how perfect is killian

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: do you know how hard it must've been for Killian Jones to stop drinking and gambling in his pre-navy days? to claw out of the hole he was in? a man with so little self-worth would've literally drank himself to death and squandered every penny he had. a man with such supposed weakness in the face of darkness would've backslid right into drinking even after joining the navy, just as alcoholism affects jobs. a man with as much self-loathing as he had would've self-destructed and embraced every demon. but he didn't. he got his fucking act together during his time as Lt. Jones because his brother was his world and his light and his inspiration and his love and the source of hope for him. and then, that light DIED––due to machinations by the system that fucked them over in the first place. it wasn't just understandable for bright and starry-eyed Lt. Jones to fall so far after his brother's death. it was inevitable.

I guess the reason I am not down in the slightest about the AU is because I am confident that no matter how it shakes out it’s going to just reaffirm how important Killian is to Emma. If it’s her perfect, happy ending then he is going to be a part of it. If it’s the Evil Queen’s idea of revenge and he isn’t a part of it she is going to recognize that she is missing him. Like this couple transcends time and reality and death on a consistent basis; I just don’t see them not doing it yet again. 


If you’re afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you found it. 
What is it?

Don’t you just hate it when you have a beautiful heaven descended otp that you would trade your first born for only to realise that, once the ship gets famous the writers do a shit job at character development and story lines and it’s so agonising because you love the characters so much but they’re made to do such stupid things that you’re just there ready to jump off a cliff

Because at the end of the day, it’s more important for [Hook] to try and be mindful of Emma’s emotional state, trying to help her be as happy as possible.
—  Colin O’Donoghue on how to boyfriend ( x )

#the exact moment where Killian Jones realizes that someone truly cares about him #the moment where all of his hopes and dreams for a love with Emma don’t feel so far fetched #perhaps he has the answer to Charming’s question from the campfire conversation #maybe she would go to the end of the world (or time) for him, too #excuse me while I go cry in the corner

#don’t even get me started about the damn rainbow

5 (More) Reasons Why Killian Jones is the Perfect Man for Emma Swan

I spend a rather substantial amount of my time in my car commuting from place to place, and given that I’m pretty much completely obsessed with OUAT in general and CS in particular, a fair amount of that time is spent having deep thoughts about my otp of otps.

Now I know there have been all kinds of text posts about how Killian Jones is the perfect man for Emma Swan.  There have been posts about how the writers clearly intended CS to be endgame from the very beginning.  There have been posts about how Killian is tailor made to be the perfect love interest for Emma; how he was literally written to provide her exactly what she needed in a romantic partner.  (And vice versa.  There are plenty of posts as well about how Emma fills all those same roles for Killian.)  I think I’ve probably even written a post or two like that.

So why am I bothering to write another one?

A couple of things:

1.  As I finish my season 2 rewatch, it’s been brought home to me once again how glaringly awful SF would have been for Emma.  Along those same lines, looking at the way season 2 Neal treated Emma and the way Killian (from the beginning) treated Emma, the contrasts couldn’t be sharper.  I don’t want to dwell on a big long Hook vs. Neal discussion, because let’s be honest; that discussion has been had the greatest number of times below infinity. (Plus Neal’s dead, so he’s no longer a “factor” in the equation at all—I put “factor” in quotes, by the way, because I’m firmly convinced there never truly was a love triangle.  Killian or no Killian, Emma was never ever ever getting back together with Neal.)  The only reason I bring Neal up at all is because seeing the terrible way he treated her brings to mind even clearer just how infinitely perfect Killian is for her.

2.  I want to focus on something rather specific:  Why Killian is the perfect person to help Emma through this whole Dark Swan situation.

And so without further ado, five examples of why I think Killian is the perfect man for Emma, particularly Emma as the Dark One.  Under the break because this (predictably) will get a touch long.  Also…contains photos because, whose dash couldn’t benefit from more photos of our favorite pirate and savior? :)

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OMG okay so I just got to work to find a gift on the counter for me left from my boss. When I opened it it is an anchor bracelet that represents the word trust and there is a saying. She knows how much I love anchors (just doesn’t know why hehe). But seriously read the description and see how perfect it is as a representation of what Killian is to Emma.

I want to cry this is so sweet. And she’s giving me a feather necklace just like this bracelet as well it’s just not here yet but I am so excited because it’s perfect for Captain Swan! I’m so happy. :)