how perv

“Agh fuck,” he mutters as he slides into you, finally.

It’s been so long. Weeks? You don’t remember but you sigh as he begins moving his hips, groaning and slowing watching himself move in you, and you wrap your legs around his back to anchor him close.

“Mmm Jimin,” you moan as your hands smooth over his shoulders, fingers tracing the pale skin and the dips and curves of his collarbone. “You feel so good,” you whisper.

Sometimes the movies never portray how easy it is to slip into the busyness of life and marriage and kids, and just…forget. Forget to enjoy sex like this, unhurried and leisurely, solely for the sake of just fucking as a couple. As man and wife.

He maneuvers his hips in a way that angle his dick right against the spot inside you that has you cringing and arching your back. “Oh my god…” you can’t help but involuntarily squeeze around him.

“Oh shit, y/n, stop, wait,” he squeezes his eyes shut and stills inside of you, and you watch him patiently as he focuses on not cumming. To distract himself, he leans down to make out with you, slowly moving his lips against yours, and you smile and wring your arms around his neck because it finally feels like years ago, when you and him had finally tied the knot. It was a night to remember, full of flushed cheeks and questioning touched and a lot of giggles and “is this okay?”s as you both lost your virginities together.

He feels your smile against his lips and he quirks his eyebrows at you. “What are you giggling at?”

You smile up at him, pinching his cheek. “You’re so cute.”

He rolls his eyes. “Please don’t call me cute when I’m literally trying not to cum in you.”

You laugh out loud this time, almost snorting. The action makes you clench around him and his voice is strained. “Ugh fuck I feel like I’m in high school again. You feel too good.”

You laugh, pushing his hair out of his face. “You mean when you had big cheeks?” You cup his face in your hands and thumb his swollen lips.

He cringes. “Babe, forget about that. You didn’t even know me then.”

“But the entire world did. Twitter knew you.”

He groans but nevertheless gives you a sweet grin before leaning down to kiss you, roughly pushing his tongue last your lips and tasting you. His thick lips smooth past your jawline, pressing soft kisses down the slope of your neck as he reaches your breasts.

“It feels like forever since we did it like this.”

“Yeah.” You sigh as he massages them. “When was the last?”

“Since the kids got on summer break. 3 weeks.” He murmurs, glancing at the calendar on your nightstand.

“Shit…how did you not go crazy?”

He blushes. “I do. That’s why I begged Tae to babysit the kids.”

Cupping your breasts in his hands, he gently thumbs over your nipple and leans down to take one in his mouth, rolling the nub with his tongue, swirling around it and suckling with wet movements. You moan above him, carding your hands through his hair. “Oh my go—Jimin.”

“I wish we had more time you know?”

You roll your head back. “Mhm,” you grit out, the feelings of his tongue doing the best things to you and sending triggers of pleasure down to your core. “But you’re the one who didn’t want to schedule our sex. Oh fuck, I think I’m gonna cum soon.”

He hums around your nipple, letting it go and moving to the other with a loud pop. He begins to move his hips slightly again, gaining confidence as he feels your muscles clenching around him and his own orgasm is further down the line.

“Well, scheduled sex is just so…unsexy.”

You laugh, moving your hips along with him. “Yeah well so is talking about our kids during sex.”

He grins, quirking a playful eyebrow at you. “Not really. I think you’re the hottest when you’re my kids’ mom.”

“Oh my god, shut up or else I’ll make you cum first.” You clench around him as a warning.

Jimin was such a gentleman. But sometimes he felt a little embarrassed at how much in love with you he was. He was so enamored with your body and how pretty you looked with his cock deep in you that he came almost instantly when he lost his virginity. He’d taken years to recover from that guilt even though you reassured him it was okay. It was a little funny in your part but you knew he took that seriously. He glares at you and switches tactics.

He smooths his hands down your sides, and your moans become low and husky as he begins reaching deeper parts in you, trading hastiness for precision as he angles to get that spot inside of you that gets you cumming faster.

“Oh, right there,” you breath out, hands clutching at his biceps as he looks down at you. You’re as pretty as the day he met you. Ten years down the line, he’s still as 100% in love with you.

