how perfect is she tho



i just, i really loved her outfit in garnet’s universe like. pls gimme that sports bra and body suit tied around the waist ✨👌✨

After Robert apologises to Rebecca, please for the love of all that is holy can she apologise to him too? Not just for The Incident, but for her vile disrespect of his sexuality and his relationship with Aaron, literally from the god-forsaken moment she turned up in the village last year.

Like if ED actually do genuinely want her to be liked, then this crap needs to be acknowledged, and for probably the first time in her plot-driven life, she needs to take some bloody responsibility for her actions and words.

Basically I’d rather eat a wasp than have to watch ED paint her as some perfect saint again while she “forgives” all of Robert’s wrong doings while not acknowledging her own.

Aiden x Rose

It’s complicated

For @pipertennant <3

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lumbergumpyart  asked:

I need more sin, I'm living for the sins. How about the RFA+ V and Saeran giving MC oral ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) IM SORRY IM SUCH A SINNER

OH MY? don’t be sorry love, there’s never enough sin with this boys! (and girl but y’know) One of my friends actually read the ask when i took my phone out (we were in sex ed, how perfect tho) hahaha, now she knows about my sins…


  • Oh my god yes
  • this guy
  • T H I S  G U Y
  • you’re in for a ride
  • he’s amazing with his tongue
  • like it’s not fair
  • he’ll always touch the right spots
  • he’s such a fucking tease at first
  • won’t hold back the beast
  • he loves hearing you moan
  • specially his name
  • he will bite you
  • if you ever pull his hair when he’s going down on you
  • hoo-boy
  • he’s going to do that again
  • 10/10 will take you on public
  • loves licking everything off when you come


  • but i mean he’s a daddy
  • he’ll definitely tease you
  • boy he’ll tease you until you BEG for him to continue
  • the loves making you moan and squirm with just his tongue
  • loves when you come
  • he’ll drink it all up
  • not a fan of eating you out in public
  • but in his office
  • that’s another story
  • moan he’s name and he’ll be all cocky
  • will nibble on you every now and again


  • this boy
  • he’s too sweet yo
  • and sloppy…
  • cutie
  • it’d take him a while to figure out how to do it
  • he wouldn’t bite you, the first times
  • doesn’t really like public stuff
  • moan his name and he’s a tomato
  • if you actually come on his face
  • it’s a maximum confidence boost for this babe
  • turns out he really likes when you sit on his face


  • i mean
  • she’ll know what you want babe
  • Baehee will pleasure you real good hun
  • she’s a goddess with her tongue
  • known exactly where to lick
  • loves to see you squirm
  • moan her name and she’ll make ya feel good
  • not okay with public things
  • her office is another thing tho
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • loves eating you out.


  • yes
  • oh myyyy goddd
  • he’ll fucking tease you non stop
  • if you got impatient or he felt that he made enough
  • he’ll fucking devour you
  • he’s okay with doing it in public
  • though he’d very much rather to do it privately
  • that way he wont have to hold back
  • he can go from amateur to pro level with his tongue
  • will take all your cum
  • the sinful angel lives on


  • what?
  • what is this
  • how do you do this tho?
  • Saeran bb pls don’t ask seven that
  • after learning wtf that is
  • hoo-boy
  • his goal is to make you moan the loudest
  • public action? i think yes
  • moan he’s name and shit gets real
  • loves when you come
  • he definitely won’t stop there
  • wink wink nudge nudge


  • Wooooo blue boy!
  • he’s so sweet
  • he’d be really good with his tongue
  • no public action for him pls
  • moans excite him okay
  • he’d be gentle unless you ask him to be rough
  • he’ll also be one to clean all up with his tongue when you come
  • seems like our blue boy is such a fucking sin holy shit
  • he’ll tease you every now and again
  • biting? Y E S
  • he’s too good at this it’s not fair

I’m so sorry the writting is so shitty on this one, school was exhausting and i just want to sleep. i have some other nsfw asks to answer, which i’ll try to answer as quick as póssible. (seems like those are the ones you guys like the most). but again i’m sorry this one’s shitty and short, i’ll try to get back to regular length HCs tomorrow. -an exahusted Mod Nin

character building we got for sunset shimmer:

- lazy girl
- snooze all day
- fall asleep in weirdest positions
- cute boho older loft studio type apartment
- plants and cacti and paintings
- fairy lights!
- has a little desk and mini fridge and microwave like seriously it’s so obvious she lives alone
- fingerguns herself in the mirror in the mornings like?? stop y u so cute
- coffee in the morning 
- runs through people’s yards like honestly sunset what r u doin
- stops to pet stray cats even tho she’s late for school like?? how perfect?? is she??
- first instinct is to lace arms with twilight like hasbro you can pry this ship out of my cold, dead hands


oh If I’d only seen
that the joke was on me

You Have An Eating Disorder

A/N: I know a lot of people are suffering with this, and please, if you are, please read deeply into Harry’s speech. I think it’s great for people with eating disorders.
I love you all, and you can get through it.


ive ready two and im already dying of happiness. can you do one where harry finds out shes starving herself even though she promised she wouldnt and he snaps and starts yelling about how shes perfect but ends up scaring her? Happy ending tho please!


“Baby! Dinner is ready!” I heard Harry call from the kitchen.
I slightly closed my eyes, sighing, knowing that I have to try and hide my disgust for food from Harry for another night.
I hated hiding my eating disorder from him, but I had no other choice. He already found out about it months ago, and made me promise to never do something so death treatning to myself ever again. But over time, you begin to hate your image. You see all the models, and you hear the reactions from people about them, and your heart craves it. Your body craves the joy that comes with all the flattering comments about how thin you are, or how beautiful you are. So you push yourself into thr crave for attention. Your heart craves the attention you fear you’ll never get.
“Baby? Did you hear me?” Harry called again, making me snap out of my thoughts.
“Y-yeah! I’ll be right there!” I called, dreading the fact I have to go through another dinner faking it.
I sighed, slowly making my way down the steps. I would stop for a second every step I took, making the moment of coming face to face with him and food come so much slower. I didn’t want him to lose his trust in me, because I know that if he finds out about this nothing will be the same with him again. He won’t look at me, talk to me, or treat me the way he does now if he finds out.
Once I finally made my way down the steps, I walked agonisingly slow to the kicthen table, taking a seat right across from Harry.
“I made you your favourite” Harry smiled brightly, proud that he had spent all his time making it.
My heart instictively ached. He spent so much time cooking my favourite meal, only for me to throw it right back up. It kills me knowing that he tries so hard to drag me out of the darkness of my past, and it kills me more knowing I’m never going to get there.
“Thank you, Harry” I put on a fake smile, taking a look at all of the calories of each food item.
I slowly took the ravioli, putting only a couple of them on my plate. I slowly brought the ravioli up to my mouth, chewing and consuming the food, feeling more disgusted every swollow I took.
“This is perfect, darling. Thank you” I lied, putting on a small smile.
I spun the fork around my fingers, gulping as I looked at the food before me. I already felt sick to my stomach just looking at it. I couldn’t imagine it being chewed and put into my stomach without releasing a gag.
“You broke my promise, didn’t you?” Harry asked softly.
I couldn’t answer him. I should have, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t see the look on his face when he finds out that his girlfriend broke something so strong. I couldn’t look at hime, because if I did, I would break.
“Didn’t you?!” Harry screamed, punching the table with the side of his fist, causing me to flinch against my chair.
I kept my gaze on the food, not daring to seek a single glance at him. I can already see his face scrunched up, his cheeks crimson as his eyes have fires in them. All the anger and all the hurt in his eyes is because of me, and I couldn’t bring myself to know that while I looked at him.
“Why are you so fucking stupid?” Harry roared, getting up out of his chair as he started pacing around the room.
“How could you look at yourself in the mirror and think you aren’t good enough? How in the world could you hear your own stomach crave for food and you don’t even give it to yourself? How could you see such a beautiful, perfect fucking girl staring back at you in the mirror and actually want to change a single thing about her? Do you realize how fucking twisted that sounds? I had never known someone personally to even think like that, and it fucking terrifies me that it’s starting with you!” he yelled.
My face scrunched as I closed my eyes tightly, trying to keep the tears nearly slipping inside. Harry has never yelled at me like that before, and I’m starting to think that he’s going to give up on helping me get through this. It scares me knowing that my problem is stronger than what Harry can help me with because I need him. I won’t even have a chance of getting through this without him, which I think is something I have to learn from now on.
Harry slowly started to approuch me, forcing me to not move a muscle. His tall body crouched to level with me, and I was starting to become scared of what he’ll do to me.
“Baby, look at me” he whispered, placing fallen hair behind my ear so that he can get a better look at me.
I slowly met gaze with him, meeting his sympothetic eyes. He was looking at me as if he was looking at a two year old. He wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at the thought of me.
“You are by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever layed eyes on. You know exactly how to make my heart beat so much faster than running 15 miles. I see you as something you will never see yourself as, and y/n, that scares the hell out of me. It scares me so much that one day what I say to you won’t matter a thing anymore. You’ll only see what you see and it’ll make me, and your family, and everyone you know ask why the hell we couldn’t do anything about it. I hate seeing you like this, I hate it. I hate knowing you are basically killing yourself. Gosh y/n, you’re killing yourself and—and thinking about coming home one day to only see skin and bones on you with scars and bruises and blood gushing from your skin. When you’re too weak to even lift up your arm, and I have to be the one fighting for you and watching you die. I have to fucking sit there and watch you slowly get weaker and weaker until there’s nothing more of you. The thought—the thought physically breaks me. You can’t do that. You can’t. Because what about me, y/n? What about me?!”.
He suddenly collapses in my arms, holding me as if his life depended on it. I felt several tears seep through my shirt as I burried my face in his hair, crying so uncontrollably that I swore I couldn’t breathe.
“I didn’t th—I didn’t think a—about it that way, Harry. I—I’m so sorry” I barely spoke.
Harry leaned up and nuzzled his face into my neck, peppering sweet kisses along my collar bone.
“One step at a time, baby, and I’ll be right there holding your hand. We’ll get through this. We get through everything together. We’ll make it, I promise” he whispered, saying every word like he truly means it.

