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  • sorry this gif has a caption but i have to set The Mood and this v-live was all I could think of when i got this request
  • okay so apparently this is a series?? with mingyu??? where he has this imaginary girlfriend named younghee and honestly i died bc i was not ready when this vlive aired
  • but i got lots of inspiration :D
  • so mingyu has had a few relationships
  • when he gets in one i think he’d be a mix of confident and awkward (kind of like how he was with younghee lmao)
  • mingyu is the kind of guy that’ll come up to you and try to befriend you immediately tho
  • like there’s barely an awkward period
  • at least, for him
  • so you, being a trainee under pledis, you spend a lot of time practicing for your debut
  • if you’re not schooling, you’re practicing
  • this means you’re always at the pledis building, and guess who came to get some last minute dance practice one day :)))
  • mingyu usually comes with wonwoo and a few of the other boys to practice together bc he finds it’s more fun but seeing as they’re all exhausted from practice yesterday mingyu has to go alone
  • the boys usually have a room to train in of their own, and everybody knows that it’s their room so nobody has the balls to use it even when seventeen isn’t there
  • but today they’re not there
  • and you’re too into your dance routine to find another practice room to use
  • mingyu is rlly confused when he comes up to their usual practice room bc he’s so used to them being the only ones using it that he’s like “who dares trespass on our territory”
  • he opens the door a peep and oop, you’re cute
  • you’re in the middle of doing a particularly sensual move on the wooden floors when mingyu just waltzes in and turns off your boombox
  • you’re thinking it’s one of the people you’ll be debuting with so you prop yourself up on your knees and grin and go “how did I do?”
  • but when you look over, it’s def… not a trainee
  • you know everything about seventeen, they’re basically pledis'  babies, and you can’t go anywhere without hearing about them nowadays
  • the only thing is,,, you’re not fond of mingyu
  • you’ve heard rumors from fellow trainees that he’s a natural flirt and overall the general consensus is he’s a playboy in the making and you want nothing to do with that
  • you’re far too focused on having a successful debut that you can’t be bothered
  • “you could use a lil more force in your thrust, I’d be happy to show you how” mingyu offers with a dazzling smile
  • you take that the wrong way completely
  • immediately you scoff and begin stretching, hoping he’d disappear on his own
  • but instead you see him shrug in the mirror and drop his bag in the corner of the room before he plops beside you, beginning to stretch too
  • “aren’t you leaving? this room is taken” you tell him, giving him a nasty glare, but mingyu just beams, totally unbothered
  • “i’m gonna practice with you. hi, i’m mingyu” he holds out his hand for you to shake but you ignore it, going to stretch your arms over your head
  • you’re hoping that your coldness will deter him and he’ll decide this isn’t a fight he can win, but no
  • he’s still there
  • even when you start your own music up again and he doesn’t even know the dance, he attempts to follow your movements, meticulously matching you until he’s doing the dance better than you that handsome tall shit
  • you get back to the bit where you struggled before, having to thrust toward the floor
  • you’re involuntarily holding back even now, very aware of mingyu’s gaze on you
  • you happen to look over and
  • fuck
  • he’s doing the thrust perfectly, with just the right amount of force and flow that makes it look completely natural and really attractive and wow haha are u sweatin
  • mingyu finishes the roll of his hips with a fluid move back onto his knees, and then he grins, throwing your question from earlier back at you  “how did i do?”
  • fucking amazing holy hell how did you do that teach me your ways “you were okay” 
  • you end up having to leave early for singing lessons so you abandon mingyu
  • at first he’s a lil bummed you have to go but then he notices you left your music behind in the stereo and gets a genius idea
  • you don’t realize until the next day that your music is missing, and when you rush back to seventeen’s practice room, you’re mortified to find all of them there, mingyu front and center, showing them your dance
  • “and then it’s like this and this and- oh hey (y/n) come show the boys your dance you did with me yesterday” “how do you know my name”
  • the other boys are just giggling their asses off like it couldn’t be more blatant how much mingyu likes you
  • he’s been talking about you since yesterday and had seungcheol go with him to find out your name from the company
  • “doesn’t matter, come on!!” he even has the audacity to take you by the wrist to drag you further into the room, thirteen pairs of eyes watching you in curiosity and amusement
  • “mingyu…” you warn, glaring hard at his head, but he’s still grinning like an idiot, nudging you softly in the arm
  • “it’s a good dance (y/n). they’ll love it. and i know for a fact you can pull it off way better than i can. i’ll even do it with you!! it’ll be fun!”
  • you’re understandably nervous before them all, bc like they’re your seniors and they’ve been doing this for way longer than you have, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of them but mingyu isn’t letting up any time soon
  • so you finally give in and mingyu starts your music for you before he joins in beside you
  • as soon as you two start dancing tho, all the nerves dissipate
  • you’re lost in the beat, your body moving on its own accord in perfect sync with mingyu’s
  • you don’t even realize how close mingyu is to you, how he moves his body in time with yours as you two are dancing right up against each other
  • to make matters worse, instead of you initially thrusting against the floor, mingyu has maneuvered you and the dance in a way that he’s laying underneath you, grinning ever so cheekily when you catch on
  • dino is forcibly removed from the practice room
