how perfect is this cast that after two years that the show ended they still hang out and are friends


Pairing: Matt Cohen x Reader


Warnings: none

A/N: Whoooo! First Matt Cohen x Reader request EVER, I feel awesome! The R2M questions you guys asked but were not included in the fic will be answered soon! ALSO, those fanfic writers I referenced (From Con to Con is by @nerdyforyourbooks, Aria being one of the most PHENOMENAL smut writer EVER, you can find her on ao3) are AMAZING so do me a favour and go check out their stuff!

(the guy who deserves more fanfiction written about him)

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SVTFOE Season 2 Finale Recap: “Wandside Attraction” and “Star and Marco vs The Future”


I knew this season finale was gonna kill us all, but I was SO off on how it was gonna turn out.

And by the way, if you’re waiting to watch these episode at 8 PM tonight… turn back now. I just saw ‘em at 7 in the morning, and as I said in my last post, there WILL be huge spoilers here. It’s not too late to look at another post until tonight, but if you’re willing to take the chance or have already seen it…

…then here we go.


Song Day is upon us, and Queen Moon Butterfly sends the new songstrel Ruberiot (voiced by Patrick Stump) to the Diaz household to write a song about Princess Star. Star, who is absolutely NOT a fan of these princess songs, tries to avoid hanging with Ruberiot until he realizes he hates those same songs, too, and they team up to write a song that really shows people who Star is. Meanwhile, Moon heads to the Forest of Certain Death trying to get some answers on where Ludo’s whereabouts might be. And who better for her to go to than his father Lord Brudo, his mother Lady Avarius, and his little brother Dennis? However, when she finds Ludo’s new lair and discovers what he’s wielding, she realizes the situation is much more serious than she could’ve imagined.

Before she can proceed with her mission, though, she, her husband King River, and the Magic High Commission along with Star and Marco attend the Song Day event, where it starts off great with Ruberiot subverting the kingdom’s expections and bringing them a rock ballad about Star being the Rebel Princess of Mewni… but then the songs gets to the part where Ludo shows up and takes Glossaryck and the Book of Spells, and the King and Queen proceed to keep retrieving the book and Glossaryck back a low-key effort, which horrifies both the Magic High Commission AND the entire Mewman audience.

But that’s not what the fandom’s gonna be talking about when they bring up the song. No, when they bring up the song, what they’re gonna really talk about– Aside from how awesome and catchy it is. –is that it straight up reveals that Star is in fact in love with Marco Diaz, a point Ruberiot glorifies for the finale, and one that he didn’t even talk to Star about to begin with. This all leads up to the following 22-minute episode…


And if you thought Storm the Castle or Bon Bon the Birthday Clown were the darkest this show could get, this is here to prove you completely wrong.

At the Diaz Family’s end-of-the-school-year party, Marco is still in shock as to Star’s true feelings for him, and things hadn’t really been so normal since Song Day. Of course, Star isn’t handling it much better, either. So, to avoid having an awkward conversation with him, Star calls an emergency friend meeting with Pony Head, Janna, Kelly and StarFan13 (who was there the whole time!), and they try to get Star to forget about his straining relationship with Marco by bringing her to a more dangerous bash on a rooftop, where Star finally hangs out with her other crush, Oskar Greason.

But meanwhile, on Mewni, Queen Moon and the MHC bust into Ludo’s ancient temple lair, easily dealing with the rat army, Eagle and Spider before contending with Ludo himself, who tells them that Glossaryck showed him a page of the Book of Spells (which, of course, was Queen Eclipsa’s chapter), and then suddenly he was gone. As the others leave to search for Glossaryck and the Book, Moon tells Ludo that she saw his family before coming there and pleads with him to let her help him. And as soon as you think Ludo’s gonna accept her help and listen…

…Toffee completely hijacks his body and steals her magic off-screen, turns the wand into a new, giant right hand with the crystal embedded within the palm, and easily curbstomps the others and steals THEIR magic. After being revived by Lekmet, who dies immediately after, Moon goes full-on Mewberty mode and battles Toffee, who this time around comes up the victor as the temple crumbles and Moon retreats, getting the fainted MHC to safety, but not before Toffee warns Moon that he’s coming for Star and seeking to reclaim his severed finger.

