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Bad Boy (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Excessive use of pet names, mentions of bruises and small cuts, oral sex (fr), unprotected sex, slight spanking, instead of his metal arm Buck-Buck has a full sleeve of tattoos, he’s hot. This is for the second part.

Word Count: 1336.

Rating: 18+


So I sent ans ask for @bucky-plums-barnes Sinful Sunday about Bucky having a full sleeve of tattoos and being the kind of guy your parents always told to stay away from, @ryverpenrad said they’d write another version of this, so I’m tagging them and my wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose Because I love them!

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  • sorry this gif has a caption but i have to set The Mood and this v-live was all I could think of when i got this request
  • okay so apparently this is a series?? with mingyu??? where he has this imaginary girlfriend named younghee and honestly i died bc i was not ready when this vlive aired
  • but i got lots of inspiration :D
  • so mingyu has had a few relationships

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I want to tell you something.. I’m not the type of person that shares their personal life but.. well, I have a daughter. I was with her few days ago when a muslim woman wearing hijab sat by my side and her daughter was looking at mine. My daughter invited her to play with her. The mother was always looking at the ground, the little girl was wearing old clothes that was screaming “i need new decent clothes”. Anyway, the little girl didnt speak Portuguese but my daughter thought it was funny and tried to imitate her language. They both sat playing but the little girl was so little.. so I went there and played with them. When I look at her mother, she was looking at me and had tears in her eyes. She said “muito obrigada” (thank you very much) in a not perfect Portuguese. She was emotional. It broke my heart. A week has passed and I still think about it.

It came to my mind how my friend told me how people are judgemental and how they call her terrorist even tho she is portuguese, she only decided islam was the religion that completed her. She told me she feels lonely and she only wants a place where people will not whisper or care.

Do people even realize how others feels when they want them to go to their country, to call them terrorists? How can people feel ok with making others undesired? I love kids. My daughter is so pure and innocent. Thank god she knows no hate. Thank god she madd that little girl laugh lile crazy.

Idk. These situations breaks something in me. I just wish some day I can meet that woman and her daughter once again.

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Hi~ I read thru your blog and your writing is just so lovely!! I hope that this requests gets in in time lol but could do you something along the lines of MC having large & heavy breasts that she complains to the members about "chopping them off" or something or asks them to just "hold them" to give their back a break? lol being a D cup, I have this thought everyday rip ;;;

Hey anon! Thanks for your request! I have small breASTS LMAO so i couldnt relate but i hope that i portrayed it somewhat accurately LOL hope you enjoy~

♥ He’d be so blushy and flustered when he met you. He did not expect such a cute innocent girl to have such big breasts.
♥ Whenever you complain about them, he’s too blushy to really say anything. They’re so overwhelming.
♥ WHEN YOU ASK HIM TO HOLD THEM JOKINGLY HE’S LIKE DEAD. He doesn’t know what to do so he actually cups your boobs trying to help. When you laugh, he stops immediately, innocent puppy boy is worried he did something wrong.
♥ He tells you that if they actually hurt you, then to perhaps get surgery. He even offers to help financially if you do want surgery. He hates seeing you in actual pain.
♥ Lots of surprise hugs from the back! Hugs from the front make him way too blushy cause they’re just so big that they sometimes get in the way. HE’S NOT COMPLAINING THO
♥ “They’re just so overwhelming…but overwhelming isn’t necessarily a bad thing. O-oh did I say something embarrassing?? Stop laughing!!”

♥ He loves your breasts but he doesn’t want to admit it. He doesn’t want to seem like a really sex hungry beast (even tho he probably is) so he doesn’t comment on them.
♥ Once you start to complain about them being so heavy and large, Zen gets all hot and bothered. He is imagining sinful things ohohohoho
♥ He’s actually the one to offer to hold your breasts for you. He gets sooo flustered by them, it’s cute.
♥ One night, he actually sits down with you and asks if you actually want surgery. If you do, he says he’s willing to pay for it with money he’s accumulated by his acting career.
♥ He really likes them tho, they’re very voluptuous.
♥ “If they’re so heavy and large, babe, maybe you need someone strong like me to hold them for you? Haha…♥”

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Accidental first kiss with Seventeen // reaction

You’ve just started dating an svt member, but your first kiss comes a little sooner than you both expected. By accident.

Requested by anon. Thank you for sending this in!! It’s really cute and I was pretty much dying while writing the entire thing LOL.

Feel free to request scenarios and reactions on my page!!


It’s Seungcheol’s birthday, and you’re taking him over to a surprise birthday party in the practice room where all the other members are waiting. He would be walking very closely behind you, and while you’re leading him, he asks you “where are we going?” You turn around too quickly and your lips accidentally collide with his. He freezes for a quick second after the kiss, but he eventually breaks out into a huge smile and giggles. You’re kinda upset that the kiss happened then because it disrupted the whole build-up to the surprise, but he says, “I think this might just beat whatever you’re about to surprise me with.”