  • as soon as you two finish, you collapse on the ground beside him, panting from the unexpected workout, and the others are either in awe or grinning stupidly
  • finally, seungcheol claps his hands together “well i think we’ve been violated enough for one day, good practice everyone”
  • the other boys easily fall back into their own routines again and you’re left panting next to mingyu, oddly satisfied with your performance
  • “that… wasn’t so bad” you admit sheepishly, rubbing your arm as mingyu smiles over at you
  • “told you you could do it” 
  • something about mingyu’s confidence in you after only knowing you for like twenty four hours is really comforting and you find yourself smiling back, the rumors that you’d been fed slowly escaping your mind
  • from that day on, mingyu declares himself your “oppa” which entails taking you out for food at random times in the day, helping you with practices even tho u literally did not ask, and fending off gross male fans once you debut
  • he visits you and you group often, and there is maybe only a handful of v-lives your group has done that mingyu hasn’t shown up in
  • the rumors about mingyu’s flirtatiousness come to a halt as soon as you two become friends and everyone is #speculating but your group and seventeen know what’s up
  • in fact, the only person that is truly oblivious about how mingyu feels is… mingyu
  • like even you know he likes you a lot
  • it’s pretty obvious lmao
  • mingyu thinks he’s being super casual when he,,, texts you at 2 am
  • gets pouty when you spend more time with the other members
  • has fourteen different heart emojis next to ur name in his phone
  • literally refers to you as the love of his life like how goddamn transparent kim mingyu
  • one day he takes you on a late night dinner date to this noodle place and he’s got on his black cap that covers his bleach blond hair, a cozy looking black hoodie and he’s got a shopping bag filled to the brim of things that you can’t make out from how he holds it
  • he orders your food for you and starts babbling on about his day and how tired he is and that their comeback is soon so he should be sleeping rn and you’re just like “??? then why did you take me out for dinner lol”
  • but then he just smiles at you over the rim of his milkshake, a warm blush dusting his cheeks “because I wanted to see you more”
  • at this point, you’re like for fuck’s sake boy just admit your feelings already
  • then he pulls out the bag and he’s grinning like a moron “also!! oppa got you some things since he’ll be busy with the comeback” 
  • and he piles all kind of gifts on the table in front of you like chocolate “bc it’s sweet, like me”, a blanket “since i won’t be there to keep you warm”, even a box of tissues “for the nights when missing me gets too much”
  • he’s halfway through this cheesy shit fest when you just blurt out “kim mingyu is this a date”
  • he’s like O.O gotta blast
  • “w-why would you think this was a date?” “because i know you like me and you’re being very greasy rn so if you could save me the trouble and just confess already that’d be great”
  • mingyu’s ears are lit burning red he’s so embarrassed and it’s the first time you’ve ever seen him so awkward??? usually he takes everything as a joke and is never serious but now he’s fiddling with his fingers and gnawing on his lip and he looks so cute you can’t even deny
  • “…you caught me. i like you a lot (y/n)”
  • he low key expects you to reject him now and leave him looking pathetic in the restaurant but then you just. reach across the table to grab his hand and you’re smiling and… wait holy shit you’re smiling? do ppl usually smile before they brutally reject someone???
  • “about time, dweeb. i like you too. also i’m taking all of this chocolate for myself so don’t even try to ask for any”
  • mingyu is fucking heart eyes the rest of the date ok
  • he’s just watching you eat the chocolate he bought you and when he walks you back to your dorm he’s straight cheesin’ before he kisses your cheek and whispers “goodnight beautiful~” like the goddamn cheeseball he is
  • somehow after confessing he manages to be even more embarrassing
  • any time he sees you in the hallways of pledis’ offices he just throws his arms up dramatically and yells “baby!! it’s me!!! your bf mingyu~”
  • always texting you for selfies when he’s away
  • mingyu: if you don’t send me a pic of u right now i might forget what you look like and not even recognize you when i come back :((( is that what you want
  • you: absolutely
  • the boys know as much as mingyu does about u bc he never shuts up abt you
  • “did you know she used to play this sport when she was a kid? crazy right?? look how cute she is in her lil uniform. omg minghao come back i haven’t showed you the pictures from middle school yet”
  • tall
  • always putting things out of reach when he knows you’ll need those things later so you have to call for him
  • he slides into the kitchen of your dorm with a smile “yes sweetheart did you call for me?”
  • “why are all the forks on top of the fridge”
  • even tho you’re straight up savage with mingyu he knows you love him
  • you always ask if he’s feeling okay and if he needs a lil quiet time
  • you two resign yourselves to the couch and he lays on your stomach, gangly limbs hanging off the furniture as you play with his hair and hum a gentle song in his ear
  • when he gets stressed or insecure during a comeback you’re always the first to be called 
  • just having you in the same room as him calms him like no other
  • sometimes all he really needs is you to look at him and he takes a breath and readies himself for whatever he has to face
  • mingyu really treasures you and he lets you know he’d do whatever possible to convey that to you
  • he’s so thankful that you’re a part of his life and all he wants to do is be the man that you want
  • if he ever gives off the vibe that he feels like he’s not good enough for you, even in a supposedly playful offhanded comment, you just run your fingers through his hair with a smile
  • “kim mingyu, you’re everything i want and more. don’t ever forget that”
  • just saying something like this can get mingyu through anything
  • bc you’re his anchor, his best friend, his confidant, and he’s so glad that you’re his

