching out for his hand, you gingerly hold it and remove the towel, exposing a three inch long slice on his left hand, starting from a centimeter above the base of his middle finger ending down by the outside curve of his palm. “Ahh, there it is.”

“Apple,” he started. “I was slicing an apple because eating it whole is just weird and it’s so much easier to eat it in slices, so that way I have free range with my hands to–”

You stopped him. “So you were slicing an apple on a cutting board and then this happened… to the inside of your palm?” That made no sense. If anything, he would’ve cut a finger or even the outside of his hand.

Shuffling over to the cabinet on the wall adjacent to the bed, you opened it up and grabbed gauze pads and saline solution.

“No, I was holding it. In my hand.” Lin looked you in the eye and then suddenly couldn’t make eye contact. There was a moment of hesitation and he brought his focus to the pulse oximeter still attached to his index finger. “Stupid, I know, but I wasn’t thinking. I had other things going on in my head and I got hungry, so I figured I’d cut up an apple and get back to writing.”

You made your way back over to him.

“I think a lesson was learned today,” you retorted with a smirk on your face as you began to clean the cut.

He winced and jerked his hand away just a bit. “Yeah, but it’s a setback now.”

You tried to clean the cut, but every time you put an ounce of pressure to the area, he seemed more and more uncomfortable. “Okay, I’m gonna numb this.”

“With a topical cream?” He asked with a raised brow, concern growing on his face.

“I could use a topical anesthetic, but when I stitch this up, you’ll probably feel a little more of the sutures than you’d like…”

You felt bad for him, you really did. His apparent uneasiness with needles on top of very obvious sleep deprivation (his eye bags looked worse than yours, dear Lord) made his big brown eyes grow wider and suddenly, they looked, for lack of a better term, helpless. That split second of fear and anxiety staring right back at you in the form of a puppy dog in a human’s body just sent your heart plummeting.

“Look, it’ll be quick. If anything, it’s a quick pinch here,” you pointed to the base of his finger, then the middle of his palm, and the edge of his hand. “There, and… right there. By the time it’s over, you’ll just feel pressure on it and it’s all done.” You flashed him a reassuring smile and shot him a look of ‘okay, let’s do it?’.

Lin audibly swallowed and nodded shaking. “I just… needles. Not too great with them.”

You headed towards the door and shot him yet another sympathetic grin. “I know, but it’ll help, I promise. I’ll be right back with what I need and we’ll get you stitched up and out of here, okay?”

“Sure, take your time, Doc.” He ran his free hand through his hair and let out a deep breath. “Please. Take your time. I need to mentally prepare for… this.” He gestured around the room and looked up at the ceiling.

You chuckled and shook your head. “You’ll be just fine.”

This was an everyday occurrence. Patients came in and out of the hospital, especially the pit where they were never anticipating to be. Patience and understanding were two traits that were necessary on the road to success as a doctor, so when it came to cases like this, the standard protocol was already second nature to you.

Once you had the required items, you took your tray and brought it back to his room. “Hey there, all set?”

A shaky breath escaped Lin’s lips and he shook his head again, clearly trying his hardest to smile. “Uh, no, but it needs to happen. I just… the blood, the stitches, my hand…”

“I’ll distract you,” you offered as you grabbed the stool and took a seat next to the bed. “Okay, put your hand up here and tell me about what you were working on.” Fingers in place in the new pair of gloves, you took the syringe and popped off the top before beginning to administer the anesthesia.

He gasped audibly, prompting you to stop to give him a few more moments of preparation. “Shit, that’s a big needle.” His eyes widened at the sight of the bevel that was a hairline away from his gaping wound.

It was a short gauge, a whopping 26 millimeters from the tip to the hub, barely a millimeter longer than a typical 25-gauge butterfly. A baby’s pinky finger was longer.

“Shh, shh, don’t look,” you told him calmly in an attempt to reassure him. “Close your eyes, Lin. It’s okay. Breathe in, breathe out.” A comforting smile grew across your face as you coaxed him to relax. “So tell me, what’s that thing you were working on?”

“A musical.” He exhaled a shaky breath as he squeezed his eyes shut, his free hand visibly trembling as he brought it up to further cover his face, as if shielding himself from the entire ordeal would make it all go away. You started to administer the anesthesia one more time, working as lightly as you possibly could. “It’s a fuzzy idea I had one day and it just sort of – ow! Sorry, I – ah! Fuck! Damn it! I’m gonna – oh God, I’m gonna puke…”

“It’s over, it’s over, no more pain.” You gazed into his eyes as a smile tugged on the corners of your lips. “Also, no more sensation because you’ll be numb for a few hours.”

He cautiously opened his eyes and looked back at you, chest rising and falling as if he’d sprinted up six flights of stairs, a slight grin of relief reciprocating your own. “God, that was horrible.”

You couldn’t help but giggle a little. There was something entrancing about his personality, and honestly, him being your (hopefully) last patient almost made it worthwhile.

“You’re fine. I’ll get it all stitched and you can go back home to work on that musical, alright? Tell me all about it.” Suture in hand, you began to close up his wound, stealing glimpses of him every now and then to ensure he was comfortable.

“You know the dude on the ten-dollar bill? Well, he’s got a wild story from start to finish.”

“Alexander Hamilton? That guy?”

He opened up his eyes and looked at you as you met his gaze with a quizzical look. With pursed lips, he nodded as if to say, ‘Yeahhhh, crazy.’

A musical. About some old man on the ten spot. Who in the world would do such a thing? Of course, you weren’t about to burst his bubble, especially since he was slowly but surely calming down. And plus, it was mesmerizing just listening to him ramble on.

You were about a third of the way through and despite your desperation for rest (and a bagel – dear God, you were starving), conversing with this sleep deprived, clumsy playwright-slash-musician somehow made tonight much more entertaining – which was odd because your definition of ‘entertaining’ was scrubbing in on a coronary artery bypass graft. But regardless, something about this man made you want to slow down and take your time instead of rushing him out the door.

“So what’s so special about Mr. Ten Dollar bill?” You pulled the suture through and tied a knot, moving languidly to prolong the moment.

“Everything,” he answered, accidentally moving his wounded hand to further emphasize his reply.

You instinctively grabbed him by the wrist to steady his hand.

“Yikes! Sorry, sorry, I forgot…”

With a laugh, you breathed a sigh of relief, worried some freak accident would’ve occurred had you not been quick on your feet – well, hands. “No no, it’s all good. Keep going.”

“Uh, where was I– Right, so he was just some washed up orphan, tough life, big dreams, some victories, huge mistake…”

Stitch upon stitch, you listened intently, finding yourself upstaging Mona Lisa’s smirk with your own because no matter how monotonous this procedure was, you were actually really into it. The conversation, that was, and you just kind of, sort of, maybe, perhaps didn’t want it to end.

Eventually, he wasn’t as nervous as he was when he first arrived and the conversation went from distraction to legitimate socialization.

Suddenly, his voice trailed off.

“This is probably boring to you. You don’t wanna hear about this. You probably have people talking your ear off every day. I’m sorry.” Lin gave you an apologetic smile. “You must be tired of me already.”

You look up at him and shrug, the faintest smile gracing your face. “I mean, it sounded ridiculous at first, but the more you talked about it, the more I wanted to know.”

“Don’t patronize me, it’s okay.” A grin tugged at his lips. “I’m sure you wanted silence.”

Honestly, he was partially right. You wanted nothing more than to drown out the melodies of the hustling, bustling city you called home. There was not a more arousing thought than silence. (That was sad. You were turned on by silence.)

But that was before this patient swept you up in the excitement of the story of Mr. Ten Bucks. And suddenly, you were okay with hearing him drone on and on.

With a shake of your head, you smiled up at him. “I was actually enjoying the conversation.”

“Well anyway, that’s the gist of it. I’ll spare you of the rest of my commentary.” He shot you a sheepish smile and laughed under his breath. “Weird concept, huh?”

“I dig it!” you replied with an enthusiastic nod. Sure, it sounded absurd, but the way he described it to you made it seem like brilliance was brewing. “I want tickets to the show when it’s done. Front and center. I’m gonna be like, ‘Yeah, I fixed up his hand!’

A laugh fell from his lips and he met your eyes. “You’re cute, Doc.”

Oh, there you went with the blushing. You felt the heat radiating from your cheeks and you broke away from his gaze, fearing your quickly reddening face would be noticed. Eyes focused on the task still at hand, you continued to close up the wound.

“I lucked out here in the ER.”

You could practically feel his eyes still on you, and the silly grin on his face made your cheeks flame up even more.

“Look!” You gesticulated a mock presentation of his newly stitched up hand and flashed him your pearly whites, trying to change the subject. “Not bad at all, right?”

He brought his hand up closer to his face and examined it with fascination mixed with a twinge of disgust. “How Frankenstein’s monster-esque.”

You reached out for his hand after giving him a few moments to gawk at it and started to wrap it up with the roll of gauze, finishing it up with a knot. Cleaning up your station, you watched Lin’s reaction and couldn’t help but laugh a little. What a relief, you were finally done.

“It’s shouldn’t scar though, so if you were worried about having aesthetically pleasing hands, those stitches won’t hinder you from pursuing a hand modeling career.”

“Thank you,” he said with a sincere smile. “This was a surprisingly positive experience for me.”

“Well, it was my pleasure. And thank you for educating me on America’s history.”

“It was my pleasure educating a beautiful doctor who won’t, in any way, shape, or form, have any use of her new knowledge of America’s boastful founding father.”

Damn him, he was too charming. Those mesmerizing eyes, tousled dark locks, it almost seemed like he was flirting – No, stop it. You’re exhausted. That’s all it was. Exhaustion. Delusion.

A yawn was making its way out of your mouth and you couldn’t help but let it out and stretch along with it.

“Early shift, huh?” He asked, the grin on his face unwavering. “I get that.”

“Actually, I’m on my way out.”

Saying those words lifted the weight off your shoulders, the contours of your body already feeling the warmth of your bed, your head already sensing the softness of your pillow, your mind already imagining the sensation of rest.

His face fell and his cheeks turned a bright shade of red. “Oh God, and here I was, talking your ear off for about an hour and–”

“Don’t even worry about it!” You waved him off and shook your head fervently. “It’s my job. I chose this life. It’s not your fault.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. I would’ve just kept my mouth shut had I known.”

“Please don’t feel bad, I’m totally fine. It’s okay, I promise!” You pulled the gloves off your hand and threw them away before putting a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to assuage his worries. “Let me just slide out of here to write you a prescription and you can go home, okay?”

He nodded wordlessly and watched you walk out of the room.

A quick note on the pad and a grab of a handful of gauze and antibacterial cream later, you made your way back into Room 17.

“I’m ba-ack.” You sang as you swung open the door. “Okay, this is for 800 milligram Ibuprofen for pain if need be, and here are some supplies to keep that cut clean and covered, okay?”

There was a brief moment of quiet between the two of you.

He broke the silence.

“Have you had breakfast yet?”

“No,” you shrugged. “I was gonna tackle that issue after work.”

“Can I take you to breakfast?” He asked without missing a beat, cocking his head slightly to the side, eagerly anticipating your response.

What. That was not something you could do. Doctors were not to affiliate themselves with patients they’re currently treating outside of medical reasons.

Wait a damn minute. He was flirting. And you, stupid you, chalked it all up to merely hallucinating because you were so sleep deprived but –

“Sure,” you replied with a quick nod and a bashful smile plastered on your face, your mind not even comprehending that your mouth decided it was best to jump the gun. “I’d like that.”

And plus, technically, you weren’t even treating him anymore. Your job was done. You patched him up, told him how to care for it, and sent him on his way. His primary care physician was in charge of the follow-up. You were in the clear.

“I’m glad,” he stood up from the bed and grabbed the supplies you gave him and stuffed them in his front pocket. “Should I just… wait in the lobby then?”

“Um, well, the nurse will come in with your discharge papers and he’ll go over what the next few weeks are gonna be like. The game plan for your hand and what not. That should give me enough time to head downstairs to change really quickly and I’ll meet you back up here. Is that okay?”

Lin grinned at you. “Absolutely. I can’t wait.”

And with that, you hurriedly walked towards the elevators and rushed to down to the resident lockers. You frantically stripped yourself of forty-one hours’ worth of stress, sweat, blood, and other bodily fluids and changed into comfy leggings, a black tank top, and a flannel to tie it all together. Messenger bag slung over your shoulder and across your body, you approached the mirror hung behind the door, examining your hair, ensuring you were, at the very least, presentable at this point.

Well, you thought to yourself. This’ll have to do.

You met back up with Lin in Room 17, peeking your head through the door with a faint smile. “Hey, all done?”

“All done,” he replied with a nod. “Ready?”

As I’ll ever be, you thought. “Ready.”


HERE IT IS~ I made sure it’s slightly similar to the roommate au,because I know how you guys love that story so much ,yet I haven’t updated yet T_T I’ll try updating asap oki doki?

Don’t forget to tell me what you thought about it in the comments/message box <3

Genre: romance/fluff/Semi-Smut
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 7735 words
Summary: You and Jungkook gather up with your friends to play truth or dare and it gets a little dirty.

It was a rainy day when you and Jungkook decided to meet up at his place. You were meeting up for a break after the mid-term week that has been keeping both of you away from each other. Jungkook missed you so badly that he blew up your phone with his texting messages for several days. You still refused to meet up with him, because he was being a distraction.

He was finally happy and relieved to hear that you’d drop by for the afternoon and stay overnight. He was so excited and looking forward your little night together. You were very close friends since high school it was not a big deal for neither of you to show up at the boy’s apartment or even spend the night there. Jungkook planned to have a little gathering with you and his friends to lighten up the mood from that stressful week

The boy just came out from his shower and noticed the glistering droplets of rain pouring outside. He was wearing his usual comfy white hoodie and his grey sweats. He was so warm and cozy and he could bet that the second you’d show up at his place you’d jump in his arms for some of his warmth. He looked cuddly for a reason and he knew that you were the type to squeal whenever he wore a hoodie.

Is she going show up in this rain? He holds on his cup of hot chocolate and as he takes a sip

Jungkook dials his friend’s phone number to make sure you were on your way.It rang for a few times and it didn’t take long before the latter replied to jungkook’s call.

“Heyy….” Jimin’s voice says in an unsure tone

“Jimin hyung? Are you picking up Y/N?” he calls his friend

“Bruh, my girl just showed up and she looks quite pissed from the look on her face… I’m sorry but I couldn’t give Y/N a ride” jimin replies on the other line

This hyung better be kidding me!! He left Y/N all alone?!