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You guys would be running somewhere, but as you take the lead, Jeonghan would get tired and try to tell you to stop. BUT YOU KEEP RUNNING, so he has no other choice but to grab your wrist, ricocheting your body back to him and landing your lips on his. He’d close his eyes upon contact, but would look at you in awe afterwards, mouth slightly opened. He wouldn’t even ask before pulling you back in for another kiss. He’ll smile when he feels you giggling against his lips I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.

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You guys are taking a quick nap on a couch in their dorm. Your head would be resting on his shoulder while his head is resting atop yours. But when you’re waking up, you’ll squirm your head upwards in attempt to stretch, which would ultimately initiate contact between your lips and his. The both of you are waking up at the same time, so you’d shoot up out of your position and give Josh wide eyes that would kinda say “dUDE WTF DID WE JUST KISS???” But honestly this boy wouldn’t mind that much. Maybe he’s just too tired to realize it was your first, but he’d definitely have sleepy eyes and wave to you like “heyhey” as if nothing happened (the gif serves as a nice visual reference :’). I can see him texting you later on when he fully recognizes what happened, like “hey y/n I think we just had our first kiss earlier LOL.”

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You’d be chatting with Jun and cupping his face for no apparent reason, but ofc you’re right next to a door that Seokmin just so happens to barge into the room with, which scares you and pushes you forward onto Jun’s lips. He’d look at you after the kiss and stare before saying, “I know that was by accident, but it was kind of nice.” *smirk* If you wanted another kiss, you would have to be the one to initiate it but Jun would totally want it either way.

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When your lips accidentally land on his, his eyes would immediately widen and he’ll pretty much be all stiff throughout the entire kiss lmao. Afterwards, he’d give you a smirky look and say, “Tryna move fast, huh?” *shakes head and wiggles eyebrows* And you’d be all defensive like “NONONO IT-IT WAS JUST AN HONEST MISTAKE. I DIDN’T MEAN TO-” But even if Soonyoung believes you, he’ll pretend he doesn’t this lil shiet. “Mhmm alright, y/n. Whatever you sayyyy~” We all know he wants another one tho :33

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Wonwoo’s reaction was hard to think of because his reaction really depends on how close you guys are. Although, I think he’d date a girl he already knows super well sO assuming he’s comfortable with you, Wonwoo would probably look at you with a slight smile before looking down to the side and shyly saying, “please tell me you want to do that over too…” (He just wants to make sure the first time you kiss is perfect, alrighT?)

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Jihoon would immediately apologize for the accident (even though it was technically your fault) and would probably cover up his mouth to make his shyness less obvious. The two of you would sit there in silence for a moment or two, thinking about what just happened. Eventually, he’d look at you and say something like, “did we just… kiss?” Inside his head he’d be screaming, like his entire brain complex would be on fiRe. If you guys are alone and he’s feeling extra bold that day, he might just say, “c-can I have… a-another one?” DJFSDJFNISDNFJANOE LET ME BREATHE FOR A MOMENT.

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You guys would be screaming over some random shit, but then a sudden loud noise would scare you and make you lunge forward at Seokmin, your lips accidentally locking as a result. B O Y this kiss would make Seokmin go from screech mode to silent mode in 0.1 seconds LOLOL. His eyes would be so freaking huge and his mouth would be wide open when he looks at you afterwards. You’d be apologizing for the incident nervously, but Seokmin would grin and say “It’s okay. It’s not like I’ve been wanting to kiss you all this time.” AHHH I’m 700% sure he’d be smiling for the rest of the day, and all the members would be like, “wtf Seokmin, why are your sun rays extra bright today? you smiling so much???”

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OKAY BUT YALL WOULD BE LEGIT SCREAMING AFTERWARDS, LIKE “OMF WE JUST DID THAT??? LMAO.”  This would eventually turn into laughing of course because you’d both think it was a cute way for the first kiss to happen. Mingyu would pull you close whilst laughing and probably say some shit like, “I was planning on doing it in the future, but at least I know I can kiss you whenever I want to now.″ BYE MINGYU

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Honestly, I don’t think Minghao would think too much of the accident. He’ll let out a cute smile and a tiny laugh before continuing with whatever you guys were doing. If you’re really blushing red, he’ll kindly ask you if you’re okay; he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable about it. He’s just… chill and… considerate like that, you know what I mean??? Though, there’s no doubt he’s gonna think about it afterwards for awhile, but he won’t let you know. He’ll also think of another way he can really kiss you later on in the relationship (so to him, this kiss doesn’t count. he aiNT FINISHED.)

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If humans were capable of physical combustion from emotions, Seungkwan would definitely be one to do so after an accidental kiss. His face would get all tomato red and he’d start stuttering out of nervousness, all while you’re busy laughing at him I’M SOFT FOR SHY KWAN OKAY. He’d take the blame for it, even though it would’ve been your fault. So you’d have to tell him that it was your fault to make him feel better (our boo needs reassurance every once in awhile). He’ll be up all night replaying the moment in his head, how cute :’)

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The two of you would be sharing a single drink with two straws, but you’d come in too close when sipping with him, and your lips would touch. He’d look at you, curve up the end of his lips, and say, “well, that just happened.” And you guys would get all blushy before you’d apologize and cover your face in embarrassment. He’ll come over to your side of the table and hug you to reassure you that it’s fine God Hansol would make the cutest dual bf/bff.