other boyfriend!seventeen



college boyfriend!wonwoo

college boyfriend!minghao

college boyfriend!jihoon

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Hi~ I read thru your blog and your writing is just so lovely!! I hope that this requests gets in in time lol but could do you something along the lines of MC having large & heavy breasts that she complains to the members about "chopping them off" or something or asks them to just "hold them" to give their back a break? lol being a D cup, I have this thought everyday rip ;;;

Hey anon! Thanks for your request! I have small breASTS LMAO so i couldnt relate but i hope that i portrayed it somewhat accurately LOL hope you enjoy~

♥ He’d be so blushy and flustered when he met you. He did not expect such a cute innocent girl to have such big breasts.
♥ Whenever you complain about them, he’s too blushy to really say anything. They’re so overwhelming.
♥ WHEN YOU ASK HIM TO HOLD THEM JOKINGLY HE’S LIKE DEAD. He doesn’t know what to do so he actually cups your boobs trying to help. When you laugh, he stops immediately, innocent puppy boy is worried he did something wrong.
♥ He tells you that if they actually hurt you, then to perhaps get surgery. He even offers to help financially if you do want surgery. He hates seeing you in actual pain.
♥ Lots of surprise hugs from the back! Hugs from the front make him way too blushy cause they’re just so big that they sometimes get in the way. HE’S NOT COMPLAINING THO
♥ “They’re just so overwhelming…but overwhelming isn’t necessarily a bad thing. O-oh did I say something embarrassing?? Stop laughing!!”

♥ He loves your breasts but he doesn’t want to admit it. He doesn’t want to seem like a really sex hungry beast (even tho he probably is) so he doesn’t comment on them.
♥ Once you start to complain about them being so heavy and large, Zen gets all hot and bothered. He is imagining sinful things ohohohoho
♥ He’s actually the one to offer to hold your breasts for you. He gets sooo flustered by them, it’s cute.
♥ One night, he actually sits down with you and asks if you actually want surgery. If you do, he says he’s willing to pay for it with money he’s accumulated by his acting career.
♥ He really likes them tho, they’re very voluptuous.
♥ “If they’re so heavy and large, babe, maybe you need someone strong like me to hold them for you? Haha…♥”

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BTS Reaction: finding out you’re a drummer/rapper/dancer for your idol group

Jin: He’d really respect the talent you had to possess to keep up with your title in the group. He’d often worry about you, hoping you wouldn’t over work yourself.

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Suga: He’d love how talented you were. It’d help you two bond a lot as he’d always want you to look over a track for him and help him out and vise versa. He’d love a collaboration track. Maybe piss off Taehyung by letting you feature on a Cypher.

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J-Hope: Dancing boy would want to dance with you constantly. With him being both a rapper and a dancer himself, he’d love how much you guys had in common. He’d definitely help you with some dance moves you couldn’t perfect and you do the same for him. (You don’t have to teach Hobi how to twerk, tho. That booty got a mind of its own.)

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Rap Monster: Namjoonie would definitely have you feature on some of his songs. He’d love helping you write songs and perfect that one rap line you just can’t master. Not to mention how annoyed the vocal line would get when you two would get into a random rap battle and the other two rappers would join in. He would also be 1000% intimidated by the fact that you could dance.

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Jimin: Jimin would be such a happy little floof. He’d go to all of the shows he could and you’d never go without support, whether it’d be by phone call, text, or smothering you when you get home from work. He’d dance with you ll the time, and he’d probably ask one of his producer hyungs to help him make a duet for the two of you, him singing and you rapping.