“Are you saying that she’s walking to get here?” Jungkook yells on the other line

“Well I gave her a tip to take a taxi, but you know how she never accepts money from me” jimin sighs

“That’s because you’re a creep. What would you expect? Who knows if you gave her money for another purpose?” Jungkook scoffs on the other line

“Hey who do you take me for? I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND NOW. I DON’T DO THESE THINGS ANYMORE” jimin shouts

“You still have a past Jimin hyung. Don’t go around giving money to girls…they might get the wrong idea” jungkook sighs

“Is it that wrong to take care of beautiful girls when I have money to spend on them?” jimin argues

“Not when you’re a pervert.” Jungkook replies

“Says the pervert himself” Jimin scoffs

“Don’t include me in your circle, hyung. I don’t own a limited porn magazine collection” jungkook smirks on the other line

“I had money and no girlfriend. Don’t blame me, you little brat” jimin nags

“Sure hyung…sure” jungkook chuckles on the other line

He ended the call and choose to send you a text asking you where you were. As he was typing in his message he could hear two knocks on the door followed by the doorbell ring. A smile was automatically stamped on his face as he ran to open that door. He knew it was you from the second you knocked twice and rang once.

He opened the door and the first thing he saw was you being all drenched and wet from the rain. That white dress shirt you were wearing was sticking onto your skin and half of your hair was wet. You held onto your bag while slightly shivering from the cold.You were seeking for heat and Jungkook was going to give you enough heat for the rest of the night.

“Y/N? Don’t you carry around an umbrella sometimes?” He furrows his brows “What if you catch a cold?” he suddenly pulls you in his warm embrace and closes the door with his foot

You surround your arms around his waist tightly and jungkook slightly gasps from how tight you’re hugging him back. His face softens when he feels you burying your face in his warm cozy chest. Jungkook’s chest was the perfect pillow and spot to press your face on when you felt sad or cold. You snuggled your face on his chest and jungkook can’t help but chuckle at how clingy you are from the moment you stepped in his apartment. Your nose was cold and jungkook’s warm comforting chest was warming you up. Your fingers grasped tightly onto the fabric of his white hoodie and jungkook surround his manly arms around you in protection. You were so cold and he was going to make sure you never catch a cold. His fingers would touch your cold ears from time to time to warm you up.This man was like a heater and you only needed heat from his body right now.

“Did you missed me that much?” he suddenly asks “I thought you’ve been avoiding me for a while because I was supposedly a distraction”

“You’re so warm kook, can’t I stay in your arms forever?” you look up at him with your red nose

“I don’t know about forever, but you can stick to me for a few more minutes” he replies “what’s with the romantic pickup lines, missy? “He asks

“I need heat and you’re hot, so I’ll stick to you, okay?” you smile at him before hugging him tighter

“Oh okay…so now I’m hot? I didn’t knew you saw me that way…” he raised a playful brow

“Hot as in heat, idiot” you chuckle “I’m cold to death and you just happen to provide lots of heat”

“I’m still pretty sexy, don’t you agree?” he raises his brow sexily

“You’re cute Jungkook” you suddenly lessen your hold on him “So cute I’d bite you” you tap his cute nose

I’m cute? Just cute? Nothing else? He unconsciously pouts

Jungkook could feel his little word shatter for some reason.Of course you had to see him under the’ cute’ light .He was a man that worked out a few days a week. His body was hot and everyone who saw it couldn’t agree more. He had the biceps and abs that any girl would drool over, yet you were there calling him adorable. Why did he has to be constantly called cute by you?Was isit his doe eyes and his innocent facial expressions or was it simply the way you saw him?  Sure you were his friend, but you were still a girl and he wanted you to acknowledge him like any other man.

“Girl, I’m still a man. Isn’t it sad to think that you always come to this grown man’s apartment and make yourself so comfortable? Don’t you feel nervous around me, the slightest? “He stares at you as he hold tightly on your shoulders


“Not at all” you reply “I trust you way too much to be nervous” you brush it off

This girl don’t get the clues at all *sighs* let’s just play along with her…

“I’m a spontaneous man “he makes a sassy pose

“Of course you are “you laugh “Can you lend me one of your 24 white shirts or something, I’m dying of cold” you shiver

“Who’d ever saw this would think you’re my girl” he chuckles

How much I wish you were my girl…*pouts internally*

“Oh ho.” You punch his chest “Are you going to push me away once you find a girlfriend?” you glare at him

“Do I look like the kind of friend who’d do that?” he sends you a questioning gaze “I thought you trusted me, I’m feeling a little sad now” he pouts

“Baby please stop being a drama queen and go get me a shirt.” You ruffle his hair “Or, you know what? I’ll just go get one myself” you sigh and walk to his room


“W-Wait!! No one is going through my closet!!” he stops you

“Why? “ You blink before tilting your head to the side” Do you have something to hide in there” you smirk


“My white shirts are PRECIOUS.” He retorts

“So what? You won’t lend me a shirt” you frown “I’m so disappointed! I thought you loved me” you pout

Jungkook could feel his heart jump for the sudden ‘love’ word that just got out of your lips.

“LOVE is a big word.” He stares at you

“Insensitive jerk. I’ve been walking for 15 minutes in the rain to get here.” You fake a sob “Are you really going to treat me that way?”

“Do I look like a man that’d do that to a girl?” he scoffs

“Of course” you glare

“RUDE” he replies in a very offended tone before ruffling his hair

He sighed before he grabbed the hem of his hoodie to slightly pull it up.This how your eyes wavered and panic started arising through your body.You were nervous at his unusual behavior.Why was he going to take it off and in front of you on top of it?

“W-W-What ARE YOU DOING?!” you hide your eyes “Don’t strip tease Jeon Jungkook. I’M W-WARNING YOU”

Jungkook takes off his hoodie as it sticks with the white shirt he’s wearing under it. Part of his skin and his abs gets exposed but the guy does not waste time to pull down his white shirt while removing successfully the white hoodie. You seem a bit disappointed as you didn’t get to see the entire thing. You were peeking through your fingers and you could tell that jungkook has been building something under these white shirts.

“Calm down woman, I was going to give you my hoodie instead. It’s already warm so you’ll warm up faster.” He replies as he throws the white hoodie on your figure

“Why do I feel like you actually wanted me to take everything off.” he replies “You were disappointed because I was wearing another shirt under it, right?” he nudges you

“N-NO!” you stare at him before putting on the hoodie “Ahh…” you exclaim as the warmth invades you “Your hoodie is so warm and cozy” you rub your cheek on the fabric

“Of course it is, I’m hot” he winks at you

“Oh gosh, International playboy.” You roll your eyes “So what’s your plan for tonight?”

“I thought we could play a little game” he wiggles his eyebrow

“Oh no, I don’t like where this is going” you stare at him

“You’ll see. Let’s just go watch something while waiting for Jimin hyung and the rest of the guys to come”

You both sat on his couch with his arm around your shoulder as you all snuggled up on his chest like his puppy.Jungkook would pet your hair while making all sorts of weird sounds.He was like that and you had to live with his weirdness. Whoever saw both of you, would be thinking that you’re an item. Jungkook would play and ruffle your hair with his large hands in order to make you the most hideous looking hairstyles in history. He giggles and finds it funny, but it’s not that funny in your perspective.

“Jeon, I beg you. Stop ruining my hair” you sigh

“I’m just having my fun. Please let me.”

“You really want to disfigure me before Jin Sunbae shows up?” you reply

“Oh, so you’re self-conscious because jin is probably going to show up?” Jungkook gives you a glance

So she still had something for him * pouts* Damn, I thought I had a chance this time…

“You still like him?” his eyes widened

“Not that I like him, but I don’t want to seem like a loser after seeing him for so long”

It’s official. She still likes him. Our chances are doomed Jeon, just forget it…You don’t stand a chance against the perfect Kim Seokjin from the Biomedical Departement.

“Y/N, don’t lie. You’re totally crushing on him” he replies bitterly

“Stop. It’s not like you’re any better. You fell for that library girl because of her boobs.”

I don’t even look at BOOBS. I AVOID BOOBS LIKE AN ILLNESS. WHY IS SHE BRINGING THAT UP?!Aaaiishh…now that she brought up the boob subject I feel like blushing * internally scolsd himself*

“I just said she looked cute!!I never crushed on her and her boobs have nothing to do with this” he blushes

“YOU LIAR” you point at him

The doorbell suddenly rang and the door opened on its own.Jimin was the culprit and he had the keys for some reason which didn’t even surprise jungkook. Followed by jimin was Taehyung with his casual grin stamped on his face, Hoseok who seemed way too hyped up for nothing, Yoongi who seemed to be unaware of why he was even invited, Namjoon who shot you a smile and Jin who was there in all of his glory.

“Who’s a liar?” jimin giggles “I bought some beer, guys!”

“Y/N is already there!!!!!” Taehyung shots up from the back and runs to get a hug from you

“How’s it going, Tae?” you chuckled as his soft hair would tickle your neck

“I’m doing better now that you hugged me” he grins

“Awww you~” you ruffle his hair “I should adopt you, where are the papers to adopt this child!!” you laugh

“This ‘child’ is actually a perv Y/N” Namjoon sighs “I saw him exchanging numbers with Kim Hyuna from third year. You know that girl –“

“With the big boobs” you sigh “Yes I know “you face palm “Why are you guys so obsessed with boobs? You really need to get over it.”

“She’s a C cup!! It’s rare to find this in my faculty” Namjoon sighs

“That’s because there’s not that many girls in engineering” you comment

“Try talking to me about it” Namjoon replies

“You exchanged numbers with Kim Hyuna? GIVE ME HER NUMBER TOO BRUH!! SHARE IT!” Hoseok pulls taehyung to his side

“Oh guys please…” you sigh

“Are you proud of me? I’m not perverted like them” jungkook smiles at you innocently

“You’re probably ten times worse, you just know how keep it inside your pants” you smirk

“OUCH.THAT HURTS” jungkook pouts

“I don’t care about boobs, someone tell me where I can find a relaxing spot in this apartment” Yoongi asks “I don’t even know why I came here, but I’m planning to take a nap anyways”

“There’s a couch over there hyung” Jungkook guides Yoongi to the couch

On the other side Jin had showed up  

“Hey Y/N, it’s been a while” Jin smiles at you

“O-Oh…hey” you blink awkwardly “Yeah, it’s been quite a while! I’m happy to you here” you blush

“Your shirt is so oversized” jin chuckled “you look so tiny”

“I bet Jungkook went dirty on you and he gave it to you as a present “Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows

“Ew. NO. Guys what is wrong with you?” you cringed your face

“She came all drenched because of some irresponsible hyung who didn’t gave her the ride she needed” jungkook frowns

“Okay, bruh, that last sentence sounded kind of wrong” Hoseok sips on his juice

“Oh gosh” jungkook rolled his eyes “Jimin hyung what do you have to say for your defense?”

“I don’t want to talk about it” Jimin’s smile fades away  

“Where’s your girlfriend?” jungkook suddenly asks

“Don’t even bring her up” jimin sighs

As the mood became slightly awkward, jungkook decided to change the topic and this is how you were now bond to play this game he’s been craving to play for so long. All seated in the living room in a circle with beer in the center, you were feeling nervous about what game you were going to play.

“So what is it?” You nudge jungkook

“Truth or Dare” Jungkook smirks

“Bruh, why did you invite us?” Hoseok whispers “You should’ve played that game alone with her…if you know what I mean”

“Shut up, HYUNG” jungkook would slap hoseok’s arm “So…who wants to start?”

“Me~” Namjoon raises his hand “Truth for Hoseok, Did you ever had sex with a teacher for a grade?”

“Ooooh~ bruh , you’re going quite hard from the start” Jimin laughs “No one would, I mean I never hooked up with a teacher so I bet that no one in this squad—“

“Okay, maybe once—“Hoseok replies

Everyone’s eyes rounded in astonishment.

“OMG HOSEOK. You got laid with a teacher??!!”  jimin shouts

“It was just that one time! Plus, she was a TEACHER ASSISTANT not an actual teacher!” Hoseok replies “She was cute. It was two birds with a stone to be honest”

“Was it good?” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows

“What happens in class stays in class” Hoseok smirks

Everyoone ‘woo-ed’ at how savage Hoseok was being with his replies.You were feeling nervous about this game and about how daring the questions were.What if they asked you some awkward questions in front of Jin.You could tell that Jungkook was fidgeting in his seat.He may have chosen the game, but he was also nervous about what kind of wild ideas would come out of his friends.

“It’s my turn huh?”Hoseok asks “This is one is a Truth for Park Jimin. How many freshman have you slept with?”

“THAT’S NOT EVEN FAIR!!” Jimin points at hoseok “How do you expect me to remember that.”

“Oh Jimin” Jin chuckles

“Why am I befriending them again?” Yoongi stares at you

“I bet it’s close to the entire female population” Taehyung chuckled

“Five…” Jimin replies

“Jimin…please. This is truth or dare, not lie or dare” you face palm

“OKAY FIFTY. I SLEPT WITH FIFTY FRESHMANS. DON’T JUDGE” Jimin takes a shot “Your turn to Suffer Kim Taehyung, THIS IS A DARE FOR YOU. Go and lick the wall”

“Lick the wall?” Taehyung raises a brow “Alright, I’ve licked lots of stuff in the past anyways”

“Ew. HELL NO. I’ll have to clean it up” Jungkook cringes his face “NOT ON MY WALLS!!”

“Okay then, go out the balcony and scream to the entire neighborhood that you’re a hoe for jungkook while twerking” Jimin chuckles

“Everyone is a hoe for Jungkook” Taehyung smirks

“Oh man, this is going to be embarrassing “Jungkook sighs

It wasn’t long before Taehyung went out in the balcony. He started off by warming up his deep voice and made a few booty shakes to practice his twerking. It gave you the shock of your life when he suddenly screamed out of his lungs.


“Hyung, please shut the f*ck up, what will my neighbors think??!!” jungkook shows up behind taehyung as he claps his palm on the latter’s mouth

“Sorry, I just felt like it was appropriate to embarrass you along the way” Taehyung laughed

“Can I go back home? Please” Yoongi pleads but no one listens to him

“Congrats Jeon, you got yourself a Hoe Fan club” you laughed while nudging his shoulder

“You’re part of the fan club too” he winks at you

“In your wildest dreams” you send him a flying kiss

“My question is for Y/N” Taehyung giggles at you

“Please tell me it’s an innocent one” you laugh nervously

“If you had to Pick one of us and dress him up as your roleplay fantasy, who would it be?”

