how people in science see each other

Okay! SO! Time for me to do my part and address the queerbait argument in this fandom.

First off, hi there, I’m Robin, but you can also call me Spencer (middle name) and I’m a science nerd. Not that that bit of info has anything to do with either Gotham or Nygmobblepot directly, but you’ll see why I thought to mention it.

Now. The term ‘queerbait’ is obviously a Thing the fandom likes to talk about. A lot. However one thing struck me as strange, and that’s the definitions people were using in their arguments. Some said it applies, to queer-coded relationships that never ender the realm of confirmed romance, others lean towards it being about queer-coding a character and never having them confirmed queer. You can see how this ends up getting confusing and then the next thing you know, everyone it clawing at each other’s throat because they KnowTM  their definition is the right one. So my goal here is to try and see if I can somewhat settle the argument.

Being the Science ChildTM that I am, I decided to employ science’s good friend, the scientific method!

Basically I did a shite ton of research into the subject and on average the definition I found was this:

Queerbaiting: a tactic employed in fiction where a relationship is queer coded and never addressed as a romantic relationship; a queer coded relationship that gets played off as a joke (no homo humour); a character that has been queer coded, but never confirmed queer (the ‘played as a joke’ bit counts here as well).

So now that I had a proper definition, I could go back and analyze everything Nygmobblepot! (which i did, also during the time I was making docks memes).

Definition part one: “a queer coded relationship that is never addressed in the romantic sense”

This is the part where all the arguments originate. Despite a large amout of queer coding, Nygmobblepot is not currently cannot. However, because the show isn’t over - hell, the third season isn’t even over yet - and because we’re using the scientific method, we will have to check this as unknown variable.

(Because c’mon, obviously Os isn’t gonna stay dead, that leaves us with more data to gather.)

Definition part two: “a queer coded relationship played off as a joke

Call me unobservant, but I never once noticed any ‘no homo’ jokes through out the entire Gotham series so far. In fact, loving another man wasn’t even a struggle for Oswald to accept, he just went for it. Not to mention, no one else in Gotham even makes a big deal of even the idea of queer relationships. Obviously we can check this part as a negative for queerbait.

Definition part three: “a queer-coded character, never confirmed queer and/or passed as a joke

Here, too, we have negative as queerbait. Ed was never queer coded except for certain instances with Oswald, and these were quite subtle. In fact, these are also behaviors enacted by people that feel a close, platonic connection with someone else. Oswald was the heavily queer coded character in this series. He’s also confirmed queer.

Okay, so now what? We have two definite not-queerbait results out of three. How do we settle this?

Well, I vote for another science (also political) favorite method: Majority rules. Which, mind you, is a method that exists to avoid as much discourse as possible even if politics is broken.

Therefore, my conclusion is this: Even if Nygmobblepot is never confirmed cannon, based upon majority rules within the proper definition of queerbait calculated on the average results in the data, Nygmobblepot is not queerbait.

Feel free to point out anything I may have missed, but try to be civil about it. I assure you if you can prove any of my points wrong, I will retract my statement without a fuss.

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Brainstorm relationship head-cannons with bot S/O?


  • His s/o is the FIRST to see ANYTHING he makes. In fact he bases a lot of his new projects on them. He makes trinkets that are specific just to them or that only they can use, that otherwise would seem useless in anyone else’s hands. 
  • Poor guy can’t be seen away from his s/o. At all. They’re attached at the hip. He begins to get wound up when his s/o’s not beside him or in sight. 
  • He never. Shuts. Up. About them. About how smart they are, about how pretty they are, about how they grab the room when they walk in (only you see that Brainstorm), about how they smile and everything is better, how they’re so fun to be around, how he can never get enough of them…
  • Don’t try to not share a room with him. He never lets people in his room, but he lets his s/o, because he knows he can trust them with anything at all. 
  • Not much for public displays of affection but will always stand up for them and show them off like “this this a wonderful conversation but have you heard what my s/o said because it’s genius.”
  • Fun, non-serious contests to see who can make the biggest most ridiculous “science-y” word to make everyone else puzzled.
  • Every day it’s a new creation he makes for them, supposedly better than the last. His s/o is out of room on their shelves, oof. 
  • Praises. Always. Every chance he gets. He praises them, just for being them. 
  • He gets distracted from his work - something everyone finds appalling as he’s always engrossed in his work - just by their presence in the room. Hopeless, honestly. He’s just hopeless.
  • More for handholding and helm nuzzles than hugs and cuddling, but he absolutely appreciates any affection if they’re alone together or he needs some reassurance. 
  • If he’s mad only they can calm him with the power of love. 
  • The Lost Light crew joke about the two of them being inseparable, or being ‘annoying’ for being such lovebirds, but in actuality, it gives them a lot of good vibes to see Brainstorm with his s/o, because they give off a positive aura. In fact, people worry when they see the two of them apart for any reason. 
  • Being around each other seems to ‘charge’ Brainstorm’s battery somehow. Battery meaning he gets 20x more energy and 10x more reckless in his experiments. Uh oh. (And his s/o’s an enabler.)
  • Rude sarcasm, but harmless rude sarcasm. And purposefully using big science words to confuse everyone else when really all they’re talking about is how much energon they’ve had. 

