how one girl feels about this hot weather

Child Labooooor

Yo alright so this isn’t a fuck-CUSTOMER story but more like a fuck-EMPLOYER story. It’s probably gonna be a long one so idk. Stay tuned folks.

When I was 12 I was working at a horse farm and was getting payed under the table for working. I worked all seasons and any weather type and looking back on it now that I’m 16 I’m kinda amazed by how strong pre-teen me was.

It was mid-summer and it was scorching hot out to the point where even when you’re walking outside you can feel the tops of your boots burning your feet because the sun made them so damn hot. Me and about 3 other girls were in charge of transporting hay bails and pine bedding bags to all of the barns on the property. We had to use wheelbarrows and stack them as high as our 12 and 13 year old arms could reach, and then pull them up and down the trails to each of the barns (which were fuckin shit like this place spent zero money on good landscaping jfc), and then literally have to stack as much of the hay and shaving bags as we can in the storage rooms. I forgot to mention that if we were lucky and really fucking determined we could stack roughly 7 hay bails, but it would require a second person to follow the transporter and make sure the wheelbarrow doesn’t tip. Each barn would usually need roughly 20-30 bails/shaving bags each, which makes a lot of trips and also very tired girls. Once we finished we’d all head to the main barn and have a few cups of water from the dispenser, and sit down for a few minutes before returning to work. One day I had a bit of an accident and kind of twisted my body in a weird way which hurt my back, so I had to sit for a while and the other girls were fine with it. In comes the Employer and she sees me sitting and instantly starts eyeing me and looking annoyed so she comes over and asks why I’m not working. I told her that I hurt my back and she said to take a few more minutes and get back to work. I didn’t really know how to explain to this probably 50-something year old lady that I was in pain without her getting more snappy. I complied and got back to work and once we were all done for the day and thoroughly exhausted and covered in hay, pine shavings, dirt, sweat, and shit (on our boots of course), she came in and saw us all finally resting and asked us to drop a few hay bales for her. We all looked at each other and I think we all collectively mentally started screeching, but stood up and did it anyway. As soon as I stood up though, my back felt even worse than before and I had no choice but to sit back down. She (once again) asked why I was helping and I gave her the same answer, only adding “I told you earlier, but wasn’t sure if you hear me.” To which she just shrugs and walks away from me.

Basically this fucking lady couldn’t be bothered that a child got injured on her property while DOING HER WORK ILLEGALLY, and regularly skimping out on the already shit paycheck she gave to said child. I did that shit for almost 3 years before my motivation to work for this lady completely died. She ended up completely cutting off pay for me and the other girls, and still expected us to work for her. That’s not exactly how things function, even if she paid people who could legally work. I’m glad I’m not going to that place anymore.