the-punning-ubus  asked:

so i noticed you like pta mom sans, wanna headcanon?

(Sorry for not replying sooner, I had my play today, so I was busy with that)

Headcanon 1; Sans is in the parent part of the PTA for Frisk because Toriel is a teacher and wasn’t allowed for some reasons that were actually really dumb, so she decided that, as a mild form of revenge, Sans would be ideal to step in
She hadn’t realized exactly how perfect her revenge would end up being (she kinda suspected tho)

Headcanon 2; sans and Toriel weren’t together quite yet, (and Toriel hadn’t forgiven Asgore quite yet. That will take a couple years. Comical goats/Sansgoriel is yes yes, but not yet yet). The school absolutely would not let Toriel act as both Frisk’s teacher and parent for the meetings, they told Toriel that teachers had to have the child’s other parent stand in.
Toriel tried to argue that Frisk didn’t have another parent, but they wouldn’t budge (maaayyybe because of a prejudice against monsters and they literally wanted to make her life as hard as they could?)
At one point the suggest she have Asgore do it, I’m not sure exactly how that goes down but it somehow involves Toriel getting pissed and saying “I’ve been divorced longer than you’ve been alive” to an old white man
Possibly one who thinks that divorce should be illegal so he gives her a harder time because I, personally, gather energy by putting fictional characters through the worst scenarios that I can

So Toriel is venting a lil bit to Sans, and Sans is just like “Is this a Fibula? Because Tibia-honest, those rules are way too Sternum, I mean; is nothing Sacrum? if you want I could be a good Vertebro and go to the meetings and Rib on them for you? It’d be pretty Humerus.”
And Toriel replies “if you were Mand-Able to do that, that’d be really Skull of you. Ulna-stly I’m getting Bone tired of being stuck in the Radius of these Tarsals. Thank you for offering, it would be a Skele-ton of help.”
(That was like 14 skeleton puns. I am a master)

  • What she says: I'm okay
  • What she means: But really tho, how is Amber so perfect? Was she born with it? Maybe it's Maybeline? Idk. She has this aura about her that makes you want to laugh and cry and snuggle and joke and tease and love. I hope she knows she's loved by so many, that she's perfect the way she is, that she doesn't need to change unless it's for herself. Stay perfect, little bundle of llama drama.