My first headcanons AAAAA thank you anon! <3

  • Christopher: Cryptography is the science of codes.
  • Alan: Like secret messages?
  • Christopher: Not secret. That’s the brilliant part. Messages that anyone can see, but no one knows what they mean, unless you have the key.
  • Alan: How is that different from talking?
  • Christopher: Talking?
  • Alan: When people talk to each other they never say what they mean. They say something else. And you’re supposed to just know what they mean. Only, I never do. So how is that different?
  • Christopher: Alan, I have a funny feeling that you’re going to be very good at this.
Why I like Scifell -rant (sort of, I’m not mad or anything but whatev.) - LONG POST WARNING!!!!

I’m actually kinda confused on why Scifell is called a crackship. I mean, yeah, they’re the same person. But looking at the AU/ Roleplaying parts of the fandom, Sanscest is becoming more and more of a common thing. and it’s been getting more and more popular, so Scifell being called a crackship by that regard alone doesn’t really make sense to me, when other Sanscest ships aren’t called crackships at all. ( I’m saying I haven’t seen afterdeath, and most of the other popular Sanscest ships be called a crackship. if people call it that and I’m just missing it than please correct me, but I’ve only ever seen Scifell be called a crackship.)

I personally see a crackship as two people who have no interactions at all, and they have no dynamic. I am NOT one of those people where two characters look at each other and I’m like “ I SHIP IT!!”     I don’t do that. If I don’t see how something would be romantic (or even platonic, really) between them, Then I won’t ship it. (like, the character having no positive feelings for the other character.if its all negative than It’s hard for me to get into it) (the only real exception being afterdeath, and I only like it because I am thoroughly convinced that Geno’s just a tsundere. and that they would actually have a nice relationship if he opened up and saw deaths nice side, but that’s why you don’t see me draw them a lot.)  

but if you’re some one who’s like “ BUT EMME, SCI AND EDGE DON’T HAVE CHEMISTRY!” WELL YOU ARE WRONG SIR/MA’AM. I ship scifell because I love the dynamic between the two, I love how they interact with each other. If that wasn’t there, than I wouldn’t ship it. 

If you don’t see what I’m talking about than here:

  • Science is snarky and Edge is kinda an asshole. Sarcasm is a key part in their dynamic ( Example being their nicknames of “nerd” and “Edgy mc my chemical romance.”) they like joking around with one another and just being sarcastic with one another.
  • Edge genuinely doesn’t know how to talk to people. Science is awkward and anxious, but at least he socializes and tries to make friends with the others. ( even becoming buds with blueberry, even if it was short-lived.) Science helps Edge break out of his shell. ( examples: where Sci teaches Edge to turn off his eye, wants to help him and gets him to talk about his problems, and gets him to join the rebellion against blueberry. things I doubt he would do if he didn’t meet Sci.)

-that blush.

- Sci and Edge are both sinister in a sense. while not having evil intentions like swap, Sci is a minister of war, and believes in controlling the flow of information. while Edge, again, is kinda an asshole and likes to mess with people and be a jerk. even though its -mostly- towards people who deserve it. (they’re basically the perfect partners (or lovers) in crime.) 

- Edge is protective of his nerd.

- they are both awkward.

- you get on their bad side and they would both probably plot your murder.

- Sci is more reserved and polite while Edge is loud and rude.  ( I find it super interesting that these two can be super similar in some ways, while be very different in others.)

- Fell’s eyes go back to being white when he sees/ is around Sci. Meaning he finds Sci relaxing in a sense. like he can just chill and have a good time while he’s around him and not always having to be alert and ready for a fight all the time. 


-Sci is gay for Edge. 

-Edge shows some amount of gay for Sci. ( even though I think it will grow the longer CPAU goes on.)


- Nothing is better than two dorks who can be dorks together. 

That’s why I don’t think it should be called a crackship. I love their chemistry and how they act. if you wanna call it a crackship, than thats perfectly fine, you call it what you want to call it. I just don’t really understand why, when they have such an interesting dynamic and it makes perfect sense to me, why it’s referred to as a ship that (BY DEFINITION OF THE TERM “CRACKSHIP”) doesn’t make sense.

I think It makes perfect sense. it’s adorable. it makes me happy. and no one can change that.

(all pictures used belong to the crayon queen.)

concept: poison ivy, mr. freeze, riddler, and whatever other bat-approved rogues doing educational videos out of arkham as part of their rehabilitation process. ivy has helped hundreds of kids through their school science projects. riddler is absolutely glowing every time they get feedback and is visibly more excited each time they get an episode. harley gets an armchair and fake pipe so she can look Extra Convincing as a psychologist and teaches you how to sneakily profile people you don’t like and she starts every episode by saying “now, don’t use these skills to hurt other people, okay” but everyone knows she’s only saying that so they let her on-camera

How do I study for tests or exams?

Hello! So I’ve decided that I’ll start a series of posts based on things I didn’t understand when I started to get into studying. Don’t take my me too seriously- I already enough of that myself, but I do have some advice that might work for you ;) . 


You know that kind of test where you’ve been given a body of relatively dry material, and now you have an hour-two hours-three hours-I lost count of how many hours of whatever to freak out about?

I’m talking some colour-the- questions, some write a designated-number-of-lines and maybe write a longer “piece” as well. You might get these in science subjects (hello psychology/ biology) or some humanities and arts theory classes (yes- I’m looking at you too fun general classes like geography), or something else.

Yeah- we’re going to talk about those, but this also works as a general study guide for learning specific material. 