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V: Tae would LOVE that you could play an instrument, because he can too. Even if he’s a little rusty, he’d probably get back into the saxophone and be as good as he was so he could play with you. He’d definitely be the one to trigger a rap battle here and there.He’d for sure be your groups number 1 fan, and YOUR biggest stan.

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Jungkook: Kookie would be shook to the max when he found out about all of your talents. He was the golden maknae, and especially if you were the maknae, he’d feel threatened that his title would be taken away from him. He’d, of course, love you regardless and absolutely ADORE embarrassing you at all the shows and events of your he could.

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Don’t forget requests are OPEN, guys! I have one request I’m saving because it’s a smut request and I’ll save it for when smut requests are available. But other requests are encouraged and anted!



In light of the revelation about Holster’s questionable egg habits this last update, I just wanted to share this screenshot of one of Petr Mrazek’s meals. Granted he is a pro player, and this was a game day meal, but if the info on the omgcp wiki is to be trusted, Holster has 3 inches and 30 lbs on Mrazek. He is a Large Boy™ with a Large Appetite for eggs apparently. Let him have this. You eat those eggs Adam. Go for it.

(Mostly tho I just wanted an excuse to use that screenshot and this was a perfect opportunity. I’ve been hoarding it and another of one of his meals because like, goddamn. I lust after that food. I want all of that avocado and fruit ughhh.)



ametrine’s design is VERY MUCH INSPIRED BY titaniumshield’s design which can be found on my blog under tagged/motorcity. they have a few more designs i loved but ametrine was my absolute fav <333 (but you dont want them on this i dont mind taking them down ouo)



- help him
- he loves christmas so much
- he loves the idea of cuddling with a loved on, matching jumers and scarves
- he likes putting the star on the tree
- hot chocolate and binge watching
- he will sing Christmas carols all December 
- just watch
- “What??? You dare me to sing all December????”
“Zen, no one-”
“Well if you insist MC - COOOOME ALL YEE FAITHFUL”
- extra cuddles because it’s extra cold
- you will watch all the christmas movies. Don’t try to get out of it.


- He isn’t really big on christmas
- he loves the idea of everyone being together don’t get him wrong
- he just doesn’t believe it’s like that now
- he loves spending Christmas with you though
- he tries to take time off work for you
- he’ll take you shopping, it doesn’t matter where, it’s like a mindless walk tbh
- just admiring the scenary 
- he’ll wear a jumper you bought him
- only because there was a cat on it
- he finds it sweet that you are really into it
- you got him to watch christmas movies
- “Scrouge doesn’t seem that bad. He’s just a business man.”
- “oh”
- “Ooh”
- he gave Jaehee a few days off after that
- christmas carols and wine ~~ 


- bless his cotton socks
- he’s so happy
- you have literally never seen this boy so happy
- especially now that he has you to celebrate with ??? 
- Like??? yes please
- you’ll both definatly squeeze in some LOLOL
- “MC there’s a movie on in theatres, lets goo! ~~”
- he wears so many warm clothes oml
- he loves matching clothes
- cute snowmen on jumpers
- you guys will have a snowball fight. it’s happening 
-who will win? pick up your goddamn snowball and find out


- she usually works during christmas
- this year you conviced Jumin to give her at least a day off (shockingly he actually did wtf)
- cuddles
- she wears so many cute turtlenecks 
- mistletoe
- she blushes so much whenever you point it out
- she’ll be too shy to kiss you in public so you usually kiss her cheek
- let me tell you
- when you guys walk down town to find new cafés 
- and its snowing
- those little flecks of snow that fall into her hair 
- they entrance you
- she looks so pure and so cute
- she’s literally an angel like wow how can she not see that???
- you two are actually the cutest couple during this time
- and your christmas photos are just
- wow
- honestly any moment she gets to spend with you during the holidays is a perfect time for her


- he usually locks himself in this time of year
- sure he likes it
- dosesn’t mean he wants to go outside tho
- and y’know what
- you dont force him
- you build in a freaking amazing blanket and pillow fort
- you get his ass away from work
- “MC I have stuff to do!”
- and you bring him inside the fort, there’s a laptop
- DVDs
- food
- you had even set up small blinker lights inside the fort too
- you basically have everything you need
- “Oh wow you did this for me? Babe…”
- best. christmas. ever.