“Role playyyy~~~ Hmm, I like these kind of things” jimin giggles while nudging your arm nonstop “Now I’m feeling more curious”

“Why would you ask that?!” You chuckle “what if I said I don’t have a roleplay fantasy?”

“Oh baby, you do. Everyone does “Hoseok replies

“You guys are perverts” you groan “I don’t have a role play fantasy

“Why don’t you tell them about your cop fantasy—“Jungkook is about to reply but you put your palm over his lips

“SHUT IT.” You sent him a death sentence through your eyes

“Damn girl. Cop roleplay? That’s kind of naughty. I didn’t expect you’d be into that” Jimin giggles

“Are you into handcuffs in all those kind of stuff” Taehyung asks

“I’m not replying to this” you stare at Taehyung “AND YOU ARE DEAD” you glare at jungkook

“Hey, I had to say something” Jungkook chuckles “It’s not that embarrassing. It’s kind of Hot actually” he reassures you

“I think that Jungkook is already making plans for his Halloween costume” Hoseok smirks

“Shut up hyung” Jungkook flushes

“You didn’t reply who you’d pick in the squad to make this fantasy come true” Taehyung pouts

“I’m not picking any of you” you laugh sarcastically “Now let me make you suffer Jeon Jungkook” you stare at him

“W-Why me?!” jungkook blinks at you

“This is a dare for you. Give a kiss to Jimin on the cheeks”

“Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t kiss guys especially when they’re Park Jimin” Jungkook replies

“I feel offended now” Jimin puts a hand over his chest

“Oh shut up with ‘I don’t kiss guys’ ish, I’ve seen you kiss Taehyung that other time” you nudge jungkook


“Bruh you guys kissed?!” Hoseok put his palm over his lips “TAEKOOK SAILED!!!”

“We did NOT!!” jungkook argues

“ I helped Jungkook to pretend he had a Girlfriend that one time, so we acted out a little scene” Taehyung replies “We did not kiss, you don’t have to freak out Y/N” taehyung would pat your arm

“Who’s freaking out? I’m not freaking out!” you furrow your brows

“I just figured you might be a little jealous of me” Taehyung grins

“Yeah, obviously” you chuckle “Jungkook must be one hell of a good kisser then.” You smirk

“Tell me about it” Taehyung gives you a perverted glance


“Sorry Jimin, but Taekook sailed…” Hoseok taps jimin shoulder

“Why is my life so pathetic…?” Jimin took a shot “I just broke up with my girl and now Jungkook rejected me”

“Don’t be like that hyung” Jungkook would pats jimin’s shoulder “I’m sorry for your girlfriend. I promise you’ll find the right one soon.”

“That’s true Jimin-ah. We can get a drink together sometimes. Don’t feel so destroyed. You’re an amazing man” Jin would reassure jimin

“That girl doesn’t know what she’s missing” Hoseok replies smugly “You got so many hoes and she’s just one of them”

“Hoseok, can you just shut up please?” you glare at Hoseok before petting jimin’s hair “She probably had her reasons. Remember that we’re always there for you Chimchim” you hold onto his hand

“B-But I loved her so much” Jimin would bury his face in his hands

“There are many girls waiting in line for you. It’s okay! Just think like the old Playboy Jimin would.” Namjoon tries reassuring him

“I thought she was different…That girl changed me” Jimin sniffed “I thought she was the one”

“Don’t let her break you down like that” Taehyung smiles before adding “Girls act out weird sometimes”

“Excuse me?” you gave a stare to Taehyung

“Hum. Yeah. No. I think I’ll just drink and shut up” Taehyung giggles

“Come here “you pull jimin in your arms as you cuddle him and play with his hair “I’ll tell you a little secret” you whisper in jimin’s ears

Not fair. She never cuddles me like this, Jungkook pouts

“Girls may hold grudges for long, but she will eventually come back” you whisper in jimin’s ears

“How do you know that?” jimin stares at you

“Let her time to cool off” you ruffle his hair “And then impress her”

“Y/N, please give me some attention too” Jungkook tugs on your sleeve

“Jesus, you’re such a child!” You chuckle before staring at him “I dare you to stay silent for the rest of the game till someone chooses you for another truth or dare” you reply

“RUDE.” Jungkook replies in an offended tone “Do you hate me that much?!”

“I do it because I adore you” you pinch his nose in between your fingers

“Sure” jungkook sighs “I’ll stay shut but before that, I’ll ask a little question too” he replies “My question is for Jin.”

“Yes?” Jin blinks

“If you had a chance to date Y/N, would you do it?”

Your eyes rounded automatically and you slapped his arm aggressively while communicating with your eyes. You and Jungkook could understand each other with your facial expressions.

Why would you ask him such an embarrassing question?!!! You stare at jungkook

It’s about time he knows you like him! I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. He stares back at you


GO AHEAD, YOU THINK I’M SCARED?!!! SORRY.BUT WHAT IS DONE IS DONE, he gives you a mocking face

I’LL KILL YOU, your eyes threaten him

I LOVE YOU TOO. He smiles sarcastically

“Y/N is a sweet girl! Who wouldn’t want to date her?” Jin smiles sweetly

“That’s not the question. Would you date her?” Jungkook adds fuel to the fire



I’ll f*cking murder you, you grit your teeth

“I would date her. She’s really cute” Jin smiles at you

OF course he’d say that, jungkook internally rolls his eyes

“O-Oh….yeah…t-thank you” you blush before staring at jungkook “Now you better shut that pretty mouth for the rest of game” you tap jungkook’s lips with your fingers

“I’ll ask one question to Yoongi then” Jin suddenly comments

“Did you just include me in this game?” Yoongi glared at jin

“Of course you should participate, you’re still our close friend” Jin smiles “So I have a dare for you”

“Oh no, you did not go there” Hoseok gasps

“Tie your hair into apple hair” Jin chuckles as he stares at yoongi

“He will murder you” Taehyung shook his head

“RIP Jin Hyung” Jimin sobs

Yoongi stares at everyone lifelessly.

“You can expect to go to hell for making me do this” Yoongi threatens and all guys gulped on their saliva

“Do you want me to lend you a hair tie” you poke yoongi with a smile and he only gives you a sigh of exasperation

“I don’t even know anymore” Yoongi sighs “Why am I even here in the first place?”

“I’ll make your hair for you” you smile at yoongi as you tie his bangs into apple hair “So KYUUUTTTEEE” you squeal and clap your hands

She never tied my hair and said it looked cute. Please give me some love and attention too. jungkook internally pouts

“I get to give a dare this time?” Yoongi sighs “Jeon Jungkook. This one is for you”

Why is he choosing me? Do I look like a Pokémon you can just pick?! WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME??!!! Jungkook only sighs in response since he’s supposed to keep quiet

Yoongi on his side had a plan to finish up this game and go back home as soon as he could.

“Oh I forget to mention that it’s a gift for Jungkook and a dare for Y/N” yoongi clarifies


“A dare for me?” You blink this time “How come my dare is a gift for this kid?” you poke jungkook’s arm

“I don’t know where this is going, but I’ll just sit back and watch the genius do his job” Hoseok sits back while sipping on his beer

“The dare is to sit on Jungkook’s lap for the rest of the game.” Yoongi smirks at you


“Sit on his lap? How is that supposed to be a gift for Jungkook? He’ll only get burdened” you chuckle “I mean, I’ve been eating quite a lot of sweets nowadays” you giggle

“Just hop on it and I promise you’d understand what we mean” Taehyung winks at you


“Sure. I mean Why not?!” You smile at Taehyung “As long as it causes no harm to anybody I’m cool with it”


You grabbed Jungkook’s hand and his eyes wavered from your eyes as he tried staying composed from your touch. His eyes laid lower to check out how you were dressed again. Here is was, his worst nightmare. The damn Booty shorts. It was so humid outside and you chose to wear these when you came here.

HOLY MOTHER OF THE BOOTY SHORTS * cries* we’re f*cked for real this time.

Jungkook didn’t noticed because he always does his best to avoid looking at exposed areas of your body. He can’t believe he hugged you so casually a few hours earlier. Your shorts were a detail he always avoided to look at and this time he won’t have a choice but to give them a second closer look.The cut of of these destroyed jean shorts were the kind that he hated. The kind of shorts that had busted holes in the front since they were fashionable. That was not the main problem.The real problem about these shorts was the fact that whenever you’d bend or sit, they’d get magically shorter. That was the reason why you would usually tie your vest around your waist, but this time your vest was drenched and in the drying machine.

Might as well just play along with it and treat her as if she’s a plant.Yeah, jungkook, she’s a green plant and you’re not the kind of guy who’d get horny over a plant, right? *cold sweats*

He crosses his legs in an open position as he chooses a more comfortable way for you to sit. He thought that sitting like a chair would prevent his worst nightmare from happening. A position that won’t drive him over the edge every time you move or shift on top of him. Well that’s what he thought.

Yeah, if I sit like this it won’t be a problem right? He’d reassure himself

“Can I?” you ask first

Jungkook suddenly pulls your body to sit on his lap with no warning. You feel like you’re sitting on a chair and Jungkook gasps at that sudden extra weight on his crotch. You tried adjusting your seating position on his lap and jungkook suddenly freezed. He’d hold his head to the side while staring at the ground while gulping on that knot of saliva in his dry throat. .He was f*cked and that position he just choose was going to make him suffer for hours under you. Your shorts already started riding up a bit and he couldn’t even bare to look at you. Having drank one bottle and half of beer for the past half hour wasn’t going to help him out at all. He was already feeling the heat rise in his body.

“Look at Jungkook” Hoseok chuckles “He’s all tense”

“Oh, it must be my fault” you pout “I’m sorry, I gained a little bit of weight” you turn around to look at juingkook’s face


Jungkook simply nodded to assure you that it was okay with an awkward smile. Unlucky as he was, the boy had to bear with your butt on his lap for the next hour. One wrong movement and he’d be screwed. Sitting on his lap was a thing but your attire was going to make this ten times harder for him in every sense of the word. The fabric of your shorts was thick while his sweatpants were thin enough for him to feel everything. He was going to suffer while you weren’t going to feel anything. It was his lap after all. He could already feel himself suffering from thinking of how horrendous and frustrating it must feel whenever you’d shift a little bit and the rough fabric of your jeans would simply create friction against his sensitive pants. He was going to suffer for the rest of the game and this was just the start.

“I actually never expected Yoongi hyung to throw a dare like this one” Jimin giggles

“How does it feel to have a girl on your lap jungkook-ah?” Taehyung nudges jungkook

Jungkook only stayed silent while staring at everyone with his does eyes. Bitting his poor victimized lips that would turn red by the end of the game. He had the look of someone who’s guilty of something and his hyungs could tell from the first glance.

“Why are you guys asking him so many weird questions” You raise a brow “Leave him alone?”

At least she’s taking my side *sighs*

“Y/N, we’re just playing” Taehyung chuckles


“You guys are making me do all sorts of thing” you nudge taehyung

“Blame Yoongi Hyung! I didn’t do anything” Taehyung lifts up his hands in defense

“My dare is for you Taehyung-ah” you smile sarcastically at him

“Cruel woman”

“I dare you to kiss Jimin on the lips” you smirk

It’s in these moments that I’m glad she can’t see me and give me a dare.

“A REAL KISS?” Taehyung blinks


“I bet it’s a revenge because you didn’t pick her up and she had to walk in the rain to get here” namjoon laughs

“Or maybe Y/N is just into yaoi stuff. I mean this girl has a kink for police uniforms so I wouldn’t be surprised that—“Hoseok chuckles

Her kink is still sexy as f*ck, why does he keep on bringing it up? It’s not like something she should feel ashsamed of.  jungkook rolls his eyes

“Do you want me to include you in that dare too?” you raise a brow at Hoseok

“Okay no, I’ll shut up” Hoseok sits straight in a formal position

“Ok I’ll kiss Jimin, but NO ONE TAKES PICTURES!” Taehyung warns


“That’s not fair!” Taehyung whines

“JUST DO IT” you lay your head back and jungkook’s little panic was starting to rise


If he could he’d lay back his body away from you as much as he could. Everytime you’d turn around and shift on his lap he’d suppress a sound to come out. You only added up the fuel to the fire by turning around. He could smell your fruity scented hair and for some reason it was starting to build up this frustration through his body. He was in a position where he’s so close to you but still can’t do anything. He’d curl his hands into fists while constantly biting on his lip, killing himself and praying that you won’t move much for the rest of the game.

F*ck NO.WHY DOES SHE SMELL SO DAMN GOOD. *hides in a corner while sobbing endlessly*

“Come here jimin and kiss me” Taehyung pleads jimin

“HELL NO” Jimin’s eyes rounded

“PLEASE! I’LL CALL YOU HYUNG!” Taehyung pouts

“Of course, call me Hyung and I won’t mind a kiss” jimin smiles

“Really?!” Taehyung blinks

“You think I’d say THAT??!!” Jimin scoffs

“I’ll be part of your hoe fanclub “Taehyung pleads

“He has a hoe fan club too?” Your mouth forms a ‘o’

“I don’t need more hoes” Jimin frowns “You’re NOT EVEN WORTHY OF BEING MY SIDE HOE, SO —“

Taehyung takes the opportunity to peck jimin’s lips fast. Everyone’s jaws drop to the floor, including yours.You did not even expect Taehyung to do it, yet he still did.Taehyung just blew everyone’s minds with his act. Jimin was the most shocked.His lips that were usually stained with the various lipsticks of many girls were now stained by Taehyung’s lemon chapstick.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING??!!” Hoseok steps back

“OH MAN HOLY SHIT!!!!!!” jungkook suddenly shouts “THEY DID IT FOR REAL!!!!”