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Istg this boy will legit smile at you afterwards because he knows it wasn’t his fault. Inside his head, he’ll be screaming, “omg I didn’t have to do it myself? LIFE IS AMAZING!!1!1!!” Because poor Chan would have been contemplating on how he should give your first kiss for the longest time. He has so many ideas and it would’ve been so hard to choose one out of all of them??? But it would be a relief when this happens because aY NO MORE WORRIES LMAO.

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• He discovered you played the piano by accident
• You wanted to keep him company at his rehearsal
• And there was a room with a lot of instruments
• There was a guitar, bass, drums, flute, and… a piano
• It was a long time ago since you played the piano, because you didn’t have the room for it at the apartment and because it was severely expensive
• So you couldn’t resist
• You placed your hands on the piano, and your soul instantly melt with the piano itself
• The music was calm and beautiful
• And when you finished the song, you heard some clapping
• You turned around and he was standing there, watching you with loving eyes and a smile on his face
• “I didn’t know you were a pianist”
• You smiled shyly and he took a sit next to you
• “Let’s play together, jagiya”
• He started playing a beautiful song that you remembered from your childhood
• It was the Waltz from The Sleeping Beauty
• He looked at you with a smile while you both were playing
• And when you both finished the song
• He kissed your forehead
• “We need to buy ourselves a piano”


• When you two started dating you constantly told him that you were going to your ‘department’
• At first he thought it was your old department and that you needed to get something from there
• But when you started disappearing for long hours at your 'department’
• He thought that maybe you weren’t ready to actually live together
• So he decided to ask you about it
• And when you heard him all hurt and sad about that, you just laughed
• He was ????
• “It’s my music department honey”
• He was so curious about it so you decided to take him to your heaven
• He was AMAZED by all the things you had in there
• There was so many buttons and a lot of sheet music
• “You need to play something baby! Please~”
• You laughed at his cuteness and decided to play something
• Something calm and classy
• 'Clair de Lune’ was the song that you choose
• He admired your figure along the piano and fell in love again
• “You always manage to surprise me, MC”


• When you told her you were a pianist, she was surprised
• So you both made a deal
• She was going to teach you some judo moves and you were going to teach her how to play
• You were happy to see her does what she likes
• Judo was a dangerous sport, but watching her during her practice
• It was amazing
• She looked so focused and beautiful
• So when it was your turn to teach her
• You prepared a difficult song to surprise her
• So you started playing Etudes Opp. 10 & 25 by Frédéric Chopin
• She was instantly amazed by the way your fingers moved that fast
• And the music was wild and amazing
• She was speechless
• You were amazing and the way your eyes looked
• So bright
• She could see you bright in front of her
• And when you finished with a smile in your face
• She just hold your face between her hands and kissed you on the lips
• “I love you so much, MC”


• He once asked you if you wanted to learn how to play an instrument
• “I think the piano or violin it would fit you”
• “Oh but I already play the piano”
• “Huh?”
• He was amazed
• He bought you a huge and amazing black piano just for you
• And he demanded you to play for him
• You were shy at first, because his eyes were so focused in you
• You decided to play something calm and yet difficult
• You just wanted to impress him
• So you decided to play Etudes, Op. 25: No. 11 in A Minor, by Frédéric Chopin
• At first it was calm and easy
• But then in get a different rhythm
• Faster and difficult
• He was surprised to see your fingers moving so fast on the keys
• But what it surprised him the most was the smile on your face while you were playing
• The way your figure fit perfectly with the big and black piano
• You looked beautiful to his eyes
• He understood that playing was what you loved
• Just by seeing you
• So when you stopped playing
• You just looked at him smiling
• “How did I do it?”
• “Perfect”


• He knew by the background check that you studied at an art school
• He knew you were a pianist, but he didn’t found any video of you playing
• So when you both started dating, he wanted to asked you to play for him
• He couldn’t tho
• Because he didn’t had a piano, and he was too shy at ask first
• So he await until he could buy you a piano
• He bought you a piano with designs of cats!
• And when he showed it to you, you were so touched!
• “Look MC, this cat over here is scratching Zen”
• “Wow what?”
• He was serious
• “Now my princess can play for me all day”
• “I can't”
• “Why?! T_T”
• “Because my fingers might bleed!”
• You tried anyway
• You played to him happy songs
• And he even asked you to play some sound effects of the classical movies
• He was so happy when he watch you play
• “The next piano, has to have a spaceship in here!”


