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Okay so I don’t know how to actually start this off but I just thought that I should share this with everybody because it is very somewhat important topic. When I was younger not to long ago like in seventh grade I am currently a tenth grader, I thought that I had a teacher crush. He was the most handsome teacher in the whole school everybody thought so too. I did everything possible to make him like me or notice me like answering questions volunteering stuff like that. He did eventually start talking to me in and out of class I thought nothing of it. Days passed and I noticed and a couple of other student noticed how he would treat me. I started watching how I would dress more prettier than i was used to I also was the ne that started the flirting and little crushes and maybe it was my fault. One afternoon I stayed after class so he could sign a form for me he signed it. After he tried to kiss me I wanted it so badly but then something happened in me that knew it wasnt right so I tried walking out of the class. He blocked my way started grabbing me saying how big of a tease I was. I finally got scared and told him that I was that made him let go cause I was on the verge of tears. A couple of weeks later he was fired for accusations against many female students saying how he was a perv and supposedly touched him but nobody ever said anything because hw was the hot teacher. Guys I know the rush of excitement that goes through you when you think you like one of your teachers. Please be careful on who you choose if you notice things that involve anything less than feelings run away be safe. Notice the signs never let anyone take advantage of you even if you are the one that started everything first they are the adults. This goes out to everyone but since i know there are younger teacher crushers out there its for them as well and the very confused teenagers.  I was lucky enough to open my feelings and heart out to my tc now that I moved forward now I know what it actually feels like to have real feelings and have them somewhat returned.  Please be safe I hope this helped in a way im not sure I was clear or not but hopefully I was I love you guys.

John and Paul at a party be like

John: This is fucking boring

Paul: Indeed… Wanna go have some real fun? *wink wink*

John: I’m ready, on my feet, standing, let’s go

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Tee hee!! I love how many of you pervs are looking at Tumblr at work today! I’m hearing from several of you that you’re even running off to the bathroom to get off!! 😵⚡💦💦

Hott 😁 The only thing better than pooping on company time is jerking it on company time. Lol!! Just don’t get caught, my naughty pervs!!

@siancore this is for you and for your prompt, I hope you like it.

She Deserves the Best.


Out of habit, she reacts quickly, grabbing her sword which lay near her nightstand even before her eyes were fully open. Unsheathing it, she is up and out of her bed in a flash. Blinking to adjust to the bright light now streaming in her room, her eyes caught sight of Rick as he stood in her bedroom door entrance holding Judith. He was fully dressed in his black jeans and gray button shirt, his gun belt buckled around his slim waist.

“Rick?” she said, her voice still held a tinge of drowsiness. Lowering the blade of her sword, “Everything okay?” she asked. She looked at the clock on her wall, it was a little after seven a.m.

Rick had to drag his eyes away from the enticing brown legs that greeted him and the red boy shorts that had road up high between her legs. Gawd where did she find those? But as his eyes traveled up her body, he noticed that the thin t-shirt she wore left nothing to the imagination. Focus Rick! His mouth suddenly was dry. Locs of her long hair hung in her face, distorting her view, something he was happy to see. At least that way she couldn’t tell how much of a perv he was being this morning. It was getting harder and harder not to act like a teenage boy around her. Even now he had to mentally tell his nether regions to calm down.

Clearing his throat he said, “Sorry to wake you,” he pulled his eyes away from her, now that she was fully awake he didn’t want to her to see how she was affecting him.

“No problem,” She answered sheathing her sword once again. Leaning it against the bed, she approached Rick and held her hands out for Judith. “You want me to take Judith?” she asked, “You and Daryl are making a run this morning right?”

She frowned when he pulled Judith away from her reach, “What time did you get in last night from your watch in tower?” he asked her.

Shrugging she answered, “Um, maybe around two this morning?” Confusion marred her features, “Why?”

“That’s the third night this week,” he answered, “Is Spencer still not showing up for his duties?”

Noting the hardness in his voice, Michonne sighed “Rick he lost his brother, father and mother all in short time span. He needs time to mourn.”

“We’ve all lost someone Michonne. I’m not sure we have the luxury of letting him. We have to get this community back on its feet. It’s all hands on deck.” he replied. He knew the second that she was going to give him a fight at the tightening of skin around her lips. It was not his intention to cause her stress this morning, so he quickly he added “I will ask Sasha to take him off the rotation. You can’t keep this up, Michonne.”

Now she was really confused, “Keep what up?”