Guess what? Your a few days/weeks from the date and you need to revise. Like now. So. What the ever living fuck do you do?!

1. What material do you need to know? What format is the test, and what can you expect. When is it, where is it, what do you need etc. Go ask your teacher, refer to a course guide/ syllabus etc. Attend class. Take notes. Seriously this is half the game. (side note- you need to be mentally present to take ANYTHING in.)

2. Read your text book chapter/s. Actually, shit- scrap that- skim read and grab a nice highlighter/ pencil. Go for definitions, key knowledge and terms and anything else that seems particularly relevant. (TIP- the diagrams should give you a good summary of what they are talking about- never skip them- look and make sense of each one. )

3. Notes time! Grab your notes taking thingy (pencil, computer, pick and handy piece of rock- I don’t know what you like) and make detailed notes for each section you need to learn. List definitions, statistics, explanations and DIAGRAMS! (If you want to know what quality notes look like, just search for ‘studyblr’- those damn minimalist-mac-lovers seem to know). 

Side note- notes can be done standard in a book, on a computer, in mind maps, on posters or whatever floats your creative boat. 

4. Summary. Now you have a lot of notes, and just reading them won’t help you remember the information at all (actually- up to 10% perhaps). Its time to make a summary. Start from the beginning of the section/ chapter and take the most vital points from your notes- definitions, statistics, DIAGRAMS, bullet points of information etc.. Order this summary all together, on a separate page (or at the back of your notes section in you book). 

5. Short Summary! Again, this can be done in a number of ways. Take the most important information only. You might want to make a mind map, notes page, list, poster, whatever and present it. I like to just go over my summary and colour in (I highlight on onenote) all the most important details so that it catches my eye

What do you have now? All the information you need presented in three fun and different ways. Arn’t you productive as hell!?

6. Practise questions! This is by far the most important stage (apart from note taking), and this is also where a lot of students fall down. Now. Listen carefully. 

-Open that textbook- chances are good theres some questions in there. Read and consider them. Do you know the answer?   -  Do them. Do you hear me?You can do this on paper, a computer- just write it down somewhere so you can check your answers. Don’t skip the hard ones- thats where other people will slip up- (take a sticky note and put it to mark the place, then take it to your teacher and ask. them. questions.) 

      now… (choose some to do)

-there might be an end of chapter study review- do that too! Thats really great revision and a good test of your knowledge. 

-there might be a lot of questions, in which case cherry pick the ones that ask for the key knowledge you wrote down earlier. Chances are, thats what will be tested. 

- make some cue cards with questions and then write down the answer- that could be fun. (split with friends and swap cards!)

- you might be able to get your hands on actual, official practise questions. Ask your teacher- they might have some, or ask for a past paper from other years. Try searching for your subject online and see if another school has posted practise questions/ exams. 

- Ask your teacher what questions you should revise on. What questions should you do. Email them, go see them in their office, send a carrier pigeon- whatever. 

7. Rinse and repeat. Not the whole thing, but the parts of it you struggled with. Didn’t understand a question? TAKE IT TO YOUR DAMN TEACHER/ friend etc. What don’t you know? Go learn that shit. Go study with other people! Test each other. 

8. Okay- You know the information. You know what to expect. You got this. Remember the motto people- EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL, DO WELL! 

this is how hate mobs get fueled

that video, about two minutes long, shows the dishonest quote mining used by youtuber thunderfoot, one of gamergate’s bigger mouthpieces and champion of ethics. 

in the video, you see thunderfoot show a clip of Anita Sarkeesian in which she says:

Everything is sexist. Everything is racist. Everything is homophobic, and you have to point it all out.

he uses that clip to make fun of Anita and imply that’s what she believes. 

but the video also shows the full clip from where thunderfoot got his nugget of propaganda.

the full clip shows her as part of a panel, explaining how the time she spent learning of systems led to her being somewhat obnoxious, seeing sexism, racism, homophobia everywhere and telling everyone all the time about it. that’s a common thing for people to do when they learn new ideas. think of a college student who just learned something new in political science and suddenly believes they know how to fix everything in the world, telling everyone they can about it. or think of a time when you learned some new theory or connection in a video game or some other media and posted about it for months, adding more and more into it each time. 

this kind of dishonesty and intentionally misleading editing is what fuels hate mobs time and time again. it’s what leads to something going viral and someone getting run off of social media with death threats for saying something wholly inoffensive. 

while it’s not something the SJ community is immune to, it definitely has a lot of use by the right wing and the reactionaries. I blogged before about an edited video being passed around through various right wing journos like Milo Yiannopoulos and various right wing news sites that tried to make people believe Black Lives Matter intended to murder police. and gamergate has used this tactic multiple times against Anita and several other people they’ve deemed to be targets. 

the very first time isak called even evy…what made him do it? was even being particularly adorable? was he acting soft and gentle and sweet and during a moment of silence isak simply looked at him and used that nickname? was there a small shift in his isak’s heart and he suddenly felt so incredibly fond of even and the word escaped his mouth without him having to think about it? was he trying to tease even, was he kidding around, but then the look on even’s face as he said it (the little smile, both on his lips and in his eyes) made his stomach feel all warm and he simply wanted to say it again. and again. to be able to see that look again. and again? was this how he called him now when they were alone? while all the other people in his life kept calling him even, was evy meant to be how isak, and isak alone, called even? was that how he wanted to call him sometimes, because after all even was simply a name but evy felt like a word with love hidden between each letter?