When Star and her friends come back home, Star decides to suck it up and she and Marco have a chat and agree it’s best the two remain friends. However, upon going to her room upstairs, she finds her mother there, telling her that she’s in danger and has to come back home to Mewni. Star tries to stand up and tell her she’s staying on Earth whether Moon likes it or not… until she’s told that Toffee has returned, bringing Star into a state of shock and disbelief. So she complies with her mother’s wishes, but before leaving, Star heads downstairs and tells Marco, in front of everybody in the house, that she is indeed in love with him, in a moment that every Starco shipper has been waiting the entire series for… which ends up being twisted into the biggest tearjerker in the series yet, as Star runs up to her room with Marco chasing her, but when he gets to her room, Star’s already left and her tower is dissipating from existence.

If there was one thing I was right about in my predictions for this, it was that it was gonna end in the biggest cliffhanger/downer ending yet. This hour starts fun, light and cheerful, like any normal SVTFOE episode, but then it slowly starts getting darker and darker for our cast as things keep taking a turn for the worse, from Star and Ruberiot’s princess song revealing not only Star’s crush on Marco but also the revelations that the Book and Glossaryck have been stolen, to finding out just how diabolical and dangerous Toffee really is. The entire thing is like a perfect mixture between the Holy Shit Quotient-level storytelling in Storm the Castle, where so many things have changed by the end of it all. and the way Bon Bon became increasingly more somber as the episode went on, giving us this gut-punch of a tearjerker ending that’ll have everyone asking themselves what’s next until Season 3 premieres.

Of course, it’s not all tearjerkers and nightmare fuel from beginning to end (at least, Face the Music isn’t); there are several light-hearted moments where we get not only some great laughs, like with the opening Princess Moon number, Janna scarfing down the whole popcorn bowl before zooming over to the Diaz house and the rooftop party (where Oskar somehow managed to park his car on top) but even a good deal of sweetness like Dennis’ concerns for Ludo and the surprisingly well-written conversation between Star and Oskar at said rooftop party, setting up that maybe they’ll be hanging out more when Marco and Jackie are dating. But sadly, the makers of this show don’t go that route… yet, as far as I know.

The route they do take, however, works just perfectly within the context of what this entire season’s given us: A deeper story that’s just starting to get real good, throwing twists and turns at us at every chance it gets and just when you think things are gonna be normal, dynamics change, relationships are affected forever, and we end up being left hanging for our heroes’ adventures to continue. And thankfully, like I said, there’s a Season 3 coming our way soon (albeit not soon enough), so in that upcoming season, we’ll get to see how everyone’s gonna deal with their new situations, and what fate will have in store as the plot continues to develop.

In fact, I have an idea of how Season 3 could start off that I’ll share some point after the season finale re-airs tonight, but for now, it’s time for the hiatus that’s hopefully shorter than the last one we had inbetween seasons. And when SVTFOE3 starts up, oh ho ho, boy, things are gonna get really weird and really wild then!

SQW Day 1: Confessions

“Exactly how drunk are you, Miss Swan?”

Emma doesn’t think she’s ever seen Regina’s eyebrow quirked quite so high and if it were any other time, she’d probably burst out laughing. As it is, she’s got something on her mind — something that, if she’s being honest with herself, has been on her mind for way too long now — and she’s too busy trying not to vomit to find much funny.

“Pleasantly buzzed,” she deadpans. Or at least she hopes it comes off that suave. “On a scale of one to completely shit-faced, I’d say I’m at about a four point five.” Okay, maybe closer to an eight, but Regina doesn’t need to know that. Emma screws her mouth into a smile she hopes to gods says “endearing and irresistible savior” but is pretty sure translates a little more “struggling to stand up.” Oh well.