He stepped closer to her, invading her personal space. His blue eyes took on their familiar journey of moving from her eyes to her lips to her chest. “Taking care of everyone else. You have been running yourself ragged since Carl got shot, helping him with his physical therapy, being his personal nurse not to mention taking care of Judy, Daryl … me and now you’ve added another person, Spencer. How long do you think you can keep this up? You need to get some rest.”

Michonne shook her head, “I’m fine Rick.” At his raised eyebrow she continued, “Okay I am a little tired but no way near as tired as I was while we were on the road looking for a place to settle.”

Judith had reached over and grabbed one of Michonne locs and pulled it into her mouth. Once again Michonne reached to take Judith out of Ricks arms. He stepped back once again and Judith let out a sound of disappointment as the loc she had been sucking on was ripped out of her mouth. Rick caressed Judiths back to sooth her. “No, today you are going to get some rest. I am taking Judy over to Maggie, she said she would watch her this morning. Carl is going to wait for me to return so I can help him with his physical therapy. He can fend for himself this morning. Said he was going to get breakfast and read a couple of comics. You’re going to get back in that bed and sleep for a couple more hours. Daryl and I should be back no later than noon.”


“Michonne, I can put you in that bed or you can go on volition?” he interrupted, his voice taken on an unnecessarily husky tone as the thought of him picking her up and carrying her to her bed made him hard, he prayed she kept her eyes on his face. If he did carry her to bed he was not sure if he would be able to leave her there. “Which one do you want?” Gawd Michonne, if there was ever a time for you to argue with me, let it be this one time.

They both had been dancing around their attraction for one another for some time. Both were unwilling it seemed to take that next step. But in this moment, Rick would be happy to see where things could go between them but he didn’t want to push Michonne into something she may not be ready for. He was doing his best to be patient for her but it was getting harder every day. He hated that it took this long to realize what he felt for her.

Michonne physically wanted to squeeze her thighs together at his question, his voice had dropped to a deeper octave and the heat of his gaze made moisture pool between her thighs but her will power won out, “Fine Rick, I will go back to bed.”

He turned his head and placed a kiss on Judiths forehead and when his blue eyes returned to hers, the earlier desire in them was gone. Michonne felt a brief moment of disappointment at that sight and realized again she had missed a rare opportunity to push the limits of their friendship. But was she really ready for that? She was not sure. She loved Rick, hell she even desired him; the nightly erotic dreams of him was proof of that. So why was she scared? She had no answer. And until she figured it out she had to stay in this safe lane, where their friendship was enough.

“Good,” he replied, nodding toward her bed, “Now go.”

She placed her hands on her hips, “So you don’t trust me now. You don’t believe I will go to bed when you leave?”

“I trust you with my life,” he said a wry smile touched his lips, “But you do have a stubborn side that I have to keep my eye on.”

When she was about to interrupt, he pointed over her shoulder, “Bed. Michonne. Right. Now.”

She rolled her eyes at him before turning and heading back to her bed, throwing over her shoulder “Geez alright, Mr. Grimes! I’m going.”

Judith seemed to take delight in this as she started to clap.

“Et tu Judy?” Michonne said, shaking her head as she climbed back into her sheets.

Unbeknownst to her, he could not take his eyes away from her rear end cladded in the red boy shorts as if it were an emergency signal. He knew exactly what emergency was, him and her. They had to figure out what this was between them and soon.  He quickly turned away once she was settled. “I will check on you when we get back.” He said as he gently closed her bedroom door behind him.

He found Daryl waiting on him in the living room.

“Dang, what took you so long?” Daryl said, “I was wondering if you and Michonne had finally decided to take the bull by the horns.”

Rick didn’t answer he was too busy trying to erase the vision of Michonne beautiful backside out of his head. “You ready?” he said distractedly, “Just got to drop Judy off at Maggie’s.”

Daryl only nodded, he’s had a front seat to his friends budding relationship for a while now. He didn’t understand why it was taking them so long to get to the meat of it. From anyone looking from the outside in, Rick and Michonne are already a couple. He was the only witness on the day when Rick realized his feelings for Michonne. She had done something as simple as taken a crying Judy out of his arms and as soon as she did, the little girl had quieted right down. Rick stared in amazement as Michonne danced around the living room with his daughter until Judy started to laugh.  But then a look had come over him, a look that Daryl recognized, stepping closer to Rick so Michonne would not be able to hear. He asked Rick, “You got it bad, don’t ya?”

A stunned Rick looked back at him, “Yeah, I do.”

“Damn.” Was the only comforting words Daryl could give.