He leans down to kiss you, but the change in angle makes your moans stop because he no longer hits those spots inside of you and you’re too distracted by his lips to focus on your impending orgasm. “Mmmf,” you mumble into his mouth and he props himself up on his elbows to look at you. You smile sheepishly, “sorry, ah, I lost it.”

He stills inside of you, and You just grin and lean up to peck him. “It’s okay, just cum in me Jimin, it’s ok.” He rolls his neck because he wished that if there was just one thing he could have better control of, it was how fast he came compared to you. You were always so selfless about it though. That’s what pisses him off but also makes him want to kiss you and make you cum forever. Or something.

He finishes cleanly inside of you, and you coax him through it, cooing dirty encouragements into his ear and smoothing the sweat on his neck away and running your hands all over his body. He grunts and cries out your name hoarsely as he tenses and then caves into your softness as the last of his cum spills.

He’s panting. “Fuck,” he breathes, “sorry, I really wanted to make you cum first.”

You laugh. “Baby, it’s okay.” You squeeze your legs a bit tighter around him and wrap him in a hug and he relents, pressing a kiss to your hair as he pulls out of you. He helps you up and he gathers all the clothes and puts them in the hamper as you pee and arranged the blankets in a somewhat presentable way. When he finishes, you’re already wrapped in your robe and cleaned up, leaning against the doorway of the bedroom restroom. “Youre so hot when you clean.”

Jimin rolls his eyes at you and walks over to you. “You always say that. I have other hot qualities too you know.”

You laugh as he guides you to the bed, and removes your robe to card his shirt over your head. He puts on his own boxers before climbing in bed with you. “Hm yeah. That’s why I married you. Among other reasons too.”

He grins at you and draws you closer. “Like what?”

You cheekily begin counting off fingers. “Well first, your good genes. Can’t have my kids be ugly because I chose an ugly man. Second, your dick. Third, the really big engagement ring you bought me.” You stretch out your hand to show him, “cause damn, you did a really good job with this one.”

He giggles along with you, drawing you close. “I love you.”

You hum and smile as you press your nose into his bare skin. You were so addicted to the way he smelled. A little sweet, like the baby lotion he swore he didn’t use on himself, and with a hint of the aftershave and cologne set you bought him a few christmases back. He never used anything else.

“I love you too. I think that’s why I married you. Oh plus you’re hot when you cum.”

He furrows his brows. “Ew it sounds much better coming from me. Is this how you feel when I tell you you’re pretty when you cum?”

You purse your lips. “Nope. I like it.”

He grins, pecking your temple. “Perv.”

“You married this perv.”

“How long do we have till the kids are back?”

You hum, “Taehyung and his girlfriend are babysitting them until tomorrow. Why?”

“And you don’t have any schedules tomorrow right?”

“Yeah. I asked manager Sena to not sign me up for anything until the kids go back to school next month.”


“Why?” You mutter as he turns towards you.

He grins, and pulls you in for a kiss.

“Because,” he mutters, “I’m gonna make up for that by making you cum all night.”




“Jimin, babe, you know I can’t cum more than twice in a row right.”

“Shut up you’re ruining the mood.”

library dates | oh sehun

pairing: sehun x reader

genre: smut

word count: 1,192

summary: failing college? that’s NOT an option. finding a tutor was easy… but trying to focus on my work with one of the sexiest guys to my right? now that’s hard.

“Miss Y/L/N? Another F I see.” my professor handed me my exam paper. “You’re definitely failing this class, Miss.” he shook his head and walked away.