“F*ck this shit. I think I’ve seen enough for tonight, I’m leaving” Yoongi gets ready to get up

“You’re staying here, sugar” Jin pull yoongi to sit down

“I’m not your sugar” Yoongi glares at jin

“You’re my sweet ingredient so you stay here” Jin pats Yoongi’s back and yoongi sighs in defeat

On the other side it was another story for jimin

“How DARE YOU??!” Jimin put his hand over his lips as a blush started to form on his cheeks

“Sorry Jimin, I just had to make you shut up” Taehyung sighs “On another note, I think you should change up your chapstick.It tastes like rotten apples”

“I think I’ll go get some water” Jimin fans himself

“You’re savage Tae, I didn’t expect that at all” you whisper to taehyung “Can’t you see how hot and bothered Jimin looks now?!” You blink

“It’s okay! He’ll get over it, eventually!” Taehyung giggles “So it’s my turn this time to ask a question~”

Everyone stares at him in disbelief.

“Okay so my question is for Y/N” Taehyung stares at you

“Why did you pick me again?!” You whine

“Does size matters for you?” he smirks


Jungkook suddenly feels himself flush and tense up for some unknown reason. He had no idea why these questions were so dirty and so awkward, but this mood was making feel quite hot in this shirt.What if you could feel his size by accident while sitting in this position? What if he’d have trouble staying in place for the next hour and you’d get to know about the heat that has been rising in his pants.What if you could feel him and be disappointed? In fact he was curious about your reply but afraid at the same time. What if your reply makes him ten times more frustrated?

“Size? I mean, a girl can expect something up to her standards. As long as the performance is good…” you reply slyly “I’m just kidding “you blush as you cup your cheeks as you realize that Jin is still in the room

Jungkook felt this weird feeling in the pit in his stomach and he chose to shrug it off by commenting and playing along with you.Maybe it’d make him less nervous and it’d help him forget about this constant frustration that has been building up.

“You make sly comments and then you blush” Jungkook chuckled “Girl, get a grip over yourself”

“Shut up Jungkook, you’re obviously enjoying this” Taehyung giggles

“NOT” Jungkook fans himself awkwardly

The thickness of your shorts rubbing on him was making his breathing hitch.His lips were aching to let out a sound but his teeth were sinking so deep down his bottom lip that only little whimpers could be heard.You’d chuckle and clap your hands while playing and he’d casually have to bear with the pain to stop his raging desire to take over him. The fabric of your jeans would create that sinful friction on his crotch area whenever you’d move from side to side.


“Oh I have another one for Y/N! Who do you think has the biggest size in this room?” Hoseok smirks

WHY WOULD YOU ASK HER THAT??!!! Of course they’d make my life ten times harder… *digs a hole for his own funeral*

“Do you really want me to answer this?” you raise a brow “Man, I never saw anything, how am I supposed to know”

“Girl, just answer with the feel. There’s probably a guy in this squad that you’re expecting something from” jimin chuckles

Of course, she’s probably expecting something big from Jin, Jungkook would sigh in his inner thoughts

“I’ll go with Hoseok…”you tilt your head to the side “I’ll give you this one, cause’ you asked me the question” you chuckle “Happy now?”

“I’m quite satisfied” Hoseok laughs

“From what I personally saw, the biggest one here is the guy sitting beside you” Jimin suddenly shows up with a smirk


“The guy sitting beside me?” You turn to your left and meet eyes with Yoongi

“Do I look like the kind of man who’d show my privacy to these worthless strippers?” Yoongi stares at you in disbelief

You blink at him for a few seconds before bursting out in laughter. Yoongi really didn’t want to be there and it showed all over his behavior and his facial expression.

“We’re NOT STRIPPERS” taehyung reply in a very offended tone “Maybe Hoes, but not strippers”

“Someone put some tape over Taehyung’s mouth please” Namjoon face palms

“Okay I’ll be more precise. The guy sitting under you” Jimin giggles

You chuckle at yoongi’s hilarious response and turn to you turn around before meeting eyes with a very shy jungkook who’s awkwardly sipping on his beer as if it was apple juice.Red cheeks and very active eyes who’d glance everywhere but in your direction. Jungkook was nervous and he did not want to hear a response from you.It was already killing him to know that you’re now aware of this embarrassing information. Not that it was an embarrassment for him, he was rather proud to have the biggest size, but it was awkward in his perspective to tell you about this.

“Boy, why are you so red? Are you drunk?” you put your palm on his cheek and you can feel the heat radiating from him


“Come on Jeon, why are you acting all shy now? You’d always show it off and brag when we’d be in the locker rooms” Hoseok rolls his eyes

“Shut it” Jungkook glares at his hyungs

“You actually brag about it? Whoah kook, I’m learning all sorts of thing from you today” you raise a brow “I didn’t expect you’d have the biggest size either” you punch his arm “You’re quite the man, huh?” you chuckled

Your jeans rode up and he could see from the side of his vision your exposed skin. Being dazed from your scent, your skin exposure and your proximity, it was currently driving him over the edge. You were so close yet so far. Beads of sweat along his side burns were glistering and falling right down from his jaw to his neck. Jungkook was nervous and anyone could tell from the first glance that he was suppressing himself to not move.

Let’s stay cool and not make this too obvious *puts professional mask on*

“I don’t know if I should feel offended by this comment or be happy, but thank you anyway. Can we please pass to the next question and stop talking about my size? ” Jungkook cringes his face

“Embrace it, BRAT. It’s not every day that you get to have that kind of size! “Hoseok replies

“Freaking embarrassing” jungkook face palms

“It’s okay jungkook-ah. Don’t be ashamed. I can brag about you now” you nudge him


“Should I see it?” you smirk

EXCUSE ME?!!! Jungkook’s eyes almost dropped out of their sockets

Your comment just made his blood rush with anticipation and his sweatpants feel a bit tight for some weird reason. His heart jumped and he was suddenly pulsating with desire. He was restraining himself from breathing heavily because for some reason he found this straightforward side of you kind of aggressive and sexy. You were slowly turning him on and he was slowly starting to lose control over himself.Heat was rising everywhere on his skin and he needed a freezer to cool down.  

The boys let out ‘whoos’ and screams in excitement while jungkook’s jaw is dropping on the floor.How in the world did these kind of words managed to slip out of your tongue.Who knows? Maybe you really wanted to see something.


“I’m just kidding guys” you chuckle “I think I’m getting too drunk” you cup your warm cheeks “Sorry, I thought It’d be cute to tease Jungkookie”

“Man, she just called you cute” Hoseok shook his head “Y/N, we just told you he had the biggest one yet you call him cute?”

“B-But he’s still my cute little Jungkook” you pout “Right, kookie?” you pinch his cheeks

“I ask for a re-match, I refuse to look at my dongsaeng being called cute when he has the biggest size in this room!” Hoseok stands up

“H-Hyung, DON’T DO IT” jungkook glares at Hoseok

“I choose the next dare” Hoseok says in a definitive tone “Go ahead and ask your two questions Y/N, because I’m choosing the next dare”



Walking on Air

i.e. Jungkook takes his girlfriend to Hawaii

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, fluff, teasing, dash of angst, oral, and more fluff

Word Count: 7,272 (holy fuck, kill me. I wrote this in two days, plus I did a hell of a lot of research just for this scenario)

Anonymous Ask: “can you do a drabble for jungkook like you did for tae? Btw i loved the taehyung drabble a lot”

Originally posted by mayfifolle

*I changed the gif b/c the other one wasn’t working and it irked me.

A/N: Voíla! Thanks again for the ask Nonnie! Okay, so before you all read this go look up Westin Maui Resort ‘cause holy shit, I wanna go! 

Here’s a virtual tour of the resort:

Important Note:Most italicized words in dialogue are in Korean. Non-italicized are in English.” *Y/N is a native english-speaker, but is fluent in Korean as well; and at this point in time, Jungkook is finally fluent in english.* (I apologize to those of you who aren’t native english speakers. I just thought it was an interesting concept, especially because I wanted to see Namjoon’s responses to this couple.)

-Also, Yeobo is a term of affection between typically older married couples, but I think it’s cute (and apparently so does real life Jungkook (*>ω<*).)

Song: Walking on Air by Katy Perry

As you stepped into the fresh open air outside of the airport on the island of Maui, you gasped.

“Holy shit, this is amazing!” You were in awe of the island’s beauty, having never been there before, and you couldn’t help but wonder how you’d gotten to be so lucky. Who else could say that they’d been asked by their wonderful boyfriend to go to Hawaii with him and his 6 other friends, just ‘cause? You doubted there were many who could.

You circled in place, taking in as much of the scenery as possible. Everything was so vibrant and beautiful. From where you were, you couldn’t see the ocean, but it couldn’t have been too far away. You couldn’t wait to go exploring.

“Jungkook! Oh my god! Are you seeing this?”

Jungkook laughed at your outburst. “Yes, Y/N. I see it. Remember? I’ve been here before.

You turned to your boyfriend and glared. “Well, excuse me for being a nobody.

Jungkook reached out and touched your shoulder. “Yah, Y/N-ah. Don’t be like that.”

You slapped his hand away, and picked up your luggage, walking towards the van in a huff. “Whatever.”

Behind you, Jungkook rolled his eyes at your behavior. You could be so difficult sometimes. He caught up to you and grabbed your bags before you could protest, stashing them in the van. “Yah! Jungkook-ah! What do you think you’re doing?!” Said man turned and grinned at you before pulling you in for a quick kiss.

I don’t know what you mean?” He said innocently.

You pushed him off of you gently, and turned to climb into the van. “Aish, you’re so difficult.”

Jungkook followed you into the vehicle, and proceeded to sit next to you in the back. “Oho? I’m the one being difficult? Have you met yourself, missy?

You turned to him and scoffed. “What’s that supposed to mean?

Jungkook scooted closer to you, pressing himself against your arm, and whispered, “It means, princess, that you’re difficult sometimes,” and pressed a kiss against the tip of your nose.

You slapped his arm in retaliation. “Yah! What do you mean sometimes?

Jungkook just giggled as you repeatedly smacked his arm. “It means that the other half of the time, you’re my wonderful girlfriend, whom I love very much, and would do anything for.

He gently took the wrist of the hand you were beating him with into his own, and brushed his lips against the knuckles. You blushed shyly in response to his romantic actions.


Jungkook intertwined his fingers with yours, and bit his lip. “You’re so adorable when you get all shy.

Yoongi, whom you hadn’t realized had already climbed into the van, grunted tiredly. “Aish. How do you two have so much energy?

Jungkook looked surprised as well. “How are you still sleepy, hyung? You slept the entire time we were on the plane!”

Yoongi slowly turned to look at Jungkook. “Well, trying to get any sleep on an 11 hour journey in a flying lighting rod isn’t exactly comforting, nor is it the right setting to get any kind of real rest. Especially when I’m surrounded by idiots such as yourself.”

You snorted. “Oppa, you can sleep anywhere. You’re not fooling anyone.”

Yoongi huffed and turned back towards the front.

You turned back to Jungkook, shaking your head. “Who’s the difficult one again?”

You both giggled as Hoseok and Jin climbed into the seats in front of you.

What are you two giggling about back there?” Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows at the two of you, and smiled a bit in endearment.

You and Jungkook grinned at each other. “Aha… Nothing~.”

Jin shook his head at yours and Jungkook’s antics. “Aish, you kids. Buckle up because we are about to leave.

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Sick Babygirl

Enjoy this dumb little scene I randomly thought of because I’m sick lololol  💙 ✨ Btw, If people want a smuttier part 2 to this, feel free to tell me and i’ll be more than happy to do one~ ✨

Genre; Fluff SLIGHT (V V V SLIGHT) Smut 

Length: 1,100+ words

Kinks; Daddy kink with mentions of Dd/lg

Originally posted by curlstae

It was 7 o’clock in the morning, the winter sun in Seoul trickled into your boyfriends bedroom. Unfortunately, instead of waking up feeling refreshed like you usually did, you woke up feeling like death. Your body ached, you were congested, and your throat felt like you had just been face fucked at least a thousand times in a row. 

You pouted, tapping the bed as you searched for you boyfriend, Jaebum, who of course was already up. “Please still be here..” You repeated to yourself before you called out to him. “Jae!!!!!” You shouted out, your voice hoarse and following it up with your weak whimpering.

Jaebum rushed into the room, combing his hair back with those deliciously long fingers of his. “Jagiya, what’s wrong?” He asked as he walked over to the edge of the bed, taking a seat beside you. 

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BF!Yixing Headcanons

Originally posted by ingchya

okay okay cc look i somehow made it turn into boyfriend headcanons and now im in a ball cruin :,(( he’d be such a good boyfriend omf i love this concept im sorry if this isnt what you wanted

  • wakes up earlier than you to watch you sleep !!
  • Not in the creepy way tho oh no
  • He just smiles as you do you,,, and if you snore he laughs a little
  • When it’s time for you to wake up he’ll move his head side to side as you come to
  • Woah imagine that,,, QQ
  • Helps you make breakfast !! or makes breakfast by himself so you can rest a little more because you’re his precious sunshine and he’ll give you his everything
  • Feeds you breakfast,, okay not just breakfast,,, he feeds you every meal
  • But it’s really cute like he’ll make some noises and he’ll chop things up to bite size pieces ahh!!
  • “Babe!! Have some eggs with ketchup!!”
  • Sometimes he’ll do your hair, even if it’s really long/ short
  • He’ll also hum whenever y’all cook!!
  • Like if he’s working on a new track, you’ll know because he’ll hum it
  • “Ooh sounds good ‘Xing!”
  • “Awh it was supposed to be a surprise…”
  • A lotto cute chuckles,, like you know how he usually chuckles and his dimples look so deep,,, and yeah,, like that !! but all the time
  • Always smiling with you
  • Like you could accidentally step on his toe and he’d still smile at you (I would not,, im not petty but id step on all of your toes if you stepped on one of mine,,, okay im petty)

Originally posted by soofflay

  • Going on dates with yixing would be so cute omg,,
  • Okay so he’d do all of the ‘gentlemanly things because he was raised rIGHT.
  • Open the car door for you, closing it for you, holding the door for you, if you got cold he has a jacket !!! (if he doesn’t then you get a back hug,,, which is :,)))), he pulls the chairs put for you too, and the rest of the bs
  • He’ll take you to a fancy restaurant, even though the rest of them said you should go to a mcdonalds or smth, he opted to treat you super fancy !!
  • Smiles when he picks you up bc you’re super pretty, but then thinks you might’ve taken it in the wrong way like “Aren’t I always pretty?” and he starts babbling on about how beautiful you are
  • Smiley the whole date
  • Like if there’s a glass door he won’t notice because he’s too busy smiling and looking at you,,,
  • He hits the glass door,,, you both laugh your asses off about it bc HE WALKED INTO A DOOR. it’s funny okay,,,jdkfgh
  • Still feeds you !!
  • “Ooh babe here comes the expensive food!”
  • “Yixing gosh darnit, no food airplanes in public.”
  • He laughs and says fine, but you start to feed him anyway bc he has a fake pout on and awh
  • Buys all your favourite things bc he’s a good man !! 