You know what story I’d like to see from the Harry Potter universe? A story where the Wizarding World and the non-magic world actually finally collide and work together and it’s… fine. Like, not perfect, obviously, but better than before because christ look at how much each world is keeping from each other! Well-trained magic-users could well be able to end diseases of the non-magic world; non-magic scientists could work out a way to banish Dementors, to restore souls even - science can already quite literally bring people back from the dead -

Natural disasters? Powerful magic users could potentially divert hurricanes and earthquakes, or at least minimize their damage. Your fantastic beasts have escaped? Well, we can use these satellites to pinpoint and track their locations. You wanna explore space, visit Mars maybe? The combination of cutting-edge science and cutting-edge magic can help with that. There’s so much potential there!

(There would be horrible things as well of course. A magic user gone rogue would probably be able to do a lot more damage than a non-magic user, for example. Things would probably be really tricky and terrible in the early days of this alliance. But ultimately, I really do think the positive would outweigh the negative.)

I don’t think this is a story JKR is ever going to write. I’d like to write it.

things i’ve done with the signs

Aries: always compete to say “i love you macklemore” and “i love you macklemost” first
Taurus: had them make me breakfast for dinner because they make the best breakfast food
Gemini: talk about all the stupid things people said or did when we leave somewhere
Cancer: wouldn’t give my brother his birthday card unless he could give it to him personally so they made me wake him up to give it to him
Leo: had an hour long conversation through text in all caps about how excited we were to see each other in a month
Virgo: argued. lots and lots of debating, thinking, and arguing.
Libra: they always send me 5-10 pictures whenever they go shopping to get my opinions
Scorpio: we watched reality TV and looked up spoilers for it because we couldn’t handle it anymore
Sagittarius: looked through a magazine and made fun of the weird poses and thought of stories about the people in the ads
Capricorn: we hated the people we sat with in science class so we always talked about how much we hated them
Aquarius: watched fantastic mr. fox and ate triple chocolate ice cream at 4:30 in the morning
Pisces: they told me to tell them “my type” so they can set me up with someone

BruceNat came out of nowhere!

Speaking as someone who actually doesn’t ship BruceNat that much (I ship all the Avengers with each other in some capacity, but BruceNat is not my OTP), there is build-up for it in the narrative. Specifically, in The Avengers.

The thing about Avengers: Age of Ultron is that it’s in many ways building on what was left of the first movie. Tony suffers PTSD from Avengers that informs his actions in AoU; Loki’s scepter, which was a source of conflict in Avengers, is what facilitates the creation of both Ultron and the Maximoffs; the long fight scene in one take that was the climax for Avengers is now the opener for AoU.

The relationships, too, carry over from the first film. Tony and Steve are established to have very, very different opinions on who they are as people and why they fight (I really need to make a meta about how Tony’s “we are not soldiers” line is way more significant in AoU), and that’s their conflict in AoU. Thor and Steve establish a camaraderie in the Chitauri battle that has matured into a deep broship by the party at Avengers tower. Bruce and Tony are science bros from their first scene onwards, which is important when they’re creating Ultron. Natasha and Clint are shown to be very emotionally intimate with each other, and this is expanded upon when we see that she’s trusted enough to be “Auntie Nat” to his kids.

Speaking of emotional intimacy, let’s look at Natasha’s relationships in Avengers. She gets three deep conversations in the first film: with Bruce, Loki, and Clint. With Clint, they’re already friends: that emotional intimacy is natural. With Loki, it’s a ploy to get him to underestimate her: she’s in control the entire time, and shows no more of herself than what she wants.

Bruce’s is different. They spend that scene in India being incredibly wary of each other but also unusually vulnerable. “They start that young?” Bruce asks, and Natasha says, “I did.” Natasha makes a comment about him not wanting to Hulk out, and Bruce absent-mindedly pushes a cradle while saying, “I don’t always get what I want.” Bruce threatens to Hulk out, Natasha pulls a gun on him. It’s a very tense scene, and it’s the basis of their relationship for the rest of the film: when Bruce starts to Hulk out, it’s Natasha who tries to talk him down. She fails (one conversation does not a relationship make), but it’s important, because that’s what explains the lullaby thing in AoU: of all people, she’d want to know how to talk Bruce down, as opposed to Tony (who makes Veronica), Thor (who in Avengers tried to subdue him with his hammer), Steve (whose relationship with Bruce is not as deep), or Clint (who has never actually interacted with Hulk outside the Chitauri battle).

We can’t have Betty in AoU. The Incredible Hulk made it very clear that she was with Dr. Samson, and despite having lingering feelings for Bruce, she’s utterly unprepared for the realities of his life: she’s not the sort of person who could drop everything and move wholesale to India, for example.

So we’re left with Natasha, and we’re building on the relationships and interactions from the previous movie. Avengers establishes that:

  1. Bruce wants kids, and is frustrated that (either because his body fluids are radioactive or because any increase in his heart rate makes him Hulk out) he can’t.
  2. Natasha feels that she is monstrous because of the “red in her ledger,” and she was forced into committing those acts at a young age.
  3. Both Bruce and Nat are conflicted about their role in the Avengers: Bruce doesn’t want to fight, and hates what the Hulk makes him do; Natasha hopes that she’s doing good work with SHIELD, though Loki (accurately, as it turns out) points out that she’s still “in the service of liars and killers.”

