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Victuuri kiss/Yuuri's breakdown

I just rewatched episode 7 and there’s a couple things I’d like to say.

Victuuri kiss: First things first, it’s fucking canon. Queer baiting over. Fun fact tho, it never was. They were just waiting for the perfect time to do it and I’m so glad they did it but more important, how they did it. No “I’m going to kiss you so you shut up.”, no “Okay, we’re kissing but this definitely means sex, right?”, no “Shit, I’m sorry I promise it won’t happen again.”, simply no nothing. They both seeked and ran towards each other like knowing they wanted something but not sure they would get it, but still they just had to. Yuuri surprised Victor by changing his routine and finishing it doing his signature move and Victor was so moved he actually felt like he had to do something in return, something as meaningfull as what practically was Yuuri finally saying “I love you.” on the ice so Victor could understand him. And fuck if he didn’t, saying not only “I love you too.” by kissing Yuuri for the very first time in front of everyone, but come on to them everyone else disappeared, but actually letting him know doing that was the only thing he could think of to surprise him as much as he did. As Troye Sivan would say, you don’t have to say I love to say I love you. What I found funny was, besides everyone’s reactions of course, they acted ike nothing happened on the interview, but not in a bad way like “Let’s forget that just happened ha ha.”, but Victor kept talking about how good Yuuri did and that now that he knows what he can do, they’ll work harder. Anyways, either was that the only love declaration we will get or not, because you never know with this show, it was the most precious and purest thing ever.

Yuuri’s breakdown: By far my favorite scene on the show, sorry not sorry. Yes, the kiss scene was beautiful but it was something we were hoping if not actually just waiting for it to happen. But Yuuri’s breakdown? I still can’t believe its actually on the show. I mean we did got to see Yuuri freaking out in countless situations, but nothing close to this. An actual anxiety attack in its finest. Why am I talking about it on the same post as the Victuuri kiss? Are they both my favorite scenes so far in the show? Course, but hear me out. I think this scene showed the other side of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. The side that its not often shown on any series or movies. Victor fucked up, both him and Yuuri knew it. Yuuri was fucked up, both him and Victor knew it. A perfect relationship isn’t perfect all the time. Victor tried to humor Yuuri to calm him down and it backfired him, but one of the things that I love about this scene, along with another milion things, is that Victor, who is always in control of everything, didn’t knew how to handle the situation and realized it and believe it or not, this shit actually happens in real life. Our partner isn’t supposed to fix us or anything with a snap of their fingers, sometimes we just need, like Yuuri said, for them to don’t say anything and stand by our side. Then, on their way back to the rink, because yes Victor actually felt the need to protect Yuuri that much to take him to warm up on the fucking parking lot, neither of them talks, what makes you think they are probably into a fight. But right before the performance starts, we see Yuuri throwing the tissue far enough so Victor would have to lean down to reach for it, which leaded us to another iconic poke on Victor’s hairline, free to interpretation because I’ve read so many meanings behind it already, but what got me was the pat right after, as if saying “It’s okay, I forgive you”, no words needed. And what follows it’s nothing but the cherry on top of the cake of Yuuri’s character development, acknowledging Victor’s human.

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r, u, x

R: Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?

for published authors, my big one is Tahereh Mafi. The writing in Shatter Me has majorly shaped my own writing, though i think it’s a little more prominent in my original stuff than my fanfic lol

i also consider @valamerys a big fic influence in just that… everything she writes is somehow perfect and amazing and i don’t know how she does it but i want to be able to do it too and even tho i’ve analyzed her writing i still can’t figure out how

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

as above, @valamerys is def one of my faves if not my absolute fav. she’s kind of like… a younger, better maggie stiefvater in that she can somehow write anything and no matter how ridiculous it is she somehow makes it work????? like there’s been lines/parts of hers that i’ve read and it’s gone nothing like i’ve expected it to and it shouldn’t work but it does and it’s pure magic adn i have no idea how she does it

i am also quite fond of @yalenayardeen. i really like her writing style (it could be bc it’s like mine but better so that i’m like “hey cool i can learn from this and improve” while not being like… so out of my league like valamerys’ i just don’t even try lol), and all of her fics are just??? perf??? like her characters are never ooc and it always has just the right amount of drama and happy sigh, she’s what i honestly aspire to be one day

and of course highfaelucien, at the very least bc of the massive volume and variety of fic that she’s written, and how she always somehow manages??? to keep every single one of her characters in character like what kind of magic

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.

i… honestly don’t like making any of them suffer. sometimes i feel like my fics are kind of dull bc there’s never enough conflict/angst, and my writer brain is like “you need to have conflict for an enjoyable story you know this” and my fandom brain is like “nooooooooooooo all of them need to be happy and go through the least amount of pain possible” and it’s an Issue

thank you!!!

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u HM EXCUSE ME. Hobbit here with some breaking news; your mokuba is goals. your mokuba is love. your mokuba is life. I mean wtf moony !??! Are you sure you're not Mokuba ?????? I am crying everyday over your portrayal bc bOI I LOVE IT SM. Your writing is so fucKING BEAUTIFUL, THE DIALOGUE MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND I WANT TO HUG HIM SM. Like, you're the moku for me. I love u sm. cries on u. Thank you for being here and breathing life into mokuba for us, moony. you're doing such a perfect job.

how’s my portrayal (anon or not) ? // accepting !!



Screw shading, I think these look great enough without it.

I’ve had fun with this idea and this drawing and how silly it is.

The exact show I used the poses from was Power Rangers: Dino Charge, and each Sans is in the pose of the Ranger with the corresponding color:

Red - Tomato Soul - @amber-acrylic

Yellow - Lithos - @mirrored-with-puns

Green - Clover - @rainbowchu3

Blue - Edgelord - @louisethe4th (hope you don’t mind me adding the boots and belts)

Pink - Stardust - me

What’s bad is that this is the first time I’ve drawn all of these Sanses in full-body with color (since I sketched Clover before). What a way to premier them in my art style.

Hopefully I’ll actually try drawing something serious with these guys.


Since its Blackout Day I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to show off the two most important people in my life, my mother and grandmother. I thank God for them both every single day. They are my life and the reason why I must love and respect all BLACK women. They’re the reason why I want women to have equal opportunity in this world. They sacrifice everything just to make sure I have everything I need and I never understand how they managed to do it. Black women run this world if you didn’t know by now! But check that melanin tho!! I wish I had more pictures. I’m telling y'all If the black is taken care of, it certainly will not crack😍🙌🏾


HOW TO: CREATE YOUR OWN BULLET JOURNAL in 5 Steps Step 1: Buy a notebook that suits your needs. Consider: -Size (this is personal, but around A5 is perfect for me) -Appearance (the better it looks the more you’ll want to use it) -Lined, graph or plain paper (graph paper looks very neat, but obviously this depends on you personally) -Quality (a bullet journal should be an investment but it’s meant to be cheaper than a real planner- around £10 is a good price range. Try WH Smiths for Moleskins.) Step 2: Get some pens (any tbh, Staedtler are good tho but Biros are fine). Step 3: Get inspired on tumblr. How do you want to decorate it? Stickers are cute and easy. How do you want to set it out? This is the beauty of a bullet journal you can change your mind every day, if something works then keep it and if something is rubbish, then change it. Step 4: Create a key, a yearly calender, a monthly page and daily pages. You can add extra things like my expenses page. But you definitely need an annual and monthly calender. A key is just for consistency, which isn’t even that important. I put notes and pages on things like holidays etc in the back of the journal. Step 5: Don’t stress about it looking amazing, it’s meant to be usable. Have fun and go forth and be organised.