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I also love the desperation in Scott's hand it's like up until the last second he's trying to keep it on Tessa but then Eric ruins everything for him, too. And omg Tessa's pressed lips afterwards(didn't fully make the gif) is precious you can really see how unhappy she was. And the snuggle is just so cute, he turns to her, she reacts in a milisecond and their smiles are precious

This is a new favorite moment of mine🙈😂💕


Adore Delano + Cocktails  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Addicted appreciation week: day one x favorite character

The alien scenario sounds more like a Lily Calloway theory. I understand what Connor is implying. “You think she knows Jonathan’s her fucking father?”
    Lily suddenly appears from the stairs with a big bowl of popcorn, unable to see my clothing from her vantage point. “Are you guys making a Hale family Star Wars alternate universe?” She lowers her voice, mimicking Darth Vader, “Willow, I am your father.”
                                                                 No one laughs.
A popcorn kernel falls out of Lily’s mouth. “Waaaait…this wasn’t a joke?”

watch what? watch me
hold her hand like it’s made of feathers and dust?
like it’s a treasure to be protected?
or watch me tuck a curl of her hair behind her ear
smiling at the way she closes her eyes
right before i lean in to kiss her
like the earth’s gravity’s been turned off
and she’s the only thing keeping me tethered
to the ground?
or maybe you meant you wanted to watch
how i laugh at her when she hiccups
after drinking her strawberry milkshake too quickly
and how my eyes soften at her blush
when i knock my ankle against hers under the table?
oh, no – you must mean you want to watch
the way her eyes sparkle when she’s looking at the stars
and telling me about her favorite constellations
and tripping over her words because she’s talking too fast
and giggling through her explanation
before i have to shut her up with a kiss
because i can’t stand how precious she looks
that’s what you meant, right?
—  “can i watch?” by l.h.c.

The best pants in the world: “I’m-Not-Going-To-Get-Wet-There-In-Particular©”

A drawing from Sound the Bloopers [9:10] because I swear to god I laughed for days at this and god damn just go watch it it’s absolutely amazin’. Yeah this is the first part of Cim’s (or Eren’s) drawings, since I drew a mini comic for Eva (Levi) (which is on my now deleted blog) a while agoo. I will draw one or two more, hopefully soon but my exams start tomorrow so who knowss

Cim, thank you so much for being completely awesome and just jhfojblwb amazing. You’re seriously just hilarious and a really uplifting person, and yeah I really hope you like this.. I’m gonna try base one of the drawings on Dragon Age or something (*cough Eva suggested that to me cough*). Seriously though, thank you for doing what you do; your vlogs and everything else are a real comfort to people like me who don’t have anyone to turn to, and you’re honestly so inspiring and you give me a kind of hope that things will get better. I’ll keep it short with that and not blab on too much  (*ノ▽ノ)

In other news, guys who haven’t seen, Adventures at Titan High 3 will be a thing so expect a load of shit from me to do with that when it’s out!! 


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