And what happens in the infamous infertility conversation?

  1. Bruce wants kids, and is frustrated that he can’t. He wants stability, something beyond being Hulk, and he can’t have it.
  2. Natasha feels she is monstrous: her choice to be anything but a killer was taken away from her. Her sterility is not about her being less of a woman, but about her handlers trying to prevent her from forming emotional connections that could trump her missions (I could go on for ages about how her relationships with Clint, Fury, Bruce, and Steve are part of a huge FU to the Red Room but I digress).
  3. Natasha is attracted to Bruce because he doesn’t want to fight, unlike every other Avenger. They share common pains: their lack of agency in murdering people, their lack of fertility, and their hindered emotional vulnerability.

I’m not saying you have to ship it (honestly, I can see them romantically, but between Bruce’s enforced celibacy and Natasha’s probable issues with sex they’re probably more queerplatonic than anything), but I am saying that there was build-up. Saying it came out of nowhere is silly.

People keep asking me for more Holsom soulmates in the collective unconscious universe! I kinda said earlier but we all got distracted by the Niagara clause, but anyway, Holsom are kind of hard for me to write because they have fewer narrative hooks–in OMGCP they’re static characters who function as stand-ins for hockey bro culture at large (like, if you think there aren’t a ton of heterostraight bro life partners just like Ransom and Holster in hockey you are not paying attention, there totally totally are) against whose stability Jack and Bitty’s progress is measured.

But I’ve been thinking and hey, what if I assume they are what the comic portrays them as–best friends whose romantic and sexual attention is focused on women–and say, yes, but they’re also Platonic Soulmates, they’re literally psychically bonded and they know they’ll be happier if they’re friends for life, they’re like my friend whose husband went into the relationship literally and explicitly knowing that she considered her platonic relationship with her ace roommate every bit as important as their marriage. Ransom and Holster both want wives and kids (maybe husbands and kids), but they probably also want to buy houses next door to each other and knock down the fence between their back yards.

Which, in another way, that kind of makes them my favourite kind of characters, because if they’re soulmates, then their relationship is the healthy, unfussy, unquestioned bedrock on which they go out and do awesome things. Stories about them, like their lives, are primarily focused on the things they’re doing, the people they’re meeting, the problems they’re solving, and even if you tell a story about them it by their very nature has to be all about those other things as well. There are very few moments that are exclusively them.

So they met each other on the ice at Samwell and never really thought about soulmates that much because their joint dreams always felt so exactly like their individual dreams; there was never any dissonance. There was just that sudden, joyous, incredulous moment of Oh, it’s you, I didn’t even know it was you but now you’re here and you have a body for me to hug.

There was the third year med school, where Ransom insisted that he didn’t CARE if he was as overworked as hell and Holster got off work every day at 4:30 sharp, he was GOING to do his half of the chores, so Holster bought groceries and printed off recipes and chopped ingredients and left them there for Ransom to stumble in and throw on the stove, and he kept his mouth shut for six months straight until Ransom draped himself over him in exhaustion and said, “This isn’t working.” “No, it’s not,” Holster said. “Want me to take over?” And Ransom moaned and said, “Yes, please,” and Holster tied on his apron with a feeling of victory.

There was a complicated case that ate up Ransom’s cope (see, this story isn’t actually about them, but we can spin it that way) that was heartbreaking and awful, at the worst conjunction of the limits of human mortality and medical science and how much people can hurt each other, and all Ransom could do was watch and listen and write prescriptions and give injections, and it hurt, and Holster clocked out of work early and came into Ransom’s clinic, past medical administrators and nurses who knew him well, opened the door to his office, and just knelt next to Ransom’s chair and put his arms around him. “I think you’re amazing,” he said. “I think these people are lucky to have you as their doctor. I think you’re doing an incredible job and it’s not your fault you can’t fix everything.”

There are a lot of moments like that, while they play hockey and live life and go on vacations and have families and heal people and everything else.

So someone asked me via a private message about posts I’ve made complaining about transhumanism’s ideologies and saying that I don’t feel super comfortable identifying as one anymore. The question is: what can be done to improve transhumanism?

I figured I’d reply publicly, at least in brief, to get the thoughts out there and to see how interested folks might be in a full length article treatment of the subject.

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The Martian Fandom Survey

In total, 217 people responded to the “Finding The Martian Fandom” survey. I posted links to the survey from tumblr and from my Facebook (and a nerdfighter facebook group). 185 people from tumblr responded, and 32 people from Facebook responded. 

For question 3, “How did you hear about The Martian?,” other responses included:

  • seeing the trailer in a movie theater, on TV, or on Youtube (10), 
  • science or nerdy blog, personality, or podcast (8), and
  • 1 each for BN book review, Goodreads sci fi rec, school assignment, reddit, news article about it being turned into a movie, a combination of tumblr and a friend’s rec, seeing it in Target, seeing a guy read it on the bus, and picking it up at the library. 

In addition, several people mentioned tumblr users who convinced them to read it: @steviebucks (29 respondents), @sasstronautmarkwatney (2), @spacedorkstark (1), @the-stonedsoldier (1), @buckyhowls (1), @lyrangalia (1), and @astronautbeck (1)

Obviously due to the nature of my blog (and the blogs of people who reblogged the survey), there was a ridiculously high number of people who read or saw it due to Sebastian Stan. When filtering for only Facebook respondents, most people found out about it through no actor/not applicable (23 respondents), Matt Damon (4), Sebastian Stan (3), and Ridley Scott (1). Also, when filtering for only Facebook respondents, they tended to become aware of The Martian later, and were more likely to have been referred by friends, blogs, and trailers. 