• When he visited your apartment for the first time, he had saw a piano in one of the rooms
• He didn’t ask, although he was curious about it
• And it wasn’t until you both decided to live together that he actually get to see you play
• It was during the morning
• He woke up in a cold bed and listening to the sweet sound of a piano
• He get up off the bed in silence
• And he saw your siluet in front of the piano, playing a beautiful and yet sad song
• He smiled unconsciously
• You were so talented and caring
• And even when he grew up in a house without love
• When he was with you, he could feel what love was
• And the music you played in the piano
• It was love to him


• You both loved art
• You it was a common thing that you both visited the music department at the mall
• So some day you just saw a beautiful and red piano
• “Follow me honey” you said you him while you guide him close to the piano
• So when you took a sit in front of the piano, he just looked at you with surprised eyes
• You just looked perfect in front of a piano
• It was like the piano was a part of you, and he loved to see you smiling
• You placed your hands over the piano keys and started playing a song that you loved a lot
• 'Love sorrow’ by Fritz Kreisler was a song that talked about a love who was hurting and yet beautiful
• Your hands moved carefully and fast on the piano, and he just felt his heart beating so fast
• He took his camera out and took you a photo, and you didn’t even realized
• You were so focused and yet so happy
• He had always thought that when you did something you really loved, your eyes used to glitter in happiness
• He loved the fact that your eyes glittered when you looked at him
• And now he loved how your eyes glittered when you looked at your hands playing the piano keys
• He knew his eyes glittered too, when he looked at you
• You where so precious to him

Best friend headcanons


🔩 The most caring friend of all

🔩 He will teach you how to deal with problems

🔩 Anger problems? How about we go meditating outside?Mental health problems? Do you want to talk about it? No? Its okay lets just sit queitly next to each other.

🔩Seriously he is 24 hours a day right here to support you.

🔩Loves to make flower crowns with you and braid your hair. Sometimes he pulls your hair a bit too hard but its not his fault. Remember he is still an omnic which means he doesnt have exact sense of touch.

🔩 Zenyatta will gladly listen to you talking about your intrests, problems what bothers you or who you have a crush. It makes him happy to see you bright over those topic but if there is topic that makes you sad he will cheer you up. You know with what? Zenyatta can J U G G L E and its a most beautiful sight in whole universe to see him do that. ( He will juggle only for close ones to him).

🔩 Likely hanging out with Zen would lead to you sooner or latter meeting Genji. There are two options:
1. You dislike Genji and he is lowkey jealous over Zen.
2. You three become certificated nerd squad™.

🔩 You both often visit a close up library. Chatting about your book`s crush is your new thing to do. In my opinion Zen is a bookworm. He loves what stories can a paper held, plus paper looks like soft texture, although he cant really feel it he adores it.

🔩 Otherwise bonding with him is chill. It helps you relax.
You both once came to ice cream spot to get frozen sweet. Even tho he cant consume anything he still purchased it. You know why? Because of course your clumsy hands dropped yours. ,, Oh dont worry friend. You can have mine!“.


🐸 This little frog boi will definietly go with you skating! Never went skating before? Then get ready for turbo teacher Lucio comming right at you!

🐸 You both use to lay on bed on lazy sundays and gossip like teenage girls. There is always Lucio’s new song playing in background.

🐸 Heck yeah best sleepovers ever. Lucio loves any event that gathers his friend together but sleepovers hold a special place in his heart. I do imagine you have a sleepover with him, hana, lena, jamison and zen ( after all he is still only 20. Let him hang out with young crew.) or a sleepover with you and him. Ya know Besties and all.

🐸 You know what being friends with him means? Thats right. Concerts. Concerts. Concerts! ( plus after parties and tours ). He adores when you come to his concert and support him. ,,Y/N you are the best pal I could have ever have you know?“

🐸 When you feel down and you are gonna cry. Who you gonna call? F R O G B O I. But for real now if he ever finds you laying in bed crying and pretending its okay he will dash out of room and come back with a box of ice cream ( with your favorite flavor! ) . Lucio will definietly go get you a blanket so you can be a small sad torilla. He will try to pull out some jokes to cheer you up. You can be sure about one thing. He wont leave your side until you feel better.

🐸 Did somebody say Hugs? I do believe he loves to give other hugs. His hugs are the best tho. They arent too tight. They are just perfect. Want to know how he does them? He puts all of his heart into it.

🐸  A lot of Lucio’s fans start to recognize you so they immediately  go straight forward to you for an autograph or just to take selfie with you.

🐰 You both play together nor is it multiplayer game or you just challenge each other in mario kart.

🐰 Be ready for sleepless nights filled with doritos, mountain dew and videogames.

🐰 To be honest I think Hana prefers to spend time with you outside. Why? Her stream once lasts 48 hours. Sometimes she just want to take a break out of it. She LOVES to go shopping with you. Its cool to walk around galleries and buy some useless crap. ,, Have you seen that pendant? I NEED it.”.

🐰 When you both chill your favorite thing to do is matchmaking other people together or just secretly ship them ( and fangirl over ). ,, Hmm do you think cowboy and tiddy man go well together? Because I know I do!”.

🐰 You often apear on’s streams now or then. Her fans love you both being besties ( best gremlins ) and all. She did a lot of challenges with you on her channel like ,, My bff makes my makeup” etc.

🐰 Sometimes you and her makes a B.F.F test. Which is asking each other in sudden situation questions like ,,WHAT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR?!” , ,, MY BEST OTP?” , ,, WHATS MY WEIRD BEHAVIOUR?”