/deancestiel, wrote a little something besides prompts, just for myself because the idea came around so enjoy some 2014!destiel+ 2009!dean/

“Open your legs a little wider,” his older self whispered in his ear, wisps of hot breathe catching on his neck too. “Can’t tell who wants it more, you or him.”

Dean spread his thighs wider to give Cas more room, an open invitation. He buried his face into the crook of his older self’s neck, smelling whiskey and gun powder, wondering if that’s what he always smelled like.

The older man tightened the arm that wrapped around Dean’s waist. Pulling him closer, he kept Dean’s hips in place as Cas pushed his fingers deeper, drawing out a moan from Dean’s lips that grew muffled in the skin of the man underneath him. Dean bit at his lips in an attempt to stop the noises that came from his swollen mouth.

“No good,” came his older self’s voice again, quiet enough that Cas wouldn’t hear.  “Cas likes hearing us, believe it or not,” he brought a thumb to Dean’s mouth and untucked his bottom lip from the grasp of his teeth. “Be as loud as you like.”

Dean bucked his hips forward, rolling into the friction his older self provided below him, then back onto Cas’ fingers, crying out as they caught on his prostate.

“Cas,” he gasped out the former angel’s name, digging his nails into the man that laid beneath him. His older self grinned wolfishly into the skin of his neck and gripped their cocks tighter in his fist.

“That’s it,” he muttered. Dean trained his focus on Cas in turn, who added a finger and leaned down to kiss Dean’s side, breathing his name into the vulnerable skin there as though he was something precious.

“Dean,” Cas placed his hand on the skin he’d recently kissed, tracing his fingers down the bow of Dean’s waist, running his hand over the curve of Dean’s ass and down his shaking thigh.

Dean wanted to feel uncomfortable, but his older self squashed the feeling before it arose.

“Don’t move, don’t  fuck this up,” he hissed into Dean’s ear until the younger hunter went limp in his arms again, whimpering as Cas slipped out his fingers and left him empty.

“Cas. Cas, please,” he whispered, and Cas slid his hands up his thighs, watching as Dean trembling below him.

“Beautiful, Dean. Always been so beautiful,” his voice was soft, short of raspy, hands anchoring Dean to the bed. He chanced a look at his hunter, lying under the younger version of himself, chest heaving and breaths coming in short pants as he jacked the both of them off with short, tight strokes. Cas found his eyes and held his gaze for a moment or two. “Always will be.”

Dean swallowed down the urge to push his younger self from where he laid on his chest and reach for Cas. He gulped in a breath and smiled dryly, as though making a distasteful joke.

“Just be careful, Cas. ‘s my first time with a guy.”

The man on his chest snickered and pushed his hips against Dean’s hand.

“Asshole,” he muttered and Cas leaned down to kiss his shoulder, smiling against the soft skin that covered his shoulder blades, skin that was still unmarred.

“It’s my pleasure, Dean,” he grinned and reached down to stroke his thumb over Dean’s loose hole. “You look so beautiful,” he whispered, taking care to make sure neither hunter heard him. The younger man gasped and tilted his hips back. His back arched like a bow.

“Come here,” Cas took hold of his hips and guided him backwards until Dean was sitting up, back pressed against Cas’ chest. “Just like this, that’s it,” Cas praised him as he lined himself up and pressed into Dean inch by inch. Dean whimpered, eyes shifting to watch as his older self sat up and leaned back against the headboard of Cas’ rickety bed. Watching him palm the swollen cock that laid against his belly, Dean couldn’t help but wonder if that’s what he looked like right then, flushed all over, taking Cas to the root. His cock twitched against his stomach and spurt out a glob of precum.

He shifted hesitantly on Cas’ cock as the former angel bottomed out. The motion tore a groan from his throat and he tried again, falling into rhythm with his hips rocking back and forth. Nerves alit, thighs shaking, cock straining; he reached up and wrapped his arms around the back of Cas’ neck, arching his back and letting Cas take hold of his hips and pull him down.

“Fuck, Cas,” he whispered, voice cracking. “Feels…feels so fucking good. Please,” he had no idea what he was begging for. He snaked one hand into Cas’ hair and Cas tilted his head down to suck on the junction of his neck. His other hand fell to clutch at Cas’ thigh, nails digging in.

“C’mon Cas, I know you’ve got more than that in you,” the older hunter’s voice came from the head of the bed. Dean had almost forgot in midst of the lazy movements of Cas’ hips that he was there. “He can take it.”

Their eyes locked again, sparking through the heavy, slick air and Cas pressed Dean closer to him, fucking him with sharp thrusts.

The different angle drove Dean crazy. He pulled on Cas’ hair and his back arched for all he was worth.

“Yes, yes, Cas, fuck…fuck, like that,” he gasped out. “Cas,” he said with a choked off sob. His hips rocked with time with Cas’ insistent rhythm, panting and gasping out words that sounded like they were coming out of another’s mouth. His older self reached out and wrapped a hand around Dean’s dick, grinning.

“It’s like jerking off,” he promised, lips pink and eyes blown black. His thumb flicked the slit of Dean’s cock and Dean moaned, caving to his touch.

“Keep your hands to yourself, Dean,” Cas’ voice sounded from behind him, aggressive and commanding. He shivered and his older self withdrew his hand with a smile.

“Sure thing, boss,” he muttered and leaned in, kissing Cas on the mouth over Dean’s shoulder. He broke apart after a few seconds and paused by Dean’s ear.

“Show him how bad you need it, how much you fucking want him,” he hissed, digging his nails into the flesh of Dean’s thighs until Dean cried out, still pushing himself down on Cas’ cock. His head was spinning, lungs out of breath, hips moving desperately. “Some shit you just can’t keep from yourself, huh?”

Dean’s legs were cramping and his eyes were filled with tears, overwhelmed with the stretch of Cas’ cock, the feeling of the head of it rubbing over his prostate. 

“C’mon, Cas, c’mon. Not gonna break; I can take it,” Dean muttered, throwing his head back onto Cas’ shoulder. The former angel’s hand snaked around Dean’s waist protectively.  He held him down and snapped his hips up until Dean was barely coherent.

Cas looked up suddenly, eyes catching Dean’s from across the bed. He watched Dean tug on his drawn up balls, strip his cock in swift motions.

“Come here, Dean,” he whispered, voice uncharacteristically soft. The older hunter climbed to his knees and crawled over, close enough for Cas to feel the heat coming off his body.

“How do I feel, Cas? So fucking tight, yeah?” Dean muttered, lip curling. Cas pressed a sweet kiss to the shoulder of the man in his arms then slowly lifted his head to respond.

“You’ve always felt perfect to me. You’ve never stopped-,” he gasped, moaning out into the air and then continued- “ahh…making me feel like I’m flying again, Dean,” Cas’ voice was barely audible; Dean caught it by the tip of his ears, gulping in air and shutting his eyes tight. His chest constricted and he swore to himself that it was from arousal, the heavy weight on his chest still making it hard to breathe.

“I know you can come untouched, Dean,” Cas spoke to the younger hunter, craving a sharp moan from his throat. “I know you can because I’ve seen you do it,” he paused, savoring the feeling of Dean shivering in his arms.  “But I won’t make you, Dean,” he muttered and Dean hissed out a breath through his teeth. “Touch him,” Cas mumbled to the older man, eyes lidded, and Dean reached out a hand to wrap around his younger self’s cock. Smiling when the man in Cas’ arm jerked to his touch and moaned in recklessly abandon, Dean stripped his dick in quick movements. The weight of his own cock was familiar in his hand, but to the younger hunter, the calloused and roughness of the hand around his cock still felt new. He clutched tighter to Cas. 

“Cas, can I…can I come? Angel, please,” he groaned out.

The atmosphere in the room went cold for just a single moment. The older hunter’s jaw clenched tight and Cas’ mouth let out a single breathless gasp.

Hands set on Dean’s hips, Cas pulled him down, held him down on his lap as he filled Dean up with his release, permission enough.


Long after the two men had fallen asleep, Cas laid beside them, tracing his finger over the anti-possession tattoo that was splayed across his hunters chest, thinking about things that were permanent. 


|| MY FIRST POSTED SCENARIO AaHHHhhHH!! please let me know what you guys think pleaseee. ALSO, please request anything, i promise ill do it! - Liz ||

Genre: fluff~

Word count: 2.5k

[(Jjajangmyeon - Korean noodle dish with vegetables along with pork or chicken and very black sauce made from black beans) it can get quite messy because of the dark sauce so when little kids eat it they usually have the sauce all over their shirts and faces]

Originally posted by chimtae

You: Tae, I just made jjajangmyeon and there’s a lot left over so if you and a couple of the boys want to come over and eat it I’m inviting you

Tae: ok I’m omw :)

Once he saw his phone screen light up and realized it was you, he responded immediately.

         Taehyung and you had a thing almost. He liked you so much, and you knew this. You liked him too but you guys weren’t exactly in a relationship. It wasn’t a friend with benefits deal either, you guys weren’t like that (although Taehyung had tried quite a couple of times. Yes.. he was intoxicated to some degree each time but hey, drunk words are sober thoughts huh?) you guys knew you would never see other people right now, you each were each others.. just not labeled as it.

The rest of the boys were off doing whatever they pleased. Jungkook was probably playing video games in his room, Jin and Hoseok were watching tv in the living room, Namjoon and Yoongi were most likely in the studio, working on new pieces for the group. Jimin was probably with Jungkook trying to beat the maknae at overwatch but of course Kook would never let that happen.

The dorm’s atmosphere was a quiet pleasant one. But then it was disrupted.

  As taehyung scrambled in his room to put on a better shirt and clean socks. He always wanted to be presentable for you. Scurrying out of his room and slamming the door behind him, he dashed his way to the front door practically falling over trying to get his shoes on in timely fashion.

     "Where are you going?“ Jin asked, appalled by Taetaes actions. Hoseok joined his hyungs look in amazement.


the boy was in such a hurry it seemed like he was cutting himself off from speaking


“She made jjajangmyeon”

“But you just ate an hour a-” Jin was cut off

“Hyung, I don’t care, I’m hungry again and I want-”

     "Y/n cooked?“ Jungkook peared his head around the corner from his rooms door looking back and forth between his elders on the couch and Tae at the door.

"You can’t have any there’s not enough for another person.” Taehyung stated and before anyone could talk back, he was out the door.

Man, this boy had it in for himself because of you. This caring sweet selfless Taehyung wanted you all to himself and only himself. So much so he almost snapped back at his hyungs. He wasn’t going to share any aspect of you with the rest of the boys or the world, even if it included your cooking.

   Couple minutes later, he arrived at your apartment building and let himself in (he had a spare key he made for himself hah) and as he reached your apartment, he ajusted his clothing, combed his fingers through his hair and checked his breath.. even though he was just about to eat.

                          *knock knock*

“Coming!” You said with a raised voice, just enough for Tae to hear. It was 10 o'clock at night in fact and you, being the sweet thoughtful thing you are♡, always tried your best to not disturb your neighbors.

  Opening the door to a precious grin and a tall handsome boy was always a great feeling.

“Hey.” He cooed looking down at you.

     "Hello.“ You say returning the smile.

You were absolutely beautiful in his eyes. Even though you had your hair up messily, wearing a big t shirt with comfy shorts and walking around in your fuzzy slippers, barefaced, he was in awe.

     He’s seen you so many times like this. All the movie marathons you’ve had. All the times late night adventuring and you both ended up falling asleep when you got back to your apartment. All the times he would wake up on your sofa and you’d be in a outfit just like the one you were in now, cooking breakfast for you each.

He loved it.

As he followed you into the kitchen, a question sprung from your lips and let him out of his gaze and back to reality.

"So were the other boys not hungry?” You wondered. Although you had an answer in mind. You knew how Taehyung worked.

   "Oh, uh- yeah. They were all either alseep or busy practicing.“ He looked away, scratching the back of his head.

  "Ahh I see. Well, I guess it’s just you and me tonight,” you scooped out some noodles into a bowl for him and did the same for yourself.

You sat at the stools at the kitchen counter, it felt too formal to sit at the dinner table, it was more cozy here. You both sat on one side of a corner, he was to your left, not right next to you, but not across from you either. You each took your chopsticks and mixed the noodles up, when a big chunk of sauce hit Taetaes cheek whilst another one landed on his shirt.

     You started giggling and once the surprise was gone from his face he joined you in the laughter.

   He wiped off the black bean paste from his face but went over to the sink only a few feet away from you to try and get the stain out before it could actually stain. He turned on the faucet and you sat there, head resting on hand, elbow resting on table, watching him scrub at the spot. A faint smile brushed along your face watching this etheral boy concentrating so much at his clothing. Good thing it wasn’t one of his Gucci shirts.

“Do you want me to throw it in the washer real quick?” You suggested. “Nah, I don’t have another shirt here anyway. I told you keeping my clothes here would come in handy,” he chuckled.

       Rolling your eyes playfully and answering him , “Who cares, if you wear a different shirt you will probably end up spilling your food on that one too” you joked

  “Yah!! How many times do you have to remind me I eat like a baby whos eating this for the first time. I can’t help that it’s so messy!” he sillily scrunched up his face at you, “besides… I haven’t been working out lately… so I can’t let you see me with out a shirt on. It’s not gonna happen. Nope.”

       You sighed. “I guess you’ll have to scrub at your shirt for a good 20 minutes then.”

“If you help me we can get it done in 10.”

“Wow Tae, that’s not how it works. We can’t clean a tiny spot at the same time.”

   Regardless of what you just said, you got up from your seat and grabbed the towel from his hand before reaching underneath his shirt to bring the stain closer to your other hand. You start caressing the fabric with the cloth, hoping the stain will come out with the right finesse. Now he’s the one observing you. You didn’t know he was, you were the one concentrated, but with you standing so close to him and him looking down at you (you were quite a bit smaller than him) all he could think to do was watch you intently. Even little moments like this were breath taking and he cherished them. After a minute or two of being under his gaze, you finally felt his eyes on you and you suddenly looked up. As this has happened before, meeting eyes that is, he would always turn away quickly, but not this time. This time he stared back into your eyes. You could feel the piercing yet loving feelings behind it but all you could do was freeze when he stared at you like that. The intense staring contest seeming to drag out for what felt like forever. All you could think about, if you could think at all, was about the look in his eyes and how they seemed to stare into you. You felt speechless.