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Who wouldn’t have a thing for their asses? LOL Hope you like this!^^

RFA + Saeran with a MC who has a thing for their butts (NSFW)


  • Well, he likes you touching every part of his body
  • But still gets a little baffled when you pass behind him and give it a smack along with a squeeze
  • He only gets surprised when you do it out of the bed at the most random moments
  • But in bed when you’re getting intimate? He’s all for it!
  •  Especially when he’s doing the missionary and you slip your hands to his as, squeezing it to bring him closer
  • Also likes the biting and scratching, but tries to pretend he doesn’t.
  • He’s looking at the marks in the mirror and feeling really smug.
  • It is a really nice ass, he’s not surprised you like it LOL


  • Blushing for days
  • You come behind him when he’s cooking, hugging him and leaning your head on his back and he’s awwww you’re so cute.
  • SMACK! He jumps and yelps, looking at you as if the food just exploded in his face from how red he looks.
  • You smile innocently and walk away, and he rubs where you slapped.
  • Gosh… you’re going to be the death of him one day…
  • He can be very self-conscious of his body, so though it’s a little embarrassing, it’s nice when you pay attention to his body, doesn’t really matter which part.
  • Not a big fan of biting, but doesn’t mind the slapping and scratching.
  • As long as you don’t mind some scratches in your ass too…


  • No.
  • Don’t even try.
  • She’ll glare at you and give you the silent treatment for hours if you try anything funny, especially in public.
  • In bed, she tends to be a little more flexible.
  • But still, if you squeeze her ass, she’ll yelp and give you a reprimanding look.
  • However… there’s a breach LOL
  • The only time she lets you pay attention to her ass is when you’re eating her from behind.
  • You grip her ass as much as you want, she’s focused on the feelings your tongue is causing. It’s a win-win.


  • He loves your… peculiar tastes.
  • This kind of touch is absolutely off the table when you’re in public
  • But in private, he likes when you get frisky.
  • Bringing him to you by groping his ass? Yep, will do.
  • Man likes a fine ass too, who is he to judge?
  • He pretends he’s mad, but the way he narrows his eyes at you, you know he’s living for it.
  • Chuckles when he’s alone in his office and has to adjust himself in his chair because the scratches are throbbing a little.
  • Oh… you bet he’ll make you pay for it when he gets home.



  • If you pass by him and smack his ass, he’ll turn to you and immediately and pretend he’s S HO C K E D
  • But as soon as you giggle, he drops the acts and chases you around.
  •  He holds you by your hips, but it’s pathetic how he pretends he doesn’t know where his fingers are brushing.
  • In public, he gets a little flustered at first, but then he gives you the side-eye, daring you to do it again.
  • Also an ass boy, so he doesn’t judge.
  • As for In private… YES, PLEASE
  • Bite, scratch, slap, do whatever you want!
  • And hey… if you feel like giving him a rim job since you’re at it… knock yourself out!


  • Super flustered
  • But he would get flustered by any way you try to touch him, even if it’s innocent
  • And since it isn’t, he gets embarrassed and chuckles nervously
  • But the way you smile makes him feel like giving in
  • Because he loves your touches, after all.
  • So he can bring himself to enjoy it, especially when you’re making love.
  •  If you slip your hands to his ass and scratch it, he knows it’s the sign that he’s doing it just right
  •  And… well… he feels like smacking your ass from time to time too, you know?



  • He can do it to you
  • But you doing to him? Better not
  • He’s still not used to you being the one to praise his body parts, so to him it feels awkward.
  • Though there’s nothing much he can do when you’re making out
  • He’s so focused on the kisses and gripping every part of you he can he doesn’t really mind where you touching
  • So let’s say he unconsciously likes it.
  • Just the groping, tho. No biting or scratching.
  • But if he finds some scratch mark as he showers, he’ll laugh softly at how much of a perv you are, and how much he loves it.
Those who are Broken | Chapter Fifteen

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 2372

↬ I honestly run out of things to say on here

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

You stared up at Ben in complete shock.

Who the fuck threw a bunch of fucking shit on him? After all the time and hard work you spent on keeping this fucker clean for the past week, some little shits decide to throw a bunch of trash all over him. Now you have to clean him all over again.

Did the headmaster do this?

Would she stoop that low just so you can keep cleaning him until you finished your punishment? Would he look like shit every time you finish cleaning him just because you don’t follow her rules?

“I thought you would finish cleaning him by now,” a familiar voice said from behind you.