- he was excited to spend his first christmas to you
- he hadn’t had a christmas with a s/o since Rika
- he had some sad memories 
- but he was so happy ot make to make new ones with you
- hot drinks 
- scarves
- laying on the lounge watchig movies together
- wrapping presents together
-you two are pro tree decorators 
- he took photos of you standing in the snow at the park
- you didn’t like them
- well you loved his photos, you just didn’t like how you looked
- he thought you looked beautiful 
- he printed those and framed them
- you told V that the two of you need a christmas photo together 
- he said that he prefered to be behind the camera
- that didnt stop you
- you took a selfe and printed it out and gave it to him on christmas 
- and in all pure honesty 
- it’s his favourite photo

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guess the difficulty of intepreting a character like the P5 protag is the fact that he's designed to be a blank slate that we as the player fill in. want to see him as a bad ass thief? you can do that. want to see him as someone who'll do his all to help his friends and others? done deal! maybe he's one to spend all his time at home, perfecting his curry and watching movies with his cat? be my guest! it would be cool tho to have a protag with a more defined personality..........

while I agree that there’s certainly room for interpretation with regards to the persona protagonists, I think the game actually also fills in many details about them too. it’s just a matter of looking at how the narrative plays out, and how the protagonists interact with the gameplay mechanics.

for example, during class time the persona 4 protagonist mostly stayed quiet and attentive, but would provide answers for Yosuke so he wouldn’t get in trouble. he also aces his tests when giving all the right responses and at the appropriate knowledge level.

meanwhile, during class time our persona 5 protagonist is usually slouching and staring off away from the board, texting his friends during lectures, and will only give the answers when directly called on. on the first midterm exam after giving all of the correct responses and at the appropriate knowledge level, he only scores a bit above average for the class.

so comparing the two, we can say that the persona 5 protagonist is a much less academic person.

the games only give the illusion of absolute free choice, after all. ultimately they still need to be programmed and written with certain options, and the way the writers choose to describe each situation gives you an understanding of how they conceived of this character. so, sure, there’s wiggle-room, but I think the persona protagonists are far from blank slates.

Victuuri kiss/Yuuri's breakdown

I just rewatched episode 7 and there’s a couple things I’d like to say.

Victuuri kiss: First things first, it’s fucking canon. Queer baiting over. Fun fact tho, it never was. They were just waiting for the perfect time to do it and I’m so glad they did it but more important, how they did it. No “I’m going to kiss you so you shut up.”, no “Okay, we’re kissing but this definitely means sex, right?”, no “Shit, I’m sorry I promise it won’t happen again.”, simply no nothing. They both seeked and ran towards each other like knowing they wanted something but not sure they would get it, but still they just had to. Yuuri surprised Victor by changing his routine and finishing it doing his signature move and Victor was so moved he actually felt like he had to do something in return, something as meaningfull as what practically was Yuuri finally saying “I love you.” on the ice so Victor could understand him. And fuck if he didn’t, saying not only “I love you too.” by kissing Yuuri for the very first time in front of everyone, but come on to them everyone else disappeared, but actually letting him know doing that was the only thing he could think of to surprise him as much as he did. As Troye Sivan would say, you don’t have to say I love to say I love you. What I found funny was, besides everyone’s reactions of course, they acted ike nothing happened on the interview, but not in a bad way like “Let’s forget that just happened ha ha.”, but Victor kept talking about how good Yuuri did and that now that he knows what he can do, they’ll work harder. Anyways, either was that the only love declaration we will get or not, because you never know with this show, it was the most precious and purest thing ever.

Yuuri’s breakdown: By far my favorite scene on the show, sorry not sorry. Yes, the kiss scene was beautiful but it was something we were hoping if not actually just waiting for it to happen. But Yuuri’s breakdown? I still can’t believe its actually on the show. I mean we did got to see Yuuri freaking out in countless situations, but nothing close to this. An actual anxiety attack in its finest. Why am I talking about it on the same post as the Victuuri kiss? Are they both my favorite scenes so far in the show? Course, but hear me out. I think this scene showed the other side of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. The side that its not often shown on any series or movies. Victor fucked up, both him and Yuuri knew it. Yuuri was fucked up, both him and Victor knew it. A perfect relationship isn’t perfect all the time. Victor tried to humor Yuuri to calm him down and it backfired him, but one of the things that I love about this scene, along with another milion things, is that Victor, who is always in control of everything, didn’t knew how to handle the situation and realized it and believe it or not, this shit actually happens in real life. Our partner isn’t supposed to fix us or anything with a snap of their fingers, sometimes we just need, like Yuuri said, for them to don’t say anything and stand by our side. Then, on their way back to the rink, because yes Victor actually felt the need to protect Yuuri that much to take him to warm up on the fucking parking lot, neither of them talks, what makes you think they are probably into a fight. But right before the performance starts, we see Yuuri throwing the tissue far enough so Victor would have to lean down to reach for it, which leaded us to another iconic poke on Victor’s hairline, free to interpretation because I’ve read so many meanings behind it already, but what got me was the pat right after, as if saying “It’s okay, I forgive you”, no words needed. And what follows it’s nothing but the cherry on top of the cake of Yuuri’s character development, acknowledging Victor’s human.