      “Why don’t you sit on the counter” he interrupted

“Huh-” you said, having your attention being brought back to the moment

    “Sit on the counter. You can reach the stain better but you don’t have to keep standing.”

You put down the rag and place your arms at the edge ready to hoist yourself up when his hands met your hips before you could realize and he lifted you up onto the countertop.

   Great. Now your heart was racing and you could feel your cheeks burning. You were definitely blushing alright. Rather hard by now probably.

He didn’t bring attention to it but there was no doubting he saw it.

   Grabbing the rag and quickly looking down towards the floor working on the stain again, you tried to calm yourself. You could feel his eyes still on you with that same intense feeling. Fuck he really knew how to tease you. Wether he was teasing you on purpose or not was always a toss up with Mr. Kim Taehyung. He was a wild card so you never quite knew if he was doing it subconsciously or not.

      He didn’t even know if he was doing it subconsciously or not, he was just doing it. He couldn’t make up his mind wether it was purposeful or not. He just continued his stare.

Time felt so slow. It’d only been 20 seconds since you got on the counter but it felt like 5 minutes. But you liked living in the moment, even if the moment was making you awkwardly nervous.

    A couple seconds later he reached both of his hands and placed them on yours, pushing them down signaling you to stop and look up. He didn’t let go, he kept them huddled in his own hands.

You gathered your breath quickly and once you looked into his eyes again, they changed. They were soft again and he had a faint smile on his face. You honestly were kinda astonished at how quickly that look made you calm down and relax. Seemed like at the snap of a finger your composure changed immediately.

“You ok?” He questioned.

“Yeah, I’m good,” you let out a deep breath and gave him a warm smile, that smile gave him butterflies in his stomach. It felt like hot cocoa on a snowy day. It made his stress and worries he didn’t even know he had melt away. He loved you for that. Yes. He loved you. He knew that before, but he never really truly focused on the statement. It never fully clicked in his mind to the point where he was so aware he was in love. Until this moment.

  As your legs dangled off the counter, he took a step closer in between them to your torso and both of you could feel the emotional warmth radiating from both of your bodies. Your souls even.

You both figured that’s what love felt like. And indeed it was. It was kind of funny to both of you. You guys still weren’t in a relationship. There wasn’t even a good explanation why. You both knew your feelings for one another. You both knew you had a thing. You both knew you belonged to one another. You were his and he was yours. You each never ever thought about being someone else’s and it was a known yet unsaid thing. It was crazy, yet it was the best thing anyone could ask for.

He reached under your chin just ever so slightly and lifted it up in his direction. “You are so perfect.” You closed your eyes and laughed through your nose in response to that remark.

   "What, its true.“ He leaned in just a tiny bit closer to you. Tossing the rag out of his hands into the sink he clasped his hands around the small of your back low enough so they were basically resting on the counter. Safety and comfort were the only words your mind could fathom with his arms around you. He tilted his head to the side, not changing his loving expression and looked back at you.  It’s like you were talking with your eyes. You didn’t quite know the lines but you each knew it was about your love. He broke the silence.

"You are gonna be a great wife. And a great mom. You can already cook and you know how to clean our kids’ clothes when they spill their food on themselves too.”

“..our….kids?” You became alert. “Mhhmm. Our kids.” He responded. “Huh, our kids…” you thought out loud.

      It didn’t take you by surprise as much as it should’ve when he said that. You technically weren’t even dating. Let alone had either of you even said a word about having a future together. Big or small. Not even talking about your mutual feelings out loud. Not that you needed to though.

      As you pondered the thought quickly in your mind you felt Taehyungs fingers back under your chin, bringing your gazes together once more. He leisurely leaned down until his lips were centimeters from yours. He only stopped for a second, long enough for you to feel his breath brush on your lips and register the situation. You didn’t move, not like you were frozen but as in you weren’t running away from it. He pressed his lips ever so slowly against yours. After a couple seconds passed he puckered and actually initiated the kiss. It was so peaceful, so serene. You were such a serene tranquil person to start with but you never knew this amount of peace could be felt in this world. You fell into his lips and returned the action. The kiss was so simple. Neither of you moved your lips. No one tried to deepen the kiss. It was like you were trapped in time, but neither of you wanted to escape it. No one moved and it felt like the entire earth was still. Everyone who lived was stuck in this everlasting moment with you. It was magical. It was perfect.

   Finally, he slowly and steadily backed his face away and looked at you. Your lives intertwined at that moment and all became gentle. Your shared existence left your minds in a placid place. He smiled at you and you smiled at him. All was perfect. His eye smile made your heart skip a beat. He rubbed your back softly with his thumb and you two stayed like that for however long, you both unable to grasp time in this moment. You wrapped your legs around his waist and gently pulled his body closer to yours so there couldn’t be any way to break you apart. In life, in mind, pyshically and mentally. The air was still but a welcoming still, no sound but the ticking of the clock could be heard. Blissful. Blissful.

Stretching your neck up to his face you waved your hand for him to lean down. “Guess what” you breathed in his ear. He shifted his head “hmm?” He hummed.

  “I love you” you whispered.

He kissed your nose in response and placed his forehead against yours.

    “I love you too.”

All I Want For Christmas Is Peace and Quiet...Or Maybe Jung Hoseok (Yoonseok)

Pairing: Yoonseok
Length: 4.7k
Genre: you’re the person in the apartment next door who VERY LOUDLY blasts holiday music starting in NOVEMBER and i hate christmas au”

For @1rapmon . This is the Yoonseok I promised you LITERALLY A YEAR AGO I’M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG BUT IT’S DONE

Also, it’s about an hour late. Oops. At least it’s still Christmas somewhere in the world! 

Originally posted by yupxiao

November 1

Yoongi groaned. It was too fucking early in the morning for this shit. Granted, it was eleven in the morning, but still. Too early. Feeling around blindly for another pillow, the blond haired man turned over in his blankets and smashed the white cotton marshmallow over his ears.

Nope, that didn’t work. I don’t fucking need to know about the fact that LAST CHRISTMAS, YOU GAVE ME YOUR HEART, BUT THE VERY NEXT DAY, I GAVE IT AWAY.  

Suddenly, the noise of a dying whale emitted from the apartment on the other side of the too-thin walls. “ME! I GUESS I WAS A SHOULDER TO CRY ON!” came a screech, none too pleasantly from beside Yoongi’s head.

That’s it, Yoongi decided. Rolling out of bed, he shuffled out of the bedroom and to the front door, barely remembering to grab his keys on the way out.

“Yah!” Yoongi hollered, pounding on the door of the neighboring apartment. Raising a hand to his mouth, Yoongi yawned, eyes squeezing shut, face scrunching up, and mouth gaping wide open. With his other hand, the still-half-asleep man continued to pound lethargically on the door. I’m gonna give him or her a piece of my mind! Who the hell starts playing Christmas songs in November?

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You are such a dork - but you are my dork

Pairing: Namjoon x Jin

Genre: Fluff/marriage proposal

Words: 3.3k

Fluffily fluff fluff fluff

Originally posted by jeonsshi

A single sunray shined through the window, causing Namjoon to awake from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes while grumbling quietly, careful not to wake up the person next to him. He tilted his head to the left in order to get a closer look at his long term boyfriend of three years, Jin. He was literally the embodiment of handsomeness, no wonder he worked at a model agency. Lips so deep pink and full, making it hard to resist leaning in for a kiss to feel their soft surface every time Namjoon glanced at them. And these broad shoulders, rumours stating they had a span of 60 cm, and to put the cherry on the cake, his pink dyed hair, as extra as he was, the colour reminding him of cherry blossoms.

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I sort of kind of forgot to put this up last week, which is a shame, because I’ve been reading a lot (working through my “tabs of shame”), so this is this week and last week’s list. I want everyone to have lots of good fics to read, so I figured a few weeks ago I’d make a list to suggest the ones I liked.  Have any suggestions for me or want to talk to me about them? Pls pls hit me up, I’m very friendly.

What I Read This Week (~6/3-6/17)

faking in secret (Ch. 1) - DefiantDreams - It gets kind of difficult when you’re simultaneously fake dating and dating in secret at the same time. Yuuri and Viktor make it work—until they don’t.
(My review: Fake/secret dating au in which essa slays me again. love this!! can’t wait for more)

It’s a Sign - LittleLostStar - Five times Victor and Yuuri escalate the Silly Signs Held Up At Airport Arrival Terminals War, and one time Victor wins without using a sign at all.
(My review: This is such a precious fic. Star always does the characters so well and they’re just… so cute. <3)

we’ll always have paris (Ch. 1-2) - spookyfoot - Or: the canon divergent au where Yuuri doesn’t screw up Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor in the Paris airport on the way to Worlds in Sweden, and somehow embarasses himself into a relationship on the 18 hour train ride between Paris and Malmö.
(My review: Wow, spooky, can you believe I finally read this? No, but, jokes aside, Paris is hilarious, and I’m so glad I’ve finally started it!!)

feel like a quote out of context (Ch. 1-3) - seventhstar - In which Yuuri accidentally insults Viktor Nikiforov in front of a crowd of reporters, only to discover that apparently being called a ‘talentless hack’ is what turns Viktor on. This is not how Yuuri envisioned meeting Viktor going, but hey. He’ll take it.
(My review: another tab of shame fic oops. Nuriiiiiii, I am so glad that I’m finally reading soft rivals, i totally understand why you love it)

Night is Young and the Music’s High - opalish - "Best press conference ever,“ the Japanese Nationals silver medalist says when asked. “Ten out of ten, would medal again.” "I would die for Katsuki-kun,” Minami declares, with terrifying sincerity.
(My review: Someone recced me this fic and I laughed the whole time I was reading it. It’s great)

God Save Yuuri Katsuki (Ch. 1-2) - belovedyuuri (casinthongs) - Let it be known that accepting the babysitting gig is definitely not the best decision in Yuuri’s life. At first, at least.
(My review: Ahhh, basia, i don’t know if i’ve read anything by you before, but this is great. i love yuri as a child, he’s going to kill those poor adults. i love them)

Double Vicked - Phayte - The new Fan Art came out — Two Victor’s in it! Well… Here is Yuuri being Double Dicked (Vicked) - Victor has a younger brother that looks identical to him, when he was younger — Yuuri cannot stop lusting after him. (I put incest warning on this, but they Nikiforov brother’s DON’T TOUCH each other)
(My review: so, i was looking for viktor/yuuri/viktor, but i got this. it’s very well written, and close enough to that trope that i loved it.)

Midnight Salchow - Mhalachai - Yuuri is convinced he has hidden his shameful past as a writer of Viktor Nikiforov RPF. Yuuri is mistaken.
(My review: i love social media fics and mistaken identities, so this thing was right up my alley, i cried laughing.)

Green - MemeKonYOI (MemeKonYA) - Yuuri has no ex partners, but he has Yuuko and Phichit, and people he describes to him as ‘lovers, I guess?’ with a sheepish expression over dinners and drinks and in hotel rooms where they’re staying together. He has kids like Minami and Yurio, with huge crushes, wanting to skate on the same ice as him, to be his equals.
(My review: ahhh, another fic someone recced to me, and I adored it. It was precious, and I love oblivious heartbreaker Yuuri. Love him)

Talk To Me - Wivania - “So… You didn’t buy the Yurio needs a new phone excuse and I shouldn’t consider a career in acting after all?” or Yuuri speaks more Russian than Viktor expected.
(My review: ahh, i’ve had this in my marked for later for a while now, and i loved it!!! such a cute fic of misunderstanding)

get me through the night - FullmetalChords - Victor has learned to sleep in strange places, on benches at Yubileyny, on sticky floors at the Olympic Village. He cannot, however, sleep through an endless swarm of angry hornets, not when he is sharing a bed with it. Five annoying sleep habits Yuuri and Victor have, and one time they couldn’t get to sleep without it.
(My review: Meggggg, this fic is also super precious oh my god I died laughing Viktor and Yuuri are so extra and they’re 100% like this thank you)

The great debate ends.. - aim7art - Viktor launches the pineapple pizza fiasco, & Yuuri’s finally had enough of it~
(My review: Man, the one time i’m not on Viktor’s side for something - I love pineapple on pizza. But this was hilarious - I loved the taps to social media in it, too)

(Don’t) Ring the Wedding Bells (Ch. 1) - cuttlemefish - As (loosely) inspired by real life, this is the wedding reception AU (you didn’t ask for, but will get) in which Yuuri Katsuki catches the bride’s bouquet and (shortly after) gets smashed at a wedding reception, then dirty dances with his best friend, (sort of) seduces a (hot) platinum-haired trust-fund baby named Viktor, and ends up being hounded for his identity (by said trust-fund baby and his friends and family) on social media.
(My review: tabs of shame! tabs of shame! Z, this is super cute, and I can’t wait to continue. I hear there’s a moose in store? ;))

drunk in love - spookyfoot - Victor runs a bar, Yuuri is his favorite customer.
(My review: spooky, back at it again with these super cute hilarious aus. a+ spooky, a+)

What I Wrote This Week (~6/3-6/17)

off the cliff - Right before Finals, Yuuri Katsuki breaks up with Viktor, because he needs to “go home”. But then Viktor catches Yuuri riding toward a dangerous cliff, where no one would dare go for recreational purposes. But Yuuri wasn’t lying, he was going home.
(Or: Crack was requested and I gave an angsty mermaid au)

i will go down with this ship! (Ch. 2) - Yuuri and Viktor co-star in the fantasy drama History Makers, a show where their characters Mamoru and Dimitry are shipped by all the fans, which of course leads to the fact that fans also ship Yuuri and Viktor. And write fic about it. Yuuri reads RPF by only one author, therealviknik, and leaves a comment on every single one with his account, katsukiforov. Some fans pick up on the conversations and begin to ship therealviknik with katsukiforov as well. Phichit ships it all.
(Or: Fandom fic where Yuuri reads fanfiction about him and Viktor that Viktor writes but neither of them know and I’m really invested in like 3 ships and they’re all the same people)

the one i’ll slay; the other slayeth me - When he moves to America, Yuuri auditions to be part of an on-ice production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. He finds out that the show stars Viktor Nikiforov, and is shocked, excited and scared by that, because Viktor is his long time crush and idol. It doesn’t just end there, though, because it seems the magic isn’t just within the show, and there isn’t just one Viktor.
(Or: D O U B L E  VI K  TO R VYV do i need to say more?)