“Eloquent as always, I see.” Regina, clad in silk pyjamas and a matching robe, is trying to be the picture of sternness but Emma can’t fight the little somersault her stomach does when she sees her son’s other mother trying to suppress a smile of her own  — rather unsuccessfully, she notes. Nice one, Emma.

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Drunk(er) Riley;

Word count: 4,000 

Riley loves dances, at least she did.. Now in her junior year of high school Riley contemplates skipping the winter formal all together. It’s her nagging best friend in the bay window that convinces her to go and no it’s not the petite blonde with the feisty personality you may be thinking of, that would be Maya, a girl Riley hasn’t spoken too in almost two years. 

Instead it’s her 6 foot something best friend Simon who lounges amongst her throw cushions pleading with her for what felt like the hundredth time to reconsider her stance on skipping the formal. 

“Ri,” He lets out an exasperated sigh. 

“Si,” Riley mimics his tone. 

“You are coming to the dance, end of story,” He sits up and literally puts his foot down. 

“Mom and Dad are taking Auggie to Philly for the weekend so I thought I might stay home and enjoy the quiet,” Riley tries to talk it up. 

“Not a chance,” Simon shakes his head. 

“Who cares about a stupid dance, anyway?” Riley - whom is sat on her bed - folds her arms. 

“You do,” Simon points a knowing finger her way. 

“Maybe back in middle school,” Riley rolls her eyes, “It was about the perfect dress and the perfect date,” she curls her nose up in disgust. 

“Is that what this is about?” Simon raises a brow, “Because I know at least twelve guys that would kill to take you to the dance and most of them are straight.” 

Riley lets out a quiet laugh, “I don’t care about not having a date.” 

“Fine, but Noah and I leave our offer on the table, you’re welcome to come with us,” Simon moves to Riley’s side on the bed, “I can have my man on one arm and my woman on the other.” 

“That’s really nice b-” 

“So it’s settled!” Simon claps his hands excitedly. 

Riley has no choice but to give in to him, she knew there was no way Simon would let her stay home alone. 

Riley met Simon in the drama club, originally she joined just so she had an excuse to not hang out with her friends, at the time Abigail Adams High was putting on their production of Shakespears A Midsummers Night’s Dream. Riley thought the theme of everyone falling in love with the wrong person was ironic given her current predicament at the time but shortly after being cast as Helena she grew to love the performing arts and all it had to offer.

Simon is head of the drama club and the most theatrical person you will ever meet. He instantly took Riley in like a little bird with a broken wing and they became fast friends. Even with his excessiveness Riley adored him, he made her feel important and she hadn’t felt that way in a long time.

Noah is a senior on the football team and he practically stalked Simon until he agreed to go out with him but now they’re very loved up and practically inseparable.

Riley schedules last minute dress shopping with her another of her drama class pals Ella. Ella’s like Maya in a lot of ways but also different in so many more. Ella is Riley’s new girl best friend and her not attending the dance due to a family wedding was just another reason Riley didn’t want to attend herself. 

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Musical Neighbors, A Lin x Reader.  Part 5: Party at my place?

A/N: hooollllyyyy shiitttt it’s finally here. Sorry it took so long. bleh. My exams start Thursday and school has been shit, I apologize. :(

Warnings: A bit of drinking.

Summary: Anthony decides to have a little after-party hosted at their place after the success of the first show. 

I have never worked on Broadway, and I have never met the actual Hamilcast unfortunately. I apologize if any of my work is inaccurate, all experiences in this fic on based merely on judgement online.


Backstage, you were still chatting with Pippa and Renée, when Anthony had waltzed in all excited, with Daveed with him.

“Okay, so, in honor of Hamilton being so successful the first day, y’all should come down to place to you know, hang out and such. Drink a few.” He had the goofiest grin on his face. 

“Sounds like a plan.” Jasmine nodded.

Everyone agreed, and got up to go.

“Have fun guys.” You smiled, not expecting to go. 

“Whoa there missy, you’re going.” Daveed glared at you.