  • Mark: [comes into Cristina's room] Cristina
  • Mark: [pokes her shoulder] Cristina
  • Mark: [yells in her ear] CRISTINA!!
  • Mark: Cristina?
  • Cristina: Yes?
  • Mark: How do you say my name in spanish?
  • Cristina:

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1. How would you describe your perfect relationship?
- Loving, long lasting, passionate, no bad secrets, common interests and some of the same friends

2. Do you believe in aliens?
- I don’t think we’re completely alone in the universe

3. What’s the song that always cheers you up?
- idk about cheering me up, nothing has the power to always do that… What’s Really powerfull tho: BriaAndChrissy - face your fears

4. If you could be an object what would you be?
- something on a cruise ship, seeing a lot of the world

5. Do you want to adopt puppies?
- kittens would be nice

6. What is love
- baby don’t hurt me

7. What’s your fav language?
- English!

8. Advice on how to be happy?
- force yourself to do fun things sometimes even if you don’t feel like it at the moment, let go of toxic people, if you need meds take them (but only of you really do need them), be nice to people and many will be nice back

9. Fav overwatch character?
- idk

10. Fav Video game in general?
- :|

11. What’s your opinion on communism?
- good idea in general but not enforceable eg because there will always be greedy people


New questions:

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6. Nature person, city person, or both?

7. Ever questioned your gender identity?

8. Any advice on how to be happy?

9. Sporty person/ Couch potato or both?

10. Favourite nonfamous film?

11. Your hogwarts hous(es)?

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28 Things I learnt my First Year of Veterinary School

I had sometime this lovely Sunday afternoon so I thought I’d make a list of some of the things that I learnt during my first year of vet school. 

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  1. People will start treating you differently. You are a young professional now, that comes with certain expectations. 
  2. Anatomy isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seem, neither is histology. It’s hard but if you put in the effort you will do fine. 
  3. Even though it may not seem like it, your classmates are just as smart if not smarter then you. 
  4. You don’t have to go to every class. 
  5. You don’t need to feel guilty for skipping a class you’ll get nothing from. Its important to prioritize your time. Sometimes taking that hour and getting some errands, other school work, or taking a break may help you out more then some lectures. 
  6. Remembering that you’re learning this material for your life/career and not just for a test or class will give you a boost when you’re starting to get overwhelmed. 
  7. You will probably not be the top of your class anymore, all of your classmates were probably the top in their program and now you’ve all been put together. Average is okay. 
  8. Letting go of the “I need perfect grades mentality” may be the hardest thing you ever do. You’ll get there eventually tho. 
  9. If you want to specialize, first year is not to early to start looking into it, but try not to stress about it to much. 
  10. You will be sitting in class and all of a sudden, the fact the you are actually in vet school will hit you. This will happen throughout the whole year. It’s a great feeling. 
  11. You will have to make a cow urinate with just your hands (I’m not going to tell you how, the surprise is my gift to you). 
  12. You will feel like to know nothing. 
  13. Everyone you know who is not in vet school will think you know everything. 
  14. You really know nothing. 
  15. Cranial nerves are key.  
  16. Horses do not like to stand still while you practice your physical exam techniques. Cows on the other hand, don’t seem to care all that much. 
  17. There are way to many interesting extracurriculars to be apart of. I’m certain this is some sort of conspiracy, I just haven’t figured out what it is yet. 
  18. The time vet school takes from your life will stress out your SO. They miss you, and that is hard. Make sure you make time for them, even if it’s five minutes a day. 
  19. Most people in your life will only be interested in the funny/cute/good part of your journey to that DVM. They wont want to hear about how hard/messy/stressful it is. 
  20. People will tell you to make sure you have balance in your life but will also shit on you if you look like your having more fun then a doctor should. 
  21. Make sure to have a pack of face wipes or something similar in your bag. Having a nasty film of formalin or whatever you saw in path lab on your face is not something you want to smell or taste all day. 
  22. Your pets are not all dying. It’s probably a coincidence they’re displaying some minor symptoms of whatever you happen to be studying at the moment. (if your really concerned take them in though) 
  23. It’s a really cool feeling when you see an animal with symptoms and can start to make a semi accurate ddx list. 
  24. It’s also really cool when you start getting some of the NAVLE of the day’s correct. 
  25. Sometimes you’ll realize you do know some things.
  26. A vet school year goes by so quickly it’s ridiculous.
  27. Not having to worry about wether your going to get into vet school or not is a weird (yet relaxing) feeling around application time. It’s even weirder when the next class is admitted.  
  28. Starting second year of vet school is a terrifying thought. They’re going to expect us to not be John Snow vet students any more. #pressure

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what are you doing rn?

i just finished s6 of once upon a time and that ending!!! im so content with how it ended though. it’s a nice way to literally close the chapter of a lot of character’s but that endinggggggggg omg.