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*Curtsies* My dear Duke, if your rude flatmate who thinks all literature is worthless is also the one studying physics, let me just say as an art major that some people in the sciences give a lot a shit to artists and writers and anyone who isn't studying something practical. But as my second major is computer science, let me just say that these people are foolish and narrow-minded. There is so much to be gained from a field of study other than a paycheck. Academics should support each other.

*Curtsies* In fact he is. How ever did you guess? At any rate, I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s no reason arts and sciences can’t get along. Like, I’d like to think that astronauts can still look at the moon appreciate the fact that it’s beautiful and it’s inspired thousands of years of art and poetry and not just see it as a large rock floating in space, in much the same way that I hope writers appreciate how much easier technology has made their craft–movable type and the backspace key are invaluable innovations. Symbiosis, people.

I want world peace! Wait. But,do you really? Want it..? Peace?

What is true happiness?

Humanity has been trying and searching and are AT PRESENT still trying to find this.

I believe that we don’t want peace.

Real peace.

Otherwise, why do we keep repeating the same damn mistake!?
Why do we think it’s ok to judge others on what they look like?
Why does humankind think it’s permissable to exist with a mindset of superiority and endless ego?

This is our fucking problem.

Then those who have the courage to speak out and try and reform the system and world, these people never get the support. Why?

1. Because people are cowards.

2. Humankind is too selfish. We believe that what we don’t see, does not affect us. Aka others suffering, is not my suffering. -WRONG!

What people refuse to acknowledge is we are all connected.

It’s not some hippie, “new world age” bullshit.
It’s true. It’s science. So literally, no bullshit. It really should be common sense how we all feed off each other. From the way we interact and behave socially, to how we read other people’s body cues and voice cues.
Like we really can “feel the vibes”.
But still, to admit that:

“Oh god, you’re one of them.”

Done. That shuts you up.

Except that when it doesn’t.

And you try to get others to see what really matters and what humanity is really capable of.

That this suffering can end and peace can really happen. It’s not some utopian concept.

We just need to get our heads outta our asses!

Lose the ego-

No, you are not better than that person, that creature next to you. So don’t you dare treat it with disrespect and belittle it.


Look at the countless genocides and the fact that we still lack the capacity to evolve as a species.
To fully recognise race and caste has been internalised so far deeply, we exist upon it now.
That in order for us to take a next step as a collective,
we need to heal from the decades of racism and gender dysfunction that still exists and functions in today’s world.

Recognise this.
If you are white. Recognise that.
Use your privilege and right the wrong.
You say you’re not racist. Yet you allow racism to exist. Don’t lie to yourself.

You know, if you are white, that’s one thing that you don’t have to worry about and will actually prove to be an asset.


Because it’s still a systematically racist world.
And you contribute to it.

Use your white privilege and break it if you’re really brave. Make it an equal playing field

I dare you.

Recognise your white privilege.
Don’t deny it.
So use it.
Fight and support the ones who are oppressed because of the tone of their skin.
Don’t just push it under the covers and pretend racism doesn’t exist because you know damn well that’s a lie.

You’re forefathers created this disharmony. You fight to break it. If you don’t, you’re just as bad as them.

Gender equality:

I mean what the fuck.

Again- this superiority complex that men have over women in society to this very day.

Yes I would like to live.
Yes I would like to get an education.
Yes I would like to not be sexually violated against my will.
Yes I would like equal pay.
Yes I would like to not have to pay more tax for “luxury items” such as sanitary towels that help me to stay clean and healthy on days I want to rip my insides out of my body.
Yes I would like to be confident in a system that protects women and their rights.

Oh, but I can’t want those things right?
Oh, I can’t do that.
I can’t have that.
Because I’m female you say??

But we don’t live in such and world?

Yer. Exactly.
Get your head outta your ass.

Do your part and fight it then?

No? It’s still going to happen you say?

Because you are being a coward.
You are letting it happen.
You can choose to see and help but you don’t.

buy the car
Then the house
Fill it with the labels
Have the kids

I mean what the hell?

We need to stop having children.

I mean what’s the point.

You don’t love them. Because if you do, you wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt them, right?

You project these standards, norms, force them to fit and conform.

When we should be choosing to fix ourselves first and then heal the living first.

Create a peaceful world dammit before you decide to bring another life into it.

Isn’t that what loving your child is? You want the best for them?

So why would you bring them into a world that exists on such disharmony.

Why would you think that’s ok?

Get your head out of your ass.

If you really need to have a remnant of you so badly out in the world because you’re afraid that when you die, you’ll be forgotten-

You are selfish as fuck and you don’t love your child. You love yourself. Because this world is what they’ll have to live and breathe. Not the fact they have your genes running through them.

Allow them that gift of breathing in that polluted contaminated air. Allow them to walk on abused and stripped grounds.

Ask yourself.

Do you really want peace???

Wake the fuck up.

You know the answer.

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Hi, for back to school, can you do more headcannons for the gang as students? Thanks :)

Back-to-school headcanon sale, excellent!  Now you’ve got your pencils, notebooks, sense of impending doom, and the knowledge of what Jehan’s war on math looks like, you’re set for the new year!