Turning around, you met eyes with Jimin, his hands in his pant pockets. “He was clean. Some bastard trashed him last night,” you told him, turning back to the shit statue that stood in front of you in all its glory. “After all the fucking hard work I put into making him look brand new,” you mumbled, tossing the bucket full of cleaning supplies to the ground in frustration.

“Most likely the headmaster did this,” Jimin said, bending down to pick up the bucket you tossed. “At least you have someone to help you clean it—better than doing it alone.”

You sighed. “You’re right,” you told him, grabbing the supplies from inside the bucket, but it wasn’t. Even if you have someone to help you clean, you had spent days cleaning the statue, and if the headmaster trashed the statue, the two of you are going to have a serious talk.“We’ll need water.” You gestured towards the water faucet a bit off to the side next to a rose bush. “Fill the bucket up, and we’ll start cleaning him up. Again,” you whispered the last word, glaring at the statue as if it’s his fault he got dirty. You watched as Jimin made his way towards water faucet, placing the empty bucket under it, and twisted the knob. Water shot out from the faucet, filling the bucket within seconds.

Turning the knob shut, he made his way back towards you. You couldn’t help yourself from staring down at his arm that carried the bucket, his muscles flexed, a vein or two going up. Even through his short sleeved, black shirt, you could see how built he was. You wondered what it would feel like to have him wrap his arms around you, holding you tight against him. His face buried in the crook of your neck, warm breath hitting your skin before his lips brushed along sending a chill throughout your body.

“Ready?” Jimin asked as he placed the bucket down next to you, bringing you out of your fantasy.

You felt your face heat up as you looked away. “Y-yeah,” you stuttered, handing him a scrub before you poured a small amount of soap into the bucket full of water. You dunked your scrub into the bucket, mixing the water and soap together until bubbles began to form. “Shall we start?” you asked, pulling out the scrub and climbed up the ladder

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e-l-d-a-r-y-a-n-n-a  asked:

Zie! Ya nasty! I was scrolling down when Kentin - AND HIS DICK - showed up. And my mom was right behind me! Now she knows I'm a perv. How dare you ruin my pure-and-virginal disguise?

oh sorry
i’ll remove the dick

now he’s cute <3

John and Paul at a party be like

John: This is fucking boring

Paul: Indeed… Wanna go have some real fun? *wink wink*

John: I’m ready, on my feet, standing, let’s go

Originally posted by thebeatlesordie

Roy i’m not sure if that’s how you seduce someone. U perv.

I can’t stop laughing at this, wth is wrong with me, i swear to god i was planning to do something sweet and innocent then this happened! Hahahahahahahahah

Poor Ed, i wonder if his blush will reach his toes if Roy keeps harassing him.. poor bby.

This is probably as unsafe as i can get for now…well to post here at least. Sorry.

*Brb, dyin’*

Please Read Very Important TC Community!//Reblog

Okay so I don’t know how to actually start this off but I just thought that I should share this with everybody because it is very somewhat important topic. When I was younger not to long ago like in seventh grade I am currently a tenth grader, I thought that I had a teacher crush. He was the most handsome teacher in the whole school everybody thought so too. I did everything possible to make him like me or notice me like answering questions volunteering stuff like that. He did eventually start talking to me in and out of class I thought nothing of it. Days passed and I noticed and a couple of other student noticed how he would treat me. I started watching how I would dress more prettier than i was used to I also was the ne that started the flirting and little crushes and maybe it was my fault. One afternoon I stayed after class so he could sign a form for me he signed it. After he tried to kiss me I wanted it so badly but then something happened in me that knew it wasnt right so I tried walking out of the class. He blocked my way started grabbing me saying how big of a tease I was. I finally got scared and told him that I was that made him let go cause I was on the verge of tears. A couple of weeks later he was fired for accusations against many female students saying how he was a perv and supposedly touched him but nobody ever said anything because hw was the hot teacher. Guys I know the rush of excitement that goes through you when you think you like one of your teachers. Please be careful on who you choose if you notice things that involve anything less than feelings run away be safe. Notice the signs never let anyone take advantage of you even if you are the one that started everything first they are the adults. This goes out to everyone but since i know there are younger teacher crushers out there its for them as well and the very confused teenagers.  I was lucky enough to open my feelings and heart out to my tc now that I moved forward now I know what it actually feels like to have real feelings and have them somewhat returned.  Please be safe I hope this helped in a way im not sure I was clear or not but hopefully I was I love you guys.

anonymous asked:

their s/o fell asleep on their shoulder when they are both chatting sitting under the tree! what do they do?! Request for terasaka, okajima (wonder how the perv is gonna react hoho), karasuma, chiba and karma please?