🐰 Otherwise you guys love to just order fast food and lay on sofa doing absolutely nothing. Best day ever.

🐰 Feeling sad? Wait right here bro bro what? Did someone make you feel pain? She is going to fite them. But if your feeling really badly she will compliment you and promise that it is going to be better. Dont worry she is here for you.

🐰 Basically you are the coolest kids around.

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hi Selena!!! do you have any good rips on creating a comic? ive had some really good ideas for a few but i don't feel comfortable enough with my art style to do them..

yeah you have to believe in yourself

I put off doing my own comic for ages bc I wasn’t satisfied with my skill level and I wanted to wait til I was “good enough” to do it but then I obvs wasnt getting anywhere so I said fuck it and started anyway even tho I wasnt completely satisfied with how things were coming out and now I’ve realized that it doesnt matter if every panel isnt perfect, it’s all a learning experience.

the thing abt comics is that you approach them differently than you would illustrations or pinups but you dont like, know that when you first start so your first instinct is to freak out because “oh my god 6 panels on a page?? that’s like 6 DRAWINGS I HAVE TO DO ALL FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES AAHH!!” but you learn shortcuts and how to simplify so it’s easier. and if one expression is off or one piece of perspective is skewed or if one light source is wonky it doesn’t really matter because it’s just one or two panels on one page out of a THOUSAND pages that you’re gonna eventually have if you keep at it

and then of course yknow research what you wanna write about and take inspiration from literally everywhere, not just other comics or animation, your whole artistic world will open up when you can get creative with anything !



ametrine’s design is VERY MUCH INSPIRED BY titaniumshield’s design which can be found on my blog under tagged/motorcity. they have a few more designs i loved but ametrine was my absolute fav <333 (but you dont want them on this i dont mind taking them down ouo)

  • Daehyun: So how do I look?
  • Youngjae: Do you want a nice answer or a honest one?
  • Daehyun: Nice one
  • Youngjae: You look okay, still ugly like always tho
  • Zelo: *sneaking in* Oh Hyung how do I look?
  • Youngjae: Do you want a nice answer or a honest one?
  • Zelo: Honest one!
  • Youngjae: You look so pretty cutie! Beautiful like always!
  • Daehyun:
  • Daehyun: ?!
BTS Reaction: finding out you’re a drummer/rapper/dancer for your idol group

Jin: He’d really respect the talent you had to possess to keep up with your title in the group. He’d often worry about you, hoping you wouldn’t over work yourself.

Originally posted by myjaebutt

Suga: He’d love how talented you were. It’d help you two bond a lot as he’d always want you to look over a track for him and help him out and vise versa. He’d love a collaboration track. Maybe piss off Taehyung by letting you feature on a Cypher.

Originally posted by yoongight

J-Hope: Dancing boy would want to dance with you constantly. With him being both a rapper and a dancer himself, he’d love how much you guys had in common. He’d definitely help you with some dance moves you couldn’t perfect and you do the same for him. (You don’t have to teach Hobi how to twerk, tho. That booty got a mind of its own.)

Originally posted by jaayhope

Rap Monster: Namjoonie would definitely have you feature on some of his songs. He’d love helping you write songs and perfect that one rap line you just can’t master. Not to mention how annoyed the vocal line would get when you two would get into a random rap battle and the other two rappers would join in. He would also be 1000% intimidated by the fact that you could dance.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Jimin: Jimin would be such a happy little floof. He’d go to all of the shows he could and you’d never go without support, whether it’d be by phone call, text, or smothering you when you get home from work. He’d dance with you ll the time, and he’d probably ask one of his producer hyungs to help him make a duet for the two of you, him singing and you rapping.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

V: Tae would LOVE that you could play an instrument, because he can too. Even if he’s a little rusty, he’d probably get back into the saxophone and be as good as he was so he could play with you. He’d definitely be the one to trigger a rap battle here and there.He’d for sure be your groups number 1 fan, and YOUR biggest stan.

Originally posted by saikokpop

Jungkook: Kookie would be shook to the max when he found out about all of your talents. He was the golden maknae, and especially if you were the maknae, he’d feel threatened that his title would be taken away from him. He’d, of course, love you regardless and absolutely ADORE embarrassing you at all the shows and events of your he could.

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Don’t forget requests are OPEN, guys! I have one request I’m saving because it’s a smut request and I’ll save it for when smut requests are available. But other requests are encouraged and anted!




- help him
- he loves christmas so much
- he loves the idea of cuddling with a loved on, matching jumers and scarves
- he likes putting the star on the tree
- hot chocolate and binge watching
- he will sing Christmas carols all December 
- just watch
- “What??? You dare me to sing all December????”
“Zen, no one-”
“Well if you insist MC - COOOOME ALL YEE FAITHFUL”
- extra cuddles because it’s extra cold
- you will watch all the christmas movies. Don’t try to get out of it.