one thing is tho, i miss august. what’s his happy ending? me? like i adore august w booth and i miss him. i mean look @ how perfect he is cmon i wanted like 1 more august scene and then i wouldve been so happy

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my personal post-batb headcanon

On the subject of Belle being a teacher, i like to imagine her in the castle library, holding classes for the village children and teaching them how to read while a musical number plays out of her singing a song that’s reminiscent of “do re mi” and/or “getting to know you” and if that’s not one of the cutest, fluffiest things ever, then honestly I don’t know what is

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((That’s another pet peeve of mine honestly. The showcases are basically tailored for Serena to win, which is why all her ‘struggle’ and ‘growth’ is so obviously superficial. There’s no real reason for there to be a random rhyhorn herding challenge in these things right? But SERENA has super rhyhorn senses even tho she wanted nothing to do with that life and so long as she wins who cares if it makes sense as an inconsistent entertainment structure))

TH IS. Bless you, exactly. Like?? Everything is geared for her to win, there’s no sense of “oh man is she going to get it????” because we all know she will. She’s too “perfect”. And yeah the hecking Rhyhorn thing just?? Go sh words me fail me on that front I have no idea how to voice my salt it ticks me off so much. Also amourshipping needs to burn????????? IN A PIT??? Please and thank you that made me so uncomfortable because 1) it was obvious Satoshi/Ash didn’t want that end kiss and 2) it was what her entire character was basically revolved around. So not only did they use that poor girl for shipping fodder they made her?? Basically a creep that has no respect for boundaries.

UNDER THE FLOOR   –––   jessica harmon is a gift to this world we do not deserve in this fandom.  she understands perfect niylah and clarke’s relationship and how niylah knows she is never trying to replace lexa and that their relationship is just a very close friendship as of now.  when people hate on her  /  character she literally is like talk shit get hit attitude  (  please dont really hit her tho  )  and she sticks up for bob and want’s people to stop the bellamy hate and i just am crying.  jessica you are too good for us.  richard  ,  your sister is slowly topping you boy  !! 

the meaning behind my username

self love is important, even tho i don’t know how to love myself quite yet, i like to make other people know that self love is important.

if you type selfvlo, self love with come up as a suggestion or it will autocorrect you. the meaning behind that itself is that you’re not perfect, not everything you do is going to be perfect but you have a choice, whether you want to be yourself and love who you are or change yourself and hate who you are.

idk if that made any sense but there we go.

Scientific Reaction (Sherlock x Reader) OneShot

+Summary: The reader is about to be married off to the man of dreams. Good for her, bad for her secret admirer, Sherlock Holmes.
+Key: (Y/N) - Your Name
+Point of View- Sherlock (unless further indicated)
+Italics are flashbacks or in Sherlock’s Mind Palace
+A/N - I’ve never wrote before, this is my first, so apologies in advance!
+Word Count - 1182

Dedicated to my dear friend, @fandoms-are-the-best-escape
Enjoy :-)

In my life time, I’ve faced many dangerous occurrences during cases. A cab driver with a poisonous game, rooftops of buildings, my best friend’s wife. But despite those dangers, I’ve never faced anything as dangerous as I am currently facing right now - love. Yes, love.
Some may call me a psychopath, but if you do your research - specifically Anderson - you would understand that I am a sociopath. Big difference between the two. Sure, I may have an occasional meltdown, but do I let it affect me? Absolutely not. Only pyschopaths and drama queens do that. Nothing affects me. Not until now anyway.
Love is a strange thing. (Y/N) tried to convince me for months that I had the wrong idea about love. To me, love is a mere scientific reaction in the cranial cavity…or the head. We bickered all day, on our walks to the flat, in the lab, at night.
“Sherlock Holmes, how could you be SO ignorant to not understand that love does exist!?” (Y/N) argued with me as I sat in my chair, slumped down wearing pajamas. She paced back in forth in front of the fire as I watched each movement. (Y/N) ran her hands through her hair before stopping. She turned toward me, anger in her face now.
“Do you know what your problem is, Sherlock Holmes?”
“You’re heartless.”
“You’re just discovering this now, (Y/N)? For God’s sake, (Y/N), keep up. You know I’m a sociopath. I thought by now you’d understand that.”
She scoffed. I could tell she was trying to speak, but her words didn’t seem to come out.
“Don’t mutter, (Y/N), it is quite annoying.”
Her words finally came out. “You know what Holmes? My brother was right, you are a dick.”
A year passed since I last saw her face. (Y/N)’s brother, John Watson, still helps me with crimes, but now he has two jobs. One, the crime. Two, keeping tabs on (Y/N).
Whenever I get a phone call, I can usually predict who it is. My brother, Mycroft, is much too easy to predict. But as I looked down at my phone, John’s name blinked on the screen. I slid the answer button and raised the phone to my ear.
“Yes, Sherlock, don’t you have caller ID?”
“Well,uh,yeah, but I-”, I stuttered, “What do you need?”
John cleared your throat, “What are you currently doing? Are you sitting down?”
“Yes. John, why are you asking such silly questions? Why are these relevant in any whi-”
“(Y/N) is engaged.”
When Mary had shot me, the natural instinct was to channel my mind palace. Ideas of how to survive the shot flooded through my mind. It was a torturous time, running like a mad-man through my mind palace. When I thought that nothing could get worse, Moriarty appeared in a place where was most definitely NOT welcomed.
The moment John finished telling me the news of (Y/N)’s wedding, the same scenario of my mind palace raced through my mind. Moriarty’s deranged screams could be heard from the top of the palace’s screams.
Ignore him, Sherlock.
“Sherrrrrrrlock! Oh, Sherlock, you’re back!” Moriarty smiled, “Come on Sherlock, let’s play another game.”
“What game!?”
“Oh, you know…”
I turned the corner in my mind palace, facing the cushioned psych wall where Moriarty was chained. My eyes deceived me. In the middle, (Y/N) lie lifeless in between both Moriarty and I.
“W-what have you done to her?!” I screamed.
The corner’s of Moriarty’s lips curled upwards.
“Let me see you dance, Sherlock.”