Though he won’t admit it to many, Enjolras always takes a lot of time the night before the first day of school deciding on an outfit for the next day.  Even better is if he bought a new outfit.  He doesn’t like feeling vain or overly focused on material things when there are so many more important issues to focus on and so many people that can’t afford the luxury of just getting new clothes for frivolous reason like that, but he can’t bring himself to stop.  When he was little his parents always took him back-to-school shopping and that always included a new outfit and it’s stuck.  He feels like he’s putting on battle armour when he wakes up that first day and is able to put on a carefully chosen outfit, like he’s ready to get all his supplies and head off and kick the world’s ass.  (He told this to Combeferre once on the first day of grade ten.  When they were sitting in the principal’s office.  Because their new History teacher had made a vaguely transphobic remarks and Enjolras had argued it and the teacher had gotten angry and, well, Combeferre couldn’t just leave Enjolras out to dry so he jumped into the fray and it just all escalated until Enjolras was standing on his desk, making an impassioned speech to a bemused, sleepy gaggle of teenagers and finally getting his ass hauled down to the office.  Combeferre gently suggested that perhaps Enjolras should just wear any old thing next year, if this is what it lead to.)

Courfeyrac was one of the first really openly queer kids in their school.  I mean he, along with most other people because he is not a subtle kid, knew he wasn’t straight since middle school at the latest but he never really felt like it was anyone’s business and he was having too much fun being friends with everyone to want to rock the boat too much.  But then he was chatting with Marius one day and Marius admitted that he didn’t think he just liked girls and it was killing him because he felt like it was this awful secret that he couldn’t tell anyone and he didn’t know what to do.  So, on a crusade to make Marius feel better, one lunch Courfeyrac got up on a table in the middle of the quad, the busiest part of the school, threw an enormous armload of rainbow confetti, and screamed “I’M BI, BITCHES!” while Joly and Grantaire stood behind him solemnly waving crudely made bisexual flags.  It was glorious.  All three of them got detention.  Marius never did come out during high school but it made him feel so much better that it didn’t even matter, Courf was thrilled.

Combeferre actually gets in trouble with the teachers more often than Enjolras does.  Mind, when Enjolras does he does so in a big way, but Combeferre is much more consistently in trouble.  “He’s in for the long haul, he knows how to pace himself, bless his deviant little soul,” as Courfeyrac puts it.  The reason for this?  He will not put his fucking book away.  He’s that kid that sits in the back of the room and has some novel or another spread open on his lap and he starts reading it whenever the teacher is getting repetitive, uninteresting, or has gone completely off-topic (non-interesting off-topic that is – Combeferre is the champion at somehow sending the teacher into tangents that last the entire class if they’re interesting).  Seriously, his backpack feels like it’s been filled with bricks because he normally carries at least three back up books with him since he’s more or less come to accept that at least one is probably going to be confiscated before the day’s over.

Joly has on-going anonymous conversations with multiple different people. Whenever he finds some little note scratched into a desk, or written in a library book, or scrawled in a toilet stall he has the compulsive need to respond in some way.  There’s one conversation in the farthest toilet stall of the second floor bathroom that’s went on for almost an entire year, curling all over the walls, before Joly and the mysterious other person who kept responding accidentally ran into each other when they both went to see if their pen pal had responded.  That was how Joly and Bossuet met.  Besides for that, there’s a freshman girl he’s been giving advice to through a loaner math text book, someone in a Shel Silverstein library book who responds entirely through doodles, someone he’s been arguing Star Trek TOS vs Voyager with through notes left under a science lab desk among others.  Musichetta’s getting worried about this strange human collecting.

Bossuet has his very own bed in the nurse’s office.  I mean sure, sometimes it’s used by other people, but if possible she tries to leave it free for him.  It gets the nice striped sheets and has the office’s one-eyed stuffed bear (Stitches) sitting next to it and has a nice view of the window; Bossuet is very partial to it, especially after spending as much time there has he has.  If he’s ever down there and finds it’s filled he just stares at the nurse with this look of complete betrayal and she just has to shrug apologetically and give him a lollipop (a purple one, he always takes the purple ones).  He also always chooses whatever type of “fun” bandage they happen to have that day as opposed the bland “skin tone” option.  If you’re going to give yourself a paper cut that nearly lops your finger off, you have earned a Sailor Moon band-aid, thank you.

Grantaire has mastered the school nap.  It’s actually an art.  A really, really disconcerting art.  He can sleep with his eyes open.  He’s nearly given people heart attacks more than once when they’ve been standing by talking to him only to suddenly hear him snore despite the fact that he’s been making eye contact with them this entire time. Enjolras nearly murdered him once for this – Enjolras had been yelling at him for some remark or another, had been going on for a solid ten minutes, only for Grantaire’s head to slip off his hand and thump on the desk before Enjolras realized he’d been ignored this entire time.  Grantaire was woken up that time by being smacked over the head with The Great Gatsby. He also frequently sleeps through bells (meaning some poor kid that wants to sit in that desk has to prod the strange, sleeping kid awake because most of his teachers have stubbornly given up) as well as sleep standing up – and has been found in many a corner – or tucked in any convenient space.  Jehan once found him in one of the art supply cupboards.  They didn’t wake him up, just covered his face with little painted flowers and insects and closed the cupboard door again.