- He isn’t really big on christmas
- he loves the idea of everyone being together don’t get him wrong
- he just doesn’t believe it’s like that now
- he loves spending Christmas with you though
- he tries to take time off work for you
- he’ll take you shopping, it doesn’t matter where, it’s like a mindless walk tbh
- just admiring the scenary 
- he’ll wear a jumper you bought him
- only because there was a cat on it
- he finds it sweet that you are really into it
- you got him to watch christmas movies
- “Scrouge doesn’t seem that bad. He’s just a business man.”
- “oh”
- “Ooh”
- he gave Jaehee a few days off after that
- christmas carols and wine ~~ 


- bless his cotton socks
- he’s so happy
- you have literally never seen this boy so happy
- especially now that he has you to celebrate with ??? 
- Like??? yes please
- you’ll both definatly squeeze in some LOLOL
- “MC there’s a movie on in theatres, lets goo! ~~”
- he wears so many warm clothes oml
- he loves matching clothes
- cute snowmen on jumpers
- you guys will have a snowball fight. it’s happening 
-who will win? pick up your goddamn snowball and find out


- she usually works during christmas
- this year you conviced Jumin to give her at least a day off (shockingly he actually did wtf)
- cuddles
- she wears so many cute turtlenecks 
- mistletoe
- she blushes so much whenever you point it out
- she’ll be too shy to kiss you in public so you usually kiss her cheek
- let me tell you
- when you guys walk down town to find new cafés 
- and its snowing
- those little flecks of snow that fall into her hair 
- they entrance you
- she looks so pure and so cute
- she’s literally an angel like wow how can she not see that???
- you two are actually the cutest couple during this time
- and your christmas photos are just
- wow
- honestly any moment she gets to spend with you during the holidays is a perfect time for her


- he usually locks himself in this time of year
- sure he likes it
- dosesn’t mean he wants to go outside tho
- and y’know what
- you dont force him
- you build in a freaking amazing blanket and pillow fort
- you get his ass away from work
- “MC I have stuff to do!”
- and you bring him inside the fort, there’s a laptop
- DVDs
- food
- you had even set up small blinker lights inside the fort too
- you basically have everything you need
- “Oh wow you did this for me? Babe…”
- best. christmas. ever.


- he was excited to spend his first christmas to you
- he hadn’t had a christmas with a s/o since Rika
- he had some sad memories 
- but he was so happy ot make to make new ones with you
- hot drinks 
- scarves
- laying on the lounge watchig movies together
- wrapping presents together
-you two are pro tree decorators 
- he took photos of you standing in the snow at the park
- you didn’t like them
- well you loved his photos, you just didn’t like how you looked
- he thought you looked beautiful 
- he printed those and framed them
- you told V that the two of you need a christmas photo together 
- he said that he prefered to be behind the camera
- that didnt stop you
- you took a selfe and printed it out and gave it to him on christmas 
- and in all pure honesty 
- it’s his favourite photo


In light of the revelation about Holster’s questionable egg habits this last update, I just wanted to share this screenshot of one of Petr Mrazek’s meals. Granted he is a pro player, and this was a game day meal, but if the info on the omgcp wiki is to be trusted, Holster has 3 inches and 30 lbs on Mrazek. He is a Large Boy™ with a Large Appetite for eggs apparently. Let him have this. You eat those eggs Adam. Go for it.

(Mostly tho I just wanted an excuse to use that screenshot and this was a perfect opportunity. I’ve been hoarding it and another of one of his meals because like, goddamn. I lust after that food. I want all of that avocado and fruit ughhh.)

MC having big curly poofy hair HC's :')

This is my first time posting my writing on here (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) and I’m on mobile KILL me

Yoosung 🎮

🎮 his hands would instantly reach to poof your hair up more
🎮 “MC… you’re like a beautiful lion.”
🎮 honestly you h8 SM when people JUST TOUCH your hair but this boy is so cute and pure you let him floof it up all he wants
🎮 loves LOVES to brush out your hair when you absolutely don’t want to (those KNOTS man UGH)
🎮 he’s so absolutely gentle and patient when combing it out tho like wow what else can those hands do??? (I’m sorry bb Yoosung)
🎮 also will buy and apply products to reduce frizz ——> RELUCTANTLY
🎮 he loves when you wear your hair down it’s so cute
🎮 you teach him how to style your hair in different ways and he’s so determined to make everything perfect he’s so CUTE
🎮 floofy panda buns give him actual life

Zen 🎬

🎬 will cry because you are and actual Disney princess
🎬 likes to watch you comb it out like,,, you thought this was frizzy??? GUESS AGAIN
🎬 will style your hair in 2 seconds
🎬 dislikes when you straighten it but either way you look so stunning plus it’s your body your rules so he doesn’t care
🎬 will actually deck someone so fast is they comment poorly on your hair
🎬 “It’s alright Zen. I get it all the time.”
🎬 HES SO HEARTBROKEN to hear you say that and is still 100% ready 2 fite 🎬 LOVES when your hair is in a raw high ponytail with flyaways and frizz he’s wild for it
🎬 won’t let you play with his hair (ITLL RELEASE THE BEAST)
🎬 but you don’t mind ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Jaehee ☕️