Hope you like them! Sorry they’re a little short, I hope they’re enough since there was just a lot of characters!

Terasaka Ryouma

  • Be totally dead with embarrassment, trying not to show it but failing
  • The way his s/o looked in their sleep would absolutely kill him
  • If his s/o woke up to him staring at them, he’d instantly push them away, not even a second thought

Okajima Taiga

  • Of course he would have some inner monologue about how cliche this was and how something really big would come after
  • Clearly, being the pervert he is, he’d think something dirty but feel guilty after
  • He’d be too absorbed in his own thoughts after it happened that he would barely notice them some of the time

Karasuma Tadaomi

  • Totally dense to it, just DOES NOT NOTICE
    • Either that, or he doesn’t care
  • Probably just continues talking, before looking over and noticing that his s/o fell asleep
  • After he notices, he’d simply pull them a little closer, so as to get them more comfortable

Chiba Ryuunosuke

  • On the outside: Neutral Face™
  • On the inside: All his systems are malfunctioning, he was not prepared for this, his heart is beating, mental sirens are going off in his head
  • His s/o is just SO ADORABLE he cannot handle it
  • Too much for Chiba

Karma Akabane

  • Probably would do something stupid but impermanent
    • Such as sticking a fake mustache to his s/o’s face
  • Regardless, he’d smile or laugh a little bit at how cute they looked while asleep
  • Maybe ruffle their hair a little bit before they woke up

anonymous asked:

Any updates for A Dying Wish or Red Skies in the near future?

I can’t lie, I’m going to be pretty busy until December, I have a 9am to 4pm class atm, and it’s all week. I don’t have enough idle time for regularly updating my stories (not that I even do lmao) So it does it look like they’re gonna be on a bit of hiatus. However! I do have some quick au ideas for spooky oneshots!

And here’s a snippet of adw ch.4 and red skies ch.10, still needs a lot of editing though.

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Seventeen Reacts to You Waking Them Up in a Sexual Way (Vocal Unit)

Request:  Hi (っ˘ڡ˘ς) I was wondering if you could do a seventeen reaction to you waking them up in a dirty sort of way? Like kissing their neck, or fondling their member (; If you’re going to do it in units, preferably vocal unit. Thank you & your blog is amazing ♥‿♥ -greasy anon


DK: Palming Seokmin through his jeans while he was sleeping wasn’t out of the ordinary for you. Whenever you were feeling needy, you’d always do this because it woke him up quickly. “Mmm.” He bites his lips and gazes at you, “Don’t stop baby.”

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Seungkwan: His thighs were very sore from practice so the first hing he did was lie in bed and fall asleep. Later, he woken by your hands on his thighs slowly massaging them, your hands were dangerously close to his member. He blushes red and grins, “You’re too good to me, jagiya.”

Jeonghan: Jeonghan sighs, opening his eyes to see a small hand fondling his member. “I see you were impatient, like always. For that I’m going to have to spank you.” He grins at your blushing face and pulls you over his knee.

Originally posted by se-ven-te-en

Woozi: Woozi is about to enter a peaceful slumber until your lips on his neck wakes him up. He laughs slightly since he’s very ticklish. Regardless, he still enjoys the pleasure, “I’m up, so now I’m going to cater to your every need.”

Originally posted by hvung

Joshua:  “Wow, what a pleasant surprise.” He wakes up with half lidded eyes and shallow breathing. “You’re in that kind of mood, huh?” You nod but you don’t stop stroking his length until he’s a moaning mess under you. “You don’t play fair, so neither will I.”

Originally posted by jisooosgf


I enjoy doing dirty requests~ <— and that just proved how much of a perv I really am >.<