“I’m not even apart of the cast, why should I go?” You asked him.

He rolled his eyes. “Lin practically begged us to invite you. You’re going, young lady.”

“Oooh.” Renée, Jasmine, and Pippa all echoed.

You rolled your eyes at their comments. “If you insist, and Diggs, I’m only a year younger than you, don’t push it.”

You grabbed your coat, phone, and keys and went with the cast to Anthony’s. It wasn’t a rowdy party or anything, just some music and champagne. Lin was already there in the kitchen, pouring everyone a drink.

“Alright, good, you didn’t burn the place down.” Anthony teased.

Lin rolled his eyes.

“Maybe everyone will get champagne except for you, Ramos.” He shot back.

Anthony laughed, and started handing everyone drinks. Lin slugged his arm around you, and Pippa did the same.

“To Hamilton! May it become well-known to those, who, well, care to listen to it.” Lin announced. Everyone chuckled, and raised their glasses.

“To Hamilton!” Every shouted, and chugged their drink.

The little party went well, you chatted with the cast.

You were talking to Jasmine, when Pippa and Renée slid over.

“So, I heard you have a thing for Lin, eh?” She smirked.

Jasmine gasped.

“Pippa!” You groaned. “You promised you wouldn’t tell!” 

“I’m sorry! It just, slipped out!” She defended.

“It’s fine, just please don’t-”

“You have a crush on who?” Daveed interrupted, who was standing behind you the whole time.

“Can it, we’re not discussing it.” You grumbled.

“Aw, but (Y/N)! It’s so cute! You and Lin are like, the perfect match!” Renee gushed.

“Yeah, you both are very talented, and love the theatre!” Pippa added.

“Trust me guys, he deserves better than this.” You gestured to yourself.

Jasmine rolled her eyes.

“Honey, trust me, you’re perfect for him.”

“I doubt he’d like someone like me, though.” You argued.

“He talks about you non-stop. ‘Guys! She’s the best neighbor ever! She helped me write the songs, blah blah (Y/N), blah blah,’” Daveed mocked.

You felt yourself getting hot. 

“I don’t know guys. I mean, I don’t want to start dating him yet, I mean, we’re only just friends-”

“(Y/N), you’ve known him for the longest time. I think you two would be ready.” Jasmine commented.

“I’m…I don’t know, I’m just..not ready. Excuse me.”
You excused yourself from the room, stepping outside.

You took out your phone and scrolled through Twitter.

You liked him too much, and you didn’t know how to deal with it.

“Hey, you alright?” A voice said from behind you.

You turned around, seeing Lin standing there, two glasses full of champagne in his hand.

“Oh, Lin. Hey.” You forced a smile as he handed you a glass.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” He commented.

You nodded, taking a sip of the alcohol in your hand. 

“Congratulations, by the way. It was a brilliant show. People are already talking about it on Twitter.” You scrolled through your Twitter feed.

He laughed. “Thank you! And it doesn’t surprise me, honestly. Things get out on social media faster than anything.” He took a sip of his champagne, making a face.

“God, Ant has terrible taste.” 

You chuckled.

“It’s not that bad.”

You two talked and joked for awhile, before coming back into the house.

“Finally, I thought you two were like, doing it.” Daveed commented, causing both of you to blush.

“We were chatting outside, what a lot of sexual tension.” You rolled your eyes.
“Grow up, Diggs.”

“Yeah, grow up Diggs.” Lin echoed.

“Ooh, becoming defensive, are we?” Anthony teased, causing everyone to laugh.

You rolled your eyes.
“Can it, Ramos.”

You sat next to Leslie and Renée, and for the rest of the night you all chatted and joked about the show.

You ended up falling asleep on the couch when everyone was still eating and chatting in the kitchen.

You woke up about an hour later, and stretched.

Someone draped their sweater on you while you were asleep.

It was Lin’s. 

You walked into the kitchen, handing Lin his sweater back and thanking him.

“Ah, the sleeping beauty has awoken.” Anthony smiled.

You rolled your eyes.