I woke up in a panic, clenching the sweat-drenched sheets underneath me. John got up from the chair in my room. He quickly rushed over to me and gently pushed me back down, urging me to lie down once more. My chest raised up and down. Was I hyperventilating?
“Sherlock, please lie do-”
I cut John off, “John, what the hell is going on!”
He thought about his next words. John knew he needed to be careful around me, a bomb just waiting to go off at any moment.
“Well… Last night, I gave you a ring on the telly.”
“Yes, and? Get on with yourself, Watson.”
“I told you that my sister, (Y/N), was getting married.”
Of course I already knew why I had passed out. It wasn’t the average over dosage of heroin or morphine, but it was because of love. Love for a woman who I knew would never love me back no matter how many crimes I solved or how many men I scared off.
I snapped back to reality, “Yes, John?”
“Do you realize that she wants you to be a groomsmen?”
A simple nod is all I responded with, “Than I shall fulfill her very request.”

+(Y/N)’s POV+
“Let me just pull the veil like this and…perfect,” my Maid of Honor, Mary Watson, said with a smile. “You truly look stunning, (Y/N).”
“Do I really?”
“Of course. You’re quite pale tho. Is something the matter?”
I quickly shook my head, “No…no. Erm, is Sherlock here?”
Mary chuckled. Should I be worried? “Yes, he is dear. Want me to fetch him for you?”
“That would be lovely.”
A second later, the tall, slender man entered the bridal room wearing a nice black tuxedo with a bowtie. The stained glass windows shown color within the room. For a while, we just locked eyes. He spoke first.
“Did you need me?”
“About a year ago, I convinced you, well tried to, that love was real. Do you still doubt the idea that love exists?”
His eyes wandered down, “I do.”
Those two simple, evil words. I do. The two words that could end your life by marriage.
“And why is that, Sherlock Holmes?”
“Because the one I love is marrying someone she knows she doesn’t love.” He looked up at the shocked expression on my face. My lip quivered as he took steps toward me, inching closer by the step.
“S-Sherlock, please…”
“We solved so many cases together, (Y/N). Every bit was an adventure and every second, my heart raced faster and faster. You taught me that love did exists and that emotions truly have meaning.”
A warm feeling overthrew my body. Tears began to well up in my eyes. No, (Y/N), you’re about to be married. Sherlock put his hand on my shoulder.
“Run away, (Y/N). Call off this wedding.”
“Sherlock, you know I can’t just do that.
“And why not!?” He yelled, “You know you don’t love him. Would you rather live a life of misery with some douche-”
“Sorry… Some, mean guy, who doesn’t love you? Or would you rather live a life of happiness with me, someone who truly cares for you?”
Sherlock had a point. What is love if it never has meaning? Was it just a scientific reaction? Who even knew? All I did know, was that Sherlock Holmes, yes the Sherlock Holmes, was the scientific reaction of my life.

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imma do both bc fuck you that’s why

my opinion on;

character in general: Umm???? I love all of them and their gay asses
how they play them:  Fucking beyond perfect like???? how do they do it I love seeing their muses ok

the mun: Rlly fucking gay  A gay as fucking nerd who has no chil when she sees pretty women

do i;

follow them: Uhh fuck yeah I do this is my homie ok
rp with them: OF COURSE
want to rp with them: All the fucking time
ship their character with mine: uh no. used to with one tho

what is my;


@immortalfailures lets be real ur never on the boys blog so y tag it?

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.