Nalu. 20. things you said that I wasn’t mean to hear 

Requested by @arandomgirliam

Words: 1705

Lucy glanced out the window before letting out a little laugh. She wasn’t sure what it was, perhaps it was the dream that she had this morning. Especially with all the nightmares she’s been having lately. A small blush crossed over her face as she thought about the dream from last night again. Lucy shook her head a little. 

“Snap out of it Lucy,” she told herself, “Not like it’s ever going to happen anyways.” She smiles sadly before slipping out of bed. Time to start to get ready for the new day. 

It was more or less the typical Wednesday for her, she got up, got ready, cleaned up her place from the night before when everyone had decided to “spontaneously” come over, before heading to the guild to chat with Levy about her newest chapter that she’s written. It was something simple but it was special for her.

Levy, being an avid reader herself, usually gave her commentary or helped edit. It took a while, but she was the only person Lucy was okay with for reading her work. There were several times that she found Natsu or Gray trying to sneak a peek at her writing, at times they snuck behind her and tried to read over her shoulder when she was really distracted with thinking about what to write for the next part. That was about when she kicked them out of there, anyways the boys usually came in uninvited anyways. Natsu more often than Gray but that’s beside the point.  

As she cleaned the mess, Lucy began to get lost in thought of the events that happened the night before.

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jelix trash

^^^me!! so here, have a fanfic! (if you wish)

College/University AU, Felix Kjellberg/Sean McLoughlin (aka jelix, septicpie), Ken/Mary, Mark/Amy, implied Marzia Bisognin/Signe Hansen, past Felix/Marzia

Very fluffy! Everything is nice and nothing hurts. Felix is a ray of precious, positive, nice sunshine. Sean is loud and sassy. PJ ships it. What’s new?

No offence whatsoever intended!!

Enjoy! :) 

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Infatuation (pt4)

Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

“Watching him walk smoothly from the porch and down the street, I waited until his tall figure disappeared into the darkness before I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. A pink blush prominent on my cheeks.

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 2572

Previous | Masterlist | Next

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college jimin

Originally posted by chimcheroo

  • i know i said i would do hoseok before jimin but i know a certain jimin stan that could use some happiness in her life right now so i’m gonna do jimin!!
  • while meanwhile sending my dad pics of got7 and asking him who he thinks the cutest is
  • he likes jaebum and jinyoung in case you’re wondering
  • my dog is sleeping on me and it brings up the point that jimin most definitely snuggles a dog into his dorm
  • okay so like every single college au previous, jimin goes to college in grand ol usa
  • if you can call it that anymore but
  • he wasn’t planning on going to university originally!!
  • he was on route to be in a dance academy!!
  • like a really prestigious one in seoul, that’s where jimin was going
  • but one day his best friend ever, taehyung,,,
  • he was like jimin omg i’m going to college in the usa!! i’m actually going!!
  • and jimin is kinda oh i’m happy for you baby!!
  • and tae is like happy is not good enough young man, i want you to come with me!!
  • and jimin is like uh,,, i can’t taehyung, i’m going to dance school…
  • in this au it’s hella expensive for dance school even if you get in, so jimin is like i don’t even have the money to go abroad tae tae, im really sorry man
  • and tae just kinda smiles softly and he kisses jimin’s head “you can always come over with me if you change your mind…”
  • and guess who done changes his mind
  • that’s right, jimin does
  • he loves dance
  • dancing is his life, his passion, his love
  • but dance school is not
  • jimin is a sensitive person, and he’s one who definitely will show stress and concern and he’s just soft
  • whereas jeongguk and namjoon and yoongi always bottle things up, jimin would be so much more up front with his feelings and he definitely cannot shoulder stress for a long time without breaking from it
  • and that’s okay!! that’s totally okay!! a lot of people are like that, and boys shouldn’t be expected to not have feelings
  • okay but dance school was extreme
  • like hello there dancers you know food well say goodbye to that because you need your body to stay in tip top condition
  • sleep? that’s necessary to function- your last class ends past midnight but please be up by six so we can prepare for the day
  • you can’t contact your family, sorry, that would be much too distracting for our goals here…
  • and jimin didn’t really fit in with people, since it was a highly competitive school and people were just mean and jimin didn’t feel like he connected with anyone!!
  • and so he’s like that’s it, i can’t take it, i can’t take crying every night, i can’t take all this anxiety, i can’t take this pain!!
  • and so he drops out
  • and for a while his parents can’t convince him to go back to any sort of schooling, and so he stays with them and works in the restaurant
  • but he misses learning (he really misses dance), and he misses having a peer group to hang out with, especially that taehyung is gone now
  • and his parents notice this…
  • one day, his mom comes in the living room and she hands jimin a letter
  • he gives it a suspicious look but opens it and out tumbles a letter
  • he quickly reads it over
  • then reads it over again
  • and then reads it one more time
  • “mama, mama, come look, come look!!”
  • long story short, a dance program overseas in the states caught wind of jimin’s talent,,, and they’re willing to pay for his tuition if he comes and joins their dance program
  • he’ll have to pay room and board and food and all that kind of thing! but tuition free!!
  • jimin hugs his mom and he just kinda cries happy tears because he’s very much overwhelmed and excited and happy
  • tbh when he leaves for college, you can’t tell if he or his mom is crying more
  • but
  • guess what else!!
  • taehyung is at that college~
  • okay jimin goes for dance right, but he also wants to study something else because while dance is super amazing, jimin is worried it’s not a guaranteed job
  • so jimin is like i wanna help people somehow…
  • and so he picks the most obvious choice which is criminology
  • surprise!!
  • he’s not like necessarily like i’m gonna be a cop and go out and like fight gang lords
  • but he wouldn’t mind working in the information parts of the criminal justice system
  • so like stuff on the internet hacking and theft and fraud and the deep internet crime
  • that’s what jimin plans to sign on up for
  • but like he probably grows up and keeps handcuffs on him at all times because it looks hot lmao
  • jimin gets really involved with school because even if he’s a little sensitive and sometimes shy bean, he has a personality that people are naturally drawn to, and so making friends is easy for him!!
  • that’s why he’s in like seven different clubs!!
  • including dance team!!
  • with hoseok and jeongguk and they make youtube videos together of their dance covers, and honestly they’re pretty well known around campus~
  • he helps with drama!
  • he joins a wellness walking club where all the people get together and walk around campus and talk smack about people, jin and jeongguk are in it
  • they all have matching sweatbands and they’re pink because seokjin started the club and since he’s the unofficial president, he gets to make those executive decisions, ya know
  • tbh jeongguk only ever talks about yoongi and every one has just about done had it with jimin
  • he’s in a dog walking club too… there’s an elderly folks home nearby right and they walk the dogs for the cute old people
  • you meet jimin because of his many club activities
  • you’re late, late for a very important date
  • that date being a rather large lab for chemistry
  • you’re carrying like seventeen textbooks, and a large cup of coffee on top of the stack
  • you’re running
  • jimin is walking backwards because he’s listening to jeongguk talk about yoongi always hogs the singular blanket in their dorm
  • and BAM
  • you slam into each other
  • your drink spills everywhere (aka all of your shirt)
  • jimin completely falls on his face and you land on top of him
  • seokjin is laughing that windshield laugh and jeongguk is laughing so hard he’s doubling over in pain
  • jimin manages to roll over so you’re laying on his stomach rather than his back
  • and he has a little scratch on his cheek
  • you can’t even think about the books or the coffee because there’s a beautiful boy who has become your personal mattress and he’s hurt!!
  • you gently thumb the blood off his cheek and he giggles
  • jeongguk is gagging
  • seokjin is debating whether to give the jimin the talk once you leave…
  • you and jimin just stare into each other’s eyes and it’s almost painful to watch because you’re just gaping at each other
  • but then you remember that you have a lab you’re already running late for!!
  • you push yourself off jimin and stammer out this apology and he’s standing up and apologizing just as much, if not more than you are…
  • jeongguk is taking pics for his snapchat story
  • “oh my god i ruined your shirt, i am so so so sorry!!” he’s rambling
  • “i didn’t like it that much, i’ll trash it after my lab, it’s okay, really…”
  • “you can’t go to a lab looking like that, omg, omg-”
  • he pulls off his sweater (exposing his precious tummy in the process…) and hands it over to you
  • you put it over your now stained shirt and your face is so so so red and so is his and it’s so super cute!!
  • you’re suddenly like “wait what will i do when i’m done, i mean-”
  • “oh um, here, lemme…”
  • he grabs your pencil case off the sidewalk and whips out a pen and then he takes your arm and writes his number on it
  • he then helps you with your books and soon you’re on your way, but he sends you off with an angelic smile and an excitable wave
  • you text him later that night asking his favorite scent
  • because if you’re gonna wash this shirt you’re gonna have to do this the right way
  • he texts back a few minutes later and by a few i mean like thirty and he’s like ahh sorry!! i was at dance practice!!
  • but you’re my favorite scent ;)
  • and then he’s like “haha no no,,, i like lemon or lilac… my mom used to clean with that stuff back home…”
  • but then he gets all embarrassed bcuz no jimin, you promised yourself we would not open to new people within like seven seconds of knowing them, that’s wrong
  • but jimin comes off as a very open and honest person and he doesn’t like to hide stuff from people at all so!
  • “but you don’t have to wash it for me…”
  • but ofc you do how could you not?? and your roomie is all mm who’s that sweater from huh??
  • but the next day you’re like wow,,, i actually wanna see jimin again (bcuz you obviously exchanged names and all!!)
  • and you’re like oh let me give him that sweater!!
  • and so you text him and you’re like hey want me to give you the sweater back?? such a nice one to lose,,,
  • and ooh buddy
  • jimin can be so flirty and so he sends you a selfie ooh buddy with his fingers through his very orange hair (bcuz fave jimin hair) and he’s a little sweaty and his cheeks are flushed and all
  • “probably don’t need it right now but i’m at the dance studio right off the science wing of campus if you wanna drop it off!”
  • i see jimin texting with like seven million emojis and he accidentally sends you some wink faces
  • accidentally
  • but you’re like wth what does he not do
  • but you don’t have a class until like one o'clock so you’re like why not?
  • you get to the studio and guess who’s there
  • jeongguk surprise you thought i was gonna say jimin
  • and he kinda !!! oh !! oh
  • “you’re the kid that slammed jimin right?? nice to meet you, i’m jeongguk, the biochemical engineering major and most attractive member of the dance team”
  • he gives you a wink and you’re blushing
  • and then another boy traipses up to you and he gives a polite bow and then smirks slightly “and i’m hoseok! captain of the dance team and arguably the most handsome out of all of us!! watcha doing here??”
  • and then BOOM
  • jimin races out of the bathroom where he was fixing his hair to look good for you tbh,,,
  • and he literally shoves the two away from you because man oh man he would be the most jealous out of all the group and he’s all pouty
  • “um they’re here for me, hate to break it to you guys!!”
  • and hoseok and jeongguk are giggling because wow some if most definitely not jealous no sirree
  • jimin leans against the wall and he probably would say something stupid like “wow come here often?”
  • “i might have to now, hoseok and jeongguk are really cute”
  • and you smirk and his face falls and he glances back at them and they stick their tongues out at him
  • but then you tap his shoulder so you can get his attention back on you and you’re like “but i think you’re the cutest”
  • and his cheeks get so rosy and so do his ears!! and he just stares down at his shoes and smiles
  • but then hoseok and jeongguk are like yikes we gotta help this poor bun out so they turn back to you and they’re like hey since you’re here already do you wanna see some dancing??
  • you of course nod excitedly and they lead you into the actual practice room and it’s bright and has mirrors everywhere and it’s almost intimidating but you like it because everything feels close and at home
  • you plop down on the floor against one of the walls without mirrors and hoseok turns on the music
  • you hold the sweater to your chest because you’re like better wait to give it to him,,, he looks kinda hot right now (in more ways than one if you catch my drift)
  • and you expect them to dance to some hardcore music because hoseok is wearing some rapper shirt and jeongguk just admit underground rap vibes (boy howdy how wrong are you- he’s in the school choir)
  • but no
  • they turn on the music and it’s freaking cascada and it’s not even unironic, like all three of them are screaming the lyrics to neverending dream at the top of their lungs
  • but then they actually get down to business and you try to be unbiased, you really do, but your eyes follow jimin every second
  • like the music itself isn’t graceful but his movements are incredibly so, and he acts like he’s water or something, and moves as if he doesn’t have bones
  • and he gets so into it like you can see he’s on a whole different level when he dances, it’s like he’s in the fourth dimension or something honestly it’s breathtaking and you find yourself falling even harder than just a love at first sight kind of thing
  • after that day, you hang out with the dance trio all the time!!
  • jimin is too shy to hang out with you one on one so he invites you all as a group to do things and that’s okay with you because you want to take things slow and not rush into it
  • and jimin is the same way and he’s okay with that
  • he doesn’t feel the need to assert his feelings right away or anything and he wants the feelings to really blossom
  • omg but idea
  • like one day jimin has a project for his forensics class bcuz hello, criminology, you need forensics!!
  • and he’s like hello group, squad, whatever we go by, i need your help for this project please!
  • even though hoseok and jeongguk said they can help, they mysteriously have a pop up class the same time that jimin needs the help,,,
  • you go over to his dorm though and he’s wearing a cute lab coat and you’re like wowow you’re really getting into this role huh?
  • and he gives you this look “well you will be too”
  • “i what”
  • and jimin explains how the project is to create a crime scene and take pictures and walk the class through step by step how you would find clues and determine all that fun cop stuff based on the evidence presented
  • and you’re now a dead body, surprise!!
  • jimin gives you some make up help to put like bags under your eyes (tho in college i bet you have those more than usual) and make the skin look puffy and make your lips look pale
  • and he puts some make up on your wrists and your collarbone and neck area and he’s like yes that is a quality crime scene
  • and he tells you to lay on his bed and he covers you with a blanket partially and you’re giggling and he’s giggling
  • and he knocks over the alarm clock for good measure and messes the pillows up so it looks like the murderer left in a hurry or something
  • and he’s taking pictures and whatever and making notes of all the evidence that could be examined
  • and he’s like jeez what the hell is up with the heat in this room
  • and he takes his lab coat off and reveals a shirt that maybe is a lil too tight and you have to open one eye to get a better glance but then he scolds you because dead people don’t open their eyes
  • you guys are so absorbed in the project that you don’t notice jimin’s roommate, taehyung, slip in
  • he drops his textbooks and he kinda stares at you, his jaw hanging open
  • “man jimin, if you were having fun, you could have just texted me you knOW gOD”
  • and jimin nearly screams because whaT “taEHyhUNg plEaSE”
  • and he has to explain this is a project and nothing more and tae just eyes you suspiciously and then the light bulb hits and he’s like “oh you’re the one that he always facetimes when he should be playing pokemon with me, i see how it is”
  • “but really man, were the bruises right there necessary, i’m thinking that maybe you had an-”
  • “kIm tAeHYunG LeaVE”
  • jimin gets so embarrassed that he excuses himself to the bathroom and while he’s in there tae introduces himself and within five minutes he has told you at least seventy-two embarrassing stories from their childhood, your favorite of which included jimin climbing a tree and getting stuck and crying for like two hours because his parents were at work and tae couldn’t get him out on his own
  • but the one where jimin cried because his mom wouldn’t let him steal the goat from the petting zoo was also really good
  • jimin comes out to you and taehyung cracking up and he gets all pouty and jealous and sulks in the doorframe until you acknowledge him
  • tae ends up helping you with the project and he draws a mustache on himself in sharpie to pose as the murderer
  • you guys go out for smoothies after that
  • and you go to sleep that night with your phone dinging every five seconds because tae is sending you baby pics of jimin
  • taehyung is the one who’s texts you at like three in the morning and he’s like “i woke up remembering that jimin has handcuffs under his bed from stupid class, maybe i can handcuff you two together so you admit your feelings”
  • tbh at all the wellness walking meetings, jimin talks about you all the time he’s like wow i am so in love what i am gonna do,,,
  • he calls his mom to talk about you btw and she’s so cute and supportive and she’s like jimin plz just,,, just confess,,, my poor heart cannot take the suspense much longer
  • and he’s like yes
  • yes i will confess
  • but he doesn’t know how
  • maybe he’ll like text you like wow um since you own like my entire wardrobe maybe we should make it official
  • because you do
  • you wear his sweaters to class all the time
  • and you have one of his rings on a chain around your neck tbh
  • like one time he sprained his ankle dancing and you didn’t know what was up but tae texted you and he was like hello your bf is in the emergency room, please come right away
  • he didn’t tell you what was up but man you left class early to rush over and make sure he was okay
  • and they weren’t letting people into to see him because he was getting an x-ray at that point
  • but all the boys were standing there and tae walks over all solemn and he hands you one of jimin’s rings and he’s like “just in case it’s worse than we think, he wanted you to have this”
  • and hoseok is like “he sprained his ankle, he’s going to be fine, seriously tae, i get you minor in acting but this is ridiculous”
  • jimin on the crutches still insists that he will protect you from everything
  • probably accidentally ends up whacking seokjin with a crutch and he nearly kicks jimin out of wellness walking for it…
  • but anyway!
  • one night it’s like hecka late and you get a text from chim and it’s all hey come to the studio
  • your mind is like question it but your heart is like nah man gO
  • and so you’re like what the heck why not
  • and so you do go and you get there and it’s just jimin and he lets you in because all the boys have keys to the place, like they practically own it
  • and he kinda gives you a look and heads over to the stereo system and turns it on
  • and a slow song starts playing and he wordlessly holds out his hand to you
  • “i don’t really da-”
  • “stand on my feet”
  • and you laugh but he’s being serious and he pulls you onto his feet and then wraps his arms around your waist
  • and you find yourself wrapping your arms around his neck and you two just sway to the music honestly
  • and it’s late and there’s a window in the studio and all the starlight is shining in and the music is playing in the background and you two cannot stop looking at each other
  • and there’s not really a need to talk because you’re so absorbed in each other that words seem pointless
  • soon you find your eyelids fluttering shut and he leans in and shyly brushes his lips over yours
  • and neither of you try to further the kiss or anything because that was perfect and wonderful even if it was shy and flustered
  • and then he rests his forehead on yours and he’s like “so… be mine?”
  • you nod and smile and then your bury your face in the crook of his neck and he strokes your hair and it’s so cute
  • tae doesn’t question it when jimin texts him saying that you’re gonna be crashing in their dorm later that night
  • after that it’s all the cheese
  • like he gets you in wellness walking club and you two always hold hands while walking
  • like always
  • you’re probably glued together or something
  • and jimin always sends you the sweetest messages to start your morning and to end your night too!!
  • whenever you’re stressed, he drops everything to head over to your dorm with some soup from jin and lots of cuddles and kisses
  • he tries to get you to learn a bunch of duets with him regardless of your skill level and so many hours are spent goofing off in the studio
  • he would probably convince you to travel abroad with him, to korea, so you can finally meet his mom
  • because he would make you all facetime like every single night!
  • he dedicates dances to you all the time and he uploads them to the youtube channel right??
  • like hello this is for the love of my life thanks everyone
  • never ceases to amaze you how his hips don’t fall off from all that intense dancing
  • he spoils you rotten and would undoubtedly take an exam in your place if he could
  • oh btw you’re the first one who gets to see him in the nice, tight police uniform with the hat on top (honestly as long as it’s not a state trooper hat, we’re set, though i bet he could make that look good im-)
  • definitely makes sure you are always happy and healthy and doing okay though and is the most positive, uplifting thing in the entire world