“Well, it’s almost twelve o’clock, so I’m going to head home.” You went to grab your coat and things.

“I might go as well.” Lin put down his glass, and grabbed his things as well.

“Aw, walking your girlfriend home.” Jonathan teased.

“Shush up Groff.” Lin warned him, and the cast laughed.

Sooner or later, everyone left slowly after you both left.

You and Lin walked through the city, looking at the sky before you finally got to your apartment.

“So, tonight was fun. Congratulations on your show, again.” You smiled.

 “Thank you, (Y/N).” He grinned, kissing you on your temple before returning to his room.

You walked back into your room, and change into comfier clothes, and collasping on the couch.

You weren’t going to get any sleep, since you napped at Anthony’s.

You spent the rest of the night thinking about what everyone had said.

“He talks about you non-stop.”

“You two are perfect for each other.”

“Lin practically begged me to invite you.”

Does he actually like you back?


Alright! Part 5! Hope you guys enjoy, and I will get to requests this weekend hopefully. Love you all! <3

In My Way - Chapter 5

AO3 link, First Chapter

Genre: Chaptered. Actor!Dan AU, fluff, bit of angst, slow burn, getting together (eventually)

Summary: Fiction. Daniel Howell is 21 and Britain’s newest star. He’s just been cast in the much-anticipated film adaption of Last Man Standing, the popular teen fantasy novel with a huge fanbase hanging off his every tweet. In other words, Dan has made it big.

Phil Lester couldn’t care less. He’s a stressed out PHD student working part time at a bookshop while he struggles to get into post-production. He’s 26 and still lives in a tiny flat on the fifth floor of a building with a lift more broken than it is in use. He loves books, but he thinks big film adaptions screw with the plot too much.

Needless to say, Phil is less than impressed when Last Man Standing is getting filmed in his hometown. And he certainly doesn’t want anything to do with obnoxious, arrogant, so irritatingly perfect leading actor Daniel Howell.

Warnings: Swearing, Ace!Phil, Bi!Dan,

Word Count: 3000-5000 per chapter (ish)

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it was rare (I was there)  ◇ based on all too well by taylor swift  

(Her relationship with Bellamy begins and ends with a scarf…)

Notes: Thank you to my wonderful beta-reader Lana ( @marauders-groupie​ ) AO3

warning: smut (mature) and cancer in family

“I have to tell you about him. The guy I drew.”

Her relationship with Bellamy begins and ends with a scarf; the one her grandmother so kindly knitted for her when she was seven, a child busily complaining about how cold it was in North Carolina compared to California. Frankly, Clarke had lost all hope of ever getting it back, because she’d never felt brave enough to contact him - but here she is, returning from the post office carrying a small package in which she knows it is. She’d been able to tell as soon as it was handed to her, the brown wrapping paper crackling at her touch, yet the expected relief was forgotten in the heavy mist of disappointment - Why? Exhaling into the freezing November air, Clarke frantically attempts to replace the only answer to that question she can think of, with something else. However, much to her dismay, she quickly comes to realize that it would not be possible, not if her life depended on it, because the far too vivid memories that are embedded into her brain have her wondering whether it will smell like him; the spicy cologne which clung to his clothes, his favorite dark blue sweater, or even cigarette smoke, if the idiot hasn’t finally made the decision to quit.

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Once Upon A Kiss - A Steroline Fanfic

Once Upon A Kiss

It had been six months since Elena had been locked in the Salvatore crypt cursed to sleep until Bonnie died and she awakened. Six months since Stefan told Caroline that he would wait for her to be ready for him. Six months since Lily and her creepy family of heretics had made a home in Mystic Falls. And six months of Damon spiralling, with only Stefan and Bonnie being able to pull him away from the edge.

Six months of waiting, healing, and putting herself back together and she was finally ready. She was ready to love Stefan and to have him love her in return. She was ready to be happy, to move on and live her life with Stefan.

Caroline was on her way to the boarding house to tell Stefan when suddenly her world went dark.

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