Bahorel graffitis something on the side of the gym building just before the school year starts.  Every.  Single. Year.  Let it never be said that he is an artistic man, but it’s usually very clear that it’s a comical re-imagining of the faces of various staff members, generally complete with school-wide inside jokes and encouragement for everyone to survive the year.  (Never anything inappropriate because there are wee ones attending the school and he refuses to sully their precious minds, he’s not a monster.)  No one has ever caught him in the act, and no one can technically prove anything but everyone knows it’s him.  Bahorel’s normal school year starts with him going to his homeroom long enough for him get called in attendance before his homeroom adviser nods for him to leave, we all know you’ll be called down in a few seconds, just make sure you find your locker on the way there.  So, sporting a shit-eater’s grin he’ll stroll off down to the office and sit in front of the desk grinning like a little shit while the principal makes a half-hearted effort to get him to confess even though they both know he’s got nothing on him, and then Bahorel’s finally allowed to leave again.  (His masterpiece is usually left up for the first week though, because it does undeniably boost moral – especially the one of vice-principal Javert though he wasn’t particularly pleased with how he was drawn like some sort of dog.) He did finally get nailed at the end of grade twelve though when he did an impromptu piece to ask Feuilly out to prom.

Feuilly helped set up and regularly attends an after-school homework club. It’s for anyone that needs homework help, or wants to give help, or is just stuck hanging around after school waiting for buses or pick-ups and feel like hanging out with a group of students then it’s open.  What with having a pretty unstable home life and not always a very solid support system at home, he’s had some real difficulty with school.  Especially when he was younger and didn’t have much motivation to focus on school, it definitely hindered him.  He has to put a lot of effort into his school work now and has managed to get himself caught up and is even pushing ahead in some subjects because he does love to learn, he just needed to be a circumstance where he could really settle into it.  So this club was to help himself by having a stable, consistent place to work, and to help other people who needed the same, or peer tutoring, or even just the knowledge that they aren’t the only one struggling.  It’s his baby and he loves it (it’s also how Enjolras met Feuilly, he was just so enamoured by the concept and had a bit of a crush on the person who set it up).

Marius always manages to go to the wrong classroom.  Frequently.  Like, not just one the first day (though lord knows he never manages to get to any of his classes both a) on time and b) in the right room) but on various days through out the year.  He always seems to either forget his schedule, or get confused about which bell has gone, or which day it is, or just be flipping through a German textbook and not be thinking about it until he suddenly realizes he needs to be out in the portable, not upstairs in Philosophy.  He’s walked into his math classrooom before lunch instead of after lunch so often that his math teacher doesn’t even look up anymore, just remarks “A little eager, are we, Pontmercy?” and leaves Marius to sprint down the hall to English.

Jehan passionately scorns math class.  Like Grantaire hates math, but Jehan scorns it.  It is a very active antagonism between them and math.  The cold, rigidness of inflexible, unimaginative numbers hurt their soul, according to them. They have told their math teacher this.  Their math teacher told them to sit down and fill in their workpage with actual numbers, not little pictures of crudely drawn, frowning daisies.  In order to protest this disgusting treatment of an artist, for one, and a human being for second (because no human should ever be forced though the torture that is probability in anything but an existential dread sense) they takes to writing his answer completely in long-winded poetry.  Their teacher can’t technically get mad because the answer is there it’s just takes a little bit more work to get to.

Pale Blue Dot

By: Meta Dead

It probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to most of the #deadcorps to learn that I enjoy reading books about outer space.  One of my favorite scientists of all time is a popular one–Carl Sagan.  The reason I love him is because he brings the awesome breadth and depth of the universe to the reader in common language, and yet with these simple words, he often takes your breath away. His writing combines two things I love–science and poetry. 

Although he has left this world, he was a mentor to Neil Degrasse Tyson, who carries on his legacy of being the people’s science rockstar.  Neil spoke in Nashville this week, and I got to attend the event.

The talk was incredible.  Three and a half hours of a very smart person talking about outer space, earth culture, and how the two affect each other.  His demeanor and insight were entertaining and challenging.  Also, it was fun to see the HD pictures of Saturn’s rings, the surface of Mars and the first picture of Pluto on that giant theater screen with all the lights out.  

As I sat there, one of 2000 people listening to his talk, my mind wandered to just how tiny we really are in this great big expanse–this universe within a multiverse within who knows what.  I thought about the horrific events of last week with the slaughter of humans for the gain of power or the vindication of religious ideals and how insignificant any “god” or any “man” on the expansive timeline and geographic landscape of known history truly must be.  

A very similar concept comes into play in our song “Astronaut.” When encountering all the problems of this world, the lyric says, “how can I fault a pale blue dot?”  Indeed.  This tiny speck and all of our problems become so insignificant in the context of the universe.  How can we blame the world for our suffering?

Furthermore, how can we knowingly make people suffer?  Is anything so important to take a human life, or to deny someone in need access to readily available food and shelter?  

It was fitting that as I had these thoughts, Neil closed with my absolute FAVORITE passage from any Sagan book.  While he read the passage, we gazed at a picture known as “the pale blue dot” which is a photo of our planet taken from Saturn.  It looks like nothing.  A pale blue dot–one of innumerable millions–lightly flickering in the bottom right corner of the picture.

Here is the photo:

The passage read aloud while looking at that picture moved me so much that I just wanted to share it with you this week.  The death that we deal to each other as a species is heartbreakingly needless.  Perhaps we need a larger perspective.

“Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”
― Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space