I drew this because I saw the Tea AU and thought it was adorable! I hope you like it! ✨❤️❤️❤️



Oh wow, where do I even start!!!

I’m so SO happy knowing something of mine inspired you to draw and look!! Look how cute little barista Goku is!! I especially love his fluffy hair and the fact that he is totally covered in band aids from his day. Poor baby. Oh gosh and his smile is so precious. I can’t believe you got aaall of the little details in here, even the tangled up earphones in his front pocket, that’s amazing and you’re amazing too for doing something so kind

Thank you  ❤️ I’ve been coming back to this all day and just feeling so touched!!

Vegeta is happy with his tea delivery too let me tell you

His Best Friend’s Sister

Notes: Fluff. I think this is really an adorable idea! Thank you for requesting this ahh! This was extremely fun to write although I had a bit of trouble because I wasn’t sure whether I should focus on Eisuke mostly or Soryu. So, it wounded up in a mix with both of them fighting over the MC (*cough* you *cough*). My apologies in advance, if this isn’t what you wanted but I just thought this would be more fun and lighter to read! 

Tagging these dudes because I think it’d make them smile (it’s a 50/50 chance though): @carinecaldre69 & @miyukushina & @dumb-and-dumber-with-leah & @tresspadesmaid@catchthespade

Let’s get more air—because you might need it for the incoming laugh fest!

It was a normal Tuesday when Eisuke called forth for a special dinner. At first, Soryu and the others didn’t understand why there was a need to have dinner together since 99.3% of the bidders time was spent at Ichinomiya’s luxurious penthouse. But the millionaire was persistent! He promised that he would be paying for everyone’s meal and he’d be bringing along a… marvelous surprise.

While the other bidders were astounded by his sudden generosity, Soryu couldn’t help but wonder how “marvelous” was this surprise. He would have been the first person (or so he’d like to think) whom Eisuke would confide about news. Good or bad. However, for the past few days, the mobster noticed that he was acting quite odd. A bit more… approachable and less cranky. It meant the news was something really good—but he never came up to Soryu.


In the end, everyone agreed to join the dinner and everyone wore their best attires—suits, neckties or maybe bowties, gelled hair and manly cologne—knowing they’d be spending the dinner somewhere in a fancy restaurant… And as expected, Eisuke has overdone it again as he led everyone to one of the best five-star restaurants in the city. The folks there even let them have their own private room, away from the other customers. 

Only Eisuke Ichinomiya. 

Once everyone was settled in their seats. Eisuke tapped his glass formally, clearing his throat before saying, “You are all here tonight because you are all considered one of my most special… friends.”

“We’re your only friends,” Mamoru had muttered under his breath and Soryu found himself agreeing with the bearded slacker for once. Ignoring the snide, Eisuke motioned at the door, trying to get someone to walk inside. “Gentlemen. And Mamoru. This is my sister.”

As if rehearsed (probably was), you walked in.

Everyone gasped and clapped upon your arrival. You smiled. 

To Eisuke, this moment was gorgeous, precious and quite satisfying since this meant you would easily fit in this new lifestyle more. While everyone was cheering for the long-lost-but-now-found sister, Soryu’s mouth was still left wide open in utter disbelief. Eisuke wasn’t an idiot but… what if you actually weren’t his sister? Perhaps, that’s one of his reasons why he hasn’t told Soryu about you. He is probably scared about me noticing she isn’t the one and… Soryu frowned as he kept picturing Eisuke’s torn face. The millionaire often claimed he has never broken down but… he was still human.

While thinking deeply about his friend’s reaction, your eyes met Soryu’s and you tilted your head, questioningly. 

Shoot. He quickly shut his mouth and instead of following his gut that was telling him to look away, Soryu did his best to glare at you, trying to establish that he wasn’t the friendliest human being and should be avoided at all cost. Although his cheeks were reddening. Hang on. That wasn’t quite right. Well… He… was a bit caught off guard upon seeing you in such a strapping outfit—a scarlet red dress with delicate ruffles and tight curves—no doubt that Eisuke bought it from one of the most expensive clothing lines. 

And yet as time ticked, the formal introductions went by, jokes were made and everyone was either too happy or too drunk to hold onto one conversational thread. Currently, Ota and Baba were humming along to a Barenaked Ladies’ song in their head, Mamoru has fallen asleep on the dinner table and Eisuke was pulling out his wallet to pay for the bills.

Soryu was quiet the entire time. He made sure he was still sober enough—just to study you mostly. He needed to make sure, for his best friend’s sake that you weren’t an impostor. Technically, Soryu didn’t have any basis to say you were one. He only knew a few things about Eisuke’s “long-lost-sister”… You would obviously have that “mark” Eisuke once said. But it might have been fake. Who knows? … Gun in hand, he’d just have to watch you for anything suspicious.

However after a while, he wasn’t sure why you approached him with a smile spreading on your face—was it because he was sober/awake or you simply caught his not-so-subtle staring? Before Soryu could figure it out, you both started talking and he found it quite… easy? Normally, he found women quite annoying especially with their stench that they called, “perfume”. You probably had one but Soryu didn’t find himself smelling it. He was instead, more focused on your eyes. Your lips.That smile.

“Are you really part of the mafia?”

“… Eisuke told you?”

“He tells me everything,” you replied, rolling your eyes. “Mamo is a detective. Fedora man is a thief. Kisaki has something to do with the art. And you are a mobster but I find that hard to believe.”

“Why is that so?” 

“Because my brother says animals magically like you.” 

Soryu isn’t sure if you were teasing him but he did find it a bit… charming. In response though, the mobster pulled out the gun he was holding, making sure that none of the personal waiters could catch a glimpse of it. “Whether you find me threatening or not, I am a man who knows how to shoot and I am not afraid to pull the trigger. And you?” 


“… Are you really Eisuke’s sister?” His eyes glinted.

“I am.” You smiled. “And because of your deep concern, I guess… you really are his friend. By the way, does Eisuke really buy you all the hair products to make that hair style?”

“… No.”

“Liar. He totally did.”

Soryu scowled at you. What an annoying woman. Now, he could say with certainty that you were related to Eisuke by blood. Before he could rertort, two drunk men—namely Baba and Ota—dragged you off. They also apparently wanted to play with Soryu’s new toy, your eyes though while walking away still trained on him. He didn’t look away either.

“I saw the look you were giving her,” said a voice.

Soryu swiftly turned to find Eisuke who folded his arms. His glowers were even more hellish… and murderous. “I don’t like that look,” he growled.

“Oh, I was just suspicious if she could be an impostor,” Soryu spoke calmly as he tried to choose his words carefully. “I figured that’s why you didn’t tell me about her days ago because… you didn’t want to hear me say that she might not be…” 

Soryu faltered as Eisuke shook his head.

“Dumbass. She is my sister.”

“… I was just looking out for you.”

Eisuke sighed. “I know… But what I meant by look I meant is—you’re giving her the kind of look that Baba makes when he sees a woman.”

“I-I wasn’t thinking of that!” Fully familiar with that Baba look.

“Good. She’s not up for a one-night-stand.”

“… But I could ask her on a date, right?” It was supposed to be a joke but hearing it out loud, it didn’t sound like one. In fact, it made his heart beat faster. Why? Was it because it sounded… dangerous? It absolutely did with Eisuke’s glare stabbing Soryu.

Stay away from my sister, Oh,” growled Eisuke as he briskly brushed past Soryu, bumping his shoulder and making him lose his balance a bit. Dumbfounded, Soryu watched Eisuke saunter towards you—clearly annoyed that you were being toyed around by Baba and Ota. He really had no intention of making a move on you or whatsoever. But there was still something about you that he wanted to know more of. Soryu doubt that Eisuke would allow him to talk to you personally alone again but… He marked this as Attempt 01. Heh. The mobster wasn’t giving up. 

Neither was the millionaire as he also marked this moment as the first attempt. And so, the unspoken battle begins with Soryu’s attempts to win your heart—and Eisuke’s attempts to shove those attempts back into the mobster’s ass.

Attempt 07. 

You and Soryu have both been talking a lot and most of the time when the bidders come over, Soryu noticed that you’d be paying more attention to him… Not that he found it bothersome. Instead, he saw how precious you were to even notice him first in a room full of men who are obviously so much better than him—even the slacker detective sounds better than a stone cold, dangerous mobster. And yet here you were, entering the elevator and looking up to Soryu.

“Hi,” Soryu heard you say.

“Hello,” he greeted back with a smooth voice. You both wounded up inside the elevator together. But not alone together. You were with your older brother and Soryu came along with Ota who was going down to check the antique to be auctioned. An unsettling silence stayed in the elevator as it went down the famous hotel. Ota leaned against the elevator rail. Eisuke wrapped an arm around you, almost territorial. Soryu just had his arms folded, finding his shoes more and more interesting. 

It was awfully quiet and Soryu could practically smell the tension until Ota broke the silence in a singsong voice with the worst statement ever: 

“Hey, Soryu has a pick-up-line for you!”

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