Michonne eyes opened a couple of hours later to the insistent call of her bladder. Groaning she pulled herself once again out of bed.  Her wall clock read ten a.m.  After relieving herself, she washed her face and brushed her teeth in the half bathroom which was across the hall from her bedroom. At least I got a few more hours sleep. I do feel a little better but a few more hours of sleep would do me good. I’ll go check on Carl and if he is still alright and I will head back down to get a couple more hours of sleep in.

She threw on her blue robe and head up the stairs to the kitchen. Seeing the mess on the table gave her pause, a cereal bowl was knocked over, milk and frosted flakes had run over the sides onto the floor. Carl knew better than to leave a mess and to waste food.

“Carl she called upstairs, when she didn’t get an answer panic set in. She raced up the stairs and down the hall to his bedroom. He wasn’t there but curtains that hung on his windows now lay strewn on his floor.

“Carl!” she called again. The moment she realized she hadn’t brought her sword up with her SHIT! What if intruders had gotten in while I was asleep? Where’s Carl?

She picked up the baseball bat that was leaning in the corner, she moved to Judy’s room and looked in. Nothing. She moved as quietly as she could to Ricks room, and opened the door. She noticed that his window blinds were closed, which was not normal for Rick, the room was darker with the blinds closed by not as much.  “Carl?” she whispered this time.

“Michonne?” When she heard his whisper she raced to Ricks bathroom. The light was also out in there, she could barely make out the outline of Carl’s body as he lay prone on the bathroom floor. She flipped on the light switch.

He grabbed his head, “NO! Turn the light out!” She quickly flips the light off and the room goes black once more.

Michonne drops to her knees beside him, “Carl, what’s wrong?” Gently running her fingers through his long hair.

“My head,” he said, his voice laced with pain “My head is pounding. It hurts so bad. Light hurts.”

Migraine! Denise had warned them that this may happen, from the damage the bullet Ron gun had caused. Lowering her voice to a whisper she says, “I’ll go get some pain medicine from Denise. I will be right back.”

But just as she moved to get up Carl grabbed her hand. “Please don’t leave me.”

Her heart hurt at the pain in his voice, “Don’t you want me to go get you some pain meds to make you feel better.”

“No,” he said, “It doesn’t hurt as bad if I lay perfectly still. Please just stay here with me.”

Michonne immediately sat with her back against the bathroom cabinet, Carl placed his head in her lap. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers gently through his hair. She knew it would only be a couple of more hours before Rick and Daryl would return. By that time either Carl migraine would have tapered down or Daryl or Rick would have to go to Denise to get medicine.

She listened to Carls breathing as he eased into a fretful sleep.  It was not long before she heard the front door down stairs open and close and the rush of footsteps up the stairs. She had tried to gently move Carls head out of her lap so she could meet Rick in his bedroom before he woke his son. But Carl clung to her tighter.

Rick burst into the bathroom, turning on the light, gun drawn, worry etched his face.

“Nooo!”Carl moaned into Michonnes thigh.

“Turn the light off Rick,” Michonne said placing her hand over Carls uncovered eye hoping to give him more relief.

“Michonne, what the fuck…” Rick said

Placing her other hand on Carl’s ear that was not pressed against her thigh Michonne said harshly over the sound of Carls moans, “Shut up Rick and shut off that light!” she had kept her voice low as she could.

The light went out and Carl stilled once again in her arms.

With the minimum light coming in from his bedroom, Michonne could still see as Rick outline as he bent at his knees and stared in at them.

“He has a migraine, noise and light are causing him pain.” she whispered. “Can you send Daryl to Denise’s to get some pain medicine for him? And can you hang something on your windows to make your room as dark as possible?”

He didn’t answer but moved to do as she requested. She heard him head downstairs but he returned shortly and it was not long until there was no light coming from his bedroom. Her eyes could barely make him out when he came back to the bathroom doorway.

“Carl, baby we’re going to move you to the bed now. It’s dark in there.” She whispered, “Can you stand up?”

She felt slight movement on her thigh before he slowly lifted his head. She tried to match his movements as he stood up, to catch him if needed. But she didn’t have to, he stood albeit unsteadily. She kept her hand wrapped around his upper arm and guided him out of the bathroom and to Ricks bed. After getting him to lay down, she whispered, “Me and your Dad are going to be right back.” She could feel Rick as he stood closely behind her. “We are going to check on your medicine and we will be right back so you can take it.”

Carl gave her a small grunt in acknowledgement.

Ricks hand wrapped around hers as he led them out of the darkened room.