☕️ PLease DONT GET HER WRONG SHE LOVES YOU AND YOUR HAIR SO MUCH!! But working in such a professional setting like C&R really limits her fashion exposure
☕️ TBH you would exchange info on hair products and have nights where you style each other’s hair
☕️ (you would probably invite Zen too)
☕️ “For practice, MC.”
☕️ will also 100% drop kick someone if they talk bad about your hair
☕️ is a bit embarrassed at first when you guys first go out because people stare a lot and comment more often than not
☕️ she notices how uncomfortable you get when people just randomly touch your hair
☕️ “No you may not touch MC’s hair. She doesn’t like it.”
☕️ SO blunt
☕️ WE love you BAEHEE
☕️ LOVES when you do a messy bun and loves it even more (if that’s possible) when she gets to it
☕️she’ll smile forever
☕️ shell grow out her own hair so you have more options for styles
☕️matching hairdo’s! :’)

Jumin 🍷

🍷 lowkey he’s fangirling because you look so cute under all that hair
🍷 would pay beauticians to teach him how to style and take care of curly curly hair
🍷 SO excited to try out his new techniques
🍷nothing goes as planned… ABORT A B O R T
🍷real curly hair is much harder to style than fake hair on a mannequin head
🍷still would not give up this man will look up videos and take more classes all from different people for different opinions
🍷DO NOT let him brush out your hair poor baby is impatient and will yank…. :(
🍷is tempted to practice on Elizabeth
🍷 he is head over heels when you let him do your hair in braids he likes it when your hair is out of your face it’s easier to give you kisses all over ;)
🍷 ;;;; that’s what he tries to convince you but you know the real reason;;;; it’s the easiest hairstyle he knows how to do ^^
Saeyoung 🚀

🚀 ofc not as curly as yours but it’s the thought that counts
🚀 his addiction is trying to get the frizz of your hair to actually curl into a ringlet
🚀 no baby it’s impossible
🚀 constantly joking about how “If we’re gonna get married at the space station then how will all your hair for in your space helmet???”
🚀 will scream from laughing so hard at your bed head
🚀 but let’s be honest HIS isn’t much better
🚀 he’ll give you head rubs but it’s just an excuse to mess with your hair
🚀 will pick out outfits from his agent days that match your curly hair
🚀 teasing wars™ commence
🚀 “MC, your HAIR is SO curly, curly fries would be jealous!”
🚀 you both would laugh so hard you cried
🚀(bless Saeyoung he’s so pure and loves you so so SO MUCH)
🚀 will absolutely destroy someone’s life if they talk bad
🚀"It’s kill or be killed in this world, MC.“
🚀 he adores when you where your hair out natural
🚀 wild, poofy, and ready to go

AhhhhhHHHH THAT WAS THE FIRST!! My tumblr virginity is gone… I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing this (〃ω〃) feedback is always appreciated! ❤️️
  • Mark: [comes into Cristina's room] Cristina
  • Mark: [pokes her shoulder] Cristina
  • Mark: [yells in her ear] CRISTINA!!
  • Mark: Cristina?
  • Cristina: Yes?
  • Mark: How do you say my name in spanish?
  • Cristina:
Victuuri kiss/Yuuri's breakdown

I just rewatched episode 7 and there’s a couple things I’d like to say.

Victuuri kiss: First things first, it’s fucking canon. Queer baiting over. Fun fact tho, it never was. They were just waiting for the perfect time to do it and I’m so glad they did it but more important, how they did it. No “I’m going to kiss you so you shut up.”, no “Okay, we’re kissing but this definitely means sex, right?”, no “Shit, I’m sorry I promise it won’t happen again.”, simply no nothing. They both seeked and ran towards each other like knowing they wanted something but not sure they would get it, but still they just had to. Yuuri surprised Victor by changing his routine and finishing it doing his signature move and Victor was so moved he actually felt like he had to do something in return, something as meaningfull as what practically was Yuuri finally saying “I love you.” on the ice so Victor could understand him. And fuck if he didn’t, saying not only “I love you too.” by kissing Yuuri for the very first time in front of everyone, but come on to them everyone else disappeared, but actually letting him know doing that was the only thing he could think of to surprise him as much as he did. As Troye Sivan would say, you don’t have to say I love to say I love you. What I found funny was, besides everyone’s reactions of course, they acted ike nothing happened on the interview, but not in a bad way like “Let’s forget that just happened ha ha.”, but Victor kept talking about how good Yuuri did and that now that he knows what he can do, they’ll work harder. Anyways, either was that the only love declaration we will get or not, because you never know with this show, it was the most precious and purest thing ever.

