how perfect is she tho


oh If I’d only seen
that the joke was on me

Back at it again
  • Little sister: you know what you remind me of?
  • Me: no.
  • Little sister: that weird frog girl. I mean she's kinda ugh... *dramatic pauses because she knows I'm getting mad *
  • Little sister : * proceeds to talk crap about tsuyu*
  • Me: I will throw you
  • What she says: I'm okay
  • What she means: But really tho, how is Amber so perfect? Was she born with it? Maybe it's Maybeline? Idk. She has this aura about her that makes you want to laugh and cry and snuggle and joke and tease and love. I hope she knows she's loved by so many, that she's perfect the way she is, that she doesn't need to change unless it's for herself. Stay perfect, little bundle of llama drama.