Quietly closing the door behind them. He led a few feet away before stopping and turning to her. “Thank you for taking care of him. I’m sorry I was hoping you were going to get a day of rest and it seems that fates were against us.”

She smiled at him, “Well let’s just say it’s never a dull day in the Grimes household.”  They laughed and headed downstairs just in time to meet Daryl coming in. Once Rick saw Daryl he quickly let go of Michonne’s hand. Daryl carried a small brown bag, reaching in he pulled out a pill bottle. “Denise said give him one of these now and another in four hours if the pain is too bad but no more than two pills for the day.”

Rick had already grabbed a glass of water, “Would you mind going over and grabbing Judy from Maggie? I’m sure she and Glenn have some things they need to do.”

Daryl nodded, “I’ll do you one better, I will take her with me to Carols and keep an eye out for her until my shift tonight. I’m sure Carol won’t mind watching her for the rest of the night. That way you can focus on Junior upstairs. If not I will find someone to take my shift.”

“Your shift?” Michonne asked, “You don’t do watches anymore.” Since Daryl and Rick did the daily runs, they were taken off of the night watches.

Daryl winked at her as he slung his bow and arrow back over his shoulder, “I’m taking your shift tonight.”

“Wait! What?”

“Talk to Rick.” With that he was gone.

Michonne had turned to just do that but found she was now alone in the kitchen. Moving quickly up the stairs she found Rick in his room, he had gotten Carl to take the pill but now hovered as Carl tried to get comfortable.

Michonne wanted to wring his neck for interfering with her work schedule. She was a grown woman, she had sense enough to know when she needed a break. He had no right to make choices for her. But there was no way she was going to interrupt the peaceful quiet the room allowed for Carl. She will talk to Rick later when she was calmer it would be better that way.

“Michonne,” Carl’s voice instantly turned her mother instinct on. She crawled over the bed and too his side.

Gathering him in her arms so his head lay on her shoulder, “I’m right here,” she whispered. “Rest.”

Rick moved to head back out the bedroom door, not wanting to cause any more noise or not wanted to intrude, he didn’t know which one.

“Dad can you stay?” Carl’s voice gave Rick pause.

Removin his gun belt as quietly as possible Rick slid in bed next to Michonne. There was only a few inches between them and warmth that came off of her was comforting. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep.

Rick was having the most satisfying dream, Michonne lay beneath him on her back and he was placing soft gently kisses down her body. Stopping at her belly button he dipped his tongue in. She smelled of lavender and coconut and her skin was smooth as silk. He moved lower and was pleased when he was able to grasp the hem of the red bottom shorts she wore and pulled them off. Her lips glistened with her wetness, drawing her legs over his shoulders he licked his lips before he nuzzled his nose into her wetness, causing her labia to open and his tongue to find his prize.


Yeah baby call my name just like that.


Ricks eyes popped open, his left leg was strewn across Michonne lower body, his left arm was wrapped around her waist and his face was planted in her neck.

He quickly rolled away from her and sat up on the other side of the bed.  Oh God what had he done? Did he molest her in his sleep? This was getting out of hand. They had slept in tight quarters before and he had never taken liberties like that before. Get yourself together Rick! Michonne deserves better than you pawing on her.

“Umm sorry to wake you but I’m really starving” She said still whispering, “I haven’t eaten all day. You want to come down with me, I can fix us both something to eat?”

Looking at the clock on his nightstand the numbers were illuminated to show in the dark room, it was eight p.m. “I’ll come down in few minutes.” he said knowing he needed the time to allow his body to calm down.

“That must have been some dream you were having?” she said.

“What?” Rick was happy the room was blanketed in darkness so she couldn’t see how red he had turned.

“You were moaning in your sleep.” She said as she rounded the bed, “Were you having a bad dream?”

“No, nothing like that.” He said, “It was actually a really good one.”

“You could have fooled me.” She said as she opened the bedroom door and light rushed into the room, “I’ll see you downstairs and you can tell me about your decision to pull me off watch duty tonight.”

“Thought you had forgotten all about that.”

“Nope.” She said as she closed the door behind herself.

“Dad?” the sound of Carl’s voice startled Rick.

“Carl?” Rick said, twisting around toward his son, “How are you feeling?”

“Better, the headache is gone.” Carl said, “Just really tired.”

“You hungry?”

“No, just want to go back to sleep.” Carl responded, “Where’s Michonne?”

“She went downstairs to get something to eat.”

“We really need to take care of her Dad.”

“What do mean son?”

“I mean, she is always taking care of us. We need to take of her.”