Yuuri’s breakdown: By far my favorite scene on the show, sorry not sorry. Yes, the kiss scene was beautiful but it was something we were hoping if not actually just waiting for it to happen. But Yuuri’s breakdown? I still can’t believe its actually on the show. I mean we did got to see Yuuri freaking out in countless situations, but nothing close to this. An actual anxiety attack in its finest. Why am I talking about it on the same post as the Victuuri kiss? Are they both my favorite scenes so far in the show? Course, but hear me out. I think this scene showed the other side of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. The side that its not often shown on any series or movies. Victor fucked up, both him and Yuuri knew it. Yuuri was fucked up, both him and Victor knew it. A perfect relationship isn’t perfect all the time. Victor tried to humor Yuuri to calm him down and it backfired him, but one of the things that I love about this scene, along with another milion things, is that Victor, who is always in control of everything, didn’t knew how to handle the situation and realized it and believe it or not, this shit actually happens in real life. Our partner isn’t supposed to fix us or anything with a snap of their fingers, sometimes we just need, like Yuuri said, for them to don’t say anything and stand by our side. Then, on their way back to the rink, because yes Victor actually felt the need to protect Yuuri that much to take him to warm up on the fucking parking lot, neither of them talks, what makes you think they are probably into a fight. But right before the performance starts, we see Yuuri throwing the tissue far enough so Victor would have to lean down to reach for it, which leaded us to another iconic poke on Victor’s hairline, free to interpretation because I’ve read so many meanings behind it already, but what got me was the pat right after, as if saying “It’s okay, I forgive you”, no words needed. And what follows it’s nothing but the cherry on top of the cake of Yuuri’s character development, acknowledging Victor’s human.

28 Things I learnt my First Year of Veterinary School

I had sometime this lovely Sunday afternoon so I thought I’d make a list of some of the things that I learnt during my first year of vet school. 

Originally posted by alexandraaurora

  1. People will start treating you differently. You are a young professional now, that comes with certain expectations. 
  2. Anatomy isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seem, neither is histology. It’s hard but if you put in the effort you will do fine. 
  3. Even though it may not seem like it, your classmates are just as smart if not smarter then you. 
  4. You don’t have to go to every class. 
  5. You don’t need to feel guilty for skipping a class you’ll get nothing from. Its important to prioritize your time. Sometimes taking that hour and getting some errands, other school work, or taking a break may help you out more then some lectures. 
  6. Remembering that you’re learning this material for your life/career and not just for a test or class will give you a boost when you’re starting to get overwhelmed. 
  7. You will probably not be the top of your class anymore, all of your classmates were probably the top in their program and now you’ve all been put together. Average is okay. 
  8. Letting go of the “I need perfect grades mentality” may be the hardest thing you ever do. You’ll get there eventually tho. 
  9. If you want to specialize, first year is not to early to start looking into it, but try not to stress about it to much. 
  10. You will be sitting in class and all of a sudden, the fact the you are actually in vet school will hit you. This will happen throughout the whole year. It’s a great feeling. 
  11. You will have to make a cow urinate with just your hands (I’m not going to tell you how, the surprise is my gift to you). 
  12. You will feel like to know nothing. 
  13. Everyone you know who is not in vet school will think you know everything. 
  14. You really know nothing. 
  15. Cranial nerves are key.  
  16. Horses do not like to stand still while you practice your physical exam techniques. Cows on the other hand, don’t seem to care all that much. 
  17. There are way to many interesting extracurriculars to be apart of. I’m certain this is some sort of conspiracy, I just haven’t figured out what it is yet. 
  18. The time vet school takes from your life will stress out your SO. They miss you, and that is hard. Make sure you make time for them, even if it’s five minutes a day. 
  19. Most people in your life will only be interested in the funny/cute/good part of your journey to that DVM. They wont want to hear about how hard/messy/stressful it is. 
  20. People will tell you to make sure you have balance in your life but will also shit on you if you look like your having more fun then a doctor should. 
  21. Make sure to have a pack of face wipes or something similar in your bag. Having a nasty film of formalin or whatever you saw in path lab on your face is not something you want to smell or taste all day. 
  22. Your pets are not all dying. It’s probably a coincidence they’re displaying some minor symptoms of whatever you happen to be studying at the moment. (if your really concerned take them in though) 
  23. It’s a really cool feeling when you see an animal with symptoms and can start to make a semi accurate ddx list. 
  24. It’s also really cool when you start getting some of the NAVLE of the day’s correct. 
  25. Sometimes you’ll realize you do know some things.
  26. A vet school year goes by so quickly it’s ridiculous.
  27. Not having to worry about wether your going to get into vet school or not is a weird (yet relaxing) feeling around application time. It’s even weirder when the next class is admitted.  
  28. Starting second year of vet school is a terrifying thought. They’re going to expect us to not be John Snow vet students any more. #pressure

As episode 15 is approaching (G̶o̶d̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶s̶ ̶I̶'̶m̶ ̶s̶c̶a̶r̶e̶d̶), I wanted to join in on the “design-the-masked-man”-bandwagon, but then I figured that @ondriaprice ‘s Dalton looks exactly how I imagine him to look like and he is all I ever wanted and more (check him out. PERFECTION. T^T)  so instead, have some grown-up Chrome doodles! 

A̶l̶s̶o̶,̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶I̶ ̶a̶m̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶d̶e̶c̶i̶s̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶l̶i̶l̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶ ̶I̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶s̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶v̶a̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶h̶a̶i̶r̶s̶t̶y̶l̶e̶ ̶o̶p̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ 

Which version do you like the most? ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