how on earth do you add a source

.. am I the only one who noticed just how much Jack seems to boost Martha’s confidence in matters concerning the Doctor??

Like, when Ten says that bit about unrequited love, and Martha looks so unhappy, and Jack just literally goes “You too, huh?” and she instantly perks up (well, not really - but at least she doesn’t feel as bad anymore). Or when Martha said she was going to vote for the Master and the Doctor just gives her a /look/ like he wants to say, ‘well that doesn’t say much’ (which, wtf??? but his constant underappreciation of her is a whole other can of worms) - and then Jack chimes in that he, too, was planning on doing that, and the Doctor suddenly believes them / believes something is going on.

Or of course, my personal favorite, the scene in Reset where Martha tells Jack about how an ‘impeccable source’ recommended her to UNIT (‘highly’ recommended her actually, so I guess that’s something), and he basically replies something along the lines of 'he probs thought he owed you a favor’ and her face instantly falls, like she’s only now thinking of that possibility and being crushed with disappointment, but Jack just adds, smiling, “Guess we all do.”, swiftly and smoothly reminding her that she /did/ save the Earth, and she grins again, confidence reinstored.

Irdk, I just really love the Jack-Martha friendship - they should have gotten so much more screentime!!!

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I'm probably going to get hate for this but can I just say how bothered I am that Duolingo, rather than add Arabic (MSA) or Mandarin, actual languages, they add Klingon??? I don't care if you're a Star Trek fan, that's fine - I'm all for other language sources doing something like that, say Memrise. But for Duolingo (DUOLINGO !!!) to add Klingon instead of a real language that comes from a real country on Earth...🙄Нет спасибо.

My thoughts on Klingon being on Duolingo, and mind you, I haven’t watched Star Trek:

-conlangs are cool

-conlangs are generally pretty standardized and it’s fairly easy to google how they work as opposed to some ”real languages” that have eight hundred billion five hundred forty-two million seven hundred thirty-five thousand and six exceptions to the rule. also they probs generally contain less words on average than a commonly spoken language with dialects to the billionth degree??

-conlangs - not to overgeneralize, but still - are probs way less complicated to present on a platform like Duolingo than than, say, Arabic or Mandarin, for which centuries worth of vocab, nuance and culture and a dope ass script have to be conveyed in a way that won’t make everyone who already speaks and/or learns them start screaming and frustrate the new people

-Star Trek is popular???

-let the kids have their fun