Rick sighed, “I know son. I know.”

Carl let out a loud yawn, “You should look out for things she likes while on your runs.”

Rick didn’t want to tell him he already was.

“You’re right son,” he answered. “I definitely will. You sure you don’t want anything to eat?” he said as he stood up.

“Nope I’m good,” Carl said.

“Well call down if you need anything.”

“Can you tell Michonne thanks for me?”

“Sure will.”

The last thing Rick heard before he closed the door to his room was, “She deserves the best Dad.” If only Carl knew that Rick wanted to give Michonne just that.

Seventeen Reacts to You Waking Them Up in a Sexual Way (Vocal Unit)

Request:  Hi (っ˘ڡ˘ς) I was wondering if you could do a seventeen reaction to you waking them up in a dirty sort of way? Like kissing their neck, or fondling their member (; If you’re going to do it in units, preferably vocal unit. Thank you & your blog is amazing ♥‿♥ -greasy anon


DK: Palming Seokmin through his jeans while he was sleeping wasn’t out of the ordinary for you. Whenever you were feeling needy, you’d always do this because it woke him up quickly. “Mmm.” He bites his lips and gazes at you, “Don’t stop baby.”

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Seungkwan: His thighs were very sore from practice so the first hing he did was lie in bed and fall asleep. Later, he woken by your hands on his thighs slowly massaging them, your hands were dangerously close to his member. He blushes red and grins, “You’re too good to me, jagiya.”

Jeonghan: Jeonghan sighs, opening his eyes to see a small hand fondling his member. “I see you were impatient, like always. For that I’m going to have to spank you.” He grins at your blushing face and pulls you over his knee.

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Woozi: Woozi is about to enter a peaceful slumber until your lips on his neck wakes him up. He laughs slightly since he’s very ticklish. Regardless, he still enjoys the pleasure, “I’m up, so now I’m going to cater to your every need.”

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Joshua:  “Wow, what a pleasant surprise.” He wakes up with half lidded eyes and shallow breathing. “You’re in that kind of mood, huh?” You nod but you don’t stop stroking his length until he’s a moaning mess under you. “You don’t play fair, so neither will I.”

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I enjoy doing dirty requests~ <— and that just proved how much of a perv I really am >.<

Smoulder- Chapter 22

Chapter Summary: In which the author discovers that the sexy deep-v thingy on a mans lower abdomen is called his Apollo’s belt. You ready for some sin?

Rating: SFW but like, sinfully SFW I don’t know.

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Chapter 22

“I can’t believe you won!” Nino sulked, taking off his cap to wipe his brow angrily.

Twirling his racket in his hand, Adrien shot Nino a triumphant smirk which was only thirty percent sheepish. It was a brief look, and Nino pouted in response. The pair of them hung back, wiping sweat from their faces, whilst the girls went to fill their water bottles at a fountain on the other side of the courts. The cloud coverage made the heat more stifling, the air more humid, and Alya’s hair had doubled in volume as a result.

When Nino teased her about her hair ‘hulking out’ she’d thrown a tennis ball at him.

Adrien dropped his towel back into his bag, earning a disgusted look from Plagg. If they’d been alone, Adrien would have argued that camembert smells as bad as sweat anyway, so the Kwami shouldn’t be judging him in the slightest.

“What can I say?” Adrien began, staring after Marinette with a dopey smile on his face. The girl in question was laughing at something Alya had said and, though they were well out of earshot, he still felt slightly boneless at the idea of Marinette’s laughter. “I guess we’re just lucky.”

Nino rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, lucky you won considering how much of a perv you were being,” he proclaimed, placing his cap back on his head and sliding up to Adrien. He placed an arm on Adrien’s shoulder.

Adrien jerked away from Nino’s touch, as if the accusation had given him an electric shock. It was true. He had to admit. The fact that they’d somehow won the match astounded him. Marinette had carried him through it whilst he’d been constantly distracted.

Her skirt was hypnotic, and he’d tried so hard not to look. But it kept shifting when she ran.

She ran a lot. Adrien, on the other hand, had managed to hit himself in the face with his tennis racket twice because his eyes had been focused on Marinette in a way they really, really shouldn’t have been.

Huh. So this is what rock bottom is like.

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Sorry for flooding your asks but how was he a perv ? Lmao sorry xx

That’s quite alright, haha. And you’re not flooding my asks, it’s no problem at all! And well, developing gross ass feelings for Caroline when he was formerly an authority figure in her life, and even was the sole adult in the Gilbert home at one time, definitely did the character no favors.